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January 6 to 10, 2014
E.J. wondered if his tryst with Abigail to prevent her from asking questions about Nick was worth the risk. Hope gave Brady news from John that might change his life. Victor tried to apologize to Marlena, but she told him that she would never forgive him for what he had done to Eric. Daniel and Nicole tried to help Brady work through his addiction. Brady and Theresa had an awkward run-in at an A.A. meeting. J.J. panicked when he thought that he would be caught with drugs. Hope realized that Ciara had problems at school. Kate drew Lucas into her scheme to take down Jordan. Lucas told Kate that he did not want to use Sheryl to get information about Jordan. Kate arranged for Sheryl and Jordan to meet. Kate listened in on Jordan and Sheryl's conversation. Daniel was close to proving Eric's innocence. Stefano ordered Dr. Chyka to keep Daniel from learning the truth about the drug that Kristen had used on Eric. Abigail opened up to Jennifer about her love life but left out the fact that she had slept with E.J. Jennifer caught E.J. off-guard. Nicole's interview with Eric stirred up her past feelings for him.
January 13 to 17, 2014
Adrienne let the cat out of the bag to Jennifer about Abigail and E.J. E.J. covered his tracks with Sami about why Abigail had been at the mansion. Jennifer warned Abigail to stay clear of E.J. Eric told Marlena that he had feelings for Nicole. Nicole was shocked to find Dr. Chyka in Daniel's apartment. Nicole and Eric were at Dr. Chyka's mercy. After Dr. Chyka left Eric and Nicole to die, Eric told Nicole that he loved her. J.J. came close to telling Daniel that Theresa was blackmailing him. Jennifer tried to help Daniel out of a jam. Theresa found a way to get what she wanted from Daniel. Julie talked to Kate and Gabi about Nick. Jordan accused Kate of inviting Sheryl to Salem so that Kate could learn more about Jordan's past. Lucas convinced Jordan that Kate knew nothing about why Sheryl was in town. Sonny asked Will to marry him. Brady and Theresa learned that they were both faking their rehab. Theresa freaked out when she found out that Nicole was Daniel's roommate. J.J. made plans to take down Theresa. Julie was hot to find out what had happened to Nick. While at Smith Island, Abigail and E.J. continued to fight their feelings for each other.
January 20 to 24, 2014
When they thought that they were going to die, Eric and Nicole confessed their love for each other. Daniel found Eric and Nicole just in time. Eric told Nicole that he needed time to think before he could make a commitment to her. On his way out of town, Brady bumped into Dr. Chyka at the airport, unaware that he was the person that had helped Kristen drug Eric. Brady felt guilty that he had not been there for Nicole and Eric because of his drinking. Theresa used Brady's drunken state to make points with Daniel. E.J. grilled Stefano and asked him where Dr. Chyka was hiding out. Abigail worried that Will knew that she had slept with E.J. Abigail asked E.J. if he had killed Nick. Sami decided to make a go of it with E.J. Julie asked Hope to help find Nick. E.J. could not stop Abigail from talking to Hope. Jordan and Rafe spent time with Lucas and Sheryl. J.J. convinced Bev to help him with Theresa. Hope was upset when she learned that Ciara had been harassing Chase, a new student at school. Hope and Aiden had an unpleasant meeting about their children. Kate, Sami, Will, and Sonny were worried about how Gabi would react when Hope questioned Gabi about Nick. Nick showed up at Arianna's christening, alive and well.
January 27 to 31, 2014
Kate, Sami, and Gabi were fearful that their secret about Nick would be revealed. Nick told everyone that he could not remember what had happened to him, but E.J. and Hope thought that there was more to his story. Kate and Gabi felt uneasy after talking to Nick. Nick played it cool, but he was out for revenge. E.J. almost had sex with Abigail again in an attempt to stop her from talking to Hope. E.J. told Sami that things had to change and to be wary of Nick's motives. Rafe was angry with Gabi because she had not told him that Nick was back in town. Jordan helped Rafe out after he had a heated meeting with Nick. Rafe asked Jordan about her past. Eric told Nicole that he was leaving town to go on a retreat. Father Timothy counseled Eric and asked him if he still wanted to remain a priest. Daniel and Nicole left town to find Dr. Chyka so that they could clear Eric's name. Bev helped J.J. with his plan to stop Theresa, but J.J. worried that Theresa would not take the bait. Brady continued to drink and avoid A.A. meetings. Maggie called it quits as Brady's sponsor. Hope had a difficult meeting with Aiden about their children. Nick's new friend stunned Kate.
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February 3 to 7, 2014
Abigail put Adrienne in her place and told her to stop gossiping about her and E.J. J.J. learned that Justin would not be at his court hearing. Brady tempted Theresa and coaxed her to have a drink with him. Kate gave E.J. and Gabi a heads-up about Nick's new friend, Percy. Kate and Gabi thought that Nick knew that they had tried to kill him. E.J. tried to keep Sami from learning the truth about him and Abigail. Theresa took the bait for J.J.'s scheme. Theresa blamed her talk with Brady for allowing J.J. to get the upper hand on her. Theresa was out for revenge on J.J. Brother Timothy offered a new option to Eric about his future as a priest. Daniel and Nicole tracked down Dr. Chyka and found out where he was hiding out. As Dr. Chyka started to confess to Nicole and Daniel that he had drugged Eric, Stefano's thug arrived. Daniel and Nicole realized that they were in grave danger. Hope met with Aiden and disliked him even more after they had talked. Kate broke into Jordan's apartment and found proof that Jordan was not who she claimed to be. Will tried to calm Gabi's nerves.
February 10 to 14, 2014
Abigail could not control her feelings for E.J., even after he urged her to move on with her life. Nicole found Dr. Chyka's file that could clear Eric's name. Eric told Nicole that he loved her and that he had asked to be released from his vows. Nicole admitted to Eric that she loved him. Nicole had second thoughts about revealing Dr. Chyka's file to Eric for fear that she would lose him. Lucas helped Kate out of a jam. Nick admitted to Kate, Gabi, and Sami that he knew that they had tried to murder him. Nick forgave Gabi and told her that he was to blame for forcing himself on her. Percy revealed photos to Kate, Sami, and Gabi that could prove what they had done to Nick. Kate, Gabi, and Sami knew that Nick had the upper hand on them. Jordan pulled a prank on Rafe about her cat, Arthur. Rafe and Jordan made love for the first time. Hope and Aiden kept bumping into each other, and it seemed to make matters worse between them. E.J. and Sami realized how much they still loved each other. Theresa made her presence known to J.J. at the courthouse. J.J. received good news from the judge. Victor tried to talk to Brady about his drinking. Will told Sonny that he would marry him.
