One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 10, 2008 on OLTL

Dorian refused to cooperate with Ramsey. Carlotta and Antonio were concerned when their bank accounts were frozen. Gigi asked Shane to keep his birthday a secret. Bo and Clint received an offer of help for their business. Nigel and Jared were unaware that their conversation had been recorded in Natalie's office. Starr met her new bodyguard.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 10, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, March 10, 2008

As Carlotta and Talia arrived at Capricorn, Nora informed Antonio that he was in danger of losing everything. Nora explained that the victims of the Santi crime family had filed a lawsuit and were seeking restitution. The victims were asking for Antonio's inheritance. When Antonio read the victims' claims, he was horrified to discover the extent of the Santi crimes. Antonio felt the litigants were entitled to damages, but was shocked to learn the victims were asking for far more than Antonio's assets were worth. Nora informed Antonio that the diner wasn't named in the suit, and suggested that Carlotta remove Antonio's name from all the related accounts. Antonio became emotional when he realized the lawsuit threatened Jamie's future. When Antonio stated that Jamie was his primary concern, Nora informed Antonio that he could fight the case in court. Antonio refused. Antonio stated that his father had already put the family through too much, and he didn't intend to do the same. Cris suggested that the recent chain of events might be for the best. Cris stated that this was a way to cut all ties to the Santi crime family. Antonio continued to worry about Jamie's future. While Carlotta and Cris attempted to reassure Antonio that the family would survive the crisis, Talia and Sarah expressed their concern for the family.

At La Boulaie, Starr had a nightmare about Todd ruining her special night with Cole. When Starr attempted to contact Cole, she discovered that her father had cut her cell phone, landline, and Internet service. Downstairs, Blair argued with Todd. In an attempt to keep Cole away from Star, Todd was intent on moving the family to Hawaii immediately. Although Todd was convinced that Cole raped Starr, Blair knew that Cole didn't force himself on Starr. In fact, Blair believed Starr's confession that nothing sexual took place that night. Blair told Todd he could take Sam to Hawaii, but Starr and Jack weren't going anywhere. After much debate, Blair convinced Todd to remain in Llanview for Starr's sake. Todd begrudgingly conceded, but warned Blair to back up his efforts to keep Starr and Cole apart. Meanwhile, Langston felt responsible for Starr's troubles, and asked Dorian to check on Starr. Dorian found a distraught Starr, who begged Dorian to help her contact Cole. When Dorian refused, Starr stated that she was lost without Cole in her life. When Dorian stated that Starr was too young to be involved in a sexual relationship, Starr insisted that Todd showed up before anything happened between her and Cole. Later, Blair told an elated Starr that Todd decided to keep the family in Llanview. Before Blair could explain any further, Starr ran downstairs to speak with her father about Cole. As Blair attempted to run after Starr, Jack approached her. When Blair informed him that the family wasn't going to Hawaii, Jack stated that it wasn't fair and began to cry.

At the police station, Ramsey called John into his office. Noticing the bruise on John's face, Ramsey suggested that he might have grounds to get rid of John. When John stated that he might get rid of Ramsey first, Ramsey became agitated. Ramsey stated that he was aware of every attempt John had made to find damaging information concerning Ramsey. Ramsey offered to answer any questions John had. Although Ramsey's answers were vague, he mentioned that the key to his success was that he knew many people and important information about them. John took one last parting shot, and asked Ramsey why he attempted to kill little Shane Morrasco. Ramsey hesitated, but blamed the shooting on Todd. Before leaving, John told Ramsey that John intended to cause him a great deal of trouble.

At the diner, Cole waited to meet with John. Markko wasn't surprised to see the result of Todd's rage on Cole's face. After hearing about Markko and Langston's encounter with Todd, Cole was concerned about Starr and wanted to locate her. Markko warned Cole to stay away from Starr or face Todd's wrath again. When Langston called Markko, Cole grabbed the phone and began questioning Langston about Starr. Langston told Cole she had very little information because Todd had banned her from going anywhere near Starr. Langston advised Cole to keep his distance from La Boulaie because Todd had threatened to make them all pay. Despite Langston's warning, Cole was intent on seeing Starr. Before Cole could head off to La Boulaie, John stopped him. Cole told John that he planned to see Starr before she left for Hawaii. John advised Cole to stay away from Starr, but Cole insisted that he couldn't lose the girl he loved. When John mentioned that he understood how Cole felt about losing someone he loved, Cole realized that John was referring to Marty. Cole began to tell John that Starr was the only person who never judged him. John became alarmed when Cole mentioned that Starr wanted to protect Cole after he shot Miles Laurence. John warned Cole that he should never mention shooting Miles to anyone. John told Cole that Ramsey would definitely reopen the case if he learned that someone else had knowledge of the shooting. Langston and Markko watched as John spoke with Cole. Langston and Markko expressed their sadness over losing Starr.

