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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 10, 2008 on GH
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Monday, March 10, 2008

Sam, Lucky, and Dr. Devlin met outside the hospital entrance, chatted, then went inside and headed their separate ways. Dr. Devlin seemed to show more than a medical interest in Sam, which raised Lucky's curiosity. Cassius caught up to Epiphany and told her that he'd asked Spinelli to try to find her son's killer. At that point, they had determined that the drug dealer her son, Stanford, was working for, was known as Mr. Moreau. When Epiphany started fretting, Cassius told her not to be so negative. Perhaps her son was an undercover cop who had been discovered and had died a hero's death, he told her. This gave Epiphany pause to reflect.

Liz visited Jason in his hospital room. His hands were completely bandaged from the surgery. Liz gave Jason a brief kiss, but she was unaware that Lucky stood outside. He overheard her tell Jason that she went to see Sam because she felt guilty and believed that she had hit Sam with her car. As Liz and Jason discussed whether or not she had actually hit Sam, Lucky listened. When he heard Liz say that she was driving to meet Jason so she could "lay in his arms," he left without confronting her. Jason told Liz that they could not be sure of her guilt. He told her that it might also have been Monica, whose car was also damaged on the right front fender. Liz agreed to wait before telling Sam. Shortly after she left to return to work, Spinelli dropped by to visit Jason. He and Jason discussed the gun oil found in Michael's backpack and Jason feared the worst. Spinelli showed Jason photos of all the known gun dealers who worked the docks and would sell to kids. A frustrated Jason told Spinelli to show the pictures to Mike to see if he recognized the boys he saw selling bullets to Michael.

Jasper Jax and Jerry met outside Kelly's and talked. Jax told Jerry that Carly was pregnant. They discussed a shipping contract before parting.

Ric and Marianna had coffee in Kelly's. When Ric left to search for his missing wallet, Marianna noticed that Mike was short-handed and started helping out. She did so well that Mike offered her a job and she accepted. When she looked around she was surprised to see that Randy, the man she had worked for on Martha's Vineyard, had followed her to Port Charles. He began to threaten her with immigration difficulties, but before she could do anything to defend herself, Ric came back and interceded on her behalf. When Ric told Randy that he had taken care of Marianna's immigration worries so that Randy could no longer blackmail her, Randy sneered that Marianna was changing one blackmailer for another. After Randy left, Marianna took Ric to task for interfering and not letting her handle her problem her way. Ric seemed to understand and went away. Mike complimented her for recognizing Ric's control issues and handling them.

While changing to hospital garb in the staff locker room, Dr. Devlin was revealed as Jerry's mysterious tattooed employer. Nadine noticed the single angel wing tattoo and made a comment, but Devlin laughed it off.

Patrick and Robin discussed the baby. Robin said she did not want her child to be an experiment, and that she feared Patrick would walk away if it got too hard or he got bored. She only wanted to think of Patrick as a sperm donor, she told him. Patrick was uncomfortable but let Robin have the last word.

Nikolas and Emily were having a conversation at Wyndemere, when Nikolas passed out. Alexis found him and called EMTs, who arrived quickly and rushed him to GH. Nikolas was prepped for surgery. Robin confronted Patrick for leaving her off the surgical team. He told her it was not personal, but to protect the baby from radiation emitted by one of the devices they would be using. Robin understood and said she would wear shielding. Patrick put her back on the team. When Nikolas woke up, Dr. Devlin told him what was happening and inquired as to why Nikolas had not followed the experimental drug therapy that he had recommended. Nikolas said that there was someone who meant more to him than his own life and that he did not expect Dr. Devlin to understand, but Dr. Devlin surprised him and said that he did understand. Nikolas was taken to OR. As he lay on the operating table receiving anesthetic, Emily appeared to him in her beautiful dress from the Black and White Ball. She gave Nikolas a last tender kiss before walking away.

