One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 23, 1998 on OLTL

Carlotta broke up with Hank. Blair pretended to be Kelly. Max learned that his twins were alive. Andrew and Téa made love. Todd was reminded of his childhood. R.J. proposed to Jacara, who later found the tape of Max's kids. Todd wrote a letter.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 23, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, March 23, 1998

Kevin, Barbara, Kelly and Joey

Barbara started helping Kevin with his recovery at Llanfair. He was upset about Cassie and confided in Barbara. Kelly dropped by and told them she wanted to work with saving the whales and therefore keep the memory of Ian alive. Kevin offered the use of the Banner to help her cause.

Blair, Dorian and the lawyer

Meanwhile over at Dorian's, Blair pretended to be Kelly when Ian's estate lawyer came over. Ian has left Kelly 1/4 of his entire personal will! He coincidentally left a million to help save the whales. Dorian arrived home just as Blair told the lawyer that she wanted to read over the papers before signing them. Blair lied to Dorian and told her that the man was a tabloid reporter and that she was pretending to be Kelly to save her the pain of having to deal with him. Later, Blair brought the papers to Ian's lawyer at the Palace Hotel. She ran into Kelly, who was at the Palace as well, and managed to keep her away from Ian's lawyer. The lawyer said that all there is left is the bank paper work.

Mel, Dorian and Renee

Mel went to Dorian's to ask her what she thought about the article. All she could talk about was this sea coral and how if he hadn't sent her to Canton she would never have found it. He left saying it was over, then he went back to the palace and asked Renee to breakfast the next morning. Dorian meanwhile was missing Mel.

Todd, Sam and Starr

Todd was busy at the community center today. He was reading the Bible that Andrew gave him when he noticed a man yelling at his son. This brought back disturbing memories about his own childhood. His father had at least emotionally abused him very badly. Todd physically attacked this man with Starr watching. Sam was there to cool Todd down. He eventually apologized, but Starr was visibly shaken and initially wouldn't come over to Todd. After Sam told Starr a cute analogy about Todd being like Simba's dad in the Lion King, Starr gave Todd a hug.

Georgie, Nora, Rachel and Bo

Georgie, Nora, and Rachel were shopping for a dress for Georgie. While Georgie was alone in a very revealing dress, she saw Bo and asked him to help her get it off.(i.e. undo her zipper) He said no because that's the kind of thing that would infuriate Nora. He was there to buy something for Nora as a going away present. Rachel saw Bo talking to Georgie and asked her about it. Georgie cryptically told Rachel not to tell Nora that Bo was there.

Bo and Barbara

Barbara was at the shooting range when she ran into Bo. She said that it was just a hobby. Bo offered to help her if she needed it, but Barbara said she was fine.

Tuesday, March 24, 1998

The Palace Hotel dining room:

Bo runs into Hank, who is waiting for Carlotta. When Bo suggests that they wait until Nora arrives to make it a foursome, Hank lets on that he is preparing to propose to Carlotta. Bo is confused in light of the fact that Hank has been unsure of his commitment to Carlotta up until now. Hank says that he knows that Carlotta needs more than he has been willing to give up until now and he doesn't want to end up alone for the rest of his life. Carlotta and Nora arrive for their respective dinners and Hank gets ready to propose. But before he can get it out, Carlotta breaks up with him saying that she thinks that they aren't really right for each other, but could they still be friends. Hank seems relieved, but also disappointed, as the two go their separate ways.

R.J.'s apartment:

An obviously nervous Jacara stops by to get R.J.'s signature on some contracts. When R.J. asks her why she is being so aloof, Jacara says that she doesn't like the fact that he lied to Bo. While the two of them are discussing their relationship, Max shows up at the apartment saying that he wants to apologize to R.J. for the accusations he made at Rachel's birthday party. R.J. accepts Max's apologies, and says that he knows that people believe the worst about him because of choices he has made, but Max had no choice in what happened to his kids. Max thanks R.J. for his understanding and leaves. Jacara then tells R.J. that if Max can apologize so can she. But R.J. wants to know "since when did you take cues from Max Holden?" Jacara says it wasn't Max that changed her mind, but R.J.'s treatment of Max. R.J. was decent and concerned when he had no reason to be and that makes her think that R.J. is a good guy after all. But she still is uneasy with how easily he lied to Bo and she is afraid that one day he will lie to her like that. R.J. assures her that he wants a completely honest relationship and Jacara says that her heart tells her that he is the right man for her. The two make love.

