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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 10, 2008 on GL
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Monday, March 10, 2008

Lizzie discovered that she had become a prisoner in the Spaulding mansion when she attempted to go to Lewis Construction. Jeremy blocked her path, saying Alan had informed him that Lizzie no longer worked at Lewis. Handing her some business files, he said she instead worked at Spaulding full-time. Jeremy prohibited Lizzie from traveling to Lewis to give her notice to Billy, telling her that it had already been done. When Lizzie attempted to call Billy, Jeremy confiscated her cell phone. He then showed Lizzie back to her room and locked her inside.

Down at Lewis Construction, Alexandra collected Lizzie's belongings. Billy asked her to tell Lizzie how much he would miss her. Alex brought Lizzie her belongings from Lewis and handed her a picture of Bill, saying that she thought Lizzie would want it. Alexandra encouraged Lizzie that she would somehow get her life back and she would one day see Sarah again.

Later Bill went to Lewis Construction, and Billy told him that Lizzie had to give up everything to keep Jonathan and Sarah safe. Billy added that Lizzie had to give up Bill as well. On Main Street, Bill attempted to call Lizzie but hung up the phone before completing the connection. To himself he said, "No more Lizzie." About that time, Lizzie turned Bill's photo face-down.

While talking in private at the police station, Cyrus finally confessed his feelings for Harley and ended his relationship with Marina. Angry, Marina smashed an object on the floor. Upon hearing the commotion, Frank and Harley rushed into the room. Marina announced to everyone that her aunt had been sleeping with her fiancÚ and then left the station in tears. While Harley chased after Marina, Frank gave Cyrus ten seconds to get out of his sight.

Down at Company, Marina buried the pain of Cyrus's confession with cleaning. Harley entered, wanting Marina to talk to her. Marina admitted to knowing about the sexual affair after eavesdropping on a phone call between Harley and Cyrus. Harley apologized, but Marina asked her if she were sorry enough to stop. Anguished, Harley replied that she couldn't stop. Marina warned Harley that when the information became public, Harley would be despised as a slutty home wrecker. "Is it going to be okay with you?" Marina wondered, "When you're not the only one who knows what a whore you are?" Before Harley left, Marina bitterly predicted that Cyrus would eventually cheat on Harley as well.

When Harley arrived at home, she found Cyrus waiting for her. Sitting on the sofa, Harley explained to him what transpired between Marina and her. Harley sobbed that Marina seemed void of emotion, as if their affair had killed something inside of her. Seeing Cyrus's duffel bag, Harley wondered if he had planned to stay at her house. Cyrus said that he had nowhere to go. Harley expressed that she wanted him to stay, but then she thought of her children. They held each other and agreed that somehow they would work it out.

Harley led Cyrus upstairs to the bedroom. As they held each other on the bed, they suddenly heard Frank on the stairs. He charged into the bedroom, yelling at Harley for what she had done to her niece. Harley apologized, and Frank told her that he didn't even know her anymore. He left to console his daughter.

Down at the gazebo by the lake, Harley and Cyrus kissed. Cyrus cautioned her that everyone could see them. Anxious, Harley replied that she knew. Cyrus said that he wanted everyone to see them and know that they were together. Harley kissed him and asked if their relationship had become real. Cyrus assured her that it was real.

Meanwhile, after Will started a gas leak at Cross Creek, Daisy arrived on Stone Road to pick him up. She wondered what he was doing so far from home. When Will responded that he was celebrating, Daisy questioned him further. Ignoring her inquisition, Will told Daisy that since he had helped her buy a car, she needed to take him home like he told her to do.

Over at Cross Creek, Cassie discovered Josh and Reva passed out on the sofa. With her prodding, they regained consciousness. Both Reva and Josh complained of nausea and they tried to figure out what had happened. Insisting that the two had slept together, Cassie angrily took off in her car. After Cassie left, Josh told Reva that he wasn't sorry. He knew that he and Reva hadn't done anything wrong. Suddenly, Josh recalled seeing Will in a doorway just before he had passed out. Later, Reva grew puzzled when she discovered batteries tucked in a flowerpot.

