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Shaun remained in a coma. Matthew won his case. David realized that Bo was fearful for Matthew due to losing his son Drew. Téa couldn't tell Todd that she had married Ross, but she agreed to go ahead with her wedding to Todd. Gigi turned down Rex's marriage proposal. Fish's parents couldn't accept his homosexuality. David wanted to spy on Viki in order to find something that might put her in a bad light.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 21, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Break On Through To The Other Side

At the Buenos Dias Café, Rex updated Bo on Rex's troubled relationship with Gigi. Rex expressed concern over Schuyler's attraction toward Gigi. When Bo related that it was terrible to place oneself in the middle of someone else's relationship, Rex was adamant that different circumstances existed in regards to Bo and Nora. Refusing to admit his feelings for Nora, Bo acknowledged that he and Nora shared a special moment, but insisted that he had made a mistake by interfering in Nora's relationship with Clint. Stating that Nora and Clint were happily married, Bo informed Rex that if Rex's relationship with Gigi was solid, Rex had no reason to worry about Schuyler's desire for Gigi.

At Angel Square Park, Gigi encountered Schuyler, who was worried about his teaching career. Confiding that he hadn't heard from the school board, Schuyler informed Gigi that he couldn't resume his teaching career until the school board granted approval. Reminding Schuler that she was friends with Viki and Rex was close to Bo, Gigi offered to use her connections to help Schuyler get his job back. Schuyler was certain that Rex would never help him. Explaining that Rex had agreed to accept her relationship with Schuyler, Gigi insisted that Rex understood that it was possible for an innocent friendship to exist between a man and a woman. Schuyler didn't appear convinced by Gigi's statement.

As Schuyler and Gigi strolled through the park, Gigi admitted that she was experiencing trouble confiding in Rex about her suspicions regarding Stacy. Gigi told Schuyler that Stacy had talked Rex into postponing the paternity test until Stacy gave birth. Expressing her fear that Rex was actually excited about the birth of his child, Gigi was convinced that Rex would spend most of his time with his newborn and have very little time for her and Shane. Schuyler reminded Gigi that Rex would never fall in love with Stacy, but Gigi countered, "But he will fall in love with his child!"

Although Rex was certain that neither Stacy nor Schuyler could cause Rex and Gigi to breakup, Rex wondered if Gigi could ever accept his child. Bo assured Rex that things would work out after the baby was born. When Rex asked Bo for advice on how to explain the situation to Shane, Bo related that he was the last person to seek parental advice from, because his own son was suing him. Explaining that a relationship took work, Bo advised Rex to take action or risk watching his relationship deteriorate.

At La Boulaie, Téa called off her wedding to Todd. Recalling Todd's attempt to murder Blair's suitor in the cabana, Téa was convinced that Todd was still in love with Blair. Todd claimed that he was only concerned with his children, but Téa insisted that Todd and Blair both continued to use their children as an excuse to hide their true feeling for each other. Téa believed that Todd was curious about what Blair and her lover were doing in the cabana at that very moment.

Inside the cabana, Blair rejected Ross Rayburn's advances. Ross insisted that Blair had enjoyed his kiss, but Blair stated that she wasn't impressed. When Ross accused Blair of saving herself for Todd, Blair claimed that she was only concerned with her children's welfare. Ross doubted that Blair was over Todd. Blair was startled when Ross suggested that Blair consider a relationship with him.

Unable to form a physical connection with Blair, Ross asked how long he would have to remain hidden in the cabana. A conniving Blair announced, "Until I'm ready to drop the bomb!" Blair related that she might reveal Ross's existence at the wedding. Citing that Téa had stormed off in a fit of anger, Ross wondered if a wedding would actually take place. Ross was certain that he and Blair could have fun together if she wasn't in love with Todd.

Fed up with Ross' antics, Blair sneered, "You'll have to settle for me dropping the criminal charges against you. Afterward you can go back to your little island and we won't have to see each other again!" As Blair exited the cabana, Ross muttered, "You never know!"

Back inside La Boulaie, Téa pleaded with Todd to be honest concerning his feelings for Blair. Téa reminded him about the escapade on the island, in which Todd abandoned her for Blair. Although Todd insisted that things had changed, Téa believed that Todd would abandon her again. Proclaiming his love for Téa, Todd vowed to stand by her side. Down on bended knee, Todd asked Téa to marry him that day.

As Todd proposed to Téa, Blair entered and eavesdropped on the conversation. Claiming that she wanted a special ceremony, Téa insisted that she couldn't marry Todd that night. Understanding Téa's dilemma, Todd asked her to marry him in a week. Disturbed by what she had overheard, Blair rushed off and informed Ross that Todd and Téa planned to marry within the week.

Meanwhile, Todd and Téa discussed wedding plans. Todd insisted that he didn't want Blair in the vicinity of the ceremony, but Téa stated that she wanted Blair in attendance.

Back inside the cabana, Blair told Ross that it was necessary to find out the exact date and location of the wedding so that Ross could make an appearance. A confident Blair exclaimed, "Oh, I'm going to rub Téa's marriage to you right in her smug little face!"

As Todd and Téa celebrated with a kiss, she received a call from the courthouse. While Téa stepped away to answer the call, Todd phoned someone and made plans for a lavish wedding.

