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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 10, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, March 10, 2008

As Joe started to tell JR about his condition, Adam entered the hospital room. JR was annoyed to see his father and told him to leave. Adam ignored JR's request and asked Joe what was wrong with JR. Joe explained that JR had a bacterial infection that was treated with antibiotics. Joe affirmed that, luckily, JR's fever broke and that he could leave the hospital the next day. Adam inquired how JR contracted the infection. Joe said that JR had mysterious puncture wounds on his hip, which might have caused it. Joe left the room and Adam implored JR to tell him "the truth." JR stated that he already told Adam the truth, but he did not believe it. Adam felt that JR's story about being kidnapped was merely a cover-up for getting drunk. JR demanded that Adam leave, but Adam refused. Adam proclaimed that he wanted to make things right with his son. JR was not convinced and continued to chastise Adam for not believing him. Adam then realized that JR was really upset because Babe did not believe his story either. JR admitted that he was upset over Babe's mistrust. Then, a nurse entered and announced that visiting hours were over. JR snidely thanked Adam for visiting him and fulfilling his "civic duty" as a father. Adam left.

Jesse and Frankie opened Tad's front door to find Robert standing there. Robert introduced himself as Tad's uncle and asked for their names. Jesse would not reveal their names. Robert claimed that he wanted to talk with Tad. Jesse promised to pass along the message and Robert left. Frankie thought that Robert was suspicious and wanted to follow him. Jesse did not think that Robert was a threat because Tad really did have an uncle by that name. Jesse urged Frankie to go home and get some rest, so Frankie left. Soon after, Tad and Angie entered. Tad and Angie told Jesse that they were being watched while they were with Mrs. Remington. Jesse was distraught and told Angie that she could not visit him anymore. Tad agreed with Jesse. Tad also felt that his family could be in danger too. Jesse apologized for putting the Martins in danger. Tad stated that the Hubbards were part of his family and that he did not regret getting involved. Then, Tad left and Angie detailed her "sad" visit with Mrs. Remington. Angie empathized with Mrs. Remington because she knew what it was like to lose a loved one. Jesse felt bad about hiding from Angie and Frankie for so long. Angie understood that it was not Jesse's fault. Angie was elated to have Jesse back, even under the perilous circumstances. Angie stated that Frankie was also ecstatic to have his father back. Angie believed that Frankie thought of his father as a hero.

Robert went to the casino. Frankie followed Robert and watched his every move. Frankie observed Robert sit at the bar and place an order with a waiter. The waiter brought Robert a drink and also gave one to Frankie. Frankie said that he did not order the drink, so the waiter explained that Robert bought it for him. Frankie walked over to Robert's table. Robert bluntly stated that Frankie was a bad private detective. Robert asked if Tad hired Frankie to spy on him, but Frankie did not answer. Robert claimed that although his brother, Ray, was a bad man, he was a good man simply trying to become acquainted with his nephew.

Tad went home to see Krystal. He explained that their family might be in danger because of their interaction with Jesse. Krystal was concerned, but admitted that she knew it was a possibility from the start. She wondered if Babe and Little Adam were in danger too. Tad assumed that their entire family was in jeopardy, so he suggested that Krystal and Jenny leave town for a while. Krystal did not want to leave, but he insisted. He explained that he already lost too many people in his life and that he could not lose Krystal and Jenny as well. She sympathized with his reasoning and agreed to go somewhere safe. They began to consider places for them to hide out, but no place seemed secure enough. Then, Tad came up with an idea. He stated that it was a crazy idea, but it was their only option. Krystal asked for more details and was shocked by his proposal-he wanted Krystal and Jenny to move into the Chandler Mansion! Initially, she was apprehensive, but finally agreed to move. So, they packed up their belongings and went to the mansion. Meanwhile, Adam arrived home and was shocked to see baby toys everywhere. Krystal and Tad then appeared and announced that Krystal was moving back in.

