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Eric attended the anniversary party, but announced he planned to marry Donna. Crazy Pam returned to L.A. Ridge told Brooke he would marry her when she was ready to give up Nick and Baby Jack. Bridget blasted her mother, Brooke, who told Nick to stay away from Bridget. Brooke claimed she was concerned, but Bridget called Brooke selfish for claiming to love Nick and Ridge-never letting one of them be happy with someone else. Eric invited Stephanie to return to work at Forrester.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 10, 2008 on B&B
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Monday, March 10, 2008

At Donna's apartment, Pam threatened to kill a scared Donna if she married Eric. Donna told Pam she was insane but Pam told her to be very afraid. Pam had Tiny sit outside the door as she checked out Donna's apartment. When Pam remarked that the place wasn't fit to raise kids in, Donna said it was only temporary and Pam replied that it suited Donna's needs for "having visitors by the hour." Pam said Donna humiliated Eric by the pictures in the paper and Pam was there to make sure no more damage was done to his reputation or family. Pam said unless Donna backed off Eric, Pam would kill Donna.

Down on one knee, Brooke asked Ridge to elope with her that night. Ridge pulled Brooke off her knees and turned down her proposal. Ridge said he loved her and wanted to marry her but they could not get married until Nick was out of her life forever. Just then Ridge's cell phone rang; he noticed on his caller ID that it was Felicia so he answered it. Felicia demanded to know where he and Brooke were and Ridge said they had to talk about a few things but were on their way and hung up. Brooke told Ridge to go without her and Ridge held Brooke's face and told her they would get married when the timing was right, if and when she was truly ready. Brooke smiled as Ridge kissed her cheek and then left.

At Nick's, Bridget was looking down at a sleeping Jack, and Nick walked up behind her and handed her Nicole's blanket. He asked Bridget to be a part of Jack's life, telling her that Nicole would have wanted that. Bridget placed the blanket over Jack then turned around and pulled Nick into a passionate kiss. Nick broke off the kiss as the doorbell rang and he opened it to find Katie, who came bearing a gift for Jack. Nick excused himself and ran upstairs to make a call, and left Katie and Bridget to talk. Bridget said she told Nick her feelings and they kissed. She thanked Katie for encouraging her to go for it. Bridget's beeper went off so she grabbed her stuff to go and asked Katie to stay and help Nick with Jack. Katie said she didn't know Nick well enough but Bridget said Katie should just give Nick encouragement. She said Katie should get to know Nick well if he was going to be a part of Bridget's life. She thanked Katie and left for the hospital.

Nick came downstairs inquiring why Bridget had left. Katie told him that Bridget was on call and had to go to the hospital. She talked to Nick about all Bridget's good qualities and he asked her why she was trying to get him and Bridget back together. Katie laughed and said she might be gently pushing Bridget his way, but Jack was Brooke's biological son, a Logan, and they needed to look out for Jack. She said that Taylor was gone, Brooke was with Ridge, and he had a lot of history with Bridget. She wondered if he thought about how things would have turned out if Nicole had lived. Nick said he thought about that a lot and Katie said that maybe the circumstances surrounding Jack's birth could be life's way of bringing him and Bridget back together again.

Ridge walked into the Forrester mansion and was happy to see Kristen. Kristen asked how things were with Brooke and after a brief hesitation, Ridge said things were okay. Stephanie had come up behind Kristen and asked where Brooke was and Ridge said she wasn't coming and Stephanie should consider that her anniversary present. He walked away as Stephanie just stared after him.

The Forrester family gathered in the living room as they all began their toasts. Kristen toasted that the children's lives had taken different courses but it was the house, their memories, and their parents that steered them in the right direction. Thorne's toast was about the children being lucky enough to have their parents remain together throughout the years. Ridge toasted to Stephanie and Eric being each other's soul mates, destiny, and spending the rest of their lives together. Felicia offered her toast last and talked of her single parenting and how much she appreciated her parents being together to raise her and her siblings. Felicia said that she was aware Eric was only there as a last hurrah to the family and if he moved on with "she who shall not be named" then so be it. Felicia said the last time Stephanie and Eric almost parted was when Felicia was on her deathbed and she joked that she hoped she didn't have to go to such extremes again to keep them together. Putting all joking aside, Felicia said the Forresters were a strong family, bonded together by love and loyalty. She asked Stephanie and Eric to use their anniversary to remind them of what their marriage means and not allow anything to come between them again.

