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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 21, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, September 21, 2009

At the farm, Jack told Meg that he had fixed the rototiller, but he gave no guarantees. Meg remembered that Holden had always been tinkering with the farm equipment to keep it in working order, but he was gone, and she missed him. Jack offered to fill in for Meg's big brother, so she told him that something was bothering her. Meg said that Lily was acting strangely, and she related the story about how her sister-in-law had taken sleeping pills and walked into the pond.

Meg was concerned about the welfare of Holden's children, and she confided that Lily had "all but attacked" her over Damian. Meg called what was happening between Lily and Damian "inappropriate behavior," and she was worried. Jack needed details, but Meg would only say that Lily and Damian were up to things that the children should not see.

At Java, Noah mentioned to Luke that Luke still seemed upset at his mother and Damian. Luke admitted that he had learned that Lily and Damian had kissed even before Holden had left for Kentucky. Unfortunately, Faith had witnessed the kiss, and she was an astute observer of people. Noah likened that kiss to the incident when Luke and Brian Wheatley had kissed, but Luke said that he had been drunk. Noah defended Lily by saying that her whole life had just been turned upside down, and he counseled Luke to let it go.

Luke, however, was convinced that Lily was the reason that Damian had returned to Oakdale. He said that Holden's accident had simply cleared the way for Damian's original plan. Luke decided to try to help his mother, and he and Noah kissed. Mason approached and watched the lovers kiss. After Luke left, Mason asked Noah how he felt about another road trip for just the two of them. He produced two passes to the prestigious Minnesota Film Festival. Noah was thrilled, but he worried about missing some important classes. Mason offered to contact Noah's professors and clear the way for him.

Noah was excited, but then he said that Luke's family was suffering, and he felt that he needed to stay in town for Luke. Mason said that he was just a little bit jealous, but Noah did not believe that. Mason said that he envied the relationship that Luke and Noah had where they did everything 50-50. He said that his relationship with George had not been like that, and they had failed as a couple.

At Lily's house, Damian asked her how she felt, and Lily's answer was that she thought she was the worst mother in the world. Damian attempted to reassure her and gave her a kiss, which Faith observed through the window. That first kiss turned into a more passionate one, and Faith continued to watch, as Jack walked up to the door. He asked Faith why she was not in school, and the girl said that she had left school to go home, but she had not gone inside because her mother was there making out with Damian.

Jack walked in unannounced and said it looked as if he should have called first. He asked Faith to go to her room so that he could talk with Lily, and the girl complied. Lily was surprised that her daughter minded Jack so well, considering how she had been acting for the previous several weeks. Jack asked what was going on between Lily and Damian, and Damian spoke up and told Jack that it was none of his business. Jack defended his position by reminding Damian that he was Holden's cousin and considered Holden his best friend. He also felt that he had an obligation to Holden's children.

Damian took offense, and Lily also bristled and said that Jack should say what he came to say in front of Damian, too. Jack told them that the kids, and particularly Faith, needed someone in their lives on whom they could count. He offered to take Faith, Natalie, and Ethan to stay with the family at the Snyder farm for a while, but Lily got upset and cried. Jack lit into Damian for trying to worm his way back into the family. Lily then got angry and brought up that Jack had not done such a good job in raising Parker with all his troubles.

Jack tried to calm Lily by saying that it was way too early for her kids to have to deal with a new father figure, especially if it was Damian. Damian asked if Meg had put Jack up to the "attack," but Jack only said that while Meg had brought up the subject, the whole family was concerned. Damian stormed out suddenly, while Lily told Jack that he was wasting his time with her. She claimed that Damian kept her strong, but Jack was not appeased. He gave one more pitch for taking the kids to the farm, but Lily again refused.

Faith walked into the living room and announced that she wanted to go with Jack and live at the farm. Luke also arrived and wanted to be brought up-to-date. Lily and Faith argued about where the girl should stay, and that caused Lily to turn on Jack and shout that her children were going nowhere. Jack backed down and offered to take Faith back to school, as Luke thought of a solution and volunteered to move back to the house temporarily. Lily asked if her son was to be the "designated spy," but Luke said that what she and Damian were doing was just plain wrong. He said he was going back to his apartment to pack, but he was returning as a helper, not a spy.

Damian barged into the farm kitchen and accused Meg of believing that Lily was unfit to care for her own children. Meg appeared innocent that Jack had gotten so involved, but she did admit that she had mentioned her concerns for her brother's children to him. Damian told Meg to mind her own business, and then he softened and confessed that he had made mistakes in their relationship. He blamed those on Lily, however, but Meg did not agree. She was hurt that Damian's actions were a denial of Holden's existence.

Damian became self-righteous and declared that "some things were meant to be." He asserted that he and Lily belonged together, and he walked out, passing a returning Jack at the door. Jack comforted Meg, who was in tears, and said that Holden always thought that Damian wanted more from Lily than he admitted. Meg called herself an idiot for falling in love with a Grimaldi.

Luke returned to Java and asked Mason to speak with Noah alone. Luke said that he hated to do it, but he had to move back home for a short while for the sake of his family. Noah totally understood, and Luke thanked him for that. The boys hugged, while Mason watched. Luke left to go pack, so Noah told Mason that he would be able to accompany his mentor to the film festival, after all.

In Maeve and Eb's cabin in Kentucky, Holden was once again chained to his cot, but Maeve was tied up in a chair in the kitchen. Holden tried to convince Eb that he had talked Maeve into helping him escape, but Eb was not satisfied, and promised his wife some painful retribution. Holden said again that he could give Eb some money for a ransom, and all that Eb had to do was to call Holden's wife. Eb told Holden to forget it, because he knew that Holden would call the cops as soon as Eb let him go.

Eb insisted that he wanted Skaggs's money, because they had been partners. Maeve reminded Eb that Skaggs was dead, so Eb had better plan on calling Lily if he wanted any cash. Eb finally agreed that he would call Lily, and if she delivered the money, he would let Holden go; however, if Holden said one word to the cops about Maeve, Eb would put a bullet between her eyes. Holden assured his captor that Lily would deliver the money to wherever Eb wanted, but he thought that she would want some proof that Holden was really alive. He suggested that Eb take him to a phone, so that Holden could talk to his wife himself.