At the Buchanan mansion, Rachel expressed guilt over dating Shaun while she was attracted to his brother. When Rachel insisted that Greg had helped her to realize that she was afraid of taking risks, Nora was adamant that Rachel had reason to guard her feelings. Stating that she had a tendency to interfere in the lives of others, Rachel apologized for meddling in Nora's relationship with Clint. Maintaining that she was in love with Clint, Nora emphasized that Rachel had helped Nora answer some important questions regarding her feelings for Bo.

Sensing Rachel's extreme guilt, Nora asked her daughter if she was concerned about being torn between two brothers. Stressing that she wasn't involved with Greg, Rachel claimed that he had helped her to realize that she shouldn't pursue a relationship until she became aware of what she actually wanted. Rachel told Nora that she had plans to visit Shaun at the hospital. When Nora inquired about his condition, Rachel informed her mother that the longer Shaun remained in an unconscious state, the greater the likelihood that he would never wake up. Before leaving, Rachel admitted that she felt terrible for Greg and wondered what she would say to him.

Inside Shaun's hospital room, a guilt-ridden Greg pleaded with his brother to wake up. As Greg cried at his brother's bedside, an apparition of Shaun appeared and accused Greg of purposely placing Shaun in a coma. Contending that Greg was jealous of Shaun's relationship with Rachel, the image of Shaun charged Greg with acting unethically, by ignoring the risk involved in operating on his brother. Yelling at his hallucination, Greg insisted that he had hoped to save his brother's life.

Out in the hall, Matthew presented Destiny with a medal that the Llanview Police Department had issued in Shaun's honor. When Matthew asked about Shaun's progress, Destiny announced that Greg would "fix" her brother.

Later, Matthew ran into Bo at the café. Recounting his conversation with Destiny, Matthew mentioned that Destiny believed Greg would perform a miracle surgery and heal Shaun. Advising his son that Greg wasn't perfect, Bo told Matthew that something had gone seriously wrong during Shaun's surgery, and that Greg could possibly make a mistake if he performed surgery on Matthew. Acknowledging that he realized that Greg wasn't perfect, Matthew related that his surgery was in no way similar to Shaun's surgery. Insisting that Greg might make another mistake during Matthew's operation, Bo related that he wasn't willing to take that chance.

Back inside Shaun's hospital room, Greg kneeled at his brother's bedside and cried, "I tried to save your life! Tell me what I can do to fix it! You can't die Shaun, I won't let you!" Greg was startled to discover a teary-eyed Rachel standing in the doorway.

Upon observing Gigi and Schuyler at the park, Rex stood nearby and eavesdropped on their conversation. Rex listened as Gigi confided in Schuyler that she loved Rex but felt that they were growing further apart. Gigi related how happy they had been, before Stacy announced that she was pregnant. Gigi feared she and Rex could never have the future they had once dreamed of. Desperate to speak with Gigi, Rex approached the couple, and Schuyler quickly excused himself. Gigi was stunned when Rex proposed marriage.

Back at the Buchanan Mansion, Matthew apologized to his parents about the events that had transpired between them. Stating that he had given the matter a lot of thought, Matthew said that he realized how important his family was to him. As he announced that he had something very important to tell them, Téa phoned and interrupted Matthew's declaration. Matthew stood silent as Téa reported that a verdict had been reached in his case.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Everybody, Limbo!"

Nora received a call from Clint as she arrived at the courthouse. Clint explained that he was at the hospital because Jared had been attacked. Nora assured Clint that he didn't have to race over to the courthouse; she promised that she would call Clint as soon as the judge's verdict was announced. After she ended the call, Nora asked Bo if he had heard about Jared. Bo revealed that he had assigned John to the case.

David and Matthew arrived moments later. David claimed that he was there to see a return on his investment. David was confident that Matthew would prevail in court. When a court officer asked everyone to take their seats, Bo and Nora left Matthew's side. Matthew quietly requested that David ease up on Bo and Nora. David agreed as long as he could gloat about their legal victory in private.

In the courtroom, Téa was curious if Elijah had packed his bags. She clearly anticipated a victory in court. Elijah ignored the barb to ask Téa about her upcoming nuptials. He confessed that he had hoped to receive an invitation to the wedding. Téa smiled as she confided that her wedding was scheduled for Friday.

When the judge entered the courtroom, Elijah asked to address the bench before the judge rendered her verdict. He explained that Greg Evans had recently operated on his brother, Shaun Evans, with disastrous results. Téa argued that the Shaun's case had no bearing on Matthew's operation. According to Téa, Shaun had been the victim of a gunshot wound and had undergone two rounds of surgery before lapsing into a permanent coma.

The judge agreed with Téa; Shaun's case was irrelevant to the hearing. The judge decided to rule in Matthew's favor. Matthew was delighted that he could move forward with the spinal surgery. Nora was crushed. As she walked away, Elijah promised to file an appeal. Bo instructed Elijah to do whatever was necessary. Meanwhile, Téa explained to Matthew that he didn't have to wait for an appeal; he could have the surgery as soon as it could be scheduled.

Nora approached Matthew. She got down on her knees to plead with Matthew to reconsider. Matthew was moved by Nora's emotional appeal, but he remained determined to have the surgery. He asked his mother to have faith in him, and then left. Bo gathered Nora in his arms as she broke down in tears.