Zach and Josh were on the phone with an Italian businessman, Enrico. They were trying to convince Enrico to do business with Cambias and to visit Pine Valley. However, Enrico was reluctant to confirm a trip and told them that he would call back. Then, Josh left and Annie entered. Annie brought over some articles on cochlear implants. She said that she missed Spike, so Zach got the baby. They both played with Spike as they talked. She eagerly informed him that her relationship with Ryan had "turned the corner." Zach was relieved to hear this. Nevertheless, she admitted her hesitation to hope that their marriage would survive. He assured her that Ryan would remember their life together. Then, Enrico called and Zach answered him on speakerphone. Zach urged Enrico to visit, but he was still resistant. Enrico claimed that he was too preoccupied because a frost damaged his vineyard, preventing him from producing wine. Annie quickly chimed in and began to discuss wine with Enrico. Enrico was intrigued by Annie and her knowledge of wine. She implored Enrico to visit Pine Valley because they had great local wines for him to sample. Enrico agreed to come. Zach thanked Annie for her assistance. She was pleased to have helped. Then, as Annie walked to her car, she left Ryan a voicemail stating that she wished to see him soon.

As Kendall and Aidan sat on the bed together and flirted, Ryan entered the hotel room. Aidan and Kendall were shocked to see Ryan, but Ryan was more shocked to see Kendall and Aidan together. Ryan demanded to know what was going on. Kendall quickly retorted that "it was not what it looked like." Meanwhile, Aidan was infuriated by Ryan's presence. Aidan told Ryan to leave, but he refused. Ryan wanted to know why Aidan was hired to be Kendall's bodyguard. Kendall admitted that Zach hired Aidan to protect her from Ryan. Ryan affirmed that he would never harm Kendall, but Aidan still wanted him gone. Ryan pleaded for Kendall to let him stay. Ryan explained that he remembered being with Kendall in L.A. at the Hotel Royal. Kendall was glad that Ryan regained a memory. Ryan wanted to go to the hotel with Kendall because he felt it might jog his memory further. Aidan heard this and pulled Kendall aside. Aidan refused to let Kendall go anywhere with Ryan, but Kendall wanted to go. Aidan demanded that Kendall call Zach to fill him in, if she decided to go with Ryan. Kendall looked nervous and said that she would not go. Kendall walked over to Ryan, and with a wink and a nod, she pretended that she would not help him. Ryan said that he understood and left. Kendall told Aidan that she was tired, so he exited her room. Aidan then called Zach to tell him about Ryan. Aidan assured Zach that Kendall was asleep and that Ryan left. Meanwhile, Kendall sneaked out of her hotel and went to the Hotel Royal. Ryan spotted her and said, "I've been expecting you."

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ryan told Kendall that he remembered being with her at the Pine Valley Inn restaurant four years earlier. They were happy, but something went wrong, he said. Kendall decided to tell Ryan how their relationship ended. She explained that they were supposed to meet at the restaurant for dinner, but Ryan kept talking about Greenlee. Ryan was shocked that he would ramble about Greenlee when he loved Kendall so much. He apologized to Kendall for his actions, but she said the destruction of their relationship was not entirely his fault. Kendall asked Ryan how he recalled the memory of them at the restaurant. Ryan said that after making love to Annie, he touched her forehead and had a flashback of Kendall. Ryan said Annie did not know about the memory, and thought he remembered something about her. After grabbing Kendall's hand, Ryan said he would never let her go if they were still together. Kendall reminded Ryan that their lives had changed, and she did not want to be with him. Ryan bluntly asked if Kendall was more interested in being with Zach or Aidan than starting over with him. Ryan said Kendall and Aidan looked chummy earlier, but Kendall assured him she and Aidan were only friends. She said even though Kendall hated that Zach hired Aidan to tag along, it had been good to have him around. Kendall told Ryan that Aidan was able to handle an incident, but refused to tell him about the stalker she found in her room. Kendall recalled her wedding to Zach, but it only left Ryan wanting her more. Aidan came into the restaurant and saw Ryan and Kendall enjoying a drink together.