Back at the farm, Cassie discovered Daisy in the kitchen with Will. After Daisy had gone, Cassie explained to Will that they weren't playing by Josh's rules anymore. With a disturbing grin, Will said that Josh had died earlier that day. At first Cassie assumed Will's anger caused him to merely wish Josh were dead; however, Will clearly explained that he had made sure Josh was never coming home. Petrified, Cassie demanded to know what Will had done.

Will said he had seen a TV show where an entire family died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Will explained that he had turned the gas valve at Reva's, and Josh was dead. Excitedly, he added, "Probably Aunt Reva, too! Now you won't have to fight with them any more." Frightened, Cassie started to pace. After some thought, she decided that the authorities would be after Will. She instructed him to pack without alerting RJ.

Sometime later, Josh arrived at the farmhouse with two bouquets of flowers for Cassie. He started to say that he didn't do anything wrong, but Cassie ran into his arms and kissed him. Cassie apologized for jumping to conclusions, telling him to always know that she loved him and that the family counted on him. She made him promise to never forget about RJ. Just then, Will entered the house, and nervously, he said that he was really surprised to see Josh. Josh wondered why that was, but Cassie interrupted, asking Will if everything had been loaded into the car. Will answered that it was and Cassie sent him back outside. She lied to Josh that she was taking Will to photograph some horses at a neighboring farm. Josh put on his coat, intending to go along, but Cassie assured him that he didn't need to. Promising that they would get their family back on track, she left the farmhouse with Will.

Over at Cross Creek, Daisy chatted with a distracted Reva. In conversation, she mentioned how she had picked Will up from a nearby road after he had been "celebrating." After Daisy left, Reva found the carbon monoxide alarm without its batteries and realized that Will had taken the batteries out of it and stashed them in the flowerpot. Reva rushed to the farmhouse and found Josh outside doing chores. Anxiously she told Josh, "He tried to kill us!"

Reva discussed all the clues that led her to believe that Will had come to the house, disconnected the detector, and turned on the gas. Josh suddenly grew worried that Cassie was alone with Will. Reva said that Will usually lashed out when he was in trouble. The two raced to find Will and Cassie.

Meanwhile Cassie drove her car on winding roads as Will sat in the passenger seat. Will wondered if he were in trouble or if Cassie were mad at him. Cassie told him that he wasn't in trouble and she wasn't mad at him. He said that was good because it would "stink" if she were mad at him at a time when they were finally alone. Growing impatient, Will demanded to know where they were going. Cassie shook her head, saying, "Baby, I don't know."

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

While on the run with Will, Cassie pulled up at a service station. During an internal monologue, Cassie began to realize that she could not risk Will hurting himself or family members. Cassie called Josh and left a message saying that she loved him. While Cassie was on the phone, Will hid behind a car and picked up a hammer.

As Cassie searched the mechanic's garage for Will, she told him that she knew he was playing games. She said she understood that he hadn't meant to hurt Reva, Josh, Edmond, or his father. Even so, his games had gone too far. When she said she would always love him, Will slipped out from hiding. Cloaking the hammer behind his back, Will wondered if he were bad. Cassie asked him what he had hidden behind his back. Will produced the hammer and crept toward her.

Meanwhile after a heartfelt prayer at the church, Josh enlisted the help of Mallet and Marina to search for Cassie and Will. He played Cassie's message for them. Mallet thought it was a goodbye message, and Marina detected a train in the background of the voicemail. They began searching for Will and Cassie in the vicinity of the train tracks.

After a while, the three discovered Cassie and Will together at the service station. They rushed into the garage and Will became distracted. Cassie grabbed Will, whispered something to him, and then took the hammer. Josh and Mallet tried to chase Will, but Cassie helped Will dart under a retractable garage door exit just before it closed. The door rolled down as Mallet and Josh reached it. Frustrated, Josh reminded Cassie that Will had committed murder, but Cassie refused to believe that Will would hurt her. Josh wondered what she thought Will would have done with the hammer that he had. Mallet asked where the child was, and Cassie said that she told him to meet her at the car. When they reached Cassie's car, Will wasn't there. Mallet advised Marina to drop pursuit and visit the hospital about her knee. Mallet, Josh, and Cassie split up to continue the hunt for Will.

