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Patty shot Victor three times. Colleen was declared brain dead. Victor survived heart surgery, but the doctors determined that Victor needed a heart transplant. Ashley told Victor that she was leaving him. Jack convinced Ashley to commit herself to a mental hospital.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 21, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Near Lake Elizabeth at Camp Cheveyo, Paul and J.T. overheard three rounds of gunfire. Paul quickly ended his call to Traci and Billy, but not before they, along with Traci, Steve, and Billy heard those echoes of gunfire through the speakerphone. After Billy yelled that they had indeed heard gunshots, Traci cried, "Oh, my God." Back at the Abbott estate, Traci panicked after Billy's calls to Jack and J.T. were unanswered. Traci headed out to search for Colleen, but Chance arrived and broke the devastating news about the near drowning to Colleen's family.

Near the spot, where Jack placed Colleen's lifeless body on the banks of Lake Elizabeth, Patty aimed her pistol at Jack. Patty threatened to shoot Jack for ruining her innocence and her childhood, and for taking away her hope of having children. Victor distracted Patty by offering to summon a helicopter to whisk her away to anywhere she wanted to go. Victor told Patty that Jack wasn't worth killing because she'd spend the rest of her life in jail for murder. Patty took aim at Victor and shouted, "Stop it, Victor. You brought me to Genoa City, and you have been giving me orders, but I'm not going to take them anymore!" Victor agreed that he had no right to interfere.

Victor promised to set Patty's life back to where it was before he intervened. Patty again turned her attention to Jack, and she demanded to know why Jack didn't love her after she morphed herself into a worldly, desirable woman. Patty added that her life before meant nothing. Victor charged at Patty, demanding, "Give me the damn gun!" Patty fired three rounds as she vocalized a guttural groan of rage. Patty panicked, dropped the gun, and ran away. Victor moaned and collapsed to the ground. Victor lay motionless. Jack hovered over Victor and loudly shouted Victor's name until Victor grunted weakly.

Jack retrieved Victor's cell phone, and handed Victor a handkerchief to stop the bleeding from the gunshot wounds to his abdomen and chest. Victor gasped, "You help Colleen." Jack phoned for an ambulance and reported that he had a female drowning victim and a male who had suffered three gunshot wounds. Jack pleaded with the dispatcher to act quickly. Jack comforted his comatose niece and said, "It's going to be all right, baby."

Paul and J.T. arrived. Paul asked how long Colleen had been in the water. Jack sorrowfully responded that he didn't know, but that Colleen was barely breathing. Jack urged Paul to attend to Victor. Paul guessed that Patty had shot Victor. Jack confirmed Paul's conclusion, and J.T. sent Paul to search for Patty. Jack added that Patty was limping, so Paul could easily catch her. Jack and J.T. pleaded with Colleen to hang on as sirens wailed in the distance. J.T. urged Victor to hang on because help was on the way. J.T. and Jack accompanied Victor and Colleen to the hospital.

Paul discovered Patty and her cat at the Abbott cabin. Patty was crying in pain. Paul approached Patty and told her that he was glad she was alive. Patty showed Paul the inflamed wound on her leg and explained that a poisonous spider had bitten her. Paul encouraged Patty to see a doctor, but Patty insisted that she wanted to die. Patty tried to stop Paul's effort to administer medication. Paul tenderly promised that he would take care of Patty, as he coaxed her to go with him. Patty sobbed and admitted that she had hurt many people.

Paul promised Patty that authorities would treat her kindly, and he gently explained that she couldn't keep running because she needed help. Paul phoned Chance and told him that Patty would surrender. Paul took Patty, still clutching her cat, to the police station. Before Chance escorted Patty away to a secured psychiatric facility, Paul took possession of Patty's cat. As Patty sobbed, Paul fervently assured his sister that doctors would make her feel like herself again. Paul promised to visit his sister as soon as he could. After officers led Patty away, Paul held fast to the cat and sobbed.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria told Nick that, according to early reports, J.T. had not found Colleen. Nick recalled having spoken to Phyllis in Europe in the wee hours of the morning, and he reported that Summer was making progress with her treatments. Nick explained that he had discussed Victor's underhandedness with Phyllis. Victoria said that she was in shock after learning that her dad arranged for Patty's arrival in Genoa City.

Nick reminded Victoria that their dad hadn't admitted guilt. Victoria assured her brother that their dad would never purposely expose his family to danger. Nick admitted the chilling truth that their father used a disturbed person to become a ticking time bomb. Victoria acknowledged that their father's ruthless actions made him difficult to love. Victoria said that she dreaded facing her father at the office, and wished that she could ask for Nikki's take on Victor's involvement with Patty. J.T. phoned and summoned Victoria and Nick to the hospital.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, a panicked Victoria and Nick learned from Chance that both victims, who were still alive, were on their way to the hospital. Traci was there, and Victoria offered comfort to Traci, as did Jack. Victoria greeted J.T. with a hug. Billy asked Chance if the police had captured Patty. Chance said that Patty had escaped. Chance added that the police were searching for her. After Victor and Colleen were wheeled into the emergency room, a doctor and a paramedic quickly assessed each patient. A doctor yelled that Victor's blood pressure couldn't be detected. The physician urgently ordered four units of blood for Victor and asked that his patient be prepped for surgery.

Billy escorted Traci to Colleen's side. Traci cried, "Your mom is here." Abby, shaken, asked if Colleen would be okay. As a doctor examined Colleen, she said that Colleen was cyanotic, and that her pupils were fixed and dilated. Colleen's doctor ordered test to determine Colleen's blood gases and her core temperature. Steve became emotional as Traci sobbed pitifully. Jack cried, and Billy comforted his brother. Jack stuttered as he grieved for his niece's critical condition. Jack expressed his gut-wrenching regret that he couldn't have done more for his beloved niece.