Eb laughed, but he finally agreed on that plan. Someone drove up the path that led to the cabin, so Eb quickly ran to look. Maeve told Holden that she was sure that Eb would kill her the minute he got the ransom money. Eb dashed back and untied Maeve and ordered her to get Holden gagged and under the cot. Then Eb hid behind the privacy curtain in the bed area and demanded that Maeve answer the loud knock on the door. Officer Grady from the Kentucky State Patrol walked in and took a cursory look around.

Grady asked Maeve if she knew an "Eberly Stone," and she replied that he was her husband. Eb walked out from behind the curtain then and introduced himself. The officer began asking him about an escaped felon named Skaggs, but Eb denied any knowledge of his friend. The cop said that he knew otherwise, but they just didn't have enough proof to nail Eb for the same bank job. He said that once they did, they would throw the book at him, too. The officer left, and Eb ordered Maeve to take off Holden's gag.

Eb was panicky and declared that the ransom scene was not going to happen, and he said he had to "get rid of the evidence," so he pointed his gun at Holden's head. Holden became desperate, and he promised that Lily would give Eb as much money as he wanted. He urged Eb to take him to a phone, and the man could have his money within an hour. Eb had no other choice, so he put Holden in his truck and drove to a phone at the nearest convenience store. He put his gun to Holden's back and told him the rules.

Damian returned to Lily's and told her how upset Meg was. He admitted that they had made a bit of a mess of their lives, but Lily answered, "Not any more." She said that they could not sleep together anymore because she could not risk hurting her children further. Damian blamed Jack, but Lily said that she needed to know just how badly she had wounded the kids. Damian promised to wait for her as long as it took, and they hugged. Lily went to get them drinks, and the phone rang. Damian answered it, and Officer Grady asked to speak to Lily.

Damian identified himself, and Grady remembered that Damian had been with the Snyder family to visit the accident site. Grady said that there had been a new development in the case that Lily needed to know about, but Damian offered to take a message. The officer said that the DNA test results on the body in the burned truck had returned, and the body was not that of Holden Snyder. Damian was stunned, but he stalled answering when Lily returned and asked who had called.

Meanwhile, Holden dialed his home number, but he got a busy signal. Eb told him to dial it again, but just then Officer Grady walked out of the convenience store, so Eb ordered Holden to hang up immediately.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Paul looked for Emily all over Fairwinds, but he could not find her. Then he saw the date on the calendar and realized where she had to be. He grabbed his jacket and left for the cemetery, where he found Emily putting flowers on the grave of their infant daughter, Jennifer. Paul said he knew where Emily would be as soon as he saw the date, because it was Jennifer's third birthday. They shared some poignant moments remembering their little girl, and Paul wished the girl a happy birthday. Emily shed some tears and said that her life with Paul was almost complete; only one thing was missing.

They went back home, and Paul mused that perhaps they had not been ready to be good parents when Jenny was born, but Emily thought they would have stepped up and done well. Paul said that perhaps they could still have a baby, but Emily said it was too late. She explained what had happened to her stored eggs, and rejoiced that she had two fine sons, and Paul had Eliza. Paul said there were other ways to get a baby, and Emily asked if they were seriously talking about adoption. Paul remembered that they were still on their honeymoon, so he began kissing Emily.

At Lily's, Damian had just received the phone call that told him the DNA result had verified that the body in the burned truck was not Holden's. Damian lied and said the call had been a wrong number, but Lily remarked that he looked as if he had seen a ghost. Lily could not understand what would have upset Damian so much, but Damian said that he had to go away for a few days on business to San Francisco. Lily was shocked that he was leaving her, but Damian said he was making things difficult for her family, so it would be better if he left town for a short while.

Lily, however, felt that Damian was punishing her for declaring a moratorium on their sleeping together until the children were better adjusted to life without their dad. Damian assured her that a bit of distance between the two of them would benefit her family. Luke walked in, and Lily mentioned Damian's business trip, which took Luke by surprise, too. Damian said goodbye to Lily and walked out, and Luke declared that he would not miss his father. Luke hoped that Lily would end her relationship with Damian, so he was disappointed when his mother said that she would make her own life choices when she was ready.

Lily tried to assure her son that no one would ever replace Holden in her heart. She went into the kitchen, as the phone rang. Luke answered it, and Eb Stone asked for Lily Snyder. Luke introduced himself as Lily's son, so Eb made his pitch to him. He asked for $100,000 in cash, all in small bills, or Lily would never see her husband again. Eb said he was holding Luke's father, and he would be in touch with delivery directions.

A frantic Luke explained to Lily that someone had said that Holden was alive and being held for ransom. Luke had his doubts, but Lily was filled with hope, and she asked Luke to call Jack immediately.

Outside the convenience store in rural Kentucky, Eb marshaled Holden back to the truck after the aborted call to Lily. Officer Grady had exited the store, and Eb was afraid to hang around there and use the phone again. Holden tried to persuade Eb to try again, but seeing the cop had spooked Eb. They returned to the cabin where Maeve was still tied to her chair. Eb put Holden on the cot and refastened his shackles. Eb did not trust Maeve enough to untie her, and he repeated his threat to shoot her if Holden made any attempt to rescue her after he was freed.

Maeve played Eb by saying that she had been dumb to let Holden lead her astray, and she vowed that she loved only Eb. Holden butted in and suggested that Eb buy a disposable phone so that they could make the call right from the cabin. That would get them their money, so Eb left to go buy a phone. Holden asked Maeve if she was really planning on running off with her husband after they got the money, and she admitted that she didn't know. She acknowledged that the most important thing was to get Holden free, unharmed.

Holden again promised to do whatever he could to help Maeve get away from her dreadful circumstances. Eb returned with the news that he and Maeve would soon be "rollin' in the dough." He said he had made the first call and spoken to "the boy." They made plans to drive to California, but Holden interrupted and said it was time to call Lily and give her the drop-off directions if Eb wanted to get the money right away.