The lobby of the Palace Hotel:

Nora arrives for her dinner with Bo and bumps into Sam, who is trying to reach Todd. The two lawyers share their opinions about the Manning divorce and the two litigants. Nora doesn't hold back her contempt for Todd while Sam continues to talk about Todd's wretched childhood. When Nora refuses to show any mercy where Todd is concerned, Sam finally asks what Todd ever did to her. That's when Nora reveals that Todd once tried to rape her. Sam is enraged at this discovery and races off to confront his client.

The Manning penthouse:

Starr is cranky, obviously still shaken up from Todd's outburst at the Community Center. He does his best to calm her down, but in the end Starr runs from him and will only go to sleep with the light on. When the nanny attributes Starr's mood to Téa's absence, Todd promises that Téa will be home soon and goes for a walk.


Sam stops by Llanfair desperately looking for Todd. Viki assures him that Todd hasn't been by, but is curious about Sam's relationship to Todd. He explains their past connection, Viki is very relieved to find that Todd has another ally and ask Sam to do everything possible to keep Todd and Téa together. At this point, Sam says, he isn't sure that Todd should be married to anyone. When he asks is there anyplace that Todd goes when he needs to think, Viki sends him to the riverfront.

The riverfront:

Sam finds Todd and rips into him for his attack on Nora in the distant past. Sam demands to know whether there is anything else he needs to know. Todd tells him that he has never lied to Sam. Sam knew that Todd was a rapist, but somehow it is different because Sam still carries a torch for Nora. Sam tells Todd that he is walking out. But Todd insists that he stay. When Sam asks why he should stay Todd says it's because he scared Starr and that's the last thing he ever wanted to do. Todd feels that Téa is the only person who really knows him, the only person who sees him as anything other than a monster and that if she leaves him there is no hope. The lawyer appears to be moved by Todd's plea, but walks away nonetheless.

Across town:

Max prepares to buy a gun.

Wednesday, March 25, 1998

R.J.'s Apartment-R.J. and Jacara

R.J. and Jacara have spent the night together. They are sitting on the couch clearly basking in the afterglow. R.J. asks why Jacara made him wait so long. She replies that her mother told her two things need time- loving a man and cooking a pot of greens just right. The music playing is the same they danced to the night before. Jacara invites R.J. to join her in the shower, but he begs off saying he need to decide what he will do today. He opens a closet and takes out the tape of Max's kids.

Jacara finishes her shower and says she is headed for the club. R.J. tells her he has a confession to make. Jacara replies he is scaring her. R.J. admits that what he has to say may change the way she feels about him. Jacara can't figure out what the problem may be- is he married or sick? She can't think of what he could say to change how she feels about him. R.J. falls back on his charm, too afraid to tell her about the kidnapping, and says that his confession is that he is absolutely, completely in love with her. She thought he was going to tell her something awful. So now he is saying loving her is bad news, she teases. R.J. quotes Leadbelly (legendary blues man) as singing that you should never love a woman like she can't love you. Jacara knows that R.J. is cool, but his strength is not in his cool but inside him. She assures him that "I am with you, heart and soul. I love and trust you".

Jacara leaves for the club, no wiser than before about the tape's contents.

Serenity Springs-Max and Blair

Blair storms into Max's house announcing to drop whatever he is doing. It is dark and she does not see the gun he was aiming at her. He hides it in the sofa cushion and asks what rocket blasted her through his door. Blair says she needs to open a secret bank account and wants to know where would be a safe place to do this. Max suggests Zurich or the Cayman Islands. Blair questions whether she would get caught if she opens the account as someone else. She says that megabucks are involved and he does not want to know about this because it is for his protection. She reveals that she masqueraded as Kelly when Ian's solicitor came calling at Dorian's and he told her that Ian bequeathed her cousin 25% of his personal assets. Blair considered it fate that this has been placed in her lap. Max doubts she can pull it off. Blair thinks she can if she moves quickly. Max calls her move suicide. Blair explains that she has been on a losing streak. Not that she means to compare it to his situation, but in the last year, she lost her baby boy in an accident, Todd gained exclusive custody of Starr and hired a high powered attorney that she would need a fortune to fight legally. Max reminds her that what she is about to do involves forgery, embezzlement and theft and could very well land her in jail. Although he agrees with her that Todd is dangerous, he is hesitant until Blair pleads that he is standing in the way of her getting her little girl back.

