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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 23, 1998 on GL
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Monday, March 23

Josh and Michael are in a panic when they find that Reva has vanished. Some bar down by the docks calls Josh, and says that Reva is there. He goes to get her, and finds that she has aged into a teenager, and is dancing around with anyone and everyone. He finally gets her back home, where she erupts and demands to know who she is. She says that she cannot remember holidays, but knows that she has a family, and is confused. Josh comes close to telling her the truth, but Michael stops him. Michael tells Reva that she needs to take her medicine, but she adamantly refuses.

Hart tries to convince Cassie to take a trip to Aruba with him, but she would rather stay around town to find out about Reva. She calls Vanessa and gets Michael's phone number. Cassie thinks that Michael has something to do with the disappearance of Reva. She calls Michael, who gets off the phone in a hurry, and is mad to find out that she has found out his home number.

Reva makes a temporary shelter, and is determined to find her way back to Josh. She also finds a boat, but it is too old to be of any use. We see a shirtless man watching her from behind the bushes.

Beth is accosted in the elevator by her ex-boyfriend, Carl. He says that he warned her not to ever tell anyone about what he did to her, and demands to know who has been looking for him. Beth tells him that Harley Cooper has been the one investigating her. Carl says that she better call her off, or else.

Meanwhile, Phillip and Harley discuss their relationship. Harley tries to let Phillip go, since he has made it obvious that Beth will be an ever-present factor in their lives, but he is not willing to give up that easily.

Later, Beth walks in on Phillip and Harley in a deep kiss. When Harley leaves, Beth encourages her to find Carl.

Tuesday, March 24, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Loleysa

Cassie and Billie are talking at the diner about Josh's strange behavior. She tells Billy she saw Josh in the park with a ten-year-old girl and suddenly Michael shows up. Michael explains the child is apart of an orphan program. Cassie thought it was strange the girl had the same name as Reva. Cassie tells Billy she thinks the child belongs to Reva. Billy doesn't believe that could be possible. Cassie feels Michael is involved or knows what happened to Reva.

Cassie goes over her brief conversation with Michael. She tells Billy that he didn't have the time to talk. Billy asks Cassie for the number to get an address for Michael to ask their questions in person. Hart enters the diner and Cassie asks if he wants to go. He declines.

Josh and C.Reva (Cloned Reva) are arguing again about going out in public. C.Reva reminds Michael that he is not her father and he can't order her around. Michael replies "while you are in my home you will live by my rules." Josh begins to snicker and admits the experiment is in control. C.Reva makes a deal with Josh and Michael. She will agree to their rules only if they agree to take her shopping. Josh wants assurance that C.Reva won't run. C.Reva responds, "I can't lie to you Bud." Josh and Michael agree to the deal. As Josh and C.Reva leave, Cassie and Billie are walking towards Michael's apartment.

Phillip is talking on the phone to a P.I. inquiring about the investigation on Carl Stevens. He is upset to learn Harley has put an end to the investigation. Phillip tells the P.I. to continue to look for Carl Stevens. Alan enters the room and sees Phillip is angry. Phillip tries to explain that he gets upset, angry, and worried when Harley acts on her impulsive behavior. Alan responds, "that you can get angry, pound your chest, and throw things, but then you wake up and realize that she is gone." They continue to have father son hart to hart talk. Alan convinces Phillip to wait until he is calm before he talks to Harley again.

Hart and Blake are having a sister brother chat. Hart can't understand why Holly would let a man like Fletcher get away from her. Blake tries to explain sometimes you are drawn to guys that are complicated and unobtainable. Hart still doesn't understand by women are attracted to dangerous men (i.e. Cassie and Holly). Bake asks Hart if he had fantasies about other women. He tells her, the only fantasy he had is about Cassie. He mentions to Blake he is surprising Ben drop the charges against them. Blake doesn't know how to respond because a Ben look alike enters the diner. Hart sees the look alike and wants to know why the man bothers Blake.

Cassie and Billy knock on Michael's apartment door. Michael answers and is surprised to see them. Cassie explains since, he didn't have enough time to talk to her on the phone she thought she see him in person. Michael tells them is busy with his research and tries to close the door. Billy and Cassie won't let him. They ask to come in and Michael reluctantly allows them to enter. Cassie begins by asking Michael what he knows about Reva and Billy wants to know why Josh is close to him. Michael tries to give them the brush off, but it doesn't work. Billy demands an answer from Michael. Before he can answer the phone rings. Michael doesn't answer the phone until the last minute. Josh is on the other end and tells Michael he is on the way home. Michael warns him not to come because he has guest. Cassie and Billy suspect Josh was on the other end, but Michael won't confirm their thoughts. Once again he ask them to leave and encourages them ask Josh their questions. Cassie and Billy agree, but Cassie wants to use the phone and Billy wants more info on his research. Cassie waits until Billy and Michael leave the room and dials *69.

The woman of the shop answers the phone. Cassie asks her if a man meeting Josh's description was in her shop. She tells Cassie Josh was there with a young beautiful girl and bought out half the store for her. The woman offers to try to catch him. Cassie tells the woman thanks but no thanks. Cassie now believes Josh is having an affair.

