The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 10, 2008 on Y&R

Nick accused Victor of sabotaging the magazine. Jack, Sharon, and Jeffrey devised an elaborate plan to have Gloria sell the mansion. Daniel and Amber decided to start a clothing line, and Katherine agreed to invest in it.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 10, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, March 10, 2008

Nikki stopped by to tour the loft and saw the trendy transformation Nick and Phyllis pulled off at the home of Restless Style magazine. Nikki was impressed with the remodeling and the fact that Nick and Phyllis had offered job opportunities to Amber and Daniel. Nick and Phyllis invited Nikki to be present at the launch party and thanked her for Jabot's advertising support. After Nick mentioned that he had invited Adam to join family and friends for dinner at the club, Nikki expressed her concern because Victoria and Adam weren't getting along.

From her office, Victoria phoned Sabrina and left a message informing her that she was invited to dine with the Newmans at the club. When J.T. stopped by to pick up Victoria, she expressed her reservations about dining with Adam, but J.T. noted that compared to his own past experiences at Newman gatherings, Adam was the one who'd be sitting in the hot seat. Adam stopped by Victor's office to let him know he was on his way to the club after a successful and long day at work. Victor said he had plans to stop by the club to box and suggested that Adam join him sometime. After Adam left, Victor looked pensive as he stared at a photo of Nick on his credenza. Before Victor left Newman Enterprises for the day, he stopped by to invite Victoria to dinner, but she told him she already had plans.

At the coffeehouse, Amber and Daniel discussed the money Amber had stashed away. Daniel snapped at Amber and told her that she should give the money back. Amber was visibly angered when Daniel suggested that Kevin be told that Amber had the stolen money. Amber balked at Daniel's suggestion and explained that neither he nor Kevin would have benefited had they known she had secretly kept the missing money. When Kevin approached their table, Amber suddenly changed the topic of conversation from stolen money to sex. Kevin raised his eyebrows, but he congratulated Amber and Daniel when Amber confessed that she and Daniel were actually discussing that they were dating. After Kevin returned to his post as barista, Amber explained to Daniel that her story of their hot romance was just a good cover. Daniel maintained that Kevin deserved to be told about the money, but Amber insisted that ignorance on Kevin's part was bliss.

Amber laid out a plan to keep the money and fend off federal investigators by spending the money just a little at a time, but Daniel told Amber that she was not able to control herself. Daniel begged Amber to return the money anonymously, but Amber freaked out and insisted that if she did so, a trail would lead back to her because she had been in the room where Ji Min was found dead, and she had been present when a fire had supposedly burned the money. Although Amber maintained her innocence in connection to Ji Min's murder, she flatly refused to return her stash of cash.

Kevin and Jana observed through the opened doors at the coffeehouse patio as Amber and Daniel carried out their heated discussion. Jana rejoiced when Kevin told her that Amber and Daniel were dating, but Kevin had reservations when he witnessed Daniel's overly animated gestures of aggravation and frustration as he and Amber continued their argument about the stolen money. Back at their table, Amber sobbed and claimed that the money could help both of them realize their dreams. Daniel was not persuaded. Amber panicked when Heather approached their table. Daniel asked Amber to leave, so he could speak to Heather privately. Amber obeyed, but she kept a watchful eye on Daniel and Heather from her vantage point inside the coffeehouse. Heather noted that she had picked up on Daniel's romantic interest in Amber. Daniel switched off his phone after Amber sent a text message that begged him to not say anything about the money. Without revealing Amber's secret, Daniel discussed the missing money, and Heather explained that federal prosecutors were no longer interested and could be embarrassed if the money surfaced in light of the rogue agent's involvement. Daniel was surprised when Heather mentioned that she had considered leaving Genoa City unless she found just one new lead in the Ji Min case.

