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Monday March 23, 1998

Everyone is in shock at the townhouse with the alarms going off. Susan/ darts across the room and disarms it. Vivian/ is puzzled as to how Susan knew how to turn it off. She has to think quickly and says that the last time it happened, she watched Jonesy/ and just remembered...she's not as dumb as Vivian thinks she is. Edmund/ wants to know what is behind that door and so do Vivian and Ivan./ They all start toward the door and Susan stops them, reminding them that Jonesy warned them not to go in there. She says maybe there's dead vampires or something in there. But Vivian and Ivan push past her but can't open the door, it is locked. They all discuss the possibility of another entrance, maybe a secret door from the outside. Susan says Edmund has been reading too many mystery novels. He comments that there may be a mystery here...someone not who they appear to be. Susan worries, but he was speaking of Jonesy. He says maybe all this didn't belong to Jonesy, but Vivian assures him that it did. Susan wonders why Stefano/ never mentioned Jonesy before. Vivian suggests that they all have a brandy, but while she is fixing them, the lights all go out. Ivan and Edmund get the lights back on and Ivan suggests that it was Jonesy's ghost that did it. Susan says it's a sign that they should stay away from the basement, but Vivian says she's being ridiculous. Susan wonders if Stefano knows about Jonesy and Vivian and is also curious as well as to what is in the basement. Vivian & Ivan say their goodbyes to Susan and Edmund and after they leave, she tells Jonesy that she is sure that Jonesy wouldn't want her to mourn him, but to enjoy life and that is what she intends to do. At the hospital, Hope/ and John/ talk in the lobby about Stefano. She is determined to find out the truth about her past. John asks her about Bo/ and she says that she and Bo have no future together so she will concentrate on her missing years. They recount Stefano's story about finding and helping her and discuss the possible reasons he held her after her recovery. They talk about what Stefano did to John and what all Stefano has done. Hope thinks maybe she never even had amnesia, that Stefano stole her memories. She says that with Stefano in the hospital, it's a good opportunity for her to snoop around. She asks John not to mention any of this to Abe/ for she doesn't want Lexie/ to know about it being that she is so defensive of Stefano. Bo and Billie/ are also at the hospital for her sonogram. She is afraid that there is something wrong with the baby. Dr. Bader/ administers the sonogram and they see the baby. Afterwards Dr. Bader talks to Bo alone and tells him that Billie is under a lot of stress and is concerned about the baby's health. He asks about the drugs and she says they won't know until after the amnio but her pregnancy is definitely high risk and asks him to help keep Billie stress-free. She gives them the picture of the baby and leaves. Stefano is ready to leave, but Lexie says no. After she leaves, he comments that if Lexie knew the truth about Maison Blanche, she would never forgive him. Bart/ arrives and Stefano asks him about Celeste/ leads. He tells Bart about Hope's visit and says he's glad that Jonesy left town and that no one can find out what is in the basement. He says that Jonesy, Celeste, Peter/ and Kristen/ are the only other ones who knew of the townhouse. He sends Bart to check and make sure that Celeste didn't return there. After he leaves, Stefano says he MUST get control of the situation. Later, Bart returns and reports that when he went to the house all the lights were out and the place was dark and assumed that no one was there. Stefano asks for Bart's knife... he wants to rig up the heart monitor so he can sneak away. He has Bart stand guard to watch for Lexie. He works his magic on the equipment and gets dressed. Bart goes for the car while Stefano just walks out plain as day, but John stops him in the lobby. Stefano tells him he feels better and is going home. John asks him if Hope got to him and he says that Hope is a silly woman. Lexie walks up and catches him and runs him back to his room. She notices the monitor still chugging away and asks "How'd you do that?". He just shrugs his shoulders and acts innocent. He says he must initiate his plan and when he's through, everyone in Salem will be answering to him. With an evil laugh, he says I Love It! Bo and Billie enter the lobby while John and Hope are talking. Hope says she is glad she decided to stay, honest. Billie sticks the sonagram picture in her face. Hope asks if everything is okay and wishes them luck. She gives John a peck on the cheek and leaves. John looks at the pic and jokes that he can't tell who it looks like. As John looks at the picture, he gets a bit misty, especially when Billie tells him that when Kristen was pregnant, she sent her a picture of her sonagram to Billie in Paris. Billie tells John she is sorry that Kristen changed and John tells her he is sorry he couldn't help her in the end. He wishes that she could have accepted he didn't love her, cause it lead to her destruction. Billie gets a strange look on her face. Billie abruptly leaves and Lexie comes up. John tells Lexie to be careful not to fall into Stefano's trap...just look at what happened to Kristen! Out on the terrace, Bo apologizes to Hope for Billie's behavior back inside. He thanks her for calling him about Billie. She tells Bo she is going in search of her past. He disapproves, but she is determined. He wants to help her but she refuses, saying he has his OWN responsibilities now. He says they made a good team once, but she says those days are over. She turns to leave, but he stops her and tells her that he is not giving up on them. Inside, she runs into Billie again and congratulates her on her little plan working, but to be careful, next time it may backfire on her and leaves. At Laura's/ she is remembering that night. She is worried because everyone is still asking questions about Kristen's death. Mike /comes home and gives an update on Stefano. He finds her pills and questions her about needing them. She says she is nervous about the upcoming wedding and Mike suggests they just hire someone to take care of it but she explodes at him. When she comes back down, he questions her about John and Abe being at the hospital pharmacy and she denies any knowledge. She tells herself that Kristen is dead...suicide... dead and closed! She must bury the secret along with her and just forget that night all together! Marlena /and Roman/ are at the Blake house looking around for clues. He assures her that the police checked everything thoroughly. She confides in him that she thinks that Laura was there that night, but hopes she is wrong. She tells him about the pills and her concerns about Laura's recent behavior. Roman's theory is that Laura left the church, came there and drugged Kristen and pushed her in the pool. Marlena is upset and doesn't want to suspect Laura and prays that Roman is wrong. His second theory is that Susan arrived without the baby and she and Kristen argued and Susan ran off. When Laura arrived, Kristen was drunk and Laura added to the problem by giving her Placidin and lead her to the pool and pushed her in. But Marlena can't believe that Laura is capable of murder. Roman tells her to be objective. They look for evidence that Laura was there. They search by the pool, but come up empty. Roman scratches around the sofa and finds the empty pill bottle. Laura is sitting at home remembering that night...she sees Kristen by the pool, raises the gun and... shoots three times. Laura snaps out of it screaming. Mike rushes to her aid wanting to know what is wrong.