At the farm, Meg and Jack talked about the situation between Lily and Damian. Jack said that he had wanted to punch Damian in the face when he had seen him sitting on Holden's couch. He also warned Meg that if her "concern" for Lily was based more on her feelings towards Damian than her worries about Lily, then Meg would only make things worse. Meg said that she could not turn off her feelings for Damian like a faucet, but Jack asked her not to make the family choose between her and Lily. He told her to let Damian go.

Jack answered Luke's call about Holden, and he promised to be right there. He told Meg that Lily had received a possible ransom call, and he dashed to Lily's. Lily was hoping hard that the police identification on Holden's body had been wrong, but Jack told her not to get her hopes up. He would not let her go to the bank to collect the money, because he told her that they were going to "play it by the book."

Jack said he would go to Kentucky immediately to talk to the local cops and look for clues. Lily had to stay home to answer any more calls and also for her children. Luke offered to accompany Jack, and Lily gave them her blessing. She admonished Luke to bring his father home to her.

Damian's "business trip to San Francisco" was just a ploy, and he actually flew to Kentucky. He met Officer Grady at the convenience store, and the cop said that he had been totally shocked when the DNA report had arrived. He said they did not know who the body in the truck was, but they were going back to the accident scene to look around. Grady thought, however, that the chances were still great that Holden was dead of some other cause. Damian asked him not to tell Mrs. Snyder anything until they knew more, but Grady found that a very unusual request.

Damian convinced the officer that Mrs. Snyder had suffered enough and did not need to hear gory details if her husband had been devoured by a wild animal in the forest or something equally as gruesome. Grady still felt that Mrs. Snyder had a right to know what was going on, but he promised to wait until they had some more information. Damian said he was going to the crash site, and Grady warned him to stay out of the officers' way. Another patrolman approached and asked to speak with Grady. He said that an Oakdale policeman had just phoned about a ransom call, and the hostage was Holden Snyder.

Lily waited impatiently at home for another call from the kidnapper with the delivery instructions. Meg rang the doorbell and said that she had heard the news. She seemed very compassionate towards Lily, until she casually mentioned that Lily and Damian had "jumped the gun." Lily resented Meg's nastiness, but Meg continued to maintain that if Holden were really alive, then it put Lily in "an awkward situation." Lily was furious, but her phone rang, and she grabbed it.

Lily's caller was Eb, and he refused to take the time to let Lily speak with her husband. He told her to write down directions for the delivery of the money, and Lily pretended to do so. Eb hung up, and Meg asked if they should call Emma and alert her, but Lily said she did not want to get Emma's hopes up. Meg got vindictive again and demanded to know exactly what Lily was planning to tell Holden about her jumping into bed with Damian, practically right after the funeral. Lily said that she was sick of Meg's insults, and they could either call a truce, or Meg could leave. Meg chose to walk out, but not before another rude comment. Lily sat and prayed for Holden's safe return.

Holden wanted Eb to tell him what Lily's response had been to the second call, but Eb couldn't remember. He did say that she promised to do as instructed, and Holden vouched for her trustworthiness. Maeve asked Eb to untie her, but he still refused. He said it was time to collect the money, so they were to say farewell to "poor Eb" because, when he returned, he would be $100,000 richer. Eb had barely pulled out in his truck when Holden and Maeve heard another car approach. Someone pounded on the door, and the two of them yelled for help.

Officer Grady entered with his gun drawn, and he saw Holden in chains and Maeve tied to a chair. He recognized Holden right away, and began untying Maeve, who knew where there was another key to the shackles. Grady took the key and began working on Holden's chains when suddenly Eb sneaked up on the officer and hit him hard over the head with the butt of his pistol. Grady fell unconscious, and Eb relieved him of his handcuffs and put them on Maeve. Then he dragged Grady outside and dumped him into the trunk of his police cruiser. Eb got in the front seat and drove away.

Holden and Maeve had a heart-to-heart talk, and he said that he would love Lily until the day he died, crushing any hope that Maeve might have had for a future with Holden. Tears slipped out of Maeve's eyes and ran down her face.

Luke and Jack flew to Kentucky and then took a car to the convenience store, looking for Officer Grady. Jack continued to call him, but the patrolman did not answer. Luke was excited about the possibility of being able to say some things to his father that he hadn't had a chance to say yet. Jack, however, was worried about Grady, so he called Lily who told him that the drop-off place for the ransom was the crash site. Lily was worried what would happen when the kidnapper realized that there was no ransom money, but Jack said that they would have him in custody by that time. Jack and Luke headed for the site.

Damian arrived at the crash site first, and he looked down into the ravine. He said out loud, "Where are you, Holden?" just as Eb approached him from the rear. Eb asked if Damian was the man Mrs. Snyder had sent with the money, but Damian said he didn't know what Eb was talking about. Eb pulled his gun and asked for the $100,000. Jack and Luke ran up and realized the situation, as Eb threatened all of them.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lily tried to convince her mother that it was possible that Holden could still be alive and a victim of a kidnapping, but Lucinda reminded her daughter how severe the crash and resulting fire had been. Lucinda wanted proof that Holden was alive, something like a photo, or his voice on tape, or a phone conversation. She hated seeing Lily's hopes built up without any proof.

At the crash site, Eb held Damian, Luke, and Jack at gunpoint. Jack began a dialogue with Eb, and he said that he was Holden's cousin. Eb asked who the other two were, but he was only concerned with which of them had his money. Jack wanted proof that Eb really had Holden, and he also asked Eb to put down the gun. Eb protested that he wasn't as dumb as he looked, but Jack held out for a positive sign that Holden was a captive. Damian, who identified himself as "a friend of the family," attempted to make a deal with Eb for money, but Jack kept hammering on proof.

