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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 23, 1998 on GH
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Monday March 23, 1998

Luke awoke from his nightmare about Laura's rape when Bobbie stopped by. Bobbie told Luke that Lucky was staying at the Brownstone and Luke was relieved that Lucky had not shunned his entire family and asked Bobbie for her take on the situation. Bobbie inferred that she was still upset that Luke had withheld the truth about Carly from her, and told him that he had always made sweeping decisions about how much information people should know about their own lives. Bobbie told Luke that she still adored him, but his image as an infallible hero was tarnished. Liz tried to convince Lucky to patch things up with Luke and told him that what had happened between his mother and father had nothing to do with him. Lucky vented his anger over the fact that the special bond he had shared with his parents had been changed forever. Lucky was also upset when Liz thought that what had happened between her and Laura was not the same by pointing out that Laura had married Luke. Liz then went to Luke to talk to him about Lucky and wondered about her degree of responsibility in her own rape, but Luke assured her that she bore none. Luke also told Liz that he was grateful she was Lucky's friend. Lucky approached Helena at the docks and they returned to her yacht for further conversation. Later, Luke heard laughter coming from Helena's stateroom, but was unaware that she was entertaining Lucky. Robin started to feel the effects of going off her HIV protocol and feared for her life. Robin begged Tony for his help and he promised to see what he could do. Meanwhile, Jason was hopeful that the hit on Albany meant that Moreno had Michael after all, and thought that there was a chance to negotiate his return. After initially not understanding Jason's logic, Carly took heart in knowing that he would do anything to bring Michael back. Carly shared her optimism on Michael's return with Bobbie, but became offended when Bobbie seemed to show more interest in Tony's birthday party. Off of their fun filled night, Jax and Brenda returned to her cottage for breakfast and realized that Robin was missing. Brenda immediately thought that Robin's disappearance was connected to Jason and later confronted him.

Tuesday, March 24, 1998

Mac and Felicia break into the office where the phone number was traced back to. As Mac tries to pick the lock, they argue, and then Felicia takes over, successfully.

Jax and V. show up at Brenda's but she's not there. Jax knows that she went to see Jason even though he told her not to. He asks V. to go over the house with a fine tooth comb and see if she can come up with anything. He leaves to go look or Brenda.

Carly's at GH and tells Bobbie that she just spoke with Taggert and there is still no news. Carly thinks that Bobbie doesn't really even care; all she's worried about is throwing Tony a birthday party. Bobbie explains that she has to keep things normal for Lucas. Carly lashes out at her and then walks away.

Jason wants Brenda to tell him everything she knows. She describes the events of that day and then Jason calls Benny; he wants to know who's guarding Robin. Benny informs him the guards were taken off her and Brenda and this bit of info ticks Brenda off. Brenda warns Jason know if anything happens to Robin, it is his fault. He just needs to know all the places she went that day but all Brenda can say is that one of his business associates took her. She kept saying this would happen but Robin didn't want to believe it. Jason yells at her to just stop and says that if she wants to find Robin they have to work together.

Tony walks into Brenda's house and V. hears someone. Tony hides in the closet and V. comes down to look around. After she goes upstairs Tony walks out.

Emily tries to study but the phones keep ringing. Ned comes in and she's glad he's back. He asks her if there's been any word on Michael but she says nothing. She tells him how crazy things have been around the house and wishes they all could work together. Alan walks in and overhears her telling Ned that he is the only one who understands her.

Mac and Felicia go through the desk as well as the rest of the office. They see someone outside so they hide under the desk. It's a cop who walks in, looks around, and then leaves. Felicia shows him what she found-files on Jax. There's also information on things Mac did for Jax and Jerry. They also have a photo of Jerry and Felicia thinks he's good looking. Mac finds a record of calls made to and from the office and there's the Quartemaine's number on the list.

Monica fills Edward in on the ridiculous calls they've been getting. Edward says that after Michael is returbned he will live with them. He has a legal team who will work on making it happen. Ned thinks that his offering money was a blunder. AJ steps in, saying that Ned is a busy man and he doesn't have the time for missing babies and he just wants to show the family the man he really is.

Tony approaches Bobbie and Carly and asks if Carly is bothering her. Carly makes a comment to him and walks away. Tony tells Bobbie he really doesn't want to celebrate his birthday but Bobbie insists becaise this is also for Lucas.