February 17 to 21, 2014
J.J. ruined Theresa's plan to force Daniel to sleep with her. E.J. lied to Sami about the conversation he'd had with Abigail. Sami and E.J. worked things out and got back together. Abigail told E.J. that she would not give him up. Ciara's comments made things worse between Hope and Aiden. Someone spied on Rafe and Jordan. Eric told Roman and Marlena that he had resigned from the priesthood. Wanting a future with Eric, Nicole destroyed Dr. Chyka's notes that would have cleared Eric's name. Brady had harsh words for Eric. Sonny and Will told Lucas and Sami that they were engaged. Gabi told Sonny that she wanted to give Nick another chance. Sonny accused Gabi of siding with Nick against Kate and Sami. J.J. was upset that Jennifer went out with Ian again. J.J. told Jennifer the truth that he was the one who had been with Theresa the night that she had overdosed. Jennifer was shocked to learn that Daniel had never slept with Theresa and that he had lied to everyone about it to protect J. J. from going to jail. Daniel stuck up for Nicole to Marlena.
February 24 to 28
Jennifer and Daniel cleared the air and were back together again. Brady asked Theresa to hang out with him. E.J. tried to end things with Abigail. Sami attacked Nicole when Sami learned that Eric was leaving the priesthood. Eric asked Nicole out on a date. Nicole felt guilty for destroying the evidence that could have cleared Eric's name. J.J. opened up to Abigail about what had been going on in his life. Sami and E.J. decided on a May wedding. Brady accused Victor and Maggie of spying on him. Hope and Aiden were forced to work together on the church bake sale. Just when Aiden and Hope seemed civil to each other, they had another run-in. Nick prevented Gabi from going out with T. Nick manipulated Gabi to make her believe and trust in him again. Ben, someone from Jordan's past, showed up in Salem. Jordan was rattled that Ben had followed her to Salem. Abigail and E.J. agreed that they could never be together. Marlena asked Stefano to put her in touch with Dr. Chyka.
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MARCH 2014
March 3 to 7, 2014
Nick was up to his old tricks again; he warned Sonny to stay out of his way and then blackmailed Sami. Sami asked Gabi if she was planning move out of the apartment out after Will and Sonny were married. Brady and Theresa harassed Eric and Nicole on their first date out in public. Daniel and Jennifer made love. J.J. met a beautiful woman in Horton Square. Rafe was shocked and confused at Jordan's decision to leave Salem. Kate got a lead on Jordan's past. Brady and Marlena both had strained meetings with John. Brady told John to stay out of his life. Hope was devastated to learn that Bo was on a secret mission and that he would not be home for a long time. Sami and Hope had words about the earrings that Sami had bought for Ciara. Marlena tried to talk Eric out of getting involved with Nicole. Hope and Aiden almost called a truce. Jennifer ended things with Liam, but he was out for revenge. Abigail panicked when she thought that she might be pregnant. Things heated up between Eric and Nicole. Daniel warned Brady to stay away from Theresa.
March 10 to 14, 2014
Abigail and E.J. panicked when they thought that she might be pregnant. Abigail told E.J. that she did not want to see the doctor that he suggested. Nicole was shocked when Eric told her that he would not have sex before marriage. Paige's friend reminded J.J. of his past and ruined his chances of spending more time with Paige. Jennifer learned that she had been the target of a smear campaign, but she was unaware that Liam was behind it. Rafe was thrilled when Jordan changed her mind and decided to stay in Salem. Gabi's trust in Nick grew stronger. Marlena did not get the answers that she had wanted after talking to Dr. Chyka. Stefano was furious with Marlena because she did not live up to her side of the bargain. Eric blasted Marlena for going behind his back to prove that Nicole had lied to him. Stefano and Nicole had harsh words for each other. Sami and Adrienne helped Will and Sonny plan their wedding. Hope started to see the nicer side of Aiden. E.J. tried to avoid Sami so that she would not see him with Abigail. Daniel found evidence of what Nicole had been keeping from Eric. Marlena turned to Roman after she had a fight with John.
March 17 to 21, 2014
Nicole lied to Daniel about the evidence that he found in her hotel room. Jennifer tried to find out who was harassing her. Abigail was relieved that she was not pregnant. E.J. assured Abigail that if she had been pregnant that he would have been part of his child's life. Sami and Lucas were happy that they had remained good friends. Liam tried to get to know Theresa so that she could help him get back at Jennifer for dumping him. Brady was annoyed to find Theresa with Liam. Liam turned to his dark side over his obsession with Jennifer. J.J. was upset at Rory and Bev's prank that ruined his chances with Paige. Stefano found out about E.J. and Abigail's tryst. Ben learned that Jordan was staying in town because of Rafe. Maggie walked in on Brady and Theresa about to have sex. Daniel and Jennifer's dinner party did not go as planned. Maxine took Jennifer and Daniel off guard when she asked them to save her a seat at their wedding. Nicole tried to seduce Eric, but he refused to give in. Eric wondered if he could still have a future with Nicole. Hope and Aiden called a truce. Kate walked out on Stefano's dinner for two. Nick continued to draw Gabi into his world.
March 24 to 28, 2014
Nick learned that Kate had hired Sheryl as a way to find out more about Jordan. Sami warned Kate to stay clear of Stefano. John tried to bribe Theresa to get her away from Brady. Rafe was upset with Jordan because she had not told him that Ben was her brother. Sonny and Will asked Marlena to marry them. Abigail had it out with E.J. Eric realized that he could not marry Nicole. Theresa caught on to Liam's sick plan to get back at Jennifer and Daniel. Theresa decided to tell Daniel about Liam's plan, but when Daniel threatened her, she changed her mind. To spite Daniel, Theresa agreed to help Liam with his plan. Brady asked Jennifer to tell him the truth about Theresa. Marlena tried to make amends with Nicole. John tried to talk some sense into Brady, but Brady wanted no part of it. J.J. was surprised to learn how much Paige knew about him. Nick tried to make Will question his future with Sonny. Eric caught Nicole trashing evidence, unaware that it could have cleared his name. Brady and Theresa made love. After meeting Aiden, Kayla asked Hope what she thought about him. Aiden was annoyed with Hope when he heard what she said to Kayla about him.