Damian finally jumped Eb, and in their struggle, Damian pushed Eb over the cliff, but not before Eb squeezed the trigger. Damian fell to the ground as a bullet passed through his left shoulder. Luke ran to comfort his father, and Jack called 9-1-1 and then looked into the ravine. There was no sign there of either Eb or the missing Officer Grady. Jack walked back and asked Damian why he was there, and Damian began one of his involved lies.

Damian said that Grady had called him and said that there was talk around the police department that there were "mysterious circumstances" surrounding Holden's accident and death. He continued by saying that the police had evidence that Holden was driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, and he also had "someone" in the truck with him who was not supposed to be there. Damian hinted that the "someone" was a woman. Damian further embellished his lie by saying that Grady had managed to hold off the media so far, but Damian had flown to Kentucky to "set the patrolman straight."

Jack answered his phone, and the caller was Lily, so Jack had to tell her that the "kidnapper" had shown up but had no proof that he had Holden. Jack was sorry, but the whole thing smelled like a hoax. He hung up when the EMTs arrived, along with a state trooper. Jack described Eb for the trooper, and they both expressed concern about the missing Grady.

After Lily spoke with Jack and got the bad news that it was unlikely that Holden was alive, she told Lucinda that she felt that Holden was trying to reach out to her and say that he wasn't dead. Lucinda advised her daughter to give herself time to accept her husband's loss before she "started anything new." Lily got angry that Lucinda was referring to Damian, and she announced that she would not have another conversation on that topic. Lucinda gave up and went to her offices at Worldwide.

Meg used the key that Damian had given her to gain access to his hotel room in the Lakeview. Hidden in a drawer beneath some shirts, Meg found the note that Holden had written for Maeve to give to his bank manager, along with another sample of Holden's handwriting. Meg continued to look for the writing analyst's report, but she could not find one. First she wondered if Damian could have already given it to Lily, but on second thought, she realized that Damian most likely had never had it analyzed at all. Meg wondered what Damian was hiding.

Meg took the papers to Lucinda's office, where she learned that the ransom call had been a scam. She showed Lucinda the papers from Damian's room and said that she was concerned that Damian had never followed through by having the writing analyzed. Lucinda reminded Meg that she, of all people, should know that Damian's first impulse was to lie. She also urged Meg to take the papers to Jack, but Meg was fearful that her cousin would arrest her. Lucinda, who was not afraid of anything, said she would deliver them herself.

Jack reported back to Damian and Luke, and he heard Luke thanking his father for saving his life. The boy went on to say that while he was not happy about Damian and his mother, Luke knew that Damian had Lily's "best interests at heart." Damian suddenly got woozy and passed out, so the EMTs rushed back to check him again. Damian stabilized, but he refused to go to a nearby clinic. He said he had to get home, and he offered Jack and Luke a ride back in his plane. As they were leaving, the trooper returned with the report that there had been no sign of Grady.

In the cabin in the woods, Holden worried that Eb had been gone for a very long time, and he was also concerned about the fate of Officer Grady. Maeve was frightened that Eb had gotten the money and had taken off, leaving her and Holden to die. Holden was sure that someone would drop by, but Maeve said that they never had guests. Holden asked why Maeve had allowed Eb to cut her off from the world, and her answer was that she had loved him. Holden said that she needed to get away from there, but Maeve was discouraged.

Holden told Maeve that he had grown up on a farm around horses, and he had met Lily when they were both teens and he was a stable boy and she was a princess. He said they had each betrayed the other along the way, but he and Lily had never stopped believing that they belonged together. Maeve said that she had met Eb when he was young and handsome, and full of hope that some day they could be rich. Then Eb had met Skaggs, and things went sour. After the bank job, Eb turned mean and violent. Maeve said she had almost believed in Holden's "pretty stories," but that life was not for her.

Holden heard the desperation in Maeve's voice, and he determined to get out of there right away. He slid off the cot and suggested that he tip over Maeve's chair, and then they could slip one of the handcuffs off the chair. She agreed, and they struggled to get the chair to tip. Finally it went over, but Maeve hit her head hard on the floor and passed out. She was out for a while, but she eventually awoke and began working on her leg ropes. Holden also got one of Maeve's arms freed and then was able to slide the other off the chair leg.

Maeve went to look for a tool to break Holden's leg chains, and she returned with an axe. Holden was able to free his legs, and he also was successful in removing Maeve's last cuff. They stood up, and Maeve gave Holden a big kiss, just as Eb walked in the cabin. Eb jumped Holden, who grabbed the axe, but Eb punched Holden in the face and knocked him back onto the cot. Eb brandished the axe over Holden, but Maeve held his arm and would not let him strike. She tried to pacify her husband, but he threw her on the cot with Holden. Eb made Maeve tie Holden's hands behind his back and then marched them both out of the cabin.

Back in Oakdale, a doctor admitted Damian to Memorial Hospital for overnight observation. The doctor said that after some physical therapy and rest, Damian would make a full recovery. Luke stood by his father and promised to return later after he ran some errands. Noah was out of town, so he had some chores to do.

Jack went immediately to Lily's when he returned to Oakdale and expressed his sincere regret that the kidnapping had been a hoax. He also brought up some anomalies in Damian's story about his conversation with Officer Grady, but he did not go into detail. He promised to follow up with Damian later. Jack explained how Eb had shot Damian, and Lily wanted to go to the hospital immediately. Jack said he would meet her there, after he had checked in at the police station. He repeated that he had more questions for Damian.

At the Oakdale Police Station, Jack was at his desk when Lucinda arrived. She handed over Holden's handwriting samples, and Jack at once asked where she had gotten them. Lucinda refused to name her source, but she generously shared her theory that Damian had tried to keep the truth from Lily so that she would think that Holden was dead. Jack thought a bit and then figured out a way to make the samples admissible in court, if that became necessary.

Lily visited Damian in the hospital and expressed her gratitude for his saving Luke. Damian spun his story for Lily, but she said that the two of them needed to be straight with each other about everything. Jack walked in and said he had a few questions for Damian. Lily was opposed, but Damian said it was fine with him. Jack asked if Damian had sent Holden's handwriting samples to his expert, and Damian assured him that he had. Then Damian volunteered that the samples were "not a match," and that was news to Lily. When Jack asked for the written report, Damian said that he had gotten the report over the phone, and the report had not yet arrived.

