The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 23, 1998 on Y&R

Jack found Nikki after she'd been shot. Josh died. Victor interrupted his honeymoon to return to Nikki's bedside. Veronica said goodbye to her 'Sarah' persona. Ryan and Nina's divorce was granted, and Ryan and Tricia moved in together.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 23, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday March 23, 1998

SHARON is having coffee when Grace wakes up and joins her in the kitchen. Things are tense between the two of them. Sharon thinks Cassie will sleep most of the day after the big night she has had. Grace coldly agrees, especially since Sharon got what she wanted. She's yours now, she says, but Sharon tells her that she always was hers. She tells Grace that she should leave before Cassie wakes up. Last night was okay, but it was a one-night thing. She can come to visit; she wants them to remain friends. Grace wonders where Nick is and Sharon explains that he stayed in town last night due to the storm. After Grace leaves, Sharon says that Nick was so upset with her when he walked out last night. She can't take this anymore; she needs some space

Sharon gets the kids out of bed and takes them over to her mother's apartment. Both the kids are too tired to stay up, so she puts them to bed. She tells her mother that Grace tried to run away with Cassie, but some friends "persuaded" her to stop playing games. Now Cassie knows she is Sharon's little girl, but she only wants Grace for a Mommy. Doris assures her that it will take some time, but be patient and Cassie will come around. Meanwhile, what about Nick? Sharon says that Nick is too upset at her right now to be told the truth.

JACK tries to call Nikki but can't get through. He checks with the operator and finds that because of the storm some of the lines are still down. Hanging up, Jack decides that if he can't invite Nikki in to have breakfast with him, he will just have to take breakfast to Nikki.

Once out at the ranch, Jack rings the doorbell over and over. He looks into the window, but doesn't see anyone. He begins to call out and bang on the door. Trying the door, he finds it unlocked so he just walks in. He wanders about calling out for Nikki and then, when she doesn't answer, for Miguel. Perplexed, he begins turning in a circle and finally sees Nikki lying on the floor. "Oh, God, no!" he shouts. He checks her and finds that she is still breathing. He tries the phone, but it doesn't work. He races out to the car and gets his cell phone and calls 9-1-1.

"Hang in there, sweetheart!" He tells her inert form. "Everything is going to be all right. Help is on the way!"

TRICIA comes to see Ryan to wish him luck before the divorce hearing. In just a little while, he will be a free man. She wants to go to court with him, but he doesn't think that would be a good idea. Actually, he doesn't have to go to court himself, but he thinks it is best to go for Nina and Phillip's sake. Tricia worries that something will happen to nix the divorce, but he promises that nothing will stand in his way of being a free man.

Meanwhile, NINA is hurrying to get out of the house and make it to court. Chris wakes up and they talk a little before Nina leaves. Chris doesn't know how she got herself in this mess. Nina tells her not to be in such a hurry; she has two great guys in love with her and neither of them are going anywhere.

TRICIA patiently awaits Ryan's return from court. When he finally returns, he gives her the bad news. The judge didn't show. No telling when they will have the hearing. When he sees her expression, he smiles and pulls the decree out of his pocket.

TONY puts the sofa bed back together just as Vicki comes into the room and wishes him a good morning. She tells him that she had a really good night; she slept like a baby! She pours herself a cup of coffee then goes to get ready to leave.

It isn't long before the door opens and Tony is shocked to see Grace standing there. Where is Cassie, Tony wants to know. I thought I had seen the last of you! Before Grace can answer, Vicki walks out of the bedroom. Now it is Grace's turn to be shocked! "What the hell are you doing here?" Grace demands. Vicki thinks she should be the one asking that question; we thought you had gone for good. Vicki has to leave for the office, but can't resist one parting shot. "It might be nice if you showed up for work today,"

After Vicki has left, Grace asks if that was her outfit Vicki was wearing. Then she begins to lace into Tony for bringing another woman to their place. "I was gone for only one night and you are already involved with someone else. I want an explanation!" Tony tells her it was because of the storm. She slept in Grace's bed and he spent the night on the sofa. Grace doesn't believe a word of it!

Tony thinks that she is the one needing to do the explaining. Grace breaks down and tells him that she is sorry; the note she left for him was all a mistake. Cassie is with Sharon now; Cassie has been told the truth. "You got what you wanted! I have lost her!" Tony tells her that they never had her. But things will be okay. They will visit her. Besides, don't you know that Cassie isn't the only person who needs you?

