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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 21, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, September 21, 2009

As the charity dance continued at Fusion, Natalia noticed that Randi and Frankie were no longer on the dance floor. When Brot mentioned that he had seen Madison earlier, Natalia became concerned. She wanted to warn her brother, but Brot reminded Natalia that she had been assigned to watch Annie.

In ConFusion, Madison approached Randi. Randi appeared frightened and slightly dazed as Madison suggested that Randi could probably use something to drink. Agitated, Randi yelled at Madison to stay away from her.

In the bathroom, Jesse and Frankie found Taylor unconscious in one of the stalls. After they roused Taylor, she explained that Randi had attacked her. According to Taylor, she had found Randi standing by the bathroom sink looking pale and frightened. When Taylor had greeted Randi, Randi had swung her purse at Taylor. After that, everything had gone blank.

As Jesse and Frankie left the bathroom, they bumped into Angie and Randi. Angie explained that she had found a terrified Randi huddled alone in a corner. Randi admitted that she had an altercation with Madison in the bathroom. Frankie gently explained that Randi had hit Taylor, not Madison. Randi was horrified by her actions; she feared that she had suffered from a delusion.

Jesse revealed that Brot had seen Madison earlier, so it was possible that Randi had seen Madison at some point. Frankie comforted his wife while Angie went to check on Taylor. A quick examination of the wound confirmed that Taylor's injury wasn't serious; she had a small bump on the back of her head and a slight bruise on her chin. However, Angie urged Taylor to go to the hospital just to be certain that everything was fine.

Taylor was more concerned about Randi. Angie attributed Randi's odd behavior to stress and low blood sugar; she assured Taylor that Randi would be okay. Angie made another attempt to convince Taylor to go to the hospital, but Taylor just wanted to go home. She explained that she'd been eliminated from the dance and had intended to leave before the incident with Randi in the bathroom. When Tad approached, Angie pleaded with him to persuade Taylor to reconsider.

After Angie left, Tad checked Taylor's bump. He agreed that Taylor should go to the hospital, but Taylor didn't think that it was necessary. She was determined to rest at home. Before she left, Taylor congratulated Tad on doing a fantastic job hosting the charity event. Taylor thought that Tad was very funny. Tad thanked Taylor and then watched her walk away.

Angie returned to Jesse, Frankie, and Randi. After she checked Randi, she declared that Randi appeared to be fully recovered. Tad approached them moments later to inform them that their break was over. Madison lurked in the background watching as the Hubbards left ConFusion.

On the dance floor, Angie and Jesse discussed the possibility that Madison had killed Henry. Angie was certain that it couldn't have been Randi. According to Angie, Randi was too sweet and kind; however as far as Angie was concerned, Madison was pure evil. Jesse reminded Angie that Randi had just attacked Taylor. Angie argued that the incident in the bathroom had been an anomaly. Angie was certain that it wouldn't have happened if Randi hadn't been under extreme stress and fatigue.

Natalia and Brot danced over to Jesse and Angie a few minutes later. Natalia had heard that Jesse had been looking for Madison. Jesse insisted that he had everything under control; he wanted Natalia to focus on watching Annie. Natalia seemed frustrated, but didn't argue with her father.

Tad announced the start of a dance-off. Everyone had to do the twist; the winning couple would receive a break. As Frankie and Randi danced, they felt Madison's eyes on them. Frankie warned Randi to be careful. Randi assured Frankie that no one could hurt her while she was in Frankie's arms. Moments later, Tad declared Frankie and Randi the winners of the dance contest. Frankie cajoled Tad into allowing Jesse and Angie to take a break along with Frankie and Randi.

In ConFusion, Madison made certain that Frankie had spotted her. She was careful to stay within sight, so that Frankie could follow her. On the rooftop, Madison waited for Frankie to arrive. When he burst through the door, Madison warned Frankie not to move any closer or else she threatened to jump.

Jesse called Natalia to ask if she had seen Frankie. Natalia confirmed that she'd seen Frankie earlier, but that she had no idea where he had gone.

As David and Amanda danced, Amanda apologized to David for going along with Jake's plan. David conceded that he had made mistakes, as well. David admitted that he had been too possessive when he had learned that Trevor was his son. David attributed his anxiety to having lost Babe, Leora, and Little A. David revealed that he was willing to work out a custody arrangement with Amanda.

In ConFusion, the nanny was trying to calm a fussy Trevor when Jake approached them. He offered to help, but the nanny hesitated to accept. She worried that David might object. Jake assured the nanny that, as Amanda's husband, he only had Trevor's best interests at heart. The nanny relented; the baby immediately calmed down when Jake held Trevor. Amanda walked up moments later. Amanda was worried that David would see Jake with Trevor.

Jake returned Trevor to the nanny as he explained to Amanda that he had thought that David and Amanda were still on the dance floor. The tension mounted when Amanda revealed that David had expressed regret for how he had behaved when he had learned about Trevor. Jake didn't trust David's change of heart; he was certain that David would say whatever he needed to say, in order to gain Amanda's trust.

Tad approached his brother as Jake watched Amanda, David, and Trevor. Tad noticed that Jake looked like "crap." Tad assured Jake that Amanda's heated words during their very public argument had just been an act for David's sake. Tad assured Jake that Amanda didn't blame Jake for anything. Jake admitted that he feared that he was losing Amanda. Jake was certain that the writing was on the wall. Jake pointed out that it was impossible for him to compete against her child.

Amanda approached Jake a short time later. She assured Jake that she loved him. Amanda confessed that she needed Jake in her corner. Jake appeared moved by his wife's passionate declaration. He held her briefly and then advised her to go. Amanda was sad as she walked away, while Jake watched her with tears in his eyes.

