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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 10, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, March 10, 2008

Will walked into his family room and found Gwen crying and holding baby Hallie. She explained to Will she couldn't keep Hallie from Sofie, her biological mother. Will strongly disagreed with his wife and reminded Gwen of all the battles they had endured to win custody of Hallie. Gwen argued that Sofie and Hallie shared a deeper connection than she and Will could ever imagine and that the only right thing to do would be to give the baby back to its mother. Will disputed the fact that Sofie would be a better mother for Hallie just because she gave birth to her, but Gwen was not deterred. Will sensed that there was no point in arguing with Gwen and told his wife he would go with her to return Hallie if she was sure about her decision. Will reminded Gwen that they needed to take care of the legal issues of returning Hallie and asked Gwen to wait at home with the baby while he went to get their lawyer, Bonnie. Gwen agreed, but as soon as Will was gone she took Hallie and went to find Sofie.

Instead of meeting with Bonnie, Will turned to his mother for help in getting Gwen to realize she was making a mistake. He asked his mother to phone Bonnie and get her to stall Gwen by telling her the adoption cannot be easily undone. Barbara was pleased that Will turned to her for help, but Will explained he was looking for help everywhere and needed her to come through this time. He left his mother and returned to Gwen and Hallie to try to talk her out of giving Hallie back.

At the Lakeview, Chris arrived for a lunch date with Sofie, but they were quickly interrupted by a call from Paul. Sofie tried to put off talking to Paul, but he became discouraged by her dismissive reception and hung up on her. Realizing the call came from Paul; Chris reiterated his lack of trust in Paul and again encouraged Sofie to stay away from him. Sofie explained that she trusted Paul and he had been very helpful to her through the aftermath of losing Hallie to Will and Gwen. Chris reassured Sofie that he would be around regardless of who her friends were.

As Paul hung up with Sofie he received a visit from Emily. Paul immediately criticized Chris and tried to find out from Emily how much she hated Chris. Emily responded to Paul's question by saying she hated Chris a great deal, but didn't understand why Paul had a problem with him. Paul remarked that Chris was "annoying" and should be taken down a notch. Emily replied that she wanted nothing more to do with Paul's vendettas and she would watch from the sidelines this time. She left Paul to stew in his anger so she could join Susan for lunch at the Lakeview.

As Chris and Sofie sat and gleefully enjoyed their meal, Emily arrived with her mother for their lunch. Emily remarked that she was angered by Chris moving on so quickly with Sofie and found herself losing sleep over her failed relationship with him. Susan offered her daughter a sleeping aid, and Emily reluctantly took the pills. Just then Susan received an emergency call from the hospital and had to return to work, but not before warning Emily to take only one of the sleeping pills before bed.

When Susan was gone, Emily sat across from Chris and Sofie and watched the happy couple enjoying themselves. Emily decided to skip lunch and leave, but stopped by Chris's table before going. The three exchanged pleasantries and Emily took the opportunity to slip one of the sleeping pills her mom gave her into Chris's drink. Chris left Sofie to return to the hospital and as he stood, he suddenly appeared groggy.

As Sofie arrived at her room she was greeted by Gwen and Hallie. When she asked what Gwen was doing there, Gwen replied that she was there to give Hallie back. Sofie took Gwen and Hallie into her room and questioned why Gwen wanted to give Hallie back. Gwen explained that she believed Hallie belonged with Sofie because she was a part of her. A stunned Sofie was left speechless and Gwen told her that she would only take Hallie home if Sofie truly wanted Will and Gwen to raise her. She handed the baby over to Sofie and left mother and child to get reacquainted.

Will returned home and found Gwen and Hallie gone. He immediately went to the Lakeview to try to find Sofie and his wife and child. Before Will could get upstairs, he found Gwen in the lobby without Hallie. Upon seeing her stunned husband, Gwen ran to hug him.

Up in Sofie's room, Hallie was inconsolable and Sofie could not figure out how to calm the baby. She went to find help and as she exited the elevator she ran into Barbara. Barbara wanted to know why Sofie had Hallie, and Sofie informed Barbara that Gwen had given Hallie back and she wouldn't let anyone take her away again. Sofie rushed out of the lobby to find help for her crying infant.

Back at their house, Gwen and Will discussed missing baby Hallie. Gwen acknowledged how bad it hurt to give the baby back and Will protested Gwen's decision. He remarked that Gwen hadn't even allowed him to say goodbye to his baby. A visibly distressed Will left Gwen to rest and he rushed out of the house. Barbara arrived at the house and asked Gwen why she returned Hallie to Sofie. Gwen explained her reasons and broke down crying in Barbara's arms.