JACK is sitting on the floor with Nikki's head in his lap, stroking her hair. He is talking to her, telling her not to give up. She has so much to live for, he reminds her. He looks around, wondering when help will arrive. Somebody has to get here before it is too late!

The police arrive and tell Jack that the EMT's are on their way by helicopter. They want to know who he is and what is going on. Jack doesn't know who could have done this. Miguel arrives home upset at finding police cars outside. He sees first Jack, then Nikki. Is she still alive? Jack tells him that she is barely alive.

The police want to know where Miguel was last night. He explains that he stayed in town because of the storm. He called once and left word that he would not be home, but when he called the next time to let them know where he would be, the lines were down. "Oh, my God!" he says. "I forgot about Sara. Has anyone seen Sara?"

"Who is this Sara?" The police ask. Miguel takes them to her quarters, but upon returning to the living room, the police announce that she has packed everything and gone. From the outside, there is the sound of the helicopter arriving. Miguel gives a description of Sara to the police.

The EMT's rush in and begin giving emergency care to an inert Nikki. Jack remembers Victor and says he has to find him before it is too late. He calls the office and asks Connie if she knows how he can reach Victor. She tells him that Victor didn't leave either a number where he could be reached or an itinerary. Just as Jack is hanging up, he thinks of something else. Did Victor use the company jet? Then call the airport and see if they filed a flight plan. And, Connie! This is a Red Alert!

"We are losing her," one of the EMT's exclaims. The other tells him that there is diminished breath sounds bilaterally. They begin rushing out to the helicopter and Jack demands to go with them. They tell him there is no room; when he insists, they tell him that they haven't time to argue with him.

Coming back into the room, Jack asks Miguel to get him the phone number for Nikki's sister, Dr. Casey Reed. When he has it, he calls her. She is surprised to hear from him; it has been ages. Jack tells her that he doesn't have time for small talk. Something has happened to Nikki and she needs to get back to GC as fast as possible. I will be on the next flight out, she assures him.

Connie calls back and tells Jack that the jet was cleared as far as Nassau but she doesn't know if it stopped there or went on. Jack tells her to keep on it. She is going to call all the hotels in the area. "Do all you can, Connie. This is a big one. Don't give up, whatever you do."

VICTOR finds his wife lounging in the sun reading a book. She tells him it is a fascinating book, but not nearly as fascinating as her life. Victor asks her where she wants to go next.

"Have you ever been to Venice?" Diane asks. "No, don't answer, because whether you have been there or not, that is where I want to go next."

"Then Venice it will be," Victor tells her. "I want to see Venice through your eyes. It will be like experiencing it again for the first time. The whole world is our playground, my darling. Nothing will interfere."

Tuesday, March 24, 1998

AT THE HOSPITAL, Jack is worried; it has been hours, he tells himself, and there is no news. Just then, the OR team wheel Nikki's bed into the SICU, giving order after order to the nurses for her care. Dr. Walker tells Jack that her condition is extremely critical; they removed four bullets from her chest. They have done everything that can be done. He suggests Jack say a few prayers. As the doctor leaves, Jack whispers for Nikki to hang in there.

VICKI enters Nick's office and tells him that it is obvious he didn't go home last night. Guess we share the same affliction---inability to sleep in any bed but our own. So tell me, little brother, did you let Sharon know you were sleeping at the office?

Rick tells her that Mother was going to inform Sharon. And where was she last night? Vicki tells him that she crashed at Tony's apartment. Grace's boyfriend! Nick gasps. Maybe, maybe not, Victoria croons. Nick warns her about rebounding with Tony and getting messed up with a lot of guys. Vicki tells him that she isn't sleeping around. They watched an old movie, then she slept on the bed and Tony took the couch.

And where was Grace? Nick asks.

Vicki tells Nick that their paths crossed at her place this morning. This puzzles Nick. Didn't she go home last night? What happened? Where was she?

Grace comes to the door apologizing for missing work the day before. Nick tells her that Victoria is there and she starts to leave. However, Nick tells her, rather coolly, to stay; he wants to talk to her. Vicki says that this is her cue to leave, but before leaving, she tells Grace that she will have her clothing cleaned and pressed before returning them.

