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Monday, September 21, 2009

Chloe begged Lucas to help her find Daniel, or at least prevent Kate from trying to hurt Daniel. Chloe tried to get out of her bed to warn Daniel about Kate, but Lucas and the nurse stopped her. The nurse gave Chloe a sedative, and she fell asleep.

At the hotel that Daniel escaped from, Kate worried that Daniel could tell the police about her attempt on his life, but Stefano calmed her down and promised to take care of everything. Stefano called a police officer at the hospital, assuming that Daniel was on his way to see Chloe, and asked the officer to intercept Daniel. Stefano planned to have Daniel "eliminated." Stefano called a cleaning service to the hotel room to erase every trace of evidence linking Kate to the crime. Lucas called Kate and told her about Chloe's accusation. Kate acted indignant when Lucas asked if Kate had tried to kill Chloe.

Daniel was walking through the park and passed out in the bushes. He later woke up, called out Chloe's name, and headed to the hospital. When Daniel arrived at the hospital, the officer on Stefano's payroll called Stefano to report Daniel's whereabouts. The officer tried to detain Daniel, saying that he wasn't supposed to be there. Lucas saw Daniel in the hallway and confronted him. The officer said that he needed to get Daniel's statement first and then he would get Lucas' statement, but Lucas punched Daniel out cold and said, "There's my statement."

At the DiMera mansion, Kate thanked Stefano for helping her. He told her that there was a price for his assistance. She was eager to pay whatever price she needed to, but when Stefano handed Kate a legal document, she was shocked at what he was asking for. Stefano told Kate that she could refuse, but he needed to know her answer immediately. Kate got angry and knocked all the chess pieces off the board and told Stefano that he had won. He warned her to watch her temper, to treat him with respect, and to thank him for what he was about to do, so she thanked him.

Stefano asked if Kate was reluctant because of the way her family would react if they knew she was "in bed with the enemy." She said her family knew that she and Stefano had a complicated relationship, and would have to accept her decision. Kate signed the papers. Stefano got a call from the officer.

Daniel was hospitalized, and the nurse discovered that he had sustained a head injury before Lucas attacked him. Chloe got out of the bed and asked the nurse to help Chloe leave the hospital so she could find Daniel. The nurse said that Chloe didn't need to leave the hospital, and she volunteered to take Chloe to Daniel. She led Chloe to Daniel's room. Chloe caressed his face, and he woke up. He hoped he wasn't dreaming. Chloe told him that she loved him, and Daniel said he missed her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Roman asked Philip where Kate was, because she was considered a person of interest in Chloe's poisoning.

At the police station, Maggie told Melanie and Nathan the good news that the drug they gave Chloe not only brought her out of her coma, but she was completely recovered. Maggie said people considered Nathan and Melanie to be heroes, but Mickey was still working on getting them released on bail. Maggie wasn't so sure how the hospital board would respond to what Nathan did.

The guard watching Melanie and Nathan received a call saying that Nathan was free to go, but Melanie had to stay. Roman explained that Nathan was being released on his own recognizance because he didn't have a criminal record, while Melanie had a run-in with the law in Paris, even though the charges were dropped. Melanie needed to post a $10,000 bond, so Nathan went home to pawn some of his things to come up with the money.

Philip arrived at the police station to see to pay Melanie's bond. He asked why she didn't call him when she got into trouble. She said that she thought Philip wouldn't want to talk to her. Philip said he was grateful to her for saving Philip's high school sweetheart. Philip thought that it was Nathan's idea to give Chloe the drug that saved her, but Melanie told him that it was Daniel's idea.

Philip wondered why Daniel would try to save a woman that he tried to kill. Melanie told him that Daniel was innocent and that Daniel thought Kate tried to poison Chloe. Philip asked if Melanie believed Daniel's accusations about Kate. She said that she didn't really know Philip's mother. Philip defended Kate, saying she was "a good person with a good heart," who only wanted to "make her kids happy." Melanie worried that Kate might go to jail because Melanie helped to prove Daniel's innocence, and she suggested that maybe Philip shouldn't bail her out.

Melanie was concerned about what Victor would think and whether he would approve of her dating Philip, but Philip said that Victor didn't run his life. She also assumed that Kate wouldn't like Melanie, because Melanie helped Chloe to recover. Melanie told Philip that all she did was make trouble.

