Another World Recaps: The week of March 23, 1998 on AW

Lila continued to try to convince Matt her baby wasn't his. Jake told Vicky their marriage was over. Nick was frustrated Sophia wanted to continue putting off their wedding. The Bay City police worked on a plan to nail Grant.
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Another World Recaps: The week of March 23, 1998 on AW
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Monday, March 23, 1998

At Bay City Police Station, Joe, Sofia, and Josie are all anxiously waiting to hear some kind of news on Paulina. Sofia told Joe that as soon as Paulina sees his televised appeal, she'll know how much he loves her and will come home. Joe told Sofia he hopes so because the longer this thing went on, the harder it's gonna be to find her. Josie adds her input by telling them something will turn up and they have all the bases covered. Joe responds by saying "then how did my wife just walk in here and leave a note on my desk without anyone seeing her?" Sofia told Joe that she wishes she could help more, then offers to check out the hospitals again. Joe told Sofia that if she wants to help she could go to the hospital and have them check other hospitals to see if Paulina or Dante have been admitted. Sofia leaves and Josie told Joe that there was one thing he hasn't tried. Joe told her he's willing to try anything at this point, but before Josie can tell him her plan Nick comes in to ask Josie about a file he's working on. Joe cuts him off saying that they have other things they are working on around here. Nick responds by telling Joe that he has a deadline. Joe gives Nick a newsflash by telling him that he should spend less time playing Jimmy Olsen and more time worrying about his fiancée. Nick asks Joe what was that suppose to mean. Joe tells him that Sofia's a wreck and Nick was to busy wrapped up in himself to think about her. Nick asks Joe if this was suppose to be some kind of joke! Who was he to start giving advice on how to treat a woman. Josie tries to intervene but Nick cuts her short and continues telling Joe that it was him and Sofia's life. He knows she's hurting and he's gonna do everything he can for her, but he sure as hell doesn't need Joe to tell him how to do it. Nick leaves and Josie told Joe to let it go they have more important stuff to deal with. She then asks Joe if he wants to try her plan about lying to Paulina about Rachel's health to lure her back, but Joe says he won't use a lie to lure Paulina back. Suddenly Joe thinks he knows where Paulina is.

At Hannah's, Amanda shows up looking for Paulina. Hannah doesn't let her in and they talk in the doorway. Amanda asks Hannah if she's heard from Paulina. As Hannah lies about Paulina's whereabouts in the doorway, Paulina and Dante are just behind the door listening to everything. Amanda told Hannah that if Paulina calls, to please tell her to come home because things aren't as she thinks they are. Hannah continues to lie and told Amanda that she doesn't think she'll hear from Paulina and Amanda was making her late for work. As Amanda was about to leave, she sees baby toys on Hannah's couch and realizes Paulina must be there. Amanda yells out that she knows Paulina was there and isn't going to leave until she comes out to talk to her. Paulina decides to talk with Amanda who told her Joe wasn't coming after Dante, but to say he believes her about the fire. Paulina's doubtful, but then Amanda turns on the TV so Paulina can see Joe's televised appeal to her. Paulina was touched, as Amanda told her that she needs to come back home. Paulina then told Amanda to go to a phone booth to call Joe to pick her up. Amanda asks Paulina if she believes what she was telling her. Paulina told Amanda that she can trust her and she promises not to runaway. Amanda exits to go and call Joe. Joe tells Amanda he figured out that Paulina was in Gold Street. Amanda confirms this and told Joe that Paulina was waiting for him to come and pick her up. Joe tells Amanda he'll be on the first plane out.

At Bay City General, Lila asks Dr. Nolan not to reveal the results of her sonogram to Matt. The doctor told her that every patient has a right to their own privacy. He then adds that the sonogram will not prove who the father is if she slept with Shane and Matt a few weeks apart, but Matt still doesn't need to know anything she doesn't want him to. Relieved, Lila starts using flattery on the doctor to win him on her side. As the doctor went to get started on her sonogram, the nurse comes into the room and shows a sonogram from another patient to the doctor and he says that this baby was due in October, earlier then they originally thought. Upon hearing this, Lila sets out to try to get the doctor to deceive Matt. Meanwhile, Matt was outside the doctor's examination room pacing back and forth wondering what was taking so long. Sofia shows up at the hospital to check for leads on Paulina and runs into Matt. Sofia wonders what Matt was doing there at the hospital. Matt covers by telling her that he's just there to lend support to a friend who has come in for some testing. Sofia and Matt talk and Matt offers to help her out if he can. Sofia told Matt to talk to Joe because he thinks all the Cory's hate him. As they are talking, Lila's hospital room opens and she comes out to tell Matt they are preparing for the sonogram, so it will be a little while longer and then went back in. Sofia learns that Matt was waiting for Lila and she wonders why he was associating himself with her after what she done to Jake and Vicky. Matt told her that Lila needs someone and he just wants to be there for her. Sofia responds by saying that she didn't know Lila and Matt were so close. The subject changes and Sofia leaves to go tell Joe what she's learned on Paulina. Matt told her to please keep him informed of what's going on.