Jason gives his men instructions and Brenda continues to be annoying. She threatens him and then he grabs her by the arm. Jax overhears her yelling and goes inside. Jason wants them both to go and tells them that they just don't get it. Br4enda tells Jax they should check with a guy named Marino, she's heard that name around the house before. Jason asks them for 24 hours and if he doesn't find her then they can take over. Jax tells Jason he is going to tell Mac. They leave and Jason is upset.

Felicia thinks the number is to ELQ. She can't believe they would try to kill him though. Mac thinks they are capable of anything.

Ned tells AJ his schedule is none of his business. Monica comes to Ned's defense. AJ tells Ned he doesn't need his approval and has already proved himself . He avoided a crisis at ELQ Ja.k.arta-he sent Alexis to investigate. Ned yells at him for doing that and Emily interjects, telling them they should be more concerned with Michael.

Tony is let into Alan's office and looks for Robin's file. When he finds it Alan walks in and want to know what he's doing there. Tony makes up an excuses about one of Alan's patients and then asks if he's OK. Tony tells him to just think that Michael is safe and says that he was kidnapped because of Carly and Jason's lifestyle. Alan doesn't care about that anymore. Tony says maybe he's with someone who cares about him and Alan says a person who does that doesn't care about anyone. Tony quickly excuses himself and Alan is shaken up so he takes a pill.

Brenda and Jax come back and V. says she think Robin left voluntarily. V. wants to check the hospitals. Tony calls and a frantic Brenda answers the phone. He just sits on the line and listens as she begs for them to let go of Robin. He hangs up and then Bobbie shows up, asking if he's ready for the party.

Brenda tries to do *69 but the call can not be traced. Upset, she hangs up and Jax comforts her.

Ned can't talk about where he went but says he did see Lois and the baby. A bunch of men walk in and tell Emily they're there to watch her and Lila. Edward is not happy with this but Emily thinks it's cool to have a bodyguard.

Carly comes home and wants to know what's going on. He tells her about Robin and wants her to stay put until he hears anything. He promises to be careful. Carly thinks about her baby.

Everyone's at Tony's party and he says leaving PC is the best thing for him. Brenda and Jax walk in and tell Mac that Robin is missing, kidnapped.

Robin's not feeling good and talks to Michael. She says Jason will find them. Robin is getting sicker by the minute.

Wednesday, March 25, 1998

Liz decides not to go on the school trip to the planetarium and Sarah disagrees, she thinks it would be a good distraction for her. Liz does not want to be in a dark room looking up at the stars, she never wants to look at them again. Sarah mentions a support group but Liz is not interested. Audrey comes down and tells Sarah she is only making matters worse for Liz by dwelling on this.

The Quartermaine family gathers for breakfast and Edward wants to know why the guards are still there. Of course things turn chaotic and then Reginald comes in to tell them there is a caller who may have some information regarding Michael's whereabouts.

Mac goes down to the station and asks Garcia for his help in finding Robin. He wants to treat this as a kidnapping. Taggert comes in and tells them that Jason slipped out last night and hasn't returned since. Mac then instructs them to give him a desk and some phones so they can get to work. Taggert brings him all the files he has on Jason Morgan and Moreno. Dara comes in and is quickly briefed; she's also there to lend her help. Taggert leaves for the Quartermaine's while flyers are being made up of Robin.

AJ tells the family a baby was registered at a day care center and fits Michael's description. He plans on going over there, but Ned thinks that's a bad idea because he does not think it is Michael. Ned tells Edward things just don't add up and he agrees. Ned then approaches Alan and suggests he give Monica some support but Alan seems more concerned with popping his pills and having a drink. He finally does go over to her and she tells him about the horrible night she had. She knows he was awake and saw her standing by the window. What she'd like to know is why didn't he come over and comfort her last night?

Nikolas comes downstairs and Katherine is back early from her business. She asks where Stefan is and he says out of town on a business trip. She seems a bit surprised but doesn't say so. Nikolas is on his way to school to clean out his locker since he won't be returning.