Tuesday, March 24, 1998

Carrie and Austin are in the park when Sami and Franco come upon them. They eavesdrop on the conversation and hear Austin say he is not jealous of Mike because he knows that she loves him and is as committed to their marriage as he is. She needs to head back to the hospital and so he says he will head to the gym and hit the bag some. She is taken aback by they fact he is hitting the bag but he says he just likes to punch the bag. They all head to the gym and who should show up but Darrell. He says he comes there to look for new talent. Then he says he found something that might interest Austin - and produces Austin's old boxing gloves. Austin is shocked to see them but you can tell he's excited about it.

Carrie heads to the hospital to work on Mike's campaign and runs into him. Carrie's there to see Grandma and talk to her about Mike and find out what she doesn't already know. Grandma produces some pics of Mike and one that was taken of him and Carrie at one of the Horton/Brady picnics. Carrie talks about how she had such a crush on him then and was embarrassed to have that pic taken. The she talks about how cool Mike is under pressure and mentions California an running into one of his college buddies Craig Wesley and how he was bragging but Mike was not phased by it. She even mentions that she pretended to be Mike's girl. Mike shows up to see what they are talking about and Grandma mentions that Mike is in such good hands with Carrie and later when he is staring at her he tells her that he agrees with Grandma.

Susan comes home to the penthouse hoping that Marlena is not there so she doesn't have to pretend to be Susan for a while. She comes in and hears John holler out - is that you Doc? He comes downstairs and says oh it's you Susan. She asks if they are alone and he says except for

Belle and Brady who he just put to bed - he gave the nanny the night off to go out with friends. She is happy with this and asks John if he is as happy about Kristen's death as everyone else. He says he is not happy and wishes that he could have helped her. He says she once was a good person believe it or not. He mentions that message that Kristen left and that he wishes he could have helped her. Susan says that she cares for him a lot and he is surprised at her saying this but she says because of Edmund's love for her she has more confidence and can say more. She says he will always be special to her and remember she liked him at one time. Then she asks for a favor - will he teach her to dance so she won't embarrass Edmund at the wedding. Naturally John obliges and Susan dreams of when she and John uses to dance. He says she is light on her feet and doing just fine and then dips her. As they continue dancing she dreams of her and John again and them kissing and before you know it Susan grabs John and starts kissing him!!! John is a little shocked by this.