Damian also said that the expert still had the writing samples and would return them with the report. Lily got upset with the questioning, so she asked Jack to leave. She told Damian that she was horrified at how close she had been to losing him, too, and Damian kissed her hand.

Jack left the hospital and went to see Lucinda. He told her of Damian's lies, and then he received a phone call from a trooper in Kentucky. The cop said that they had found no trace of Officer Grady.

At the farm, Luke spoke with Meg. He was upset that she and Lily had shared bad feelings about Damian. Meg was bitter, and Luke asked her to please back off and let Damian comfort his mother. He explained how Damian had saved his life in Kentucky, but Meg said that Lily was not the only one whom Damian was playing for a fool. Luke resented that, and the two got into a full-blown argument. Meg said that Luke would eventually thank her as soon as he heard the truth she had learned that afternoon, but she refused to say more.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lily and Luke prepared to go to the hospital to visit Damian when Noah appeared at the door. He had just returned from the film festival in Minneapolis, and he had some bills that he thought Luke would need to pay. Lily suggested that Luke stay home and catch up with Noah while she went on to Memorial, and Luke agreed. Lily left, and Luke began to tell Noah about his trip to Kentucky and how Damian had received a bullet wound.

Noah tried to get the story straight, but he was hurt that his boyfriend had not shared any of that horror with him, either by phone or by text. He was angry that Luke was excluding him from important parts of his life, and he was further unhappy that his boyfriend had moved back home, even temporarily. Noah said that he included Luke in his life 100%, but Luke barely kept Noah informed about what he was doing. Noah said that sucked.

Noah finally said that he did not know where he fit in with Luke anymore, but Luke declared that Noah was the most important person in his life. Noah's impression was that Luke pushed him away whenever something happened. He cited some examples, and the boys argued. Noah was offended and told Luke to let him know when something happened that Luke wanted him there for, and he walked out.

At home, Tom chided Casey for ignoring him. Casey was still angry that people were fighting to get Adam off, but they were ignoring what his brother had done to Gwen. Casey said that Adam deserved to be punished for what he did, so Tom asked if Casey wanted his brother to go to jail. Casey's response was, "Why not?" Tom declared that Adam was different on the inside, as well as the outside, but Casey claimed that Adam had not changed.

Tom again asked Casey if he could think of any circumstances that might have made Adam snap and act so irresponsibly towards Gwen and Maddie. Casey answered no, but Tom felt that his son was holding something back. Tom said they had to try to help Adam; it was the only way the Hughes family could begin healing.

Alison went to the diner, where she met with Maddie Coleman. She thanked Maddie for returning to Oakdale, per Alison's request. Alison said that Maddie might be the only chance that Adam had to go free, but Maddie told her old friend that she was there for herself, not Adam. Alison called Maddie "brave," but Maddie denied it. Alison confessed that she knew what had happened in the woods when Maddie and Gwen had buried Adam alive, and Maddie was shocked. Alison said that she had heard Adam and Casey discussing the incident, and then Adam had verified it.

Maddie said that when she and Gwen had buried Adam in his grave, they sincerely thought that he was dead. She also remembered that after that tragedy, Adam was never the same. Alison said that Adam would not talk about anything that had happened then, but she felt that if people knew what he had been through, it would make a difference. She also revealed that Casey did not know that she had called Maddie, and Maddie decided that it was time for her to talk to Adam.

At the Oakdale Police Station, Margo told Adam that his father was working hard on his defense. She again mentioned that both she and Tom thought that something must have triggered the outburst from Adam at that cabin in the woods that set him on such a violent path. Adam only said that he was not himself then, and Margo replied that was exactly her point; there had to be a reason why Adam went after Gwen. Margo walked outside the interview room and was pleasantly surprised to see Maddie walk into the station, followed by Alison.

Margo gave Maddie a hug and asked why the girl was there. Maddie said that Alison had called her and explained what had happened. She asked to see Adam, so Margo went to tell her son that he had a visitor. Adam spied Maddie and told her that she should not have returned. Margo left the two of them alone, and Maddie was stunned at how different Adam looked. Her mind flashed back to that day in the woods, as Adam gave her a verbal description of the event. Maddie attempted to apologize, but Adam stopped her and said that he was the one who should ask forgiveness. Maddie heard him out, but then she said that she was partially responsible for what had happened.

Margo excitedly called Tom and asked him to get down to the station right away. She said she was afraid to say it, but she thought that they might have the first real break in Adam's case. Tom and Casey left home immediately.

Inside the interview room, Maddie said that she had been seeing a therapist for a long while, and she had helped Maddie sort through the events of that day in the woods. She said that she realized that when she saw Adam with Gwen at the cabin, Maddie assumed that he was attacking her friend in the way that her brother-in-law had attacked Maddie, so she hit Adam in the head with a plank. Maddie was sure that, because of her circumstances, she had thought "rape" when it was not the case.

Adam, however, admitted that weeks later, he had gone after Gwen, and no one knew what would have happened if Will Munson had not stopped him. Adam's only explanation was that he was not himself after he had been abandoned in the makeshift grave. Maddie took responsibility for that and sincerely felt that she and Gwen had "damaged" Adam. Maddie offered to testify in court on Adam's behalf.

Outside in the station, Margo asked Alison if Casey knew that Alison had called Maddie, and the girl said no. Tom and Casey arrived, and Margo explained that Adam had a new visitor. Casey spotted Maddie through the glass and shouted, "Oh, my God! Maddie!" He dashed into the room and jerked Maddie away from Adam, yelling "Stay the hell away from her!" to his brother. Maddie stopped Casey by telling him that she had requested to speak to his brother, and she wanted only one more minute with Adam alone. Tom persuaded Casey to go outside for that minute.