Over at Jake and Vicky's Place, Jake shows up and Vicky was happy to find him at her door. She invites him in, but Jake still says nothing. Vicky then tells Jake to say something. Jake told her that they said everything they needed to say in court. Vicky begs Jake for his forgiveness, but Jake curtly informs his wife that he only came by to say goodbye to the boys and then he's leaving Bay City. Vicky says that she hasn't told the boys the truth yet because she wanted him to be there. Jake says he'll tell them. Vicky asks Jake what he's gonna tell the boys about their marriage. Jake told her the truth that it's not the boys fault that their marriage was over. Vicky looks at him stunned, as Jake told her she had to know that their marriage was over. Vicky told him that she really didn't believe it and hoped that they could work it out. Jake tells her that when your wife stands up in a whole courtroom of people.....he then stops short and says it's a little difficult to keep on playing house after that. He then told her he can't even go back to the office where he would have to constantly put up with whispers behind his back or better yet having people feeling sorry for poor ole Jake. Vicky told Jake that they wouldn't do that and she wanted to tell him the truth and tried to before they showed up to arrest him. Jake responds by telling her she wanted to tell him the truth, but didn't and there was no need for them to go over this again, because they already went through it in court. Vicky told Jake that she has more to tell him if only he would just listen. Vicky told him that she didn't realize how much she loved him until she went to the cabin and she didn't sleep with Shane. Jake asks Vicky where her car was that night and Vicky told him that she parked it at a gas station at the bottom of the hill. Jake thinks that she must have been really desperate to see Shane if she walked all the way up to the cabin in one of the worst storms in history. He then told her he refuses to believe that it was because of research. Jake honestly believes that Vicky slept with Shane and nothing she can say seems to change his mind. Jake asks Vicky what Shane could give her that he couldn't? They continue to argue and bicker and Jake says their marriage was one big lie and he accuses her of being jealous of Lila being pregnant with Shane's baby, because she wanted to carry Shane's baby. Jake told Vicky that he will go say goodbye to the boys and once he told the boys goodbye he was leaving Bay City for good.

In Chicago, Joe meets up with Amanda and they both head over to Hannah's to retrieve Paulina. By the time Joe arrives there, they get no answer at the door and decide to break it down. Upon entering they see that the place looks like someone left in a quick hurry. Amanda told Joe that Paulina's suitcase was right by the doorway and Paulina promised her she wouldn't run. Joe ask Amanda if she was sure this was the right apartment. Amanda told him she was just here, as they both realize that Paulina has run off with Dante again........

Back at BCGH, After Lila's sonogram was complete, the same nurse comes back with the results of Lila's sonogram and told her that the Doctor will be back to explain to her about the baby, she then told her that the sonogram doesn't appear to be as far along as she believed. Lila panics and decides to switch her sonogram with the other patients, but she's caught by Dr. Nolan. He tells her that what she was doing was unethical and he won't have any part of it or have anything to do with her. Lila begs him to hear her out. Lila then plays on the doctor's affections to get him to lie to Matt about how far along she is. She told him that all Matt wants was the money that this baby can get him. She then explains that Matt just wants Shane's research to impress his family and took advantage of her loneliness. Feeling sorry for her situation, the doctor agrees not to dispute anything Lila told Matt. Happy that she has the doctor on her side, Lila told Matt that she was 3 months pregnant, so it's not his baby. Matt told her he would have been a great father. Lila agrees, but tells him that she told him this was Shane's baby. Later, while Lila is getting dressed to leave she thanks Dr. Nolan again and told him if there is ever anything he needs from her, not to hesitate to ask. Lila's surprised when the doctor wants the favor returned by asking her what she's doing this evening.