Johnny compulsively wrote music on the walls of the padded cell where Sonny held him hostage, until Sonny entered with Max and another henchman. He made it clear that even though Johnny denied knowing the whereabouts of Sonny's son, Michael, Sonny was prepared to "motivate" Johnny to remember. Sonny then threatened to cut off Johnny's fingers and send them to Trevor. Johnny remained calm and continued to insist that he knew nothing of Michael's kidnapping. Sonny backed down. He gave Johnny a cell phone and told him to call Trevor and make sure that Michael was returned home. Sonny and his goons left Johnny alone in his cell with the phone. Outside, Max wondered out loud if there was any possibility that Johnny was telling the truth.

Lulu stood beside an unconscious Logan in his room at General Hospital and uttered a heartfelt apology for doubting him and hurting him. Scott burst in just as Logan grabbed her finger. Scott tried to rush her out of the room, but Dr. Drake came in as said that Logan's response to Lulu was a positive sign. Lulu and Scott had heated words after Dr. Drake left. He accused her of deliberately hurting Logan and she accused him of killing Rick Webber and letting her mother, Laura, take the blame. They reached a standoff and Scott left her with Logan. Lulu talked sincerely to Logan. She told him her fears and she told him that she had not been honest with him. As she begged him to wake up so she could make it right, her phone rang. When she answered it, Johnny was on the line.

Trevor met with his henchman and told him to locate all Sonny's properties in hopes of finding Johnny. He called from the docks to complain that Johnny had not been located.

Michael continued to find shelter with Peg, a genial older woman who tried to get Michael to call his parents. Michael told Peg that Sonny had told him to "run and keep running" if he ever used a gun. Peg told Michael that people often say things that they do not mean. She encouraged Michael to let his family know that he was okay. Michael held the phone, but did not dial it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sonny watched Johnny make his phone call to Lulu and told Max blood would be spilled if his son weren't home within 24 hours. Meanwhile, Johnny told Lulu he wanted to hear her voice and hear her say his name. Lulu told him he should have called Trevor. Scott caught Lulu on the phone with Johnny and started yelling at her. Sonny also walked in to confront Johnny about his one allowed phone call being used to call Lulu, when it was supposed to be used to locate Michael. Johnny said he had no information about Michel so there was no one else to call. Sonny threatened Johnny again and then left to visit Jason. When Sonny arrived at the hospital, he asked Jason when he would be able to get out and find Michael. Liz walked in and told Sonny that Jason severed tendons in both hands and would need rehab for several months. Jason gave his life for Sonny, so Sonny should allow Jason time to heal. Sonny told Liz she shouldn't get involved and she left when Jason agreed and told her he needed to talk business with Sonny. After Liz was gone, Sonny admitted to Jason he was frustrated by Jason's injury. He suggested Jason did it on purpose. Jason said Sonny would end up alone after running off or killing off everyone that he knew.

Scott and Lulu continued to argue over Logan, until Lulu brought up her mother. Lulu told him if he had come forward about Rick's death, Laura would not have gone crazy. Lulu threatened to tell her dad the truth. Lucky walked in and asked what was going on between her and Scott. Lulu explained the argument, and Lucky told Scott he got a free pass only because he didn't hurt their mother. Scott left and Lucky told Lulu about Nikolas and his condition. Lulu told him she was going to stay with Logan in hopes that she could help bring him out of the coma. As Lulu went back to hold Logan's hand, Johnny sat in his padded prison and scrawled more notes on the wall. He named the piece "Lulu".

At Kelly's, Liz and Marianna talked. When Ric came in and saw them, he appeared bothered by their seemingly instant friendship and felt like Marianna was trying to dig into Ric's past. He mentioned how he wanted to buy her nice things, but she said she wanted to earn things on her own. Ric started to hand her a present but stopped and said he would have to wait until an appropriate time. When he turned around, Marianna grabbed the gift from him.

Spinelli stopped by Kelly's with pictures to show Mike, who did not recognize anyone in the pictures.