Maggie told Nathan that she was willing to pay for Melanie's bond, but Nathan wouldn't have it -- he felt responsible for them getting into trouble, so he wanted to bail Melanie out. Maggie asked if Nathan was arranging Melanie's bail because he wanted to be Melanie's savior. Maggie told Nathan that she liked Melanie, but she warned Nathan that Melanie had been in love with Philip since she arrived in town. Nathan understood Maggie's worry, but he said that he wouldn't get his heart broken, because he wasn't thinking of Melanie that way.

Stefano alerted Kate that her phone was about to ring. Lucas called to inform her that he had been arrested. She asked where Daniel was, and Lucas was suspicious at first, asking why she wanted to know. Lucas confirmed that Daniel was at the hospital when Lucas attacked him. Kate told Lucas that she would meet him at the police station.

Philip refused to walk away from Melanie ever. Philip called Kate to tell her that Roman was looking for her. He told Kate how Nathan and Melanie had saved Chloe's life. Philip didn't care if Melanie or Nathan believed that Kate tried to poison Chloe, because Philip didn't believe it.

Nathan showed up, ready to bail her out, but Melanie told him that Philip was already handling it. Roman released Melanie after Philip paid her bail. Philip thanked Nathan for helping Chloe, but Nathan told him that the credit should go to Daniel. Philip and Nathan argued over who would drive Melanie home. Nathan warned Philip that if he messed with Melanie's head again, he would answer to Nathan. Philip asked if Nathan was interested in Melanie, and Nathan said he was interested in her. Melanie heard him.

Hope returned home with Ciara and told Bo that she and Ciara were leaving. She said that the psychiatrist advised her that Ciara needed a new environment, so Hope planned to go to Doug and Julie's vacation house with Ciara. Bo assumed he was allowed to go, too, so he started to call the station to arrange vacation leave, but Hope told him that he was not going with them.

Bo didn't agree with the psychiatrist's recommendations. He said that Ciara needed to be at home with both of her parents. Hope reminded Bo that he took risks with Ciara's life during the kidnapping. Bo told Hope that the only person to blame in Ciara's kidnapping was Dean, and Hope needed therapy if she thought that Bo gambled with Ciara's life. Hope told Bo that arguing the way they were was exactly what the psychiatrist was referring to. Bo accused Hope of finding a reason to leave just like she did when Zack died.

Hope reminded Bo that he pushed her away after Zack's death by lying to her and letting Billie and Chelsea lie to her. Bo reminded her how hard they worked to make their marriage strong again -- stronger than ever. Hope disagreed with his assessment. She said that once trust disappeared, they had nothing. Bo was offended that Hope didn't trust that he could take care of Ciara. There was a knock at the door. It was Justin, and when Bo answered the door, he yelled at Justin.

Justin apologized for his timing. Hope invited Justin in. Bo informed Justin about Hope's decision, but he assumed that Justin knew already. Bo got a call from the station, so he left the house to take care of business. Justin encouraged Hope to go after Bo, saying that if she lost Bo, it would be the biggest mistake of her life. Hope told Justin that her decision wasn't about her leaving Bo, but she felt that time away would help them. Justin told her that speaking from experience, Hope was wrong about that.

After Justin left, Bo made a wisecrack about Hope and Justin spending the night together. Hope told him that Justin advised her to stay at home with Bo, but Bo's comment was further proof that Hope needed to leave. Ciara said goodbye to Bo, and she asked if Hope was going to hug Bo goodbye. Hope hugged him and they left.

Roman told Lucas that despite the situation, Lucas couldn't hit someone just because he was angry. Kate arrived, followed by Stefano. Lucas wondered what Stefano was doing there, and Kate announced that she and Stefano were getting married.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On a jet bound for Paris, E.J. and Nicole toasted to their happiness. E.J. added, "To an incredible woman who has taught me so much about love and honesty." Smiling nervously, Nicole toasted to a new life. E.J. responded that he was already happy with Nicole and Sydney, and did not need to change anything about his life.