Amber, who was nervously stationed inside the coffeehouse, worried about Daniel's conversation with Heather. Kevin startled Amber when he approached and asked if she'd be interested in earning extra money working nights at the coffeehouse. Amber assured Kevin she was doing fine financially, but Kevin warned her about working for Jack, and Kevin admitted that he was sorry to see her go. After Heather left, Amber quickly returned to Daniel's table on the patio. Amber was panic-stricken by the time Daniel eased her distress and explained that she was right to keep the money because if it were returned, Heather would be forced to re-open the Ji Min case. Mindful that Kevin and Jana watched, Daniel moved close to Amber and kissed her.

Adam took at spot at the GCAC bar as he awaited his initiation into the Newman family. Adam seemed nervous and remarked to a bartender that he was about to be scrutinized by several family members. Nikki and David joined Adam at the bar, before the other guests-Nick, Phyllis, Victoria, and J.T.-arrived. After the guests were seated, they all listened when Adam described his college years and admitted that he stressed academics over partying. Nick remarked that he was a frat boy all the way. Victoria rolled her eyes when Adam boasted about his successful career in real estate, after a rough and rocky start, in what had once been a tough New York market. Although Adam said he embraced a slower-paced life in Genoa City, he fondly recalled the ease with which he quickly jaunted from one borough to another via subway train when he lived in New York. Nick, on the other hand, confessed that he preferred a less chaotic life. After Adam quizzed Nick about the possibility of someday moving his magazine to New York, Nick quickly responded that he would never consider it. Adam grimaced when Nick pulled Phyllis toward him and kissed her.

Sabrina and Victor met up accidentally in the athletic club's gym. Sabrina watched intently as Victor aggressively worked out his frustrations on the punching bag. During a break, Sabrina approached Victor, and he invited her to dinner. As the Newmans and their friends dined, Victor and Sabrina stepped into the dining room. After Victor noticed the jovial dinner-party guests, including Nikki and David, he decided not to stay. Sabrina, who noted that she'd be the odd-one out, opted to leave the club with Victor. Victor and Sabrina grabbed some fast-food burgers and dined together at the ranch. After Sabrina explained that she'd soon be leaving for New York, Victor begged Sabrina to stay a while longer because she had been a wonderful and positive influence on Victoria. Victoria stopped by, and Victor retreated to his room. Sabrina explained to her friend that she'd accompanied Victor instead of joining the dinner party because she didn't want Victor to be alone. After Victoria inquired, Sabrina said she wasn't certain if Victor had been upset after he saw that Adam had joined the dinner party.

As the evening wound down, most of the guests left except Adam, Phyllis, and Nick. Nick stepped away to take a call. Phyllis congratulated Adam for having survived his inquisition and assured him that future family gatherings would become easier. Adam noted that Phyllis must have worked hard to be liked. Phyllis seemed shocked when Adam said that he did not care if the Newmans liked him or not. After Adam left to bulk up his upper-arm muscles in the gym, Phyllis and Nick ordered beers at the bar. Phyllis pressed Nick to share his take on Adam. Nick said that Adam had about as much interest in becoming a part of the family as Nick did in going home to sleep on the couch.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sharon and Jack returned home and went to retrieve the spy cam they had planted. They were shocked to find it had disappeared. They assumed that this meant that Gloria and Jeffrey were onto them. When Gloria came home, Jack demanded that Gloria restore his living room just as it used to be. Gloria calmly said that she would get to it in time. Jack's father John appeared and told Jack that things seemed to be getting out of hand. John told Jack that he should just get it over with and give Gloria the house. Jack argued with his father about losing the home where all his memories were, where he grew up with his family. John told Jack that he would always be with him in his heart. When Sharon came home, Jack suggested selling their share of the house to Gloria. He said that they could use a fresh start.