At Rodi's, Stacy confessed to Kim that she didn't want to be a mother. Stacy admitted that she didn't look forward to the pregnancy. She was also concerned that Rex might view her differently after watching her go through childbirth. Stacy was also anxious because Rex was determined to have a paternity test. Stacy had no idea how she would pass off another man's child as Rex's. Stacy's greatest concern, though, was that she would end up raising the child alone.

Stacy revealed that she was tired of trying so hard to get someone to love her. She didn't know if it was worth the effort. Kim reminded Stacy that it wasn't too late to have an abortion; she offered to help Stacy if she wanted to terminate the pregnancy. Later, as Stacy and Kim walked through the park, they decided that they would leave Llanview and start their lives over elsewhere.

At the park, Gigi was stunned when Rex proposed marriage to her. Gigi questioned Rex's timing; she wondered if it had anything to do with Rex finding her in the park with Schuyler. Rex denied that he had proposed because of Schuyler. Rex reminded Gigi that they had discussed marriage in the past. He wondered what had happened; lately it seemed that they didn't talk about anything. Gigi realized that she had said the same exact words to Schuyler earlier. She accused Rex of eavesdropping.

Rex insisted that he loved Gigi. He wanted to be the person that Gigi turned to when she was troubled. Gigi loved Rex, but she turned down his proposal of marriage. Gigi wanted to get married for the right reasons, not because Rex feared that he was losing her. Gigi promised Rex that she wasn't going anywhere.

Gigi and Rex were unaware that Stacy and Kim had spotted them. Stacy and Kim hid in the bushes as they spied on the couple. Stacy was certain that Rex and Gigi were arguing. Stacy didn't think that Gigi deserved Rex because she always made him miserable. Stacy changed her mind about leaving Llanview. She was determined to win Rex over. According to Stacy, Rex needed her and the baby, even if he didn't realize it.

Rachel entered Shaun's room, where she found Greg standing at his brother's bedside. As Greg prepared to leave, Rachel stopped him. She explained that she was there to see Greg as well as Shaun. Rachel sensed Greg's misery. She realized that he continued to blame himself for Shaun's coma. She implored Greg to talk to her, prompting Greg to open up about his doubts.

Greg wondered if he should have called in another surgeon to operate on Shaun or if he should have avoided suggesting the surgery altogether. Greg feared that his desire to impress everyone had played a role in his decision to operate on Shaun. Rachel reminded Greg that he had not set out to harm his brother; Greg had wanted to make Shaun whole and healthy. Rachel insisted that Greg had not put Shaun in a coma on purpose.

Greg wondered if that was true. He revealed to Rachel that he'd had a vision of Shaun blaming him for the coma. Rachel argued that Greg's guilty conscience had conjured up the image of Shaun. She wondered if Greg had tried apologizing to his brother. Greg admitted that he hadn't, but he decided to take Rachel's advice. Rachel listened quietly as Greg talked to Shaun about his regrets.

Afterwards, Rachel put in a CD of Shaun's favorite music for Shaun to listen to. Greg recalled buying Shaun's first jazz recording of Miles Davis. Rachel smiled as Greg admitted that Shaun had wonderful taste in music. Greg was surprised when Rachel changed the subject to suggest that Greg visit his parents and sister. Initially, Greg appeared reluctant to agree, but eventually he capitulated. As Rachel and Greg left Shaun's room, Greg looked back. He had a vision of Shaun sitting on the edge of his bed, intently staring at Greg.

At the apartment, Oliver confirmed that his parents had returned home. He revealed to his roommates that his parents would never accept his lifestyle. Layla didn't understand why Olivier's mother continued to be in denial about her son's sexuality; she'd had years to accept it. Oliver insisted that his mother had hoped that his relationship with Kyle had merely been a phase. Oliver was ashamed to admit that his parents were bigots, but he would always love them.

Moments later, John called to request that Oliver meet him at the hospital. After Oliver left, Layla and Cris talked about Oliver's dilemma. Cris confided that he had suspected that Oliver had exaggerated about his parents' intolerance. Cris had been forced to revise his opinion after he had met the narrow-minded Fishes. Layla agreed with Cris.

As they spoke about Oliver, Layla took the opportunity to thank Cris for everything that he had done for her. She appreciated his friendship and admitted that she cared for Cris. Cris felt the same way about Layla.

At the hospital, John questioned Brody and Jessica about the stalker. Jessica admitted that she had assumed that someone was out to get revenge for Nash's death. She didn't understand how anyone could blame Jared and Natalie for what had happened to Nash when Jessica no longer believed that they were responsible for the tragedy. Brody admitted that he had suspected Nash's parents of stalking Jessica, but he had cleared them of any wrongdoing.

Jared and Natalie were not happy when Kyle entered Jared's room to examine him. Kyle explained that he was a sub-intern; he wouldn't be a doctor until he had completed medical school, but he was qualified to check Jared's injuries. Jared was eager to leave the hospital, so he agreed to allow Kyle to examine him.

In the hallway, John updated Oliver on Jared's attack. He wanted Oliver to take Jared's clothes in for testing in the hopes of finding a clue to help identify the person who had attacked Jared.