Tad made another attempt to bolster his brother's spirits. He advised Jake to stop torturing himself. Jake confessed that watching Amanda with David was akin to watching a train wreck. Jake reminded Tad of David's history with women; Jake pointed out that none had escaped unscathed, including Krystal.

As Ryan and Annie danced, Annie confessed that she was surprised it had taken Ryan so long to figure out what had really happened on the night that Stuart had died. She confirmed that she had been protecting Emma because Emma had accidentally shot Stuart. According to Annie, Emma had picked up the gun that Kendall had dropped. Annie insisted that it had been an accident; Emma had not meant to shoot Stuart.

Ryan reminded Annie of the incident at the hospital when a near catatonic Emma had written "Mommy" on the board. Annie claimed that Emma had not been implicating her in Stuart's murder, but rather she had been calling out to her mother. Annie also added that Zach had helped her because he understood Annie's situation; Ryan had taken away Spike from Zach just as he had taken Emma from her.

Ryan insisted that Emma needed help, but Annie was adamant that Ryan not take Emma to counseling. Annie reminded Ryan of her experience at Oak Haven Sanitarium. According to Annie, therapy wouldn't help Emma; it would only confuse her further. Ryan vowed to do whatever was necessary in order to protect their daughter.

Nearby, Zach and Liza watched Ryan and Annie closely. Zach was certain that Annie was confessing something to Ryan; Zach could see it in Ryan's eyes. Liza was certain that Annie was filling Ryan's head with lies. Their attempt to spy on Ryan and Annie was thwarted when Tad announced that Zach and Liza had won the sexiest couple award, which had earned them a short break.

When they returned to the dance floor, Liza suggested that Zach and Ryan join forces. Zach refused to consider it because he didn't trust Ryan. Liza accused Zach of not being able to forgive Ryan and Kendall because of their affair. Liza wondered if it mattered that Kendall might be innocent of the crime she had confessed to. Zach clarified that Kendall's betrayal of her family was a separate issue.

When Ryan and Annie left the dance floor, Zach and Liza decided that they needed to find a way to take a break. Liza had an idea. Without consulting Zach, she called out to Tad and the camera crew. As Tad approached, Liza kissed Zach. As expected, they quickly raised enough donations to earn themselves another break. Zach didn't appear to react to the kiss.

At home, Kendall watched the charity dance marathon on television. Her mood soured when Tad announced that Zach and Liza had won the sexiest couple contest. Kendall wondered aloud if Zach intended to keep an eye on Annie by inviting her to have a "threesome" with him and Liza. Kendall's disposition didn't improve when Liza kissed Zach. Kendall yelled, "you bitch" as she glared daggers at the television screen.

In ConFusion, Annie admitted that she had given Ryan quite a bit to think about. She smiled as she realized that they were working together, like old times. However, Annie was quick to clarify that she was in love with Adam, not Ryan. As Annie walked away, Zach and Liza approached Ryan.

Ryan was livid as he confronted Zach about taking Emma to see Annie. Zach didn't apologize. Zach insisted that Annie had a secret and he was determined to learn what it was for Kendall's sake. Ryan was relieved to hear that Kendall had finally realized that she had not killed Stuart, but he didn't want Emma involved in exposing Annie as a murder.

Ryan confided that Annie had implicated Emma in the murder. Liza and Zach were shocked that Annie would suggest that her daughter had murdered Stuart. All of them realized that Annie had to be feeling cornered in order to accuse Emma of the murder. Ryan intended to capitalize on Annie's desperation. Ryan was confident that he alone could coerce a confession out of Annie by pretending to help her to protect Emma. Zach and Liza refused to be excluded; they insisted that everyone would need to work together if they hoped to prove Annie's guilt.

When Liza pointed out that Annie was approaching, Ryan took advantage of the situation by punching Zach with enough force to knock Zach to the ground. As Ryan stormed passed Annie, Annie looked truly surprised. Annie chased after Ryan to ask him why he had punched Zach. Ryan explained that he wanted Zach to understand that Zach couldn't take their daughter. Ryan refused to allow anyone near Emma for fear that they would discover what she had done.

Liza helped Zach to his feet. Zach accused Ryan of enjoying the punch just a bit too much. Liza suggested that Zach didn't really want Kendall out of jail. Zach happened to look up and spotted Kendall skulking behind a potted plant as she watched them. He snapped at Liza never to imply that he didn't want Kendall out of jail. Zach was clear that Kendall was innocent and that he would do whatever was necessary to prove it.

After Zach walked away from Liza, he tracked down Kendall in the audio room. Kendall sniped that she was surprised that Zach had been able to tear himself away from Liza. Zach ignored the barb as he demanded to know what Kendall was doing out of the house. Kendall explained that she had called the neighbors, pretending to be Rachael, to ask them to watch the kids while she attended to an emergency.

Zach warned Kendall that someone might have seen her. They were both startled when a familiar deep voice responded, "Someone did." Zach turned to find Aidan standing in the doorway.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On the rooftop, Frankie wondered if he should give Madison a push. Madison warned that the blackmail tapes would go straight to the police if she fell off the roof. She demanded ten million dollars from him, and he asserted that Henry had wronged her, not Frankie. Jesse arrived on the roof, stating, "That's why she killed him."

Jesse claimed that Madison had killed Henry, and attempted to kill Frankie. Jesse said that Madison had followed Henry's "cheating ass" to D.C. to do it. In a flashback, Madison recalled seeing Randi flee a hotel room, while Henry bled on the floor. Henry had asked for Madison's help, but she'd crouched over him with an eagle's bust to finish the job.

