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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 21, 2009 on GH
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Jason went to General Hospital to consult with Robin about Michael's returning memories. Jason wanted to know whether or not those memories could be trusted. Robin said there was not a simple answer. When asked for specifics, Jason told Robin that Michael was beginning to remember people who confessed to him that they had been involved with Ian Devlin, the man who shot him.

Robin wanted to know what Jason would do if Michael's memories were real. When Jason did not answer, Robin said never mind, she knew what he would do. She told him that she remembered the gentle Jason from the time that Michael was a baby.

Robin said she hoped that Jason would consider what effect his actions would have on Michael should Jason make that person that Michael remembered hearing disappear. Robin pointed out that Michael could easily feel responsible and carry a lifetime of guilt because he trusted Jason with what he remembered.

Sonny went to prison to see Anthony. Sonny talked very tough when he told Anthony that he would kill Johnny if anything happened to anyone in his organization. Anthony responded that Sonny just wanted to get Johnny out of the way so he could go after Olivia. Anthony threatened Olivia, but Sonny did not waver.

He told Anthony that he would not hesitate to kill Johnny if anything happened to his near and dear. Sonny said that the kill order had already been given to someone other than Jason, just in case Anthony was thinking about taking Jason out.

Sonny told Anthony to stick to the agreement they had made when he wed Claudia, and all would be well. After telling Anthony that he knew his weaknesses, Sonny stalked out of the room. As soon as the door closed, Anthony told the departed Sonny that he had weaknesses, too.

Olivia burst in on Dominic and Johnny while they were shaking hands. She read Dominic the riot act because he was in Johnny's room at Mercy instead of his at GH. Johnny said that she was really mad at him. When he smiled at her, Olivia burst into an impassioned speech about how close to losing him she had been and how much she wanted him to recover. Dominic stood by dumbfounded.

When the nurse entered the room, Dominic and Olivia were banished to the hall. Dante was disgusted by Olivia's behavior and told her she was clueless. He insisted that Johnny would kill her in a heartbeat. Olivia was firm in her defense of Johnny. She was absolutely sure that Johnny would never harm her.

Dante chastised Olivia for being in the middle of his undercover work, and advised her to go home to Bensonhurst. She told him she would when he quit being Dominic and returned there with her. Dominic refused to leave his undercover work unfinished. Olivia softened and worried that his life was in just as much danger as hers. Lulu rounded the corner just as Olivia reached out and gave Dante a motherly caress on the cheek.

Neither Dominic nor Olivia explained what Lulu saw. The nurse was leaving, so they ushered Lulu in to see Johnny. Johnny thanked her for visiting. She told him that she knew he had been in the warehouse because he had taken Dominic's duty, so Dominic could stay at the fair with Lulu. Johnny brushed off his good deed. He and Lulu seemed to be in a good place with each other.

When Lulu got ready to leave, Dominic asked for a ride back to GH and she gave him one. When Johnny and Olivia were alone together, he asked about Spinelli. Johnny told Olivia that Spinelli had also saved his life because he had called 9-1-1 and refused to leave Johnny's side until Johnny was safely in surgery.

Johnny told Olivia that while he was hovering between life and death, the only thing he could think about was her. Olivia was overcome with emotion as Johnny expressed the depth of his feelings for her.

Olivia shared her fears of what could happen because of the constant danger that Johnny faced every day. She worried that Sonny would kill Johnny because of her. Johnny laughed when he told her that Sonny had had it in for him long before Olivia arrived on the scene.

Johnny told Olivia that the only way to get through each day was to live in the moment. She said she did not know if she could do that. As he hugged her close, Johnny asked Olivia to let him lead in that arena.

At Lucky's place Liz blamed her nervousness about being alone together on stress. Lucky said he was nervous because it had been a long time since they had been together sexually, and he worried about what would happen if everything he remembered as wonderful turned out to be awful and strange. Liz allowed Lucky to believe that those were her reasons, as well. Lucky called it the elephant in the room.

When Lucky took her in his arms, they begin to kiss, but as their passion mounted, Liz had a flashback of herself with Nikolas and broke contact. Lucky was very understanding. He believed that Liz was nervous for the same reason that he was. He was confident that she would soon be ready to make love with him, because they were sharing with each other honestly and could overcome anything.

Liz then told Lucky how much she loved him, but failed to add that she was not being completely truthful with him. She remained silent as Lucky took her in his arms and told her how happy they would be when they remarried.