Nick praised Jack for pulling Colleen out of the lake. After Billy inquired, Chance responded that Colleen had fallen into Lake Elizabeth. Abby noted that her dad had drowned there. Still stunned, Jack recalled that he saw Patty fire three bullets into Victor's chest, the same number she had pumped into him years before. Jack added that the monster Victor created had turned on him. Jack added that when Victor was lying on the ground bleeding, he requested that Jack help Colleen.

Jack attempted to piece together what had transpired at the lake before he arrived, and theorized that Colleen had attempted to get help for Patty. Jack explained, "I followed the path I thought Colleen would take. I kept finding little pieces of purple cloth and fabric, maybe from her scarf. They were all leading to the lake, so I looked across the lake, and that's when I saw the canoe turned over in the water." Sobbing, Jack added that he rowed out in another boat and took Colleen back to shore, and then he gave her CPR. Billy blamed himself for sending Colleen to the cabin. In the hospital chapel, Traci and Abby offered worshipful prayers for their daughter and sister.

As Traci and Steve hovered over Colleen, Dr. Snyder appeared and announced that one test showed positive results. The doctor added that she had ordered a test called a cerebral blood-flow study for Colleen. Traci insisted that Colleen would pull through and recover. Colleen's doctor later reappeared with grim news. The doctor said, "We just don't know how long Colleen's brain was deprived of oxygen. But in my experience in cases like this, patients tend to suffer irreversible damage. I think that you and your family should prepare for the worst."

Victor's doctor told the Newman family that they could visit briefly, two at a time. As Victoria and Nick stood at the bedside of their gravely injured father, Victoria regretted having stated that she dreaded the thought of her father going to the office, and she worried that she and Nick had been too harsh with their father. Nick reminded his sister that their dad had reverted to his old ways, just as they had resumed their habit of butting heads with him. Nick comforted Victoria and insisted that they wouldn't trade their family for anything.

When Victor's children approached, he said faintly, "I love you all, my children." Victor told Victoria and Nick that he had lied to Nikki when she went to the ranch and admitted that she still loved him. Victor explained that soon afterward, he went to tell Nikki that he loved her, but she was gone. Becoming increasingly weaker, Victor pleaded with Victoria to tell Nikki that he felt the same about her. Victoria responded, "You will tell her when you see her." Victoria whispered to Nick that they had to find their mother. In the waiting area, Abby and Victoria agreed that someone should call Ashley and Adam. Billy agreed.

At the Newman ranch, Adam crept into Ashley's room and asked her what was going on. As Ashley madly threw her belongings into suitcases, she feverishly announced that she was moving out. Adam acted stunned and begged Ashley to reconsider. Ashley, agitated, cried that she was devastated to learn that her husband had used a vulnerable, mentally deranged woman to attack Jack. Adam repeatedly attempted to quell Ashley's rage. Ashley was inconsolable and explained that she was livid that Victor had withheld the truth even after his evil plan backfired.

Adam asked Ashley if she planned to throw away her marriage based on Jack and Paul's hearsay. Shocked, Ashley responded, "Wait a second. I didn't say anything about Paul." Adam played it cool and explained that Paul had confronted Victor at the ranch after Patty escaped from the church. Adam stuttered as he quickly attempted to placate Ashley by insisting that there wasn't a shred of evidence that linked Victor to "Mary Jane." Panicked, Adam asked Ashley if she intended to walk out on Victor with his baby on the way.

Ashley stood firm on her decision to flee, and she insisted that Adam leave, so she could finish packing. Adam left, but he stood in the hallway and phoned Dr. Taylor. Adam demanded that the doctor go to the ranch right away. After Dr. Taylor arrived, Adam pleaded with him to convince Ashley to stay at the ranch. Dr. Taylor suggested that perhaps it was time to end the charade, because the truth would unfold eventually. Adam reminded Dr. Taylor that he could destroy the doctor's career. Dr Taylor said, "Face it, my friend. This is going to blow up. It's just a matter of when."

Ashley composed a letter to Victor. Ashley wrote, "When I married you this time, I truly believed things would be different, but the only thing that matters to you is beating down my brother." Ashley explained that she knew about Victor's involvement with Patty Williams, and that the deranged woman had wreaked havoc on his family and had severely injured his beloved granddaughter. Ashley questioned Victor's reckless disregard for anyone who stood in the way of his vindictive games. Ashley berated Victor for his willingness to risk her health and sanity. Ashley insisted that she had to get away to a quiet place to have their baby in peace. Ashley expressed her love to Victor, but she admitted that she no longer had faith in him.

Dr. Taylor surprised Ashley with his impromptu visit. Dr. Taylor explained that Adam had summoned him. Dr. Taylor added that he was concerned because Ashley was enduring stress. Ashley insisted that she and the baby were fine. Dr. Taylor offered to check Ashley's blood pressure, and he suggested she take a sleeping pill to make her rest. Ashley thanked Dr. Taylor for his concern, but she insisted that she was leaving.

Adam again begged Ashley to stay. Ashley suggested that Adam use his newfound freedom to make friends elsewhere. After Ashley freed herself from Adam's grip, she headed out the door. Billy arrived and surprised Ashley. Billy explained that Colleen had nearly drowned, and that Victor had been shot and was in critical condition. Ashley abandoned her luggage and hugged her brother tightly. As Billy consoled Ashley, she cried, "Oh, no!"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gloria called Jeffrey on a pay phone and read to him about Victor and Colleen. When her time ran out, she almost started to cry. Kevin asked Gloria what was wrong. Gloria told Kevin she was broke. She admitted to taking showers in public restrooms and working as a janitor at a nail salon.

Gloria asked Kevin for help. She hoped that he would let her share in the profits of his Silver Chipmunk line. Kevin said the business belonged to him and Jana. He hoped that there was something he could do to help her.