March 31 to April 4, 2014
Jennifer told Daniel that she thought that Nicole had lied to her. Hope was shocked when Aiden told her that he would never get involved with Kayla or anyone else. Will and Sonny prepared for their wedding day. Marlena asked E.J. and Sami to help her out of a jam. Sami's past almost stopped Will and Sonny's wedding. Caroline's heart-warming wedding speech was a big hit. Sami and Adrienne went at each other again at Will and Sonny's wedding reception. Marlena had harsh words for John. Ben was smitten when he met Abigail. Liam planted a bug in Jennifer's house. Liam tried to make Daniel look bad in Jennifer's eyes, but his plan backfired. Liam was out of control. Roman was livid when he learned that Theresa and Brady were more than just friends. Nicole was heartbroken when Eric told her that he could not marry her. Theresa told Brady about her cocaine dealer. Things got hot between Nick and Gabi.
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APRIL 2014
April 7 to 11, 2014
Stefano told a shocked E.J. that he knew about E.J.'s affair with Abigail. Eric asked Nicole to marry him. Brady told Theresa that he did not want to use cocaine. Hope and Aiden were upset that they might have to work together again. Hope heard Aiden talking with his son and later rescued Chase from a mugger. Sheryl learned that Kate had hired her to get information about Jordan's past. Sheryl threatened Kate, but Kate got the upper hand. Lucas was furious that Kate's scheming had ruined his chances with Sheryl. Kate forced Sheryl to accept a promotion to get her out of town. Rafe pressured Jordan to talk about her past. Ben flirted with Abigail when she stopped by the coffee bar. J.J. asked Paige out on a date. Bev was jealous of Paige and J.J. Liam found a new way to break up Daniel and Jennifer. Liam laced Daniel's protein drink with drugs. Kayla had no choice but to suspend Daniel for alleged drug use. Abe helped Maxine through a bad day. Nicole suspected that Liam might have been involved in what had happened to Daniel. Sonny urged Will to draw up a formal custody agreement. Sami was livid with Gabi for lying to her about Nick. Julie told Nick to break things off with Gabi.
April 14 to 18, 2014
Will blasted Sami for upsetting Gabi and asked Sami to return the key to his apartment. Rafe beat up Nick. E.J., Kate, Sami, and Will told Rafe to lay off Nick for everyone's best interest. Rafe decided to investigate Nick and find out what everyone was hiding. Nick played Gabi and told her that Will's suggestion to have a custody agreement was a good idea. Nick talked Gabi out of using Justin as her lawyer. Eric told Marlena that he was going to marry Nicole. Nicole accused Liam of being involved in what had happened to Daniel. Liam blackmailed Nicole and told that he knew that she had destroyed evidence that could have cleared Eric's name. Nicole tried to confess to Daniel, but she lost her nerve. Liam went off the deep end when he could not make any headway with Jennifer, and he devised an even more sinister plan to get rid of Daniel. Marybeth's plan to break up Paige and J.J. made them get closer. J.J. confided in Paige about his past. Aiden and Marlena talked. Brady promised Daniel and Jennifer that he would stop drinking so that he could help Daniel. Brady explained to Theresa why he had to end things with her. Aiden and Hope had fun together, working on St. Luke's summer gala. Someone sent a photo of Abigail and E.J. to E.J. at the mansion.
April 21 to 25, 2014
The photo of E.J. and Abigail forced E.J. to think about how his life would be ruined if Sami learned the truth about his affair. E.J. realized that Kate had not sent the photo of him and Abigail to the mansion. Nicole met with Liam's ex-wife and learned of Liam's dangerous past. Daniel was relieved at the results of his hearing. Jennifer told Daniel about the pills that she had discovered in his apartment and that she was determined to find out who had framed him. Liam's plan to break up Daniel and Jennifer, for the last time, backfired. Liam went off the deep end and took drastic measures to win back Jennifer's heart. Nick convinced Gabi that Sami had a plan to take Arianna away from her. Nick and Gabi met with Aiden to draw up a custody agreement. Aiden was concerned about Nick's influence on Gabi. J.J. and Paige fought about their future. Daniel pressured Theresa to admit that she had framed him. Theresa was frantic that someone would find out that she had given Liam the key to Daniel's apartment. Nicole turned to Rafe for help with Liam. Nick threatened Sami to get what he wanted. Jennifer was shocked to find Liam at the Horton cabin.
April 28 to May 2, 2014
Jennifer was shocked when she learned that Liam had drugged Daniel and that Liam was obsessed with her. Nicole's efforts to save Jennifer from Liam left both women fearing for their lives. Theresa told Daniel, Eric, and Brady what she knew about Liam and warned them about him. Daniel and Eric rushed to Smith Island to find Jennifer and Nicole. Nicole shot Daniel by mistake as she and Jennifer tried to escape from Liam. Liam was killed in a fight with Daniel. Theresa worried that someone would find out about her part in Liam's scheme. Abigail was upset with Ben for trying to help her when he thought that Nick was harassing her. E.J. learned that Percy was the one who had taken the photo of him and Abigail. E.J. made Percy a deal to get out town that Percy could not refuse. Ciara proposed a plan to Aiden that would make the fundraiser a success. Bev warned Paige to stay away from J.J. Will worried that Gabi would give in to Nick's version of the custody agreement. Gabi realized that Nick was controlling her, but she felt trapped with no way out. Sami turned to Rafe and Abigail for help to stop Nick. Kate gave Jordan shocking news about her past that could ruin things between her and Rafe.
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MAY 2014
May 5 to 9, 2014
E.J. and Sami ordered a hit on Nick. Sami thought twice about her and E.J.'s decision to get rid of Nick. Abigail was shocked when Nick told her that he knew about her affair with E.J. E.J. assured Abigail that he would not let Nick expose their affair. Nick taunted Will, and an enraged Will punched Nick. Will realized that Nick had something on Abigail. Lucas and Kate were furious about Nick's plan to keep Will from Arianna. Sonny took drastic steps to protect his family. Will learned that Sonny was willing to shoot Nick to protect him. Jordan and Kate got physical. Jordan felt threatened by Kate's news and decided to leave town. With Ben's help, Rafe convinced Jordan to stay in Salem. Aiden and Ciara's plan amused Hope. Eric surprised Nicole with a ring. Eric and Nicole told Jennifer of their marriage plans. While at Smith Island, Daniel realized that Nicole had hidden evidence that would have cleared Eric's name. Paige and J.J. got back together. J.J. told Bev that he only wanted to be friends with her. Julie convinced Nick to get help with his problems. Someone shot Nick, and there was no shortage of suspects.