Stephanie thanked her children for their kind words and throwing the party. She said that she had tried to do what she thought was best for her family but it might not have always been the best thing for them. She admitted she'd made mistakes but said she loved her husband and just wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Eric gave Stephanie a quick kiss and hug and, holding Stephanie's hand, turned and told his children they were his greatest achievements in life, joking that he had a little input from Stephanie. He got choked up and told them how much he loved them. He said that Stephanie was a wonderful wife, who'd been with him throughout all the years, raising their beautiful children. He said he realized as he stood in the room with all of them that his mission in life had been accomplished. Eric turned back to Stephanie and said that she was the most maddening, infuriating, confusing person he had ever known-and he loved her. He leaned in and kissed her. Crying, Felicia walked up to Eric and begged him not to leave his family for Donna.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

At the anniversary party, Felicia begged Eric not to leave their family for Donna. She said that the magic they felt at the party would never be the same if he married Donna; it would be irreversibly altered. Eric gripped Felicia's shoulders and told her the magic would be with the family forever. He looked at the entire family and told them that nothing had ever torn them apart, nothing ever would, and nothing would ever break the incredible bond they shared. Eric saluted Stephanie, said she was the jewel of the family, and that she had a huge piece of his heart-and always would. He said he hated to disappoint his family but needed to make his intentions clear that he would be marrying Donna. Felicia cried out as Eric drew her into a hug and reassured her he would always love her. Eric thanked the children for a wonderful evening then looked at Stephanie and told her he had made up his mind. Stephanie nodded her head sadly as Eric left.

After Eric left, the children consoled Stephanie. Pam walked in, saw the scene, and damned Eric for returning to that "hot tamale." She said to herself that desperate times called for desperate measures. After everyone had left, Stephanie sat alone in the living room as Pam walked in and said to herself that Donna would not get away with this.

Donna was pacing her apartment when she heard the key in the lock and saw Eric walk in. She went flying into his arms, ecstatic that he returned to her. Eric said that while it was a wonderful evening, he told his family that he was moving on and marrying Donna. Donna was thrilled he finally told them and Eric wanted to celebrate, but all he brought back were the lemon bars Pam had baked for him. Donna slapped them out of his hands and yelled for him not to eat them.

Donna told Eric about Pam's visit and threats to kill her. Eric joked and asked if Pam threatened to hurt Donna with a spatula. Donna said Pam threatened her with the dog and said that Pam was certifiable. Eric reassured Donna that Pam was harmless and would be heading back to Chicago shortly so Donna had nothing to worry about. Donna realized that Pam was just trying to scare her, and Eric got her to focus on planning their wedding and future together.

Back at the Forrester house, Pam appeared to have lost a few marbles and talked aloud to herself. As she ate one of her lemon bars, she said Donna, the contemptible "hot tamale," would be a dead woman. She licked her fingers and then used them to extinguish the candle on the table.

At Brooke's house, Bridget stopped by to chat with her mother. Bridget said she'd been with Nick and had been spending a lot of time with him. Brooke said she didn't think that was such a good idea, as Bridget had already been down that road and had been hurt. Bridget said that Brooke had every opportunity to marry Ridge and asked about Brooke's feelings for Nick. Brooke admitted she had feelings for Nick, but only because they shared a child together. Bridget asked if a part of Brooke was clinging to some hope that she and Nick would get back together.

Brooke said that it wasn't about her, she just did not want Bridget to be disappointed if things didn't work out with her and Nick again. Brooke said she was surprised Bridget was opening herself up to him again. Bridget said she had reservations but Katie had encouraged her to give it a try. Brooke wasn't happy Katie was pushing Nick on Bridget but Bridget explained Nick needed help with Jack and rather than hiring a nanny they could all pitch in. Brooke asked if that included her and Bridget told her it didn't. Brooke said that Jack was her child. Bridget responded she knew that, but Brooke needed to figure out what she wanted. Bridget said she had to know what Brooke wanted for sure because the one woman Nick was vulnerable to was Brooke. She said in one breath Brooke had said she was over Nick and in the other, reminded Bridget that she had a son with Nick. As Brooke walked towards Bridget, Ridge opened the door and heard Bridget ask Brooke when she was going to marry Ridge.

Ridge stood behind the door eavesdropping as Brooke caught Bridget up on her earlier proposal to Ridge and his reasons for turning her down. Bridget begged Brooke to be honest about her feelings for Nick and Jack. As Brooke began to respond, she noticed Ridge hiding behind the door; she said she was committed to Ridge, Hope, and RJ and whatever happened with Nick was his business. Brooke said she had loved Ridge her entire life, they'd moved heaven and earth to be together, and that it was going to happen for them, as Ridge continued to listen.