Sofie took baby Hallie over to Paul's house and explained that Gwen had returned Hallie to her. Paul reminded Sofie that she needed to get the documents to make sure that she had more than Gwen's word that she could keep the baby. He promised to help Sofie take care of the paperwork and called his lawyers to get started on undoing the adoption. Sofie went upstairs to put Hallie down for a nap and then returned to Paul and apologized for bringing the baby to his house and causing trouble in his family. She continued to explain to Paul that she wasn't sure if she would be able to care for Hallie alone at the Lakeview. Paul listened to Sofie and then invited her and Hallie to move in with him at Fairwinds. Sofie was stunned by Paul's offer, but listened as he explained his reasons for wanting the pair to live with him. Moments later, Will arrived and asked his brother to use his influence over Sofie to persuade her to return Hallie to him and Gwen. Just then Sofie walked into the room holding Hallie and Paul shocked his brother when he explained that Sofie and Hallie were now living at Fairwinds,

At Memorial, Chris tried to make rounds, but appeared impaired. The nurse on duty with Chris found Susan and asked her to consult on Chris's case because he wasn't making any sense. Susan found Chris in the room with a patient and asked him to come out to the hall. Once there she took a good look at Chris and asked him if he was drunk. She sat Chris down and told him he looked drunk and she would be reporting him to his father, the chief of staff at Memorial.

Vienna and Gray woke in their bed at the Lakeview and Gray tried to coerce Vienna to stay in bed longer, but he sensed she was thinking of Henry. Gray questioned if Vienna still had feelings for Henry and she denied thinking of him, but got out of bed and went to get ready for her day. Gray took the opportunity to call Matt to check in. Matt told Gray that his connections got Casey out of jail, but had focused everyone's suspicion onto Matt. Gray got off the phone with Matt and went back to Vienna. He asked Vienna if she loved him, but Vienna was astonished that Gray was even thinking about love.

In town, Gray wished Vienna a good day and sent her off to the diner. He found Matt in Old Town and reminded him that he needed to be more resourceful in his mission with the Hugheses. Matt explained his problem was Alison, and that she was questioning every move he made. Gray told Matt to handle Alison and take care of his problems because he had his own issues to deal with. Immediately after meeting with Gray, Matt bumped into Alison who apologized for not trusting him. Matt accepted Alison's apology and asked her out for the night. She accepted and then began to quiz Matt about his earlier conversation with Gray. She learned Gray's name and once Matt left for work, she set out to find out all she could about Gray.

In Brad's room, Henry dreamt of Vienna and thinking he had Vienna by his side, he began to cuddle with Brad. When the two realized they were not with their respective dream women, but were spooning one another, they leapt out bed. Henry and Brad figured out that they ended up in bed after a night of binge drinking and commiserating over their failed relationships. Brad encouraged Henry to get out of the hotel for the day, but Henry was too depressed over losing Vienna to Gray and headed back to bed. Brad refused to let Henry give up on his relationship with Vienna and decided to come up with a new plan to help Henry. He ripped the sheets off Henry and told his friend that his only recourse was begging Vienna to take him back.

Brad marched Henry down to the diner and pushed him inside to beg Vienna to return to him. Gray saw Henry and told him to get out, but Vienna jumped in and asked Gray to let Henry speak. She turned to hear what Henry had to say and listened as he got down on his knees and begged her to take him back. She questioned why she should return to him and Henry pleaded his case well enough for Vienna to agree to meet him in an hour at the Lakeview. Once Henry had gone, Vienna thanked Gray for letting her talk to Henry. In her presence he was gracious, but once she went to the kitchen a frustrated Gray phoned Matt and told him to meet him at Luther's Corner church right away. Gray arrived at the church and told Matt to make it look like Henry had left town.

Henry returned to the Lakeview with Brad to prepare for his date with Vienna.

Alison found her sister at The Intruder's offices and asked Emily to look into Gray's past. She feared Matt was not being honest with her and she wanted to find out more about the man Matt was spending so much time with.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

At Fairwinds, Will was angry that Paul had invited Sofie to stay there with baby Hallie. When Paul tried to plead Sofie's case, Will accused him of wanting Will to lose a baby, the way that Paul did. Paul told Will he'd crossed a line with that comment and told him to get out of his house. Will said he wouldn't forget what Paul had done, and he warned Paul that he'd be hearing from Will's lawyer.

After Will left, Sofie told Paul that this wasn't what she wanted for herself and the baby. Paul tried to convince her to stay, but Sofie said she couldn't, and she left and took Hallie back to the Lakeview.

Will returned home, where he told Barbara and Gwen about Paul's invitation to Sofie to live at Fairwinds. Gwen thought they should be happy to hear that, because it meant Sofie would have a safe place to stay with Hallie, but Will was furious, as was Barbara. Will told Gwen that one day, she would wake up and realize the huge mistake she'd made by giving Hallie back to Sofie, but by then, it might be too late, especially if Paul became involved, because he had the financial resources to help Sofie stake a legal claim to Hallie.

Barbara left and went to see Meg at the farm. She told Meg what Paul was doing, and she asked Meg to use her influence with Paul to make him see that he should stay out of this situation before it ruined his relationship with his brother. Barbara said that Will was about the only family Paul had left, and when Meg pointed out that Paul still had Barbara, Barbara simply said, "Brothers need each other." She then begged Meg to talk to Paul for Hallie's sake.

Meg went to visit Paul at Fairwinds. She told him Barbara had asked her to come and talk to him, and she asked Paul to reconsider having Sofie stay with him. Paul informed Meg that Sofie had decided to leave. Paul then asked why Meg had really come in the first place, and Meg admitted she still cared about what happened to Paul. Paul was happy to hear that and wondered where they could go from there, but Meg pointed out that he'd just gone from trying to get Sofie to move in with him to trying to win Meg back. Meg wondered whether Paul was really that desperate not to be alone. Paul said, "I'm terrified ... of being without you."