May 12 to 16, 2014
Nick's shocking murder left most everyone in Salem a suspect and on edge. On her phone, Marlena discovered a message from Nick asking for her help. Brady told Theresa that he wanted to slow things down. Jennifer helped Abigail deal with her feelings in the aftermath of Nick's death. Daniel discovered that Nicole hid evidence that could have cleared Eric's name. Daniel confronted Nicole and pressured her to come clean to Eric or else he would expose her lies. Jennifer and Eric wanted to know what Daniel and Nicole were hiding from them. Hope questioned everyone who was at Horton Square when Nick had died. Will told Hope that he'd had a fight with Nick a few hours before the murder and that he had threatened to kill Nick. Hope showed E.J. a photo of him and Nick a few hours before the murder. Sami felt guilty about the decisions that she and E.J. had made. Abigail and Ben kissed. Sami met face-to-face with E.J.'s hit man. Kate discovered that her gun was missing.
May 19 to 23, 2014
Nicole and Eric made love. Sami and E.J. learned that their hit man had not murdered Nick. Theresa ruined J.J.'s first date with Paige. John's attempt to make peace with his son sent Brady into Theresa's arms. Hope was quietly amused about Aiden's plan for the fundraiser. Gabi changed the custody agreement so that it was fair to everyone. Eric told Marlena and Sami that he and Nicole were engaged. Daniel pressured Nicole to tell Eric the truth. Nicole panicked and then tried to convince Eric that they should elope. Nicole lied to Eric and told him that the reason she wanted to elope was that Daniel was in love with her. Abigail was horrified to learn that E.J. had hired a hit man to kill Nick. E.J. asked Abigail to keep quiet about what he had told her. Kate accused Lucas of stealing her gun to kill Nick. Hope caught Lucas in a lie. Lucas admitted to Hope that he had stolen Kate's gun and planned to meet Nick at the park. Lucas said that when he had arrived at the park, someone had already shot Nick. Lucas became a prime suspect in Nick's murder. Sami and Kate went at it about Stefano. Jordan and Ben feared that their secret past would be revealed.
May 26 to 30, 2014
Hope searched the Kiriakis mansion and found the gun that had killed Nick. Victor thought that Sonny had shot Nick and tried to protect him. Will confessed to Nick's shooting. Sami, E.J., Lucas, and Sonny tried to convince Will not to sign the confession. Sonny feared that he would lose Will forever. Hope suspected that there was more to Will's story than what he had told the police. Abigail thought it was strange that Ben refused a good-paying job. Bev tried to make Paige believe that Bev had had sex with J. J. John was unaware that he caused Brady to use drugs again. J.J. overheard Nicole tell a friend that she and Eric planned to elope. Nicole tried to stop Daniel from talking to Eric. Daniel had it out with Nicole after he realized that she had never told Eric the truth. Jennifer was shocked to learn that Nicole had hidden evidence from Eric that could have cleared his name. Jennifer told Eric the truth before he and Nicole eloped. Nicole was desperate to save her future with Eric. Hope encouraged Gabi to go to the police station and make things right. Gabi told Will that she knew that he had not shot Nick because she had.
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JUNE 2014
June 2 to 6, 2014
Gabi confessed to Nick's murder. Gabi realized that her life and the lives of her loved ones would be changed forever. Gabi told Marlena the truth about why Nick had had a hold over her. Sami suspected that Gabi had told Marlena the truth about what had happened in the woods with Nick. Eric was enraged at Nicole when he learned that she had betrayed him. Nicole begged Eric to forgive her, but he walked out on her. Jennifer wondered if her decision to tell Eric the truth was the right thing to do. Sami and Jordan had harsh words for each other. John and Brady went at it again over Brady's drug use and friendship with Theresa. Theresa looked on as John and Brady's fistfight spun out of control. Hope warned John and Brady to clean up their act. Ben panicked when Paige remembered that she had met him before in Miami. Aiden was there for Hope when she needed him.
June 9 to 13, 2014
Nicole blamed Daniel and Jennifer for turning her life upside down. Eric asked Nicole to give back her engagement ring to him. Eric told Sami and Marlena that he'd broken off his engagement to Nicole. Jennifer admitted to Daniel that she did not think that he would have ever told Eric the truth. Daniel was crushed that Jennifer had such little faith in him. Gabi told a shocked Abigail that she was the reason that Melanie had left town. Bev tried to set Paige up. Kate reached out to a grateful Gabi. Marlena laid into Sami and Kate about what they had done to Nick in the woods. Gabi's remorse could not calm Julie's rage. Hope stopped Julie from objecting to Gabi's court hearing. A tearful Gabi said goodbye to loved ones and left town to serve out her prison term. Victor warned Brady to shape up or else. Ben convinced Jordan to stand by Rafe. E.J. and Sami were not happy to learn that Kate and Stefano were back on good terms. E.J. and Sami warned Kate not to interfere with their wedding plans. Sonny told Will that he had been keeping a secret from Will about Gabi and Melanie. Rafe and Daniel's friendship was put to the test. Ben helped Abigail through a rough day.
June 16 to 20, 2014
Sami asked Abigail to help her plan the wedding. Rafe opened up to Kate then they slept together. John accused Brady of using drugs again. Nicole and Sami fought. Kate spied Jordan and Ben together. Jennifer tried to fix things with Daniel, but he told her they needed time apart. Jennifer looked through her high school yearbook and remembered some good and bad times from the past. Hope helped Jennifer through a rough day. Will and Sonny tried to adjust to life without Gabi. Eric asked Nicole to speak to the bishop. Nicole had harsh words with Marlena and Eric. Nicole decided not to help Eric reclaim his future as a priest. Sami was shocked after she learned the truth about E.J. and Abigail's affair. Sami decided to get revenge on Abigail and E.J. the DiMera way. Victor fired Kate. Abigail found herself in the middle of Sami and Kate's food fight. Theresa caused trouble for J.J. and Paige. Daniel's new patient was no stranger to Salem. Paige's mother, Eve, returned to Salem. Eve told Paige to avoid her aunt Theresa. Brady told Theresa that he wanted more than friendship. Aiden impressed Hope with his plan to save the gala. Sami and Kate revealed that they had a secret plan.