Madison said she was innocent until proven guilty. Frankie vowed that she wouldn't pin a murder on his wife. Jesse ordered Madison to leave town. He stated that Madison's blackmail tapes were useless, since they implicated Madison in the crime. "What's it gonna be, precious? Prison or a one-way ticket out of here?" Jesse asked.

While dancing, Natalia and Brot witnessed Jesse and Frankie shuffling Madison to the exit. Brot commented that Frankie was handling it. Natalia said to shut up and dance.

Later, Jesse instructed a police officer to get Madison on a bus out of town. Off to the side, Randi wondered to Angie and Frankie if they could really prove that Madison, not Randi, had killed Henry. Angie replied that at least they knew Madison was gone for good.

Jesse informed Randi and Frankie that they could go home. Randi wanted to dance until they were eliminated, and she left for the dance floor. Frankie told Jesse that it seemed too easy. Near the dance floor, Jesse saw Brot and Natalia asking Randi if everything were okay. Randi said she'd be fine, and Jesse ordered Natalia to get back to watching Annie.

Later, the police officer returned to the dance-a-thon, and Tad excused the Hubbards from the floor to handle "police business." The officer assured Jesse that he'd watched Madison's bus leave. Just then, Frankie received a text message, instructing him to head to Erica's office alone. Frankie excuse himself, claiming it was hospital business.

When Frankie arrived in Erica's office, Madison spun around in the chair. She said she hated buses. Madison waved a tiny cassette, calling it insurance. She played the tape, and Frankie heard Randi considering confessing to Frankie before he found out another way. Frankie realized that Madison had sent a listening device to the house in the anonymous gift. Frankie demanded to know what Madison wanted. "Dance with me," she replied.

On the dance floor, Natalia sensed something was still wrong. Brot wondered what had inspired Natalia to become a cop. She said discovering that her father was the police chief helped her to understand her own restlessness. Brot shared that a similar restlessness had led him to join the Army. He said that while in Iraq, he'd worried about winding up in a body bag. "Instead, I come home like this," he stated. Brot said that Natalia was on her path, but he was still finding his.

In an audio room, Aiden confronted Kendall and Zach. Aiden realized that Zach hadn't been pressed to visit Kendall in prison, because some stranger was in Kendall's cell. Aiden figured that Kendall being in hiding wasn't much different than being in a prison cell. Zach advised Aiden to help Zach take Kendall home, and forget what he'd seen.

Kendall wanted Zach to go with her, but Zach said he was too close to cracking Annie. Kendall insisted that Zach's on-air kiss with Liza had meant something. Zach said that if Kendall didn't leave, she'd destroy their plan and risk sending everyone who'd helped her to prison. Aiden peeped out the door, and warned that Liza was headed their way.

Zach exited the room despite Kendall's protests. Liza saw Zach, and said she'd looked everywhere for him. He claimed to have been seeking a reprieve in the audio booth. Liza wanted to see his "oasis." Zach couldn't stop Liza from entering the room; however, he was relieved to find the room empty when he strode in behind her.

At home, an angry Kendall watched Annie dancing on the television. Kendall said it was an injustice that Annie was free, while Kendall was locked in a room with Aiden. She wondered why he'd ever helped Annie. Aiden replied that he done it for the same reason that Kendall had followed Zach's instructions: love.

On the dance floor, Annie wondered if Erica would be upset about Ryan dancing with Annie. Ryan said Erica was engrossed in a good cause. Annie worried that Emma might have to relive the nightmare, and wondered what Ryan would tell Erica about their conversation. Ryan replied that he'd say what Erica wanted to hear. "If I point the finger at you, then Emma stays protected. That's all that matters, right?" Ryan asked. Annie dismally agreed.

Aside, Liza commented to Zach that Ryan's charms must have been working, because Annie seemed on top of the world. Zach looked perturbed. Though Liza understood Zach's need to save Kendall, Liza warned him not to disrupt Ryan's progress with Annie.

When Erica returned to the event, Adam quipped that she'd hobbled back from the emergency room in record time to check up on her "new boy toy." Erica retorted that if Adam were looking to rein Annie in, he should try a leash or a jail cell. They approached Tad to finagle their way back into the competition. "If you dance, you dance together," Tad replied. When Colby and Pete saw Erica dancing with Adam, Pete bet $10 that Adam would find his way to Annie by the next song.

Adam accused Erica of holding the fundraiser just to corner Annie. He insisted that Annie was innocent. Erica reasoned that Annie had killed her own brother, so it wasn't a stretch that she'd killed Stuart. Adam claimed that he wouldn't be with Annie if she'd killed his brother. Erica figured that Adam was with Annie because he had a death wish.

When Erica heard Tad broadcast that someone had pledged $10,000 to see Erica Kane dancing with Ryan Lavery, she teased Adam for paying a small fortune to keep Annie away from Ryan. Adam bid her to have fun with her doormat. "Enjoy your lunatic," Erica sneered.

Annie gaily danced with Adam, stating that Ryan might let her see Emma. She believed that Ryan and she had just needed time to see each other as parents, not enemies. She said Ryan and she were putting their daughter first.

Erica eagerly asked if Ryan had gotten a confession out of Annie. Ryan said that Annie hadn't confessed, but she'd told him who'd committed the murder: Emma. Erica was angry that Annie was shielding herself with Emma.