Max finally agrees to help. He calls someone and provides her with a phone number to call in the Caymans. He reminds her that she will need Kelly's social security number and he wonders how she will get Ian's lawyer to put the money in a Cayman account. Blair is certain all she will need to do is act bereaved and helpless. Max replies that she will also being receiving a big fat envelope from the IRS. Blair says that she can handle all that as long as she has Starr. When her kid is at stake, she will do anything. Max understands the feeling. Blair drops the slip of paper with the number on it and begins rummaging behind the couch cushion and finds the gun. He tells her he knows that a gun won't bring back his kids, but it can bring down the person who is responsible. He explains that he wants the tape Charbonneau sent to R.J. and if R.J. doesn't want to give it to him, that is why he has the gun. Blair wants to know how he got the gun. Max is elusive, but he does tell her he had lots of guns before he had kids and now that he doesn't have kids (guess Al doesn't count), he thought he would pick one up. Blair reminds him that Bo told him to stay away from R.J. It is up to the police to get the tape. Max is in no mood to wait for a warrant and he fears that it will only serve as a warning to R.J. He will hide it and it will never be found. Blair worries that R.J. will out draw him. Max replies that "outliving your children is a slow death sentence for a parent". He wanted to protect them like she protects Starr. With them gone, he has nothing to lose. Blair says he can lose his family, his friends, his life. Max replies that he cannot go on living knowing the man responsible for their deaths is walking around free and he must do whatever it takes to bring R.J. to justice. This is the one thing he has left. But as for Blair, if and when he is behind bars, all he wants to see is her happy again, living with her little girl. Blair gives her reluctant blessing. If it can bring Max peace, she wants what is best for him and wishes him luck. He wishes her a happy ending but Blair tells him not talk about that. It's a jinx.

Dorian's -Kelly, Cassie and Dorian

Dorian still needs money for her sea coral business. Cassie suggests going to a bank. Dorian has been to all of those. She needs a venture capitalist, a private investor. Too bad Asa already turned her down. Kelly mentions to Cassie how supportive Kevin has been to her and how they talked all night about her future. A light goes off over Dorian's head. Kevin must have access to a ton of Lord-Buchanan money. Cassie reminds her mom that Kevin is busy sitting in a wheel chair recovering and Dorian should leave him alone. Besides isn't this risky? She wants Kelly to work for her and they will insure the Cramer family future together Kelly says she won't be available. Thanks to Mel she already has a job. She was feeling just as lost as before she knew Ian and then she remembered the whole incredible experience of whale watching and it brought a smile to her face. Mel suggested she join the Living Oceans project. Dorian warns her that Mel has a way of using personal information on the Cramers to pave his way to another Pulitzer Prize. What Kelly needs is a real job, to make real money and then do with it what she wants. Kelly says she does not favor the use of sea coral for profit and she does not want to work with Blair. Cassie also turns her down, reminding her mother that she has a career and a son to worry about. Dorian is disturbed that Cassie and Kelly care nothing about what she needs. She has a goal, a vision they do not share, but all she needs is cash and she assures them, she will get it. She calls up to Ming to fetch her turban.

After she leaves, Kelly and Cassie discuss how proud Ian would have been of Kelly. Cassie wishes her mother would reconnect. Kelly attributes her new attitude to Mel and Kevin and asks Cassie what is happening between Kevin and her. Cassie confesses that Kevin thinks she is over-reacting to Téa and Andrew out of jealousy, which she denies having. This is about River having to leave town, because Andrew, a decent man, is having his love life questioned. Kelly says that even after being divorced from Andrew, Cassie still defends him and she can understand why Kevin may think she is jealous, judging by the light in Cassie's eyes when she speaks about her ex. What Kelly can't understand is why they broke up. Cassie has no answer about love ending. Kelly tells her that whenever she imagined a married couple, it was Cassie and Andrew. Cassie laughs and reminds her cousin that when she came to stay with Andrew and her in the rectory, she nicknamed them the Reverend and Mrs. Dweeb. Kelly says that is true, but underneath it all she believed they were stable and well suited to each other. Cassie replies that Andrew called it conjugal glue. Now all she can wish is for Kelly to find what she hasn't yet- lasting love.