Wednesday, March 25, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Loleysa

Harley and Buzz are in the diner discussing Phillip. She fills Buzz in on her belief that Beth may have killed Carl. Buzz tries to point out to Harley that if she doesn't stop her investigation it could end your relationship with Phillip. She doesn't believe him because they shared a tender moment that could be a turning point in their relationship. Buzz leaves and Phillip enters the diner. He demanded she stop investigating Carl. He's afraid if she doesn't Carl will come after her. He tries to convince Harley that once the Carl situation is resolved, he will be able to get Beth out of his life on focus on their relationship. Harley doesn't believe him, but agrees to stop trying to find Carl. Phillip is pleased and leaves to pick up Beth. Harley isn't happy about Phillip picking up Beth from the hospital and makes an excuse to talk to her father.

Buzz calls Jenna' s doctor on the phone. He wants to make sure Jenna and the baby are safe. He makes plans to leave for England. He leaves the diner in the hands of Elaine. He tells her he is worried about Harley. Elaine tries to convince Buzz that Harley will be fine, she is a strong woman. Buzz understands, but he wishes Phillip will make a decision about which woman he wants and soon. Before Buzz leaves he sees Harley crying. Harley uses the onions as a reason for the tears. Buzz tells his daughter if a guy doesn't make you smile or happy then something is wrong. Harley tells her father she and Phillip will work everything out.

Beth enters the hospital to attend her physical therapy sessions. Lillian spots her and reprimands her for failing to keep up her appointment and not spending enough time with Lizzie. Beth admits that she is wrong and will make amends. Lillian leaves to make her rounds and Beth enters one of the ER rooms.

Beth thinks her mother has followed her instead she finds Carl standing behind her. Carl orders Beth to convince Harley to stop looking for him. Beth says, "I've tried". Carl backs Beth into a wall and slams his hands against the wall on each side of her. He threats Beth the try harder. Lillian enters the room and asks what is Carl doing to her daughter. Carl introduces himself to Lillian and apologized for not meeting her before. He explains he had a relationship with Beth. Lillian asks Carl to leave.

After Carl has left, Lillian wants to know if the relationship is over. Beth says, "Yes". She explains to her mother that Carl beat her. Lillian is upset and asks Beth if she called the police. Beth answers, "No". She explains Carl would beat her because he thought she was looking at other men and wouldn't stop until she admitted his truth. Beth told him what he wanted to hear believing Carl would stop, but he didn't. In the end he would apologize and Beth forgave him. Lillian asks, "Why did you let it continue and why didn't you let him go?" Beth replies, "Mom you know why!" Lillian feels guilty because she thinks Beth stayed with this man because of the abuse they both suffered when she was married to Beth's stepfather. Lillian still can't understand why she would expose Lizzie to the abuse. She continues that if she told someone, her friends and family would be there for her. Beth tells her mom, in the end she got Carl out of their lives. Beth blames Harley for bringing Carl back into her life. She admits to Lillian that because of her Harley is now in danger. Beth is sorry that Carl is going after Harley.

Phillip enters the room and Lillian tells him Carl was here. Phillip gets upset and demands Beth tell him where he has gone. Beth begs Phillip not to go after Carl because she's afraid Carl will hurt him.

Harley takes out the trash and Carl appears behind her. He introduces himself to her. Carl tells Harley not to act surprised. Harley wants can't believe it because she thought he was dead.

Cassie and Billy are at Lewis Oil. She asks Billy if he had a chance to talk to Josh. Billy tells her no because Josh hasn't arrived. Cassie can't believe it and feels Josh is having a mid life crisis. She still believes Josh is having an affair. Billy doesn't believe her theory. He explains to Cassie that Josh wouldn't cheat on Reva and Reva wouldn't run away from a fight.

Michael and Josh are at the apartment. Michael pleads for Josh to stay and deal with C.Reva. He admits he can't make it to sunset. Josh says, ''too bad, I'll be back at sunset." Josh tells Michael he has a company to run and Cassie is becoming suspicious. He reminds Michael the experiment is out of control. Michael assures Josh once C.Reva takes the medicine everything will be fine. He will have a wife and the children will have a mother. Josh leaves for the office.

C.Reva enters the room and wants to know where is Josh because he promised to teach her to drive.

Michael tells her Josh is gone to work at his company, Lewis Oil. C.Reva is impressed that Josh is his own boss. Michael asks her to take her medicine, but C.Reva refuses. Michael reminds her about her promise. C.Reva replies, "I've changed my mind. Maybe I'll take it when Josh returns." Michael pleads with her because she did make a promise. C.Reva responds by asking Michael to chase her around the apartment.

Josh arrives at Lewis Oil and heads for his office. Cassie follows him and tells her theory about the affair. Josh tries to explain that he would never cheat on Reva. Before he could finish Michael calls. He tells Josh that C.Reva wants to change the terms of her promise to include driving lessons. He can no longer deal with C.Reva and wants to bring her to Lewis Oil. Josh says isn't a good idea because Billy is here and he will leave as soon as possible. Before he can leave Billy enters the office and stops him.