In another part of Springfield, Cyrus went to the gym and encountered a female from his past. Cyrus remembered Phoebe as one of the women that he had stolen jewelry from while in Europe. Phoebe followed Cyrus to the Beacon where he planned to pick up more of his things. She told Cyrus that her husband had left her, and she was working at a department store. She demanded that Cyrus give her one hundred thousand dollars or else she would give the police proof of his past crimes. The elevator opened and Harley stepped out. Cyrus briefly introduced them, and upon leaving, Phoebe told Harley that Cyrus was a keeper. After being shunned by Frank and lectured by Buzz earlier, Harley paid Phoebe little mind and proposed that Cyrus go shopping with her.

Later, Cyrus and Harley lugged shopping bags onto a table at CO2 while Daisy and Ashley talked about a college acceptance letter that Daisy received. Daisy glanced across the way and saw Cyrus and Harley together. Just as Daisy told Ashley that Cyrus and Harley were probably shopping for an injured Marina, the couple kissed. Ashley frowned, saying, "Well, I don't know if Marina will like what they got her."

After Cyrus and Harley parted ways, Cyrus stood outside calling his contacts to locate enough cash to pay Phoebe's bribe. He hung up without any luck. Out of nowhere, Will collided with Cyrus, and the child begged Cyrus to help him hide. Will gave Cyrus a sob story about being in trouble because he had stolen a bracelet for his mother. Being a fellow jewel thief, Cyrus agreed to help Will. Some time later, Cyrus accosted Cassie as she strode down the street in search of her son. He advised her to keep quiet and led her to a storage room where he had hidden Will.

When Cyrus relayed Will's bracelet story, Cassie explained that Will hadn't shoplifted. Distressed, Cassie told Cyrus about Will's complicated family issues. For one hundred thousand dollars Cyrus suggested he could help Will disappear. Cassie gasped and offered to make a deposit or set up payment arrangements. Realizing he didn't have the heart to con a desperate mother, Cyrus told her to keep her money, and he gave her the name of a contact in Chicago.

In the meantime, Harley returned home from shopping and Daisy confronted her about stealing Cyrus from Marina. Daisy didn't understand how Harley could advise Daisy to be respectful her of body with Rafe, but then have an affair with Cyrus. Cornered by her daughter, Harley admitted that she wanted Cyrus and she took him. Harley attempted to explain the circumstances under which she had fallen in love with Cyrus, but Daisy branded her a hypocrite, telling her that she only thought about herself. Daisy decided that the house had become too crowded with Cyrus and his things there. She said she didn't belong there any more and left.

Daisy went to Company where she saw Marina in a booth by the window. In conversation, Daisy told Marina that Harley and Cyrus had been shopping earlier and Cyrus might have moved into their house. Marina said that she believed Harley planned it all along. Harley, in Marina's opinion, was just one of those women who couldn't live without a man. Daisy said that Harley couldn't just rearrange people's lives to suit her. Unhappy with her mother's behavior, Daisy decided to help Marina get better and win Cyrus back.

After talking with Daisy, Marina returned to her hotel room to find that Phoebe had made herself comfortable on Marina's bed. Phoebe thanked Marina for helping her find Cyrus. Phoebe said that she had even met Harley, but Cyrus didn't tell Harley who Phoebe was. Marina told Phoebe to make sure Cyrus paid. Phoebe asked what about Harley.

When Cyrus returned to Harley's, she greeted him with kisses. Hugging him, she broke the news to him that he couldn't stay at her house because of her family. Cyrus agreed. They discussed proving to her family that their relationship was real. He offered to find a place of his own. They both agreed that they would do whatever it took to remain together and kissed again.