Greenlee, Babe, and Amanda tested different scents to make Annie's formula perfect. After checking on Spike, Annie came to Fusion to help her coworkers. They decided to revisit Kendall's book again to get a better sense of what the fragrance should represent. Annie, Babe, and Amanda told Greenlee they should get Kendall's input before making a final decision. Greenlee said that she did not need Kendall. Greenlee added that she and Kendall might be a great team, but could stand on their own too. Amanda read a few more quotes from the book as Annie added more ingredients. The girls cheered after finally making the perfect "Charmed" fragrance.

Krystal and Tad asked Adam if Krystal and Jenny could stay with him while Tad worked on a dangerous case. When Adam asked Tad what he had gotten himself into, Tad refused to divulge the details of Jesse and Angie's case. Krystal retorted that she would rather be anywhere else than with Adam. Adam snapped he would never take Krystal or Jenny back into his home. Tad said that he didn't want to bring Jenny around Adam, but keeping her and Krystal at Adam's house was his only option. Babe and Little Adam should also be in the house until the case is solved, Tad said. Even though Tad and Adam had their differences, Tad said they both cared deeply for Krystal. Adam agreed to let Krystal and her family stay with him. After Tad left, Adam apologized to Krystal for being so rude when he first saw her at the house.

Jackson visited Erica to see if she needed anything before heading to prison. Erica asked Josh and Zach to look after her financial affairs. With those matters in order, Erica only requested Jackson to keep her up-to-date on her legal affairs. Erica joked that she might have packed too much for the trip to prison. Jackson looked at the piles of luggage and shook his head. Erica said that most of the items were going to charity. Jackson asked Erica to fight the charges instead of taking the plea deal. Erica appreciated Jackson's concern, but wanted to enjoy her last night of freedom. Erica and Jackson reminisced about old times and shared a passionate kiss. Jackson held Erica close until he had to leave.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jesse had a nightmare about being tortured. Jesse woke up screaming, so Angie ran to his side. Jesse explained that he kept having the same nightmare. He recalled his torturer asking him for information, but he did not have any. She reassured him that he would uncover the truth. He said that until he did, Angie and Frankie were in danger. He did not want them visiting him anymore. She understood and revealed that she and Frankie were moving into a new house. Jesse was pleased to hear this. Then, Angie left for work and Jesse began to look through Remy's file. He found a note that Angie wrote to Remy. She discussed her severe heartache over losing Jesse. Angie wrote that it was hard to breathe without Jesse in her life. Next, he came across Remy's planner. Jesse saw that Remy planned to meet with someone or something by the name of Papel. He called Angie to tell her about his findings. Angie asked why he thought the planner and Papel were clues. Jesse stated that Remy met with Papel on the same day that he was shot.

Tad informed Robert that he got his invitation to play golf together. Robert thought that golf might be a good way for them to get better acquainted. Tad disagreed and declined the offer. Tad asked why Robert was really in town. Robert claimed that he was lonely since his wife died. Still, Tad was not convinced and went to leave. Robert stopped Tad and showed him a newspaper with Jesse's face on it. Robert commented that the man he saw in Tad's apartment looked exactly like Jesse. Tad pretended that Jesse was his friend "Rick." Robert accepted this explanation and offered to help Tad on his latest case. Tad wondered why Robert was so interested in his work. Robert said that he had experience in the P.I. business and could lend Tad some advice. Tad refused his help. Tad said that he did not want to associate with a man that reminded him of Ray Gardner, his sadistic father. Tad explained that he was a Martin and did not welcome a relationship with a Gardner. Robert said that he empathized with Tad because Ray tortured him as well. Robert recounted the many times that Ray abused him. With tears in his eyes, Tad affirmed that Robert endured the same pain that he did; however, Tad did not want to discuss it. Robert hoped to meet Tad's sons one day. Tad warmly said that this might be possible. Then, before Tad left, he promised to call Robert.