Lucky visited Sam and asked when she would be released. He told her he never wished any of this on her. She said she wasn't trying to scam her way back into his life, but she did want him to find the driver that hit her. Lucky suddenly overheard Liz telling Jason she may have been the one who hit Sam. Dr. Devlin came in to check on Sam and told Lucky that his patient would not be going anywhere with him. Lucky mentioned this was the second time Ian said that to him, and the two men briefly argued. When Lucky left, Sam lectured Ian and told him he shouldn't have acted like that. He pointed out that a part of her enjoyed the attention she was receiving. Ian took Sam out walking around and they ran into Alexis. She told Sam about Nikolas and his surgery. Liz walked closer to ask Alexis about Nikolas, and Sam realized (out loud) that Nikolas' surgery was the reason why Lucky was at the hospital asking about the hit-and-run. After Sam and Ian were alone again, Ian confided in Sam that he was going to make her his special case.

Bobbie came to talk to Alexis about Spencer going to daycare. Alexis thought it would be a good idea for Spencer to be there while they waited on Nikolas' surgery. They hoped it would give Nikolas a reason to live.

Nikolas went "code blue" on the operating table and found Emily standing on a staircase. He and Emily walked through a door and passed through a bright light before entering a room resembling one of Wyndemere's rooms. Nikolas was surprised heaven didn't look better, but Emily told him he hadn't died. She brought him there to convince him to live. She tried to warn him about the tumor getting bigger. Spencer would need him to be a part of his life. She said he would have to choose if he could have her or his son. He heard Spencer say "Daddy" and he started to come back from the brink of death. As the surgery continued, Nikolas grew uncontrollable and started thrashing around until he kicked Robin and she collapsed.

Trevor talked about Ric and how he didn't have the guts to sign the papers for the waterfront property. He said Marianna needed to complete her end of the deal, though. Sonny walked in and demanded Michael be returned within 24 hours-23 hours now-or Johnny would die. Trevor's men pointed their guns at Sonny and Trevor said if he gave the word Sonny would be dead. Sonny threatened that Johnny would die if Sonny was shot.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sonny dared Trevor to shoot him. Claudia walked in and demanded to know where Johnny was. Sonny said he might have been able to remember better if the guns weren't aimed at his head. Claudia ordered the gunmen to put their guns down, and Sonny reiterated the request for Michael to be returned. Claudia then demanded everyone leave, including Trevor. Once everyone was gone, Sonny told Claudia to be careful with Trevor, because Trevor didn't care what happened to Johnny. Claudia knew that and said that was why she was going to deal directly with Sonny in this situation.

Meanwhile, Johnny continued to work on his music until his marker ran out of ink. When Milo came in, Johnny asked for another marker. Milo told him he wouldn't need one, because Sonny was requesting to see him.

Lulu brought a box of car parts to Logan's room to try to bring him out of his coma. When Scott saw what she had brought, he asked what she was doing. Lulu explained that Logan worked on cars while he was in Iraq. Scott realized there was a lot he didn't know about his son. He wanted to be a part of his son's life, but Lulu knew more about Logan than he did. Scott told her since she was the one who put Logan in the coma then she should be the one to get him out.

Sonny went to Jason's hospital room where Jason told him he thought Michael might be the one responsible for shooting Kate. Sonny asked what kind of drugs Jason was on to think Michael shot Kate. Jason explained about the gun oil found in Michael's backpack. Sonny said he had talked to Michael about playing with guns and he felt like Michael wouldn't ever go around a gun. Jason asked to hear exactly what Sonny had told Michael and realized that Michael was scared after shooting Kate. That was why he ran away. Sonny said he wasn't Deke (Sonny's father) and his son wasn't scared of him. He told Jason to rest and get better. Before Sonny left, Jason told him to think before he made any decisions he might regret later.