Later Cassie played ball with Will in a school gym. She told him sadly that they had to stop. Will wondered if they were leaving. The gym door opened and Will screamed, "No! No! No!" Josh entered the gym with Mallet and two officers. Kneeling before Will, Cassie sobbed that she had to get him the help that he needed. Will accused her of trying to give him away and never loving him. Cassie held him, telling him that she loved him enough to realize that he needed help that she couldn't give him. Josh explained to Will that he would go to a place with kids, teachers, and doctors. He promised Will that he wouldn't be alone. Mallet escorted Will out to test his police sirens. Josh tried to tell Cassie that she was doing the right thing, but Cassie walked away in tears.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

While trapped inside the gates by the guards, a miserable Lizzie sat on the front stoop of the Spaulding mansion. She had tried to escape earlier, but Alan caught her as he was headed out. He had told her that Beth was coming to visit. Beth arrived at the mansion a little later and learned that Lizzie had exchanged her own freedom for that of Jonathan and Sarah. Beth vowed not to let Alan do this to Lizzie, but Lizzie asked Beth to protect her little sister, Peyton, instead. As they talked together in the Spaulding garden, Beth explained to Lizzie that living with Rick had no pressure as long as she stayed on one side of the house and he stayed on the other.

Meanwhile Natalia attempted to prepare Lizzie's room at the Beacon for a new client, but Bill told her that Lizzie had paid her room up for an entire year. Later Bill encountered Alan and attempted to make a deal with him to set Lizzie free. Alan dismissed Bill's claims that Lizzie hated him, saying Lizzie had come home to her family where she felt safe. Bill jogged out to the mansion but couldn't get past the gate or the guards. Wanda called to remind Bill of his meeting with a European investor. Bill asked the guard, "If you see Lizzie, tell her my heart beats for her."

At Lewis Construction, Bill had a meeting with Montreau, who was the spokesman for a mysterious client. Montreau used a heavy French accent. Bill politely declined to do business until he learned more about Montreau's employer. Later on Main Street, Montreau spoke with someone on the phone without using the accent. He asked the person if he could add his meeting with Bill to his resume as an actor.

In the meantime, Bill went to pick Emma up, telling Ava that he planned to take Emma to see Hanna Montana. Once out of Ava's sight, Bill explained to Emma that he had made a mistake. Hanna Montana was not in town that afternoon. She would be in town the next day. He suggested that they instead go to see her grandfather. Disguised in sunglasses and a hat, Bill snuck Emma through the Spaulding gates in his SUV.

Meanwhile after Beth visited with Lizzie, she and Peyton encountered Alan on the grounds. Beth and Alan argued about his plan to hold Lizzie captive in the mansion. Alan made another plea for Beth to give him a chance to be a good father to Peyton, and suddenly Beth wondered if Alan had been talking to Phillip. When he asked her what would make her mention Phillip, Beth clammed up and told him that she had to leave. A short time later Beth received a text message that said, "Thinking of you. Love, Phillip."

Bill surprised Lizzie by showing up in the dining room while she was eating a sandwich. He urged her to leave with him, but Lizzie wanted to get Roxie first. Before she could, Alan came in, telling Bill that bringing Emma as a rouse to enter the mansion was clever. He threw Bill out of the house and personally showed him back to the Spaulding gates. There, a police officer awaited Bill. Alan said he wanted Bill charged with breaking and entering and possibly kidnapping.

Back inside, Alan and Lizzie argued in her bedroom. When she threw things at him, Alan grabbed a hold of her and held her down on the bed. He told her that he wanted things the way they used to be between them when Lizzie wanted to live with him. She told him that he was hurting her and Alan let her go. She rolled herself into a ball on the bed. Regaining control of himself, Alan quietly said that they had had a rough day and Lizzie just needed some rest. He left her in her room and he appeared shaken by the confrontation.

Meanwhile Vanessa and Dinah met at Towers. Vanessa offered Dinah a job but Dinah refused to take it. Afterward, Dinah bumped into Olivia as Olivia was having chest pains. Olivia dismissed her pain and bought Dinah a drink. She asked Dinah several questions about how Dinah felt when she had been shot, and wondered if Dinah knew how it felt to die. A couple of men flirted with them from across the bar. Dinah left, but Olivia talked with them until Ava showed up and dragged her away.