Kyle was surprised when he bumped into Oliver in the hallway. Oliver explained that he was on duty. Oliver changed the subject to announce that he had told his parents that he was gay. Kyle was stunned by the news. Kyle was curious about how the conversation with Oliver's parents had gone. Oliver admitted that his parents had reacted exactly as he had feared. Kyle wondered what had prompted Oliver to out himself.

Oliver admitted that a woman had inspired him to stop living a lie. Oliver explained that he had felt terrible about the ugly confrontation with Kyle at Rodi's. After Kyle had left, Oliver had decided to get drunk. Later, Oliver had gone home with a woman whom he ended up in bed with. When Oliver woke up the following morning, he realized that he couldn't continue pretending to be something that he wasn't. Kyle chuckled as he suggested that Oliver owed the woman a favor for helping him to see the truth.

As Kyle stood to leave, Oliver asked if he could call him. Kyle explained that he had to work late and then he had plans to meet Nick for dinner. Kyle appeared to sense Oliver's disappointment, so he invited Oliver to call him the following day. Oliver smiled in gratitude. Before Kyle walked away, he promised Oliver that things would get better with time.

John questioned Jared about the attack. Jared gave a vague description of his assailant. According to Jared, the man had been approximately six feet tall and he had worn some kind of hat. Jared claimed that he hadn't gotten a clear view of the man's face because he'd been surprised by the attack. When John asked Jared to go over the story again, Natalie put her foot down.

Natalie explained that Jared needed to have a CT scan; she insisted that Jared had answered all of John's questions to the best of his ability. The rest of John's questions would have to wait. After John left, Jared observed that John had gotten under Natalie's skin. Natalie admitted that she didn't appreciate John's attitude. Jared defended John, claiming that he'd just been doing his job. Natalie was too rattled by the attack. She didn't know what she would do without Jared.

Clint was concerned when he was unable to reach Nora. He decided to head to the courthouse if Nora didn't return his call.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fathers and Sons

Todd and Téa arrived at Llanfair for a visit with Viki and Charlie. Todd asked Viki if she was worried about the mayoral race, but Viki was confident that she could take on Dorian. Todd told Viki they had a favor to request, and Téa explained that they were getting married that very evening. Viki was taken aback. As Todd exited to see to some pre-wedding business, Viki and Téa headed into the drawing room for a chat.

Téa admitted to Viki that she had her doubts about marrying Todd again. She wondered if it was a mistake, if he'd end up dumping her for Blair again. Viki reminded Téa that Todd had chosen her. "For today, anyway," Téa said as she scowled, informing Viki of Todd and Blair's fling in the cabana. Their tryst, coupled with Todd's jealousy regarding Blair's new "boy toy," led Téa to believe Todd would never be over Blair.

Viki believed Todd was simply being proprietary about his ex, without romance entering into the equation. She asked Téa if she believed Todd loved her and would be faithful in the future. Téa muttered that he'd try as much as she had. Viki caught her slip-up, and Téa hesitantly revealed that she'd been "involved with someone" during her years away from Llanview. She left out the details about Ross, saying only that she could never tell Todd, for a variety of complicated reasons. Trying to gather her confidence, Téa insisted that her past was behind her, and that she and Todd were cleaning the slate. Viki warned Téa that starting a marriage with secrets was a recipe for disaster.

Over at La Boulaie, Dorian descended the great staircase after putting up a campaign poster, which read, "Dorian Lord: Yes, She Can!" Dorian needled Blair about being out of town on business during the hostage crisis. Blair scoffed that she couldn't have known of the danger, and assured Dorian she'd gotten what she needed in Tahiti. As they moved into the living room and closed the doors, Blair revealed that Téa and Ross had been man and wife, and unbeknownst to Ms. Delgado, they still were.

Dorian and Blair couldn't figure out why Téa was hiding her past with Ross from Todd, and Blair concluded that there had to be more to know about Téa's big secret. Dorian was shocked when Blair revealed that Ross was staying on the property, and that Blair intended to walk into Todd and Téa's evening nuptials with Téa's husband on her arm. Frustrated, Dorian told Blair that Todd was not worth the energy, and begged her to give up her crusade against Téa.

In the foyer, Todd had a sit-down with Jack, who he asked to be his best man. "What's in it for me?" Jack deadpanned. He reminded Todd that he wanted his parents back together. "Téa's hot, but she's not mom material!" he declared. Todd said Téa could well be a mother, but assured him she'd never replace Blair in Jack's life. Todd swore he'd give Jack anything he wanted, promising him a new car when he came of age. Placated, Jack agreed to be Todd's best man. "Aren't I always?" he reasoned.

Cole took Starr and Hope to his new apartment. Starr loved the place, and couldn't wait to move in when she turned eighteen. Cole said it would be a great place to raise a family together, but Starr reminded him that Markko was still his roommate. Langston arrived, annoyed that she'd been ticketed for handing out campaign fliers for Dorian. She was concerned when she realized Markko had yet to arrive at his new home.

At the Buenos Dias Café, David and Matthew admired the latest Sun headline, trumpeting Matthew's legal victory over Bo and Nora. David lamented the loss of his reality show, and said he should have bought the rights to Matthew's case instead, so he could play Matthew himself. Matthew was skeptical that their ages would correspond. As the brothers discussed Matthew's future, their father arrived; Bo asked Matthew when his surgery was scheduled for. Matthew told Bo that Greg hadn't returned his calls.