Back at La Boulaie, Starr attempted to make peace with Todd. Starr thanked her father for reconsidering the move. Barely looking at Starr, Todd spoke coldly to his daughter. When Starr suggested that they discuss the situation, Todd informed Starr that he would have Cole thrown in jail if she ever saw him again. An angered Starr told Todd she would never tell the police that Cole raped her. Todd approached Starr and stated that he wasn't talking about sending Cole to jail for rape. When Todd told her that he would send Cole to jail for shooting Miles if she ever saw him again, Starr was stunned.

Dorian was delighted to learn that Blair and the children would be staying in Llanview. After hearing the news, Dorian told Blair that she wanted Todd to move out of La Boulaie at once. Blair defended Todd and told Dorian that Blair would not remain at La Boulaie if Todd were forced to move out. Defeated, Dorian agreed to allow Todd to stay, but warned Blair that Todd was a ticking time bomb.

After being summoned to Ramsey's office, Nora was surprised to find Todd's lawyer there. When Nora questioned why Ramsey was speaking with Todd's lawyer, Ramsey changed the subject. Ramsey informed Nora that the mayor was upset with Nora's conviction record. Ramsey began reminding Nora of her recent failures. Ramsey told Nora that she let Cole get away with shooting Miles. When Nora stated that Miles refused to press charges, Ramsey told her that he was an eyewitness and that fact was ignored. Before Nora left, Ramsey informed her that she had better start doing her job or else the mayor would find a new DA.

John promised Cole that Ramsey would pay for causing Marty's death. John asked Cole to be careful concerning Ramsey.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blair was thrilled to see Cristian drop by La Boulaie and asked him how things were going. Cristian explained that things weren't so good; they were both out of a job. Cris told Blair all about Antonio losing Capricorn, and how they needed to find someone to buy the club despite the bad market. Blair paused at mention of this, and promised to try to help if she could. Blair thought it would be a great investment for someone, and they discussed how Sarah's skills at booking talent upped the club's profile. Blair said she could tell Sarah was good for Cristian. Cristian added that the latest round with Todd seemed to be agreeing with Blair, noticing that no one had been kicked out yet. Blair became quiet and reserved, and Cristian realized something was wrong. He asked her what was going on, and Blair downplayed it, saying it was just "kid stuff" and that if she didn't hear any slamming doors or screaming, perhaps that meant things were being worked out.

In the drawing room, however, nothing was being worked out. Todd coldly reiterated his warning to Starr that if she contacted Cole at all, Todd would send Cole to prison over the Miles Laurence shooting. Starr tried to deny Cole's part in the crime, but Todd wasn't buying it. Starr begged her father to leave Cole alone. "If you do, I will," Todd said evenly. He asked her, "Is seeing Cole more important to you than his freedom?" Starr insisted the Miles case was closed, but Todd said that the case could be reopened at any time. Especially, he added, if someone came forward claiming to have heard a confession from Cole. Starr protested that Todd would be lying. Todd assured her that Lee Ramsey wouldn't know that, or care. "You wouldn't do that to me," Starr muttered tearfully. "I'd do it to Cole," Todd answered. An icy Starr said that for the first time, she understood what everybody thought about her father. For years, she had defended him, but now she realized they were right, and told him, "You are that bad person! You are that rapist!" She ran from the drawing room.

In the kitchen, Blair and Cristian were finishing their conversation when Starr ran in, hysterical. Cristian made a discreet exit, and Blair tried to calm her frantic daughter. Starr ranted about how horrible Todd was being to her and to Cole, and Blair struggled to soothe her. Leaving Starr in the kitchen briefly, Blair intercepted Todd on his way out and tried to talk some sense into him. Todd warned Blair to stay out of it, and insisted that Cole and McBain had to pay for what had been "done" to his daughter. Exasperated, Blair started to urge Todd to "stop making this about what you did to Ma-" but Todd yelled that it wasn't what he did, but what Cole did! He swore that Cole would pay, and stormed out of the house.