At Nick's, Katie said she knew that he and Bridget shared something special, and maybe he shouldn't just let it go. Nick thanked her for her advice, support, and babysitting, then put on his glasses and picked up paperwork. Katie mentioned a puzzle he had on the table, so Nick handed it to her and told her to knock herself out. Katie sat by the coffee table with the puzzle and asked Nick if he had any scotch. Nick was surprised that Katie liked scotch but got her a drink and handed it to her. He sat down beside her as Katie said she liked puzzles because it was comforting to know they had a guaranteed solution. Nick excused himself to do some paperwork.

Nick pulled out some pistachios and Katie said she loved them, so Nick shared them with her. Katie teased Nick as he missed the wastebasket with his nut shells. She said that she had read that pistachios were a tummy flattening food and then asked Nick if he thought she was fat. Nick said that she wasn't fat but very pretty. Katie said she wasn't as pretty as her sisters; she had grown up as the ugly duckling. Nick said she wasn't the ugly duckling anymore, but she needed to make the effort to get out and find a guy and care; sitting at his house doing puzzles wasn't helping matters.

Nick joined Katie and helped her work on the puzzle. He remarked how Katie wasn't like her sisters and asked if she had the same parents. Katie said she did but she just skipped the line where they were handing out the "blonde hair and rocking bodies." Nick said that she had a "rocking body" but she wasn't going to find a guy hanging out doing puzzles and eating pistachios with him. She said she didn't care and they began to tease and joke around with each other.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Donna and Eric were sitting at his desk, making out. Eric said that they only had a few months until his divorce was final and then they would get married. He said he wanted a small private ceremony, inviting only those who shared the joy of their love. Donna said they'd have to hire extra security to keep Pam out. Eric attempted to reassure Donna that Pam didn't have a vengeful bone in her body, but Donna said that Pam was about as nutty as her nut bread and God knew what she put in that. Just then Pam walked in carrying baked goods, asking if they were hungry.

Pam said now that Eric was not living with Stephanie, she knew he wasn't eating well, so she baked him banana bread. She offered Donna some as well but Donna passed. Pam asked Eric if they could talk privately, so Donna drew Eric into a passionate kiss in front of Pam, then remarked about how much the promotions department had missed Donna while she was away. Donna left. Pam called Donna a piece of work and Eric yelled at her for threatening Donna.

Pam apologized to Eric for her threats and justified them by saying she was just trying to be strong for Stephanie. Eric said that once his divorce was final, he would be marrying Donna. Pam felt he should wait a while to marry Donna as woman like her were "fickle." Eric reassured her that he and Donna were committed to one another. Donna walked up to the door and eavesdropped as Pam made a heartfelt plea to Eric about allowing Stephanie back into the family company. After a few moments, Eric agreed to talk to his lawyers and, if it was feasible, he said he would allow Stephanie to work at the company.

Bridget was reminiscing about her kiss with Nick when Rick came in from a swim. He asked her what was wrong and Bridget said that she couldn't get Nick out of her mind. Bridget told Rick about Katie encouraging her to pursue Nick, and Rick wondered why Bridget would subject herself to a relationship with Nick again. Bridget said that since she gave Nick up and pushed for the divorce, that a part of her always hoped Nick would come back to her and they'd have another chance.

Bridget said she felt that she and Nick belonged together and Rick said he didn't want her to get hurt again. Bridget said with Brooke engaged to Ridge, Taylor moved out, and Nick alone, it was her time to be with him. Rick asked Bridget if she was sure she wanted to do that, knowing how close Brooke and Nick were. Bridget said Brooke gave her the green light to pursue Nick so she was going over to tell him how she felt. Rick wished her luck and said they'd talk when she got home, but Bridget replied she hoped she wasn't coming home.

Nick came downstairs as Katie mixed a protein drink for both of them. He thanked her for spending the night and helping him with Jack so he could get some work done. He offered her $100 for babysitting. She joked she had a job and what he was offering was barely minimum wage, so he upped his offer to $200 and Katie took it. She took her drink and keys, wished him a good day, and left smiling.

Brooke watched Katie walk in the door and asked where she had been all night. Katie said she'd been at Nick's, helping with Jack. Angrily, Brooke asked Katie if she was pushing Bridget on Nick and told Katie it had to stop before someone got hurt. Brooke asked Katie who made her matchmaker and Katie asked what Brooke's problem was. Brooke said that Nick still had deep feelings for her and she refused to see Bridget come second in his heart. Katie said she wasn't buying it; Brooke just wanted to keep her options open because she couldn't make up her mind. Katie asked Brooke how selfish she could be.