June 23 to June 27, 2014
J.J. thought that Paige's mother was someone else. Jennifer was shocked to learn that Eve, her high school rival, was Paige's mother. Jennifer was livid after Eve said that she intended to cash in on half the profits of Jack's book. Abigail found herself in E.J.'s arms again. E.J. asked Marlena to attend the wedding, but she refused. Sami continued to put Abigail on edge as the big day approached. Sami and Kate continued to meet secretly about their big plan. Rafe sensed that something was up with Sami. E.J. asked Will to be his best man. Brady asked Maggie for help. Theresa found a way to keep Brady under her thumb. Kate offered Jordan advice on how to help Rafe. Jordan told Ben that she was ready to tell Rafe the truth about their past. Kate met with someone who had known Jordan. Daniel blasted Nicole for not pulling through for Eric. Hope and Aiden were happy that Ciara and Chase had become friends. Nicole decided to do the right thing.
June 30 to July 4, 2014
Kate learned that Clyde was Jordan and Ben's father. Jordan and Ben talked about their past. Nicole met with the bishop to try to clear Eric's name. Theresa was upset that Eve flirted with Brady. Brady and Daniel had it out. Theresa filled in Eve about everything that had been going on in Salem during the past year. Eve and Jennifer's fight about the proceeds of Jack's book ruined J.J. and Paige's graduation day. Jennifer told a shocked J.J. that Theresa was Paige's aunt. Paige asked J.J. what had happened between him and Theresa. Eve made a play for Daniel. Sami and E.J. were married. Rafe arrested E.J., based on a tip, shortly after the wedding. E.J. was clueless about Sami's betrayal and that she had set him up. Marlena and Roman told Sami that they would be there for her. E.J. blamed Stefano for tipping off the police. Sami and Kate continued their master plan of revenge. Jennifer and Daniel's attempts to reach out to each other failed. Clyde contacted Kate about his trip to Salem. Hope suspected that someone had set up E.J. Hope talked to Aiden about his late wife. Theresa and Caroline shared a nice moment.
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JULY 2014
July 7 to 11, 2014
Nicole offered to help E.J. with his case, but he wanted no part of it. Sami and Kate played out their scheme and forced the board to elect them as co-CEO's. E.J. asked Abigail to keep quiet about what she knew. Sami told a horrified E.J. that she knew that he had cheated on her with Abigail. Sami revealed her plan of revenge to a devastated E.J. Sami lashed out at Abigail for betraying her and having an affair with E.J. Jennifer tried to comfort Abigail after Sami left her in tears. Clyde arrived in Salem and met with Kate, who told him where to find Jordan. Clyde spied on Jordan and Ben. Brady threatened John and tried to get his father out of his life. Brady and Theresa jetted off to Las Vegas. Theresa used Brady's drunken state as part of her own agenda. Jennifer's plan to settle things with Eve for J.J. and Paige's sake did not go as planned. Eve asked Daniel out on a date, but he refused. Eve and J.J. reached an understanding. Hope caught Aiden's eye. A waltz sparked romance for Hope and Aiden. Marlena displayed a new talent to save the gala.
July 14 to 18, 2014
John learned that Theresa had deceived Brady and tricked him into marrying her. When John told Theresa that he was going to tell Brady what she had been up to, Theresa panicked and hit John in the head. Theresa covered her tracks and let a drunken Brady think that he had attacked his father. At the hospital, Brady worried that he had killed his father. Theresa continued to lie to the police and Daniel about what had happened to John. Sami told a shocked Will and Sonny that E.J. and Abigail had had an affair. Eric tried to convince Sami to stop her plan for revenge. Hope and Aiden could not stop thinking about the special moment they shared at the gala. Sami spread the news around town about Abigail and E.J.'s torrid affair. Abigail and Eve had a terrible fight in Horton Square. E.J. pleaded with Sami for forgiveness, but all she wanted was revenge. Sami was surprised that Kate had moved into the DiMera mansion. Marlena was upset to learn of John's injury. Will's new writing assignment might put him at odds with his family and loved ones. Sami learned that Rafe had cheated on Jordan with Kate. Ben asked Abigail about E.J. Jordan and Ben were shocked to learn that Clyde had found them and that he planned to stay in Salem.
July 21 to 25, 2014
Daniel told Brady that John was in a coma and might not recover. Brady told Maggie that he planned to make a major life change. Fearing that the truth would come out, a frantic Theresa made plans to leave town. Brady called it quits with Theresa. Eric and Nicole shared a tense sexual moment. Eric learned that he needed Nicole to testify on his behalf at the Vatican if he hoped to clear his name. Jennifer had harsh words for Daniel after she saw him with Eve. Jennifer gave E.J. a piece of her mind about his affair with Abigail. E.J. pleaded with Sami for them to get back together. Sami broke down in tears after her talk with Caroline. Sami thought about giving E.J. a second chance, but Johnny's words changed her mind. Will warned Sami to stop her plan of revenge against Abigail. Paige asked J.J. about his past. Ben told Abigail about his past life and that Jordan was his sister. Clyde's talk with Jordan rattled her. Hope and Aiden could not stop thinking about each other. Hope was shocked when Ciara invited Aiden and Chase to join them on vacation. Rafe realized that Kate cared more for him than he had thought. Paige bolted from her date with J.J. after he tried to have sex with her.
July 28 to August 1, 2014
Kristen returned to Salem and was up to no good. Kristen kidnapped Daniel so she could get to Brady, but Daniel turned the tables on her. Abe told Brady that he was off the hook for his part in John's accident. Marlena had a feeling that something bad was going to happen. Nicole told Eric that she would go to Rome with him and testify on his behalf. Eric struggled with his feelings for Nicole. Eve blackmailed Theresa into helping her. Sami forced Kayla to fire Abigail or lose funding for the hospital. Will was determined to stop Sami's plan of revenge. Abigail gave Sami a piece of her mind. Kate offered Victor a business deal that he could not refuse. E.J. was shocked at Victor's business offer to him. Clyde threatened Jordan and Ben. Jordan had no choice but to introduce Rafe to Clyde. Sami told a speechless Jordan that Rafe had had sex with Kate. Eve turned to Maggie for help, but Maggie threw her out of the mansion.