Back at Jake and Vicky's, Jake went up to see the boys and told them that he needs to talk with them. Jake gently explains to an anguished Steven and Kirkland why he can't live with them any more. Steven and Kirkland ask him why he doesn't love their mom anymore. With Vicky listening in, Jake told Steven and Kirkland that he does love her, but he just can't live with her anymore. Jake says things happen that apologizing won't fix. Jake leaves their room and finds Vicky waiting in the hall. Jake told Vicky that he can forgive her for lying and hurting him, but he'll never forgive her for what she did to her boys. Vicky told Jake that the reason she didn't tell him about the accident was because she didn't want him to look at her the way he was now. Jake tells her that he knows she's going through her own private hell and that part of him wants to hold her and take away her pain, but she crossed too many lines. Jake returns his wedding ring to Vicky and says goodbye to her. Vicky pleads with him to stay in Bay City and they'll work it out with time, but Jake says it's over with her and his life in Bay City was over. Jake says without Vicky there's not a reason to stay in Bay City. Steven was on the stairwell listening in and interrupts by telling Jake, "What about me?"

Tuesday, March 2424

Joe arrives at the friend's apartment to find Paulina had left. Amanda Blames herself. She told Joe how Paulina saw his appeal on TV but that apparently she did not believe him or her. Joe says the only way to make Paulina believe him was to arrest the real culprit.

Donna and Cass are in the park discussing the past days events and Donna told him Lila was going to sue Vicky and Jake. Cass gets upset cause Lila had used him about the suit. Cass says no one gets away with fooling him. Donna ask him to represent them. Cass told Donna she needs to take time for herself but Donna says she has messed up Vicky's life. Cass told her that she was not responsible for Vicky's life.

Cindy arrives home with a lot of toys for Kirkland and ask Grant where was he. Grant says he feels it was the wrong time to take custody of Kirkland. Cindy was outraged. accuses him of still caring for Vicky. Grand says she was just jealous . Cindy brought up the facts about all his deceits, but Grant tell her that she was just as guilty as he was . The phone rings and Grant answers it, it was Paulina, she hangs up. Cindy and Grant continue to argue and Joe arrives to accuse Grant of the fire.

Carl comes home to find Rachel very unhappy with him concerning being left out of the decision making. The hiring of a driver and that he did not tell her where he was going. He was looking for Paulina. Amanda arrives to say that she blew it , she had found Paulina and had tried to get her to come home instead of calling Joe first. She feels it was her fault Paulina took off again. Rachel told them both that their grandstanding was backfiring on them. She was a little upset with both of them. She invites Amanda to be with them at home that evening but Amanda wants to go out for some fresh air. Carl sympathizes with Amanda. Rachel told Carl she was happy that he had taken up for Amanda that way.

At Vicky's home, Jake was talking to the kids about not being there anymore and they beg him to stay. He agrees to stay in Bay City but not at their home. He says he will be there for the boys. Vicky has great hopes that he will come back to her. Donna comes over and told Jake not to blame Victoria but that she was at fault Vicky wanted to tell Jake first thing and that she had stopped her. Donna told them about the suit against them if Vicky doesn't turn the research foundation over to Lila. Vicky told Jake that she was going to do that.

Back at Grants apartment Joe threatens Grant as the phone rings. Cindy answers it Paulina needs her help. Paulina hears Joe in the background. Cindy leaves with excuses of needing to tend to some business. Joe told Grant he knows he did the fire. Grand says you have no proof. Joe went back to the station to get a search warrant. Grant starts searching for the tape that Cindy made of him confessing to the fire deed. He finds it and crushes it.

Amanda was out for a walk and sees a runner, she doesn't want to be seen so she hides. The stranger was apparently angry and throws some rocks. This disturbs Amanda.

Cindy went to where Paulina was with the medicine that Paulina needs for Dante. She helps Paulina. Paulina was grateful she can trust her again.

Jake was still outside at Vicky's looking over Steven's homework. He tells them he has to go. He leaves and Vicky comes out in a rush and says out loud, "I will get you back."

Wednesday, March 31, 1998

Sofia wakes up from a nightmare about Paulina and Dante to find a concerned Nick there to comfort her. They both discuss how things have been strained between them and how worried they both are that they will grow apart. Nick suggests a solution -- that they get married today by a justice of the peace. Sofia doesn't think it would be a good idea and suggests they wait awhile. Nick gets upset and was even more irritated when Matt arrives to talk to Sofia. Nick storms out to see Donna.