Katie said Brooke needed to make up her mind once and for all whom she wanted to be with. Brooke said she was tormented by the decision because it affected everyone around her, but searching her heart always brought her back to the same place, both Ridge and Nick. Katie said Brooke should remain with Ridge and let Bridget be with Nick, as Bridget still loved him. Brooke grabbed her purse and left to go talk to Nick.

Jackie stopped by Nick's to see Jack before heading to work. Jackie was surprised when Nick had all the proposals reviewed for her and wanted to know how he'd managed it. Nick explained that Bridget asked Katie to stay to help with Jack, and Jackie asked him if there was more going on with him and Bridget. Brooke walked in and heard Jackie's question so she asked Nick what was going on between him and her daughter. Jackie excused herself to head to the office and left Nick and Brooke alone.

Brooke said Bridget had always been in love with Nick and vulnerable to him, and begged Nick to not get involved with her. Nick said he knew Brooke was concerned as a mother, but she had no right to come over and tell him how to live his life. She said her only concerns were for Bridget and Jack. She continued to justify her behavior saying she was only there to protect Bridget.

Bridget showed up at Nick's, poked her head through a crack in the open door and eavesdropped on Brooke and Nick's conversation. Brooke said she didn't want Bridget opening her heart again and getting hurt. Nick angrily replied that he had no intention of hurting Bridget. Brooke said Nick didn't know how things would progress and Nick told her she needed to take a step back. She said she couldn't step back as he had told her his feelings for her. Nick reminded Brooke she made her choice to be with Ridge so she had no right to control his life. Brooke said that Nick would never love Bridget the way he loved her. Bridget withdrew in shock from her mother's words as Nick said that Brooke was being pretty presumptuous. Brooke insisted she wasn't, as they both knew how he felt, and insisted she did not want him getting involved with her daughter. Bridget stood on the other side of the door with tears in her eyes.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

At Nick's place, Bridget is coming in the door just in time to catch her mama, Brooke, in the act of telling Nick that a Nick-Bridget reunion is not a good idea. Bridget bursts in and wonders how her mom could be so two-faced in telling Nick to walk away from Bridget. Brooke stammers to defend herself, saying she's only trying to protect Bridget, but Bridget rips into her mother, calling her selfish. Bridget fumes that Brooke is trying to keep both Ridge and Nick all to herself without choosing between them. Jack begins crying upstairs, and Nick takes off to care for the baby while a Bridget-Brooke encounter continues in the living room. Bridget shouts that she gave Nick up once for her mother, and Brooke blew it. She couldn't stay committed to him. Bridget demands that Brooke choose Ridge or Nick immediately. Brooke looks shell-shocked and claims she had no idea that Bridget still had such deep feelings for Nick. As Nick returns to the living room, Bridget greets him with a kiss. She turns to tell her mother that only one of the two women will be staying overnight. Bridget tells her mother to choose Nick or Ridge immediately, but again gets no response. Bridget announces that she is staying at Nick's house and walks upstairs. Nick turns to Brooke and says he's going upstairs with Bridget. Brooke is shocked. With a tear in her eye, she tells Nick that it will be over if he leaves her there. As Nick looks over the balcony at the top of the stairs, he tells Brooke he thought she would be the one to stay with him.

At Forrester Creations, Donna walks in on Eric and Pam discussing that Stephanie will come back to work at Forrester. Donna agrees it's only fair that Stephanie return to the company the Forresters built together. Pam fills in for Eric's new receptionist, who is not at her desk. When the receptionist returns, Pam fires her. Pam tells Eric the woman was drunk when she returned to her desk, and Pam says she would be happy to fill in as Eric's receptionist for a few months while her mom is traveling. Eric is delighted. Donna isn't quite so happy when she finds out that Eric has hired Pam, since Pam threatened Donna the night before. Pam acknowledges she was trying to protect her sister the night before, and she apologizes for threatening Donna. She offers to make it up to Donna while a smiling Eric encourages the two women to

Friday, March 14, 2008

A nervous Bridget had been waiting in Nick's bedroom when Nick walked in and apologized to Bridget for the things Brooke had said. Bridget said what Brooke did was wrong, and Nick said he would not defend Brooke but Bridget needed to remember Brooke was her mother and only wanted what was best for Bridget. Bridget said Brooke only wanted Nick to wait on the sidelines and Nick said he wasn't going to wait. Bridget wanted to know the chances of them getting back together. Nick said he didn't want anyone to get hurt as he'd just gotten out of a marriage to Taylor, and Brooke had broken his heart, so he wasn't ready to jump into another relationship. Bridget said she wasn't looking for a commitment; she wanted Nick even if it was only for one night. She pulled Nick into a passionate kiss, which was interrupted by Jack's cries. Nick pulled away and left to take care of Jack.