After speaking with Charlie, Blair returned to the kitchen to console Starr. She said she agreed that Todd was being totally over the top, but reminded Starr that she and Cole also had to take some responsibility-they had a choice to go off together that night. Starr, outraged, said Blair was no better than Todd, and tried to leave. Blair begged her to stop, and appealed to her daughter, trying to understand both sides of the situation. Starr told Blair that she had been very happy to learn they were not going to Hawaii, but that everything was even worse than before. She said that her father was completely out of control, and they both agreed that Todd was out for blood.

John arrived at Nora's office just as she finished a phone call to Antonio. John and Nora discussed Antonio losing everything due to the Santi restitutions, and John said he had to admit that he admired Antonio not fighting the Santis' victims in court. Nora asked why he'd come by, and John handed her some files about allegations of "corruption in City Hall." Nora's interest was piqued and she said she'd look into it. John's mood turned somber when he said he'd talked to Cole about Starr, and Nora agreed that they had to find a way to work through the situation with the young lovers. John reminded Nora that Lee Ramsey being in charge of the LPD made everything that much more difficult for Cole-and virtually everyone else. Nora said she knew John and Ramsey had issues. "No issues," John said, "we just hate each other." John explained that when Ramsey was around, people ended up hurt or worse, like Marty. He'd hoped he was rid of him after he left the FBI. John and Nora struggled to figure out what Ramsey's angle could be-why he came to Llanview and left the Bureau, and who helped him get to where he was, even after Ramsey's dirty past. "Someone's covering for him," John said. Nora suggested that his benefactor really was Mayor Lowell, but John dismissed that: "Lowell is someone's lackey."

With that, Todd arrived unannounced to confront Cole's guardians. "Can one of you girls tell me why you're protecting a known rapist?" Todd snapped. Nora said that was rich coming from Todd. John and Todd traded barbs, but Todd made it clear that they had better keep Cole away from his daughter. He also warned John that he had plans to file assault charges against John, and that McBain would be losing his badge. John and Todd almost came to blows before Nora stepped in to referee. Nora coolly reminded Todd that John being off the LPD would only help Lee Ramsey, which was not in Todd's interest. Todd attempted to play it off, saying he didn't care, but Nora countered that she thought he cared a lot. She therefore suggested to Todd that it might be better for everyone if he kept his mouth shut about Cole, about John..."just keep your mouth shut." Todd insisted that he still had plans for John and Cole, and that John was first on his list to go down. Ramsey entered the office and asked John where he was going, but Todd covered for John and neglected to explain further. He warned John and Nora once more to keep Cole Thornhart away from Starr, and left.

At Llanfair, Jessica inquired about Charlie's moving plans while toting Bree on her hip. Charlie said he wasn't sure where he was going to stay just yet, and Jessica asked where he'd been when he first came to Llanview. Charlie offhandedly mentioned that he'd been living with Dorian, which threw Jessica for a loop. Jessica asked Charlie what Dorian had told him about her relationship with Viki, and Charlie reiterated Dorian's claim about the two women being "the best of friends." Jessica was reluctant to spill the beans without clearing it through Viki, but finally broke down and explained some of the history between Viki and Dorian. She retold the story of how Dorian married Victor, had Viki abducted, went after some of Viki's men-and said that those men Dorian couldn't have, she would usually try to destroy. The dumbstruck Charlie wondered what "game" Dorian was playing telling him her version of events, and Jessica said she didn't know. Charlie decided he had to find Dorian, and headed off to La Boulaie.

Shortly after Todd's departure, Charlie arrived at La Boulaie to find a worn-out Blair, who said it was a bad time. He asked if Dorian was there and learned she was at the Palace. Blair asked if there was any tension between Charlie and Dorian due to his moving in with Viki, reinforcing the truth of the tale Jessica had just told him. Charlie said he wasn't sure yet and thanked her for the information. On his way off the property, he made a call on his cell phone, urging someone to meet him at the Palace.