JR saw Richie in the hospital. JR inquired why Richie was there. Richie explained that he had a successful bone marrow transplant. Richie uncaringly thanked JR for the offer to be his transplant donor. JR affirmed that he was a "stand up kind of guy." Richie laughed as he informed JR that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Babe. JR said that Richie was merely Babe's charity case. Just then, Babe entered. Babe gave JR a dirty look as she inquired about Richie's health. Richie said that he was on the road to recovery. Richie gave her a box of chocolates as a thank you for her support. JR sarcastically commented that he was going to be sick. Babe demanded that JR leave, so he did. Richie then told Babe that he was going to make the most of his life and kissed her. Meanwhile, JR was secretly watching them from outside the room. JR looked repulsed by the kiss and stormed off. Back in the room, Babe pulled away from the kiss. She told Richie that she did not want to compromise his health. He swore that he would not give up on having relationship with her. Babe left Richie and ran into JR. She told him that she was moving into the mansion with Krystal. JR was glad because the mansion was secure.

Babe called Krystal to discuss why she moved into the mansion. Krystal explained that it was Tad's idea. Krystal stated that it was her only option because the mansion was the safest place for her and Jenny. Still, Babe thought this was unwise, considering her mother's sordid past with Adam. So, Babe said that she would move in also to be Krystal's "backup." Then, after Krystal hung up with Babe, she heard a sound. She looked nervous and picked up the chimney poker for protection. Stuart appeared and Krystal looked relieved. Stuart expressed his jubilation over Krystal's return. She affirmed that the move was temporary. He was still excited because he felt that Adam was a better man when Krystal was around. She then gave him an incredulous look and accused him of being Adam. Stuart swore it was really him and asked how he could prove it. So, Krystal called Adam's cell phone and he picked up. Krystal realized that it was Stuart, so she continued their conversation. He asked if she loved Tad as much as she loved Adam. She claimed to love Tad very much. He was grateful that Krystal and Tad had a good relationship, but felt bad for Adam. She did not feel bad for Adam though. Stuart stated that he simply wanted her to be happy regardless of who she was with. Stuart left and Krystal called Babe. Krystal admitted that being back in the mansion was harder than she thought. Babe rushed over.

Tad went to the hospital to pick up JR. JR announced that he was going to stay at the mansion. Tad assumed this was because Babe just moved in too. So, JR and Tad went to the mansion. Babe was not happy to see JR, but she was even less enthused when she discovered that he was moving in. JR joked that they would be one big messed up family again.

Robert met with Mrs. Remington. He had lied to her and claimed that he was an FBI agent working on Remy's murder case. She informed him that she gave Angie and Tad the file, like he suggested. He thanked her for her cooperation. Mrs. Remington wondered if they would find the planner that was in the file. He was sure that they would find it. She thanked him for his help and hoped that he would find Jesse. He stated that Jesse killed Remy and promised that Jesse would pay for the rest of his life.

Angie informed Joe that she did research on leukemia in the past. She asked if she could further her research with Richie Novak. Joe agreed, but seemed distracted. Angie asked Joe why he looked upset. Joe confided that Robert Gardner was in town. Joe worried that this man would try to hurt Tad, like his brother, Ray, did. Angie assured Joe that he was Tad's real father and that Tad would be fine. Joe stated that, although Tad was an adult, he still worried about his son.

Julia introduced Angie to Richie. Angie was pleased with Richie's test results. She announced that Richie had a chance for 100% remission. He was ecstatic and declared that he wanted to get healthy for "a girl."

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Josh asked Erica not to accept Sam's deal. Erica said she made the best decision, but appreciated her children trying to protect her. She thanked Josh for looking over her finances while she was serving time in prison. Josh asked Erica where she would be imprisoned. Erica replied that she was determined to make the best of the experience and might write a book. Erica decided that she could use Samuel's attraction toward her to ruin his career. Before getting into further details with Josh, Jackson arrived and took her to court. Samuel told the judge he had reduced the charges if Erica pleaded guilty to a lesser charge. She would be responsible for serving two years in prison, pay a $5 million fine and perform community service for two years. The judge said that Erica deserved a harsher punishment based on such serious charges.