Clad only in a blanket, Rebecca tracked a brooding Nikolas to the turret balcony. She asked if he was okay, and he asked her if he scared her. He added that sometimes he scared himself. He talked about how bad he was and how he had mistreated Lucky and Liz.

Rebecca was very consoling. She told him that she suspected that he still distrusted her, and added that he had every right. She said that she had to own what she did and earn his respect. In answer to his question she said that she did not fear him. She said that she cared about him and believed that they had a future together. Then she told him that she could not spend the night because she had to get beck to Edward at GH.

Shortly after Sonny got home, he and Jason had a meeting. Sonny told Jason all about his visit to Anthony and his threat to eliminate Johnny. Jason wanted to know if Sonny's plan for Johnny was about Anthony or because he wanted a clear path to Olivia.

Sonny defended his actions and was convinced that Anthony was boxed in. Jason was not so sure. Sonny told Jason that he had tapped someone else to make the hit on Johnny. Jason defended Johnny's loyalty, but Sonny shut him up. Claudia walked in and heard Sonny tell Jason that if Anthony hurt anyone under his protection, his friend Johnny would be no more.

Lulu took Dominic back to GH. As he tried to get undressed to get back in bed, Epiphany entered the room. She gave him a lecture about leaving the hospital. Dominic asked Lulu to get him some ice cream. She said okay, but not before telling Epiphany that Dominic had asked for help getting undressed. As Lulu left, Epiphany was efficiently relieving Dominic of his clothes.

At Nikolas' request, Ethan met him on the turret balcony. When Ethan wanted to know why, Nikolas gave him a check for a million quid. When Ethan wanted to know if he had to leave Port Charles and never see Rebecca again, Nikolas told him no. Nikolas told Ethan to cash the check and keep Rebecca away from him.

While Dominic waited for Lulu to return, Ronnie stopped in. He had Dante's badge with him to remind Dante about which side he was on. They had a spirited argument. Ronnie wanted hard facts. Dante said that Sonny was definitely planning to strike back, but did not tell Ronnie that Sonny had asked him to whack Johnny. Ronnie accused Dante of holding back, but before he could press further, Lulu returned with ice cream.

Ronnie left immediately. Dante tried to make conversation, but Lulu noticed that he was trying to hide something in his hands. She quickly relieved him of it and discovered his badge.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ethan arrived at Wyndemere, and Nikolas presented him with a check for one million dollars to be a cushion for Rebecca when she and Nikolas broke up. Ethan couldn't understand why Nikolas suddenly cared about Rebecca, when he made his intentions quite clear at the carnival. Ethan tore up the check and left, effectively denying Nikolas' offer.

At the hospital, Lulu wanted to know why Dominic had a badge. Dominic tried to convince her that it was a fake badge that he used to get himself out of situations with police. Lulu said she knew a fake badge when she saw one, and Dominic had a real badge. He admitted his badge was real, but it was stolen. He didn't want to get her into any trouble with her brother, but Lulu wasn't concerned about Lucky finding out.

Lulu either accepted Dominic's story about the badge or decided to stop questioning him. They started playing cards until Ethan walked in and interrupted them. He wanted Lulu's help with her brother, Nikolas. Lulu made it very clear that she was spending time with Dominic, and she didn't intend to interfere in Nikolas' problems.

Lulu decided to cut the cards with Dominic to determine if she would stay with him or confront Nikolas. If Dominic pulled the higher card, she would continue her evening with him. If Lulu received the higher card, she would attempt to help Nikolas with his issues. Ethan was thrilled to see Dominic pull a three from the stack of cards, but Lulu was even more thrilled when she pulled a two from the stack. After Ethan stomped away, Lulu started to leave, and Dominic found a spare card in her back pocket. Before Lulu walked out the door, she revealed another card, an ace, in her other pocket.

Meanwhile, Liz arrived at Jake's and asked Coleman's opinion on a good drink to help her stop thinking. Coleman recommended a Long Island Iced Tea, and Olivia plopped down next to Liz and asked for the same. The two women ended up drinking together and talking about their screwed-up love lives. Olivia felt like she had found the perfect man in Johnny. Liz was torn between wanting Nikolas and knowing she couldn't have him. Lucky was the perfect man for her, but there were no butterflies with him anymore.

Olivia offered her best advice to Liz and told her to reveal the truth to Lucky. Liz didn't think that was possible, and Olivia admitted that she hadn't ever been in that particular situation before. Once Liz was alone in the bar, she walked over to the jukebox and put some money in to play a song. A long song started just as Nikolas walked over to Liz and pulled her into a dance that seemed more like an intimate embrace.