Laura and Mike argue about her screaming out, he wants to know what about, stress, etc... He starts to call Jack and Jen at Green Mountain to come home but she stops him. So he says he will stay home with her. She says no that she will go to bed she's tired. So he agrees to that and she heads upstairs. But before he leaves Marlena shows up and he is glad for that. Marlena is heading into the kitchen when Laura comes back downstairs and see her. She wants to know what she is doing there and Marlena says they need to talk. Laura is not too friendly to Marlena and is kind of short with her. Marlena questions her again where she went during Jen's funeral Laura says she went to Kristen's house and then drove around. Marlena asked if she went anywhere else but Laura says she can't remember. Then Marlena mentions that the drug Placidin was found in Kristen and that Laura was on the drug too. But Laura says that she also prescribed the drug for her patients so what?! Marlena presses her and then pulls out the bottle of pills and wants to know why it was found at the Blake house. Finally Laura says OK I went to the Blake House.

Wednesday, March 25, 1998

Eric is drinking MORE coffee. He remembers his first conversation with Nicole and wonders where she is today. Well, she's at Titan with Sami's business card hoping she didn't getting dressed up for nothing. Austin comes up and recognizes her from Java Cafe and she said that was just a temporary job. Does he know Samantha Brady? She knocks on Sami's door and when Sami answers sees Austin there too. She asks where Carrie is as she needs to see her about something. She's happy to learn Carrie's still at the hospital. As Austin walks away, Kate comes up. He tells her Sami was interviewing a model. Kate is upset, saying Sami wasn't suppose to do anything. Franco wishes Nicole good luck and leaves. Sami tells Nicole her offer was premature, her new faces campaign hadn't been approved yet and she'll be the first one she calls when it is. Nicole leaves and Franco offers to show her where the photo studio is, but she tells him what Sami said. Franco goes back in Sami's office to find out more about Kate stopping Sami's campaign. She tells him she's not going to use the blackmail on Kate to get the campaign going. She feels the idea of fresh faces is good enough on it's own to work and wants Kate to realize she doesn't always need to blackmail to have good ideas work. Franco pulls her in his arms and kisses Sami. She asks what that was about afterwards and he says her determination turns him on. He leaves and asks Kate about dropping Sami's campaign. He stands up for Sami being a good mother and asks Kate to approve Sami's project. Kate said it'll be a cold day in Hell before she approves of anything that little witch does. In the hall, Austin asks Kate for the hundredth time if Sami is blackmailing her. He reminds Kate she hates Sami, why else would she be there. Austin's cellphone rings. He answers it Austin Reed and Carrie replies Carrie Reed. He said if she's at home, he's on his way. She tells him she's still hard at work at the hospital.

At the hospital, Mike and Carrie go over bios on the other candidates. She's upset when she looks at them. She's not worried about the applicants so far, but figures they'll throw in heavier competition later. Carrie asks Mike if he has any secrets that she should be aware of in case the opposition uncovers them. He tells her he's squeaky clean. Later, Mike brings Cappuccino to Carrie. She feels he's spoiling her. He hands her the coffee and when she takes the cup, he doesn't let go and just looks in her eyes. When she asks if he's going to let go of that, the coffee gets spilled. Carrie tells him it's ok, she knows he's worried about his mother and he can talk to her about Laura if he wants. She tells him there's nothing he can't tell her. Carrie tells him she has her vote and he hopes the board sees it her way. She tells him that she and Alice talked about his humbleness earlier and she brings up Craig Wesley in LA.when Mike told Craig that Carrie was his girlfriend after Carrie kissed him. He reiterated that his old friend always made everything into a competition. He remembers kissing her in LA and wishing it could be for real, but that won't happen. Carrie goes to the desk and Craig Wesley is at the front desk.

At the Penthouse, Susan can't stop kissing John. John pulls her away, but she goes right back at it. John finally pulls Susan away and asks what that was all about. Realizing she almost blew it, Susan tells him she got carried away and thought he was Edmund. He asks if she's sure that's all there was to it and she says on a stack of Bibles it is and he has to swear on a stack of Bibles not to tell Edmund as he gets very jealous, especially of John. John still is thinking hard about this! John said secrets are good and she starts crying. She's worried he might cancel their engagement and John pulls her in his arms. As she hugs John to thank him for keeping their little secret, Edmund walks in and asks what's going on there. Susan looks at the paper on the floor, trying to think of an answer for Edmund, and sees the newspaper with headline about Kristen's death and tells Edmund she's upset about Kristen's death of course. He tells her she's dead, why is she worried? John is taking in Susan's quick thinking. Accepting this, he kisses her hand and apologizes to John and thanks him for bringing Susan into his life. He shakes hands with John and John tells Edmund he and Susan share a special love. Edmund kisses Susan and Kristen tells herself to pretend she's kissing John to get through it. John starts to excuse himself and Susan stops him and insists he stay for a drink. She slaps the newspaper into Edmunds gut and asks what he'd like. He is turning a little suspicious I think as he tells her "the usual sweetie" leaving her clueless what that means. When she doesn't leave to get the drinks, John offers to get them and she readily accepts. Edmund tells John " and " and the same for Susan. Kristen wonders why Susan can't drink anything remotely normal. She takes the glasses off to clean them and accidentally drops them. Edmund is surprised she could find her glasses so quick as she's as blind as a bat without them. Oops. She said it was just luck. He asked if she remembered about how they met and tells her as she likes hearing him tell the story. Kristen grimaces as she drinks as John wonders where Marlena is.