Jana asked Amber if she had heard from Daniel. Deacon overheard their conversation and said that he was glad he didn't cancel their honeymoon. Amber showed Deacon her engagement ring and said that her love for Daniel was real. Deacon said that she would one day regret not marrying him. Amber said that if Deacon was part of the package, it would never be worth it. Amber was shocked when Daniel showed up. He told her that he couldn't get in the safety deposit box. Kevin realized that the only person authorized to open the safety deposit box was Gloria. Kevin didn't trust telling Gloria that she had the key to millions of dollars.

Deacon visited Gloria and told her that he might be able to help her. He gave her his card and told her to call him.

Billy told Ashley and Adam that Victor was in critical condition. Ashley said she needed to go to the hospital. Ashley begged Adam to go with her.

Billy admitted to Mac that he almost hoped that Victor wouldn't make it. But he regretted thinking that, because of the people who loved Victor.

Paul asked Victoria if there was anything he could do for her. Victoria said that she hadn't heard from her mother in weeks. She hoped that Paul could find Nikki for her. Paul said he would see what he could do. Nick wondered if Victor would be okay with Paul looking for Nikki. Victoria said that Victor wouldn't mind. Victor needed Nikki.

Abby asked if Colleen would be okay. Traci said that she was going to stay positive. She said that the monitor had shown a little brain activity, but the oxygen could have been affecting that. Traci asked everyone to say a prayer for her daughter. Paul stood back and Traci asked him to join them. Traci asked Paul how Patty was. Paul said that Patty had been bitted by a poisonous spider and that Colleen had been going for help.

The doctor told Nick and Victoria that the surgery was almost over. When Ashley and Adam arrived, they asked about Victor and Colleen. J.T. told Ashley that the monitor was showing a little brain activity. Ashley saw Traci and hugged her.

Adam arrived with some things for Victor to make him feel comfortable. Nick wondered if Adam was hoping that Victor would have a relapse. Nick didn't think that Adam deserved to be there. Adam asked if he could relieve Nick . When Adam was alone with Victor, he said that he needed his father to live so Victor could see what a bad son Adam had turned out to be. Adam started crying.

Ashley overheard that Paul was searching for Nikki. Ashley ran to ask Paul about it. When Paul asked if she knew anything, Ashley thought about hitting Nikki with her car. Ashley said she didn't know anything about it. Ashley ran to tell Adam that she was afraid that if people found out that she hit Nikki, she would have her baby behind bars.

Ashley spoke to Jack about Victor's relationship with Mary Jane. She was surprised to hear that Jack also believed that Mary Jane appeared in Genoa City because of Victor.

Colleen was wheeled back into her room after her surgery. Traci and Billy asked the doctor if she was okay. The doctor said that he couldn't give them any information. Victoria told Colleen that everyone was pulling for her.

J.T. went to the church to pray for Colleen and saw Mac. He told Mac that he and Victoria had been having problems because of Colleen. He said that none of it even seemed to matter anymore. J.T. said he wished he could have been there for Colleen when she needed him the most.

The doctor told Traci and her family that the tests had confirmed that Colleen was brain-dead. Traci said that the tests were wrong. The doctor said that they had taken multiple tests to make sure. Traci refused to believe it was true. Jack walked out of Colleen's room to tell the rest of the family. Just as Jack told everyone that Colleen was brain-dead, the doctor told them that Victor was going to be okay. Jack was furious.

Victoria told J.T. that she was sorry. J.T. ran off to the church and Victoria followed him. J.T. said he didn't want to think that he would never talk to Colleen again. Victoria opened up her arms and held J.T.

Ashley went to Victor's hospital room and talked to him. Victor said Nikki's name.

Paul received a call from someone who had seen Nikki the night of the storm. Meanwhile, Nikki was dressed in a bathrobe at a resort being waited on hand and foot.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On the patio of the Chancellor mansion, Katherine and Murphy hosted a barbecue for the extended Chancellor family. Katherine said how blessed they were to have Mac and Chance safely back from war zones, and to have Phillip back in their lives. Chloe told the group that she didn't have an update on Colleen and Victor's conditions, but that Mac was at the hospital, so Chloe expected to hear something from Billy soon.

Seeing Chance hanging out with Chloe, Nina tried to send Phillip over to interrupt their conversation. Phillip saw through Nina's ruse and told Nina to leave Chance and Chloe alone. Nina shot Chloe an evil glance. Chloe mentioned the glance to Chance. Chance told Chloe not to worry about it -- Nina was just being overprotective.

Esther told Katherine how beautiful Katherine's little speech was. Jill walked by and made a disparaging remark about Esther's new powder blue uniform. Esther stormed off, and Jill walked away. Katherine joked to Murphy that perhaps they weren't exactly the Walton family.

Esther chided Chloe for allowing Chance to fall in love with Delia -- as well as with Chloe. Esther asked her daughter to try to forget about Billy and to see if Chloe could develop an honest relationship with Chance. Chloe said that Chance would eventually find a great girl -- a girl who went to church on Sundays and who wore sensible shoes. Chloe insisted that she belonged with Billy.

As they cooked, Phillip asked Murphy how he had dealt with the adjustment from living in a trailer to living in a mansion. Murphy said that he felt at home in the Chancellor mansion, as everyone had welcomed him with open arms. Phillip said that even though he had been raised as a Chancellor, he still felt like an outsider. Murphy reminded Phillip that Katherine, Jill, and Nina had been extremely forgiving towards Phillip, considering the stunt that Phillip had pulled.

Katherine told Jill that she had invited Cane to the barbecue, but that he had chosen to stay home with Lily. Jill told Katherine how Katherine's words had touched Phillip. Soon, Katherine and Jill were arguing about the 100 thousand dollars in property taxes that Jill owed Katherine.

Phillip joined Chance and mentioned how cute Delia was. Chance said that Delia had the same spark as her mother. Chloe called Chance away. Nina approached Phillip and told him that what Chloe lacked in subtlety, she made up in brazenness. Phillip told Nina that Chance's flirting with Chloe was harmless. Nina said that Chloe was presenting a ready-made family to Chance, a boy who had never had one. Phillip reminded Nina that Chance was not a boy.