Once again, Grace apologizes for missing work and promises it won't happen again. Nick tells her that if she wants to be fired, that is her problem. He has problems of his own and she is the cause of it. Why in hell are you still leaving Cassie at the Ranch, he demands. I have told you a thousand times to keep her away from Sharon. She doesn't need the added responsibility. Cassie is your obligation and she belongs with you.

I agree with you, Nicholas, Grace shouts back at him. But some people don't agree. Talk to your wife, Nicholas, if you want answers. Not me! She walks out of the office leaving Nick with a perplexing look on his face.

JACK calls Connie; she tells him that she has called every hotel and resort in the Caribbean and Victor cannot be found. Jack says that he doesn't want to be found since he is on his honeymoon. He tells Connie to keep on it; make this her number one priority. There is something Victor needs to hear and he needs to hear it from him first.

MICHAEL returns home with his bags. He is angrily complaining about being out in some little hick town doing the work that any chimpanzee can do. Phyllis gathers him in her arms and tries to coax him into a better mood. Michael isn't ready to relax; he tells her that he is nothing but a gopher on wheels. Here he is, a sum cum laude Yale graduate having his brain picked all day by lawyers that he could run rings around in court. He admits that he has submitted his application for reinstatement to the bar association, but without Christine's support, he doesn't stand a chance.

Debbie Thompson calls, but has to remind Michael of who she is. She tells him that she spoke to Christine Williams, just as he said she would, and she told Christine how much he had changed. She isn't sure Chris believed her, but she did her best. Michael is smiling when he hangs up.

NINA is staring into space when Phillip comes up wondering if she is sad about the divorce. She tells him that she is just disappointed that the marriage didn't work out. But, the thing to do is to learn from the experience and go on with your life. Phillip thinks his dad is already going on with his life with this Trish-girl. While reassuring him of Ryan's love, Ryan knocks on the door. He wanted to have a talk with Phillip. He wants Phillip to know that he didn't divorce him; he divorced his mother. They are going to be doing a lot of father-son things. If he ever has a problem, Ryan is only a phone call away. Phillip reminds him that he has that Tricia-person, but Ryan tells him that he will always be his dad. They shake hands on it and Ryan leaves.

CASEY REED, Nikki's sister arrives at the hospital and Jack fills her in on Nikki's condition.

CHRISTINE is busy in her office when Michael enters. He asks if he can make an appointment; he wants to talk to her about being reinstated by the bar. He pours his heart out to her, all but begging her to believe that he has changed. He reminds her that during the custody trial, he didn't have to call her about Phyllis running. The old Michael wouldn't have called. He lists other things that show how he has changed; he challenges her to ask anyone he works with about his behavior since being released from the prison. All Chris can do is remind him of what he did to her all those years ago.

Michael talks about what the law means to him. It is eating him up inside that he can't practice. He thinks God gave him this talent. And you took this God-given talent and did what with it? Chris asks. She tells him that she would be a fool to believe him. Michael is near tears when he tells her that he has struggled so hard to wipe out those dark impulses that drove him to do what he did in the past. But, he has overcome his past; he knows he can do good again.

Eloquent as ever, Chris answers. But it will take more than eloquent speeches to prove to me that you have changed. You will have to find a way to prove it to me. Now, I am busy, please leave.

IN A SERVICE STATION RESTROOM, S/V looks at herself in the mirror while she takes off her wig and glasses. Good bye, Sara. You served me well, but now you are no more. Welcome back, Veronica.

THE POLICE INVESTIGATOR handling Nikki's case arrives at the hospital and talks with Jack. He tells Jack that they are concentrating on the housekeeper. They will be showing her picture everywhere in hopes someone will have seen her. Jack finds it unbelievable that she could be a disgruntled employee; she was such a pathetic, mousy creature. The whole thing is bizarre. One thing he wants, however, is for her to be caught and punished.

After the policeman leaves, Jack once again contacts Connie. She tells him that she finally located Victor and Diane, but they had just checked out. Jack thinks they are on the plane. Keep trying to reach them, he tells her.

THE DOCTOR is introduced to Casey. He is glad that someone from the family has finally arrived. He invites her to go in to see her sister, then they will talk later. At Nikki's bedside, Casey breaks down in tears.

AT THE GC HOTEL, Veronica checks herself in, telling the clerk that she will be paying cash. She doesn't know how long she will be there. She asks for a newspaper, but is told that they don't arrive until noon. She tells him that as soon as the paper arrives, have someone bring her a copy.