Zach and Liza danced near Ryan and Erica, hoping to learn if Ryan had uncovered anything new from Annie. Ryan resentfully told Zach to back off, because Ryan had everything under control. The exchange grew heated, but when Tad intervened, the couples dispersed.

Later, Natalia was relieved when Annie and Adam earned a break from dancing. Natalia was exhausted, and Brot offered to help her take a nap while dancing. He placed her feet atop his, and let her rest her head on his shoulder.

Aside with Scott, Adam said he needed to stop listening to conspiracy theories, and start listening to his fiancée. Adam said he'd been given another chance, and a lot of people had benefited from it, including Liza, Zach, Kendall, and Ian. Scott replied that he didn't have his father. "You got me, and we both have Annie to thank for that," Adam replied.

In the bathroom, Annie thanked Erica for letting Annie borrow Ryan. Annie announced that she'd changed her mind about inviting Ryan to her wedding. A miffed Erica attempted to exit; however, she stopped when Annie continued that they were all practically family-except Kendall, who was in jail for killing Stuart. Annie wondered how Kendall would feel about Erica taking Kendall's "sloppy seconds." Erica slapped Annie in the face.

At a table at ConFusion, Liza told Zach to stop goading Ryan, because Ryan was on the right track. Liza suggested that Zach and she go home "separately." Zach said she could go, but he wanted to see things through.

Just then, Kendall called Zach. He lied that it was the babysitter, and stepped away to take it. Kendall announced that she'd returned to her "cell" unseen. She gave Aiden the phone, and Zach advised Aiden to remove the television if watching the marathon agitated Kendall. Aiden promised to take good care of Kendall, adding, "This time, I'll keep my hands to myself."

Later, Kendall was upset that Aiden had thrown their night together in Zach's face. Aiden assumed that Kendall wanted Zach to be as jealous as she was. Aiden couldn't believe Kendall was worried about Liza's one night with Zach. Kendall doubted Aiden knew what was best for her. Aiden said Zach had given him a detailed list. Kendall retorted that Zach wanted Aiden to lock her up. "First, he asked me to do this," Aiden said, unplugging the television. Kendall protested as he hauled it out of the room.

Back at ConFusion, Liza noticed that Zach was upset after his call. Zach vowed to put an end to other people handling his business. Zach marched over to Ryan at the bar, and claimed that Ryan's plan wasn't working, because Annie hadn't confessed. Ryan ticked off the reasons that his plan was working better than Zach's. Ryan figured that Zach wouldn't accept Annie's signed confession, if it were rendered from Ryan.

Ryan urged Zach to let the past go, because Ryan and Kendall had been helping each other. Zach quipped that Ryan had helped Kendall get revenge, while Kendall had helped Ryan get over Greenlee. Ryan replied that he'd never get over Greenlee. "Then you know how I feel," Zach asserted.

The dance continued, and Pete told Colby that he was starving. She said they could get a break once they'd earned $6,000. Pete groaned, and she threatened to call the "wambulance" to treat his whining. Pete said he wasn't whining; he was hypoglycemic.

As Tad broadcasted that the dancers would drop like files without donations, he discovered Pete sprawled on the floor. Still trying to dance while tugging Pete's arm, Colby told Tad about Pete's condition. A dazed Pete cried, "Uncle!" Tad corrected that he was Pete's brother. Pete uttered that "uncle" meant he quit. Tad helped Pete up, and sent the couple to eat.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Zach asked Ryan if he made any progress with Annie. Ryan said no, but he guaranteed that he would have more luck than Zach did.

Zach was skeptical that Ryan would be successful. Also, Zach had a hard time trusting Ryan. Liza encouraged Zach to give Ryan a chance. Zach rudely told Liza to leave him alone. She knew that he was purposely trying to push her away. He apologized to her. She wondered what would happen with his marriage, once Kendall was exonerated, but he did not want to talk about it. Liza stated that, if Zach was her man, she would appreciate him and never cheat on him. He kissed her.

Adam informed Ryan that Annie disappeared. Ryan questioned how that happened since Annie had a cop watching her. Adam said that the cop fell asleep and could not find Annie. Just then, they heard Annie scream.

Meanwhile, Annie and Erica were in the restroom. Annie taunted Erica about her relationship with Ryan. Annie wondered how Kendall would feel if she knew that Erica was dating Ryan. Annie noted that Erica was taking Kendall's "sloppy seconds." Erica looked furious as she slapped Annie across the face. Erica then grabbed Annie and threw her into a bathroom stall. Annie fell on top of the toilet and Erica said, "Oh good, now all I have to do is flush." Annie tried to leave, but Erica would not let her. Erica dunked Annie's head into the toilet.

Adam and Ryan entered the restroom and found Annie soaking wet. Annie wanted to fight Erica, but Adam urged her to relax. Adam and Annie left the restroom. Erica told Ryan that Annie was about to crack. Erica was certain that Annie was on the verge of confessing to Stuart's murder. Ryan warned Erica to be careful around Annie. Erica noted that she could take care of herself.

Ryan and Erica returned to the dance floor and the crowd cheered. Ryan could sense that Erica was distracted. Erica explained that Annie taunted her about their relationship. Erica wondered exactly where their relationship was going. He smiled and said that he was happy with their relationship, but he did not want to put a label on it. She agreed.

Tad announced to the dancing couples that "sex sells." He urged the couples to kiss in order to raise more money. Ryan looked into Erica's eyes and kissed her. Everyone on the dance floor applauded, except for Annie. Annie looked upset and ran out of the room. Erica told Ryan to follow her.