Austin holds his boxing gloves and remembers the old boxing days. Sami comes up and talks to him. He asks what she's holding over his mom as he senses the tension between the two of them. Kate saunters into the gym in her suit and heels. Austin tells her she's the best mother in the world and there's nothing she could tell him to change those feelings. Kate then goes to Sami's office and Kate tells her she's finished manipulating her and her family. Sami tells her if she looked at her campaign she'd realize it's a viable concept for Titan and hands the proposal to her. She was hoping Kate would give her the same respect she did for Carrie. Kate tells Sami that Carrie earned her job by her brains and education.

Marlena questions Laura about if she was at the Blake house while waving the bottle in the bag under Laura's nose. Laura remembers the 3 shots and doesn't say anything. Marlena asks her again and tells her if Laura was there she may have been the last person to see Kristen alone. Laura tells Marlena that Kristen wasn't there. Laura tries to change the subject to Jack and Jen's wedding. Laura says the case is closed, what does it matter? Marlena said if it wasn't suicide, it does matter. Laura says the police have already closed the case. Marlena tells Laura she didn't see suicidal tendencies in Kristen as usually is the case. Laura disagrees, saying she did. Not being able to get the baby and John back drove her to it. Marlena wonders who's breaking point was lost that night, Kristen's or Laura's. She finds it strange that Laura didn't search the house for Kristen. Laura tells her there were no cars there and wine bottles and glasses in the front room and the lights were still on with the door unlocked. She figures Kristen must have had to leave in a hurry. Marlena asked if Laura checked on the balcony or terrace at all and Laura tells her no. Marlena figures maybe Kristen was dead when Laura was there. Laura said maybe Kristen broke into Jen's like she did at Marlena's to steal the fax. Laura finally realizes though, that Marlena thinks she killed Kristen.

Thursday, March 26, 1998

Carrie is dismayed to realize that Craig, Mike's med school rival, is going to apply for the Chief of Staff position that Mike wants. She remembers that Craig thinks she's Mike's girlfriend and realizes she had better warn Mike before he runs into Craig. Carrie overhears Craig talking to another doctor and discussing how important their wives are to their careers. Before Carrie can find Mike, Craig learns that Mike is also up for Chief of Staff, and runs into Carrie, recognizing her as Mike's girlfriend.

Lucas and Austin are startled to hear Kate threatening to take Will away from Sami. Austin demands to know what is going on. Sami covers by saying they were discussing the Faces campaign, not Will. Kate says there will be no campaign, not now, not ever. Sami storms out, leaving Kate to deal with Austin and Lucas' questions. Austin is appalled that Kate would use Will against Sami, but Lucas tells Austin that he and his mother can decide what is best for Will. Austin says he can't trust Kate's reasoning because there is obviously something she's not telling him. Frustrated, Austin goes back to the gym and starts working out on the punching bag again. Meanwhile, Sami finds Franco in the photo lab and tells him she's scared Kate and Lucas will take Will away from her. Franco says that she needs to follow his lead now. First they have to get Kate to allow the Faces campaign to take off. Although she is still wary of Franco's motives, his pep talk turns Sami on, and they start kissing.

At the police station, Roman tells Abe about him and Marlena finding the pill bottle at the Blake house. Abe is surprised and displeased when Roman tells him that he not only let Marlena question Laura, but he let her have the pill bottle, too. Abe tells Roman that he has overstepped his bounds, and they need to talk to Marlena and Laura right away. At Jennifer's house, Laura indignantly asks Marlena if she thinks Laura killed Kristen. Marlena won't come out and say it, but she says that the facts point in that direction. Laura says she lost the pill bottle a long time ago, and that everyone should just accept the fact that Kristen is dead and it was a suicide. Marlena says she hopes that's true, and leaves. Jack and Jennifer return home, and while Jack goes upstairs to see Abby, Jen asks Laura what's troubling her. Laura says she had a fight with Marlena and tries to change the subject by talking about the wedding. Jen can't quite shake the feeling that Laura is in trouble and is hiding something.