ABOARD the plane, Victor tells the pilot that they are ready to take off. He sits Diane in a chair beside him and has her cover her eyes. He puts videotape into the VCR and starts to play it. He then tells her she can look. It is a video of Venice. Diane is entranced with all the scenes while Victor points out all the differing architecture of the city. He tells her how excited he is to be the first man to take her to Venice. She is the perfect person to appreciate the architecture.

Later, they are making out when the phone begins to ring. They ignore it as long as they can, but finally Victor answers. He tells the pilot that he doesn't want to be disturbed and he means it. The pilot tells him that it is Jack. It is very important that he speak with him. Victor tells the pilot that he doesn't give a damn what Jack Abbott wants; tell him to handle it. That is what he is being paid for.

Just as he and Diane get things going again, the phone rings. Victor shouts into the phone at the pilot, but it is Jack. Listen, Victor, it is about Nikki. She has been shot!


Nikki has been shot! She is alive, but she is only hanging on by a thread. The doctor doesn't give her much hope. I really think it would be best if for you to fly home immediately!

Victor hangs up the phone and sits there looking very upset.

Wednesday, March 25, 1998

DE PLANE! DE PLANE! Aboard the Newman private jet, Victor sits in total shock. As Diane returns from the lavatory, she is reading a guidebook of Venice. She is rattling on about the places they can visit when she sees the state that Victor is in. "What is wrong?" She asks, worriedly. "What has happened, Victor? Are you okay?"

"It was that call," Victor finally tells her. "It was Jack Abbott. It was about Nikki. She has been shot!"

"Shot? Nikki has been shot? What are you talking about?"

Victor tells her that the housekeeper shot Nikki, obviously. So was Josh, he goes on. Only thing, Josh didn't make it."

"Josh is dead?" Diane gasps. "Oh, honey, I am so sorry---So sorry. I assume we will be heading back to GC?"

"I have already told Wally to change our flight plan." Victor replies. As he breaks down in tears, Diane pulls him into her arms and comforts him.

TWO NURSES discuss Nikki outside her SICU room. One tells the other that Nikki is lucky to be alive. Her husband was shot also, but he is dead. So far, the wife doesn't know and the nurse can't imagine telling her when---if---she wakes up.

DORIS is glad the children are sleeping; it gives them time to talk. She reminds her daughter that she can't run away from her problems; it is impossible to hide from them. Sharon only wants some time to get her head together. She realizes that Nick has a right to know what is going on, but she is afraid to tell him about Cassie. What if he asked her to choose between him and Cassie? What then? He has told her over and over that he doesn't want another child. Besides he is having so much stress at work, she just wants him to have some freedom to get comfortable with his work so he will feel better about himself. Once she knows he can handle that, she will feel better about telling him about Cassie. However, Doris thinks she is just running away from her husband and the truth; she is sending the wrong message and it could backfire on her.

"Don't confuse me more than I already am!" Sharon cries. "I just want this time apart to be good for both of us."

NICK walks into Jill's office. "You wanted to see me?" He asks. id he sleep at the office all night? When he admits that he was there all night, she asks if he is having problems at home. If he is, work it out, but don't bring his personal problems to the office. Would it help if he talked about it?

"I am not in the mood for small talk," Nick rudely tells her. "If what you wanted to see me about isn't related to work, then I am out of here."

Jill calls him back and tells him it is about work. She has been going over his report for the Men's Line and it is horrible. Nick takes some of the responsibility and gives some of it to Grace. Jill reminds him that he is the responsible party. If he can't concentrate on the job he was hired to do, then let her know and she will find someone who can do the work. Nick apologizes for his rudeness and promises that he will work hard to get his act together.

Jill promises that she will not turn in the report until he revises it. Right now she has to be at a meeting. After she leaves and before Nick can leave, the phone rings.

JACK calls Sherry, Nick's secretary. She tells him that Nick isn't in his office and she doesn't know where he is. Also, he isn't answering his page. She hasn't seen Victoria either, but she will keep trying.

RYAN visits Keith and tells him that his divorce is final. He wanted to be the one to let him know that he and Tricia will be living together. He doesn't want there to be any problems between him and his daughter. Keith says that he isn't pleased but there is nothing he can do about it. He asks if Ryan is going to marry his daughter. Ryan reminds him that he can't marry for six months, but eventually, somewhere down the line, he hopes to marry Tricia. He hopes that for Tricia's sake, the two of them can at least pretend to like each other.