Ryan found Annie on the roof. She was distraught because she wanted a man to kiss her like Ryan kissed Erica. Ryan reminded Annie that Adam loved her. Annie said that Adam did not long for her the way that Ryan longed for Erica. Annie admitted that she was tired of putting on an act. She was especially tired of lying. He tried to get on her good side, so he commended her for trying to protect Emma.

Jake saw that Carey, Trevor's nanny, fell asleep while she was watching the baby. He tried to pick up Trevor, but she woke up. She told Jake that David did not want anyone holding the baby. Jake proceeded to flirt shamelessly with Carey. He pretended to cry as he told her how much he missed Trevor. She empathized with him. He then planted a big kiss on her.

Krystal saw Jake hitting on Carey. Jake assured Krystal that he had a plan. Krystal agreed to help Jake. She went to the dance floor and asked Tad to distract David. Tad pretended that one of David's patients made a donation and encouraged David to thank the patient. As David spoke to the television audience, Amanda looked for Jake.

Jake convinced Carey to leave him alone with Trevor. As Amanda approached Jake, he was removing Trevor from his play pen. Amanda wondered what Jake was up to.

Frankie was irate because Madison bugged his apartment. Madison caught Randi and Jesse talking on tape about their involvement in Henry's murder. Madison flaunted the tape and declared that she had the upper hand. Frankie angrily asked, "What do you want?" She replied, "Dance with me." He looked surprised, but agreed.

Jesse, Angie, and Randi were shocked to see Frankie and Madison walk onto the dance floor together. Jesse asked Frankie why he was dancing with Madison. Madison slyly smiled and handed Jesse a tape recorder.

Jesse, Angie, and Randi went to into an office to listen to the tape recorder. They were annoyed to learn that Madison bugged them. Randi exclaimed, "Madison won!" Angie urged Randi not to give up.

Angie wondered how a spoiled brat like Madison could manipulate their entire family. Jesse suggested that he confess, so Madison no longer had control over them. Angie did not want Jesse to confess. Angie noted that Madison would not leave their family alone, even if he confessed. Angie felt that Madison was determined to break up Frankie and Randi's marriage because her marriage failed.

As Frankie danced with Madison, he asked again, "What do you want." She whispered something into his ear. He looked aggravated. She said, "Make it juicy."

Randi asked Frankie what Madison's demands were. He was reluctant to tell her, but she demanded to know. Frankie revealed that Madison wanted him to divorce Randi. He affirmed that he would never leave Randi, regardless of Madison's threats. Randi told him to give Madison what she wanted.

Tad saw Madison standing alone on the dance floor, so he told her to leave. She said that she was waiting for her partner, Frankie. Tad stated that Frankie was a married man. He then told her that she was disqualified from the dance marathon. She looked miffed and went to the restroom.

Natalia followed Madison into the restroom. Natalia introduced herself as Jesse's daughter and Frankie's sister. Natalia then announced that she knew how Henry really died. Natalia pointed at Madison in the mirror and stated that a black widow spider killed Henry. Natalia grabbed a vase and broke the mirror with it. Madison looked horrified as she stared at her distorted image in the broken mirror.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

At Fusion, David wrapped up his plea for viewers to donate money for the charity. Nearby Krystal begged Tad to stall David, in order to buy Jake and Amanda more time to talk. Tad did his best, but David seemed eager to end his ordeal in front of the camera. As soon as David managed to walk away from Tad, Krystal attempted to divert David's attention. She claimed that they needed help with the telephones. She insisted that they might raise more money if David were answering the calls for donations.

David suspected that Krystal was up to something. Krystal denied it, but David didn't believe her. The issue became moot when the nanny approached David to inform him that Jake had taken Trevor. Krystal followed as David raced to ConFusion.

In ConFusion, Amanda wondered what Jake planned to do with Trevor. Jake clutched Trevor close to him as he revealed that he intended to run away with Amanda and the baby. Jake questioned Amanda's feelings for David when she seemed reluctant to agree to the plan. He worried that Amanda was in too deep and had started falling for David. Amanda denied the accusation, but Jake didn't believe her.

David, Krystal, and the nanny arrived moments later. David demanded to know what was going on. Amanda tried to cover for Jake; she explained that Trevor had been fussy, so Jake had soothed the baby. Jake refused to allow Amanda to lie for him. He defiantly warned David that he intended to take Trevor; according to Jake, there was nothing that David could do about it. Amanda appeared stunned.

Meanwhile, David calmly reminded Jake that Trevor was not Jake's son. When a police officer approached them, Amanda panicked. She begged David not to press charges against Jake. To everyone's surprise, David informed the officer that there had been a minor misunderstanding over a family matter. After the police officer left, Krystal questioned David's motivation.

David confessed that he had taken great pleasure in torturing Jake up until David had seen Jake with Trevor just moments before. According to David, he had seen and recognized the pain and desperation that Jake had felt. David didn't want to hurt Trevor, so he had decided to work something out rather than fight everyone over custody. To prove his sincerity, David agreed to allow Jake to visit Amanda and Trevor at Wildwind.

Amanda was delighted by the concession. However, after she and David returned to the dance floor, Jake confessed that he didn't trust David. Jake was certain that David's change of heart was merely an act for Amanda's benefit. Later, Jake quietly promised Trevor that he would do everything in his power to hold on to Trevor and Amanda.

On the dance floor, David credited Amanda and Trevor for his new outlook. David claimed that he had been deeply affected by how much his actions had hurt Amanda. David didn't want that for her or Trevor, so he had decided to let go of his anger. Amanda confessed that she wanted to believe David, but she had her doubts. David promised that he was sincere; however, he was curious if Amanda had been playing him.