At Sonny's house, Claudia overheard Sonny and Jason planning retaliation against Anthony by using Johnny as bait. Sonny warned Claudia to leave, because she wouldn't want to hear the conversation he was having with Jason. Claudia wasn't new to the game, though, and she knew Anthony had to be dealt with. Claudia also knew that she couldn't use herself as bait, because Johnny was the favored child. As much as she loved her brother, Claudia knew what she was getting into when she married into and continued her family's mob life.

After Jason left, Claudia told Sonny that she would like a gesture of good faith, since she was agreeing so wholeheartedly with his plan. Claudia wanted another baby. Sonny was taken aback at Claudia's request, but she appeared to sway him and they walked upstairs to the bedroom.

When Jason left Sonny's house, he arrived back home and found Michael talking with Sam. Michael was upset that Sam had betrayed him by revealing his memories to Jason. Sam tried to comfort Michael and she told him that Jason was the best person to understand what Michael was going through. Sam thought Michael should at least give Jason a chance.

As they talked, Michael had another flashback. Sam asked what had happened in the flashback, and Michael said he just remembered Claudia apologizing over and over again. Michael knew Sam was suspicious of his step-mother, but Sam assured him that she wanted real proof before anything was done.

Meanwhile, Spinelli was doing his best to find the perfect spot for his nuptials to Maxie. Spinelli was feeling frustrated as Maxie turned down each venue. They only had a few more days until their wedding and they had yet to find a place to get married.

After visiting a Buddhist garden, Spinelli asked Maxie if she was just trying to delay the wedding. Maxie denied wanting to delay her marriage to Spinelli. She started telling him everything she wanted about the place where her wedding would take place, and Spinelli furiously typed away on his computer. When it seemed like they were doomed, Spinelli found the perfect place -- and it just happened to be available on Friday.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

After a motorcycle ride, Sam and Jason returned to the penthouse. They were talking about their brief adventure when Spinelli entered the living room. Spinelli was frantic because he had not been able to reach Jason. Spinelli had averted a legal disaster, but there were wedding details that required Jason's immediate attention. As if to illustrate Spinelli's point, the tailor arrived with tuxedos for Spinelli and Jason to try on.

Sam decided to leave, but Spinelli begged her to stay. Spinelli feared that Jason might not cooperate during the fitting. Spinelli hoped that Sam's influence would have a calming effect on Jason. Minutes later, his theory was tested when Spinelli asked Jason to try on a pink tie. As Spinelli had anticipated, Jason balked. Sam dragged Jason out to the hallway, in order to reason with him.

She reminded Jason that Spinelli had been living in a pink bedroom for years. During that time, Jason could have painted the room another color, but he chose not to. Meanwhile, Spinelli had never complained. Sam suggested that the least that Jason could do for Spinelli, on the most important day of Spinelli's life, was wear a pink tie. When Jason and Sam returned to the penthouse, Jason held out his hand as he asked for the tie. Spinelli was overjoyed.

Later, Spinelli took the opportunity to thank Jason for saving his life time and again, as well as making him feel valued. Jason was embarrassed by the praise; he reminded Spinelli that he had merely agreed to wear a pink tie. Spinelli beamed happiness as he confessed that he couldn't imagine anything spoiling his wedding.

At Crimson, Maxie told Lulu that Spinelli had found the perfect place for them to get married: Rice Manor. When Maxie prayed for divine intervention, Lulu misunderstood. She assumed that Maxie was concerned about something ruining the wedding. Hoping to cheer Maxie up, Lulu announced that Kate was on her way to Tokyo, so she would be out of town for the wedding. Lulu was startled when Maxie expressed her disappointment.

Lulu advised Maxie to talk to Spinelli if she had doubts about getting married. Maxie was resigned to her fate because she refused to hurt Spinelli. After Lulu left, Maxie called her contacts in the hopes of discovering a problem with the wedding plans, but everything appeared to be going smoothly.

Moments later, Maxie was surprised when Matt entered Crimson. Matt offered to whisk Maxie away to the Bahamas for a two-week vacation. Maxie was offended by the invitation. Matt reminded Maxie of their talk during Robin and Patrick's wedding reception. He insisted that Maxie wasn't ready for marriage. Maxie refused to hurt Spinelli by jilting him; she loved him too much.

Robin was on the phone with the florist when Mac arrived at his niece's home to discuss Maxie's wedding. After Robin ended the call, Max told her about Spinelli's latest stunt. Mac had received a call after someone had broken into Rice Manor. It turned out that Spinelli had disabled the alarm system, so that he could show one of the rooms to Maxie. The alarm had activated when Spinelli had tried to reset it.