At the penthouse, John read the paper while Edmund feeds Kristen, disguised as Susan, with food Susan likes but Kristen hates. "Susan" has her fill and tells him that's enough. Marlena returns from Laura's while Edmund leaves on an errand. "Susan" leaves the room so Marlena can talk to John, but of course, she eavesdrops. Marlena tells John about the evidence linking Laura to Kristen's death. Kristen is shocked to hear it and wonders what happened. Marlena says she's afraid Laura did kill Kristen and has repressed the memory. While they're talking, Roman and Abe arrive. Abe, angry by now, asks Marlena what Laura had to say. Marlena admits that Laura said she was at the Blake house the night of Kristen's death. Abe says that's all he needed to hear.

From Salem Place, Edmund calls Violet and tells her to pack her things and bring Elvis to Salem; he's got a big surprise for Susan.

Friday, March 27, 1998

At Salem Place, Franco encourages Sami to work on her Faces campaign and show Kate how talented she really is. Sami decides to hire her brother Eric as a photographer and Nicole, the Java Cafe waitress, as a model. Nicole and Eric share a moment of attraction as they look over his portfolio, and are more than happy to agree to work with each other.

At the hospital, Laura goes to see Mike and encourage him about applying for Chief of Staff. Mike points out that he has a great family history; his grandfather was Tom Horton and his mother is an eminent psychiatrist. Laura freaks out and tells Mike to make sure Carrie doesn't use her name in the PR campaign. While Mike tries to figure out what's going on with his mother, Carrie is trying to deal with Craig's questions. Carrie is appalled when Craig thinks she is Mike's wife after seeing the ring on her finger. Craig starts criticizing Mike, saying he doesn't have the drive to be Chief of Staff and that he had better get used to second place. Carrie defends him hotly, and Craig flirts with her by saying Mike has great taste in women. Mike sees them and is dismayed to see Craig and learn that he is up for Chief of Staff. Craig continues to make obnoxious comments to Mike, who takes them calmly, although Carrie is furious. When Mike tells Craig that Carrie is actually married to someone else, Craig gloats and practically calls him a loser. By the time Craig leaves, Carrie is more determined than ever to make sure Mike wins the position of Chief of Staff. Carrie is further infuriated to overhear Craig telling Mrs. Winston, a board member, that Mike wouldn't be a good candidate because he's single.

Back at Salem Place, Mickey, Maggie and Edmund discuss Susan's upcoming surprise. Maggie is touched to see how much Edmund loves Susan, although he comments that she hasn't seemed herself since he got to the States; he can't recapture that old magic they had. Maggie says that Susan has been under so much stress that it's only natural. Edmund leaves to find Susan. Soon a musing Laura, who can't stop thinking about her role in Kristen's apparent death, bumps into Maggie and Mickey, who ask her if something is wrong. Laura denies it, but they can tell she is troubled. Laura thinks to herself that everything will be okay if Marlena just believes her, and thinks that Marlena will, since they're good friends.

At the penthouse, while Kristen (in her Susan disguise) eavesdrops, Abe questions Marlena about her conversation with Laura. Marlena begs Abe not to take Laura in for questioning, arguing that it will do more harm than good if she is repressing any memories about Kristen, but Abe says he has no choice. Kristen is stunned by the news that Laura was at the Blake house. Kristen thinks Laura was the one who killed Susan, thinking it was Kristen. Kristen is glad to have Susan's death off her conscience and can't believe Laura hated her enough to kill her. "Susan" interrupts Roman, Abe, Marlena, and John's conversation and pretends to be shocked as they tell her they are about to question Laura in Kristen's death. Edmund comes in and they tell him what is going on. Marlena tries to convince everyone that perhaps Kristen framed Laura for her death as a final act of revenge. "Susan" feels like decking her. Abe announces that he's reopening the investigation into Kristen Blake's death, and his only suspect is Dr. Laura Horton.

At the harem, Susan can't wait to try to escape and get back to Edmund and her Sweet Pea. Maya, the dancing girl, comes in and Susan convinces her to help her try to escape, saying she would rather die than continue to live as a slave for the Sultan. Maya finally agrees, and as Susan is hugging her, a large man comes in and demands to know what's going on. Susan asks what happened to turban man, and the big man, whose name is Rick, slashes across his throat with his finger. Rick tells Susan that the Sultan has given her another chance, but she had better not try anything stupid, like trying to escape.

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