Back at Llanfair, Cristian met with Jessica. Jessica explained that Nash had new partners in the vineyard and would be launching a new line of wines, and that they wanted something eye-catching for the labeling. Cristian understood this-having worked behind the bar at Capricorn, he said people would often go for the wine with the nicest art design up front. Jess was eager for Cristian to design the wine labels and work as a graphic artist for the various new lines. Cris initially rejected Jessica's proposal, saying he didn't want charity, only to learn that Jessica had no idea that the Vegas had been cleaned out financially. Jessica was shocked to hear of the family's misfortune, and asked Cris what he would do. Cristian, reconsidering, grinned and said he would be designing wine labels. Just then, Viki arrived home from the Palace; she greeted Cristian as he left, and asked Jessica where Charlie was. Jessica hesitantly admitted that she had told Charlie about "the Dorian issue" and that he was on his way to confront her.

At the Palace, Dorian lunched with Mayor Lowell. Lowell asked Dorian what she had been up to recently, and Dorian coyly said she was involved with a number of projects that all required "patience." Lowell reminded her that patience was a virtue. Lee Ramsey arrived and was greeted warmly by the Mayor. Dorian reminded Lowell that she and Ramsey were acquainted: "The Commissioner once searched my house!" She added that he had been kind and reasonable. Ramsey modestly said he could have been more courteous, but was glad that they could let bygones be bygones. Dorian explained that La Boulaie was a featured home in many local magazines and journals. "Llanview Home Of The Year?" Ramsey asked. "Runner-up," the deflated Dorian replied. The topic of Ramsey's caseload came up, including Miles's shooting, and Dorian expressed her relief at Cole being cleared of the charge. "Eventually," Ramsey interjected, "technically."

Dorian spotted Viki several tables away, and excused herself to confront her. Viki was on the phone with her editor at the Banner, who Dorian assumed was Charlie standing her up. Viki sweetly assured Dorian that she and Charlie were just fine. Dorian waxed rhapsodic about how wonderful it must be for Viki to have found a man like Charlie after so much heartache-like Clint's rejection of her-but Viki reminded Dorian that she could certainly relate to that. Dorian slyly said she hoped Viki was fully appreciating Charlie for who he was. She said they seemed so in love, so oblivious, it was like Dorian didn't even exist. "Oh my God, if that were possible," Viki mused. Dorian asked when they would begin to plan the wedding, and Viki scoffed that it was far too early to be thinking of marriage. The topic turned to Rex and Adriana's nuptials, which made a nauseous Viki realize that soon, Charlie and Dorian would be "related." Viki promptly left the Palace, saying that with her business meeting called off, she would only be left to eat with Dorian, which appealed to her "not so much." "Who asked you?" Dorian trilled as Viki exited.

Back at their table, Ramsey and Lowell discussed Ramsey's putting Nora and John "on notice." Lowell also urged Ramsey to get a handle on the dangerous City Hall case that was developing, and not to let John outwit him. Lowell had to leave, and asked Ramsey to make his apologies to Dorian. Ramsey explained the situation to Dorian as she returned, then made his own phone call inquiring about the whereabouts of Detective McBain, and headed off to Nora's office. Dorian was left to eat alone, only to be confronted by a furious Charlie, who said they had to talk.