Mac had been tempted to arrest Spinelli, so that he couldn't attend the wedding. Robin reminded Mac that it was up to Maxie to call off the wedding, not Mac. A few minutes later, Patrick entered the living room. Mac didn't understand how Robin and Patrick could be so calm about Maxie's impending nuptials to Spinelli. Patrick hesitated to judge; he pointed out that there had been a time when Mac hadn't been happy about Robin's choice of grooms.

After Patrick left, Mac admitted that he didn't think that his feelings about Spinelli would ever change. Later, Patrick was relieved when he arrived home to discover that Mac was gone. Patrick confessed that Mac's behavior had freaked him out. Robin argued that Mac deserved a break; he only had Maxie's best interest at heart.

When Maxie stopped by to talk to Robin, she confided that she was terrified of getting married. Maxie feared that she would follow in the footsteps of her parents by ending up divorced. Maxie wondered how Robin and Patrick managed to make their marriage work.

Spinelli tracked Patrick down at the hospital. He was eager for Patrick's advice on how to win Mac over. Patrick suggested that Mac's primary concern was Spinelli's lack of stability. Spinelli pointed out that he had steady work from Jason and he was half owner of a private investigation business. Patrick conceded the point; however, it appeared that Mac's mind was made up. Spinelli was determined to get Mac's blessing. According to Spinelli, like it or not, Mac and Spinelli would be family.

Michael had a difficult time on his first day at Madison Prep School. A few students pushed him around and he had some harsh comments directed at him. Between classes, Kristina caught up to Michael. She was asking him about his day when Kiefer approached them. Kiefer was annoyed because Kristina had turned off the cell phone that he had given to her. Kiefer reminded Kristina that the purpose of the phone was so that they could reach each other at all times.

Michael didn't appreciate Kiefer's overly possessive attitude. Kristina begged her brother to calm down before things escalated. Kristina's request triggered a memory of Sam pleading with Michael to get well because Kristina needed him. Michael was rattled by the memory. He walked off without further comment. As Kiefer and Kristina watched Michael walk away, Kiefer accused Michael of being "whacked in the head."

Later, Michael turned up at Jason's penthouse. Michael explained that he had skipped school on his first day because he'd recalled something from his coma. As Michael revealed the details of his memories, Sam appeared confused. She confessed that she had never visited Michael while he'd been in the hospital or at the long-term care facility. Michael was shaken by the revelation.

Claudia went to the hospital to visit Johnny. She invited him to congratulate her because Sonny had decided that he wanted to have a baby with her. Johnny was curious why Sonny would want to start a family with Claudia. Claudia defensively argued that she didn't know why, but she suggested that perhaps Johnny was secretly happy that her baby had died.

Johnny denied the ugly accusation; he insisted that he was just concerned that they were attempting to replace the baby that they had lost. Claudia wondered why Johnny couldn't be happy for her or love her the way that he used to.

Olivia confronted Sonny at Greystone Manor. She wanted reassurance that Sonny would never target Johnny. Sonny refused to make any promises about Johnny to Olivia. He made it clear that he didn't trust Johnny and that he considered Johnny nothing more than leverage against Anthony. Sonny warned Olivia to stay out of his business. Olivia insisted that Johnny was a man with honor and integrity. As they continued to argue, Claudia walked in.

Claudia ordered Olivia to leave. Olivia agreed to leave because she was finished with Sonny, not because of Claudia's demands. As she stormed out of the room, Claudia made a point of loudly informing Sonny that Dr. Lee had given them the okay to proceed with their plans to have a baby. Olivia stopped dead in her tracks. She told Sonny that she pitied Sonny, Claudia, and their child if they went through with their plans.

Later, Claudia entered the living room as Sonny wrapped up a phone call with Bernie. Claudia invited Sonny to bed, so that they could work on starting a family. Sonny wondered why Claudia had felt the need to inform Olivia about their plans. Claudia claimed that it wasn't as if she could hide her pregnancy. Sonny reminded Claudia that she wasn't with child yet. To Claudia's frustration, Sonny then announced that he had leave.

Ronnie went to visit Dante in the hospital. Dante accused Ronnie of jeopardizing his cover. Dante explained that his police badge was missing; he was worried that someone could easily trace it back to him. Later, Dante was looking for the badge under the bed when Lulu strolled in. She tossed him the badge as she asked, "Are you looking for this?"