Adam admitted to Maddie that he had reneged on his pact to never return to Oakdale. He said that he missed his family too much to stick to the bargain he had made with Will. He also was worried that Maddie's testimony might put her in jeopardy of arrest, as well, but Maddie was not afraid. She asked Adam to seriously think about her offer to testify, and she left.

Alison decided to leave, and Margo thanked her for going out on a limb for their family. Then Margo went into the interview room and asked Adam what Maddie had said. Adam tried to avoid answering, but his mother guessed correctly that Maddie had been present at the cabin at the time of the attack. Tom told his son that he had to tell them what Maddie knew, but Adam claimed it was not his story to tell. He did say, however, that he wanted to change his plea to "not guilty."

Tom left to take care of the legalities, and he returned with the news that he had entered the new plea and had paid Adam's bail. Adam was free to go, with the restrictions that he was not to leave town and that he surrender Riley Morgan's passport to the police.

Adam requested to walk home to stretch his legs, and he thanked Tom for all his help. He burst out of the police station.

Lily entered Damian's hospital room and gave him the good news that his doctor was releasing him. Damian was relieved, and Lily helped him take off his robe and put on his shirt. Damian nuzzled Lily's neck and told her that he could not help himself when he was that close to her. Lily said that they needed to work on controlling their feelings, but she offered to drive him back to the Lakeview because he needed her.

In Damian's hotel room, Lily offered to help Damian further. She volunteered to turn down his bed, and then she wanted him to lie down and rest. Damian was disappointed that Lily meant alone, and then he noticed that one of his shirts was sticking out of a dresser drawer. He opened the drawer and discovered that Holden's handwriting samples had disappeared. Damian mentioned to Lily that someone had gone through his things, and some papers were missing. He thought for a minute and then shared that he thought he knew why Jack had asked so many questions about the writing samples.

Lily did not understand, because Damian had told them all previously that he had sent the samples to an expert at a lab for analysis. Damian continued his lie by saying that he had sent copies to the lab, but he had kept the originals in that drawer. Lily got upset that Damian had not returned the originals to her, and she could not understand how the papers could be gone. Lily began to cry, so Damian put his arms around her.

Lily and Damian sat on the couch, and Lily apologized for breaking down. She complimented Damian on his being so helpful and strong for her. Damian told Lily how beautiful she was, and they kissed until Lily broke it off and excused herself to go to the bathroom. Damian checked his bandage and found some bleeding, which he showed Lily when she returned, and, with great subtlety, he made her feel guilty for leaving him alone. Lily wished she could take Damian home with her, but as soon as she said that, she began talking herself out of it.

Lily said that Damian's staying at her house would be only temporary, and that Luke would understand and could explain it to Faith. Damian protested and reminded Lily that they still had to contend with Jack, but Lily said fiercely that her relationships were none of Jack's business. Damian finally said that there was only one way he could live under the same roof as Lily, and that was as her husband. Lily was overwhelmed and said that she was still in mourning. Damian understood, but Lily felt that she had to leave. She promised to check on Damian soon.

Noah worked his shift at Java, but the whole afternoon went badly. Mason walked in and noticed Noah's state of mind. Noah admitted that he and Luke had a really big argument about sharing the important things in each other's lives, and Noah could see no way to solve their problems while they were living apart. Mason predicted that when his shift was over, Noah would go home to his lonely apartment and obsess about it. Mason offered to provide a distraction, and he left, promising that he would be back soon.

Maddie and Casey went to Java, and Maddie stunned him by saying that she had been serious about wanting to see Adam. She said that she and Gwen were willing to speak for Adam in court, but Casey was very much against that. Maddie insisted that it was the right thing to do, but Casey was furious because he thought that his parents had put pressure on Maddie to testify. Alison walked up behind Casey and announced that she had called Maddie and asked her to speak with Adam. Casey was even more upset, and yelled that Alison was making thing worse, not better.

Casey was sure that his brother had enlisted Alison's help to lure Maddie back to Oakdale, but Alison told him that was wrong. Casey lit into Alison, and Adam walked up. Casey did his usual retreat, declaring that he was "gone." Maddie ran after Casey, as Adam told Alison that he hoped what she had done was worth it. Adam thanked her for contacting Maddie, but he also said that he was surprised that she had stuck her neck out for him. Alison said that Adam had gone to bat for her against Bob and his whole family, so it was only fair that she help him.

Maddie caught up with Casey at the diner, and she asked him not to be so angry with her. Casey said that his brother was not worth Maddie's going to jail, and he begged her not to testify if she had ever cared about Casey.

Lily returned home and found Luke stretched out on the couch, moping. He told his mother that he and Noah had fought about Luke's not focusing on their relationship enough, so Lily suggested that Luke not put his life on hold because of Holden's death. She told her son that he should be with Noah, and she promised to call or text him if she needed him. She urged Luke to "reclaim" his life.

Luke went to Java and asked if could move back in with Noah. Noah was very pleased, and Luke confessed that his bags were in his car already. The boys kissed, and Mason walked in with a stack of DVDs. Mason took one look at Noah and Luke and realized that things were back on track for them, so he made a hasty exit. He paused in the doorway, however, and watched them hug.

Damian called the state police in Kentucky and learned that there had been no sign of Officer Grady. Next he called Lily and apologized for being "too forward." Lily said that she did not mind, and Damian reminded her that he was still willing to wait for her, and when she was ready, he would be there.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Henry arrived at Metro, where Audrey was waiting for him, and he put down a bag that he'd been carrying. Henry explained that he had been out shopping, because Vienna had promised him a night he'd never forget if he agreed to give up the Stenbeck inheritance. Audrey told him that she thought Vienna would love the bullfrog, and Henry wondered how his mother knew what he'd bought.

Audrey showed Henry a check that had arrived in the mail, representing the first installment of his inheritance. Audrey told Henry to sign the check over to Ralph's "charity," called "Children of Adversity." Henry gaped at the amount of the check but did as he was told.