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August 4 to 8, 2014
Daniel told Kristen that she had to pay for her crimes. Kristen told Daniel the truth about what she had done to ruin Eric and Brady's lives. J.J. had harsh words for Sami. Sami shocked Adrienne by making her think that Justin had had an affair with Kayla. Jordan got into a fight with Kate and slapped her. Rafe wanted answers from Sami about what she had said to Jordan, but Sami thought that Rafe wanted her back. Jordan told Rafe they were through. Ben beat up Rafe for cheating on Jordan. Sonny asked Victor for a favor, but he refused and told Sonny that it was in his and Will's best interest. Will decided to write the cover story about his mom and E.J. E.J. offered Victor a business deal. Eric's name was cleared. Eric, though grateful, told the cardinal that he could not return to the priesthood due to his mixed feelings for Nicole. Eric told a devastated Nicole that he hated her, and she was the reason that he could not return to the priesthood. E.J. thought he still had a chance with Sami until Kate stepped in. E.J. warned Kate that she would regret her actions. Eve and Jennifer had their day in court. Theresa tried to avoid Marlena when Marlena questioned her about John's accident. Paige told a shocked Eve and J.J. that she had decided not to attend Stanford in the fall.
August 11 to 15, 2014
Sami fought her feelings for E.J. and decided to take legal action against him. Kristen's return to Salem wreaked havoc for many who wanted her to pay for her crimes. E.J. told Kristen that he would not represent her, even at the risk of his own safety. Kristen turned to Stefano for help. Marlena stopped Brady from making a big mistake with Kristen. E.J. warned Kate that Stefano might be after her and Sami. Sonny felt guilty for not telling Will that he had gotten Will the job at the magazine. Sami had it out with Will about the article he'd written about her and E.J. Eric told Marlena he would not return to the priesthood. Theresa told Eve to stay away from Brady or else. Hope was shocked that Aiden asked Jennifer out on a date. Hope asked Jennifer about her plans with Aiden. Marlena tried to get through to John. Clyde made plans for his future with Ben and Jordan. Clyde and Ben reached an understanding. Jordan struggled with her feelings for Rafe.
August 18 to 22, 2014
Sonny had harsh words for Will over the article. Will was under siege from family and friends when the article broke. E.J. learned that Sami had leaked Abigail's name to the publisher and called Sami on her actions. Ben helped Abigail get through a difficult day. Kate and Marlena tried to talk to Will about the consequences of his actions. Sonny had a few choices words for Sami. Sami was in a jam with the board and had to ask E.J. for help. Eve's plan to have Theresa talk sense into Paige did not go as planned. Eve had no choice but to accept Jennifer's offer or risk losing the case in court. Hope learned that Aiden had lied to her about his date with Jennifer. Hope and Aiden agreed that they should only be friends for the moment. Brady felt stressed knowing Kristen was back in town. Nicole got the chance to confront Kristen. Eric testified at Kristen's grand jury hearing. Daniel noticed Theresa seemed more on edge than usual. Lucas encouraged Rafe to find a way to get back with Jordan. Clyde pressured Kate to help him make contacts in Salem. Kristen turned mayhem into magic in court and was granted bail. Brady met face-to-face with Kristen in the park.
August 25 to 29, 2014
Daniel was shocked to find Kristen in John's room. Kristen had a plan to make things right with Brady by helping John. Will was furious when he learned that Sonny had gotten him the job at the magazine. Will and Sonny had harsh words for each other. Sonny worried that his and Will's marriage was at risk. Abigail slapped Sami and warned her to stay out of her life or else. E.J. made headway with Sami after he agreed to talk to the board of directors. Julie had advice for E.J. Lucas let E.J. have it. Aiden and Hope had an honest talk about their feelings when they bumped into each other at the park. Hope was touched when Aiden admitted that he was attracted to her. Sami and Kate panicked when they learned that Stefano was on his way back to Salem. Abigail thought of E.J. when she was with Ben. Jordan asked Rafe for a favor. Clyde's plans meant trouble for Kate, Rafe, Jordan, and Ben. Maggie let Victor off the hook for his part in Will's article.
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September 1 to 5, 2014
Kristen revealed to Daniel, Kayla, and Marlena that she had a drug that could save John's life. Kristen held all the cards, and Marlena was forced to choose between John and Eric. Marlena asked Eric to let Kristen go free to save John. Brady's words struck a chord with Eric. Eric told Kristen he would agree to her terms, but there were conditions. Brady slept with Theresa to keep his mind off Kristen. Kristen and Theresa had an ugly run-in. Nicole got the cold shoulder from most everyone in town. Aiden's kiss took Hope by surprise. Stefano's phone call rattled Kate. Sami and Kate tried to keep Stefano at bay. Ben realized that Abigail still had feelings for E.J. E.J. gave Rafe the evidence he needed to seal Stefano's fate. Clyde met E.J. Jordan could not shake past memories of what Clyde had done to her.
September 8 to 12, 2014
Kate forced Sami to lie to Rafe to keep Stefano out of town. Kate was not happy that E.J. and Sami were close to getting back together. E.J. decided to give Clyde a chance to prove his worth. Hope had Aiden on her mind. Hope told Kayla that Aiden had feelings for her. Hope misunderstood what was going on between Aiden and Nicole. Eve blackmailed a hooker to break up J.J. and Paige. Daniel and Kayla told Brady that they might have a cure for John. Theresa freaked out when Kristen told her John might recover. Brady and Marlena stood vigil at John's bedside to see if the drug had worked. Chad surprised E.J. at the mansion and punched him in the face. Kristen realized Theresa, not Brady, had caused John's injury.
September 15 to 19, 2014
Chad had it out with E.J. Daniel refused to work with Kristen to flush out Theresa. Paige was shocked to receive pictures of J.J. making out with Jill. J.J. tried to convince Paige that he had not cheated on her and had been set up. Hope admitted to Aiden that she had feelings for him. Hope sent Bo a goodbye letter then filed for divorce. Aiden asked Hope out on a date, and she accepted. Chad offered to help Kate with Stefano. Sami got through to Roman about why she wanted to get back together with E.J. Sami forgave E.J. and told him she wanted to be with him. Roman set things straight with Kate about Sami. Ben learned that Chad was his boss. Chad accused Ben of stealing the money from the club. Sonny gave Will the thumbs-up to write the article about Chad. Kate reluctantly agreed to have dinner with Clyde. Rafe walked in on Clyde threatening Jordan. Jordan pushed Rafe away for fear of what Clyde might do to him.
