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Passions Recaps: The week of March 10, 2008 on PS
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Monday, March 10, 2008

Sheridan planned a romantic seduction at the cottage, in hopes that Luis would pay her a visit. Sheridan's mind wandered to Pretty, since Pretty would stop at nothing to win Luis. Sheridan had second thoughts and realized that it was best for her to go in search of Luis because he would probably be in the vicinity of Fancy and Pretty.

Luis and Paloma confronted Fancy and Noah. Fancy and Noah tried to explain that they could not explain their constant encounters. Luis and Paloma said that they could not be trusted anymore since there were too many incidents with them in a compromising position. Pretty realized she had an opportunity, so she decided to increase the frequency of Fancy's device with the intent that Fancy would kill Paloma. Pretty would be excited if Fancy were in jail, because that would make room for her and Luis. Pretty fantasized that Fancy killed Paloma after she turned up the device, but before Pretty could carry out her plans, Sheridan walked up and grabbed the controls from Pretty. Sheridan insisted that Pretty tell her what she was up to with the control. Pretty explained to Sheridan that Alistair had a device planted in Fancy's head so that he could have total control over her. Sheridan was shocked and realized why Fancy was behaving in such a manner. Both Pretty and Sheridan fought to gain control of the device. Pretty told Sheridan that if Fancy did not kill Paloma, then their chances of getting Luis would be slim to none.

Theresa managed to get to the phone and called Pilar. She told Pilar that she was alive, but unbeknownst to Theresa, there was a bad connection. The DEA guard returned and took the phone from Theresa, and he told her that she was about to put herself and her family in the worst possible danger. Confident that her call had gotten through to Pilar, Theresa told the DEA guard that her mother was going to send Ethan after her. The guard told Theresa that the phone was disabled, so all Pilar heard was static. Theresa was devastated, so she demanded to know why she was held captive. The guard told her that he was protecting her and her family from Juanita. Theresa begged to be released, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. The guard told her that if she left the building and Juanita found out that she was alive, Juanita would kill Theresa's entire family.

Back in Harmony, Gwen and Ethan proposed a toast. Gwen wanted to toast to both of them, but Ethan insisted that they toast to a fresh new start. Gwen figured that she had no more problems, so she suggested starting a new life with Jonathan. Both Gwen and Ethan decided on a new place to live. While Gwen thought of places to live, Ethan fantasized about Theresa. Gwen realized that Ethan was distracted and came to the conclusion that Ethan was still hung up on Theresa and was not focused on her. Gwen brought up the topic of being a family, and Ethan interrupted by telling her that he needed to discuss something with her.

Little Ethan ran into the room and asked for Ethan since he had a terrible dream about Theresa. Ethan comforted Little Ethan and told him that it would take some time to get over the loss of his mom. Ethan put little Ethan to bed, and then he continued his discussion with Gwen. He told Gwen that he wanted to adopt Little Ethan. Gwen was in complete shock, and she asked Ethan why he wanted to adopt Little Ethan. Ethan told her that it was something that he wanted to do. Gwen felt that having Little Ethan as an adopted son would make her feel as if Theresa was always looking over her shoulders. Gwen then mentioned that Pilar and the rest of the Lopez Fitzgerald's were Little Ethan's family, so Ethan would have problems adopting Little Ethan. Ethan suggested going to Pilar and then working things out with Julian so that he could get the ball rolling. Gwen was not very pleased because in her mind, it would keep her in competition with Theresa. Pilar walked in the room and overheard the conversation. She told Ethan that it was an excellent idea. Pilar then gave Gwen a not-so-pleasant stare. Ethan was very excited. Unhappy about the idea, Gwen told Ethan to ask Little Ethan how he felt about her as his substitute mommy, since he might grow to resent Gwen. Both Ethan and Pilar said that Little Ethan would welcome the idea, and Ethan told Gwen that Little Ethan would grow to love her.

Ethan left the room, and no sooner had he gone than Pilar called Gwen a murderer. Pilar thought that was poetic justice and that Gwen would pay dearly for what she did, since Little Ethan would serve as a constant reminder of Theresa. Gwen threatened to put Little Ethan in boarding school, but Pilar warned her that she would make sure that there was a clause in the adoption agreement to prevent Gwen from carrying out her plans. Pilar wanted to make sure that Little Ethan was a constant reminder of the death of her daughter, Theresa. Ethan found someone that was able to assist in starting the adoption proceedings immediately. In addition, Ethan told Gwen that Little Ethan would be a part of their lives forever.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Theresa refused to stay dead per the DEA agent. The agent told Theresa that if she loved her family, she would stay put. The guard told Theresa that she had to stay dead until Juanita's capture. Theresa told the agent that she refused to stay dead because she did not get a definitive answer as to when Juanita would be captured. Theresa insisted that she would find a way to get back to her family because she refused to give up on them. The agent told Theresa that she was able to keep up with the goings-on in Harmony by watching their every move on the surveillance system Alistair had set up for his personal use. Theresa watched Little Ethan sleep on the surveillance system. The DEA agent left Theresa in the room by herself, and Theresa tried to figure out a way to get out of the locked room. She found a window and used it for her escape.