Palace Hotel Dining Room- Nora, Georgie, Hank, Renee, Mel and Dorian

Rachel is still intrigued by the dead flower her room mate carries around with her everywhere and who is this mysterious lover of Georgie's, but she never gets an answer. Georgie gets up from the table when Nora arrives and they go to discuss the brief she wrote for Nora's Harrisburg appeal case.

Then Nora and Hank join Rachel and she thanks them for the best birthday ever. Nora says it was Hank's idea. Even the cold she got was worth it so her mother got to baby her while Georgie worked on the brief. Hank is happy to see his women getting along. What women, they ask. Just Nora and Rachel. Nora questions what happened with Carlotta. Last night they were all cozied up. Hank replies that he started out all wrong and it turned into a heart to heart and he and Carlotta are taking a break, backing off to reassess. He felt like a bus going in the wrong direction. Rachel is sorry to hear about the breakup. Hank says not every couple can be Bo and Nora, they are a hard act to follow especially since they've been on a second honeymoon. Rachel looks up and sees Georgie looking in their direction.

Meanwhile, Renee is instructing her maitre'd where to seat the diners at table one. She explains that she wants to have an intimate atmosphere for her and her friend. Mel shows up and is escorted to the table and Renee says she has just one thing to do and she is all his.

Unfortunately, Dorian arrives just after Mel is seated. She compliments Renee on how vital she is looking and attributes it to the tea her partner brewed for them. The tea works miracles, Dorian says. It gave her a hangover, Renee replies. Dorian changes the subject and tries to hard sell Renee on a fabulous investment, an opportunity Renee must seize. Renee says she has a breakfast date. Dorian says she will wait. Gerald, the maitre'd, shows Dorian to another table, which is not close to their table, but she still has a perfect view. And view she does. She can't stop looking at Mel and he is not oblivious to it.

Renee and Mel cannot get their conversation off the ground, the personal drama in the room is amazing. They liken it to a talk show, but Mel can't get over his discomfort. He tells Renee she is a terrific lady an he would enjoy doing this again when they are not being observed. Renee agrees she would enjoy that too. Renee understands that he must leave.

Dorian's waiter brings her a drink, but she tells him to put it on her bill. She is not staying.

Nora has a few things to wrap up before she leaves for Harrisburg. Georgie will be in the office and Nora reminds her to handle things as she would. She mentions going to Logan's for a gift for Bo and Hank says he would like to go with her. Rachel looks at the dead flower again and wonders about her room mate.

Dorian's- Blair and Dorian

Dorian tells Blair she is running on empty. Blair assures her that she will join her on the coral project. She will get all the money she needs and more. As long as Dorian doesn't tell anyone where she got the funding. Come hell or high water, as Dorian taught her, Blair will make them rich. Dorian says that Blair is brave and loyal. When the chips are down, they will always stand together, they both promise each other.

Logan's Department Store-Hank, Nora and R.J.

Hank doesn't know why Nora should buy Bo a present, he has all he can want in Nora. Nice of him to say, Nora replies So why is she so nervous, Hank inquires. She mentions the appeal, she is worried because she can't blow it. Hank reassures her that she is the best attorney he knows. Hank hasn't found the right woman yet, according to Nora, but according to Hank, when he does, he doesn't know what to do with her. Nora says that is an out and out compliment. She asks Hank to go with her to pick up a gift for Bo, but Hank has his own errand to do. They wish each other good luck.

Hank takes out the engagement ring he was going to give Carlotta and produces the receipt for the salesman. As the salesman walks away, R.J. shows up looking for an engagement ring for Jacara. He is the luckiest man in the world. Hank agrees. But, R.J. cautions, she will need to say yes first. The salesman comes back and asks if Hank wants the ring credited to his account. Hank says yes. R.J. looks at his face and sincerely offers Hank a "Sorry, brother". Hank says that he deserves happiness. R.J. asks him to be his best man and Hank agrees. The salesman asks R.J. if he wants a traditional or contemporary setting for the ring. R.J. says that Jacara is both cutting edge and traditional. She is a trend setter in music, but she is given to quoting her mom. Hank sees the look on his brother's face and tells R.J. that he hasn't seen that light in his eyes since their grandfather gave him that train set years ago.