Barbara walked into Metro and told Henry not to become too comfortable with his newfound wealth, because she intended to contest James's will. Audrey told Barbara that would be a waste of time, because Henry didn't intend to keep the money, anyway. Audrey informed Barbara that Henry was going to give the money to charity, and Barbara asked Henry if that was his new nickname for his mommy. When Henry informed Barbara that the charity was called "Children of Adversity," Barbara said she wasn't stupid enough to believe Henry and Audrey's ploy. She informed them that she intended to check out the legitimacy of the charity, and she left.

Audrey told Henry that they had to do something to keep Barbara from investigating the bogus charity. Audrey suggested that Henry visit Barbara and use his charms to convince Barbara that it was a great idea for Henry to be keeping the money. Henry told his mother that he was good, but he wasn't that good. However, Audrey insisted that Henry try. She cheered him on as she pushed him out the door, telling him to keep his eye on the prize.

Henry went to Barbara's suite at the Lakeview, and she reluctantly let him in. Henry told Barbara that he hoped they could work out a mutually beneficial resolution regarding the inheritance. Barbara told Henry that he had one shot to make his argument, and he began by asking Barbara why she was so opposed to him giving the money to charity. Barbara said that she didn't believe it was a legitimate charity, and to make her point, she picked up the phone and told Henry that she was going to call her lawyer to have him investigate it.

Henry told Barbara that she didn't need to do that, and when she asked why not, he told her that although the charity was completely legitimate, that wasn't why he had gone to visit her. Barbara asked what his reason had been, and he told her that he wanted her to be on his side and to "let the money go" the same way that he had. Henry asked Barbara if she really wanted to saddle Paul with money that would only remind him of James, and he pointed out that Paul himself had claimed not to want the money.

Barbara told Henry that she wouldn't give up without a fight, but Henry told Barbara that she would never be able to have the will overturned. Barbara then suggested another alternative, splitting the money 50/50 between Henry and Paul. Barbara was sure she could convince Paul to use the money to set up a trust for Eliza. Barbara told Henry that it was her only offer before she had her lawyer began the process of contesting the will and investigating the charity.

Panicked, Henry agreed to Barbara's terms. He then suggested that they celebrate their agreement by having a drink together, and he took out a bottle of champagne from the bag he'd been carrying. Barbara didn't feel that a drink was necessary, but Henry thought it was good form, so she went to get a couple of glasses. When Henry popped the cork on the champagne, the cork flew across the room and broke a crystal vase on the mantelpiece. Barbara was horrified when she saw what had happened, and despite Henry's apologies, she threw him out of her suite. In his haste, Henry left behind his bag.

In Old Town, Ralph asked Teri why she was worried about taking him to see Janet. Teri said she was sure that Janet would be thrilled to see Ralph, but she wasn't sure Janet would want to see her again. Ralph asked Teri what was wrong between her and Janet, but Teri said it would be better if Ralph heard it from Janet.

Teri took Ralph to the Snyder farm, and when Janet saw Ralph, she exclaimed with happiness and hugged him, telling him how glad she was to see him again. Janet asked Ralph what he was doing there and whether he was sick. He assured her that he was fine, then he asked her what was going on between her and Teri.

Janet said she couldn't forget what Teri had done, and Teri replied that she realized that Janet didn't like the idea that Liberty wanted to have an abortion, but it was Liberty's choice. Janet said it wasn't a choice, and she turned to Ralph for backup. Ralph said he thought they were both missing the point, which was that they both loved Liberty and loved each other, and they should be looking for common ground. Ralph said that in their situation, the common ground was that they both wanted what was best for Liberty.

Ralph told Janet and Teri that he wanted to meet Liberty, and he also said he wanted them to make lunch for him, which he would then turn into a special occasion. Janet told Ralph that she would call Liberty and ask her to return home for lunch.

Parker ran into Liberty, who was sitting on a bench with some pamphlets in her lap. He asked her what she was reading, and Liberty told him that they were brochures from churches and hospitals about adoption. Liberty explained that Janet had asked her to read about all of the options before deciding what to do about the pregnancy.

Parker said he thought that Liberty had already decided what she wanted to do. Liberty told Parker that she had promised to look at the information about adoption. She then remembered that when she had married Parker, Janet had told her that she was too young to be somebody's wife. Liberty wondered why her mother couldn't see that being somebody's mother would be "a million times worse." Parker assured Liberty that everything would be okay, and reminded her that he would be there for her, no matter what.

Liberty's phone rang, and it was Janet, who told Liberty there was someone she wanted Liberty to meet at the farm. After making sure it wasn't another priest, Liberty agreed to return home. Liberty told Parker that something was up, and Parker asked if Liberty wanted him to accompany her to the farm. Liberty did, so the two went together to the Snyder farm.

When they arrived, Parker and Liberty were introduced to Ralph. Ralph asked Parker if he was the guy who'd gotten Liberty into trouble, and Liberty was horrified to hear that her mother had told someone Liberty hadn't even met about her pregnancy. Janet defended herself by saying that she'd had to, but Liberty said, "No, you did not." Janet told her daughter that "Uncle Ralph" would help them figure out the next step.

Ralph asked Liberty to sit at the table for a minute so they could talk. Liberty sat down, and Ralph explained that he'd been told about her situation. When Liberty said that she didn't want to be a mom, Ralph pointed out that adoption was a solution. Liberty responded that she'd already told her mother that she didn't think she could continue with the pregnancy and then give up the baby. Janet thought that with more time, Liberty might change her mind. Ralph told Liberty that he could check into the adoption possibility immediately, because he had a lawyer he could call to discuss it. Liberty agreed to let Ralph make the call.

Janet told Parker that it was time for him to leave. Parker asked Liberty to call him later, and then he left. Ralph then informed Liberty that his lawyer knew of a couple who wanted to adopt. Ralph said it was possible that the couple could even meet with Liberty in the lawyer's office later that day.

Craig went to Carly's house, where Rosanna was on the phone with a private investigator. Craig overheard Rosanna asking the person to perform a background check on Ralph Manzo. After Rosanna hung up, Craig asked her why she was doing that. Rosanna told Craig that because Ralph was supposed to become one of Carly's business partners, she thought she should check up on the man.