Sonny arrived at his office where Mike and Max were holding some teens with information about Michael. They knew Michael had bought a gun, but they didn't know whom he bought it from. Sonny told them to find out and report back to him. He also told them he would beat them down personally if he found out they were selling guns and ammunition to children.

Patrick found Liz and told her to page Dr. Lee because Nikolas had kicked Robin in the stomach. Meanwhile, Nikolas pulled a scalpel on Nadine. She knew he wouldn't hurt her, though, and she talked him down just as security arrived.

Dr. Devlin took Sam back to her room while Alexis and Lucky talked about Ian, and Lucky admitted he didn't like him. Later, Dr. Devlin was paged to the basement to meet with Nikolas, who had decided to try Ian's alternative medicine. Dr. Devlin was hesitant to help at first, but Nikolas explained he had to try to live for his son's sake. Dr. Devlin realized Nikolas was looking for a drug that would keep him alive but allow him to keep seeing Emily. He told Nikolas there was nothing available that Patrick and Robin wouldn't help him with.

Patrick was upset when he found Robin wasn't with Dr. Lee. Robin assured him that she and the baby were fine-not that it was any of his business. They argued over the baby, until Patrick asked her if she was deliberately trying to hurt him until he gave up on being a father. Robin told him no and admitted she still loved him. He also told her he still loved her.

At Kelly's, Maxie met up with Spinelli, who was busy working on finding Michael. Maxie looked at the video Jason had of Michael and knew where the location was. They went to the boat and found a piece of Michael's pants that had ripped off while he was stowed away on the deck. Maxie became solemn and talked about her special relationship with Coop. Both Maxie and Spinelli talked about the loved ones they lost, and how special they realized they were after Coop and Georgie were both gone. Spinelli told Maxie that they had each other, but she told him she needed to move on with her life. Later, Spinelli met up with Jason at the hospital and told him his theories about Michael running away. Spinelli asked if he should tell Sonny, but Jason told him he didn't want to scare off Michael.

Kate asked to see Dr. Julian, but Monica came to see her since Dr. Julian was busy. Kate told her she thought something might be wrong. Monica did some tests and came back telling her the news wasn't good.

Claudia and Trevor talked about Anthony getting more lucid. Claudia warned him that she was not daddy's little girl anymore. He told her she would die alone, but Claudia retaliated and said he would die-and she would be the one to do it.

While Sam and Liz talked, Sam noticed Spencer was about to get hit by a cart and yelled out to Lucky. He grabbed Spencer just in the nick of time. Alexis complimented Lucky on the "save" and then went to talk to Nadine about Nikolas' condition. Nadine told her they should not force Nikolas to say goodbye to Emily. He would have to find his own way of doing that. Meanwhile, Dr. Devlin met up with Nikolas to give him the new medication. He said it would only prolong his condition but not improve it. The drugs were illegal in the US, even as experimental treatment. Nikolas was to deny where he got the drugs if he was caught. Ian asked what he would get in return for providing the drugs to Nikolas.

During a musical montage-Sonny went to see Kate, but she had already left. He read the note she left for him on the pillow. Claudia left the house and Trevor had his goons follow her. Lulu left Logan's hospital room and he moved his fingers. Johnny was moved to a new prison. Liz went to see Jason, who was asleep. She told him goodnight for Jake, and she said they both wanted to be with him. After she left, Jason opened his eyes.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Trevor ordered one of his henchmen to find a way for them to get their hands on the deeds to the waterfront property that Ric had. Claudia came into the room and didn't like that Trevor was trying to run things without her permission. She told him that he didn't run the family business anymore and that she would take care of things without his help. She also told him she had plans to have her father sent home to be taken care of, instead of at the institution. Trevor told her that wasn't going to happen because Anthony was a criminal and was sent there for being criminally insane. He said Claudia couldn't just have him released. Trevor laughed at her and told her to let him take care of things since he knew what he was doing. Claudia threatened to have him killed if he interfered with her plans.