Katherine interrupted Nina and Phillip, asking Nina about the progress on Nina's screenplay of Katherine's memoirs. Nina said that she wanted to focus on the primary conflict in Katherine's life -- Katherine's ongoing battle with Jill. An angry Jill walked over, and said that Nina would probably portray Jill as a monster. Nina said that she would present a balanced portrayal of Jill and Katherine, but Jill didn't believe her. Jill wrote out a check, tore it out of her checkbook, and handed it to Katherine, saying, "Here's your stupid check." After Jill walked off, Murphy noticed that Jill hadn't signed the check.

Nina joined Chance and Chloe, and asked Chance if he had read the book that Nina had loaned him -- a book about the limits of U.S. diplomacy in Kashmir. When Chloe feigned interest, Nina said that the book was about "Kashmir" as in the country -- and not "cashmere" as in the sweater. Chance took Nina aside and asked her what she thought she was doing. Nina said that she was just making conversation. Chance told his mother to "butt out" of his relationship with Chloe.

Phillip joined Chance and Nina, and he told Nina that she should support their son, who had good judgment. Phillip said that the worst thing that could happen was that Chance would get his heart broken and realize that Nina was right. Nina said that the worst thing that could happen was that Chloe would end up becoming Nina and Phillip's daughter-in-law. Chance said that Nina was getting way ahead of the situation. After Chance walked away, Nina said that it was a little late for Phillip to be playing "Father Knows Best." Phillip again asked Nina to ease up on Chance and Chloe.

Chance apologized to Chloe for Nina's behavior, and presented Chloe and Delia with Genoa City Police Department tee-shirts. Chance said that usually the shirts went to the families of police officers, but a friend had given him some. Chloe teasingly asked Chance if he was going to give her his gun.

Esther noticed the Genoa City Police Department shirts. Esther wondered if Chloe still thought that Chance wasn't into Chloe. Chloe said that she had Chance wrapped around her finger.

Chance thanked Phillip for Phillip's support. Nina joined them and asked Phillip if he was going to be returning to Australia. Phillip asked Chance what Chance thought Phillip should do. Chance said that Phillip should stay in Genoa City. Phillip said that he would.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Gloria was on the pay phone, telling the owner of the beauty salon that she needed the janitor job. After Gloria hung up, Deacon joined her and told her how beautiful she looked. Gloria told Deacon that she didn't trust him. Deacon said that by the following day, Deacon was going to be one of Gloria's favorite people. When Gloria asked why, Deacon said that he planned to make her a very wealthy woman.

Deacon told Gloria all about Tom and the Terroni painting. Gloria said that Tom probably never had the painting, or that he had sold it. Deacon said that the painting had never been up for sale, and that he knew where it was -- in Tom's safe-deposit box in Detroit. Gloria said that she didn't have a key for any safe-deposit box. Deacon said that Gloria didn't need a key -- all she needed to do was to prove that she was Tom Fisher's widow. Gloria was stunned when she learned that the painting was worth 50 million dollars.

Gloria opined that she should get the painting and sell it herself, but Deacon reminded her that she didn't have the contacts in the art world that he did. He said that he had a buyer lined up who would pay five million for the painting, as all they could expect on the black market was ten percent of the painting's value. Deacon suggested that he and Gloria split the proceeds evenly, with each of them netting two-and-a-half million dollars. Deacon said that Gloria deserved that after the horrible way Tom had treated her.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren and Michael were having dinner. Lauren told Michael all about her trip to Toronto with Fen. Michael told Lauren that he hadn't become involved in any of his family's legal situations while she was away. Discussing what had happened to Victor and Colleen, the Baldwins decided that nothing in life could be taken for granted. Jeffrey stopped by their table and asked them if they knew where Gloria was. Michael said that he thought that Gloria was avoiding them because of all of her unpaid bills. Michael opened a suitcase that contained a handful of envelopes, and asked Jeffrey to tell them what was going on.

Jeffrey lied and said that there probably was a mix-up with the mail due to the Bardwells' change of address. Michael said that Jill had told him that the Bardwells were broke. Jeffrey tried to cover by saying that Jill was always trying to stir up trouble. When Jeffrey removed his hat, the Baldwins immediately noticed the blue stain on his forehead from the exploding dye-pack. Lauren said that those dye-packs exploded when one robbed a bank. When Michael and Lauren threatened to call the police, Jeffrey admitted that he and Gloria were broke.

Inside Crimson Lights, Daniel, Amber, and Jana pieced together their plan to have Amber disguise herself as Gloria in order to get into Tom's safe-deposit box. They had a copy of Gloria and Tom's wedding certificate and Tom's death certificate -- all they needed was Gloria's photo identification. Kevin entered with Gloria's old passport, which listed her last name as "Fisher." Kevin had also bought Amber a long-brimmed, dark floppy hat to use as part of her disguise.

Jana tried to help Amber, who was having difficulty trying to learn to forge Gloria's signature. At the counter, Daniel finished booking four tickets to Detroit. Kevin forgave Daniel for stealing the safe-deposit box key, since Kevin realized that Daniel had to stop Deacon and Amber's marriage. Kevin told Daniel that he thought that Kevin's brother, Ryder, was a liar, but Kevin said that he would deal with Ryder after they had recovered the painting.

Daniel walked over to Jana and Amber and, to everyone's amazement, was easily able to duplicate Gloria's signature. Daniel insisted, however, that he wouldn't wear the floppy hat and pretend that he was Gloria.