Sheridan and Pretty fought to get control of the device. Pretty told Sheridan that Fancy must kill Paloma in order for either of them to win Luis. Sheridan wanted to know more about the device, so she asked Pretty how long ago Alistair planted the device in Fancy's head. Pretty gave Sheridan an answer, and Sheridan told Pretty that she had done crazy things for love, but she was not willing to commit murder. Pretty tried to get the device away from Sheridan, but Sheridan would not let it go. They both fought over the device while Fancy acted like a robot since both Sheridan and Pretty's hands were on the controls. Noah, Luis, and Paloma noticed Fancy's strange robotic behavior. Fancy spun around quite a few times, and then she got down on both her legs and barked like a dog. Fancy collapsed and fell to the ground unconscious. Luis managed to get her up, but Fancy was still acting out of character. Her nose was bleeding, and Luis suggested calling a doctor. Paloma said that she needed an exorcist. After continued wrestling for control of the device, it fell out of Sheridan's hand to the ground, and Pretty accused her of breaking it. Fancy went back to normal and asked why Luis, Paloma, and Noah were staring at her. Sheridan expressed her distaste of what happened to Fancy, but Pretty did not give a damn. Pretty was still hung up on the scar she got from Fancy. Pretty wished that Fancy was dead. Fancy regained consciousness and Luis embraced her. Fancy didn't understand what was happening to her. 9-1-1 returned Noah's call, but Fancy refused to go to the hospital. She told Luis to take her to the doctor later. Fancy wondered if she had a brain tumor. Luis apologized to Fancy for ever doubting her. Fancy started coughing, and Pretty feared that the device would dislodge, and she would thereby lose control of Fancy. Fancy continued coughing until the device fell out of her nostrils. Noah saw the device and picked it up. However, he did not make the connection to Fancy.

On the other side of the wharf, Pretty and Sheridan argued, and Pretty blamed Sheridan because she broke the device. Pretty told Sheridan that she would never forgive her, since Luis seemed more in love with Fancy than he had been earlier. Sheridan told Pretty that she was acting cruel, and Pretty reminded Sheridan that she did quite a few cruel things herself, so Pretty would not hesitate to tell Luis. Sheridan told Pretty that Luis did not love her, so she needed to give up on Luis. Sheridan found out that it was Pretty's doing when Fancy scared Marty, and Pretty owned up to it. Sheridan told Pretty that Marty was just a child. Sheridan told Pretty that she would stop her and Alistair. In addition, Sheridan grabbed the device and told Pretty that she was going to tell Luis that Pretty had been controlling Fancy. Pretty saw Luis kissing Fancy, so she asked Sheridan if she was still willing to tell Luis all about Pretty's plan. Sheridan admitted to herself that she had to keep her mouth shut if she wanted to have another chance with Luis. Pretty told Sheridan that their solution would be to kill Fancy so that they both would have a chance at winning Luis. Sheridan told Pretty that she had lost her mind. Pretty tried to work on Sheridan's insecurities by telling her that Alistair would take Marty back from her if they did not break Luis and Fancy apart. Pretty begged Sheridan for the device, but Sheridan threw it in the water. Pretty told Sheridan that their chances for getting Luis back were ruined. Sheridan told Pretty that she and Luis were destined for each other. Pretty told Sheridan that she would get Luis.