Jackson met with Samuel at the Pine Valley Inn Restaurant to discuss Erica's plea bargain. Jackson accused Samuel of trying to boost his career by going after Erica. Samuel joked that if he wanted to attract more voters, he would have enlisted Erica to manage his campaign. Samuel told Jackson that he was not prosecuting Erica because of her celebrity status. But Jackson was too personally involved with Erica to defend her, Samuel added. Jackson escorted Erica to court as the media bombarded her with cameras and microphones. As Erica went into the courtroom, another woman was being hauled off to jail.

Annie took Emma to the park. She was thrilled when Ryan showed up. Annie said they hadn't talked much since making love. Ryan admitted that he got Annie's phone messages, but didn't have time to call her back. Annie told Ryan she was happy they reconnected, and she wanted to spend more time together to help him remember their past. Annie asked Ryan if he remembered anything else from brushing the hair on her forehead. Ryan remembered his memory with Kendall, but only told Annie that nothing else came back to him. Annie gushed about how wonderful she felt after they made love, but was disappointed when Ryan did not return the feelings. Emma rushed up to Ryan and asked him to play. At first, Ryan said no, but Annie insisted he spend time with Emma. Once alone, Annie grabbed Ryan's jacket and found his ticket to Las VegasLos Angeles. When Ryan returned, Annie confronted him about his trip to see Kendall in Las VegasLos Angeles. Ryan admitted he saw Kendall, but nothing happened. Annie realized that Ryan remembered brushing the hair off Kendall's forehead. Ryan said he also remembered meeting Kendall at a bar in Las VegasLos Angeles. Annie yelled at Ryan for sleeping with her and rushing off to meet Kendall. Ryan said he thought spending time with Kendall would help jog his memory. When Annie asked Ryan if he still loved Kendall, Ryan was silent. Emma rushed up to her parents when she heard Annie yelling at Ryan. Ryan assured Emma that everything was fine. Emma asked Ryan if he would have pizza with them, but Ryan politely said he had made other plans. Annie and Ryan agreed to do things together as a family, but Annie warned Ryan to never touch her again.

Before going home, Kendall scolded Aidan for telling Zach that she met Ryan in Los Vegas. Aidan said he told Zach that Ryan did not stick around to bother Kendall. Zach and Greenlee greeted Aidan and Kendall with hugs and kisses. Sensing Kendall was upset, Zach asked Kendall if anything was bothering her. Kendall said that it was not easy being stuck with Aidan. Greenlee announced that she came up with the "Charmed" fragrance while Kendall was gone. Zach inquired about the stalker who bothered Kendall, but Kendall said she did not want to discuss the details. Zach and Greenlee asked what had happened when Ryan showed up. Kendall said Ryan left after Aidan made it clear he was not welcome. Greenlee and Zach doubted Ryan would have left so easily, but Aidan backed up Kendall's story. Greenlee asked Ryan if he mentioned anything about Pine Valley as she remembered kissing him. Kendall said no, but wondered if something went wrong while she was gone. Kendall and Greenlee left to sample the new "Charmed" perfume. Kendall was not impressed with the scent and only said it was "nice." Also, she was annoyed that Greenlee sent the scent to the manufacturing company before getting her final approval. Greenlee claimed that Aidan and Zach were falling all over Kendall as she promoted her book. In the meantime, Greenlee was working at Fusion to create a new scent. Kendall told Greenlee that she met Ryan at another bar to help him remember his life. She added that Ryan remembered part of the relationship he shared with her and Greenlee. Greenlee admitted that she kissed Ryan to help his memory. Together, Kendall and Greenlee realized they wanted Ryan to remember loving them. They made a pact to make Ryan remember them without hurting Aidan and Zach.