Club Indigo- Max and Jacara

Max is ransacking R.J.'s office when Jacara shows up. The gun is pointed at her. She tells him to put it away. Max says he just came to get proof. He was going to let the law handle it. Jacara cannot believe that R.J. would do any harm. She warns Max to back off or she will call the cops. Max asks for 5 minutes to hear him out. He tells her that they both know that Charbonneau messengered the tape to R.J. The tape means nothing, Jacara replies. Max differs. She is his business partner and it matters. Jacara tells Max that R.J. and she are personally involved. Max says then did she see anything in the house. She hasn't and she isn't convinced that R.J. has anything to hide. Max reminds her that when she left Indigo for Rodi's, R.J. said he wanted to kill him over Jacara. She replies that she loves and trusts R.J. "The man you think you love could be a cold blooded murderer and you could be wrong. Either way, you have to know", he says. So what does he suggest she does. "Look for the tape", Max replies, "not just for me, but for yourself".

Thursday, March 26, 1998

Bo, Clint, Asa and Max

Asa, Bo and Clint are having lunch together at the country club. Asa's busy scoping the room for possible women for Clint. Asa wonders how long Clint can last without "getting any", "if you don't use it, you'll lose it", he comments. Clint tries to ignore him, but when Asa starts putting Viki down, Clint defends her. Why can't you find a good woman like Bo, Asa wonders. Clint finds his comments ironic, coming from someone who married Blair Daimler and Alex Olanov. Max comes in and Bo goes over and tries to talk to him. Max tells Bo that he apologized to R.J. and is going to step back and let the police do all the investigating. Max suggested that Bo search R.J.'s apartment for the videotape, Max is certain that R.J. is keeping it there.

Max, Jacara and R.J.

At Club Indigo, Max is still trying to convince Jacara to help him find the tape. The tape isn't at Club Indigo, so it must be at R.J.'s apartment. Jacara insists that she trusts R.J., but Max questions the depth of her trust, shouldn't she do it for her own peace of mind. Jacara returns to R.J.'s apartment to find him waiting there with a table set for a romantic dinner. R.J. tells her how much he loves her, then pulls out the ring and proposes to her, "Jacara, will you marry me". Jacara is surprised that he is asking her so soon and asks for a little time to think things over. The phone rings, it's Rachel calling from the Club to tell him that someone jimmied the lock and broke in. R.J. rushes down to the Club to check it out. Meanwhile, Jacara searches the apartment and finally breaks open a cabinet and finds the tape. She's waiting on Max's doorstep when he comes home and hands him the tape. R.J. returns to the apartment to find the cabinet broken into and the tape gone. When he turns around, he finds Bo standing in his doorway.

Blair, Kelly, Max and Todd

Kelly catches Blair with her wallet. Blair makes up an excuse that she was looking for change of a ten. Kelly thinks it's strange, but gives her the money from her wallet. As Blair is searching for a ten to give her in return, the phone rings and Kelly picks it up. It's Mr. Winwood looking for Kelly. He mentions that he didn't recognize Kelly's voice when she picked up and starts to mention "their" meeting the other day. Kelly is confused and asks who he is. Blair, hearing Mr. Winwood's name, rushes and grabs the phone out of Kelly's hand and hangs it up. She claims it was the telemarketer who called bothering them the other day. Kelly is suspicious, Blair overreacted way too much for it to be a telemarketer, but Blair convinces her to forget about it. Kelly tells Blair that she will be fundraising to help save the whales. Blair gives her back the two fives as her donation to the whales and rushes Kelly out the door.

Calling Mr. Winwood, Blair(as Kelly) explains that it was her cousin Blair that picked up the phone before. Blair is always trying to ruin things for her that's why she would like to keep everything private. Max arrives in a foul mood, he can't stand to be in the house anymore with pictures of the children everywhere. Max seems to be against Blair's sceme now, calling it fraud, despite the fact that hours earlier he was helping her. Before Max leaves, Blair notices the gun tucked into the back of his pants. She kisses him to distract him while she takes it from him, but he is not fooled and takes it right back. Blair is furious with Max and when the doorbell rings right after Max left, she opens the door and punches the person standing there, but it's Todd, not Max.

Todd is knocked to the ground and Blair apologizes. Todd wonders where she learned a right hook like that. I probably learned it from you, Blair replies, earning a rare smile from Todd. They go inside and Todd asks her to explain again why she told Bo the truth. Blair explains again that it was the right thing to do and that she did it for Starr as much as him. She wants to be a good mother, to have the family that she never had growing up. Blair wants to be a good person, she knows she has a long way to go(Blair says as she crumples up the piece of paper with Mr. Winwood's phone number on it), but she wants to try. Todd cautiously approaches Blair and reaches out to touch her hair briefly. That was a good answer, thank you, he tells her and then leaves.

