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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 23, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, March 23, 1998

Nikki wants to tell Hal about Carly's true feelings. Carly walks in before Nikki has the chance. Matt finds Nikki at the station and apologizes for all that happened with Stenbeck. Carly and Hal leave so Carly can cook a family dinner but Nikki doesn't show up and Hal is worried.

John takes Barbara to the hospital to look at the baby. Barbara wants nothing to do with the baby. She doesn't feel the baby will do anything positive for their marriage. In fact, Barbara has doubts about the marriage. Barbara makes it very clear she no longer wants to be with John.

Tom is not sure when he wants to return to work. He wants to experience new things with Margo. He wants to be unpredictable and happy again.

Ben and Camille try to cheer Jack up. They end up going out because Jack doesn't want company now. Camille tells Ben how she is happy she does not have any ties to Lou. Ben states Lou is in the past and no longer matters in their relationship.

Tuesday, March 24, 1998

Nikki stays out all night then shows up at Jack's door wanting answers about his relationship with Carly. Nikki states, point blank, that Jack still loves Carly. Carly finds out Nikki is at Jack's. Before she can get to Jack's, Nikki is long gone. Jack tells Carly that the reason Nikki was at his place was to find out if Carly was really going to dump Hal for Jack right before the wedding.

David shows up on Carly's doorstep wanting to know if she is pregnant yet. He wants his 10% of her reward. He then goes to the Falcon Club and finds Hal there. He wants to know if Hal and Carly are planning to have children together. Hal does not like David's meddling and threatens David.

Molly tries to convince Gram to move out of her apartment because it is lonely. Bob catches Molly trying to manipulate her way into the apartment and lets Molly know it is not OK with him. She is left out in the cold so she tries to see if Carly will let her live with them. Molly then has lunch with David who tells her she can stay with him for awhile.

Tom wants Margo to take some time off to be with him. Margo decides to take a couple of hours off. Adam comes home from school because he is "sick" when he is really just worried about Margo. Margo decides to take some time off from work to attend a function at the school. Little does she know, the case she has been working on is going to unfold at the school.

Wednesday, December 25, 1998

Carly finally admits to Jack her true feelings for him had nothing to do with the money from Rosanna and Jack believes her. They establish they will no longer need to talk about their feelings anymore because it is all out in the open. Jack wants Ben and Camille to set him up with one of the nurses.

Kirk catches David and Molly together at the Falcon Club. David offers his home to Molly again. Molly thinks he wants a relationship but David assures her that is not the case at all. David tries to strike a deal with Molly. David leaves and a few minutes later, Molly is given a key to a room at the Lakeview.

Hal wants to know why Nikki went to see Jack. Hal is after Nikki about lying to him. She tells him she should be the one he trusts. Hal tries to make Nikki apologize to Carly and him for what Nikki put them through the night before but Nikki refuses. Hal grounds Nikki stating she can go to school and to work but that is it. Carly wants to be honest about her feelings toward her stepmother and make it clear she is not going anywhere. Nikki still has ideas about that.

Camille mistakes Barbara for adopting the baby John wants. Lisa tries to open Barbara's eyes by telling her John did what he did out of love. Barbara files for divorce. John decides not to adopt the baby as a result of this.

Thursday, March 26, 1998

Hal arrives at Barbara's after being summoned by her. She tells Hal she is divorcing John and she would like him to help her tell the children. She tells Hal that her marriage to John was a mistake. John, looking very disheveled, is pacing the floor a Lisa's penthouse. He tells Lisa he's going to fight Barbara on the divorce, but Lisa tells him that's the wrong thing. He needs to approach Barbara and talk to her calmly and most of all listen to what she has to say for a change. John finally agrees and goes to see Barbara in hopes of getting some sort of explanation for her actions. When John arrives at Barbara's, he tries his best to talk to her calmly, but she tells him it is a bad time. John becomes enraged when Hal strolls down the staircase. After a few choice words from John about what he perceives as an affair between the two, he tears up the divorce papers, throws them at Barbara and storms out of the house.

Molly awakens in her gorgeous suite at the Lakeview. She mysteriously receives room service, a new wardrobe from Fashions and a limo waiting to take her to David.

David wins his court fight against Lily. Outside the courtroom, in front of the press and Emily, David announces that he owes his victory to his father and as a gesture of appreciation, he is changing is name to Stenbeck. The Walsh family exits as Molly enters. She tells David she wants to show her appreciation for the "gifts" and celebrate his victory. So she invites David back to her suite for sex. When Molly thanks him for all the gifts, David plays along, knowing full well nothing she received was from him.

Margo is shopping for sexy nighties at Fashions when Emily arrives. They discuss Emily's unsuccessful love life and Emily proclaims she is moving on with her life and buys a new date outfit to emphasize her decision. While no one is looking, the Fashions' cash register is robbed by Eddie. Later, Eddie shows up at court and is disappointed to learn that his friend failed to appear for a meeting with her parole officer.

Kirk, Sam, Lucinda, Lily and Holden return to the Falcon Club where everyone is surprised when Kirk and Sam announce they are going to renew their vows right then. Kirk promises Sam he will trust in her love for him from now on.

Lucinda makes a call to Lakeview personnel to make sure that everything she ordered has arrived for Ms. Conlan.

Friday, March 27, 1998

Margo, Tom, Adam and Casey are spending a family night out at the carnival. Eddie and his "friend" Deana have also arrived. Eddie tells Deana she needs to work harder at staying straight so she doesn't have to go back to prison. Margo tells Tom that Fashions was robbed, but she's letting Ramirez handle it so she can spend time with her family. Lucinda arrives with Luke. She takes a few moments to tell Tom it's his fault that Lily lost her court fight, but Tom is unsympathetic.

Jack, Ben and Camille are having drinks at the Falcon Club waiting for Jack's date to show up. Camille warns them that Marilyn may not be Jack's type, but Jack insists she looks like she is. When Marilyn finally arrives, she is disappointed to learn they are all going to the carnival, but she is even more disappointed to learn that Jack is not a doctor or lawyer.

Carly is surprised to find David in Molly's suite. She scolds Molly for associating with a known blackmailer, but Molly doesn't see the harm Carly warns Molly that David will use her and spit her out, but Molly insists she's just having fun.

Hal finds a home pregnancy test and questions Nikki. Nikki insists it is not hers and is very hurt when Hal refuses to believe her. Nikki asks her father how he could possibly think that she would sleep with someone that he has never even met. She cries, "I'm telling you the truth and you don't believe me" and then leaves Hal standing at the door.

Lucinda makes another call to the Lakeview and discovers that Molly and David have spent the entire afternoon together. Later, Molly answers a knock at her door to find Lucinda standing there.

When Carly returns home, she finds a distraught Hal holding a home pregnancy test.

Margo recognizes a known drug dealer lurking around the carnival. She grabs Jack and tells him to call for backup. When Margo goes in pursuit, she witnesses a drug deal taking place between the dealer and Deana. Eddie appears and tries to stop the exchange. A struggle ensues. Margo and Jack are forced to intervene. Deana freaks out, pulls her gun and begins shooting.

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