When Jeffrey gave Kevin a new digital camera, Kevin informed Jeffrey that extravagant gifts wouldn't buy his love. Jeffrey said that he'd given up on that idea. Kevin didn't think Jeff was the type to give up. Jeffrey said that when he fell in love with Gloria, he decided to stop playing games. His new plan was to clean out Gloria's bank accounts and scram. Kevin said that Jeffrey should keep trying-Gloria might come around. When Jeffrey noticed Gloria was listening to their conversation, he excused himself. Jeffrey met with his lawyer and said that the divorce papers were drawn up exactly as he asked. Paul watched them from a couple of tables away, and went to Kevin with the news. Paul wondered if the real reason he was spying on Jeffrey really had to do with Gloria being worried about Jeffrey cheating on her. Kevin insisted that was not the case. Gloria went to Kevin and couldn't believe that Jeff would insist that either Gloria show love toward him or he would clean her out. Kevin wondered if there was anything they could try that they hadn't already tried. When Gloria returned home, Jeffrey was waiting for her. He said that he had drawn up the divorce papers. If she signed them, he would be out of her life forever. Gloria told Jeffrey that she couldn't do it. She said that he was starting to grow on her.

Daniel warned Amber that she was getting herself into trouble by keeping the money. He also grew uncomfortable when Kevin started wondering where Amber was coming up with a lot of extra cash. Daniel decided to admit to Kevin that Amber still had the money. Kevin was shocked to hear that Amber was trying to get Daniel into her old schemes again. Kevin insisted that they get the money and destroy it.

Cane suggested to Lily that they get away on vacation. Lily wished she could go, but had too much schoolwork and too many modeling projects to work on. Neil stopped by and told Lily that a classmate showed up to work on a project with her. When Lily admitted that she had forgotten, Neil suggested that Lily might be overdoing things. Cane went to Jill and Katherine and told them he had a plan to buy a condo. Jill and Katherine said that it was a perfect time to invest in Real Estate, but that they would miss him. They wondered why Cane would want to move out.

Nikki became irritated when Jill involved herself in projects at Jabot. Nikki told Jill that she had everything handled. When Jill mentioned that Brad had some ideas regarding a proposal that David had written, David insisted that Brad had something against him. Walter called Brad to meet with him about David Chow. Brad offered Walter money to share any information he knew about David. Walter said that he would let him know. Brad went to David and said that he wanted to clear the air between them. He suggested they go for a drink.

Neil visited Nikki and suggested that Lily's work as the new Fresh Face of Jabot might be interfering with her schoolwork. When Nikki asked Lily how she was handling the position, Lily wondered if she had disappointed Nikki in any way. Nikki admitted that Lily's father was worried about Lily being overworked. Lily insisted that everything was fine. Lily went to Neil and told him how furious she was with him for going to her boss about her. Neil explained that he was only worried about Lily's well-being. He admitted he was sorry for overstepping his bounds by going to Nikki, but he wasn't sorry that he had noticed that Lily was letting her schoolwork take a backburner to her work at Jabot. Lily went to tell Cane that she had cleared the air with her father and decided to move out on her own. Cane said that great minds think alike.

Katherine mentioned that she felt that Jill needed to rework a proposal she was working on for Chancellor Industries. Jill was furious to hear that Esther had taken the proposal from Jill's room and presented it to Katherine. Katherine said that although Katherine had appointed Jill as CEO, it was still her responsibility to provide suggestions as her mentor. When Amber showed up to help Katherine with her memoir, Jill became even more enraged and stormed out. Amber was surprised hearing Jill and Katherine fighting. Katherine said that she hadn't heard the half of it, but she would after writing her memoir. Amber told Katherine about her plans to design clothes. Katherine told Amber that if she showed promise, she would invest in Amber's designs.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

At the Athletic Club, Jill told Cane that she didn't know if Nikki would work out being the Jabot CEO-Jill questioned Nikki's management style. Jill told her son that Nikki had made a big business deal with Country Living and, although it was a good deal, Jill felt she should have been consulted. Cane suggested that Jill talk to Nikki-maybe Nikki doubted Jill's faith in her. Jill left for the office. As Cane was leaving, he ran into Lily, who was at the club intending to work out. Cane talked her into seeing the condo he had just purchased.