Craig told Rosanna that after he had spoken to Teri about her "Uncle Ralph" at length, he felt reassured about him. Rosanna couldn't believe that Craig suddenly had no problems dealing with Ralph, and she said that "when things are too good to be true and there are large amounts of money involved," it was best to be careful. Rosanna then reminded Craig that she herself had once lost all of her money, and she said she didn't want the same thing to happen to Carly. Rosanna complimented Craig on his suit and asked if it had been expensive.

Craig told Rosanna that he could see that she was making the issue more about them than about Ralph Manzo, but Rosanna claimed that Craig was mistaken. She did agree that he had a point when he pointed out that she apparently didn't trust him, and she reminded him that she had made the mistake of trusting the wrong person in the past.

Craig pointed out that Rosanna's lack of trust in him when she had suspected him of having an affair with Teri had led to Janet inadvertently learning that Liberty was trying to have an abortion. Rosanna couldn't believe that Craig had thrown that back at her, but Craig simply said that the truth could hurt. Rosanna told Craig to get out, and as he left, Craig told Rosanna that when her investigation of Ralph blew up in her face, she shouldn't cry to him, because he would just say, "I told you so."

Parker went home, where he told Rosanna that he'd met Ralph, and that Ralph liked to take charge of things. Parker told Rosanna that Ralph thought that Liberty should have the baby and give it up for adoption, even though that didn't seem to be what Liberty wanted. Rosanna apologized to Parker for her role in stopping Liberty from having an abortion, but Parker told her that Liberty didn't blame her.

Parker started to leave the room, but Rosanna stopped him and asked him if he thought she was being too hard on Craig. Parker admitted that Rosanna could be intense at times, but he said that he knew that Rosanna had her reasons. When Rosanna asked how Parker felt about Craig, Parker said that Craig had been cool with him and had offered support for Liberty. Rosanna asked how he felt about Craig and Carly's relationship, and he told her that although he'd been against it at first, he could see that Craig loved Carly and had tried to help Carly with her drinking problem. Parker told Rosanna that Craig wasn't perfect, but no one else was, either.

Craig went to Metro, hoping to be alone for a while, but Audrey was there. She asked him why he wanted to be alone, wondering whether he'd had an argument with his girlfriend. Craig asked who Audrey was talking about, and she said the blonde woman who had been with Craig previously. Craig said that was Rosanna, and he assured Audrey that Rosanna was not his girlfriend. Audrey offered to pour Craig a drink. When Craig declined, Audrey grabbed a bottle of vodka and poured a couple of drinks, anyway, telling Craig that he shouldn't let a lady drink alone. Craig went along with her, and the two drank a few shots together.

Craig explained that he had once been married to Rosanna, but was engaged to her sister, Carly, who was part owner of Metro. Audrey shook her head at the complexity of that relationship and told Craig that he was "grazing way too close in the same field." She then said that she couldn't picture Craig with Rosanna, anyway, because Rosanna seemed to be too tense. Craig said that was the least of Rosanna's problems, but he assured Audrey that he wasn't interested in Rosanna, because he was a "one-woman man, now."

Audrey asked what Craig meant by "now," and he told her it was cruel to tempt him when he was in a weakened state. Before Craig could answer, Rosanna appeared and said that Craig was in a state of drunkenness. She asked if that was how Craig had planned to spend the rest of his day, and she told him that if he was determined to make "an ass" of himself, he was doing a brilliant job of it.

Audrey invited Rosanna to join them for a drink and try to unwind a bit, but Rosanna declined curtly. Rosanna then stated that Craig was clearly too inebriated to drive home, and she said that she would drive him. Rosanna went out to her car to wait for Craig. Craig apologized to Audrey for the abrupt end to their socializing, and Audrey wished him luck.

Craig left, and later, Henry returned. When Henry told his mother about his arrangement with Barbara, she was unhappy. Henry told Audrey that he had a plan, which was to delay the paperwork on splitting the inheritance while at the same time having Ralph put 100% of the money into the charity immediately. Audrey understood that Henry meant the paperwork for the charity would be finalized before anyone could stop them from depositing the money into it. Henry said that it would all appear to have been a clerical error, which was something Barbara wouldn't be able to do anything about.

Henry then realized that his bag was missing. Audrey thought he'd taken it with him when he'd gone to talk to Barbara, so Henry rushed back to the Lakeview and knocked on Barbara's door once again. When Barbara answered, Henry told her that he thought he might have left something there, and Barbara replied that he had and said that he was apparently spending his inheritance on some interesting purchases. She handed Henry the bag, and he took it and left, but when he opened it up, it was empty. Looking back at Barbara's door, an astonished Henry said, "No way."

Ralph went to Metro, and Audrey gave him the check, which Henry had endorsed. Ralph told Audrey that it was always a pleasure to do business with her.

When Rosanna got Craig back to Carly's house, she laid into him about having gotten drunk with another woman while Carly was at rehab. Craig told Rosanna to lighten up, saying it had been a few drinks, not an affair. When Craig asked Rosanna when she'd last had fun, telling her it wouldn't hurt if she cracked a smile, Rosanna replied that Craig was being insulting and should leave. Craig told Rosanna that she made snap judgments about people and hung onto those judgments, even when she knew she was wrong, but Rosanna retorted that she'd had plenty of time to make her judgments about Craig. Craig asked why Rosanna couldn't try to put their past behind her so that they could move forward, and as Rosanna protested that it wasn't possible, Craig kissed her.

Liberty asked Janet whether she could walk to the pond, and Janet agreed. Instead of going to the pond, however, Liberty called Parker and asked him to meet her right away in Old Town. When Parker arrived, Liberty explained about Ralph's offer to check into an arranged adoption, and she asked Parker if he would accompany her to the meeting. Parker agreed, but wondered why Liberty was even going to the meeting, since she didn't want to have the baby at all. Liberty told Parker that Janet had promised to let her make her own decision about the baby ultimately, provided that Liberty examined all of the other options first. Parker asked if Liberty believed Janet, and Liberty replied, "When she makes a promise, she keeps it."


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