Megan is listening to the conversation. After Ryan leaves, she tells her dad that he has to let them make their own decisions. She tells him that he has raised them to make up their own minds about things, now he just has to trust them to make the right decisions.

CHRIS visits Kay, who mistakenly thinks she is there to talk about her "love triangle." However, Chris wants to talk about Michael Baldwin, her mentor turned maniac. He wants something from her that she isn't sure she can give him. He wants a second chance and he believes that she is the key to him being reinstated by the bar association. He swears that he is rehabilitated, but he is a master of persuasion. He was so contrite, humble and forthright, but was he really being sincere?

After thinking about it for a while, Kay tells Christine that she believes that almost every person deserves a second chance; she knows for sure she has needed it several times in her life. Everyone makes mistakes. Where would this world be if we didn't have a chance to rectify the mistakes that we have made.

"Tell me, Christine. Do you want to trust Michael? Would you like to quit hating him? Perhaps what you need is to forgive him and go on with your life. I know you aren't the kind of woman who clings to hatred. And answer me this. What if he really has changed? Why not give him the benefit of the doubt and let him prove one way or the other whether he has changed. You are the last person who owes him anything, but what if you are really the only person who can give this man his life back? Just think about it. Take your time and don't do anything until you are ready."

CASEY sits at Nikki's bedside and talks to her. "Please Nikki, fight. Fight harder than you ever fought in your entire life. Show me you are here with me. Don't give up. Can you move your eyes? Try to move your eyes, Nikki. Try a little harder, please. I need a sign that you hear me. I don't want to be here without you, so try harder, Nikki."

Nikki's lips begin to move and she utters several grunting sounds. A nurse walks in and Casey tells her that Nikki was trying to say Josh's name, but now she has gone back under. "Don't you give up!" She demands. "Don't you dare give up!"

MICHAEL is mulling over his problem, but Phyllis is intent on getting his mind off Cricket---our mutual nemesis! Michael can't help thinking about his last conversation with Christine. At least she didn't slam the door in his face, and hopefully she heard some of what he had to say. She will never help you, Phyllis tells him. She will spit in your face!

Michael says that Christine isn't like that; she is nothing like Phyllis. "Come on, Phyllis. Help me out here. Give me some ideas to help me prove to her that I have changed."

"Read my lips, Michael," Phyllis answers. "I want nothing to do with any of this. Why should I get involved? Go ask your other girlfriend, Debbie. I want nothing to do with Christine Williams. Not after the pain that woman put me through. So, give it up. You have about as much chance in proving to her that you have changed as you have in convincing me that you are impotent!"

Michael asks her to try to be helpful instead of making fun of him. Tell him what to do. Phyllis tells him that castration is a possibility. Michael gets a thoughtful look on his face, but won't tell Phyllis what he is thinking. "But, wouldn't it be nice if he could join the land of the living and get his right to practice law back?"

RYAN AND TRICIA are cuddling. They are talking about the great life they have ahead of them. Ryan tells her about talking to her father. He then tells her that she can set the date for moving into the apartment with him. She tells him that today she has a new address.

NICK answers the phone in Jill's office. It is Jack. "Thank God! Drop everything you are doing and get to Memorial Hospital as soon as you can make it. It is about your mother. I will tell you about it when you get here." Nick hangs up and runs out of the office.

VICTOR AND DIANE arrive in Nikki's room. Victor calls out to Casey, who rushes into his arms. "I came as soon as I could," Victor tells her. He then introduces her to his wife. Diane tells Casey that she is sorry to be meeting her under such dreadful circumstances, but Casey ignores her. Victor asks what Nikki's chances are. It is a miracle she has held on this long. She goes on to tell Victor that the maid is the prime suspect; she disappeared right after it happened, Casey says.

Victor walks over to Nikki's bedside. "Nikki, it's me, Victor. I am at your side, my darling. I am going to be here with you." He places his hand on her forehead and calls out to her over and over. "My darling, can you hear me?"

Thursday, March 26, 1998

VICTOR observes that there hasn't been any change in Nikki's condition; that has to be a bad sign. He walks over to Diane and gives her a hug. "Why don't you go home and get some rest. You have to be worn out; you didn't get any sleep on the plane. There is really nothing you can do here." Diane agrees, but tells him to call her if he needs her for anything, anything at all. First, she says, she is going to stop by the chapel and say a prayer for Nikki.