As Daniel, Amber, Jana, and Kevin were on their way out, Michael and Lauren showed up. Jana lied and said they were going to Detroit because Daniel had an art show there. Michael told Kevin that he wanted to speak with him about Gloria going broke. Kevin said that he was shocked when he had heard that, but that he had to run. As the foursome left, Michael told Lauren that he didn't like what was going on. Gloria walked in from the patio and announced, "Yes, I'm broke. No big deal."

As Jill listened from across the room, Gloria cavalierly explained to the Baldwins that she and Jeffrey had lost all of their money when the bank in the Cayman Islands collapsed. When Michael asked his mother about the blue dye stains on her head, Gloria said that they were there because of a scheme of Jeffrey's that had backfired. Michael told Gloria that he would rather loan her money than bail her out. Gloria said that she was fine, and that she had a meeting to go to.

Gloria walked back to the patio and told Deacon to consider her in. Jill joined Gloria on the patio and, in front of Deacon, asked her if she wanted to carpool to the beauty salon. Gloria told Jill to go to the salon on her own. After Jill left, Katherine showed up and asked Gloria if she knew where Jill was. Gloria said that she did know, and gave Katherine one of the salon's business cards. Katherine stared at Deacon and walked out.

Jeffrey showed up on the patio, and Gloria asked him to get her a latte before her shift at the salon. When Jeffrey walked into the coffeehouse, Deacon gave Gloria all the details about the bank where the safe-deposit box was, as well as her travel itinerary. Gloria saw that the bank's name was Erie Federal, and she said that she had never heard of it. Deacon said that she would. Deacon and Gloria left the patio, as Jeffrey returned with Gloria's latte and stared after them.

Inside Crimson Lights, the Baldwins were determined not to take on Michael's family's problems. Jeffrey interrupted them and asked why Gloria was going to the Erie Federal Bank in Detroit with a fellow who Jeffrey had never seen before. Michael said that he didn't know what was going on. After Jeffrey left, the Baldwins remembered that Kevin, Jana, Daniel, and Amber were going to Detroit. Michael and Lauren half-heartedly said that whatever was going on was not their problem. They then looked at each other and realized that they had to go to Detroit to find out what was going on. They rushed out of Crimson Lights.

At the beauty salon, Jill gave her boss a manicure. The boss admired Jill's work, and told her that she had a real gift. Jill rolled her eyes when her boss walked away. Jeffrey stopped by the salon to look for Gloria. Both Jeffrey and Jill were stunned to hear from the boss that Gloria had called and quit. Jill told Jeffrey that she still wanted a cut of the money from whatever scheme the Bardwells were involved in. Jeffrey said that Jill would have to wait in line, behind him.

Before leaving, Jeffrey told Jill that she had a customer. Jill turned around to see Katherine -- who wanted a manicure, and Jill's signature on the check.

At the Erie Federal Bank in Detroit, Jana and Daniel watched as Kevin, and the heavily-disguised, sobbing Amber walked up to the receptionist. Kevin said that they were there to open the safe-deposit box of his dead father. Amber really hammed up the "grieving widow" act. The receptionist said that she would have to get the bank manager, and gave Kevin some forms to fill out.

The manager arrived at the desk, expressed his condolences, and asked Amber to remove her sunglasses. The manager commented that "Mrs. Fisher" looked much younger than her passport photo. Amber said that she had a lot of "work" done. The manager asked Amber to sign some papers. Kevin said that "Mrs. Fisher" had recently sprained her wrist, but would do the best she could. The manager compared the signature on the papers against the signature on Gloria's passport, and said that they didn't match. The manager suggested that they return when "Mrs. Fisher's" wrist healed.

Kevin distracted the bank manager, and Jana distracted the receptionist, giving Daniel the opportunity to quickly sign Gloria's name to the papers. When the manager returned, Amber said that she had tried signing again. The manager said that the signatures matched.

Amber asked the manager if Kevin could accompany her to the safe-deposit box. The manager said that Kevin could. As Amber, Kevin, and the manager walked away, in walked Gloria, announcing to the receptionist, "Hello, my name is Gloria Fisher." The receptionist, Daniel, and Jana were stunned.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Confusion reigned at the Erie Federal Bank in Detroit when Gloria entered, claiming that she was Tom Fisher's widow, and asking for access to his safe-deposit box. Amber, disguised as Gloria, and Kevin, were back in the vault with the bank manager. Daniel and Jana looked on as the receptionist told Gloria that "Mrs. Fisher" was already in the vault, opening Tom Fisher's safe-deposit box. Gloria insisted that the person in the vault claiming to be her was an imposter.

The addled receptionist went to see the manager. She whispered in the manager's ear. The manager told Kevin and Amber that there was a problem, and that they needed to go with him.

In the bank's lobby, Gloria was shocked to see Daniel and Jana. The manager, Amber, and Kevin emerged from the vault and the manager asked, "Will the real Gloria Fisher please stand up?" Kevin and Amber made up a story about Gloria being their confused grandmother, who had wandered into the bank. Gloria insisted that she wasn't confused. The manager said that he didn't know what the five of them were trying to pull, but he threatened to call the police. In unison, Daniel, Amber, Kevin, Jana, and Gloria said, "No."

Gloria told Daniel that whatever was in the safe-deposit box belonged to her. Daniel wondered why Gloria was suddenly interested in the box. He correctly guessed that Deacon Sharpe had told Gloria that there was something in the box that was worth millions. Jana told Gloria that Deacon was not trustworthy. Daniel told Gloria to play along with them, and she would get a lot of money when the Terroni was recovered from the box.

Gloria told the bank manager that she was confused and that Kevin and Amber were her grandchildren. Amber suddenly said that they had taken up enough of the manager's time and insisted that they all leave. Before they left the bank, Amber showed Daniel that she had hidden the rolled-up Terroni painting in her boot.