Bo was pleased that he still had time to convince Matthew to reconsider, but Matthew said that it was no longer his decision to make. He wanted to walk again, and he was determined to have the surgery. Bo told Matthew that he refused to lose another son the way he'd lost Drew. David chimed in to support Matthew's side, but Bo ordered him to stay out of it. "I'm your son too!" David protested. "Like hell!" Bo snapped.

Markko rushed into the café, only to be confronted by his father, Ernesto. Ernesto demanded to know what Markko had said to his mother, and revealed that Aurelia was leaving him and had begun filing for separation. "You told her to divorce me!" Ernesto cried. Markko said he hadn't, and told his father that their family was broken because of Ernesto's intolerance. Markko reminded his father of how he'd loved his son, and Langston, before he'd known Markko and Langston were having premarital sex. Ernesto said he'd always love his son, but that sex before marriage was a sin.

Markko said that if he had to choose, he'd choose Langston over his father's ignorance. He said he respected Ernesto's beliefs, but he loved Langston and always would. He pleaded with his father to learn to agree to disagree, and reminded Ernesto of how proud he'd been of his son on the day of the high school commencement speech. Seeing that Ernesto was still unyielding, Markko gave up. He told his father that he was moving in with Cole, and that if Ernesto ever changed his mind, he was welcome to stop by, as long as he remembered that it was Markko's house, with Markko's rules. With that, Markko stormed off.

Cristian and Layla started their day making breakfast together in their living room. They both worried about Fish and his confrontation with his parents. Cris couldn't believe how closed-minded George Fish had been, but Layla hoped for a reconciliation. Entering the room, Fish told his roommates that his parents were gone, and there was no hope of putting his family back together. Just then, the doorbell rang, and the roommates found Barbara Fish on their doorstep. Cristian and Layla immediately made themselves scarce, leaving mother and son to talk.

Hesitant, Barbara told Oliver that she'd lied to George about her errands, and didn't have much time. She reminded him that homosexuality was against his father's beliefs, and Oliver pressed his mother about what she believed. Barbara told him that she and George had been raised with the church, and thought they'd raised their son the same way. She said she loved him, but that what he was doing was a sin. "Doesn't a sin have to be a choice?" Oliver asked. He said if being gay had been a choice, he couldn't remember making it; he simply was gay.

Oliver reminded Barbara of when she'd walked in on him and Kyle in college, and asked why she'd abandoned him, why they'd never spoken of it. He told her that he'd been lonely and suffocating in "the closet," and had tried to be with women, but failed; there had always been something missing. He said he'd broken up with Kyle for her, rejected his love to try to please his parents. "I gave him up for you!" he said. Barbara believed he could change, but Oliver told her nothing would make a difference. He was who he was, and she had to accept it.

Cristian and Layla returned, and Barbara said she had to get back to George. As she rushed out, Oliver told his mother he loved her, and asked her to tell his father the same. Giving Oliver a last, longing look, Mrs. Fish left.

At the Angel Square Hotel, George Fish rang the bell on the front desk, looking for Roxy. Walking by, John and Marty tried to assist him and ended up making introductions. When John learned George was Fish's father, he congratulated him. Angry, George proclaimed that Oliver was not his son. Explaining his family strife, he asked if John and Marty had known that Fish was gay. John took it in stride and said it hadn't been their business. Marty attempted to intervene, urging George not to turn his back on his son. George said he'd loved Oliver, but couldn't condone "sinful behavior." John told George that his son was a hero, and needed to be respected regardless of his sexual orientation.

Just then, Kyle and Nick Chavez walked down the stairs hand in hand, and Kyle gave Nick a goodbye kiss as Nick left for work. After Nick left, George turned to John and Marty, asking how they could support such an "abomination." "What did you say?" Kyle snapped, turning on Mr. Fish.

As John and Marty quickly exited, Kyle confronted George, remembering him as Oliver's father. George said Kyle remembered him as well, as the boy who had corrupted his son. Kyle replied that he'd been as innocent as Oliver, and they'd merely fallen in love. Kyle said that George had been Fish's hero, his whole reason for joining the police force. He called George a bigot, and said the only reason Oliver had stayed in the closet was to shield his parents from shame. Kyle told George that losing his family was killing Oliver, and asked why George couldn't see that. As Barbara returned to the hotel, she shared a quiet hello with Kyle. Disgusted with the Fishes, Kyle left for work.

George told Barbara to get her bags; they were leaving. Barbara grabbed her husband's arm, and timidly asked him to say goodbye to Oliver. Staring at his wife, George silently walked out of the hotel, with Barbara on his heels.

Back at the café, a steamed Ernesto took a seat at a booth near Bo, David, and Matthew, unable to help overhearing their heated conversation. Bo insisted that his fears about Matthew's operation had nothing to do with Drew. Matthew said he was sorry for his father's pain, but he couldn't help what had happened in the past and had to live for his own future.

As Matthew wheeled himself out of the café, David told Bo to give Matthew time. Bo said they didn't have any more time. David asked Bo if his resistance to the surgery really had nothing to do with Drew's death, and urged Bo not to use that tragedy to hold Matthew back. Bo said he lived with the loss of Drew every day, and held himself responsible for Drew's joining the force and dying in the line of duty. David reminded Bo that Matthew was his own person, and warned that if Bo continued to push, he'd lose his youngest son one way or another.