After Diane leaves, Victor remembers the first time he laid eyes on Nikki. There is a flashback to the Bayou, the club where Nikki was an exotic dancer. It appears to be a wonderful reminiscence for Victor as he says, "Who would ever have thought we would marry and have two children together? And who would have believed you would turn out to be the incredible lady that you are today?" He gets up from the chair and walks over to the bed.

Casey tells him that there has been no change. Victor should prepare himself for the worse. "I can not stand by and do nothing!" Victor declares. "There must be something we can do or someone we can call. I cannot be patient when the mother of my two children is lying there like this. There must be something we can do."

NEIL compliments Ryan on his work. As they prepare to leave the office for the day, they discuss the women they are going home to. Neil says that Dru is totally committed to the marriage and she will not do anything to jeopardize the marriage again. Ryan tells him that his divorce is final and Tricia is moving in today.

VICTORIA is overseeing a panel of consumer tests of upcoming perfumes for Brash and Sassy while Alec is taking notes. They discuss how perfumes should not overwhelm but have a subtle presence. After everyone leaves, Alec compliments her on her business savvy. As he continues to pour on the compliments, Vicki smiles to herself as if she knows that he is buttering up the boss. "Keep working at it and maybe someday you will be as good as I am---well almost as good," Victoria tells him. He tells her that he will have the report on her desk by tomorrow afternoon. "How about tomorrow morning? You don't mind putting in a little overtime, do you?" He tells her he will have it on her desk by nine AM.

After Alec leaves the office, Vicki pulls her cell phone out of her purse and calls her secretary. I'm glad you called, the secretary tells her. We have been trying to reach you. You need to get to the hospital as soon as possible. Your mother has been admitted. She admits that she doesn't have any details, but it is urgent. "I'm on my way!" Victoria says.

OLIVIA AND MALCOLM are playing doctor in the office. After the kissing is over, Malcolm is optimistic that Dru and Neil's marriage is on the right track, but Olivia has that pessimistic look on her face. He finally gets her to admit that she isn't sure things are going all that well. It isn't anything Dru has said; she is just getting restless again.

NICK finally arrives at the hospital. He finds Jack and is told the bad news about his mother. He looks in the door to Nikki's room and finally goes in. Victor takes him in his arms and tells him what happened to his mother. He walks over to her bedside and talks to her. "Mom, I am here. I love you. Hang in there, please. Hang in there, Mom."

TRICIA is getting her suitcases out of the closet when Keith arrives home. He wants to have a talk with her. She thinks he is going to get on Ryan's case again, but he tells her that he wants to understand. He had a talk with Megan and she made him see a few things that his protective instincts wouldn't let him see before. He is going to try to be more understanding. He even offers to have her things sent to Ryan's apartment. Tricia tells him that this means so much to her.

DIANE sees Jack in the waiting room and joins him. "I am so glad you are here," he tells her as he puts his arms around her. "But I hate that I had to cut short your honeymoon."

Diane tells him that even the honeymoon---as far as it went---was incredible, this is the place Victor needs to be at this time. Nikki is very important to Victor. Together, they have a beautiful daughter and a son who is following in his footsteps. They have shared so much together. Now, to see her lying in that hospital bed and looking so lifeless is devastating for Victor. Her heart breaks for him. "I know we have been anything but friends, but that was before. If there was anything she could do to help her, she would. I just came from the chapel where I . . ."

"To think that after all you have been thought because of Nikki, you would do that shows what an amazing woman you are," Jack interrupts to say.

"I am human," Diane tells him. "I don't like seeing Nikki like this. You, know, something like this brings things into perspective." She asks Jack to take her home. He agrees and tells her that he will stay with her. She would rather be alone, she tells him, but maybe just for a little while. Jack goes to let everyone know where he will be.

DRU is in Olivia's office to ask her to babysit for Lily Saturday night so that she and Neil can go dancing. She is so excited about life and her marriage, which she tells Olivia is going so well. Olivia reminds her that the last time they talked, she was thinking of doing more modeling. Dru explains that she is going to be very picky about what gigs she goes on. She will accept nothing that will keep her away from home for any length of time. Olivia doesn't think this is very realistic. Have you spoken to your husband about this?