Lulu revealed that she had found the badge in her purse. She joked that she should return it to the New York Police Department; however, she left the badge on the table as she exited the hospital room.

At Metro Court, Carly was annoyed because she was expected to eat health food even though she was having breakfast in a four-star restaurant. Jax sensed that Carly was troubled about something else. Carly admitted that she was worried about Michael. She realized that Michael had been through quite a bit recently and she was concerned that starting a new school might be too much. Jax was confident that Michael would be able to handle things.

Later, Olivia entered the restaurant while Carly was in the restroom. Jax and Olivia briefly discussed business before Olivia confided that she feared that Sonny would discover that Dante was working undercover for his organization. After Olivia left, Carly returned to the table. When she mentioned having seen Olivia, Jax told her that a business contact had concerns because of Jerry and the hostage situation at the hotel.

Carly was surprised that something that had happened years before would be an issue. She argued that no one could compare Jax to his brother; they were as different as night and day. The conversation then drifted to Michael. After Carly promised not to drive by the school to check up on Michael, Jax raised the topic of Dominic. Carly was surprised when Jax confessed that he had changed his mind about Dominic recuperating in their home.

Jax went to the hospital to invite Dominic to live in his home while he recovered from his injuries. Dominic wondered what the catch was. Before Jax could respond, Sonny sauntered into the room. Sonny asked Jax to leave, so that he could discuss business with Dominic.

At Metro Court, Carly was shocked when she overheard Claudia loudly ask the bartender for a recommendation that would help settle her stomach while she was pregnant. Claudia smiled as she smugly confirmed to Carly, "Yes, Sonny and I are going to have another baby."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Michael told Jason that since the memory Michael had of Sam was bogus, then all his memories could be wrong. Jason told Michael to calm down and Michael said that Jason should admit that Michael was crazy. Jason assured Michael that things would be all right.

Sam suggested that Carly would be able to come up with an excuse for Michael leaving school on his first day. She told Michael not to be so hard on himself. Michael said that Carly could not be involved because of her high-risk pregnancy.

Michael told Sam and Jason that he could not trust anything that he remembered. Sam informed Michael that it was not his responsibility to figure everything out. Jason told Michael that he should take it easy and let things work themselves out.

Michael stared at himself in the mirror and remembered what the carnival psychic had told him. Michael had a flashback to when the psychic said that some of the villains were by the bed and some were in the mirror. Sam approached Michael and asked why he was staring at himself in the mirror.

Michael said he thought about the psychic. Sam said that the woman was probably a fake, but Michael insisted that she was not. Jason asked Michael why he thought the psychic was real. Michael said because he was crazy and then ran out of Jason's house.

Carly asked Claudia if Claudia was pregnant. Claudia responded that she and Sonny had tried to get pregnant. Carly asked if Sonny knew about that. Claudia said that she and Sonny both wanted to have another child.

Carly told Claudia that she couldn't replace one baby with another. Claudia asked Carly why she was so concerned when she was pregnant with her own child by her own husband. Carly said that Claudia was jealous of the place that Carly had in Sonny's life.

Claudia retorted that she and Sonny were a perfect fit and that their child would have everything. Carly said that Claudia would never understand the connection that Carly and Sonny had because they shared children and had been married four times. Claudia said that Carly blew it four times and that Claudia was the only woman that Sonny would ever need.

Carly told Claudia that Carly and Sonny had been through so much that Claudia could not understand. Claudia asked if Carly's husband even understood Carly's relationship with Sonny. Carly retorted that Jax and Sonny fought over any and every thing, but that it had nothing to do with Claudia.

Carly said that she and Jax wanted the same kind of life, and she and Sonny did not. Claudia said that she was glad that Carly could recognize that. Claudia informed Carly that when Claudia and Sonny had a son, he would be raised to take over the organization.

Claudia said that she would give Sonny the family that he wanted. Carly told Claudia that Sonny already had a family and that Claudia had better not mess with Sonny's relationship with his kids. Claudia said that she would not be threatened by anyone anymore. Carly warned Claudia that she should be careful who she called out, because next time she was trapped in a car that was about to explode, she might be left there.

Jax told Sonny that Jax and Dominic were in the middle of something. Sonny said that he would not take long. Jax saw Dominic's badge and covered it up. Jax asked Dominic to seriously consider his offer and said that Morgan looked forward to it. Jax swiped the badge off of the table and put it in his pocket.