At Crimson Lights, Gloria wondered what they were doing in Genoa City when the painting was in Detroit. Amber placed the rolled-up painting on the table, and revealed that she had smuggled the Terroni out. Gloria wanted to sell the painting. Daniel wanted to give it to Deacon to get Deacon off of Amber's back. Jana said that they should give the painting back to the museum and collect the 25 thousand dollar reward. Gloria said that 25 thousand dollars split five ways would net her a mere five thousand dollars which wasn't enough to keep her in Armani. Everyone in the group put their hand on the rolled-up painting.

At the seedy beauty salon, Jill told Katherine that it was just like the old days. Jill refused to tell Katherine how Jill had lost her life savings. Katherine decided to get a manicure in order to have some time to speak with Jill.

As Jill did Katherine's nails, she told Katherine that when the U.S. economy began to tank, Jill placed all of her money in a bank in the Cayman Islands. When the Cayman Islands bank failed, Jill lost everything. Jill continued that she tried to get work from both Jack and Victor, but neither of them would hire her. Katherine asked Jill why she didn't try to find work in a larger city. Jill explained that she didn't want to leave Genoa City, since Chance had returned from Iraq, and Phillip had returned from the dead.

Katherine wondered why Jill went back to working as a manicurist, and guessed that Jill was looking for a friend, adversary, or mother to replace Katherine. Katherine asked Jill if she missed Katherine that much. With the question unanswered, Katherine took Jill's hand and said, "I missed you, too."

When Jill finished the manicure, she wondered if Katherine would blab about Jill's menial job to everyone in Genoa City. Katherine told Jill that they had just shared a tender moment, and that their relationship didn't have to fall apart. Katherine tried to pay Jill, but Jill told her to pay up front. Before she left, Katherine gave Jill a tip, and told her to apply the tip to the 100 thousand dollars that she owed Katherine. After Katherine was gone, Jill looked at the tip. It was a check for 100 thousand dollars.

From the hallway of a resort hotel, Paul called Nick, who was at Genoa City Memorial. Nick asked Paul if he had found Nikki. Paul said that he was still checking out some resorts in the Rocky Mountains, and that he would keep Nick posted. After he hung up the phone, Paul knocked on a door. Nikki answered, and was stunned to see Paul. The expression on Paul's face told Nikki that something was terribly wrong.

Paul told Nikki that Victor had been shot by Patty Williams. He continued with the entire story of how Victor had recreated Patty as Mary Jane Benson, and then convinced Patty to return to Genoa City so that Victor and Patty could both get their revenge on Jack. Nikki felt guilty for having left Genoa City for so many weeks, and causing the people she loved so much pain. Nikki also felt terrible about the situation with Colleen.

Paul said that Nikki's friends and family had asked him to find her, as they had been worried that they hadn't heard from her. Nikki was surprised to learn that, saying that she had sent several letters to the Newman ranch, in order to let everyone know that she was in the resort in Colorado. Nikki and Paul wondered what had happened to the letters.

Nikki told Paul that what Victor did was irresponsible and vindictive, but that Victor hadn't planned for all the terrible things that Patty had done to happen. Paul became livid and said that Victor's plan had almost caused Summer's death, and had probably caused Colleen's death. Paul was angry that Nikki was defending Victor. Nikki countered that she, more than anyone, knew how cruel Victor could be. She explained that she thought that Patty was just as responsible for the tragic events as Victor was. Paul said that he realized that.

Paul continued to rip into Nikki, telling her that she defended Victor, no matter what Victor did. Nikki apologized for upsetting Paul. Paul told Nikki that the next time Victor hurt Nikki, she shouldn't run to Paul for solace. Paul then calmed down and apologized for that remark. Nikki understood that Paul was confused and angry, and wondered why he had agreed to look for her, since Nikki had called off their wedding.

Paul said that he knew that Nikki loved Victor and would want to be with Victor, who was still in critical condition. Paul suggested that they catch the next flight to Genoa City. He was stunned when Nikki said that she didn't want to go back. She said that, considering Victor's last words to her, and in light of Ashley's impending due date, it was best for her to stay away from Genoa City.

In Colleen's room at the hospital, a tearful Ashley told Traci how sorry she was about what Victor had done. Ashley became extremely upset and ran out of the room. After Ashley left, Colleen squeezed Traci's hand. Traci became excited and thought that Colleen was waking up. She shouted for Steve to get the doctor her little girl was coming back.

The doctor arrived and told Traci that Colleen had an involuntarily muscle spasm, which was not an indication that the girl was waking up. Traci began crying and said that, as Colleen's mother, she would know when Colleen was gone. Traci insisted that Colleen was "still in there," and begged Colleen to squeeze her hand again. Colleen didn't respond. The doctor left the room.

Later, Victoria and J.T. stopped by Colleen's room. Traci thought that it was particularly nice that Victoria stopped by, since Traci knew that Victoria and Colleen didn't get along. Victoria said that she wished she could take everything back she would have handled things with Colleen differently. Traci optimistically said that when Colleen woke up, Colleen and Victoria could start fresh. Victoria began crying and left the room. Traci told J.T. that he should be with his wife, but she asked him to return. Traci thought that the sound of J.T.'s voice would hasten Colleen's recovery. J.T. kissed Colleen on the forehead and promised Traci that he would be back.

After J.T. left, Steve tried to get Traci to go home, get something to eat, and take a nap. Traci said that she wasn't tired or hungry. Steve left to go back to the Abbott mansion to freshen up. After Steve was gone, Traci told Colleen that "The Phantom of the Opera" was still playing in New York, and that the two of them should see it when Colleen recovered.

From his hospital bed, Victor asked Victoria and Nick how Colleen was doing. Victoria told her father that Colleen was brain dead. Victor said that he had never wanted that to happen. Victoria and Nick both told Victor that they believed him.