In the park, Donna and Nick reminisce about Michael. Nick says that he and Sofia are having problems and he feels its his fault. Donna reassures him that young women can't always understand young men's feelings. Nick says she was the only one he feels he can talk to about all of the things he is feeling.

Meanwhile, at the Herald, Amanda and Chris are surprised to see Jake back at work. He puts off their questions of concern and says work was the only thing that was saving him now. When Jake talks about living alone in a hotel, Amanda begins to have daydreams about him but shakes her self out of it. When Amanda vetoes Nick's story on Michael's death, he angrily quits.

Joe tries to get some judge to authorize a search notice of Grant's apartment. He decides to search the apartment without a warrant and blows up at Toni when she points out that breaking the rules won't solve anything. Later, Toni told Chris off the record that Joe was planning on searching Grant's apartment. Chris brought the news to Jake and Amanda and Jake goes off to stop Joe. Toni was furious when she realizes Chris broke her confidence.

Matt comforts Sofia when she whines about Nick. He told her that she was a great person and that Nick was lucky to have her, even if he was acting too stupid to see it. He told her not to give up her dreams of a big wedding. Matt also says that he was not going to market Shane's drug and will look for another way to start his company. Sofia promises not to give up on her dreams if Matt will promise not to bad mouth Nick because she says she loves him. They seal their deal with a hug, just as an angry Nick walks in.

Jake confronts Joe in front of the station and then forcibly picks him up and carries him to Carlino's. They start to argue about Paulina and the situation and Jake says Paulina will not come back if Joe was in jail. Joe says he wants to get Grant for what he's done to his family but Jake reminds him that Joe not trusting Paulina was the reason she ran away. The two men decide to team up to get Gran

Thursday, March 2626

Nick comes home to find Sofia in Matt's arms. Nick was very upset but not at what he sees. Sofia asks him what was wrong and Nick tells her about quitting his job and tell her that was another thing Matt will have to say against him. Matt leaves. Nick feels bad he can't publish his story about Michael and takes his anger out on Sofia. It comes up that he was frustrated about not sleeping with Sofia and he blames that for feeling the way he does. Sofia was upset too.

Grant arrives at Lila's place to tell her the plans have changed and that she was to drop the suit against Jake or he will show Lila just how powerful he can be. He leaves.

Joe, Jake and Gary gets together to plan their next tactics with Grant. They plan a break-in at Grants to get proof of the fire against Grants. Joe can't get a search warrant so they take matters into their own hands. When they arrive at the building that Grant lives in they peek around the corner like the Three Stooges. Joe was to keep watch for Grant while Jake and Gary go into Grants apartment. Gary says to Jake that Grant was a "neatnic," that everything will have to remain undisturbed while they search the place. Jake went to the bedrooms and discovers that Kirkland's room has been redone like he was to live there. Gary goes through the desk and a picture was face down and Gary leaves it like it is. Jake was chomping at the bits to really mess up the place but Gary says Grant must not know they were here so that Joe does not get into trouble. Jake finds the crushed tape in the garbage and they start to leave. Gary went out and Jake sees the picture and sets it upright. In the mean time Grant has gone to Vicky's where Etta Mae has gotten Vicky to quite feeling sorry for herself. Grant ask if he can help her in any way and Vicky was taken aback. She says he must have a motive for being so nice and he brought out court papers saying he won't go for custody of Kirkland. Vicky still doesn't believe it. Grant leaves and Etta Mae say not to trust him. Vicky has gotten some of her spunk back thanks to Etta Mae and says she was going to Lila's to tell her to back off and that she will make sure Jake knows it.

Back at the penthouse building Joe was watching out for Grant when he shows up. Grant wants to know what he was doing there. Joe says he is there to talk to Cindy and why not keep him company while he waits. Grant wants none of that and heads for his place. Jake and Gary make it out ok, but when Grant sits at his desk he notices the picture is upright. Grant says "NO! NO!"

At Lila's. Matt has told her that he has turned over the profits from the research to her and Lila was surprised. He says he has to get on with his life. Matt then leaves after giving Lila more money to get her by. Much later Vicky arrives to tell Lila that "they aregoing to settle thing right here and right now."