Paul told Meg that Sofie and her baby made him think of the son he and Meg had lost. He felt that helping Sofie might help him heal from the pain of losing his own baby. Meg said nothing could heal that pain, and then she told Paul she had to leave. Paul asked if he could call her, but Meg said that wasn't a good idea. Paul then asked if they could be friends, but Meg said, "Friends don't hurt each other." Paul said, "Okay. Wanna be friends?" Meg smiled slightly but walked out anyway.

Will told Gwen she had no right to make the decision to return Hallie to Sofie without talking to him about it first. Gwen said she felt like she had no choice, because she could see how much Sofie regretted having given up her baby. Barbara returned and said she had asked Meg to talk to Paul. Suddenly, Barbara almost fainted and fell into Will's arms. Will and Gwen were concerned, but Barbara said it was just the stress of everyone fighting. Barbara told them that although the baby was important, the most important thing was Will and Gwen's marriage. As she left to go home and rest, Barbara reminded them, "Life is short, and love is precious. Don't waste it."

Gwen told Will she wasn't sure how she would get through losing Hallie if Sofie decided to keep her, but she knew she wouldn't be able to get through it without Will. Will said he might never be able to agree with what Gwen had done, but Gwen was still the most important person in the world to him.

At the hospital, Bob stopped Chris from going to see a patient and told Chris he seemed to be "under the influence." Chris denied it but continued to act as though he were inebriated. Bob told Chris he was suspended indefinitely and told him to go home. Chris had a quick flash of memory of Emily bumping into his table at the Lakeview and realized that perhaps Emily had somehow drugged him.

Emily had one of her employees do some quick research on Gray Girard for Alison. Among other things, they learned that Gray was originally from the south side of Chicago and that his name was actually Jerry Polaski. Gray had made many lucrative investments, mostly in real estate, and had remade his image completely. Emily didn't see anything in the file to suggest that Gray was involved in anything illegal. Alison thanked Emily for the information and left.

Chris went to see Emily and accused her of having drugged his coffee at lunch. He told Emily he'd been suspended from his job and could have killed a patient. Emily was horrified to hear that and told Chris she had thought he would be going back upstairs to his room after his lunch; she said she only meant it to be a prank and never would have done it if she'd known he had to work afterwards. Chris accused her of having done it on Paul's behalf, but Emily said it had been a spur-of-the-moment idea and had nothing to do with Paul. Chris didn't believe her and said, "I guess being a prostitute wasn't low enough for you. God help you if you're doing Paul Ryan's dirty work for him."

Chris left Emily's office and went to Fairwinds to see Paul. There, he accused Paul of having engineered Emily's "prank." Paul said he had nothing to do with it, but he was happy to hear that Emily had managed to cause Chris some pain, given the pain that Chris had caused Emily. Chris then warned Paul not to get involved with Sofie, and Paul told Chris that if Sofie came to see him, it was her own choice to do so. He wondered if that made Chris angry, and Chris responded by saying he couldn't believe that he had recently literally held Paul's life in his hands. He warned Paul to watch his back, and Paul asked, "Does this mean I should get a new doctor?" Chris stormed out.

Brad joined Katie on the set of WOAK in time to co-host a segment on how to win back the one you've loved and lost. After the segment was over, Brad told Katie he had helped Henry do just that: win back Vienna. Katie didn't believe him, but Brad said he had convinced Henry to beg Vienna to take him back. Brad was confident that Vienna and Henry were at the Lakeview celebrating their reunion, and he told Katie they should head over there and have a drink with them.

At the Lakeview, Vienna waited alone at the bar for Henry to arrive. Unbeknownst to her, Matt had kidnapped Henry and taken him, bound and gagged, to a warehouse for the Chicago Loop Scenic Shop. There, Matt told the business manager that since Gray owned the company, he would have to let Matt lock Henry up in one of the rooms in the warehouse until Gray decided it was time to let Henry go.

Henry awoke and found himself handcuffed to a pole in the warehouse. Across the room from him, he saw the dummy, Cowboy Jack. Henry began talking to himself and Cowboy Jack about the predicament in which he found himself, saying it obviously meant Gray was worried that Vienna would have reunited with Henry. Henry took that as a positive sign that Vienna still loved him.

At the Lakeview, a waiter brought Vienna a note. The note, which was typed, purported to be from Henry and claimed he didn't deserve Vienna and had gone to visit his family and lick his wounds. After Vienna read the note, Gray approached her and asked where Henry was. She told Gray that Henry had dumped her, and Gray said Henry was a coward and didn't deserve her.

Brad and Katie arrived at the Lakeview bar and saw Gray talking to Vienna. Brad asked Vienna why she wasn't with Henry, and Vienna showed him the note from Henry. Katie glanced at it and told Brad she didn't think Henry wrote the note, because Henry always hand-wrote his notes instead of typing them, and he would have used his own stationery; in addition, Henry hated his family and wouldn't have gone to visit them. Behind the bar, Matt, who was working, listened to Brad and Katie's conversation. Brad suggested to Katie that they check out Henry's room upstairs.