Sarah tries to explain her point and can't understand why she wouldn't want Liz to talk to anyone. Sarah apologizes to Liz for pushing things and Liz is OK and goes upstairs. Sarah then questions Audrey why she wants to act as if it never happened and like it is something dirty. Audrey yells at her that she'll never understand and Sarah asks if something like this ever happened to her. She can tell something did and apologizes. Audrey says it was over 30 years ago and quite different than Liz. Sarah is truly sorry but tells her that Liz should know because she believes that Audrey is ashamed of her and she'll always believe that if she doesn't speak to her about it. Sarah leaves for school and Audrey is crying. Liz comes down and wants to know what is wrong.

Felicia contacts people in Paris who are going to check with Robin's friends out there. Mac goes into the interrogation room to be alone. Dara reminds Felicia that her and Mac have each other and this leads Felicia to go into the room and lend her comfort to Mac if he wants it.

Taggert shows up at the Q's and questions who the bozos are. Emily explains they're there to watch her and grandmother. He asks if they know why Jason sent them and then proceeds to tell them that Robin Scorpio has been kidnapped and Jason is probably out looking for her and Michael right now. The whole family is in an uproar over this and Alan is devastated when he learns she's without her HIV medicine. Taggert is convinced one of Jason's business associates did this-Moreno, and that he is going after him which will start a war. Ned asks why they're just hearing about this now and Taggert tells them Jason put a gag order on all who knew. When all the woman leave the room, Alan and Ned are alone with Taggert. He sniffs Alan's coffee cup and passes a comment about his drinking early in the morning. This sets Alan off and he gets in Taggert's face. Ned escorts Taggert out.

Felicia tells Mac that Robin is a survivor. He's upset over the events of the past few months and the way he has treated Robin. Felicia reassures him he will have the chance to tell her everything and apologize.

Nikolas sits down at Sarah's table and they talk but it is a strained conversation. She tells him that a lot has been going on and she's missed him. The bell rings and she's got to go and he tells her he'll call her.

Audrey tells Liz how she married a man named Tom Baldwin (she wanted Steve to see she was over him). He was an unhappy man and he took his unhappiness out on her. She thought she could change him but she was wrong. She tells her about this one night when he hurt her terribly and then raped her. At the time she thought it was her fault because he was her husband; now she realizes it wasn't. Audrey tells Liz what happened wasn't her fault and she's sorry if she made her think it was.

Nikolas returns to Wyndemere and Katherine asks if he saw Sarah. He tells her that they didn't really get to talk and in some way he feels as if he's let her down. She asks him if he thought he would be with only her and he just thought they would always share those feelings. Katherine explains how it's a part of growing up and that was his first real relationship and there will be others.

Alan continues to drink and Monica comes back in the room. She wants to know what else Taggert said. He tells her he thinks there's going to be a crime war which Jason will be involved in. AJ comes back home, without Michael. It wasn't him. Ned gets in his face and AJ attacks him.

Liz asks Audrey if she pressed charges and she says no. She found out afterwards that she was pregnant so she divorced Tom and left town. She came back after the baby was born and was so afraid she lied and said the baby had not survived. One lie just led to another but eventually she found her way back to Steve. Liz thanks her for sharing that with her. Audrey says maybe talking about it with a support group is a better way but no matter what she decides she will be supportive of her choice.

Alan pulls the two men apart and tells them he hopes Jason comes to his senses before he risks all their lives.

Taggert gets a call on Morgan's whereabouts- he hit Moreno and the war has begun. No news on Robin or Michael though.

Thursday, March 26, 1998

Jax and Brenda continue to try to find Robin. Jason shows up and wants to question Brenda to see if he can get any other clues about Robin's whereabouts. Brenda tells him she thinks Mareno has Robin, but Jason tells her he doesn't and she doesn't get it and never did. Brenda then begins to tell Jason what she remembers about Robin's itinerary and Jason finally discovers Robin was with Nikolas the day she disappeared and leaves to find Nikolas to ask if he knows where Robin could be.

Katherine walks downstairs to see many presents on the table at Wyndemere. Stefan then walks in and they hug and kiss. She tells him how much she missed him and asks where he went. He tells her he went to North Carolina to see Laura Spencer. She wonders why he would go to see Laura and Stefan tells her he has a bond with her in Nikolas being her son. He went to her house, she came to the door with her daughter and they exchanged glances at each other. He then left without talking to her. Katherine seems a little suspicious still, but goes back upstairs with her gifts. Stefan then hears something behind him and calls to Nikolas. Upon turning around, though, he sees Jason.