Ava tried to get Olivia to stop drinking at the bar and go home, but Olivia wanted to stay because the men were making her feel sexy. Olivia told Ava that Gus was with his wife and that was where he should have been. Even so, Olivia said she still needed to feel sexy even if just for one night. Ava replied that she wanted Olivia around for much more than one night. Ava asked her to stop drinking and keep her upcoming doctor's appointment. Once Ava left, Olivia returned to the bar. She danced between the two men and experienced more chest pains. The men offered to take her home, but Olivia said that it was too early in the evening to go home.

Meanwhile, Dinah got hauled into the station for driving without a license or registration. The arresting officer brought Mallet in to speak with Dinah. Mallet berated her for breaking traffic laws, and Dinah explained that she had been in a hurry to get to him before he left for his break. Mallet smelled the air and Dinah whipped out the food she had brought to share with him. Dinah and Mallet shared an intimate meal together and reminisced about what it had been like to be married to each other.

Once Bill showed up at the station, Mallet went to see him behind bars and Dinah strolled in behind them. Mallet said that Dinah should be in the cell with Bill but decided to give them time alone to talk. Bill asked Dinah to bail him out of jail and said he would return the favor later. Dinah, however, refused to help him, lecturing Bill that he couldn't get anywhere with Alan by storming his gates. He told her to call their mother. Dinah said that she knew he would find he way out of jail, but she couldn't help him this time, not like this. Dinah left as Bill yelled her name.

Dinah went to say goodbye to Mallet and he attempted to schedule another lunch date with her. Dinah refused, saying that she couldn't see him until she knew that she had really recovered from her brain injury. Mallet wanted to help and support her, but Dinah said that she couldn't let him do that and she left.

Ava came to the police station and posted bail for Bill. Bill thanked her but reminded her that he was involved with Lizzie. Ava said that he had made that perfectly clear. She looked at Bill as her investment. She kissed him and led him out of the station. At the bar at Company later, Ava asked Bill if he were in love with Lizzie. Instead of answering her, he vowed to repay her for the bail money and left.

Bill once again traveled to the Spaulding mansion. Standing at the entrance, Bill backed away from the gates until the guard agreed that he was no longer on the property. About six feet from the gate, Bill yelled Lizzie's name. His voice echoed through the grounds, reaching Lizzie in her bedroom and Alan in his parlor. Lizzie rushed down to the front door and threw it open. She saw Bill eagerly waiting at the end of the long driveway. Bill seemed hopeful, but Lizzie turned her gaze down and went back inside the house.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cyrus awakened to the ringing of his cell phone. Phoebe called to demand her money. She told Cyrus that he had three choices: pay the money, go to jail, or run. After the call, Cyrus visited Harley and they got busy on the kitchen counter. Daisy walked into the kitchen and interrupted them. Daisy lashed out at Harley for showing no respect for other people who lived in the house. Cyrus left so that Harley could talk to Daisy.

Harley attempted to fold clothes with Daisy and have a civil conversation about Cyrus. Daisy became upset and walked out. Later, Harley went to the Beacon and encountered Phoebe outside of Cyrus's room. After Phoebe said she and Harley had a great deal in common, Harley brought Phoebe back to her house. Phoebe revealed that she had demanded a hundred thousand dollars from Cyrus. Phoebe said that she would either throw him in jail or sue him in civil court. Harley reasoned that Cyrus had changed and that he was building a life with her. Phoebe said if Harley believed that, then she had better ask Cyrus for another hundred grand to keep in escrow for Harley to use after Cyrus dumped her. "Men like Cyrus never change," Phoebe said as she exited. "They just get better at it."

In the meantime, Cyrus got turned down for a security job due to his criminal record. At Towers, Cyrus bumped into Cassie, who was drinking alone. Cyrus and Cassie discussed the decision she had made for Will. When Cassie mentioned the hundred thousand dollar offer Cyrus had made her, he said that he had only been joking. Cyrus offered to drive Cassie home. Dismayed, Cassie wondered where home was. Cyrus told her that sometimes one had to work really hard to make a relationship work, but sometimes, it was better to just walk away.