Michael tried to leave Peg's house without her seeing him. She came into the house just as he was heading out the door. She persuaded him to sit down and tell her why he wouldn't consider going back home and telling his father what he did. Michael told her that he was afraid that his father would get really angry with him if he knew that he shot his father's girlfriend. He explained to Peg that his father said that if he ever found out that Michael had a gun, Michael should run as far away as possible. Peg told him about what happened to her when she ran away from home one time; her father had a heart attack and died. She told Michael to call his parents and try to return home and work things out with them. Jax found Carly crying in Michael's bedroom. He suggested that they bring the police in on the search for Michael. Sonny asked Monica why Kate was discharged from the hospital so soon. Monica told him that Kate checked herself out of the hospital against doctor's orders. Sonny tried to find out how Kate was doing, but Monica refused to tell him anything and let him know that Kate was better off away from him. Sonny went to his office and Max said that he found out that Michael was trying to stow away on some ship. He also said that Sonny had a visitor in his office and that he should enter the office quietly.

Sonny found Kate sleeping on the couch in his office. Kate woke up and told him that she developed some infection after the doctors removed the bullet from her heart and inflated her lung. She told him that the infection damaged her heart and she will have to take medication for the rest of her life. Sonny became concerned about her and tried to get her to return to the hospital. Kate refused to go back. Sonny tried to persuade her to go to his house so he could take care of her there. She told him she could take care of herself. They talked until Carly showed up at his office to ask him what he knew about Michael's disappearance. Kate left them alone to talk and planned to run some errands while she was gone. Carly demanded to know what Sonny found out. Sonny told her he got a small lead on Michael but didn't want her to worry about it. Carly got upset with Sonny for keeping her in the dark about Michael and told him that Jax suggested they call the cops and bring them in on the search. Sonny refused to let her call the cops and told her he had everything under control. Sonny told her she needed to stay calm because of her pregnancy. He told her that he would take care of everything and that Michael would be fine. Carly went home and told Jax that Sonny was keeping something about Michael from her and insisted on finding Michael on his own. Carly got a call from Michael when she was at home. He told her he was in Port Charles. Kate came back to Sonny's office to finish their conversation. Sonny told her that it looked like Michael ran away and wasn't kidnapped. Kate told him he would make things right with Michael by talking to him. Sonny realized something else was bothering Kate and asked her to tell him what was on her mind. Kate told him she knew that he cheated on her after their fight back in Bensonhurst.

Spinelli called Maxie from one of the waterfront warehouses. He appeared to be naked and asked her to bring him some clothes. She showed up with a bag of clothes. She was alarmed when she saw he was naked and was covering himself with his laptop computer. He put on the clothes she brought him, which consisted of a white shirt, dress pants, and blazer. She complimented him on how he looked in the new outfit. She asked him how he managed to lose all of his clothes. He told her he was investigating Michael's disappearance and was on one of the ships at the harbor when the crew decided to have some fun with him and stripped him of his clothes. He told her he managed to escape by leaping out of the ship and ended up finding shelter at the warehouse. Spinelli explained to her that he was working on his computer to find out where Diego planted all the bombs he planned on detonating from his computer. Maxie accidentally hit a button on Spinelli's computer and Spinelli realized that she caused some bomb's timer to start ticking. They didn't realize that there was a bomb a few feet away from them on the wall that was ready to go off any minute.

Tracy tried to blackmail Monica into letting her move back into the Quartermaine mansion. She took out the blouse Monica was wearing the night of the storm and told her that she knew Monica was wearing that blouse when she was driving that night. Tracy accused her of hitting Sam with her car and trying to cover it up by coming back to the hospital and changing into some scrubs and claiming her car was stolen. Monica denied she hit anyone with her car and insisted her car had been stolen. Tracy chased Monica around the hospital and tried to persuade Monica that if Monica let Tracy move back home, Tracy would keep her mouth shut. Lucky witnessed their conversation and got suspicious of Monica. He also went to see Jason to tell him he knew that Liz could have hit Sam with her car, and knew that Jason was trying to cover it up to protect her. Jason asked Lucky not to tell Liz that he knew the truth since they didn't know if she hit Sam with her car or not. Jason told him that there were others on the road that night who could have hit Sam with their cars, and he wanted to find out who it was before allowing Liz to take the blame for something she may not have done. Lucky told Jason that he didn't want Liz to get hurt either, but that he still needed to do his job and find out who hit Sam.