Etta Mae calls Donna to tell her that Vicky was going to be all right.

Friday, March 27, 1998

At B.C.P.D., Jake and Gary show up to talk with Joe about last nights break- in. Joe told them to keep it on the down low as Josie arrives and asks the guys what they are up to. Joe told Josie he wants her to get a search warrant, but she needs to make it post dated for yesterday. When Josie asks Joe who the search warrant was for, he told her Grant Harrison. Josie then asks Joe how did he obtain a search warrant for the mayor's home. Gary butts in and told Josie that she's gonna get the warrant and Jake and him are going to put the pieces of the tape back together. Josie asks them if the tape has Grants' finger prints on it. All three men say nothing and Josie realizes that they have already broken into Grants' place.

Meanwhile at Grant's Penthouse, Grant has returned home looking for Cindy to find she hasn't been home at all. When he notices that the picture of Kirkland he knocked over was now back on his desk, Grant realizes that someone has been there. He frantically searches the trashcan to find the tape was now missing. First he phones Cindy on her cellphone to make sure that she hasn't been at home. When she informs him that she hasn't, Grant told her the tape she had on him about the Carlino fire was now missing. He angrily hangs up and realizes that Joe Carlino must be behind all of this, so he calls the station and reports a break-in.

At Carlino's, Matt shows up to meet Felicia who told him how worried she is about Rachel. Matt asks her what was she worried about. Felicia told Matt she believes that Rachel was beginning to have doubts about Carl. Felicia then asks Matt if he had anything to do with Darren getting fired, but he told her that Carl was the cause of any problems in the Cory house. Felicia told Matt that if Carl's really isolating Rachel, Matt must hang in there. Matt insists Rachel must call first. Felicia told Matt that he needs to help Rachel out, but Matt says that he can't do anything until Carl shows his dark side to his mom first.

Over at Lila's Place, Vicky drops by and told Lila that if she has something to say then to say it to her and don't go through her family. Lila told her it's much more pleasant than dealing with her. Vicky just walks in and tells Lila they have some business to discuss. Lila told her that she just can't barge into her place without asking. Vicky told Lila to call security then, because either way they are going to talk. Lila closes the door and asks Vicky what was it that she wants to talk about and could it be her recent life story on the cover of the tabloids. Vicky told Lila that she thought she was a better business woman than that. Lila told her that the only business she's concerned about was caring for Shane's baby. Vicky reaches into her purse and Lila becomes alarmed. Vicky told her to calm down it's not a gun and chuckles to herself. Lila asks Vicky if she came over there to threaten her. Vicky told Lila that she was over that and that she was there to strike a deal with her. Lila starts to babble on about her sonogram and Shane's baby, but Vicky cuts her off and told her that she will turn over the legal documents to Lila giving her control over Shane's estate if Lila agrees to drop the civil suit against Jake. Lila told her what was the catch. Vicky told Lila there was no catch, and wonders if Lila can recognize a white flag when it is waving in her face. She then told her rival that she has won, just leave her family alone.

Over at the Cory's, Carl and Rachel are talking about Paulina and Rachel is worried because she still hasn't heard any news. Carl told Rachel that he feels responsible for everything that was going on with Paulina. Rachel tells him there was no way of knowing that the situation would have turned out like it did. Carl still insists that if he had not mistaken Joe's meeting with Tyrone as a custody suit, Paulina would be here now. Rachel told him he was only looking out for Paulina and the only thing they can do now was to pray that Joe finds her. Rachel changes the subject and confronts Carl about the chauffeur issue and wonders what he's been hiding. Carl told her he has been behaving differently since Shane and Michael's death, but he just doesn't want to lose anyone else. Carl assures Rachel that he only fired Darren because he felt Darren was passing information to Matthew. Rachel told Carl that she is afraid that they'll be lost to each other. Carl told her never and then ask Rachel to come outside on the terrace. Rachel told Carl it's a beautiful day, as Carl told her that it turned out that way didn't it. They both enjoy the beautiful spring day until Felicia stops by the mansion to see Rachel. She was saddened that there was no word on Paulina. Carl leaves them alone and Felicia apologizes for saying what she did about Carl the other day. Rachel told Felicia it was okay, but she'd like to keep it between them because she would hate it if Carl learned she doubted him. Unfortunately, Carl has learned because he was in the foyer listening.