Brad and Katie found that Henry hadn't taken any of his clothing or whiskey from Katie's room. Brad also found a second typed note from Henry, but he showed Katie that in the note, "heal" had been spelled "heel," and he said there was no way Henry would have made that mistake. Believing that Gray was behind Henry's disappearance, Brad and Katie decided to try to find Henry. Katie suddenly wondered whether this was some kind of scheme devised by Henry and Brad to get Brad and Katie alone somewhere together, but Brad assured her it wasn't.

Gray suggested that Vienna go upstairs to rest, saying he would bring her something to make her feel better. When she left, Matt told Gray that Brad and Katie were suspicious. Gray told him that in a couple of days, he himself would go get Henry and play the role of hero in bringing Henry back. As Gray walked to the elevator, he passed Alison, who called out, "Good evening, Mr. Polaski." Gray didn't turn around until he got into the elevator; then, as the doors slid closed, he smiled at Alison. Upstairs, Gray gave Vienna a diamond bracelet and assured her that all would be well.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Out on the farm porch, Luke found Noah struggling to write his wedding vows and he told Noah that he was proud to be in love with someone who would sacrifice his own happiness for someone else. Noah asked Luke if he had any doubts about Noah's impending marriage to Ameera and told him that if he did Noah would back out of the ceremony. Luke reassured Noah that he was fine with the marriage and would probably love Noah more watching him save Ameera. As the two were ready to kiss, they were interrupted when Aaron returned home from visiting his mother in Seattle. Aaron was shocked to learn about Noah's nuptials.

As the Snyder family prepared for Noah's marriage of convenience to Ameera, everyone wondered if they were making the right decision. Lily was especially concerned if Luke would be all right watching his boyfriend, Noah, marry Ameera. When Lily and the girls went upstairs to help Ameera dress for the ceremony, Emma asked Holden if he and Lily were getting back together. Holden replied that he thought things were heading in that direction and his mother was pleased that he and Lily were reuniting. As Emma and Holden hugged, Aaron came in and told his dad he needed to talk. Moments later, Lily reentered the kitchen and told everyone Ameera was gone. As the family discussed where Ameera might have gone, she returned and said she had just been on a walk and was troubled that the marriage ceremony was taking place in a church, because she was a Muslim. The family understood her concerns and decided to have the wedding at the farm. With the location taken care of, Noah asked Luke to be his best man and Luke happily accepted. He even agreed to help Noah write his vows.

In the kitchen, Aaron told Holden that he was returning to Seattle and didn't know when he would return to Oakdale. He explained that his mom's cancer might be back and he needed to be with her during that time. He agreed he would stay for Noah and Ameera's wedding and then would leave for Seattle right after. Holden reminded Aaron that he would always have a home with him in Oakdale and hoped he would be back soon.

Later, Aaron found Luke at the kitchen table writing Noah's vows and asked his step-brother if he was all right. Luke admitted that things were not ideal with Noah because they would have to hide their relationship. He went on to explain that one reason he came out to everyone was so he wouldn't have to conceal who he really was or hide his relationships from his family. Aaron offered Luke advice and told him to protect himself while hoping for the best with Noah.

Once Ameera was dressed, the family reassembled for the ceremony. As everyone went outside, Emma saw Luke looking sad and explained that great love sometimes required great sacrifice. He confessed he had learned that lesson by watching how much his family sacrificed for him. Emma reminded Luke that Noah was lucky to have someone who loved him so much.

The wedding ceremony finally began and as the justice of the peace spoke, Luke stared longingly at Noah. Throughout the ceremony the two men shared glances as both struggled with Noah's decision to marry Ameera. Noah and Ameera exchanged vows and were declared husband and wife, but when the time came to kiss the bride, Noah gently pecked his new bride on the cheek. When he got the wedding certificate he offered it to Ameera as her "ticket to freedom." Everyone went inside to celebrate the couple's marriage. At every possible moment, Luke and Noah exchanged glances or held hands, obviously trying to validate their love for one another. Ameera went upstairs to bed alone while Noah and Luke looked at the wedding certificate and hoped they could share one someday.

Lily and Holden were so inspired by the wedding they had just witnessed that they decided to renew their vows again.

After Aaron left the farm, he stopped by Java for some coffee and called the airlines to confirm his flight. While he was on the phone, Alison came upon him and asked how his mother was doing. The two reminisced about their trip to Seattle together and their past mistakes in love. They wished one another well and Alison watched as Aaron left town again.

Jack and Carly learned that the dummies of Cowboy Jack that had been appearing throughout their home were being made at the Chicago Loop Scenic Shop, the same Chicago warehouse where Kit had lured Carly and tried to kill her. Carly insisted that they go immediately and look for Kit. Jack initially protested Carly's involvement because he feared for her safety, but he finally gave in and took her with him to Chicago. Jack and Carly decided to wait for dark so that they could slip past the police guard and search for Kit alone.

Once night came, Jack and Carly made the house look like they had gone to bed for the night and snuck out the back into a borrowed car. On the road to Chicago, Carly and Jack discussed their concerns over whether or not Kit had returned to the warehouse, and if they would find her there and get her to confess so they could save Parker.