Todd, Téa, Andrew and Starr

No sooner does Téa arrive in her hotel room, back from her trip, than the phone starts ringing. It's Andrew, who's very glad she's back. I'm coming right over he tells her, cutting off Téa's attempt to tell him she thinks they should take things slowly. As soon as Téa hangs up, there's a knock at the door, it's Todd and Starr. Todd asked Téa to give him four weeks, to come back to him and things would be different. The subject of Blair comes up and, although she can't believe she's saying it, Téa has to admit that Blair isn't all bad. Todd still can't understand why Blair told Bo the truth that set him free. Why don't you go and ask her Téa suggests, so he does, leaving Starr there with Téa. Andrew arrives and accuses Todd of using Starr to manipulate Téa. They are kissing when Starr wakes up from her nap and interrupts them. Andrew leaves, and goes to see Bishop McBride. He asks the Bishop for a sabbatical from his parrish. Meanwhile, Todd returns with a bunch of flowers for Téa. He's upset when he sees that Andrew already brought her flowers. I'm not good at this courting stuff, he tells Téa, but he promises to win her back. Outside the hotel room, Todd comments to Shorty that that went pretty well, at least she didn't throw anything. Just wait until she see's what I have planned for tomorrow.

Friday, March 27, 1998

Téa, Andrew, Bishop McBride

Téa enters the Palace Restaurant and is being shown to a table when she notices Andrew having a conversation with the bishop. She quickly turns around and leaves. Andrew is asking Bishop McBride for a sabbatical from his parish. The bishop doesn't think it's a good idea for him to leave right now and then asks Andrew what the purpose of this sabbatical is. Is it for "renewal of your spiritual life, or your sexual life?"

Andrew says that his love of God and his love of this woman must come from the same place, "if I deny one, I risk the other". Andrew loves Téa and he intends to marry her as soon as she is free. If the bishop grants his request, he can wait for Téa to be free and return to the parish without hypocricy. The bishop warns that if Andrew takes this sabbatical, it will change his life far more than he realizes. "Be careful, Andrew", he warns, "very, very careful".

Andrew goes up to Téa's hotel room and tells her that the bishop has granted his request for a sabbatical. Téa can't believe that he did it, the church is his life. "You're also my life", Andrew tells her. It was no choice at all, he wants to be with her. He takes off his collar. Téa doesn't see how his taking his collar off changes things, even if she takes off Todd's ring that doesn't mean she's any less married to him. "I believe that God doesn't see collars and God doesn't see rings, I believe that God sees what's in our hearts and when love is in our hearts, he holds us blameless. And if I didn't believe that I would never have come back to the room because I knew what would have to happen", Andrew says and then kisses Téa.

Todd, Sam and Starr

Todd and Starr return to the penthouse to find Sam waiting for them. Todd asks if Sam will still be representing him and Sam says he will. After sending Starr upstairs, they discuss the situation. Sam is willing to help Todd, but Todd also has to be willing to do everything in his power to help himself. Todd has decided to let Starr spend more time with Blair, he informs Sam. Sam is surprised, is this Téa's idea, he asks. No, can't he have ideas on his own, Todd wonders. Maybe your sister was right, Sam comments, Viki feels that Todd's worth saving. Todd doesn't care if Viki's the one that convinced Sam to stay, all he cares about is that Sam is there and is going to help him get back what is his.

Sam wants to discuss some things with Todd, he had a good reason for not wanting Blair near Starr, didn't he? "She's bananas", Todd tells him. So why has Todd changed his mind, Sam wonders. Todd explains that Blair could have sent him to jail, but she didn't because she wanted to do what was best for Starr. That's what Todd wants to do now, do what's best for Starr. Funny, it might even show Téa that he's changing, Sam says, suggesting a possible ulterior motive for Todd's change of mind. Todd wants Sam to tell Téa about it but Sam refuses, it's up to Todd to tell her. When Todd claims he can't, that he's bad with words, Sam tells Todd to write Téa a letter to tell her how he feels. "If you don't risk, you don't win anything", Sam advises him, "you won't win trust, and without trust, you don't have a marriage." Sam doesn't understand why Todd won't try with the woman he loves, unless he doesn't want to win, maybe he wants to fail. If Todd can't say the words to Téa, why doesn't he write them. Sam pulls out a pen. Todd just stares at him holding the pen, not saying a word.