"If anything ever happened to our little girl..." E.J. said quietly. When Nicole noted that E.J.'s tone had turned serious, E.J. exclaimed that he had a confession to make. "If you hadn't become pregnant with Sydney, I don't know if I would have married you," E.J. whispered. E.J. apologized for being unable to admit that earlier in their relationship, but said that he felt like Nicole was the best thing that ever happened to him because he was happier than he had ever been.

At the Brady Pub, Brady told Victor that he helped Daniel get the drugs administered to Chloe and that he was worried Philip would be angry with him, since the suspicion would shift to Kate. Victor promised to talk to Philip, and noted that he was proud of Brady for saving someone's life.

When Victor remarked that Philip's weakness was that he was a "mama's boy," Brady reconsidered his request to Victor. "No I think this is something that I need to settle with Philip on my own, or we never will," Brady said.

Philip took Melanie back to Maggie's house and asked her what was going on with Nathan. "Why? Do you care?" Melanie asked with a big grin on her face. Turning away, Philip claimed he did not care what was going on, but that he was only curious because Nathan said he was interested in Melanie. Melanie explained that Nathan was being protective, but Philip disagreed.

When Melanie asked why Philip was interested in how friendly she was with Nathan, Philip explained that he was worried because she stuck her neck out for Nathan. Laughing, Melanie corrected Philip and told him that it was her idea to help Daniel. When Philip started to leave, Melanie exclaimed, "You're upset because you think I sided against your mom!"

Philip told Melanie that he was not upset that she saved Chloe's life, but he was confused as to why Melanie trusted Daniel. Before Melanie could answer, Brady walked into Maggie's kitchen and announced that he was the reason Melanie trusted Daniel. Confused, Philip asked Brady to explain, and Brady noted that he had steered Daniel to Melanie in order to help Chloe.

"You son of a bitch," Philip muttered. Brady was defensive and stressed that he helped Daniel in order to save Chloe's life. Narrowing his eyes, Philip warned Brady not to involve Melanie in any more schemes, and then stormed out of the house. Melanie claimed Philip was only being protective, but Brady argued, "Only a few days after Stephanie Johnson dumped him, he's all over you. He sure doesn't waste any time, does he?"

Smiling, Melanie told Brady that Nathan and Philip were fighting over her at the police station. "I used to have no guys, and now I have one too many," Melanie said with a giggle.

At Salem hospital, Daniel helped Chloe back to her room and kissed her softly. When a police officer entered the room and attempted to part the two lovers, Chloe warned the officer to back off, because Kate was the real assailant. Daniel chimed in that the officer's time would be better spent tracking down Kate and keeping her from harming anyone else.

After taking Chloe's statement, the officer told Daniel that he would likely be cleared of all charges based on what Chloe said. Lexie entered as the officer was leaving and told Daniel that he had a clean bill of health. Worried about Chloe, Daniel told Lexie that he would not leave, but a nervous Chloe objected to the idea.

Daniel and Chloe were cuddling on her hospital bed when Father Matt walked in. Daniel stepped into the hallway so that Chloe could talk to the priest. Once alone, Chloe asked Father Matt whether her punishment for breaking her vow to God would ever stop. When Chloe noted that she was poisoned and Daniel was arrested after she gave in to her feelings for Daniel, she asked whether God still expected her to keep her promise.

Father Matt advised Chloe that she had suffered enough and that she should open her heart to love in order to feel God's blessings. Relieved, Chloe thanked the priest and, on his way out, he sent Daniel in to be with Chloe. Smiling, Chloe informed Daniel that Father Matt had given his blessing for them to be together.

As Chloe and Daniel kissed, Victor barged into the room and interrupted. "I heard you were brought in earlier. What the hell happened?" Victor boomed. "Kate happened. She tried to kill Daniel," Chloe said. Daniel explained that Kate confessed, and, when she realized Daniel got it on tape, she knocked him out. Furious, Victor swore that Kate would pay.

At the police station, Kate announced to Lucas that she was engaged to marry Stefano. Surprised, Lucas asked her to repeat her declaration, and then wondered aloud whether she needed to be committed. Noting that Daniel was accusing Kate of attempting to murder him and Chloe, Lucas demanded that Kate explain what was going on. Kate countered that Lucas needed to show his future stepfather some respect. When Lucas blustered at the suggestion that Stefano would be his stepfather, Stefano urged Kate to remember "Lucas' initial reaction is always extreme, irrational."