In Katie's room, Brad and Katie continued their search for Henry, but came up with no good leads on his whereabouts. Brad and Katie were convinced that something bad had happened to Henry. Brad was sure that Gray was behind Henry's disappearance and thought that he could learn Henry's location by confronting Gray and slapping him around. Katie pleaded with Brad not to deal with Gray and he relented. Brad tried to convince Katie that the best way to come up with a plan was to get their minds off everything and relax, may be with a little love-making. Katie refused Brad's advances and told him to focus on coming up with a plan to find Henry.

Henry remained tied up in the Chicago warehouse, talking to a Cowboy Jack dummy and struggling to get out of his ropes. While bantering with the puppet, he remembered his cell phone was in his pants. Henry managed to get his phone out and called Katie with his mouth. Henry got through to Katie and Brad and told them that he was trapped in a warehouse with the dummy. Katie asked him where he thought he was, but Henry had no idea until he looked around and saw a board with the name Chicago Loop Scenic Shop. Katie told him that she and Brad were on their way and the two immediately left to rescue Henry. As Henry celebrated his luck, Kit appeared and hit him over the head with a hammer, knocking him unconscious.

Brad and Katie sped to Henry's rescue, hoping that no one had discovered he had contacted them. When they arrived at the warehouse the two split up to search for Henry. Moments later, Jack and Carly arrived at the same warehouse and went inside. Jack saw someone lurking around and drew his gun and told them to freeze. He was shocked to find out Brad was the man he saw. Katie stumbled upon the trio and was surprised to see Jack and Carly. She asked if Jack and Carly were there looking for Henry and before they could answer, the lights in the warehouse went out, plunging everyone into darkness. Once emergency lights came on, the four regrouped and learned that Jack and Carly were looking for Kit, while Brad and Katie were searching for Henry. They marveled at the coincidence, and Jack told Brad and Katie to watch the door while he and Carly searched for Kit and Henry. Katie thought she heard a noise and left Brad to man the door as she continued to search for her best friend. As Carly and Jack walked through the dark warehouse, one of the Cowboy Jack dolls was thrown in their direction. They managed to jump clear of the dummy right before it hit them and were comforted by the fact that Kit was probably the one who threw it. As they turned the corner, the two found Henry tied up and looked for a way to free him.

As Katie walked thorough the warehouse looking for Henry, she was startled when she felt a gun at her back. She turned and found Kit holding the gun. Kit was shocked that the blonde she found was Katie and not Carly and, as she cursed her bad luck, Katie reached for the gun. The two began to struggle over the weapon and Kit finally knocked Katie out and ran off with the gun. Brad realized Katie had been gone too long and set out to find her. As he searched for Katie, he found Kit and told her she wasn't leaving. Kit pulled the gun on Brad, just as Jack and Carly arrived and told her to give up. Katie stumbled onto the scene, dazed from being knocked out, and called Jack's name. When Jack was momentarily distracted, Kit took her shot and managed to hit Jack. Kit ran from the scene as Brad rushed to help Jack. As Carly ran after Kit with Jack's weapon, she told Brad to call 9-1-1. As he leaned over Jack to check on him and call 9-1-1, Katie passed out. Carly found Kit and told her to stop or she would fire. Kit reminded Carly that shooting her wouldn't keep Parker out of jail, but when Kit tried to escape the two exchanged gun fire.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Will tried to distract Gwen from her sadness about giving Hallie back to Sofie by playing board games and offering to watch a "chick flick" with her. Gwen said she appreciated the effort, but nothing could stop her from missing Hallie. Gwen asked Will if he was still mad at her for making the decision to return Hallie to Sofie without consulting him. Will said he would stand by her no matter what, and they would get through it together.

Outside the Chicago Loop Scene Design warehouse, Carly confronted Kit. Kit shot at Carly twice but missed; Carly returned fire, hitting Kit. Carly ran to Kit and asked her to admit she shot and killed Sam, but Kit only replied, "Damn you!" before dying. Carly returned to the warehouse, where Brad was cradling Jack's head in his hands. Brad told Carly he had called 9-1-1, but Jack had lost a lot of blood. Carly held Jack, and Brad went to try to revive Katie, who had fainted and gotten cuts on her face.

The police and paramedics arrived and loaded Jack onto an ambulance. Brad and Katie went in search of Henry. The police asked Carly if she knew who the dead woman was, and Carly told them she was Kit Fowler. Carly explained what had happened, and the police said they would take a complete statement from her at the hospital. When the paramedics asked Carly if she was related to Jack, she told them, "I'm his wife" and climbed into the ambulance with them.

Carly called Gwen and told her what had happened. She asked Gwen to pick up JJ and Sage from a neighbor's house; call Parker, who was at a hockey game; and take care of all 3 kids for her. Gwen agreed but told Carly she wanted to meet her at the hospital.

Brad and Katie found Henry and revived him. They asked him who had knocked him out, and Henry said Kit, but he didn't think Kit had kidnapped him. Brad told Henry that Carly had shot and killed Kit. Henry was surprised to hear that Carly had been there, and Brad told him she had come with Jack, who had also been shot. Matt arrived at the warehouse and overheard Henry telling Brad and Katie that he thought Gray Girard was responsible for his kidnapping.

Alison went to see Casey at his house. Alison told Casey she thought Matt was up to something and that Gray Girard was bad news. She showed Casey the information about Gray that Emily's assistant had dug up, including the fact that Gray had changed his name and used to be involved in things like money laundering, gambling, and racketeering. Alison told Casey she was afraid Matt was working for Gray and would end up doing something illegal that would land him back in jail. She asked Casey to look into Matt's relationship with Gray to find out whether Gray was having Matt do his dirty work for him.