At GH, Nikolas approaches Lucky and wants to apologize to him for revealing Luke's secret. Lucky says it is okay because he needed to know the truth. They both decide that they will keep family hatreds out of it. They both agree that they dislike each other personally and their disagreement is between them only. Also at the hospital, AJ sits down by Carly and they talk normally. He tells her he is sorry for his behavior towards her and they seem to start bonding. Carly asks him if he would try to take Michael away from her again and he tells her no that he wasn't right in doing it when he thought Michael was his son either.

Tony brings food to Robin and tells her she just needs to take more aspirin and get some rest and she will feel better. Michael starts to cry and Robin tells Tony he needs to admit his plan is a failure and she can't go on like this anymore. Tony apologizes to her and agrees, but when Robin thinks he is about to turn himself in to the police, Tony tells her he is going to get some antibiotics for her at the hospital and leaves. At the hospital, Alan tries to talk to Tony, but Tony tells him it isn't a good time and he leaves to give the antibiotics to Robin. He is delayed in getting to her, though, because of a flat tire.

Luke helps Bobbie with some groceries and they discuss Lucky. Luke tells her about Lucky's surprise for him at the club the other night and Lucky walks in. Bobbie leaves the room and Luke and Lucky start to argue. Luke finally leaves and Bobbie walks back into the room. She tells Lucky to get over his anger because what happened is just life. Lucky starts to argue with Bobbie and she tells him he isn't allowed to be disrespectful to his Father or her in her house and if that is how he will be he can leave. Lucky decides to leave. Luke returns to his club and throws everyone out telling them to club is closed. He then sits down at a table with a bottle of liquor and a gun.

Stefan tells Jason to leave, but Jason refuses. Stefan then threatens to kill Jason and Jason tells him he will just have to kill him after he questions Nikolas. Stefan tells him he isn't going to get near Nikolas, but Jason tells him he can either let him talk to Nikolas there or Jason will pick him up off the streets. Nikolas arrives and Jason asks him about Robin. Nikolas mentions seeing Lucas at the park and Tony's dropping a piece of paper which Robin picked up and Jason realizes the kidnapper is Tony.

Friday, March 27, 1998

Luke sat drinking alone at his club and fired his pistol at various objects. The gun fire scared a prostitute who had wandered in and Luke hired her to listen to his problems. Luke vented his guilt over what he had done to Laura and doubted whether or not Laura loved him and if he deserved her love. The prostitute told Luke that he needed to take his wife's love at face value and not doubt it. Luke admitted that he was a weak coward for what he had done to Laura and wished that she would hate him for it. Luke told the prostitute that if Laura could not hate him, he would hate himself. Meanwhile, Liz made it clear to Lucky how important it was for him to stay in Port Charles. Lucky told Liz that it would to be hard for him to keep Luke out of his life if he stayed in town, but hinted at a risky plan that could solve his problem. Lucky then intercepted Helena at the docks and offered to help "open some doors" for her in Port Charles in exchange for money and her version of the Spencer/Cassadine feud. Luke was horrified when he saw Helena and Lucky shaking hands on their deal. Meanwhile, Jason found Robin and Michael at Tony's cabin and was overjoyed to see Michael safe, but was concerned over Robin's deteriorating health. Tony then arrived and was confronted by Jason. Tony panicked and pulled a rifle on Jason, but Jason called his bluff and subdued him. Jason's men tied up Tony and Jason rushed Robin to the hospital with Michael. Jason threatened Tony's life if Robin did not pull through. A barely conscious Robin told Jason that she had never lost faith that he would rescue her. Meanwhile, Carly's fears about never seeing Michael again worsened when Taggert arrived to remove the wire tap on the penthouse phone. Taggert explained the legal reasons why he had to do it and made it clear that he was sorry. Carly vented her fears to Bobbie and felt that the memories she had of her son were fading. Bobbie reassured Carly that she remembered everything about Michael and tried to give her hope that Michael was safe. Carly then received a phone call from Jason and learned that Michael was safe. Carly was so moved by the good news that she hugged Bobbie and called her "momma."

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