"Yeah, I'll come around when it snows in hell. He put out a hit on Philip. How could you marry a man who tried to kill your own son?" Lucas questioned. With an innocent look on his face, Stefano said that he had nothing to do with what happened to Philip. Unconvinced, Lucas asked Kate to explain what was going on.

Roman interrupted the conversation to tell Lucas that Daniel did not sustain any injuries from his tussle with Lucas, so the charges were being dropped. While Lucas went to fill out some paperwork with Roman, Kate sarcastically complained to Stefano about how "well that went." Stefano urged Kate to stay strong and wait for her children to come around. "I have a wedding to plan," Stefano said as he walked out.

When Kate started to flee the police station, Roman stopped her and asked her to answer some questions first. Roman told Kate that Chloe and Daniel's statements cleared Daniel of all charges, but their statements implicated Kate. "But you don't have any proof because there is no proof," Kate purred. "Not yet. But the search is on as we speak," Roman said.

After finishing up his paperwork, Lucas asked Kate to leave him alone. Lucas warned Kate that once the rest of her family learned about her marriage to Stefano, that her new husband would likely be the only thing left in her life. As Lucas stormed out of the room, Roman returned to tell Kate that he had information about the investigation.

Roman informed Kate that the search turned up no evidence. "Gee, could that be because I'm completely innocent?" Kate quipped. "Not necessarily," Roman countered. Roman noted that there was no DNA trace of any living person found in the search, and that it looked like a cover-up. With no evidence, Roman allowed Kate to leave.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano told Lexie, "The old wolf is getting hitched again!" Surprised but pleased, Lexie congratulated her father and asked who he was marrying. Stefano explained that he was marrying Kate, shocking Lexie.

"Do I have to remind you that your beautiful Katherine not only poisoned Chloe and tried to blame Daniel for it, but that she almost killed him, too?" Lexie asked breathlessly. Stefano claimed the accusations were baseless, causing Lexie to add that Kate still blamed him for trying to murder her son. "We cleared all that up," Stefano said conversationally. Frustrated and confused, Lexie did not believe Stefano's explanation that they were marrying in order to bring the families together. Lexie demanded the truth from Stefano, but before he could answer, Lexie received a cell phone call from E.J.

When Lexie alluded to Stefano's mental instability to E.J. on the phone, Stefano vehemently waved her off. Unfazed, Lexie thrust her cell phone in Stefano's face. Stefano pushed the phone away, and Lexie reluctantly put the phone back up to her ear. When E.J. asked what was wrong with Stefano, Lexie explained that he was busy fixing a drink. After Lexie promised to watch Stefano, E.J. hung up.

Stefano reasoned that he did not want to worry E.J., because it might make him return from his honeymoon early. "Are you so in love that you can't see straight?" Lexie asked. Stefano asked Lexie to support him and, after ranting about what an awful idea the marriage was, Lexie relented and agreed to stand by her father's side.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate returned to her room to find that it was in disarray because of the police search. Angry, Kate called Stefano and told him that his people did too thorough a job, because it aroused Roman's suspicions. Stefano urged Kate to stay positive for the wedding that evening. Though surprised by the news, Kate agreed through gritted teeth that she was excited about the wedding.

"Now that all the damning evidence against you has disappeared, your loyal husband, the only one in the world and, by the way, who can't testify against you, he can't be forced if you are his wife, okay, will know that you are a very dangerous woman. Which is exactly as I like it," Stefano chuckled.

"So if I don't marry you tonight, that means you'll testify against me?" Kate inquired. Realizing that she had no choice, Kate agreed to meet him that night. Stefano urged Kate to check her closet for a selection of wedding outfits that he had sent over.

After dressing, Kate was checking her reflection in the mirror when Victor barged into the room. "What in God's name have you done?" he barked.

In the park, Lucas ran into Maggie. Lucas was cold to Maggie, and she reminded him that she would be there to support him. Still gruff, Lucas asked Maggie to leave him alone. Nearby, Philip overheard Lucas and Maggie, and walked over to check on them. Hurt, Maggie excused herself and left the brothers to talk.