Patrick met with Jason to go over the results of his x-rays. He told Jason that he would have at least 90% use of his hands but that there was a surgeon in Seattle who was considered the best specialist for hand surgery and he suggested that Jason meet him and consider having more treatment to regain full use of his hands. Jason agreed to meet with the doctor in Seattle. Liz told him he should meet with the doctor. Lucky made her nervous when he asked her if he could take the boys out somewhere and wanted to get their car seats from her car while he was at the hospital. Liz jumped in and told him she would get the car seats out of the car for him. Epiphany approached her and told her that she had a patient to attend to immediately. Lucky told her he still had an extra key to her car and could get the car seats out of her car himself. Liz had no choice but to let him when Epiphany barked at her to do her job. Liz went back to see Jason in his room but it was too late, he was already headed to Seattle to see the specialist.

Ric and Alexis met up at Kelly's. Ric surprised Alexis when he told her she could keep the job as D.A. since he planned on going in a new direction. He told her that getting revenge on Sonny wasn't his main priority anymore. Ric went home and made a romantic dinner for Marianna and him. He called her on her cell phone while she was waiting tables at Kelly's. He offered to pick her up from work when her shift ended, but she insisted on taking the bus instead. Trevor showed up at Kelly's and gave her a hard time about not following through on the deal they made to get her to manipulate Ric and get him to sign the deeds to the waterfront over to him. Marianna told Trevor that they no longer had a deal. Trevor called her a tramp and threatened to have her deported. Mike overheard what Trevor called her and came over to ask Marianna if everything was okay and asked her who Trevor was. Trevor told Mike that he should check her immigration status to make sure she was working there legally. Marianna told him he was Ric's father. Mike introduced himself to Trevor. Trevor realized Mike was Sonny's father and made some snide remark about how Mike was the man who left his wife and son behind because of his gambling addiction. Mike told him he wasn't allowed to be there. Trevor threatened Marianna before he left Kelly's. Marianna's ex-boyfriend came into Kelly's after he witnessed the confrontation between Trevor and her. Marianna told him to get away from her but he told her that he would be willing to help her out if she made it worth his while. Ric was surprised when the doorbell rang at his home and he found Claudia Zacchara standing there instead of Marianna.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Claudia walked into Ric's apartment and noted Marianna wasn't there. After all the introductions, she told Ric it was his lucky night. Ric realized Claudia wanted the waterfront property. Claudia offered money, power, and respect in exchange for the waterfront properties. Ric turned her down, and Claudia left. Marianna called Ric in hysterics. He rushed to the docks where Marianna showed him a dead Randy lying on the ground.

Michael called Carly, who frantically asked questions to find out where he was and if he was hurt. Michael made her promise not to bring his father with her. He waited for Carly, not realizing there was a bomb above his head. Carly arrived and looked all over until Michael finally revealed himself. Carly hugged him, but was confused when Michael didn't want to go home. He didn't want to see his father ever again. Carly asked what Sonny had done, but Michael said it wasn't Sonny-it was something Michael had done. He told his mother he killed Kate Howard. Carly told him Kate wasn't dead, but she realized Michael shot Kate accidentally and left her for dead. Michael explained about Mike finding him with the bullets and how he had gotten the gun. Carly was shocked to learn that Mike and Sonny both knew what was going on and hadn't told her. Michael revealed his conversation with Sonny when Sonny told him to run and never turn back if he was ever caught with a gun. Carly told him he would never be a part of his father's world, and they left.