At the diner, Michael and an apprehensive Marcie faced the public. Noticing the customers' eyes on her, Marcie wanted to leave, but Michael urged her not to be afraid. The McBains spotted Gigi, who greeted Marcie happily, overjoyed to see her free. Marcie was puzzled, and said she didn't know why Gigi would want to talk to her, after everything she did. Gigi reminded Marcie that she was still her friend, and a parent too. The trio sat down to eat, and Gigi put in a call to Shane to see how he was doing, then filled Marcie in on the Morascos' current activities, discussing the strains of being a working mother. Noticing that her talk of family had shaken Marcie, Gigi apologized for being insensitive. Marcie said she understood why people hated her now, but Gigi reminded her of everything Todd had done, asking, "Who is the villain here?" She said that in her book, Todd was the bad guy, not Marcie. Michael tried to lift Marcie's spirits up, reminding her of all the friends they still had on their side - Gigi, Rex, Adriana... Suddenly, a young mother came up to their table carrying a small Asian child, asking Marcie if she was Marcie McBain. Assuming it was another angry citizen, Michael tried to get her to leave them alone, but the woman gently asked if she could have a moment of the McBains' time. The woman explained that her oldest son, Carter, had been one of Marcie's students last year at Llanview High, and had learned to excel in English due to Marcie's dedication as a teacher. Marcie remembered Carter, and said "he was a great kid", and perked up and asked how he was. Carter's mother explained that he had an early acceptance to college and possibly a good scholarship, and attributed her son's academic improvement to Marcie's care and attention. She said she just wanted to thank Marcie for her hard work, then stopped short, adding that she understood what Marcie had gone through recently. Emotionally, the young mother explained that both her own children were adopted as well, and that if she had had to go through what Marcie did, she didn't know what she would have done. She thanked Marcie again for all she had done, and said her goodbyes. As the woman left, Michael comforted Marcie. "You see?" he said. "People understand."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cristian arrived at Antonio's apartment. Antonio signed the paperwork to release the Santi crime money to the victims. He said he was glad to be rid of the money, but was afraid he was signing away his daughter's future. Jamie hugged Cristian and ran off to paint. Cristian mentioned that Blair might help them sell Capricorn. Cristian said he got a job offer, doing artwork for Nash's vineyard. He didn't want to take the job if it bothered Antonio. Antonio said he understood. Jessica arrived at the apartment. Jamie was happy to see her. Jessica and Antonio talked about Bree and Jamie. Jessica sympathized about his financial troubles. Antonio told her he tries to remember the good along with the bad. Jessica offered to help his family and he declined. Jessica left. Jamie was sad she left.

Gigi worked at Buchanan Enterprises with Natalie. Rex arrived. Natalie wanted Rex to investigate Charlie. She felt his arrival into Rex's life was an incredible coincidence. Rex invited Gigi and Shane to a basketball game, after which Natalie asked pointedly, "So how's Adriana?" Natalie wondered if Adriana knew that Rex had helped Gigi get a job at BE. Rex immediately phoned Adriana, who said she was coming home. Rex told her about Gigi's new job. Rex helped Gigi fix the printer and got toner all over her face and chest. Gigi drew a toner mustache on Rex. They giggled and cleaned each other up. Natalie watched suspiciously as they held each other's hands. Adriana called again to say she wasn't coming home after all. Natalie asked Gigi if she knew Charlie in Texas, and wondered about his past. Gigi said she never asked about Charlie's past, preferring to respect his privacy.

Jessica admitted to Viki that she told Charlie about Viki and Dorian's feud. Viki said there was no point in discussing Dorian with Charlie. Jessica wonderedd why Dorian kept the feud a secret. Jessica called Nash and tried to tell him that he would be interviewing Cristian, but Nash's lunch guest arrived. Jessica told Viki that she hoped she, Nash, Antonio, and Cristian could all be friends. Jessica told Viki about Antonio's financial troubles. Viki told Jessica to leave Bree with her, and go see Antonio. The doorbell rang and Viki opened the door to Marcie, who brought Shane home from school. Marcie was fearful and hesitant in Viki's presence. Viki asked how she was doing, and Marcie apologized. Viki wanted to talk to her. Marcie wondered how Viki could be nice to her. Viki understood what Marcie went through with Tommy, and that Marcie wasn't rational during any of it. Marcie thanked her for not wishing she were in jail. Viki told her she could start her life over again, and her friends, including Viki, would help.

Charlie had lunch with Dorian at the Palace. He asked, "Why did you lie to me?" about her supposed friendship with Viki. He demanded to know what Dorian really wanted from him. She laughed about getting a lecture on truth-teling from Charlie. They talked about the program and alcoholism. Dorian got a mysterious phone call, which she handled mostly in French. Charlie realized Dorian was scheming to keep Adriana in Paris, and keep her separated from Rex. Charlie asked if she schemed to keep him from meeting Jared at the diner. He wanted to know why she was keeping the secret that Jared was his son, and Rex was not. "The lies end here," he glared. Dorian admitted she hated Viki. Dorian revealed how Clint cheated on her, and now she was using Charlie to get back at Clint and Viki. Charlie asked if he was supposed to be beholden to Dorian forever. Charlie wanted to know how all of Dorian's machinations would affect Jared. Dorian reminded Charlie that he and Jared had conspired against the Buchanans and she could send them to jail any time she wanted. Charlie asked why Dorian didn't just tell the secret. Dorian wanted to wait until Viki had really fallen for Charlie, so it would hurt more when the secret came out. She told him that she wanted him to help her make sure Rex and Adriana's wedding never happened. Dorian walked out and was confronted by Jared, who told her she wasn't going anywhere.