Just then Harley walked up and heard the end of the conversation. After Harley and Cyrus escorted a tipsy Cassie out to catch a cab, Harley and Cyrus discussed the problem with Phoebe. Harley told Cyrus that she took out a second mortgage on her house to pay the bribe. Cyrus said no, but Harley told him that it was already done. Cyrus wondered if Harley had mortgaged the house so that her family wouldn't discover his problems with Phoebe.

When they arrived at Harley's, Rick was there dropping Jude off with Daisy. He argued with Harley about still seeing Cyrus. Harley refused to make excuses for her relationship with Cyrus anymore. Daisy rolled her eyes and left the house. Rick screamed that he didn't want Cyrus around his son. Before leaving, he threatened Harley that this would end badly for her.

Upstairs later, Harley mentioned the conversation she had overheard between Cyrus and Cassie. She wondered if he were planning on taking off. Cyrus once again assured her that he wanted to be there with her to make things work.

Meanwhile, Daisy went to Main Street with Jude and met up with Rafe. She told Rafe about the issues happening at home since Harley had taken up with Cyrus. Daisy had had enough of Harley's disregard for everyone else. Daisy proposed that Rafe and she move in together.

Meanwhile, Cassie returned to her house and she received a visit from Reva, who had come over with some of Will's belongings. Cassie guessed that Reva had heard the entire story of Will from Josh. Reva replied that Josh told her that Cassie had made a brave decision. When Cassie became snippy, Reva reminded her that she had lost her son, Jonathan, as well. Cassie commented that sisters shared things, but somehow she and Reva were different. Reva commented that they shared misery, Jeffrey, and Josh. Cassie apologized to Reva for losing Jonathan, and Reva accepted. Reva moved her car so that Cassie could go to the post office.

As Gus and Natalia wondered where Olivia could have been, Olivia awakened in her hotel room. She found herself in bed, fully dressed, with the two men from the previous night. While still experiencing heart pains, Olivia suggested that the men go to room 306, where one of her housekeepers performed a special "turn-down" service. They left as Gus entered the room. Gus seemed upset that Olivia had been out all night. He tossed her mediation at her and told her to take it. Olivia threw it across the room and told him that she was sick of waiting to die. Gus tucked Olivia into bed, saying he would take her to the doctor later. Olivia refused to see a doctor. When Gus asked her what he could do for her, she passionately kissed him. Naughtily smiling, Olivia promised not to tell Natalia. Gus said that there was nothing to tell. After he left, Olivia excitedly uttered to herself, "It's not over."

At about the same time, the two men visited room 306, looking for a good time. They found Natalia in there and asked her for her special service. When Natalia threatened to report them to Olivia, one of them said that Olivia had told them to come there. He said that whenever Olivia's cop husband went out of town, they should all four hook up. Furious, Natalia stormed out of the room.

While Gus traveled to the hospital and used the Spaulding name to get confidential information about Olivia's health situation, Natalia entered Olivia's room, angry that Olivia had sent those men to call on her. Olivia announced that Gus had kissed her. Natalia said that Gus kissed everyone, even the dog, and that Olivia shouldn't read anything into it. Olivia stated that Gus was keeping her alive and Olivia felt that she was doing the same for him. Gus returned to the room, and Natalia called the deal off. She declared that she wanted her husband back and she just wanted to go. As Natalia walked out, Olivia told Gus to let Natalia go.

Gus didn't follow Natalia. Instead, he firmly gripped Olivia and sat her down on the bed. He told her that he had spoken with her doctor. Olivia began to tremble. She shook her head and covered her ears, but Gus insisted that she needed to make arrangements. Olivia sobbed and cried, asking him whether she had a few more months or weeks left to live.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Dinah was at the bank struggling to fill out a deposit form. Alexandra noticed her difficulty and offered to help. Dinah declined but admitted sometimes little things were slowing her down. Alexandra asked what the doctors said about that and Dinah replied that they told her to continue with her physical therapy and be optimistic. With Mallet within earshot, Dinah confessed that she doubted things would ever be the way they used to be. Later, Dinah went to Company for lunch and had some difficulty remembering the name of the sandwich she wanted. Mallet appeared behind her and ordered two sloppy joes. Mallet told Dinah that he saw her at the bank and stated that no one was the way they used to be. Mallet assured Dinah that she did not have to be exactly as she was. Dinah confided in Mallet that she thought she was getting worse. She said that she felt she hit a speed bump in her recovery. That seemed apparent when she gave the server her library card in place of her credit card. Disgusted, Dinah told Mallet that this was what she had to live with. Mallet expressed his concern but Dinah told him that they were divorced. He did not get to care about her. She then asked for her lunch to go and walked out.