Fearing that he'd gone too far, David braced for fisticuffs, but asked Bo to avoid hitting him in the nose. Bo scoffed, saying he'd never hit his son. He apologized for what he'd said to David before. Bo admitted that with Matthew's life potentially on the line, he couldn't help but think of Drew, whereas when he looked at David, he had no idea what to think. David said he could understand his mixed feelings, but he didn't share them.

"I know you never wanted a son like me," David said. "But what makes it so hard is I always wanted a dad like you." David commended Bo for putting his kids first, and said that was a new thing for him to experience. Touched, Bo asked if he'd had breakfast. David asked if Bo was buying. "Of course," Bo said, "I'm your old man." As David and Bo sat down for their meal, Ernesto hurried out of the restaurant.

At the Angel Square Hotel, John and Marty returned from their walk, still thinking about Fish and his family. John said she'd been good with George, and Marty asked him if he'd known about Oliver's orientation. John shrugged, and said it didn't matter. As he kissed Marty, he said Fish was lucky to have someone like her in his corner.

Markko arrived at his and Cole's apartment, and embraced Langston. He told the teens about his run-in with his father, and said he'd given up on working things out with his parents. "You're my family now," he told them. Just then, a knock came at the door. Markko opened the door to find Ernesto standing there. Struggling with his words, Ernesto told Markko that he understood that Markko had his home and his life. He told his son that whenever he wanted a home-cooked meal with his family, he could stop by the house and bring Langston with him. As Ernesto walked off, Langston hugged the stunned Markko.

At Fish's place, the roommates were surprised to see George and Barbara at their door again. George sternly told Oliver that he was his son and he'd always loved him and been proud of him, but he couldn't accept what he called his choice of lifestyle. "It's not a choice, Dad," Oliver said softly. "It's not a lifestyle." "I will pray for you," George said, turning on his heel and stalking out of the apartment. As the Fishes left, Barbara told Oliver she'd call him soon. Crushed, Oliver watched his family walk out of his life.

Back at La Boulaie, Blair wouldn't listen to Dorian's words of wisdom. She refused to stop until Téa's lies were exposed and Todd knew all about Ross Rayburn. "Who's Ross Rayburn?" Jack asked, appearing in the doorway. He instantly surmised that Ross was the man in the cabana, and asked how much his silence was worth to his mother. Desperate, Blair promised to make it worth Jack's while. Jack agreed to keep quiet and walked out, while Dorian seethed about how he was turning out just like Todd. She warned Blair again that her plans for Todd's wedding night could tank, but Blair said the only thing tanking would be Téa.

Todd returned to Llanfair to find Viki and Téa still deep in conversation, and asked what they'd been talking about. Before Téa could speak, Todd guessed that they'd been dishing dirt about him. Téa remembered the purpose of her visit, and asked Viki to be the matron of honor at the wedding; Viki happily agreed. Todd still wanted to know what the ladies had been discussing, but Charlie interrupted, and told Viki she had a phone call.

As Todd and Téa excused themselves, they walked out into the foyer. Todd was excited about his wedding day, but Téa stopped him in his tracks and said she had something to tell him.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rated Ex

At Llanfair, as Charlie and Jared worked on Viki's mayoral campaign, Charlie confessed that he had agreed to be interviewed bythe Intruder and Jared scoffed at the sleaziness of the newspaper. He advised his father that everything in Charlie's past would be exposed. Charlie felt that he had nothing to hide and advised his son that everyone's skeletons would be made public during the campaign. Charlie felt himself aligned with Viki's belief that everyone deserved a "second chance for positive change."

Charlie and Jared reminisced when Charlie showed his son a picture of the two of them from the past. They remembered how they had always talked about what their future would be like. They marveled at how far they had come since that long ago day.

Téa attempted to have a serious conversation with Todd but after some interruptions caused by wedding deliveries, they decided to head to Todd's place to be alone.

Natalie visited the scene of the crime at Buchanan Enterprises and was startled when John appeared at the door. He advised her that his department had collected all of the evidence related to the attack on Jared and apologized for questioning Jared so soon after the attack. He explained that it was important to conduct the interview while things were still fresh in Jared's mind. John revealed that something had been found on the security tapes and he was going to view them.

John placed the DVD on the computer and Natalie gasped as she and John witnessed the attacker jumping Jared from behind. As the men struggled, they were suddenly out of view and then the camera went off. John explained that the camera was in a spot hardly noticeable and that it would have been difficult for someone to have broken it. He figured that the perpetrator had to have known about the camera and that it would have been an inside job. As the attacker had not been seen entering or leaving the building, it would have been someone who had changed clothes after arriving, he summarized.

Natalie was certain that Jared would have recognized his attacker if it had been someone employed at B.E. "You would think," John replied. Going into attack mode, Natalie demanded to know what John was implying. He quickly assured her that he wasn't implying anything and was trying to look at the incident from many angles. He thought it was possible that someone held a grudge against Jared o,r perhaps it was someone from Jared's past, maybe someone he had done time with. Annoyed, Natalie accused John of thinking that Jared was a suspect and advised him that he needed to look for a real one.