Nash and his investor talked enthusiastically about the vineyard's prospects. The investor offered more money if Nash needed it. Cristian arrived to meet Nash. Nash was surprised that Cristian would be willing to work for him. Cristian related the Vega family's financial troubles, then told Nash not to gloat. Nash called Cristian back and they talked about the work he wanted done.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Things got tense over at Buchanan Enterprises as Bo and Clint were ready to fight yet another battle on behalf of the family business. Once again it appeared that someone was moving in with the plan of trying to take control of the company. Lindsay arrived to see Bo and to give him something important: his plaques of police heroes, which had previously hung at the police station. Lindsay called Bo a hero as well, though he told her he hardly felt like he was in the same league as those men on the plaques. Natalie searched in vain for Jared as Clint became angrier by the minute, since he was looking for reports that Jared had been preparing. During some chance alone time, Clint advised Lindsay that he only used her information as a last resort to bring down Virgil Webster. Just as she asked him if was now feeling guilty, Bo walked in and asked what they were talking about. Clint quickly said that he felt that Lindsay was distracting Bo, as they had lots to do. The men met with Walter Honeycutt who gave them some names of men to look at as possible culprits of the latest takeover plot. Talk turned to Bo's losing his job as police commissioner. Walter thought that Lee Ramsey sounded familiar but he couldn't place him. Natalie continued to look for Jared and placed a call to Jessica for help. Lindsay recognized Walter from an art show and they agreed to continue their conversation at the Palace.

Jessica surprised Nash at the Palace Hotel bar, where he filled her in on the surprisingly good details of his meeting with Cris. Jess was distracted by Antonio's financial difficulties and admitted that she met with him to offer him her sympathies. She was adamant that she didn't know about the situation before she offered the vineyard label designing work to Cris. She felt partly responsible for Antonio's woes since she was one of the people who had encouraged him to take the Santi money for Jamie's future. The talk turned to Nash's successful meeting with his new investors, and he wanted to celebrate. He noted that things were going his way and only getting better. Jess asked when she would get to meet the new investors.

At the police station Antonio told Talia and John that things were fine with him, thanks to the support of his family and friends. He was summoned into Ramsey's office. "So, who knew we had a millionaire cop?" was the first comment directed towards Antonio, who made it clear that he was no longer wealthy. Ramsey made some derogatory comments about Bo, suggesting that he was always sleeping on the job because his salary is only $1 per year. He thought it was good to employ people who needed the money and were therefore more motivated, like Talia and now Antonio. While Talia told John that she was afraid that Antonio would lose his job, Antonio suggested to Ramsey that he thought it more than coincidental that he lost his money at the same time that Ramsey was appointed commissioner. He felt that Ramsey knew more than he let on, which Lee was quick to deny. He said that he needed Antonio focused on his job and handed him a new case file, adding not to let McBain screw it up. He seemed sincere when he suggested that Antonio work additional shifts to make some extra money and was quite concerned when he learned of Antonio's daughter. John was convinced that something strange was going on. Antonio showed him their questionable assignment and pointed out that Lee almost seemed human for a moment. Ramsey started to research Antonio's history. He was short with Talia when he didn't hear her knock before she walked into his office to return a file.

Jared, Charlie, and Dorian got settled at a table at the Palace. Jared played some of his tape and Dorian learned that he had recorded every word of her conversation with Charlie. She wondered who would take the word of a con and a drunk over one of the most respected people in town, but Jared indicated that the voice on the tape was quite clearly hers. She felt that the men were amateurs compared to her. Jared informed her that they would prove that she knew of their conspiracy and that she prevented him from disclosing it. She helped cover it up and they would take her down with them if she opened her mouth to anyone, he continued. She was Dorian Lord, she announced to them, and knew people in high places, so would never be prosecuted. Jared thought that Nora was missing from her list of friends and wondered what she would think. Jared assured her that his place as a Buchanan was not about the money and that he wasn't stealing, but his reasons for doing what he was doing were none of her business. Charlie's reasoning was that he loved both Jared and Viki and wanted them protected. Dorian thought that Jared was being very hostile and she was also surprised at Charlie. They warned her that she would get burned if she weren't quiet. Dorian received a call and left them. Jared told his dad that he had regrets and would never re-do pretending to be a Buchanan again. Charlie told him it was too late for regrets, they both had a lot at stake, and there were secrets that needed to be kept. Jessica came by looking for Jared at Natalie's request and learned that he was just taking Charlie out to dinner for saving his life. She wondered if she owed Jared a meal for doing the same for her. Jared rushed off to B.E. Nash came looking for Jessica, and both he and Charlie complimented a new Jared.