Olivia also reminds Dru that she promised to have a baby for Neil. Going through the in vitro procedures are both time-consuming and exhausting. How will she have the energy to do modeling gigs and in vitro at the same time? Dru assures her sister that she will have enough energy to do them both. If a modeling gig comes up that she can't postpone, she will just delay one of the birthing appointments a few days. Olivia is aghast that Dru would say that; a delay of a few days could mean a delay in the process of months. You have got to think of all the repercussions, Olivia advises. Dru thinks that Olivia is once again interfering in her marriage. She is so sick of her holier than thou attitude. So, stop badgering me, she yells.

Outside, Neil is hearing the argument through the closed door. As Dru storms out of Olivia's office, she doesn't see Neil. After she is gone, Neil knocks on the door and enters. "I am her for some answers. What were you and Dru discussing and why was it so intense? I have a feeling it was about me and I am not leaving until you tell me what is going on."

VICKI arrives at her mother's room in a state of hysteria. She cannot believe this has happened. She heard about it on the radio as she was driving over. Will she make it? Oh, God! Don't let her die!

Victor goes back to the bedside and takes Nikki's hand. "Can you hear me? I am here; the children and Casey are here. Everyone who loves you are here waiting for you to wake up. You have to fight Nikki. You cannot leave us now. You are too young to die. DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE US!" he says as he leans over and kisses her on the forehead.

Friday, March 27, 1998

THE NEWMANS continue to stand their vigil at Nikki's bedside. Nick calls out to his mom, but Vicki tells him that she can't hear him. How do you know, Nick asks; Vicki tells him that she doesn't know so go ahead and talk to her. She puts her arms around her brother as she tells her mother that they are here for her. Victor tells his children that they are giving their mother strength just by being here.

PHILLIP approaches his mother and tells her that he wants to go to his Dad's apartment. Do you think he would want me there? Philip asks. Nina assures him that his dad will be happy to see him. You will make him the happiest man alive, she says.

ESTHER stands in the doorway looking guilty while Katherine asks her why she hasn't brought her the newspaper. Esther tries to keep the newspaper from her, but Katherine is insistent. As soon as she sees the headlines, she is stunned. Oh, my God! She gasps. "Dear Lord in Heaven, can this be true? Nikki is fighting for her life and poor Josh is dead. Hurry, Esther, have Robert bring the car around right now. I have to get to the hospital."

AT THE GC MOTEL, Veronica is reading the paper. "Tragic shooting at the Newman ranch, " she reads. "Nikki Newman Landers is fighting for her life. The housekeeper is believed to be the shooter. Have you seen this woman?" Putting the paper aside, she looks at herself in the mirror. She picks up the old wig and tries it on one last time. When she takes it off, she takes a pair of scissors and begins cutting it into pieces. "No---more---Sara," she says as she cuts up the wig. "Sara is gone forever. Goodbye. Veronica is back now; hello," she waves at herself in the mirror. "Now it is time for Genoa City to meet you."

NEIL insists that Olivia tell him what was going on as he came into her office. Olivia accuses him of eavesdropping, but Neil denies it. However, he demands to know what Dru meant when she said that what Neil didn't know wouldn't hurt him. "You had better tell me now before I start drawing my own conclusions."

"What you overheard was a highly personal conversation between me and my sister. It doesn't matter what she was saying to me, but it is safe enough to tell you that she should feel safe in talking to you about anything."

"Are you telling me that despite all my efforts at trying to forgive her, she still doesn't feel comfortable confiding in me?" Olivia refuses to say any more, but advises him to keep the lines of communication open and don't anticipate the worse until after he has talked to her.

Leaving, Neil leans into Olivia's personal space and tells her that she always knows where he is coming from. "Why can't my wife be more like you?" He asks as he is leaving.

DRU asks, "Are you checking up on me, Malcolm?" Malcolm answers that he is only curious about how things are between her and his brother. When she tells him that she is content, he says that if she is content, as she says, then what is that look in her eyes?

Dru figures out that Malcolm has been talking to her sister and she is in for another of Olivia's lectures. Malcolm tells her that she doesn't sound like a woman who wants to save her marriage; he can't help remembering the desperate woman who said she would do anything and give anything to have another chance at her marriage. So be honest with me, he tells her. You know you can talk to me about anything.

Dru reluctantly admits that she misses modeling. She loves modeling, the excitement, the glamour and the pace. Fashion makes her feel complete in a different way than being a wife and mother. She wouldn't give up being Neil's wife and Lily's mother for anything, but she can't understand why she can't have them and her career.