Back at B.C.P.D., Joe told Josie to make a warrant request based on a tape he found in the mayor's trash in a public alley. Suddenly, one of the other officers told Joe that Grant just reported a break-in. Joe told Josie that he doesn't want to alert Jake and Gary about this and Josie went in and tries to keep Jake and Gary calm, but Gary was upset when Jake told him he touched a picture of Kirkland without his gloves on. Joe tries to see how things are coming along with the tape, but Gary and Jake tell him to get out and leave it to them.........Josie in the meantime was on her way over to Grant's.

Back at Grant's Penthouse, Grant was there waiting for the forensics team to arrive when he gets a knock on the door and opens it to find Josie standing there. Grant asks her where's the forensic team at. Josie told him they'll be along later, but first she's here to determine if there really was a break- in. Grant told her of course there was a break in, but doesn't concern himself with one of Joe Carlino's flunkies. Before Josie can start her own investigation, Grant tries to out maneuver Joe by hiring his own forensics expert who comes out of one of Grant's other rooms and surprises Josie. Josie tells Grant it's a shame when the mayor doesn't trust his own Police department. The forensic experts answers by telling Josie by the time he's done they won't need the cops. Grant was pleased and told Josie and the expert that they can get started and he wants the place dusted from top to bottom. Josie however was not about to be out done by the likes of Grant and causes a diversion of her own by sneezing dust into the eyes of the forensic expert, causing him to go momentarily blind while she wipes Jake's fingerprints off of Kirkland's photo. Hearing the commotion going on in his living room, Grant returns and asks Josie what was going on. As she explains about the dust situation, Grant told her he thought she was an expert and calls her incompetent. However, the forensic expert told Grant that it really was an accident and no harm was done to his eyes. Josie adds, that there was no harm done and Grant's place was squeaky clean. She then asks Grant if he's sure there was a break-in. Grant told her of course he's sure. Josie smiles to herself, pleased that she's covered Jake's tracks and tells Grant it's not nice to play with the Bay City P.D...........Back at the station, Jake and Gary piece the tape together, and though it was warped it implicates Grant in the fire at Joe's. Cindy was on the tape and Gary tells them they have to find Cindy. Joe comes in and told them the truth about Grant's call about a break-in, and Gary was satisfied to know that Josie is working on the case. Josie returns to the station and told them that she has covered their tracks. Etta Mae drops by and told Jake that Grant has been acting very nice to Vicky lately. Upon hearing this Jake and Gary devise a plan and head back over to Grant's.

Back at Grant's, Jake went by to see Grant to warn him to stay away from Vicky and to distract him while Gary sneaks into his apartment to put the tape back.

Back at Lila's, Vicky told Lila that the Will was not about either of them, Shane just wanted his life's work to be saved. Lila told Vicky to save it, she doesn't want to hear it. Vicky told her that Shane's biggest mistake was underestimating how low Lila would sink to get what she wants. Lila eventually signs the papers. Vicky says that she may have failed Shane by handing over his estate to her, but they have to talk about the baby. Vicky tries to give Lila a speech about being a mom and Lila told her to save it because she doesn't need advice about being a mom from her. Suddenly Matt shows up at Lila's door and says that he wouldn't stop checking up on her just because they found out the.........but before he can say it, Lila opens the door and shuts him up. Matt was startled to find Vicky with Lila and Vicky can't help but wonder why Matt was involved with Lila. Matt told Vicky that Lila doesn't have a support group like she does and shouldn't she be allowed one friend. Matt then asks Vicky why she was there and Vicky told him that she just made Lila the "Queen of Everything" and she'd like it if Matt could persuade Lila to drop her crusade against her family. Matt checks the papers Lila signed and he told her everything was on the up-n-up. With those words, Vicky leaves, but once outside Lila's door she was suspicious of Lila and Matt. Once alone Matt tells Lila not to forget him now that she's a rich lady. Lila asks Matt if they are friends. Matt told her yes they are, but admits he was getting into the fatherhood thing for a bit. Back at home, Vicky told Etta Mae about what happened and she was puzzled by Matt's involvement with Lila. Suddenly it hits Vicky and she says that Lila has been spreading a little southern comfort out to Matt!

At home, Joe steps out of the shower dripping wet and was startled to find Cindy sitting in a chair. Cindy told Joe that she heard he was looking for her.......



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