Philip asked Lucas whether he had talked to Kate, and Lucas informed Philip that she was getting married to Stefano.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chloe was finally able to leave the hospital, but had nowhere to go. Daniel said his home was hers. He took her home, and Daniel promised her they would be together for the rest of their lives.

Kate told Victor she was marrying Stefano. Furious, Victor said, "Once a whore, always a whore." Meanwhile, Philip learned from Lucas that Kate was marrying Stefano. Lucas insisted he had washed his hands of her. Feeling betrayed, Philip confronted Kate, who saids she couldn't go to prison. Philip said he'd rather see her in prison than married to Stefano. Vulnerable, Kate left a message for Lucas asking him to attend the wedding. At the same time, Lucas got drunk, confronted Maggie in the park, and blamed her for all his woes. Meanwhile, Roman realized Stefano was forcing Kate to marry him in return for eliminating all evidence against her. Philip nearly convinced Kate not to marry Stefano. However, when Stefano called wondering where Kate was, she chose marriage to him, instead of making peace with Philip.

Chad joined Will, Mia, and T's group project. They had to take care of an egg, and treat it like their baby. After Chad dropped the egg, Will and Mia reacted when T told Chad he'd make a terrible father. Suddenly, a drunken Lucas burst in, and Will attempted to prevent his from father making a fool of himself in front of Will's peers.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Melanie told Philip that she was planning to sue the Salem Police Department because of the way they treated her after she saved Chloe's life. Melanie could tell that Philip was upset, and she assumed it was because he was angry with Brady, but he said he was upset about Kate marrying Stefano. Melanie got a laugh imagining how Christmas at the DiMera mansion would be -- with the bodyguards and henchmen. Philip told Melanie that Stefano was forcing Kate to marry him, because Stefano cleaned up after her.

Philip said that Lucas thought Kate tried to poison Chloe, like Daniel accused her of doing, but Stefano destroyed the evidence. Philip told Melanie that he wasn't able to convince Kate not to marry Stefano, even though Philip offered to help her. Philip said he threatened to disown her if she married Stefano, but instead, Kate chose Stefano over him. Melanie urged Philip to do something to stop the wedding.

At Chez Rouge, Maggie called Kate selfish for using Maggie to try to pin Chloe's poisoning on Daniel, and Maggie accused Kate of not caring about her sons -- only about herself. Stefano reminded Maggie that she was the hired help, not a guest. Stefano told Kate that Maggie was just jealous. Kate saw Abe, Lexie, and Theo and asked Stefano why they were there. She wondered why Stefano didn't just go to the justice of the peace instead of humiliating her in public.

Victor told Kate, "What's the point of buying a trophy if you can't show it off." Kate accused Victor of making matters worse. Victor rubbed salt in Kate's wounds by asking how her talk with Philip had gone. Stefano reminded Victor that he was a guest and asked him to be on his best behavior.

Victor volunteered to give Kate away, saying there was nothing he'd rather do than hand Kate over to Stefano. Lexie vented to Maggie about how angry she was that Kate was free. Lexie said loudly that "Kate should be in jail." When Lexie noticed that Kate heard her, Lexie said, "Oh dear. Did my voice carry?" Stefano realized it probably hadn't been a good idea to invite Lexie and Abe to the ceremony.

Kate begged Stefano to get their nuptials over with. First, Stefano asked Lexie and Abe to be best man and matron of honor for him, but Lexie refused. Theo overheard them and asked if they were fighting. Lexie said they weren't fighting, and Stefano explained that he wanted Abe and Lexie to walk down the aisle for Stefano and Kate. Theo begged Lexie to stand up for Stefano, so she gave in and agreed.

Abe told Lexie that he wanted to bring Stefano and Kate down. Victor asked Kate if she was going to keep her last name, just in case he wanted to get her something monogrammed. He again asked how her talk with Philip had gone, but she didn't want to talk about it. Victor asked Kate to think about whether she really wanted to choose the DiMeras over her own sons. Kate said there was nothing about her nuptials that was a choice. Victor suggested she "make a break for it," because "life on the run might be exciting."