At Jabot, Jill was fit to be tied when Nikki said that she intended to move their Taiwanese manufacturing plant back to Genoa City. Jill reminded Nikki that it was not Nikki's company. Nikki told Jill she ran the idea by Katherine, who thought it was fine. Just as Jill was about to go ballistic that Nikki went over her head, Katherine stopped by. Katherine sensed the tension between Nikki and Jill and asked if everything was okay. Nikki told Katherine she loved her job, and Jill told her mother they still had a few wrinkles to iron out. Katherine told them how happy she was that her daughter, her grandson, and her best friend were working side by side. Katherine told the ladies she had an appointment to see the Restless Style offices, and left.

After touring Cane's new condo, Lily and Cane stopped by Crimson Lights. Lily seemed excited when it sounded like Cane was about to ask her to move in-but appeared equally disappointed when he said cohabitating might be a premature move. He told her he was making progress winning Neil's trust, and reminded her that she was very busy with the Fresh Faces of Jabot campaign. Cane left for the office, and as Lily began eating a chocolate muffin, Chloe showed up and chastised her for eating the high-calorie snack. She told Lily there were other ways to stop Lily's "food cravings." When Lily told Chloe she didn't think one muffin would make her obese, Chloe became angry. Before Chloe left, she told Lily to come talk to her when she was serious about keeping her slim figure. With Chloe gone, Lily pushed the muffin away.

Nikki interrupted Jill and Cane in the Jabot boardroom. She was concerned that Jabot was pushing the Fresh Faces of Jabot models too hard-after all, these girls were amateurs, not professional models. Nikki also felt that Chloe was a little too intense. Jill became furious and told Nikki that the Fresh Faces of Jabot campaign pre-dated Nikki's arrival at Jabot. When Nikki told Jill she was just trying to express thoughts, Jill laid down the law-the campaign would continue as planned.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin asked Amber if she thought her life as the Restless Style receptionist would be better than her life as a barista. When Amber told him she could now quit because her Restless Style job paid more than her Crimson Lights job, Kevin dragged her out to the patio and told her he knew that she still had the cash they found in Plum's hotel room. Amber initially denied it, but Kevin informed her that Daniel told him everything. Kevin insisted that Amber get rid of the money before someone else found it, or they might end up in prison. Crying, Amber ran out.

At the Restless Style office, Jack told Sharon he was beginning to have second thoughts about their decision to drive the Bardwells out of the Abbott mansion. He said he had found happiness with Sharon and Noah and didn't want a battle with Gloria to drag them down. When Sharon said it sounded like Jack had reached his limit, he told her he felt like he was about to crack.

The Abbotts told a sympathetic Nick and Phyllis how bad the housing situation with Gloria had become. Just as Jack and Sharon were about to leave, Daniel showed up and asked them to stick around. He then told the Abbotts, Nick, and his mother that he and Amber were thinking about starting a clothing line and wanted to buy ad space in Restless Style. As they left, the Abbotts asked Nick to explain to Daniel just how expensive ad space was. Nick and Phyllis were surprised when Daniel told them that Katherine might invest in the clothing line. When Daniel said he thought ad space would be about $5,000, Nick told him it would be more like $50,000. Phyllis suggested that Daniel be patient and work his way up-that eventually great things would happen for him.

Nick and Phyllis found it strange that, with Katherine's backing, Amber and Daniel were considering launching a clothing line. They surmised that Amber was calling the shots, and Nick walked away to call Cane and see if he knew anything about the venture. Phyllis interrogated Daniel about the line and questioned how and why Amber became involved with Katherine. Daniel told his mother that apparently Katherine was Amber's biggest fan.

Amber showed up and asked Phyllis for a moment alone with Daniel. After Phyllis walked away, Amber asked Daniel how he could possibly have told Kevin about the money. Daniel reminded her that Kevin was his best friend and had a right to know. Kevin, having tailed Amber, showed up at the warehouse, and again demanded that Amber get rid of the cash. Daniel agreed with Kevin, and Amber stormed out, with Daniel not far behind.