In the hospital chapel, Adam recalled telling the unconscious Victor that Victor had to live. Ashley showed up and told Adam that Victor had regained consciousness. Adam said that he was sorry that Victor, in his delirium, had been calling for Nikki. Ashley said that she wasn't concerned about that. She told Adam that she felt like a fool for having gotten involved with Victor again. She said that Victor had plotted against her and her family, but then held her in his arms at night, telling her that everything would be okay. Ashley said that she had just seen her niece Colleen, who had her whole life ahead of her, but wouldn't have a chance to live it because of Victor's machinations.

Adam tried to defend Victor, saying that Victor just wanted to get revenge on Jack for the forged diary incident. Ashley said that Victor just wanted to play God. When she said that she was going to see Victor, Adam suggested that she wait until Victor was more fully recovered. Ashley insisted on talking to Victor immediately.

Ashley and Adam walked to the hallway outside of Victor's room. Ashley asked Adam to wait in the lounge, so that she could speak with Victor privately.

Nick saw Adam sitting in the lounge, and asked his half-brother what he was plotting. Adam countered that Nick should worry about Nick's life after all, Nick was bouncing back and forth between Phyllis and Sharon like a yo-yo. When Nick told Adam to watch his mouth, Adam wondered if Nick would hit a blind man.

Adam said that Nick had been walking around the hospital like he was the "Prince of Newman" but that Nick could never fill Victor's shoes. Nick warned Adam to stay away from him and Victoria and not to even think about worming his way back into Newman Enterprises otherwise, Adam would find out just how much Nick could be like Victor.

When Ashley entered Victor's room, Victor weakly said, "My beautiful Ashley." Victor again asked about Colleen, but Ashley told him that there was no hope. Ashley accused Victor of doing terrible things, and not caring who got hurt in the crossfire. She said that this time he had gone too far. When Ashley said that their marriage was based on lies, Victor said that he loved Ashley. Ashley said that Victor didn't know the meaning of the word "love."

Victor continued to insist that he loved Ashley, but Ashley said that his words meant nothing to her. She said that because of Victor's actions, she had nearly had a nervous breakdown, and Colleen had died. Ashley told him that she wasn't going to raise a baby in a house where revenge meant more than love. She said that she had packed her bags, and was planning on leaving him.

Ashley told Victor that she had loved him for years, but that he had betrayed her. She said that she wouldn't be manipulated again. She began shouting at Victor, saying that she had lost a niece, and wondered who might be next. When Victor said that he would never hurt anyone intentionally, Ashley screamed that he would. She said that she was leaving before someone else she loved got hurt. Victor became agitated and was having trouble breathing. The heart monitor indicated that his heart rate was increasing. Ashley ran out of the room to get help.

Adam and Ashley watched as the doctor examined Victor. Ashley told Adam that she had caused Victor's attack. Nick and Victoria entered the room. The doctor told them that Victor had developed congestive heart failure, and that fluid was backing up into Victor's lungs.

In Colorado, Nikki told Paul that she was going to call Nick and Victoria to let them know that she was okay. Nick's phone rang in Victor's hospital room, while the medical staff was trying to revive Victor. After Nikki said hello to Nick, she heard all the action going on in Victor's room. She heard the doctors order that the paddles be charged in order to try to restart Victor's heart. She heard Victoria screaming, "Dad! Dad!" Nikki hung up the phone and told Paul that she had to go home to Victor and that she hoped that she wasn't too late.

Friday, September 25, 2009

At the psychiatric hospital, Sharon called Nick. Sharon left a message, telling Nick how concerned she was about Victor. Sharon sent her love to Victor and said she wished she could be there for Nick.

At the hospital, Victor was wheeled out of his room on the way to surgery. Ashley blamed herself for his relapse. Nick asked Ashley what she had done, and Ashley admitted that she had told Victor she was leaving him. Victoria asked how Ashley could do that to Victor, but Adam told Nick and Victoria that Ashley was not responsible for Victor's relapse. Nick tried in vain to call Nikki. Victoria worried that Nikki might miss seeing Victor one last time.

In the waiting room, Adam listened as Ashley tried to rationalize Victor's actions. Adam told Ashley that it wasn't good for her or the baby to get worked up. Adam tried to convince Ashley to return to the ranch and rest, but Ashley wouldn't be pushed around. Ashley wanted to stay. Adam admired how Ashley's loyalty to Victor when Victor hadn't believed that Ashley had hit Nikki with the car.

Nick and Victoria returned to the waiting room. The doctor appeared and explained that Victor was being prepped for heart surgery. Abby walked in and learned about Victor's operation. Adam asked Abby to convince Ashley to go to the ranch and rest, but Ashley wanted to be there for Victor's surgery.

A short time later, Nick reported to Victoria that the company had been inundated with calls about Victor's condition. Nick told Victoria that he'd received a call from Sharon, and he wanted to visit Sharon and tell her personally what had happened at the lake. Nick left Victoria to go see Sharon.

At Cane's, Lily looked through old photos of herself and Colleen. Lily picked up Colleen's angel charm and remembered receiving it from Colleen. Lily wanted to visit Colleen and return the charm. Because she was recovering from a chemotherapy treatment and needed to rest, Cane wouldn't let Lily leave. Lily insisted. Lily resented Cane's caution, but he was concerned about her condition. Lily refused to back down, so Cane agreed to drive her to the hospital if she wore a surgical mask for protection.

At Colleen's bedside, Billy gave Traci some of Colleen's belongings from home. Traci acted like Colleen was sleeping. Steve appeared, followed by Jack. Jack saw Billy speaking to Colleen about taking a trip to Spain.

Jack called for the doctor, and introduced Dr. Novich to Traci. Dr. Novich explained the tests that they had run on Colleen. Traci didn't want to believe that Colleen was in a permanent vegetative state. Traci said she would call in another doctor. Jack urged Traci to accept the reality of Colleen's condition.

Traci clung to the hope of a miracle and Billy recalled Victoria had been in a coma for months. Jack explained that Victoria had shown brain functions, but that Colleen did not.