At the Lakeview, Vienna told Gray she was worried about Henry and was going to talk to Katie and Brad to try to find out if Henry was okay. When Gray saw how determined Vienna was, he told her he would help her find out what had happened to Henry. Vienna went to freshen up, and Gray called Matt, who told him the cops were at the warehouse. Gray told Matt to make it look like someone else had kidnapped Henry.

Henry, Brad, and Katie arrived at the hospital, where they tried to find a doctor to examine Katie, who had bad lacerations on both sides of her face. Vienna walked in with Gray and saw Henry. She rushed to his side and asked what had happened to him. When Henry told her he hadn't left her the note at the Lakeview but instead had been kidnapped and nearly killed, Vienna asked who would do such a thing to him. Henry told her to ask her boyfriend. Alison, who had come into the hallway, stopped and watched the exchange between Henry, Vienna, and Gray. Gray denied having been involved and told Henry he didn't see him as a threat. Henry lunged at Gray, but Brad stopped him from hitting Gray and told Henry he needed to stay calm.

Brad went into Jack's room, where Carly and Gwen were by Jack's side. Jack's surgeon came in to let them know Jack's condition. The surgeon said the bullet had missed all the vital organs, and Jack should make a complete recovery. Gwen told Carly she would call the kids and let them know. Brad offered to call Emma and Holden, and he left, too. As Carly spoke quietly to Jack, he awoke.

Brad went and told Katie that Jack was going to be fine, and a nurse came in to clean Katie's wounds. He assured Katie that Jack was in good hands, and he told her how relieved he was that Kit hadn't shot Katie. Brad began to tell Katie that if anything had happened to her, he didn't know how he would go on, but he stopped, and Katie asked, "How you would what?" Brad said he didn't know how he'd do the TV show without her, and Katie laughed. When the nurse brought Katie her discharge paperwork, Brad told Katie he would drive her home and tuck her in, and they left together.

At the Lakeview, Brad tucked Katie into bed and told her his services included a bedtime story. He then told Katie a story about a fair maiden named Katie and a knight named Sir Bradahad, who set off on a quest to rescue their friend, Henry the Faint-Hearted. They succeeded on their quest and reunited Henry with his lady love, Vienna the Viennese Virgin. Katie laughed and asked what happened to Lady Katie and Sir Bradahad; Brad told her that chapter had not yet been written. He kissed her on the forehead, told her to have sweet dreams, and sat down in a chair to watch her fall asleep.

Margo arrived at the hospital and went to see how Jack was doing. She asked Carly what had happened to Kit, and Carly told both Margo and Jack that Kit was dead because she had shot her. Margo asked if Kit had at least confessed to having killed Sam before she died. Carly said Kit hadn't said anything, and Margo was upset to hear that Carly had killed the only other suspect they had in Sam's murder. Margo told Carly she was very sorry, "but clearing Parker just got a lot tougher."

Margo stepped out in the hallway to take a phone call, while Henry and Brad clamored for her attention, telling her to arrest Gray for Henry's kidnapping. Margo, frustrated, hung up her phone and told Henry to come down to the station with her. Gray told Henry this was a game that Henry was going to lose.

Gwen brought Parker to the hospital to see Jack. Carly told Parker what had happened, and Parker was upset because Carly could have been killed. He also realized this was bad for his case, but Carly said everyone would know now what kind of person Kit was, because she tried to kill Jack. Carly told Parker that Jack needed to rest, and Parker left with Gwen.

Casey went to see Will. Will told him about Gwen giving Hallie back to Sofie and about Jack having been shot. Will said he was glad Casey was there, because he could use a distraction. Casey told Will he needed to ask him for a huge favor. He explained to Will about Gray Girard and his previous identity, and he told Will that his friend Matt seemed to be involved with Gray. Casey asked Will if he could use his connections at the police station to get into the police computer and see what information he could find on Gray, because Casey's own reputation had been somewhat tarnished recently by his prison sentence. Will agreed, and they went to the police station.

At the station, Will spoke to an officer he knew, Detective Morrow, and told him that he was doing a project for his Criminal Justice class at college. Will said he needed access to a computer at the station to look up crime statistics for the past 5 years in more detail than he could get on a computer at the college. The officer told Will he could use his laptop in the interrogation room, and Will thanked him. He and Casey looked up Gray Girard on the computer and found nothing, but under the name Jerry Pulawski, they found a long rap sheet, including the fact that he had other aliases. As they were trying to determine what Gray's real name was, Officer Morrow came into the room and said he needed the laptop back.

When Detective Morrow finished with his computer, he told Will and Casey they could have 5 more minutes and gave it back to them. However, Margo walked in with Vienna, Henry, and Gray before they could find any more information. Margo asked what they were doing, and Casey told her they were doing research for a class. Will got a call from Gwen and had to leave. When Margo tried to look at the computer to see what Casey and Will had been researching, Casey closed the laptop and said it was just boring crime stats. Just then, a man was brought into the interrogation room and said he had come to confess to kidnapping Henry.