Michael begs C.Reva to take the medicine. C.Reva refuses and puts the medicine in her top and dares Michael to get it. She tries to seduce him to get him to teach her how to drive. Michael isn't falling for it, instead he threats to lock C.Reva in her room. Reluctantly C.Reva agrees and hands over the medicine then returns to her room. She closes the door and breaks a lamp. She screams pretending that she hurt herself. Michael rushes in to investigate and C.Reva runs out. She locks him in the bedroom. Michael orders C.Reva to release him. C.Reva can't because she has left the apartment.

Billy wants to talk to Reva. Josh tells him he can't. Billy discusses that he knows about the girl in the store. Before Josh responds, he asks Cassie to join them. He explains that the girl was a friend he was helping. He tries to convince them that he would never cheat on Reva after what they have been through. He loves with all his hart and sole. Billy believes him but Cassie doesn't and she walks out. C.Reva steps off the elevator and says," hello Cassie." Cassie responds, "Do I know you?"

Thursday, March 26, 1998

Phillip and Lillian try to convince Beth to tell them where Carl is, so Phillip can "put him out of circulation." Beth won't. Instead, she tells him that Carl is a dangerous man who may be after Harley now.

Carl confronts Harley in the diner alley. He is aware she has been digging into his past relationship with Beth and tells her he intends to cut his trouble off "at the source" -- her. Harley asks Carl to tell her exactly what happened between him and Beth. He claims that Beth's allegations of abuse were made up by her to gain Phillip's sympathy. He also lets Harley know that Beth was the one who turned him on to Harley's snooping. He tries to strike a deal with Harley whereby they help each other out, but as he talks he slips up, revealing that he did abuse Beth. Harley immediately tells him where he can take his offer! She lectures him on woman-abusing and lets him know in no uncertain terms that she intends to put him behind bars for a long time. Carl doesn't see it happening, though, and tells her that Beth wouldn't testify anyway. When he threatens Harley directly, she tells him that she'll kill him if he lays a hand on her.

Beth and Phillip find Harley, but don't see Carl, who runs off when he hears them coming. Phillip warns her that Carl is looking for her, and Harley doesn't reveal that Carl was just with her moments before.

Young Reva shows up at Lewis Oil to see Josh and greets Cassie, who doesn't recognized her from their meeting at the park. Cassie accuses her of being "Josh's bimbo." Josh hears them arguing and rushes Reva into an elevator before brother Billy can see her! Josh takes her home (to Michael's) to find that Michael has been locked in the bathroom by Reva, who wanted to get out of the apartment. She pleads with the two men to tell her the truth about her life...why she's growing up so fast and doesn't have memories like other teenagers. Josh decides she deserves to know, so he talks a very reluctant Michael into leaving them alone to talk. Josh sits down with the clone Reva and explains to her how he loved and lost his wife, Reva.

The real Reva walks around the island talking to herself as she builds a shelter on the beach. She attempts some fishing, and while doing so, spots a ship in the distance which doesn't see her.

Cassie confides in Billy how she's been feeling over Reva's absence. Billy tells her that he believes Josh isn't having an affair -- that the only way Reva would walk away from his brother was if she was "6 feet under or on a deserted island!" Billy suggests that Cassie stay out of it and let things work themselves out for Reva and Josh. Cassie finally agrees, and calls to apologize to Michael Burke for being so accusatory. On the phone, however, Michael is terse and hangs up on her, causing her to leave for his place in person.

At show's end:

Phillip leaves the diner to talk to Frank about the situation with Carl. After he leaves, Harley confronts Beth, saying, "You knew Carl was here because you set me up!" She apparently lifted Carl's wallet and has a plan to get him to confess everything, using Beth as bait.

The real Reva starts to bathe in the ocean water at night, but starts to sense that someone is watching her as she removes her clothes (someone is!).

Young Reva figures out that she's a clone and freaks out on Josh, saying, "You just cloned me and are making me grow up fast to replace your precious Reva Shayne!" Just then, Cassie appears poised to knock at Michael Burke's door.

Friday, March 27

by CBS Daytime

Michael intercepts Cassie at the door and takes her to the diner to "explain everything". Michael tells her a half-truth...that Josh is helping him with a project that rapidly ages humans. Young "Reva" rails on Josh for what he's done, but finally calms down and is intrigued by the love that drove Josh to do this. On her urging, Josh tells the clone the love story of Josh and Reva. Young "Reva" is captivated by the story and wants to know how to be more like Josh's Reva. However, Josh decides that he doesn't want "Reva" rapidly aged anymore, he wants to raise her to be her own person, pass her off as a cousin of Reva's if he has to. However, "Reva" is falling in love with Josh and secretly takes more medicine so she can become Josh's Reva. Cassie slips away from Michael and walks in on the clone professing her love to Josh. Meanwhile, the man whose been watching Reva on the island reveals himself to her, demanding that the naked Reva get out of the water. Phillip catches Carl lurking on the Spaulding grounds. As he goes to call the police, Alan stands guard. We learn that Alan hired Carl.

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