Liza was startled when Zach leaned down to kiss her. They shared a passionate kiss before Liza pulled away to look deep into Zach's eyes. After a long moment, they resumed their heated kiss. When Liza suggested that they find some place quiet to continue what they had started, Zach claimed that he couldn't leave with her. He reminded her that he loved his wife. Liza tried to hide her hurt and disappointment. She claimed that she understood and then stoically watched as Zach walk away. Afterwards, Liza briefly gave into her tears.

When Tad spotted Liza, he informed her that she and Zach had been disqualified from the dance because their break had been too long. Tad immediately sensed that Liza was troubled. Liza confirmed his suspicions when she confided that Tad had been right to warn her away from Zach. Tad admitted that Zach hadn't seemed uninterested while he'd been kissing Liza on the dance floor. Liza pointed out that appearances could be deceiving.

When Tad and Liza spotted Zach across the room, Tad invited Liza to join him during his break. Liza gladly accepted; moments later they went to the rooftop. Liza was eager to find the most effective and efficient way to get over Zach. Tad suggested that Liza start by being honest with herself. Later, Zach found Liza sitting at the bar. He tried to apologize, but Liza cut him off. Liza decided to salvage her dignity by dropping Kendall as a client. Liza hoped that a clean break from Zach would help mend her broken heart.

In ConFusion, Adam accused Erica and Ryan of practically "rutting on the dance floor." Erica countered that Annie had been jealous when she'd seen her with Ryan. Adam adamantly denied that Annie had feelings for Ryan. Erica argued that the man that Annie didn't have feelings for was Adam. She suggested that perhaps one day Annie might grow to love Adam, but not until Ryan was out of Annie's system.

On the rooftop, Ryan urged Annie to tell him why she needed protection. Ryan promised to help her. Annie confided that she was afraid of what she could lose if she revealed too much. Ryan expressed concern that the secret was taking a toll on Annie. Unfortunately for Ryan, his plan to gain Annie's trust had backfired. The harder that Ryan pushed, the more suspicious Annie became. She accused him of wanting her to confess to Stuart's murder.

Ryan dropped all pretenses. He admitted that he had a difficult time believing that Emma could have killed Stuart. Annie argued that she could never falsely accuse her own daughter of such an awful crime. Before Ryan could respond, Adam appeared in the doorway. Annie played the victim until Adam hustled her away from Ryan.

When Adam and Annie returned to the dance floor, Adam offered to take Annie home. Annie refused to leave; she didn't want Ryan and Erica to think that they had gained the upper hand.

Erica spotted Ryan when he entered Fusion. She quickly led him to her office, so that they could speak privately. Ryan was frustrated because he had blown it with Annie. However, Ryan was confident that he could regain Annie's trust. Moments later, Zach entered the office. Zach was furious when he realized that Ryan had failed to obtain a confession from Annie.

Zach insisted that Ryan leave Annie to him, but Ryan stubbornly refused to back down while Emma was involved. Ryan insisted he could get the truth from Annie. Erica agreed because she believed that Annie would remain vulnerable to Ryan's charm as long as she continued to have feelings for him. However, Erica asked for a moment alone with Zach.

After Ryan left, Erica noted that Zach had lipstick on him; she assumed that it was Liza's. Erica demanded to know what was going on between Zach and Liza, but Zach said nothing. He simply turned and then walked out of the office.

Later, Ryan and Erica danced. Afterwards, they returned to her office where Ryan tried to open up to Erica about his feelings. Ryan admitted that he had missed Erica while she had been in Africa. However, Ryan hesitated to say more. Erica reminded Ryan of their promise not to label what they felt for each other. Ryan agreed; he didn't want to ruin what they had.

As Annie and Adam swayed to the music, Annie confessed that she could hear Adam's heart pounding. When Adam pulled away, Annie noticed that he seemed a bit unsteady on his feet. She suggested that they go home, but it was too late. Adam suddenly stumbled backwards and then collapsed. When Adam looked up, Stuart was leaning over him. Stuart asked, "Adam, what are you doing on the floor? Did someone shoot you too?"

Randi begged Frankie to give Madison what she wanted. Frankie refused to allow Madison to destroy their marriage. Randi feared that Madison would ultimately succeed in her quest to break up Frankie and Randi's marriage.

Natalia confronted Madison in the bathroom. Natalia claimed that she knew who had killed Henry. Madison's calm demeanor slipped when Natalia added that a big ugly black widow spider had done the nefarious deed. Madison was shaken when Natalia suddenly pointed to the mirror as she claimed that she saw the murderous culprit. Madison turned to look at the mirror while Natalia slowly reached forward and then smashed the mirror in the center where Madison's face had appeared.

Madison quickly composed herself. She admitted that Natalia had rattled her, but Madison refused to be baited. Madison was confident that she was in a perfect position to call the shots. She ordered Natalia to give Frankie a message; Madison demanded that Frankie give her what she wanted.

Natalia returned to her family, who were gathered on the dance floor. Brot was with them. As Natalia told them about her face-off with Madison, Angie noticed that Natalia's hand was bleeding. Natalia seemed a bit woozy as she examined the cut on her hand. Jesse was furious that Madison had pushed his daughter to the point of violence. Natalia demanded to know what Madison was after. She was stunned to learn that Madison wanted Frankie to divorce Randi.

A few minutes later, a police officer pulled Jesse aside to let him know that there was a situation in the bathroom. Natalia was tempted to go with her father, but Jesse insisted on handling the situation alone. In the bathroom, Jesse found Madison huddled in a corner. When she turned around, she had small cut on her cheekbone. Madison claimed that Natalia had attacked her, but Jesse didn't believe her.