Antonio and John headed to the docks on their new case. It resulted in an arrest of a couple of young guys who had nothing more than some bootleg DVDs and baseball cards on them. They wondered if it was a joke or an attempt on Ramsey's part to get them out of the way.

Jared finally showed up at B.E. and surprised an annoyed Clint with well-prepared reports. He apologized for being late and promised to never let it happen again. Natalie thought he looked sad and thought it was odd, now that his family was actually treating him like family.

Lindsay and Walter ended up at the Palace bar to talk and have a drink. A perturbed looking Walter spotted Lee who was sitting at a nearby table with Dorian, and asked about him. In the meantime, Lee asked Dorian about the information she had on some prominent citizens that she promised him. She thought about the threats she had just received and told Lee that he had misunderstood her. She only mentioned that she knew some prominent citizens and would introduce them, she told him, as she turned and left. Lee was pretty sure he had heard her correctly the first time and muttered that they had a lot in common.

Friday, March 14, 2008

At the docks, Langston and Markko discussed helping Starr and Cole spend some time together. When Cole arrived and was told Langston would bring Starr to the docks to meet him, Cole refused to meet Starr at the pier. In order to speak with Cole alone, Langston sent Markko on an errand. Once alone with Langston, Cole admitted he still felt terrible about shooting Miles on the docks and allowing John to accept the blame. After confiding in Langston, Cole expressed his happiness about the opportunity to spend time with Starr. Upon Markko's return, Langston left to get Starr. Cole and Markko discussed the strong feelings they shared for their girlfriends. Cole was surprised to learn that Markko and Langston had never had sex.

When Starr attempted to sneak out of the house, Shaun met her at the front door. Shaun told Starr that he was her bodyguard, and would accompany her wherever she chose to go. As Blair looked on, Starr's father informed an angry Starr that guards were posted at the front and back doors of La Boulaie. After Starr lashed out at Todd and ran upstairs, Blair and Todd argued about the situation. Blair told Todd that their relationship with Starr would be ruined if he continued his behavior towards her. Blair was shocked when Todd told her that he had threatened to send Cole to jail for shooting Miles if Starr ever saw Cole again. Concerned about Starr's reaction to Todd's threat, Blair went upstairs to speak with her daughter. Blair told Starr that Todd was serious about having Cole sent to prison for shooting Miles. A distraught Starr pleaded for Blair to understand her love for Cole. Blair questioned whether Starr loved Cole enough to let him go. Langston snuck inside Starr's room, and told her that Cole was waiting for Starr at the docks. Immediately Starr prepared to find a way to meet with Cole, but had a flashback of Todd's threat against Cole. Starr told Langston that she couldn't meet with Cole, but asked Langston to take a note to Cole. As Starr wrote Cole a letter expressing her love for him, she had another flashback-of her mother's recent warning. In tears, Starr crumbled her letter to Cole, and prepared another one. Confused by her friend's actions, Langston pleaded with Starr to reconsider.

When Rex arrived at Buchanan Enterprises to deliver some documents to Bo, Natalie approached Rex and questioned him about his relationship with Gigi and Shane. Rex informed Natalie that his relationship with Gigi and her son was none of Natalie's business. Before the conversation became heated, Jared entered the room and Rex left peacefully. Afterwards, Natalie asked Jared to expound on his past comment-"something was missing in his life." Jared lied and told Natalie that he didn't feel he was missing anything in life. Rene and Nigel arrived and interrupted the conversation. Rene and Nigel wanted to help with any information they might have concerning any of Asa's past enemies. As Natalie and Jared prepared to interview Rene and Nigel, Natalie discreetly turned on a tape recorder. As the questioning got underway, Rene became emotional when she noticed a picture of Asa. Natalie decided to take Rene for a tour of the building so that Rene could compose herself. Meanwhile, Jared and Nigel discussed Jared's scam of pretending to be Asa's son. Both men were completely unaware that they were being taped. During the conversation, Nigel mentioned that David Vickers was the real Buchanan heir. When Natalie and Rene returned, the questioning continued. After Rene, Nigel, and Jared left her office, Natalie looked down at the tape and said to herself, "Grandpa was right. Anytime you want to remember a meeting, just get it all on tape. After she rewound the tape, Natalie discovered that she had the entire meeting on tape. Natalie continued to rewind and fast-forward the tape, stopping at particular points of interest. At one point, she heard the very beginning of Jared and Nigel's "secret" conversation, but fast-forwarded the portion of the tape in which Jared's scam was revealed.