September 22 to 26, 2014
J.J. told Jennifer and Abigail about what had happened at the party. Jennifer chastised Daniel for keeping the incident from her. Eve remained determined to break up Paige and J.J. Caroline initially seemed supportive of Hope's decision to divorce Bo, but she changed her mind after realizing that Hope had agreed to go on a date with Aiden. John emerged from his coma but exhibited signs of memory loss. Theresa was thrilled with the development, but John later had a dream about an altercation at the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole encouraged Eric to double-cross Kristen, but he kept his end of the bargain. After getting advice from Kristen, Chad took a new approach to dealing with his enemies, pretending to be on Stefano's side while harboring his own agenda. Chad agreed to let Will write an article about him. Rafe showed signs of jealousy when he saw Chad flirting with Jordan. Kate had dinner with Clyde, who wanted to go into business with her. Clyde pitched E.J. a plan to increase profits, but E.J. dismissed the idea and belittled Clyde. Clyde later arranged a meeting with E.J.'s middleman, who seemed more receptive to Clyde's proposal. Kate complained to Clyde that she wanted E.J. to disappear. Sami and E.J. made love and later exchanged private vows and new rings. Susan unexpectedly showed up at the DiMera mansion to talk to E.J.
September 29 to October 3, 2014
Susan warned E.J. that there was evil around him. Paige learned about Kayla's rape. J.J. felt guilty that he had not told Paige that Jack had raped Kayla. Kristen told Sami that E.J. had lied to her about Eric. Sami grilled E.J. about her talk with Kristen. Kristen had it out with Susan. Stefano was angry that E.J. and Sami were back together. Eve warned J.J. to stay away from Paige. Paige turned on Eve to support J.J. Kate and Chad planned to take down Stefano. Clyde moved forward with his plan to double-cross E.J. E.J. and Nicole agreed to put the past behind them. Kate got under Jordan's skin about Clyde and Rafe. Brady confessed to John that he had caused John's accident. Marlena and John reunited. John had a flashback of Theresa hitting him. E.J. got a pleasant surprise from Victor. Hope told Maggie and Victor that she was moving on with her life without Bo.
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October 6 to 10, 2014
Stefano told E.J. they were through. Jennifer asked Julie for help to get through to Eve. Brady went to see Kristen to thank her for helping John. Marlena told John she was worried Kristen would lure Brady back to her. John's decision shocked everyone. Theresa was elated, but confused about why John had not told the police that she had hit and almost killed him. Jordan was upset with Ben for accepting money from Clyde. Clyde offered to pay for Ben's college tuition. Chad asked Jordan out on a date. Sami argued with Will for writing his next article about Chad. E.J. was angry at Clyde and called for a meeting in their usual place. E.J.'s meeting with Clyde turned deadly. Sami found E.J. in the woods, bleeding from a gunshot wound. Sami tried desperately to save E.J.'s life, but it was too late. Sami was out of her mind with grief about E.J.'s death. Stefano could not believe E.J. was dead.
October 13 to 17, 2014
Many residents of Salem were shocked to learn of E.J.'s death. Stefano had E.J.'s body removed from the morgue. Chad was overcome with grief and remorse about E.J.'s death. Sami's family stood by her and the kids during her time of need. Sami broke down when she thought E.J.'s ashes had arrived at the mansion. Kate worried about what would happen to her and Sami. Kate and Chad had to put their plot against Stefano on hold. Brady checked in on Kristen after E.J.'s death but then said his final goodbye to her. Eric and Nicole were upset with Daniel for meeting with Kristen. Theresa asked Brady if they could start over. Clyde had arranged for the police to find the evidence they needed to solve E.J.'s murder. Sami was not happy with Abe and Rafe's report. Clyde made another pass at Kate. Ciara was less than pleased that Hope and Aiden were dating. Kate warned Sami about news she had received. Ben told Abigail that he would be there for her. Paige told J.J. she was ready to make love to him but was shocked at his reaction.
October 20 to 24, 2014
Kate and Lucas tried to convince Sami to defend herself or end up in jail. Paige was upset and confused because J.J. refused to have sex with her. Victor offered to help Kate and Sami get out of a legal jam. Hollywood offered to make a movie about Sami's life as a DiMera. Kristen tricked Eve and Anne so she could get the goods on Theresa. Brady walked out on Kristen for the last time. Kristen hit paydirt and got proof that Theresa had hit John. John and Marlena talked about their future. Chad forced Kate and Sami to tell him the truth about what had been going on in the company. Jill returned to town and put a wrench in Eve's plan to break up Paige and J.J. Paige, J.J., and Rory searched for Jill. Nicole and Sami made peace and mourned E.J. as friends. Nicole gave Sami good advice. Sonny feared his and Will's marriage was in trouble. Clyde threatened Jordan to keep her in line. Ben and Chad had words. Clyde continued to pursue Kate.
October 27 to 31, 2014
Will accepted the job and left Salem with Sami and the kids. Lucas and Sami shared some fond memories from their past. Jennifer lashed out at Daniel and told him they were through. Kristen's plan to expose Theresa to Brady did not go the way she had planned. Brady accused Kristen of lying to him again and stormed out. Brady was outraged when he learned that John and Theresa had lied to him. Brady rushed off to talk to Daniel but was shocked to find Daniel in bed with Kristen. Unaware that Brady had seen them, Daniel and Kristen were glad they had not made love. Kristen made plans to leave town. Brady, distraught and angry, headed for the nearest bar but did not give in to his desires. Aiden seemed shaken when he met face-to-face with a woman from his past. Sami bid a tearful goodbye to her family as she left Salem with the kids to start a new life. Sonny was sad to see Will leave but supported his decision. J.J. struggled with whether or not to tell Paige the truth about Jack. Paige learned that Jack had raped Kayla.
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November 3 to 7, 2014
Brady had it out with Kristen for almost doing the deed with Daniel. Brady and Daniel fought about Kristen. Kristen went wild when she overheard Theresa tell Anne she was pregnant with Brady's child. Kristen ensured that Theresa's joy would be short-lived and made plans to steal her unborn child. Kristen's strange phone call to Brady left him wondering what she had meant. Chad continued to push Ben's buttons. Sonny made plans to visit Will. Eve received bad news about her surgery and went off the deep end. Paige accused J.J. of lying to her and walked on him. In an unexpected twist, J.J. and Eve ended up in bed together. Paige thought Eve had slept with Daniel. J.J. and Eve were frantic Paige would learn the truth that they had slept together. Paige, unaware J.J. and her mom had done the deed, asked him if they could start over. Jordan pulled a gun on Clyde and accused him of raping her when she was a young girl.