Katherine visited Nick and Phyllis at the office and told them how impressed she was. Katherine suggested that Amber had talent, imagination, and drive, and that the girl could do better than being a receptionist. Phyllis asked Katherine if she was giving her financial backing to Amber and Daniel's fledgling venture, and Katherine said she wanted to give them a chance. Phyllis said that the fashion line was merely wishful thinking on Amber and Daniel's part. Before leaving, Katherine told them that she was planning to invest in the clothing line.

Kevin and Daniel showed up at Amber's apartment, where she was sulking on the couch. Initially reluctant to let them in, she relented. Kevin insisted that she show him the money, and Amber handed him the cash-filled tote bag. Amber tried to tempt Kevin with the money, telling him about some of the luxurious things he could purchase, but Kevin was not persuaded. Before he left, Kevin told her to get rid of the money. Alone with Daniel, Amber begged him not to make her burn the money-she didn't want to be poor again. When Daniel suggested that Amber "give it up already," Amber suggested they lie to Kevin about destroying the money. Daniel told Amber he would not lie to his best friend. Coming on to Daniel, Amber started kissing him and told him this money was their future. Before returning her kiss, Daniel told Amber they were still going to get rid of the money.

At the Abbott mansion, Jeff was surprised that Gloria had decided not to sign the divorce papers. When Gloria suggested that perhaps she was starting to develop feelings towards Jeff, he said that she should show her feelings by making love to him. Gloria began taking off her shirt, but Jeff told her he didn't want a "quickie"-he wanted to spend the night with her at the club, and if she didn't behave like a woman in lust, he would walk. When Gloria suggested a little courtship before making love-perhaps some intimate dinners or a vacation-Jeff told her to meet him at the club. As Jeff walked away, Gloria sarcastically muttered "can't wait" to herself.

As she left to meet Jeff at the club, Gloria ran into Jack and Sharon. She told the Abbotts that she was off for a romantic evening with her husband. When Jack expressed his surprise that the constantly fighting Bardwells were spending the night at the club together, Gloria said that John's spirit was still in the house, affecting her marriage. When Jack and Sharon suggested that Gloria move out to escape John's spirit, Gloria reminded them that the mansion was her legacy from John, and nothing would change that.

With Gloria gone, Sharon asked Jack why he didn't tell her that he was planning to sell her his 50% of the estate. Jack said he had an idea-but with the Bardwells and Noah gone, he first wanted to share a quiet dinner with her. In the dining room, they discussed how much the estate meant to them-how much depth it had brought to their lives. Jack shared his plan-since Gloria was superstitious, they could try to convince her that John's spirit was really in the house, telling Gloria to move out. Sharon looked encouraged by the plan.

In the Bardwell's suite at the club, Gloria admired how romantic it was. Jeff told her that he wanted their relationship to work. Gloria said she was happy they were finally on the same page. It was clear that Gloria was repulsed when Jeff kissed her. Gloria put on some music and they began dancing-but an uncomfortable-looking Gloria checked her watch. When Jeff brought Gloria over to the bed, there was a knock at the door. It was Kevin-he told his mother that she was needed immediately at Jabot due to an emergency. An angry Jeff told Kevin and Gloria that he was sick and tired of their schemes and machinations-and before he left the suite, told Gloria to prepare herself for prison.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Neil praised Adam for all his hard work. When Victor came into the office, Adam showed Victor the work he had done on the advertising campaign for Restless Style. Neil pointed out a particular ad he liked, but Adam said they would only use it as a substitution. Neil seemed disappointed that Adam didn't take his taste into account. Victor mentioned to Adam that he had seen him at dinner the night before. Adam admitted that he tried to get along with Nick and Victoria, but he didn't feel that he could relate to them.