While John denied thinking that Jared was a suspect, the expression on his face told otherwise. In the meantime, Jared, newly arrived at B.E., overheard the conversation between his wife and her former boyfriend. "So, you really think I'm stalking Natalie's sister?" he wanted to know.

John agreed that Jared had no motive and was the victim. Walking out, John stopped to ask Jared if he knew how the camera might have been broken. Jared assured him he had no idea. Once John was gone, Natalie worriedly told her husband that John was looking into Jared's background. She also believed that John suspected Jared of being involved in his own attack. An unconcerned Jared reassured his wife that he wasn't worried.

Dorian paid Ross a visit in the cabana, advising him that she wanted to "discuss his options." She revealed that she would be either his worst nightmare or his ticket to all of his dreams come true. She wanted to know why his marriage to Téa had been a secret, and continued to bombard Ross with questions. She advised him that Blair didn't know it, but the plan had been changed.

Writing him a huge check, Dorian advised Ross that she wanted him to "romance Blair," sweep her off her feet, and get her out of Llanview. Ross sighed, noting that Blair wasn't interested in him. Dorian was surprised, since Ross was definitely Blair's type, "feral and felonious." Going on with her plan, Dorian added that she wanted the couple gone before the wedding, before Todd and Blair had a chance to be uncivil and angry at each other, since that always led to them getting back together again. "Do we have a deal here?" she asked.

Sticking the check into Ross' shorts, Dorian advised him that she would get the charges against him dropped and his divorce finalized. Ross turned her down, admitting that he didn't want to double-cross Blair. Firmly, Dorian advised him that he needed to make sure that Todd and Téa were married and that Blair was kept away from Todd. Returning the check to Dorian, Ross declared that he couldn't help her. Dorian vowed to keep adding zeros to the check until Ross saw it her way.

"Whatever you're hiding, you can keep it hidden with this," she said, sliding the check back into the girly magazine Ross had been looking at when she arrived. She wanted him to reconsider her offer, but vowed to stop payment on the check if Todd's marriage didn't go off as planned.

Inside La Boulaie, Starr questioned Blair's motives on attending Todd's wedding. She didn't believe her mother's insistence that she only wanted to create a civilized relationship between the adults and that Blair had resigned herself to Todd and Téa getting married. Starr requested that Blair not cause any commotion, since Starr had been through enough drama in her life. If Blair were planning on interrupting the wedding, then she needed to do it before the ceremony, Starr advised her mother. She added that one day Blair would be swept off her feet by someone new.

Blair advised her daughter that she had no time for romance. Their conversation halted abruptly when Jack and Sam arrived in their tuxedos. Jack loudly proclaimed that he didn't want Téa as a stepmother, but Blair assured him that everything would be fine.

After Dorian left the cabana, Ross began to rip up the check. He wasn't fast enough though, as Blair showed up with his tuxedo for the wedding. She announced her intent to make a grand entrance at the wedding, after everyone was assembled. Once Ross was dressed, Blair proclaimed that it was time to crash the wedding. As Ross picked up the check from Dorian, he muttered, "Or maybe not." Dorian ripped up the wedding invitation back at the house.

Marty showed up at Cole's new apartment with some groceries and was startled to learn from her son that Todd and Téa were getting married. She felt strange, realizing that could have been her getting married to Todd instead, and that Cole might not know that she was alive. She felt happy and lucky, and warned Cole that Starr's family was full of minefields. Cole agreed that he would always be on the lookout. Marty also admitted that she and John were an item, and said she hoped that Todd and Téa would work it out. In answer to Cole's prodding, Marty admitted that her relationship with John was official. Cole was happy to hear it.

Later on, Marty was impressed when Cole appeared, all dressed for the wedding. She proudly took his picture and they both admitted to being content that they were like regular and boring people, without all of the excitement and calamity of the past. Marty fretted that her only problem was that John was obsessed with a new case and she would probably not be able to see him much. She expressed her desire for everyone to have a new beginning.

Arriving at Todd's house, Téa had no success in talking to Todd. He insisted that he didn't want to know about her past and insisted that anything she had done couldn't possibly have been worse than what he had done over the years. Standing by her intention of getting the truth out, Téa advised Todd that she wanted no surprises or misunderstandings, and she needed him to know what had happened after he left her on the island.

Téa confessed that she had taken up with Ross, but Todd stopped her again and confessed that he was okay with it. The more that Téa tried to explain what was on her mind, the more Todd refused to listen. She admitted that she had returned to Llanview for Todd, but before she was able to go further, Todd's sons arrived. Todd professed that he wasn't nervous and that his marriage to Téa would last forever.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Wedding Stinger

At La Boulaie, Dorian refused to allow David to temporarily move in, until David promised to help Dorian dig up some dirt that would destroy Viki's chances of winning the upcoming election. When Dorian insisted that she wanted to hold off plotting against Viki until after the wedding, David became suspicious. Dorian related that she wanted the wedding to go off without a hitch. Suspecting that Dorian had an ulterior motive, David demanded to know what Dorian was hiding. Upon learning that Dorian had interfered in Blair's life, David reminded Dorian that her plan was very similar to the one that had destroyed her relationship with Adriana. David feared that Dorian's plan might backfire. Unwilling to abandon her plan of saving Blair from Todd, Dorian refused to heed David's warning.