Zach asked Aidan to be honest about what happened between Ryan and Kendall. Aidan said Ryan did leave, but Kendall met him at another hotel bar. Greenlee and Aidan left. Zach told Kendall that she could tell him anything, hoping she would be honest about the meeting with Ryan. Kendall denied anything more than what she already told Zach.

As soon as they got outside, Aidan told Greenlee he missed her. Greenlee asked for all the details about how Kendall annoyed him. Aidan said Kendall gave him advice on how to keep Greenlee happy.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Despite objections from both the defense and the prosecution, Erica was shocked to hear that 18 months was the court's recommendation for her jail term. Kendall and Zach rushed in just in time to join in the uproar over that proposal. As Josh filled in the details for his sister and brother-in-law, the attorneys approached the bench and then decided to continue the discussion in chambers.

Tad went home hoping to find some good news, and Jesse offered that while he didn't know anything specific, he had found Remy's old date book with repeated references to a man named Papel. Tad stunned him by saying that he had already done research on Papel, and that Papel, a nickname given by the local authorities and FBI, was somewhat of an urban legend. He handed the file over to Jesse and told him that after reading it, he would understand Tad's confusion about why Papel hadn't made a move on either of their families yet. Instead of Jesse reviewing the file, Tad began to fill Jesse in on the shared background between himself, his wife, and Adam Chandler. Given that information, Jesse asked whether it was the wisest choice to leave the family in the Chandler house. Tad let on that although he felt that Krystal could handle herself, he was sure that Adam and Krystal were still in love with each other. After that short break, they returned to the case and tried to strategize about their next steps. Tad asked if there was anything that Jesse could recall about where he was when he woke up 20 years earlier, no matter how minute, that might help. Jesse told him that the two things that stuck in his mind were the sounds of water running and a clock chiming.

At the Chandler mansion, the Chandlers and the Careys attempted to have a meal together and Adam tried in vain to stimulate some sort of conversation. Failing at that, he simply thanked them for taking time out of their day so that they could all eat together. It didn't take long before Colby gave up and left for her volunteer shift at the hospital. Krystal soon followed suit and, although Adam tried being chivalrous as a means to win her back, Krystal didn't fall for it. She excused herself to go help with the kids, but Adam didn't give up, and instead followed behind her quickly. Finally alone with her ex-husband, Babe asked JR if he was having fun living under the same roof with her again. JR stuck to his guns, and said that his only goal was to prove to her that he didn't lie about being drugged and kidnapped. She then told him that she had given some thought to what her mother said, and decided that perhaps he was as innocent as he claimed. She dragged him into the library and told him that though she had loved him over the years and had shared not only a beautiful child but also wonderful times with him, she had learned that he was like a tornado that continually sucked bad things into his life, and she wouldn't let him bring that kind of chaos home to Little Adam. JR demanded that he be allowed to have some sort of say in that decision, but Babe noted that she had to get off of the emotional roller coaster.

In the library, Krystal tried to lay down the law with Adam, and said that she was sick of risking her sanity when all she was trying to do was protect her daughter. Adam invited her to leave whenever she wanted, knowing full well that she wouldn't. He then went on to say that being in the house wasn't much of a struggle for her, as he was the only husband she ever truly wanted. Krystal tried to insist that she no longer wanted him, especially after all of the horrible things that had gone before, but Adam rejected that and noted that there was still a fire that burned between them, one that would not go ignored for much longer.

Lying in bed with Aidan after sharing a passionate night, Greenlee debated whether or not she should go to the courthouse to offer support to Kendall during her mother's trial. Although he found the idea slightly ludicrous, Aidan agreed that it would be a good idea, and noted that he had a few things of his own that he needed to take care of.