When Jeffrey returned home to find Gloria all alone, he wondered why Gloria hadn't returned to the hotel room. After what Jeffrey had said, Gloria was surprised that Jeffrey had returned at all. Jeffrey said that he would be gone soon enough. Jeffrey told Gloria that either she give the marriage a shot, or go to jail. Jack came in and teased Jeffrey and Gloria about their secret rendezvous not working out. Jeffrey told Jack that their relationship was none of his business. Jack and Sharon wondered why Jeffrey was looking so glum. Jack decided to stay and see if he could figure out what was going on. He asked Jeffrey if he was okay, but Jeffrey didn't say a word.

Jack came to Restless Style and took Sharon aside. He told her that something was going on with Jeff and Gloria's marriage. Sharon said that it was time for John's ghost to start rattling his chain. Jack agreed. When they returned home, Jeffrey told them that he was moving out. Jack offered him a drink, but Jeffrey wouldn't take it. Jeffrey admitted to Jack that he married Gloria to squeeze her dry. He said that he blamed Gloria for William's death, and he hadn't planned on falling in love with her. Jack asked Jeffrey if he would let him help.

Gloria told Kevin that she couldn't stand the idea of Jeffrey stealing all of her money. She thought about trying hard to like Jeffrey. Gloria decided to go to Fenmore's to buy a sexy outfit for Jeffrey. When Gloria came home, she told Jeffrey that she was going to try to be the wife that he wanted her to be. She asked Jeffrey to give her another chance.

Kevin told Daniel that Amber's schemes were worse than his own mother's. When Amber showed up at the coffeehouse, Kevin commented on how much Amber's outfit must have cost her. Amber said that she designed the outfit herself. Kevin said that Amber would hide the money from them. They decided to use Phyllis' keys in order to find the cash.

Nick and Phyllis discussed finding other advertisers for Restless Style aside from Newman. They decided to let Jack and Sharon handle the advertising. When Amber showed up for her first day at Restless Style, Phyllis and Nick were impressed with her new outfit. Amber told Daniel that she wouldn't give up the money. She said that she wouldn't give up her dreams.

Nick found out that his loan was being turned down and went to give Victor a piece of his mind. Nick showed up at Newman and told Victor that the bank turned down his trust. Victor said that the bank called him. Nick told his father to quit trying to punish him and to let him move on with his life. Nick told Victor that it was a good thing that Hope kept Adam away from Victor. Nick warned Adam not to trust Victor. Nick visited the Athletic Club to talk to Nikki and Phyllis. Nikki offered to help Nick out with his money situation, but Nick said that he had to do it on his own.

Chloe ridiculed Lily again for eating a chocolate muffin. Lily told Cane she didn't know how much longer she could put up with it and Cane begged her to just get through the photo shoot as best as she could. When Lily put her dress on for the shoot, Chloe commented that the dress looked a little tight. Cane noticed that Chloe's comments were affecting Lily, and he called Neil to ask if Neil would come by to support Lily. Lily became distracted when her father showed up on the set. When Lily found out that Cane had asked Neil to come to Lily's set, Lily became furious. Neil told Cane that if he allowed Lily's petulant behavior to continue, it would only get worse. Chloe took Lily aside and told her that she could help her.

Friday, March 14, 2008

At Crimson Lights, Sabrina introduced her artist friend Casey Spooner to Victoria. He told Sabrina about a fabulous art show in Los Angeles, and Sabrina decided to leave Genoa City in a couple of days so she could see the show before heading to New York. Victoria was disappointed-she was hoping that Sabrina would stay at least another week. Sabrina received a call from her ex, Phillipe, but didn't answer her phone. She told Victoria and Casey that her relationship with Phillipe was over. Before he left, Casey told Sabrina it was Phillipe's loss. Sabrina confided to Victoria that Phillipe had been cheating on her, and that it would be a long time before she fell in love again. Victoria reminded her that Victoria had to try several times before she found J.T., and told Sabrina not to give up on love.