The man said his name was Irv Weiner, and he asked Margo to book him. Margo was amused by the idea of someone turning himself in rather than declaring his innocence. When Henry, Gray, and Vienna walked into the room, Henry greeted Irv by name. Irv said Henry owed him money, and that was why he had kidnapped him. He told Margo he had turned himself in because his wife had found out about it and told him she would leave him if he didn't confess. Henry asked how much Gray had paid him to say these things, but Irv insisted no one had paid him.

Margo told an officer to book Irv on a kidnapping charge. Gray told Vienna he was ready to go and asked her to leave with him. Henry reminded Vienna that they'd never had their date; Vienna agreed but said they couldn't do it that night. She told Henry she was glad he was free, but she left with Gray, telling Henry she was sorry. Gray took Vienna back to the Lakeview, where he told her to go upstairs and order a bottle of champagne and relax. After she left, Gray walked over to the bar to speak to Matt. Casey followed him and overheard him congratulate Matt on getting Irv to confess.

Casey went to the hospital and found Alison. He told her what he had found out about Gray. Alison asked if Matt was working for Gray, and Casey said it looked like it, but he didn't know if Matt was being forced to do so or not. Casey told her this information had to stay between them, and Alison agreed and shook Casey's hand.

Henry went to the bar at the Lakeview and told his troubles to Matt, who was tending bar. Matt told him it sounded like he'd gotten a raw deal, so he gave Henry a drink on the house.

Margo returned to the hospital, where she told Carly she had spoken to the DA but had been unable to convince her that Kit had killed Sam. The DA said there wasn't enough evidence to drop the charges against Parker, so Parker's trial would go on as scheduled. Margo apologized and left. Carly went back into Jack's room; Jack was sleeping, and Carly turned off the light in the room and laid down in the bed next to Jack.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Alison and Casey discussed Matt's relationship with Gray. Alison asked Casey to talk to Matt and find out what Gray was up to. Casey finally agreed and said he would let Alison know what he found out.

At the diner, Vienna worked while Gray tried to persuade her to return to the Lakeview with him. Matt appeared and gestured to Gray to come outside. Matt told Gray that Alison was suspicious of him and had already talked to Casey about him, so if Gray wanted his plan to work, they'd better move soon. Gray told Matt not to question his planning and suggested he discredit Alison and Casey. Gray said he had hired Matt to make his problems disappear. Gray went back into the diner, and when Matt turned around, he saw Casey, who said, "We need to talk."

Matt and Casey went to Java, where Casey told Matt that they both knew that Gray Girard was bad news. Matt asked what that had to do with him, and Casey said, "That's what I'd like to know." Matt said he didn't know that much about Gray, but Gray paid him well. Casey asked if it was enough to make it worth possibly going back to prison. Matt said if it bothered Casey that much, he'd find Gray and tell him he would quit working for him. Matt left.

Carly woke up in Jack's hospital room. When Jack awoke, he asked Carly if the DA had cleared Parker. Carly told him the DA was going ahead with Parker's trial unless they could provide solid evidence that Kit had killed Sam. Jack told Carly that if Kit really was in town the night Sam was killed, there must be evidence of it somewhere. Jack suggested they ask Katie and Brad to get Kit's picture on the air in case anyone had seen her in town on the night of Sam's murder. Carly agreed and left.

Carly first went to Will and Gwen's house and told Gwen the DA's decision regarding Parker's trial. Gwen asked what she could do, and Carly asked if she could keep Sage all day. Gwen agreed, and Carly asked if she was sure she could handle the baby and Sage. Gwen then told Carly about having given Hallie back to Sofie.

In her room at the Lakeview, Katie woke up and saw Brad sleeping on the couch. When she walked by him, he pulled her down onto the couch with him. Brad suggested ordering room service breakfast for two, but Katie didn't think that was a good idea. Brad said he understood that nothing had changed between them, but he said they still needed to eat. Katie agreed that having breakfast together was something friends do. Henry came in and said he couldn't eat, because it was over for good between him and Vienna. Brad told Henry to let Vienna go, saying "if you love something, set it free."

Katie told Henry that was horrible advice, and she told Brad that if you loved someone, you fought for them. Brad asked how long you were supposed to fight when it was painfully clear they loved someone else. Henry could see that the conversation suddenly was no longer about him, and he left. After more arguing about love, Brad and Katie finally realized Henry was no longer there; Brad told Katie she had scared Henry away with all her talk about Jack. Katie became angry and reminded Brad that she and Brad were just coworkers and friends.

Brad and Katie went to the TV studio to prepare for the day's taping. Carly arrived and asked them to put Kit's picture on the air; they both agreed, saying they would do anything for Parker.

Parker used his free period at school to go to the hospital to visit Jack. He told Jack he had decided to plead guilty to the charges against him so he could "make this whole thing be over." Parker didn't like that everyone in the family was being hurt by his situation, from Jack, who had almost been killed, to JJ, who was being picked on at school. Jack told Parker the worst thing that could happen to any of them was losing Parker. Carly called Jack and told him to turn on the TV; Parker and Jack watched as Brad and Katie broadcast Kit's picture.

Katie, Brad, and Carly monitored the phone lines at WOAK. Brad wondered how Kit had managed to avoid being caught after she came back to town when the police were trying to keep her under surveillance. It occurred to Carly that perhaps Kit had worn a disguise, and she said that maybe Kit had been wearing a disguise the night she killed Sam. Carly left to tell Jack her theory.