When Jesse refused to arrest Natalia for assault, Madison threatened to get another police officer. Jesse physically restrained Madison to keep her from leaving. Frankie walked in and immediately assessed the situation. He asked his father to let go of Madison, so that he could examine the injury. After Jesse stormed out, Frankie checked the cut. He told Madison that it was superficial and that it wouldn't need stitches.

Madison appreciated Frankie's gentle touch. Her good humor fled when Frankie made it clear that he would not divorce Randi.

Frankie returned to his family's side. He wondered if anyone had seen Randi. No one knew where Randi was, but before Frankie could look for his wife, Madison approached them. When she found the Hubbards together, Madison asked if they always traveled in flocks. Undaunted by their lack of response, Madison announced that she had decided not to press charges against Natalia. Madison credited Frankie's effective negotiating skills for her change of heart.

Later, Randi appeared in the doorway, while Madison stood on the rooftop alone. Madison could see the rage in Randi's eyes. As Randi joined her the rooftop, Madison walked over to the door and then picked up a brick that had kept the door propped open. Madison offered the heavy object to Randi as she dared her to take her best shot.

Friday, September 25, 2009

David asked Amanda to be honest about the changes he'd witnessed in her relationship with Jake. Amanda was able to delay answering when she spotted an unsteady Adam sink to the floor across the room. Adam hallucinated and believed his brother was talking to him. Tad approached Annie and Adam after Adam hit the floor, and Annie encouraged Adam to take a break from dancing.

On the roof, Madison taunted Randi with accusations of murdering Henry. She offered Randi a brick and dared her to use it, since Randi was familiar with blunt objects. Randi grabbed the brick and started to do as asked. Brot walked out on to the roof and called out to Randi to get her to stop.

Randi resisted Brot's directive and said that she needed to do something to get Madison to stop the torture that had been inflicted on her family. Brot insisted that killing Madison was not worth it. Randi finally saw reason, dropped the brick, and left. Madison tried to raise Brot's ire, and insinuated that Brot couldn't think for himself.

Brot asserted that the Hubbards were good people and said that Madison needed to leave. Frankie, looking for Randi, showed up on the roof and was irritated when he saw that Madison was there. Madison made some lascivious comments toward Frankie before she called it a night and left, as well. Brot filled Frankie in on what had happened, and then begged Frankie to let him in on the entire story.

Jesse joined his son when Frankie and Brot walked down to Fusion. The Hubbard men told Brot about their theory of Henry's death, and Jesse was surprised that Brot took it so well. Brot revealed that he'd been chief investigator with his unit, and had learned to read emotions. He said that while Madison's face held a lot of emotions, grief was not one of them. Natalia approached and the conversation abruptly ended. She told Brot that they needed to get back on the dance floor before they were disqualified.

Angie walked in as Randi agitatedly paced around a room. Randi explained what had happened on the roof, and Angie reminded Randi that she'd acted out against Henry in self-defense. Randi continued to worry that her actions made her seem like a murderer. Angie told Randi that she had nothing to feel guilty about because far too many women arrived in the Emergency Room, bruised and broken, when they didn't to stand up for themselves. She then explained that if Randi refused to believe that she was better than the past she'd left behind, then Henry would have succeeded in breaking Randi's spirit.

Ryan updated Erica on what had happened with Adam. He questioned whether or not Adam knew that Annie was the guilty party. Erica didn't believe that Adam could stay engaged to the person that killed his brother. Ryan suggested that Adam knew the truth, but had it buried under all of his grief. Ryan said that Adam's exhaustion might be causing the information to resurface. Erica agreed that they needed to do whatever they could to get Adam to reveal everything that he knew.

As Scott walked up, David checked Adam out and stated that Adam would recover once he cooled down and rested. Annie said that they should go home, but Adam knew that Annie wanted to win the competition. Adam asked Scott to step in as Annie's dance partner so that she could see the dance through to the end. David protested the admission of a fresh dancer so late into the competition, but Tad told David to relax and remember that everything they were doing was for charity.

Amanda escaped down to ConFusion to check on Jake and Trevor. Amanda revealed that she had faltered when David asked her directly if she had been playing games. Jake said that he used to be afraid that David would realize Amanda had been lying, but that his fears had changed. Jake admitted to his worry that David was playing Amanda, and that Amanda was falling for it.

Amanda was upset that Jake could believe she would fall for David. She noted that she was grateful that David hadn't gotten the police involved after Jake admitted he wanted to kidnap Trevor. She also shared David's desire that they all get along for the sake of the baby. Jake said that he thought Amanda's gratitude was not unlike Stockholm syndrome, where the captive falls in love with the captor.

Amanda denied the possibility she could ever sympathize with David, but Jake questioned why she hadn't resumed wearing her wedding ring. She tried to convince her husband that even though the ring wasn't present on her hand, she was no less married to him. David arrived at that point and said that if he and Amanda didn't get back to the floor, they would be disqualified. Amanda reluctantly left, and Jake glumly watched them go.

Annie walked Adam to the door, but was hesitant to let her fiancé leave on his own. Adam told her that what would make him happy would be if Annie won the competition. He promised her that he would head directly home and get some sleep, and then return to the fundraiser once he got his second wind. Annie agreed to dance with Scott, but said that it wouldn't be as fun as being in the arms of the man she loved.

Tad told Jake that Krystal had updated him on David's relaxed stance on Jake spending time with Trevor. Jake didn't believe that David had been honest, and asked that Tad sit down with Amanda and try to make her see the truth about David. Jake then confessed that he wanted to walk away from Amanda, as Tad did with Krystal. Tad pointed out that the two situations were different, and said that Jake needed to remember that Amanda loved and wanted to be with Jake, not David.