At Llanfair, Viki explained to Charlie the reason she never told him the truth about her relationship with Dorian. Viki was relieved that Charlie understood her dilemma, and delighted when Charlie told her that he had demanded that Dorian not interfere in his relationship with Viki. When Viki mentioned that Dorian was always looking for a secret to exploit, Charlie appeared uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Gigi helped Shane with his school project in the kitchen. When Shane mentioned Rex, Gigi reminded Shane of the conversation in which Shane almost revealed his birth date to Rex. Gigi instructed her son never to tell anyone his birth date, especially Rex. Moments later, several boxes arrived containing Gigi and Shane's possessions from Texas. As an excited Shane reached for a box, he dropped the box and several photographs fell to the floor. Some of the photographs were of Gigi and Rex back in their high school days. When Shane asked if his dad were in any of the pictures, Gigi became upset and attempted to retrieve the photos from Shane. Before Gigi could gather all the pictures together, Shane noticed a prom picture of Gigi and Rex. Viki entered the kitchen, and Shane was delighted to show her pictures of his mother as a teen. When Viki mentioned how adorable Gigi and Rex were, Viki noticed Gigi's nervous demeanor.

In the library, Roxy confronted Charlie about the charade he was keeping up with Rex. Roxy thanked Charlie for lying about being Rex's father, but wanted to know if he had an ulterior motive for doing so. Charlie attempted to convince Roxy that he wanted nothing from either her or Rex. Meanwhile, Rex arrived at Llanfair to visit Shane and to speak with Charlie. Viki thanked Rex for being kind to Shane, and inquired about his past relationship with Gigi. Rex evaded the questioning. As Roxy accused Charlie of putting on an act, Viki opened the door to the library. Upon hearing Roxy's statement, Rex questioned what Roxy meant by it. Viki was also interested. Charlie made up a believable excuse for Roxy. In a hurry, Roxy left the room. Before leaving Llanfair, Roxy observed Rex speaking with Gigi and Shane in the kitchen. Curious, Roxy also inquired about Rex's past relationship with Gigi. After Roxy left, Gigi watched as Shane enjoyed time with Rex. When Shane corrected Rex about what grade Shane was currently in, Shane came close to telling Rex his birth date. Before Shane could reveal the date, Gigi interrupted her son. Once Rex left, Shane apologized for almost revealing the secret to Rex. Gigi told her son that he did nothing wrong and stated that it was hard for a child to keep a secret. In a somber tone, Gigi stated, "It's harder to live with them. Maybe it's time for secrets to come out."

Todd arrived at Llanfair and insulted Charlie. After chastising Todd, Viki convinced Charlie to remain at Llanfair. After Charlie went upstairs to unpack, Todd told Viki that Cole raped Starr. Shocked, Viki questioned Todd. Upon hearing the entire story, Viki suggested that perhaps whatever happened between Starr and Cole was consensual. Viki told Todd that she couldn't believe Cole would ever hurt Starr.

Back at the docks, Langston returned with Starr's letter. In the letter, Starr told Cole that it was best if they never saw each other again. Langston told Cole that Todd had hired guards to keep Cole away and that Starr no longer had access to the telephone or Internet. An angered Cole ran off to speak with Starr. Langston and Markko attempted to stop him, but were unable. Outside Starr's window, Cole pleaded with Starr to speak with him. As Starr headed for the window, Blair entered the room. Starr told her mother that she had to see him. Blair told her daughter that she couldn't. Blair told Starr that she had to stay away from Cole if she wanted to protect him. Angrily, Starr continued to say, "This isn't right."

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