Bridget called Katie on her cell phone and asked what Katie was up to. Katie said she'd just joined the Forrester bowling league and was on her way there for her first bowling night. Bridget begged Katie to come over to babysit Jack, and said, "Bring your toothbrush." Katie got the hint and said she'd be right over. Bridget sat on the bed, checked to make sure she'd shaved her legs, and convinced herself to calm down.

Nick walked into the bedroom and said that Jack just needed a diaper change but was asleep. Bridget said she called Katie to come over to babysit so they could talk uninterrupted. She said she had never stopped thinking about Nick since they divorced, and she wanted to make love to him. She began to seduce him as the doorbell rang, and Nick went to let Katie in.

Nick thanked Katie for coming by. She began to talk up Bridget's qualities but Nick told her to save it, as he already knew them. Katie said she knew Nick was reconnecting with Bridget but once he did, there was no going back. Nick asked what she meant and Katie said he was a smart boy, he knew how Bridget felt about him. Nick said he cared for Bridget, thanked Katie, and went upstairs.

Nick walked into his bedroom and saw Bridget standing there in a silk robe lighting a candle. She had turned on music, lit candles, and set a romantic scene in the bedroom. Nick walked up to her and she said she was glad he came back. She untied her robe, dropped it to reveal a short negligee, and then drew Nick into an embrace. They began kissing and swayed to the music as they moved towards the bed. Bridget pulled Nick onto the bed as their kisses deepened and they began to make love.

At Forrester Creations, Pam pulled Stephanie into Eric's office and announced she was the new receptionist. After congratulating Pam, Stephanie pulled away to leave, but Pam announced that Eric had a surprise for Stephanie as well. Stephanie declined any more of Eric's surprises and said that as long as Donna was in the picture, she and Eric would not be able to work things out. Pam encouraged her to not give up and announced she had to go meet Donna for coffee-and it was Eric's idea. Pam told Stephanie she loved her and left.

Eric walked into his office and greeted Stephanie. Eric made a pitch to Stephanie about their history together with the business and asked her to rejoin the company. Stephanie asked if Donna would still be working there, and Eric said Donna would and was okay with the idea, as she knew Stephanie was a big part of the company's history. Stephanie chuckled and said the idea was intriguing. Stephanie said that she was to quick to blame Donna for what had happened to their marriage, when Stephanie had pushed Eric away and failed to make him understand how much she respected him. She accepted his job offer and was pleased to admit that she was happy to not lose everything they'd created together. She reminded Eric that even though he loved Donna, all that he had shared with Stephanie could not be duplicated by Donna or anyone else.

Eric and Stephanie reviewed a few of his designs for the fall line and Stephanie gave him feedback. After Eric dismissed the models, Stephanie said they still complemented each other well and wondered if they'd still be together if Donna weren't in the picture. Eric said his past with Stephanie wouldn't be erased, but Donna was a part of his life and he was going to marry Donna.

Donna showed up for coffee with Pam and said she was aware Pam thought she was the reason for Stephanie and Eric's failed marriage but their marriage was over long before Donna came on the scene. Donna said they should all just get along since they were under one Forrester roof, and subtly encouraged Pam to return home to Chicago to care for her frail mother. Pam said that Chicago was full of real people, unlike L.A., which was full of "superficial, money hungry Barbie dolls."

Donna said she wanted to make it clear that she wasn't afraid of Pam or her Doberman, Tiny. Pam laughed and said Donna was afraid of Tiny, joked about the dog's fetish with trashy lingerie, and reminded Donna of when Tiny tore up her thong. Pam said she had never married; she had been diagnosed as a borderline personality with bipolar disorder and occasional bouts of paranoia. Pam pulled a bottle of pills out of her purse and said she had to take one of those a day to lead a normal life, to make her happy, but if she didn't take her pill, it would lead her to deep, dark places. Pam said if Donna didn't leave Eric and Stephanie alone, she would stop taking her pills, bring Donna into her deep, dark places-and make Donna her obsession. Donna said Pam was a wacko but didn't scare her. Pam laughed, took the teabag out of her mug and ate it, stood up said "toodles" to Donna, and left as a scared Donna watched her go.

Donna left the café in the dark of night, walking to her car. She heard a noise and called out to see if someone was there. Donna screamed as Pam walked out of the shadows and pulled a gun on Donna as the screen faded to black.

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