Dr. Novich left the room and Jack told Traci that Colleen had to be removed from life support. Traci was in tears and didn't want to listen to Jack, but Jack spoke from the heart. Traci said she couldn't do what he suggested. Jack told Traci that Colleen's condition was not a coma. Jack reminded Traci that they had had to face the end with John. Traci recalled that their father had a do not resuscitate order and they knew what John wanted. Traci wasn't sure that Colleen would want to be taken off the machines. Traci told Jack she couldn't do that to her only daughter.

Traci felt as though Colleen was still with them. Jack insisted that Colleen was already gone. Abby walked in and Billy told her that C.C. wouldn't survive. Abby became hysterical. Traci said she had to decide what to do. Abby begged Colleen to wake up.

At the nurses' station, Billy was surprised to see Lily and Cane. Billy was worried that it was dangerous for Lily to be there. Billy told Lily that Colleen was on life support and the doctors were recommending that the family turn off the machines. Lily asked to see Colleen.

Steve was in tears as he reminisced with Jack about Colleen. Steve said he loved Colleen like she was his own child. Jack excused himself when he overheard Ashley with Adam across the hall. Adam was urging Ashley to return to the ranch. Jack offered to take Ashley to the Abbott house. When the two men started to bicker, Ashley yelled for them to stop.

Ashley charged out of the room. At the nurses' desk, Nikki was asking for a towel because she had been caught in a downpour. Ashley saw Nikki in the rain gear and was stunned. Ashley recalled hitting Nikki with her car in the rain. Nikki said hello to Ashley, but Ashley freaked out and ran to the elevator.

Jack was surprised to see Nikki. Nikki asked why Ashley had been so upset. Jack explained that Victor was in the operating room. Jack caught up with Ashley, but she was babbling that she had killed Nikki. Ashley ran away from Jack when he wouldn't believe that she had hit Nikki with her car and killed her.

Paul stepped off the elevator and joined Nikki as they searched for Victoria and Nick. Victoria was in Victor's hospital room with J.T. Victoria was relieved to see Nikki, and told her mother about Victor's heart surgery. J.T. told Paul that Colleen had no brain activity. J.T. thanked Paul for finding Nikki for the family.

Victoria wondered why Nikki had not contacted the family for weeks. Nikki said she had written letters home. Victoria wanted to know why Nikki called off her wedding to Paul. Nikki admitted that she couldn't give her whole heart to Paul. Victoria recalled Victor telling her that he felt the same love for Nikki that Nikki felt for him. Victoria urged Nikki to stay and speak with Victor after the surgery.

At the psychiatric hospital, Nick told Sharon about Victor's condition. Sharon asked if Phyllis was aware of what was happening. Nick admitted that he had not confided in Phyllis, because she would want to return home. Sharon felt that Nick needed his wife by his side in case Victor died.

Nick told Sharon that before Colleen's abduction, he had confronted Victor about Patty Williams. Nick explained that he was still angry with his father for being responsible Patty's presence in Genoa City. Sharon defended Victor, not believing that Victor ever wanted Patty to hurt the Newman family.

Sharon had Braxton-Hicks contractions. She told Nick she had been having them for a few days. Sharon questioned why Nick was there. Sharon told Nick to call Phyllis and have her return home. Sharon did not want be the one to comfort Nick. Nick said that they would always be connected because of the baby. Sharon criticized Nick for keeping secrets from Phyllis. Sharon felt that Phyllis needed to know the truth.

Billy led Lily into Colleen's room. Traci was grateful that Lily had cared enough to visit Colleen. Lily said that she loved Colleen. Traci recognized the angel charm in Lily's hand. Lily told Traci about Brad giving Colleen the angel to watch over her. Colleen had given the charm to Lily to get through the chemo. Lily placed the charm in Colleen's hand.

Traci was struggling with what to do. Lily shared her dream about Colleen with Traci. Traci asked Lily if she knew what Colleen would want her to do. Lily believed that Colleen wouldn't want to be hooked up to machines. Traci took the angel charm from Colleen's hand and offered it to Lily. Traci said Colleen wouldn't need it any longer.

Traci told Steve, Abby, Billy, and Lily that she had accepted that Colleen was gone. Traci believed that Colleen wanted to be remembered as alive and vivacious, not on life support and wasting away. Traci said the right decision was to turn off the machines. Traci believed that Colleen was already with Brad, watching over them all.

At the Abbott house, Ashley continued telling Jack that she had killed Nikki with her car. Jack explained that he had seen Nikki at the hospital and she was fine. Ashley became more and more unwound. Adam rang the doorbell and Jack let him in. Adam was concerned about Ashley. Ashley was moaning and saying that it was her fault if Victor died. Adam tried to convince Ashley to return to the ranch with him. Jack asked Ashley to go with him to the hospital. Ashley agreed to go with Jack, upsetting Adam.

At the psychiatric hospital, Jack filled out the paperwork to admit Ashley. Adam refused to leave Ashley's side, and declared that Victor would not approve of Ashley being there. Jack told Adam to back off. Jack asked Ashley to sign the admittance form. Jack assured Ashley that the hospital was perfect for her. Ashley signed the forms and hugged Jack, saying she belonged in jail. Jack promised to visit her every day. Jack accompanied Ashley to her room.

Adam called Dr. Taylor and told him to get to the psychiatric hospital right away because they were in serious trouble.

Nick spoke on the phone with Victoria about Victor's condition. Nick told Sharon he had to leave. Nick wanted to return to finish their talk about Phyllis, but Sharon thought there was nothing more to say. Sharon had another contraction, but assured Nick it was perfectly normal. Sharon sent Nick back to his family.

Victor was back in his room after surgery. Victoria whispered to her father that he could deliver his message to Nikki personally. Nikki and J.T. entered the room. Nikki spoke to Victor and he was glad to see her. The doctor walked in and said that Victor had survived the surgery because he was very strong. However, he explained that Victor needed a heart transplant within days or he would die.

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