Todd, holding the pen like it's about to bite him, reluctantly sits down at the desk with a piece of paper in front of him. Sam tells him to think of it as a truth letter, filled with all the things he's wanted to say but hasn't been able to. Todd says he can't do it. Pretend that no one else is ever going to read it, Sam encourages him, just start with Dear Téa. "T, E, A, with some kind of an accent", Todd writes and then drops the pen. Sam suggests what he should write, but Todd refuses, it doesn't even sound like him. Then write it so it does sound like you, Sam says. Todd tells Sam to go away and he leaves.

As Todd starts to write, a beautiful, haunting song begins to play in the background. (It's "Night Ride Across the Caucasus" by Loreena McKennitt)"I've got a problem. I know what I want to say to you, but when I try to say it, it comes out wrong, but here goes. I did it, I made you hate me as much as I hate me. I remember when you believed in me Téa, you thought I could be better. And now Delgado, I'm ready to try, only I can't do it without you and you're not here. (The picture dissolves to show Andrew and Téa in bed together) "There's no turning back", she tells him. Andrew kisses her passionately. (Now back to Todd) "I need you to look at me the way you do, like I'm not disgusting, you're not afraid of me. Your eyes don't lie. You're in those eyes, tough as nails and soft and beautiful, that's you. I always check your eyes first (Andrew runs his thumb across Téa's face), then your mouth, (Andrew touches her mouth). It never stops, when you're not talking, you're laughing.(Andrew and Téa kiss passionately. The camera pans down the length of their bodies) At me sometimes, but it makes me feel good. I don't know why, like we share something. Is that what it's like to love somebody? (Back to seeing Todd writing) Téa, I don't know anything about love, but I'm getting to know your eyes, and that mouth, and I want to know more. Because you make me not afraid of myself." (Back to Téa and Andrew making love)"Téa", Todd whispers sadly to himself.

Sam reads Todd's letter as Todd paces the room. Sam has to admit Todd did a much better job than he thought he would, "not bad for a man that would rather boil in oil than show his true feelings". Todd tries to grab the paper away from Sam, but Sam pulls it away. Now that you've expressed your feelings, maybe now you can tell Téa, Sam suggests. Todd wants her back, the last thing he wants to do is go in front of her and look like an idiot. I'm not ready for this Sam, Todd says, grabbing the note, crumpling it into a ball and throwing it away. I'm not going to fall, he insists and storms out of the room. "I'm afraid you've already fallen, Boomer", Sam says as he picks up the crumpled letter and unwrinkles it.

Todd opens the door to the penthouse and finds Téa standing there.

Téa and Andrew

This was so right, Andrew says to Téa. He's glad he took that sabbatical, he can't imagine hiding the way he feels about her. Téa tells Andrew that she loves him. He didn't think it could get any better, but it did, hearing her say that. He wants to remember this moment forever. "Remember that, mi amore, whatever happens, remember that I love you.", Téa tells him. "No turning back", she whispers softly to herself.

Andrew wakes up to find Téa gone and a note on the pillow. "Forgive me, I'm doing the only thing I can do for our future together. I love you", the note says.

Blair and Stephen Winwood

Mr. Winwood arrives at the Palace Hotel and asks if Kelly Cramer is there. The maitre 'de points out the table where Kelly is having lunch with Jessica. Blair manages to catch him before he can walk over to the table. Who is that young woman over there, he asks, pointing to Kelly.

Blair(as Kelly) tells Stephen that that is her cousin Blair sitting over there. They are often mistaken for each other and "Blair" sometimes impersonates Kelly, "Blair" is jealous of "Kelly" and what she has. Stephen seems convinced and they go and sit down, away from Kelly and Jessica.

Mr. Winwood tells Blair that he will see about having the money transferred into "Kelly's" account in the Cayman Islands later that day. There's only one more technicality he has to take care of, he needs to see a photo ID of Kelly's. Blair panics, then fakes an allergic reaction to the food they'd been eating and rushes out.