Liz walked into Jason's hospital room but was disappointed to find he had already gone to rehab in Seattle. Lucky found her leaving the room and said he knew she and Jason were hiding something from him. Lucky admitted he overheard Liz when she talked to Jason about her accident. He and Jason didn't want to believe Liz was the type of person to hit someone and leave them on the side of the road. Liz realized Lucky thought she hit Sam on purpose. Lucky said he didn't want to believe Liz did it, and Jason told him there were other leads. They talked about how it could have been Monica, although she claimed her car was stolen. Liz said maybe it wasn't Monica and maybe it was her. If Sam found out that Liz hit her, Liz would lose custody of the kids. Everyone would know about Jake's paternity. Everything they worked so hard for would be for nothing. Lucky tried to reason with Liz and reminded her there were extenuating circumstances. Liz apologized to Lucky.

Sonny tried to tell Kate that he had a bad night when he slept with Claudia, but he promised he wouldn't be cheating on her again. Kate said she was hurt when Claudia told her about Sonny's misdeeds, but Kate warned Sonny that Claudia was a force to be reckoned with. She was a dangerous woman. Sonny told Kate she might be better off going back to New York. Kate said she didn't want to, though. Even after Claudia and Kate's weak heart, nothing really changed between them. She wasn't ready to give up on their relationship. Sonny felt good about things that were occurring-he and Kate were back together, they were going to take down the Zaccharas, and he felt like he was going to see his son the next day. He told Kate he thought Michael had run away. He knew he was hard on him, but he still loved his son. They were interrupted when Sonny's phone rang. It was Claudia and she was ready to make a deal. Sonny asked about Trevor, but Claudia said Trevor was out of it now. Sonny promised to meet with Claudia, and she reminded him to bring Johnny. When they hung up the phone, Kate was upset and Claudia didn't realize Trevor was eavesdropping.

Claudia arrived on the docks to meet with Sonny. In the shadows, Trevor told his goon to aim his gun at Claudia's heart. Johnny should think Sonny killed Claudia and would not stop until Sonny was ruined. If it were to backfire and Sonny were to kill Johnny, it would make no difference to Trevor. His goon took aim as Sonny entered with Johnny. They talked briefly as Trevor's goon took aim and shot right before the docks blew up.

Alexis and Sam walked the hallways and talked about Dr. Devlin. Sam felt uneasy about him. Sometimes he seemed not interested in her case, and sometimes he seemed too interested. Wes, Amelia's replacement from Everyday Hero's studio, stopped by the hospital to see Sam. Alexis left, and Sam talked to Wes about ideas for the show. Wes revealed Sam would not be shooting the new season, because she was suspended for 13 weeks. Sam was unable to continue the physical aspects of her job, so her contract allowed the studio to hire a replacement. Wes talked about her replacement, Tiffany, and talked about all Tiffany's great attributes. Alexis walked over and told Wes to have his lawyers call her. After Wes left, Sam told her mother she had nothing left now because of the person who hit her and left her for dead. Alexis reminded Sam that what didn't kill her would make her stronger. Alexis told a surprised Sam she loved her. Sam walked to the doorway and listened as Lucky told Liz he was going to close Sam's case as unsolved.

Lulu visited with Logan and told him that she went to all of her classes that morning. Luke rolled in with his wheelchair and told her she shouldn't let her guilt get to her like this. Guilt was what caused him to make Laura remember she had killed Rick Webber. Scott walked in as they were talking and Luke left. Scott started to give Lulu some trouble about being with Logan, but she told him she cared about his son. Lulu said she and Logan were a lot alike. As they talked, Logan moved his hand. Scott and Lulu called the doctor who checked on Logan. He told them there was no change and to not make too much of this movement. It was just a good day. After the doctor left, Lulu told Scott she knew this was a good sign and Logan would be waking up. She didn't want them to be involved in the Spencer feud any longer, though. She urged Scott to be honest and tell Luke he, not Laura, was the one who killed Rick Webber.

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