Olivia and Ava were getting their nails done at Ruby's when Olivia dropped the bombshell that her doctor only gave her weeks, at most, to live. Ava became visibly upset and Olivia warned Ava that she had to be strong for Emma. Ava broke down crying and embraced Olivia.

Rick saw Beth and the baby at Cedars. He commented on how tired Beth looked and stated that if she would let him take care of Peyton at night, Beth would be able to get more rest. Beth told Rick she could not do that since she did not want to give Rick the wrong idea about their situation. Rick succeeded in talking Beth into letting him watch Peyton for a few hours. Later, as Rick took Peyton out for a stroll, he came across Olivia sitting on a bench so he stopped to talk. Olivia asked to hold Peyton, which Rick allowed. Olivia asked Rick if he felt it was a miracle that he was there to raise this baby. Rick said that he did feel blessed. Rick mentioned how lucky he was to receive the gift of someone else's heart. Olivia told Rick that she did not believe in miracles. Rick stated that he did not either when he was sick but then Richard died and Rick got a chance at life. Olivia confided in Rick that doctors only gave her weeks to live. Rick told her that miracles could happen but Olivia lamented that no Richard Winslow was going to die for her and she would not wish that on anyone anyway.

As a bored Lizzie was trying to toss paper in the downstairs trash from upstairs, Alan suggested that she call her mother to invite her and Peyton to come for a visit. Lizzie realized that Alan wanted the visit for himself and refused. Alan was not very happy with her answer and warned her that they made a deal. Alan told Lizzie that she was either with him or against him. He then sent her off to her room. Afterwards, Alan had a visit from the IRS. The agent informed Alan that all of his personal and business assets were being audited based on a report of some creative accounting. Upset, Alan warned the agent that his lawyers would eat him for breakfast. The agent told Alan about a heart attack that he had recently. Luckily a doctor was able to save his life. Because of that, the agent was eternally grateful to him and would help him any way he could. Alan realized that the doctor in question was Rick Bauer.

Bill went to the Lewis construction site to get a bulldozer so that he could plow through the Spaulding mansion and rescue Lizzie. Billy tried to talk Bill out of it since he did not want Bill to go to jail. Instead, Bill talked Billy into riding shotgun so they could rescue Lizzie together. Suddenly, Bill received a call from Lizzie. Lizzie ranted about how her grandfather just sent her to her room. Bill told Lizzie that he was coming to get her but she warned him not to. Lizzie told Bill that the guards were armed. If he tried to rescue her he could be killed. Bill told Lizzie to meet him at the driveway but she refused. Lizzie told Bill that she made a deal. She was where she was meant to be.

Dinah was surprised to see Bill since the last she saw of him he was in jail. Dinah asked about Lizzie and Bill told her that it was over. When Dinah tried to talk Bill into fighting for Lizzie, he turned the conversation back to her by bringing up Mallet. Dinah stated that that was different. Dinah asked how she could have a guy if she was still having trouble working a toaster. When Dinah stated that she was still recovering, Bill accused her of using that as an excuse to play Little Miss Helpless. Dinah urged Bill to see Lizzie but he maintained that he was not going to bulldoze his way into her life. Bill then told Dinah about a French conglomerate that was looking into doing business with Lewis Construction. Dinah congratulated him and stated that he was going to be a mogul and get the girl, since when he wanted something he went after it without letting anything stop him. Dinah then went to the Beacon to talk to Olivia about putting some extra LAN lines in her room. As Dinah and Olivia talked, Ava barged in and started ranting at Olivia about dropping a bomb like that at the nail salon. It was obvious from Ava's rant that something was seriously wrong with Olivia and Olivia told Dinah about her grim prognosis. Dinah was stunned and told Olivia that Ava was right-Olivia did need to live every day to the fullest and Olivia needed a man to love her. Later, Olivia was alone with Emma and revealed to the girl that Olivia might need to go in the hospital soon. Olivia gently warned Emma that there was a chance that she might not come home. She assured Emma that she would always be with her, though, in her heart. Olivia then pulled Emma into a hug.