As they resumed dancing, David asked if there had been enough time for Amanda and Jake to decide whether she would be honest with David. Amanda thought for a moment, and then admitted that she had been trying to play David. She said that she had hoped by getting closer that she would be able to figure out what was going on in David's head. David asked if she had changed her approach and planned to disarm him with the truth. Amanda told him that she didn't care if he believed her; she was just glad that they all seemed to want what was best for Trevor.

David realized that Amanda was tired and distracted by thoughts of Jake. He suggested that they bow out of the competition so that she could spend time with her husband and son. David took it one step further and suggested that Amanda take the baby and spend the night with Jake. Amanda was amazed that David would so suddenly drop all of his rules. She asked if he was afraid that Amanda and Jake would run with the baby, and David told her that he trusted her not to try to kidnap their son again.

Natalia asked Brot what he'd been talking about with Jesse and Frankie, and Brot admitted that he'd gotten the truth about the Madison North situation out of them. Natalia was taken aback because she'd been kept in the dark for so long. Jesse overheard the back part of the conversation, and congratulated Brot on his stellar police work.

Brot insisted that he'd stumbled into the situation between Madison and the Hubbards, but Natalia was upset that Brot had impressed Jesse ,where she had lost control. She wanted to know what he did, but Brot said he acted on instinct. Natalia lamented that because of her actions, she gave Madison more ammunition to use against her family.

A short time later, Natalia dared Brot to join the police academy, since he felt that he was so much better than the standard cadet. Brot didn't flinch at the charge, and instead pointed out that Natalia had a lot to learn because she hadn't seen any real action.

As they resumed dancing, Scott was unmoved by Annie's claims of worry over Adam's health. Scott insisted that Annie's concern would lessen once the ring on her finger was a wedding band from Adam. Annie was speechless after that assertion and simply stared at Scott. The cameras caught their locked gaze and Adam saw their connection on a television in ConFusion.

Ryan approached Adam and said that he'd heard Adam call out Stuart's name. Adam claimed that he'd been lightheaded and confused, but Ryan didn't buy it. Adam realized that Ryan was fishing for information, and mentioned some theories for consideration. Ryan insisted that Adam knew something wasn't right with Annie, and demanded to know why Adam would continue to protect the person who murdered his brother.

Ryan told Adam about Annie's claims that Emma was the person that aimed a gun at Stuart and pulled the trigger, but Adam didn't believe the claim. Ryan pointed out his belief that desperation had caused Annie to point the finger at a seven-year-old. Although Adam attempted to be dismissive, Ryan said that there was no way that Adam could believe that Annie was innocent after hearing that information.

Annie denied Scott's claims that she was only with Adam for the money, and then blasted Scott for his duality -- first friendly, and then hateful. She claimed that Scott's motives for his move back into the mansion were suspect, but he told her that he'd done as Adam asked because of the family connection. Annie pulled Scott close and said that she'd seen the way he looked at her when he thought she wasn't watching. She talked softly in his ear and then said that Scott would have a difficult time proving that he didn't find Annie intoxicating and arousing.

Scott played into Annie's game, and suddenly took the lead when he insisted that they could have everything they ever wanted if they just gave in to temptation. When Annie shakily resisted, Scott told her not to try to play him anymore. He told her it had worked once, but that it would never happen again. Annie continued to dance seductively and, although Scott warned her to behave, Annie claimed that she had no control. Downstairs, Adam watched the exchange, recalled Ryan's words, and then remembered the last time he'd accused Annie of killing his brother.

In Frankie's arms, Randi rehashed what had happened with Madison and how close she'd been to hitting Madison with the brick. Frankie tried to calm his wife down and said that Madison had been preying on Randi's fears as a way to break Frankie and Randi up. He then told her that he understood how out of control she felt, and how scary it was.

Krystal and Erica ran into each other in the bathroom, and discussed why they thought Adam stuck by Annie's side. After they agreed that Annie was the wrong person for Adam to be with, Krystal asked why Erica cared what happened to Adam. Erica said that even though the two of them fought more than anything else, Adam was meant to be a part of her life. Erica then pointed out that Krystal had firsthand knowledge of that phenomenon, as it seemed that she and Tad were growing close again.

Krystal tried to deny it, but Erica said it seemed the feelings were still present between Krystal and Tad. Krystal admitted that while there would always be feelings, what she had done -- cheating on Tad, leaving both him and her baby -- destroyed any possibility of them being together again. Further, Krystal believed that she'd hurt Tad so badly that he seemed incapable of sustaining a relationship with anyone new.

Tad found Krystal on the roof and asked if they could finish the dance they started. Krystal said that she wanted to, but only if she could be certain that Tad could forgive her for all that she had done. Tad hesitated, and that was all the answer Krystal needed. Her head hung low, Krystal left the roof and headed back down to the dance.

Angie and Jesse watched as Frankie and Randi decided to call it a night, while Natalia and Brot seemed to just be getting started. Jesse pointed out that Brot would need a lot of energy to keep up with Natalia, but that the young soldier seemed to be up to the task.

Amanda found Jake and told him that David wanted the three of them to spend the night together. Amanda thought that the news was the start of a new era, but Jake wasn't excited. Jake questioned David's motives, and then said that Amanda was falling for David's lies. He told Amanda that he couldn't continue to live without her, and wouldn't be placated by a one-night visit. As David watched unnoticed, Jake handed Trevor back to Amanda and walked away.

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