While the officials were in chambers, Kendall, Josh, and Zach tried to calm Erica down. Erica continued to insist that she would be able to fix the situation if she were allowed to talk to the judge alone. They tried to discourage her from any such action and, irritated, Erica insisted that they change the subject. Reluctantly, Kendall told her mother that the book tour in LA had gone well, and Zach interjected that all was fine until Ryan showed up. Kendall quickly noted that it wasn't a big deal moments before Greenlee rushed into the courtroom. Erica assumed that Greenlee was there to gloat, but after several false starts, Greenlee announced that she was in Erica's corner.

After Zach stepped into the hall for a drink of water, Greenlee found him there and asked him what was really going on in his head. Zach hesitated for a moment before telling her that Kendall failed to mention a crucial part of Ryan's visit to LA, and then noticed that Greenlee didn't seem shocked. She told him that she had talked to Kendall about the incident, and that Kendall was trying to avoid escalating the tension between her husband and her ex. Zach noted that he wasn't sure what he was expected to do, and Greenlee offered that he should let Aidan do his job, as he was hired to protect Kendall.

Erica took the opportunity afforded to her during the break and advised her daughter to be careful when dealing with Ryan. Kendall continued to insist that the meetings weren't a big deal, and that she saw Ryan as a desperate man in need of help. Erica said that because of the length of time she would most likely be spending in jail, she needed to make sure that Kendall was on the right path while she could. She reminded Kendall of what a good man she had in her husband. She then cautioned her to "lose her memory" about Ryan and focus on her real priorities in life.

Aidan tracked Ryan down at ConFusion and warned him to stop being selfish. Confused, Ryan said that he felt Kendall and Greenlee were simply trying to help him, but Aidan told him that by being so wrapped up in who he was in 2004, he was destroying Annie. Ryan told him that he had a memory involving Kendall and, though it could have waited, he felt that he had to take a shot at remembering other things-pieces to the puzzle in his head that might actually fit. Aidan warned him that Kendall did not have all the answers, and that Ryan's relentless pursuit of another man's wife was not acceptable. Challenged, Ryan asked what would happen if he continued with what he was doing. Aidan told him that he needed to learn to be patient, and Ryan pointed out that to do so would be contrary to what everyone else has been telling him. Aidan said that he was fed up with what Ryan's faulty memory, which led Ryan to realize that perhaps he'd been going about regaining the lost time in the wrong way. Ryan's sudden amusement irritated Aidan, but Ryan refused to tell him what his new tack would be, and instead chose to settle his tab and abruptly leave.

When Jack and Samuel returned to the courtroom, Erica immediately launched into a scolding of the senator and insisted that he was behind the strong arm that the judge planned to use against her. At the earliest possible moment, Jack interrupted her tirade and told her that in chambers, Samuel argued for her and for the shorter sentence, not against. Samuel spoke up then and said that he felt anything more than six months was ludicrous, but that the judge seemed to have his own agenda. Jack provided a bit more clarity when he said that Erica was her own last hope-if she could manage to show a solid measure of contrition for her crime, she might just come out better on the other side.

The judge returned to the bench and, after he obtained Erica's guilty plea, he prepared to render his verdict. Erica interrupted and asked that if she could say a few words. The judge granted her request and Erica took a few moments to deliver a heartfelt apology to the court, her family and the public; noted that she would willingly serve as an example that no one is above the law; and then said she was ready to accept whatever punishment the court deemed appropriate. Having taken the arguments from both sides as well as Erica's speech into consideration, the judge sentenced her to a $5 million fine, two years community service and 6 months in a federal prison. He offered her three weeks to get her affairs in order, but having already done that, Erica asked to be allowed to start serving her sentence immediately.

The Chandler men and Carey women reconvened on opposite sides of the library, and mostly talked quietly amongst themselves. They then milled about each other a bit until JR landed in a conversation with Krystal, which allowed him to thank her for believing in him and fill her in on his plan to ask Babe to marry him again.

After some quick searching, Tad was able to come up with a church right on the water with some nearby warehouses as places where Jesse might have been held captive, and Jesse realized that Tad was effectively able to level the playing field. At that moment, across town, Robert waited underneath the tolling bell.



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