Katie paced, thinking about Parker. Brad told Katie it was clear she was thinking about Jack, too, and Katie admitted it. Brad then told Katie to forget about everything else and be with Jack. Brad pointed out that Jack hadn't dumped Katie the way Vienna had dumped Henry; Jack had believed Carly was dying when he walked away from Katie in the first place. Katie decided Brad was right, and she left to visit Jack.

At the hospital, Carly told Parker to get back to school; then she told Jack her theory about Kit having worn a disguise. Jack thought that was a good theory but wondered how they'd ever find someone who had seen the disguised Kit since they didn't know what kind of disguise she'd been wearing. Jack suggested following the trail of Cowboy Jack dummies, beginning with the one left in Carly's car at the shopping mall. Jack told Carly the mall would have surveillance video they could look at, and Carly said she'd take care of getting that. Jack protested that this had to be on the up-and-up, but Carly was on her way out the door before he could stop her.

Katie walked in and apologized for having interrupted Jack and Carly, but she told Jack she had to see him. She told him that she had tried to stay away but simply couldn't do it. Katie told Jack that obviously, she still had feelings for him, although she knew he was committed to Carly. Jack told her he was in no way committed to Carly.

Meanwhile, Carly went to the security office at the shopping mall. There, she made up a story for the security officer about having lost her wallet in the parking lot and said she had to get it back or her ex-husband would use it as a way to keep her kids away from her. The officer felt sorry for Carly and let her look at the security tape from the day she had been in the parking lot.

Henry went to the diner to talk to Vienna, and Gray tried to run him off before he could speak to her. Vienna asked Henry what he wanted; Gray wouldn't leave them alone, so Henry proceeded to tell Vienna how much he loved her. He also said that he could see that wasn't enough, so he had come to tell Vienna that he just wanted her to be happy. Henry said, "Goodbye," and kissed Vienna on the cheek.

Vienna told Henry he couldn't leave like this, but Henry said he couldn't bear to see her with someone else. He kissed her cheek again and left. Gray told Vienna they could go to London the following week and then to Paris, and that would make her feel better. Vienna said all she dreamed of was Henry, and Gray told her that would change. Vienna gently told Gray her feelings would never change, and Gray said he understood. He wished Vienna all the best and hugged her.

Matt came into the diner and asked Gray if the coast was clear. Gray told him Vienna had gone and wasn't coming back. Matt said he was sorry, but Gray said, "Don't be. Now I know what we have to do. It's time to put the plan into motion." Gray told Matt he wanted to move forward with his plan that very day and use Henry and Vienna as bait.

Sofie brought Hallie to work with her at the Lakeview, but Lisa told Sofie the baby couldn't be there. Sofie said she didn't have anyone who could watch Hallie. Hallie began to cry, and Lisa started to pick her up but noticed that she was very hot. Lisa told Sofie that Hallie had a high fever and needed to go to the hospital immediately.

At the hospital, Alison saw Sofie pacing in the hallway and asked her what was wrong. Sofie said Hallie was sick. The doctor came out of the examining room and told Sofie that although they had brought down Hallie's fever, she was severely anemic. The doctor said Hallie needed a blood transfusion, and she asked if Sofie was compatible. Sofie told her she was A positive, but the doctor said that wouldn't work and asked about the baby's father. Sofie told the doctor she didn't know where the father was, but the doctor said she needed to find him and bring him to the hospital ASAP.

Sofie called Cole and left him an urgent message. Alison told Sofie there might be another way, since Gwen and Cole were siblings. She suggested Sofie call Gwen to find out if she would be a match. Gwen and Will had taken Sage out shopping, when Sofie called Gwen and told her that Hallie was sick and needed her. When Gwen and Will arrived after dropping Sage off at the farm, Sofie and Alison filled them in on the situation, and Gwen went with Alison to be tested.

Will watched Sofie pacing and asked her how she had let it get this bad with the baby. Sofie told Will the fever had only started that morning, and she hadn't realized it was something so serious. Will relented and told Sofie he wasn't blaming her, but he was worried, too. Will told Sofie that Gwen loved Hallie and would do anything for her, including breaking her own heart and his heart, too. Sofie told Will she felt that she should have been the one who could help Hallie, but she couldn't. She said she had even called Cole, and Will asked her what the hell was wrong with her.

Sofie angrily told Will that Hallie's well-being was more important than Cole's status with her or with Will and Gwen, because the important thing right now was biology. Gwen came back and told them that she was a match. Sofie asked if Gwen wanted to see Hallie before donating blood to her, and Gwen said she did, so Sofie took Gwen and Will into Hallie's room. Will spotted Alison and thanked her for getting Sofie to call them in the first place. After Gwen gave blood for the transfusion, Will pointed out that she was now a part of Hallie. Gwen said Hallie was lucky to have so many people who loved her. At that moment, Cole walked up and said he hoped he wasn't too late.

Casey found Alison at the hospital and told her that Matt was lying to them. Alison took a break, and she and Casey went to Java. Casey thought they should drop the issue, but Alison disagreed. When Casey asked what they could do, Alison said she could start using the fact that Matt liked her to her advantage.

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