Stefano told Kate that the wedding was about to begin. "And so begins the life sentence you so richly deserve," Victor told Kate. Stefano thought Victor's words were clever. Victor walked Kate down the aisle and told Stefano that she was all his, and he was getting "one in a million." Philip showed up during the wedding, and Stefano asked him to have a seat, but Philip said he just was just there to watch. Kate stared at Philip. Stefano told her to turn around so they could continue.

The priest asked Kate to say her vows, and she said her vows as she cried. Once the ceremony was over, Philip left in disgust. Victor applauded. During the reception, Victor told Kate that he almost felt sorry for her. Theo threw a temper tantrum, because Lexie wouldn't let him have champagne for the toast. He accidentally ran into Kate, causing her to spill her champagne on her dress. Instead of getting angry, Kate tried to befriend Theo and said she wasn't upset. Stefano told Lexie "See, one, big happy family," but Lexie didn't see it that way.

Kate and Stefano returned home, and she complimented him for having champagne and candles waiting for them. She said the setting would be nice for a young couple who were really in love, but Stefano said it would be wasted on someone younger. Kate thanked Stefano for not making their marriage anything more than a deal. He said that marriage was nothing but a deal -- a contract -- and they negotiated a profitable situation.

Kate asked him to put another bottle on ice so that she could live up to her end of the deal. Stefano told her that her life up until that point had been "a hot mess." Stefano remarked about how lonely Kate was, and that there was a little girl inside of her who was sad. He asked her not to be said anymore -- to be happy, because it was her time.

At Maggie's house, Lucas was passed out drunk on the kitchen floor. Will wanted to leave, but Mia thought that Lucas was really sick. Chad told Will that it was a bad idea to leave Lucas alone. Mia wanted to call 9-1-1, but Will wanted to call Maggie instead. Lucas woke up and called out for Will.

Tad and Chad offered to help Lucas get up off the floor. Lucas told Will about Kate getting married. Lucas heard Mia say something about waiting for Maggie to get home, and he insulted Mia. Lucas suggested that they toast, and he looked around the kitchen for some booze. Will reminded Lucas that Maggie didn't keep alcohol in the house, so Lucas announced that he would drive to the convenience store to get some alcohol.

Will refused to let Lucas drive, and Chad tried to convince Lucas to sit down. Tad told Will to call Maggie. Lucas tried to get up and leave, but he noticed his keys were gone. He yelled for them to give him back his keys. Will tried to call Maggie, but Lucas started to collapse, so Chad told Will to call 9-1-1 instead.

At the hospital, Maggie showed up and asked Will how Lucas was doing. He said that Lucas had to stay overnight so that the doctors could pump Lucas' stomach. Maggie explained that Lucas had alcohol poisoning. Maggie reminded Will that Lucas had been through a lot. Will said, "A lot of people go through things." When Grace died, Sami didn't get drunk, he said. Maggie explained that Lucas had a disease, but Will didn't want to hear it -- he was too angry. Later, Will went into Lucas' room and sat with him as he slept.

Mia thanked Chad for helping with Lucas. She wondered if she should go to the hospital to support Will. Chad surmised that it was hard for Will that she, Chad, and Tad saw his father that way and for Lucas to speak to Mia so rudely. Mia explained that she told Will she wasn't upset, because she knew that Lucas was drunk and didn't know what he was saying. Chad said that Mia knew a lot about that from when she was drug addict. She agreed with Chad. He called her a liar and said that maybe one day she would trust him enough to tell him what really happened.

Arianna called Troy and urged him to tell his boss that he was about to lose his best dealer if he didn't meet with her. When she got off the phone, she turned around and was startled to see Brady standing there. Brady told her that he wasn't sneaking up on her -- he was just going to the Brady Pub to meet with a client. Arianna told him that he didn't owe her an explanation and he didn't have to stay away from the pub just to avoid her.

Arianna felt bad for snapping at Brady, so she gave him a drink for free. He took it as an attempt to get back into his good graces, but he reminded her that she said he was boring. She apologized for calling him boring. Brady asked where her ex was. She said that her ex wouldn't be in town. Brady wasn't surprised, and he suggested that her ex-boyfriend was imaginary. Arianna said that she didn't make her ex up.