Adam showed up at Crimson Lights and snidely remarked to Victoria that it must be nice to have the day off. Victoria snapped that she had taken Reed to the doctor. Adam then made some obnoxious remarks about Sabrina's career as an art consultant-he said he had learned in business school that consultants were parasitic and unnecessary. After Adam walked away, the ladies discussed how infuriating and condescending Adam was, though Sabrina thought he was cute.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Adam asked Victor about a photograph he had found. Victor told him it was a picture of Nick at the ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating Newman's first Asian factory. When Adam said that Victor and Nick looked proud, Victor told him that it was Nick's first project, and had come in on time and under budget. When Adam asked Victor why he fired Nick, Victor avoided answering by saying it was a long story. Adam told Victor he was impressed with Phyllis' work, then looked through an art catalog that Sabrina left with Victor. Adam commented that the modern pieces pictured in the catalog didn't seem like Victor's style. Victor said that something about modern art was beginning to intrigue him.

Victoria, Sabrina, and Reed arrived at Newman and Sabrina ran into Victor while Victoria was getting Reed settled in day care. Sabrina teasingly told Victor she was going to change his art collection to include more contemporary pieces. She then informed him that she was leaving for Los Angeles. Victor told Sabrina that Victoria would miss her. When Sabrina reminded Victor she would only be a phone call away, Victor told her that she was welcome back to Genoa City at any time.

Later, Adam showed Victor the proofs for the Beauty of Nature ads that were going to run in Restless Style. Victor was completely disinterested and handed the proofs back to Adam. Adam said he ran into Nick, Nikki, and Phyllis having lunch-and while it appeared that Nikki and Nick were close, Adam sensed that Phyllis was a little bit of an outsider. Victor told Adam that Nikki and Phyllis had a shaky relationship because Nick's affair with Phyllis had affected a lot of people. When Adam asked Victor if he approved of the affair, Victor said, "they have a child... let's leave it at that." Adam left when Sabrina came in to show Victor more artwork catalogs.

Adam ran into Victoria in the hallway and told her she could have taken the rest of the day off. Victoria said she stopped by to check on the Beauty of Nature ad campaign. When Adam told her he had already signed off on it, Victoria was infuriated that he hadn't consulted her. She ran into Victor's office to tell him that she thought the "celebrity angle" in Adam's proposed ad campaign was all wrong. Victor told his daughter that he had given Adam approval to sign off on projects. Victoria went off on Adam, saying that he was impossible to work with. Victor asked her not to take it all so seriously.

In the conference room, Sabrina told Victoria not to let Adam get to her. Victoria decided that she wouldn't let her half-brother make her feel like a runner-up. She added that if Adam wanted to play hardball, he could "bring it on."

Victor summoned Adam to his office and chided him for not informing Victor that he had signed off on the Beauty of Nature campaign without consulting Victoria. He told Adam to consult with Victoria in the future, as she was very powerful and knew what she was doing. He added that Adam needed to prove himself. As Adam left, he told Victor he would try.

In the Newman hallway, Victor saw Victoria, Reed, and Sabrina off. He told Victoria not to worry about the situation with Adam-that the two of them could learn from each other. He asked Sabrina if they would see each other before she left town, and she said he could count on it.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and "John" watched a romantic scene between Gloria and Jeff. Gloria asked Jeff to give her another chance, and Jeff said he would-but only if she would be his wife in every sense. Jack asked "John" if that bothered him-"John" replied that it didn't, since he was dead and Gloria was alive. When "John" expressed disappointment with Jack's plan to scare Gloria off, Jack told his dad that the plan was for "John" to scare her off. "John" told Jack the road Jack was taking was paved with bad intentions.

Jack interrupted the Bardwell's embrace, and Gloria left to change for dinner. With Gloria gone, Jeff and Jack checked to make sure that their plan to drive Gloria out of the mansion was in place. Clearly not trusting Jeff, Jack told him he would add an extra 10% to Jeff's proceeds from the sale of the estate.