"I hear what you are saying, Dru, but if you truly want your marriage, is it worth it? Think about it, Dru. That is all I am going to say."

Right after Malcolm leaves, the phone rings. It is Sid and he is getting desperate for an answer about the big modeling gig. She reminds him that she has told him that she in unavailable, but he tells her that he is willing to make any arrangement necessary that will help her out in the family department. He tells her to hurry and make up her mind.

Looking at her portfolio, Dru is obviously dreaming of her past career. The door opens and it is Neil. He has to talk to her before Lily returns from the library where she is watching a puppet show from Canada. He tells her that he overheard her comment to Olivia. "What is it that you feel I am better off not knowing?"

TRICIA is on the phone with Ryan; she will be right over. Ryan says he isn't going to have a long bachelor life, is he? He can't wait to see her.

As he is cleaning the room, there is a knock. He thinks Tricia has broken the speed record in getting there, but it is Phillip instead. Ryan is happy to see him; as they are talking, Phillip asks if there is anything from their house that he misses. Ryan tells him that he misses the shower; every time, he takes a shower and someone upstairs flushes the toilet, he freezes. Ryan is giving him a tour of the new apartment when suddenly the door swings open and Tricia announces, "Honey, I'm home!"

Since Tricia has a suitcase with her, Phillip is smart enough to know that she is moving in. Phillip admits that she is, but he will never be too busy for his son. He wants Phillip to stay longer and get to know Tricia a little better. Even Tricia stoops down and tells him that she wants to know him very much. But Phillip says that he knows what is going to happen. She is going to marry his dad and be his (Phillip's) stepmother. He rushes for the door, all the while, Ryan is begging for him to stay.

Tricia is upset, but Ryan comes back into the apartment and tells her not to worry about it. It isn't your fault, he consoles her. He will come around. It will just take time.

Just then there is a knock at the door. Ryan tells her to answer it; after all, this is her address now. It is a delivery man with two large floral arrangements. Tricia is overcome with emotion. After the deliveryman leaves, there is another knock and it is the caterers. Ryan didn't want her to have to cook her first night there.

Dinner is put on the table and the caterers leave. However, it is obvious that the food will go to waste as Ryan picks her up and takes her into the bedroom.

WHILE NICHOLAS AND VICTORIA stand vigil over Nikki, Victor wonders at how time has passed. It seems only just yesterday that we first met. I fell in love with you and could not believe that you could love me. He begins to remember a time when they were out at a very fancy restaurant. He was teaching her how to eat oysters. She didn't want to eat another one, but he was insistent that she eat the last one on the plate. As she picked it up, she realized that there was a pearl inside; not just a pearl, she discovers, but a pearl ring. Victor slipped the ring on her finger and began giving her a lesson on how pearls are formed from one little grain of sand. He also promises her that he will teach her how to ride a horse.

As his memory fades and he returns to the present, he realizes that someone new has entered the room. It is a priest. Victor jumps to the conclusion that there has been a change for the worse, but Nick assures him that he only wanted the Reverend to come by and say a prayer over his mother. They all gather around while the priest says a prayer. After the priest leaves, Victor tells the children that he is going somewhere; he will be back soon.

VERONICA looks at a picture of Joshua. "I loved you, Joshua. I cannot believe that you are gone. How did it come to this? We were going to be together forever and now you are dead. You are lost to me forever."

Her voice changes. It becomes hard. Her eyes and facial expression change. She goes on: "It is all your fault, Nikki. You ruined it for Joshua and me. Now you are fighting for your life. You got what you deserve for turning him against me. Now you are paying the price."

KATHERINE is in Nikki's room. Vicki and Nick say they are going to find their father and give her some time alone with Nikki. Katherine goes to the bedside and looks down at Nikki. "Precious, precious Nikki. You are the daughter I never had. You can survive this; I believe it with all my heart. You have to believe it, too. I need you; we all need you. God, we all need her. Please God."

VICTORIA AND NICHOLAS find their father in the chapel. The three of them approach the altar. Victor tells them that he is not very good at this; you start, he asks. Victoria closes her eyes. "Please God, don't take our mother away. I need her so much. We all need her."

Nick kneels and begins. "Please, Lord, give her a little more time. Give her the strength to hold on. You can do that for her and for us."

Victor closes his eyes and silently begins. "I do not do this often, but I implore you. Please do not let Nikki die."

In her room, Nikki's eyes slowly open then close.

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