Brady thought she didn't give him a good reason for dumping him. She said it was because she didn't want to hurt him. Brady said they could have worked things out if Arianna was honest with him. She told him that she wasn't the only one with secrets, because he didn't want to talk about Nicole. Brady said Nicole wasn't an ex -- she was a friend. Arianna asked Brady what he was covering up for Nicole.

Arianna told Brady that Nicole was probably using him, but he said that she didn't know anything about Nicole. Arianna thought about what Rafe said about Nicole confiding in Brady about her miscarriage, but Arianna decided against revealing that to Brady. Arianna got a call, and Brady wondered who she was calling if her boyfriend was imaginary.

At Sami's place, Rafe was passed out on the living room floor, and Meredith was attempting to move him when Sami showed up. Sami stood outside the door looking for her keys. Before she could let herself in, Sami got a call from Sister Claire, asking if she had spoken to Rafe and urging her to call him. Sami went inside, but Meredith had moved Rafe's body.

Sami tried to call Rafe, and Meredith was able to silence his phone before Sami heard it ring. Meredith hid around the corner, and Rafe's body fell over where Sami could have seen it. Sami left to find Arianna to see if she knew where Rafe was. While Sami was gone, Meredith moved Rafe's body. Meredith told an unconscious Rafe that no one was worried about him and no one but he knew that she was back.

At the pub, Sami asked Brady where Arianna was. He told her that Arianna had left, so Sami told him that she had a bad feeling. Brady encouraged Sami to be patient. Sami told him about Rafe's urgent phone call to her while she was on a retreat at the convent. Brady told Sami that he couldn't imagine what she went through losing Grace. He said that he had a friend who miscarried, and he never saw pain like that until he saw what Sami and Rafe went through.

Brady told Sami that he believed Rafe loved Sami more than anything, whether Rafe called her again or not. Brady encouraged Sami to leave a message when she called Rafe again, but she didn't want to seem like a stalker. Sami assumed that Rafe had left town like he said he would, and she wondered whether she should move on with her life, too.

Meredith told Rafe that her sister Emily loved Rafe and thought that he loved Emily back, but "you don't kill someone you love," she said. Rafe's phone rang again, and Meredith saw that it was Sami calling again. She told Rafe that Sami would never talk to him again and no one could help Rafe ever again.

Friday, September 25, 2009

At the DiMera mansion, Kate dreamed of kissing Daniel, but awoke with a start, remembering that she was Mrs. Stefano DiMera. Philip dropped by to inform her that Lucas was in the hospital, recovering from alcohol poisoning, thanks to her attempts to kill Chloe and subsequent marriage to Stefano. Stefano wanted to go with Kate to the hospital, but she knew it would only make things worse. As Kate ran upstairs to get dressed, Philip hurled a vague, thinly veiled threat at Stefano. An unmoved Stefano pointed out that the last time Philip had gone after him, it hadn't gone well.

Kate was walking through the park on the way to the hospital when Daniel stopped her. She tried to get away, but he noticed the huge ring on her finger and asked what it was. Kate replied smugly that she had a new husband who would move heaven and earth for her-and already had: Stefano DiMera. Daniel was incredulous.

Lucas awakened in the hospital, confused as to why he was there. Nurse Maxine explained that he had alcohol poisoning. Outside, an angry Will blamed Chloe for his dad's condition, but Maggie asserted that Lucas was responsible for his own actions. She then shocked Will with the news that his Grandma Kate had gotten married to Stefano DiMera the night before.

Maggie and Will then went in to see Lucas, who swore he would never drink again. He lashed out angrily at Maggie when she reminded him that he couldn't make such a promise. Sami arrived and privately admonished Lucas for what he'd put their son through, and pleaded with him to let her help him. When Lucas stubbornly refused to listen, Sami threatened to prevent him from seeing Allie until he stopped self-destructing and checked into rehab.

A resistant Lucas tried bargaining with her, but Sami continued to reason with him gently but firmly until he agreed to get professional treatment. Will and Maggie returned so Lucas could apologize to both of them, and tell Will how proud he was of him. Will hugged his dad. Sami then informed Lucas that Maggie had found a treatment center for him, but it wasn't in Salem. Maggie assured him that it was the best in the country, and he should be back home in no time.