At the station, Mallet met with the President of the town council at Shroovesburgh. The woman informed Mallet that their Chief of Police was retiring and they wanted Mallet to replace him. Later, within sight of Mallet, Dinah demanded to speak to a detective. Mallet agreed to talk to Dinah. Alone, Dinah confessed that she was wrong when she believed that she did not need a man. She was wrong when she thought she did not need him. Confused, Mallet asked if she was okay. Dinah responded that she was but others were not so lucky. Dinah stated that there were sick people out there that would never have the chance to get what they already had. Dinah told Mallet that she missed him. Mallet was dumbstruck and Dinah admitted that she knew that she pushed him away but stated that she needed him. Dinah then noticed a contract on the desk. Mallet told her about his recent job offer. When Dinah commented that she hoped they were not too disappointed when he declined, Mallet stated that he did not see how he could turn it down. Unnerved, Dinah walked out.

Alan and Lizzie were taking a walk outside. Alan told Lizzie that there were people in town that hated their family and wanted to destroy them. Lizzie was tiring of the conversation and asked Alan why he had to invent enemies. Alan stated that the threat was very real. When Lizzie stated that she never thought he was afraid of anything, Alan replied that he was cautious of outsiders. Lizzie responded that they could stick together and still let outsiders in. Alan confided in Lizzie that he had been in contact with Phillip, and Phillip was on board with what Alan was doing. Lizzie asked if her father was coming back. Alan merely replied that he only contacted him through email but Phillip seemed like his old self again. Alan stated that Phillip told him he forgave Alan for everything and wanted to preserve the family and the business. Alan asked Lizzie if she was happy about this news. Lizzie responded that she was not sure. A part of her was dying to see Phillip again but another part of her remembered what he was like before he left. Suddenly, a young acquaintance of Alan's named Lawrence Parker walked by. Alan introduced him to Lizzie. Lizzie quickly realized that Alan was trying to set her up on a date with Lawrence and suggested that they have lunch at Towers.

As Lizzie and Lawrence had lunch together, Bill and Billy walked into Towers and saw them together. Billy told Bill to go get Lizzie but Bill was reluctant. Billy commented that sometimes he wondered if Bill was his son and Bill walked off for a moment. Meanwhile, Lizzie excused herself from her date. As she was walking off, Alan appeared and suggested that she ask Bill if he would like Alan to look into Bill's time in Venezuela. Alan warned Lizzie that he had some influential friends in the Venezuelan government who would love to settle some unfinished business with Bill. As Alan walked out, Bill returned and correctly guessed that her date had "Alan all over it." Lizzie abruptly told Bill that they were not going to happen and told him to back off. Lizzie then returned to her date with Lawrence and suddenly kissed him. Seeing the kiss, Bill settled next to a depressed Ava at the bar. Ava noticed that Bill was equally depressed and led him back to her place for some love-making.

Beth received a text message from someone. Beth texted back that did not think she would hear from that person again. She stated that she enjoyed their previous "talk." It felt just like high school, only texting. Beth wrote that she missed him. Later, Beth was with Peyton and sent the man she had been texting a picture of her baby. That man was Phillip. Soon Lizzie approached to speak to Beth. Lizzie told Beth about Alan setting her up on a date and his threat against Bill. Beth became angry at Alan's attempts to control Lizzie, but Lizzie warned her not to do anything. Lizzie warned her mother that Alan would only use it to get closer to Beth and the baby. Looking at her phone, Beth quietly wondered if someone else could get to Alan. Beth assured Lizzie that she would not let anyone hurt her.

Alan was on the phone with Phillip. Alan told Phillip that "friend or no friend," Rick was out to ruin the family and the business and had to be stopped.

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