Noah pointed out to Paloma how in love Luis and Fancy seemed to be, so he asked her for another chance. Paloma told Noah that she loved him. Noah tried to convince Paloma that Fancy's behavior proved that she was behaving out of character when Fancy seduced him. Paloma believed Noah since she had seen Fancy's strange behavior earlier. Paloma calmed Noah's fears by telling him that they were back together.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Noah and Paloma arrived at Tabitha's house and surprised Miguel and Kay with the news that they had gotten back together. Meanwhile, the evil elf lurked in Tabitha's kitchen in liquid form. Tabitha told Endora that they had to be careful because the evil elf could come back. Kay, Miguel, Paloma, and Noah celebrated the fact that Noah and Paloma were back together. Kay said she didn't cancel their wedding date, so they could get married as soon as possible, but Miguel said they needed to postpone the wedding. Paloma told them that having the wedding so soon would make Pilar think they were being disrespectful because of Theresa's death. Tabitha, meanwhile, secretly worried that the evil elf was still lurking. Kay said she would call the church and postpone the wedding until Christmas or spring or Thanksgiving of the following year. Noah told Paloma he understood. Pilar dropped by Tabitha's and sensed that something was amiss. Tabitha told Pilar that the foursome was talking about having a double wedding again. Pilar said that was good news, but she wondered why no one looked happy. Miguel said they wanted to delay the wedding to give Pilar time to heal. Pilar said she was touched that they were thinking of her happiness, but she wanted them to make the most of the time they had together and go ahead with their wedding plans. It's what Theresa would want, she said.

Kay comforted Pilar, and Pilar said she could still sense Theresa's presence. Suddenly, a remote control car drove into the kitchen, which prompted Tabitha to freak out and yell for everyone to hit the floor. "Elf attack! Elf attack!" she screamed. Tabitha dove under the table with Endora, and Noah realized he had been sitting on the remote for the toy car. Pilar questioned Tabitha about her outburst about an elf attack. Tabitha explained that it's a game she and Endora played, pretending that an elf was chasing the car. Pilar didn't buy it. She confronted Tabitha about all the rumors she'd heard about Tabitha's house. Pilar became suspicious of Tabitha, noting that Tabitha had lived in her house since before Pilar came to town and before Sam Bennett's mother and father came to Harmony yet she never aged. Tabitha quietly wondered to Endora where the toy car came from, because she'd never seen it before. Endora smiled, and Tabitha assumed it was her doing. Meanwhile, Pilar asked Kay if she thought it was a good idea for her and Maria to live at Tabitha's house. Pilar confided in Kay that she thought Tabitha was a witch.

Gwen and Rebecca raided Theresa's bedroom and packed up her things. Rebecca pocketed some of Theresa's jewels when Ethan walked in and caught them in the act. Gwen tried to convince Ethan that someone had to go through Theresa's things, and she and Rebecca wanted to spare him the pain of going through them. Ethan told Rebecca he didn't need her false sympathy. Rebecca said she had to make sacrifices because of Theresa's death. Ethan asked her what sacrifices she had made, and Rebecca said, she had to stop eating seafood. She said she couldn't eat shark, which she loved, because she might have eaten the shark that ate Theresa and it would have been like eating Theresa. Rebecca said she also couldn't watch "Jaws," her favorite movie, because it reminded her of Theresa's death. Rebecca also said she couldn't go to the aquarium either, because there could be a shark, and she could never have shark's fin soup again on the Chinese New Year. Ethan read Rebecca the riot act for her insensitivity. Gwen apologized to Ethan for her mother's behavior, and Ethan told Gwen to leave him alone with Theresa's things before they took them away. He looked at a photo of him and Theresa and went through a box of old mementos and pictures that Theresa had kept. He reminisced on their happy memories. Outside of Theresa's room, Rebecca tried to convince Gwen not to feel guilty about Theresa's death. Rebecca told Gwen to see if the things Ethan was looking at were worth anything and, if not, to throw them away. Gwen told Ethan she would have the servants box up Theresa's things and put them in storage. Ethan said it was a good idea, but he planned to hold onto the box of mementos. Ethan warned Gwen that Theresa would always be alive in his heart, but Gwen thought to herself that she would make him forget about Theresa.

Meanwhile, back in Mexico, Theresa had escaped from the morgue and was sneaking around trying to avoid Juanita, but Juanita seemed to be around every corner. At one point, it looked like Juanita had caught Theresa, but it was only a cop on Juanita's payroll. Theresa thought the cop was going to arrest Juanita, but instead, he was there to warn Juanita to be careful because everyone was looking for her. Juanita bribed the cop, and she ordered him to make sure none of the authorities ever found her. The cop assured her that none of the cops she paid off would ever let her get caught. Juanita questioned the cop on the whereabouts of Theresa's family, but he said no one knew where they were. She then ordered the cop to find Theresa's family or else. The cop asked Juanita how she escaped, and she explained that Gwen, Theresa's rival, helped her escape. Theresa, who was hiding in a crate nearby accidentally made a sound, alerting them to her whereabouts. Juanita said whoever was in the crate heard too much. With his gun drawn, the cop ordered whoever was in the crate to come out immediately. When no one came out of the box, Juanita used the cop's gun to fire several rounds at the box.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, March 14, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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