Lucas asked to speak to Sami alone again, and expressed his concern about her dealing with all three kids on her own. She reassured him that they would be fine. Lucas then reluctantly broke Will's confidence and told Sami that Mia was a recovering addict. Sami was stunned, but urged Lucas to let her keep an eye on things while he focused on getting healthy again.

When Chloe arrived outside, Sami was surprised that Lucas wanted to talk to his wife, but she sent Chloe in anyway. Chloe blamed herself for Lucas' condition, but he asked for her forgiveness, noting that it was part of his recovery. Chloe forgave him freely. Lucas added that his forgiveness of her would take a little longer, but he was working on it.

After Chloe had gone, Philip arrived to fill Lucas in on their mom's wedding, and asked if Kate had been by to check on Lucas. Lucas was declaring, "I never want to see that lying bitch again," just as Kate arrived outside the room and overheard. She listened while Philip wondered whether Kate's cancer treatment had affected her mind, making her try to kill Chloe, but Lucas couldn't excuse his mother's behavior. A clearly devastated Kate quickly hid when Maggie and Will returned to inform Lucas that his ride to the treatment center had arrived. Kate watched sadly as her sons and grandson boarded the elevator with Maggie.

Chloe met Daniel in the park after she left the hospital. When Daniel learned that Lucas had forgiven Chloe, he urged her to try to forgive herself. Daniel then got down on one knee and proclaimed his love for Chloe, declaring that he could not move on with his life without her. He removed a ring box from his pocket and opened it, revealing a glittering engagement ring. "All I want is to love you for the rest of my life," he vowed. "Me, too," murmured Chloe. "Then will you be my wife? Will you marry me?" Daniel asked.

At the Brady Pub, Arianna pressed Troy for a meeting with his boss. Troy reminded her that the man wasn't interested, so she promised to show Troy her undying gratitude if he could arrange it. Arianna was caressing Troy's hair to demonstrate when Brady walked in to pick up a to-go order. While Arianna went into the kitchen to get it, Brady asked how Troy's recovery was going. Troy mumbled something about "free doughnuts" and left in a hurry.

When Arianna returned with Brady's order, he alluded to how she'd been coming on to Troy. She insisted indignantly that they were just friends-just like Brady and Nicole. They bickered, and Arianna asked if Brady were jealous of Troy. Brady argued that Troy was in rehab and not supposed to be involved with anyone. Arianna blurted that Brady had been helping Nicole lie to her husband for months. Although she tried to cover, Brady demanded to know what she was referring to.

Arianna reluctantly divulged that she'd found out about Nicole's miscarriage. Brady flipped out, stressing that Arianna could not tell anyone else, "Because if you do, you're going to ruin more lives than you can imagine." Arianna assured him that she would tell no one, but wondered why Brady would risk so much for Nicole. Brady replied that Nicole was a friend, and he knew what it was like to make mistakes and not be proud of them. He then left rather abruptly. A rattled Arianna flung down her apron and ran after him.

Brady went to the DiMera mansion and asked Stefano if Nicole were around. "I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to say," Stefano replied, closing the door before Brady could pursue the matter further.

As Sami arrived home to the townhouse, Arianna showed up. "I have to talk to Rafe," Arianna demanded. "Where is he? What did you do to him?"

Nicole and E.J. returned to their honeymoon suite in Paris, laden with packages after a day of shopping. When E.J. went to check on Sydney, Nicole sighed to herself, relieved to be far away from Salem-and anyone who could ruin her happiness. Later, Nicole surprised her husband with the first of his honeymoon "gifts" to unwrap-herself, clad only in a negligee. They made love.

Afterwards, while Nicole slipped away to order more champagne, Stefano called to inform E.J. that he and Kate had just gotten married. E.J. was furious, and immediately suspected that there was more to the story. Just as Nicole returned, E.J. lost the connection and hung up irritably. Nicole wanted to know what Stefano had said, but E.J. would only hint that it had to do with a "merger" E.J. didn't approve of. E.J. then resumed kissing his wife.

When Nicole was in the bathroom getting dressed later, she didn't hear her cell phone ring. E.J. saw that it was Brady calling and picked up. Brady could only hear static, so he bellowed cryptically for Nicole to call him back as soon as possible, because, "The secret is out!"

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