November 10 to 14, 2014
Theresa told a shocked Brady that she was pregnant, but he did not believe her. Marlena was saddened to say goodbye to John, who had to leave town on business. Rafe saw Chad and Jordan kissing. Aiden told Hope the truth about his past. Aiden told Hope he was in love with her. Hope and Aiden made love. Theresa's world fell apart when Kayla told her she was not pregnant with Brady's child. Theresa was unaware that Kristen had taken her unborn child away from her. Brady told Theresa that he never wanted to see her again. Paige asked Eve if her one-night stand had been with Daniel. J.J. talked to Daniel about how things were going between him and Paige. J.J. and Eve had words about what had happened between them. Eve pressured J.J. to break things off with Paige -- or else. Brady told Theresa he never wanted to see her again. Daniel and Brady made things right between them.
November 17 to 21, 2014
On Eve's orders, J.J. tried to break up with Paige, but Paige was determined to work things out with him. Clyde advised Jordan to hold on to Chad. Chad got the upper hand on Kate and forced her to appoint him as Co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Chad was shocked that Stefano approved of his actions. Clyde asked Marlena to take him on as a patient. Abigail put Anne in her place. Hope questioned Aiden about a search she had seen on his tablet. Aiden worked things out with Hope. Theresa made a play for Paul. Theresa could not wait to tell Brady that she had found someone new. Eve warned J.J. to stay away from Paige. Jennifer arrived home and walked in on an intense meeting between J.J. and Eve. Sonny learned about Chad's new job. Nicole and Daniel were surprised at what seemed to be happening between them. Maggie was shocked to see Melanie at her front door.
November 24 to 28, 2014
J.J. decided that he wanted Paige in his life. Maggie and Daniel thought there was more to Melanie's return home than what she had told them. Paul and Theresa had the hots for each other -- then Paul kissed Sonny. Melanie and Chad cleared the air. Daniel and Nicole agreed to be friends rather than lovers. Daniel told Eric that he and Nicole were friends again. Marlena and Roman wished Eric good luck with his new apartment. Melanie told Daniel that she was not happy that he and Nicole were friends. Jordan realized Kate was the one who had led Clyde to town. Jordan warned Chad about Kate. Abigail and Ben's love for each grew stronger by the day.
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December 1 to 5, 2014
Will had harsh words for Sonny. Sonny told Paul that he was married, and there could never be anything between them. Chad's true reason for dating Jordan became known. Melanie warned Abigail not to be too trusting of Chad. Brady was thrilled Melanie was back in town. Daniel and Maggie suspected that there was more to Melanie's return home than she had told them. Daniel asked Melanie about a phone call he had received from an unknown woman. Nicole spotted Eric with Eve. Nicole tried to set things straight with Eric. Theresa and Melanie met. Theresa thought Paul was the perfect man for her, but she had no idea he was hiding a big secret. J.J. asked Paige not to tell anyone they were back together. Eve saw J.J. with Paige. Eve asked Theresa to help break up J.J. and Paige. Rafe blasted Kate for meddling in Jordan's life. Ben asked Clyde why he had not told him he had met Kate before he arrived in town. Melanie's past caught up with her. Serena arrived in town to surprise Melanie.
December 8 to 12, 2014
Daniel learned about the scam Melanie had pulled off at a casino in Europe. Brady and Nicole helped Melanie out of a jam. When Theresa learned that Melanie was Daniel's daughter, all bets were off that they would be friends. Eric was shocked to receive a visit from Serena, a woman from his past. Eric and Serena reminisced about their past. Serena told Eric she'd moved to Salem when she had learned he was living there. Adrienne talked to Sonny about his true feelings for Paul. Sonny accused Chad of pulling a fast one on him about the new club. Sonny almost turned to Paul for help. Will surprised Sonny and said he was home for good. Will kept a secret from Sonny. Rafe asked Victor for help in checking out Clyde's past. Jordan and Chad made love. Kate warned Chad that Rafe was out to get him. Hope received a disturbing phone call from Bree about Aiden. Clyde made Abigail an offer she could not refuse.
December 15 to 19, 2014
Aiden threatened Bree and warned her to stay out of his and Hope's life. Serena asked Eric out on a date. Nicole helped Brady out of a jam. Will and Paul were unaware of their romantic ties to Sonny. Sonny was angry Will had lied to him about why Will had really returned to Salem. Brady warned Theresa and Anne to stay clear of Melanie -- or else. Serena put Anne in her place, much to Jennifer's delight. Eve forced Shane's doctor to lie to Paige about Shane's condition to keep Paige away from J.J. Paige had to tell J.J. that she would not be in Salem for the holidays. Victor's meeting to pressure Clyde did not go as planned. Rafe tried to catch Chad off guard, but Stefano foiled Rafe's plan. Nicole told Daniel that she wanted to date him.
December 22 to 26, 2014
Nicole talked her way of a jam when Melanie caught her in Serena's hotel room. Kimberly told Paige that Shane would be fine. J.J. had a huge fight with Eve for lying to Paige about Shane. In the heat of the moment, Eve and J.J. had wild sex again. Paul talked to Will about his lost love. Will did not know Sonny was Paul's ex-lover, and Sonny had no idea Paul was the subject of Will's article. Lucas helped Adrienne get back her Christmas spirit. Paige blasted Eve for trying to keep her and J.J. apart. Theresa was upset when she saw how close Melanie and Brady had become. Victor was overwhelmed with his Christmas gift from Daniel and Brady. John returned home for the holidays. J.J. broke things off with a stunned Paige. Kayla warned Hope to be wary of Aiden. The Horton family placed their ornaments on the tree.
December 29, 2014 to January 2, 2015
Chad leaked evidence to the police about Rafe that forced Roman to fire Rafe. Melanie went to visit Gabi in prison to make things right between them. Will learned that Sonny had used all their savings for the new club. Daniel told Paul he would never pitch again. Paul told a shocked Sonny he had never stopped loving him and wanted to get back together. Paige pressed J.J. to tell her why he had broken up with her. J.J. told Paige he had been with someone else. Serena was furious when Eric told her Nicole had searched her room. Daniel broke off his New Year's Eve date with Nicole when he realized Nicole was still hung up on Eric. Serena had harsh words for Nicole. Melanie and Brady shared a passionate kiss to start the new year. Paul and Will had a moment.
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