Kelly, Jessica, Asa and Joey

Kelly and Jessica are having lunch at the Palace Hotel. Kelly fills Jessica in on her plans to help the whales. She volunteered to do fund raising for The Living Ocean project. It's a way for Kelly to help out and to feel connected to Ian. They desperately need money and Kelly needs to find a big donor fast. Jessica suggests that they go talk to Asa. They leave to go find him.

At Llanfair, Joey lets Asa in. Asa's come to see Kevin, but unfortunately he's asleep, Joey was just sitting there studying. Asa picks up Joey's books and ridicules the fact that he's studying art, he should be studying business in Asa's opinion. Business isn't for me, Joey replies. Asa thinks that's easy for him to say when he has a trust fund to support him. Where does Joey think the money came from, or the money to build museums, it came from business. Kelly and Jessica come in during this discussion. Kelly defends Joey, asking Asa why he always has to give Joey such a hard time.

Asa asks what Kelly knows about money, Dorian pays all of her bills. Kelly replies that she's planning to change all that and she knows the value of money. That's more than Joey knows, Asa comments. What good would a museum be if there was no art to put it in, Kelly asks. And what good would all of Asa's billions do if there was no beauty, no love, no charity in the world? Jessica agrees with Kelly. Joey thanks Kelly, it was nice to have her on his side for a few minutes, even if it was only on principle and not because of him. Joey guesses that she's here to see Kevin. No, Kelly corrects him, we actually came to see Asa. They asks Asa for a donation of 2 or 3 hundred thousand dollars for protecting the whales. Asa wonders what it is about the Cramer women and the sea. Kelly is surprised to learn that Dorian went to Asa to get money. Kelly assures him that she wants nothing to do with that coral business.

Max, Jacara, R.J., Bo and Blair

Max puts the videotape in the VCR. One of us is not going to be happy after we see this, he comments to Jacara. He starts the tape, which shows the date March 12, 1998. Max's kids are shown swinging on the swings. His kids are alive! Max is relieved to see that the twins look happy and not scared or mistreated.

Bo enters R.J.'s apartment and asks about the broken vase of flowers and the cabinet that was broken into. R.J. claims it was just a lovers quarrel. R.J. asks if he has a search warrant. Bo calls in to get a search warrant. Bo suggests that maybe the tape was in the cabinet before and someone broke in and stole it.

The police search R.J.'s apartment. They find a stack of Sun newspapers, all of them about the kidnapping. Bo asks R.J. if the guilt was getting to him. Bo bets that that was what his quarrel was with Jacara. Did she jimmy the lock and steal the tape, Bo asks. How long do you think it will be before she brings the tape to the police, or to Max? The police finish up their search. I'll be seeing you, Bo promises. R.J. remains silent.

R.J. opens his door to find Jacara standing there. Where's the tape, he asks. I gave it to Max, she tells him. Jacara doesn't believe him when he says he didn't kidnap Max's kids. He's lied to Max, to Bo and now to her, again. R.J. wants to explain to her what happened. He tells her that when Jacara walked out and joined up with Max at Rodi's, he asked Claude Charbonneau to break Max, so that he couldn't afford to support Blue Jay Records and Jacara would have no choice but to return to R.J. He never suggested anything about kidnapping, the first he heard of it was after the car went in the river. "I didn't know, Jacara. You've got to believe me, because it's the truth."

What did you think would happen when you ask Charbonneau to break Max, Jacara asks. He thought Claude would ruin Max, R.J. admits he's not a nice man, but he's no kidnapper, and that's not Claude's style either. He had no way of knowing what would happen. I've done everything I can think of to find Max's kids and bring them back, R.J. tells her, he wants to make things right. He's not going to give up, he's going to fix it, just give me a chance, he begs. "I can't", she says. "I can't save you R.J., but save yourself, if you can". Jacara walks out.

Max is still watching the tape and loading his gun with bullets when Blair arrives. They're alive, he say and points to the screen. While Blair is looking at the tape with amazement that the kids are still alive, Max leaves. Blair runs after him, calling his name.

Bo arrives at Max's house after Blair calls him. She explains he might have a murder on his hands tonight, Max left the house with a loaded gun. Blair shows him the tape of the children playing and Bo is very relieved to find out the kids are alive. I know where Max went, Bo says, and quickly leaves.

At R.J.'s apartment, R.J. is sitting in a chair in the dark when Max arrives. "I've been waiting for you", he tells Max. Max points the gun at R.J.

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