At the Restless Style office, Nick was finishing a phone interview with a Wall Street Journal reporter as Phyllis looked on. Nick informed the reporter that Restless Style had absolutely nothing to do with Victor or Newman Enterprises. When the interview ended, Nick told Phyllis it was annoying that no one believed that Victor wasn't involved with the magazine.

Phyllis left to meet Patrick, their launch party planner, just as Sharon showed up. A slightly hyper Nick asked Sharon if she thought they needed more gossip columns in the magazine. Sharon told Nick to slow down, but added that she was pleased to see him this focused on the magazine. Jack showed up and Sharon told him that an interview with a prospective fashion editor had gone well. Nick overheard, and said to hire the fashion editor immediately-they needed to get all key positions filled. After Nick walked away, Sharon told Jack that Nick was feeling under pressure. Jack told Sharon that Jeff was going to make sure Gloria thought that "John's hand was reaching from the grave."

Phyllis met with Patrick, the party planner, and he told her the pre-launch event would need celebrities present in order to be successful. Phyllis told him that she knew Danny Romalotti. Patrick thought having Danny there would be great, bringing some of that "Euro-chic" feel the party needed. He told Phyllis that Danny would need to perform. Nick showed up and Phyllis introduced him to Patrick as Patrick was leaving. Phyllis told Nick that she needed to get Danny to sing at the party. When she mentioned that Daniel and Danny weren't speaking, Nick said perhaps that was a reason not to book Danny. Phyllis countered that perhaps that was a reason they should book Danny.

Back at the Restless Style office, Phyllis and Nick discussed setting up interviews with other business magazines. Nick said that the key to becoming successful was to act as if you already were. Phyllis called Danny and left a message for him to call her. Adam showed up, and while Nick was sitting across the room, asked Phyllis to give him some pointers on HTML, an internet programming language. While Phyllis began briefing Adam, Nick looked on skeptically.

The Bardwells arrived for dinner at the Athletic Club. Jeff received a text message and told Gloria he needed to leave for a while. He told Gloria to go to the club's spa and pamper herself until he returned.

The text message was from Jack, and Jeff met the Abbotts at the Restless Style office. Jack told Jeff that he and Sharon were temporarily moving into the club and that the Bardwells should move into the Abbott mansion master bedroom-where Jeff could pull off the first "haunting."

When the Bardwells arrived back home from the club, they found the Abbotts planning a sleepover (in the living room) for Noah and 12 of his friends. When Gloria informed the Abbotts that she and Jeff had temporary possession of the living room, Jack and Sharon started acting out a charade-Sharon said she couldn't take living there anymore. She said she was tired of making Noah suffer and that she was not going to spend one more night in the house. Jack said he would call a realtor in the morning. Before the Abbotts left, Jack told Gloria that he and Sharon had given up, but added, "A pox on you, Gloria! You are cursed! Cursed!" Gloria appeared slightly concerned about Jack's remark, but Jeff told her not to pay attention to anything Jack said. Jeff led Gloria upstairs, and told her they were moving into the master bedroom.

At the Athletic Club, Jack and Sharon congratulated themselves on how convincing their "fake fight" was. They toasted to the "beginning of the end."

In the Abbott master bedroom, when Gloria left to change, Jeff hid a piece of paper under a pillow and checked some sort of electronic device under the other pillow. He also placed a book on one of the nightstands. Gloria returned wearing a skimpy negligee, and Jeff told her she took his breath away. The lights began to flicker, making Gloria nervous. Gloria saw the book on the nightstand and noticed that it was by Keats. She told Jeff that John read Keats every night before he went to sleep. Jeff acted unconcerned, saying that Jack had probably been reading it. Gloria asked Jeff to open the book to see if anything was written on the inside cover. When Jeff said there was an inscription that read "John Abbott, 1949," a terrified Gloria told Jeff that particular book had been buried with John!

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