Todd and Téa's wedding guests began to arrive at the Palace Hotel. Todd was in a calm mood, while Téa appeared somewhat nervous. As she stepped away to prepare for the ceremony, Téa encountered Viki. When Viki questioned ifhad Téa had spoken with Todd about Téa's concerns, Téa had a flashback of her unsuccessful attempt at revealing the truth to Todd about her past with Ross.

Viki and Charlie helped Jack prepare the speech he would give as Todd's best man. Viki and Charlie were stunned when Jack asked if Viki was telling him the truth about his duties as best man. Jack related, "I don't know if I can trust you. Aunt Dorian says everything you say is a lie!"

On the grounds of the Palace Hotel, Blair and Ross sneakeduck inside an unoccupied cabana. As Blair instructed Ross to stay put until she was ready for him to make an appearance at the ceremony, an angryered Téa banged on the door and demanded that the unknown occupants vacate her rented cabana. Ross hid while Blair answered the door. Blair convinced Téa that she had sneakeduck away to make love to her date, the pool boy.

Bothered that Blair would sneak away for a romp in her rented cabana, Téa gloated about her relationship with Todd. Téa struck a nerve with Blair when Téa referred to herself as the love of Todd's life. Pleased that she had succeeded at upsetting Blair, Téa remarked, "Bring your little boy toy to the ceremony, I can't wait to meet his acquaintance!" As Téa walked away, Blair angrily replied, "Not soon enough bitch!"

Afterward, Blair warned Ross to remain in the cabana while she investigated the progress of the ceremony. Ross placed a call to Dorian, who asked if he had managed to convince Blair to leave town with him. Ross responded, "I'm starting to think maybe I won't!" Ross advised Dorian that Blair was determined to wreck Todd's marriage, and questioned whether he should interfere. Dorian informed Ross that Blair's happiness was in his hands.

At Llanfair, Jessica and Natalie cared for their injured loved ones. Fearing that the stalker might attack Jessica or Natalie, Brody and Jared insisted that the girls remain by their sides. When Jessica commented that John would uncover the identity of the stalker, Natalie appeared bothered as she recalled John's interrogation of Jared.

Later, as Natalie and Jessica prepared snacks for the menm, Jared questioned Brody about the police investigation. Citing that Brody was a member of the Llanview Police Department, Jared wondered if John had confided any details to Brody about the stalker case. Reminding Jared that he was only a cadet, Brody doubted that John would give him any specifics because he was directly involved in the case. Jared told Brody that he didn't like the fact the John, Natalie's ex, was in charge of the investigation. Brody assured Jared that Bo and John were the best cops to head up the investigation.

Meanwhile, Natalie revealed to Jessica that John suspected that Jared might be the stalker. Natalie pleaded with her sister not to believe John's accusations. Refusing to believe that Jared could be involved, Jessica promised to defend Jared to John. As Jared and Brody discussed John's efforts, Natalie and Jessica returned and asked to be involved in the conversation. When Brody mentioned that it was known around the police station that John McBain always got his man, Natalie and Jessica exchanged terrified glances.

While John sat in his office and looked over Jared's file, Fish entered and asked to speak with his boss. Alerting John that he wanted to discuss a serious matter, a nervous Fish struggled to tell John what was troubling him. After John assured Fish that he could confide in him, Fish admitted that he was gay. Although relieved that John knew the truth, Fish was surprised to learn that his parents had revealed his sexual orientation to John and Marty. Fish recounted the visit that his parents had paid him before they left town. Admitting that his relationship with his parents was strained, Fish believed that there was still hope, and thanked John for defending his character to his parents. After assuring Fish that his sexuality had no negative effect on their friendship, John asked Fish to give him some insight on Jared's attacker.

After researching Jared's forensic file, Fish informed John that forensics had been unable to discover any DNA or foreign fibers on Jared's clothing. Relating that the findings were startling, Fish wondered if John considered Jared a suspect. John was adamant that if Jared was involved in a brawl, the attacker should have left fibers on Jared's clothing. Admitting that the forensic report didn't make any sense, John stated,"It's too early for a theory on Banks, or anybody else!"

When Layla returned to the apartment, Cristian informed her that he was going to attend Téa's wedding. Citing that he had reservations about Téa marrying Todd, Cristian suggested that Layla join him. A hesitant Layla questioned if it was a good idea for them to date. Reminding her that they weren't interested in each other romantically, Cristian felt there was nothing wrong with them attending the ceremony as friends. Layla agreed to be Cristian's escort.

Blair eavesdropped on a conversation that Todd had with Starr and Jack. Todd stated that although he loved Téa, he still cared about Blair. Promising to end the constant fighting, Todd vowed to make everyone happy-- ?€" including Blair. Hiding in the background, Blair sneered as Todd pledged to make peace between him and Blair.

As the wedding ceremony began, Blair rushed into the cabana and instructed Ross that it wasthe time had come. Blair was disturbed when Ross announced that he wasn't certain if he wanted to go along with Blair's plan. Ross cautioned, "Have you thought this through? This might blow up in your face!" Unfazed by Ross's warning, Blair exclaimed, "I'm gonna drive a stake through the heart of this wedding, and I'm gonna do it now! Are you with me?" Ross stood silent.

At La Boulaie, Dorian prayed that Ross would have a change of heart.

Meanwhile, Todd and Téa stood at the altar.

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