Jax left and Sonny suggested that Dominic move in with Sonny instead of Carly and Jax. Dominic protested Sonny's suggestion. He told Sonny that he was a terrible houseguest. Sonny told Dominic that Sonny wanted Dominic under his roof so that Sonny could keep an eye on him.

Dominic said that maybe he would be better off if he stayed in the hospital. Sonny said that since Anthony had failed to kill Dominic at the warehouse, that Anthony would try harder the next time. Sonny said that since Dominic saved Morgan, Sonny felt responsible to keep Dominic safe.

Dominic thanked Sonny for the offer and Sonny left to have the car driven around. Jax reentered the room with the badge. He told Dominic that Dominic had been careless with the badge. Jax threw the badge at him and called him Detective Falconeri.

Jax told Dante that he might want to put his badge in a safe place. Jax said that it was no wonder that Dante's mother was worried about him. Dante realized that Jax knew about his situation. He asked Jax to convince his mother to leave town and to fire her if necessary. Jax said that he would not do that.

Jax said that Dante was the one who arrived in town after Olivia and that the sooner Dante got Sonny arrested, then the better off they would all be. Dante questioned why Jax wanted Sonny to go down. Jax said that he wanted Sonny to go to prison for the rest of his life. Dante asked him why. Jax said that his family would be safer and that he would do anything to help Dante bring a case against Sonny.

Dante asked if Jax had any reservations about what Dante would do to Sonny. Jax said he was worried about what Morgan would think and feel about it. Dante said that he did not want to hurt Morgan, but that it might help Morgan to see that no one was above the law.

Dante said that Morgan might get hurt. However, in the end, Morgan might learn a lesson that could save his life. Jax told Dante that he would have more access when he lived with Sonny and that Dante should work fast before someone else found out who he was.

Olivia was meeting with a Dr. Kurtz for a Dental Convention that was to be held at the Metro Court. He expressed his concern that the hotel might be dangerous because of the previous hostage crisis. As Olivia tried to assure him that the hotel was completely safe, Johnny stumbled in and there was blood on his shirt from his bullet wounds.

Johnny told Olivia that he had to see her. Dr. Kurtz was gone and Olivia told Johnny that he scared the man off. She said that he lost the Metro Court a big customer. She protested that he left the hospital too soon, but he said that she should just admit that she was glad to see him.

Olivia responded that she cared about Johnny's life and he should not risk it to see her. Johnny asked her to take him back to his place and tuck him in. Olivia insisted that would not be good for his health, and Johnny said that he would not go back to the hospital.

Olivia took Johnny back to her place to take care of him. She was upset that he left the hospital, but told him that she would help him recover. Olivia got some blankets to help Johnny feel more comfortable. She said that she wanted to keep him safe.

Johnny told her that she could not protect him from Sonny or anything else. He said that she could not change him or make him a better man, and that all she could do was sit back and be the best thing in his life. Johnny said that whether he lived one more day, six months, or a year, he wanted to spend all the time he had left with Olivia.

Johnny told Olivia that he had never felt that way about anyone before. Olivia said that she felt the same way. They were interrupted by a phone call from Dante. He pretended to be Dominic on the phone. He thanked "Ms. Falconeri" for the visit she made to his hospital room and informed her that he would move in with Sonny to recuperate. Olivia told Johnny what "Dominic Perelli" said on the phone and added that she thought that it was a really bad idea.

Johnny remembered that Olivia said that she did not trust Dominic. Olivia again warned Johnny not to trust Dominic. Johnny said that he could take care of himself and Olivia said that she hoped that was true.

Michael went to Jax's office and Carly was there. Carly asked why he was not in school, and he said that he had to leave there because he was about to lose it. She asked him to tell her what happened. Michael said that he remembered things that never happened. That he could not tell if they were memories or just dreams. Carly asked him what the people said to him in his memory.

Michael told her that it did not matter what people had said. Carly reminded him of when she was in a coma after Morgan was born. She said that she went to an entirely different place and even though she knew that it was not real, she could not just let it go when she woke up. She told him that she was scared and it took her a while to connect to people again.

Carly told Michael that they should go get some pizza. He agreed, but said that she would have to get a salad. She said she would not have to, as long as they did not tell Jax. Later, Jax arrived at his office, where Carly and Michael ate.

Michael explained to Jax why he left school early. He told Jax that some of his memories might not have happened. Carly told Michael it was okay and she was just glad he was not in the coma anymore. Michael remembered Claudia telling him that she sent the shooter and that she was the reason that he got shot.

Sonny entered the house and Claudia told him about her altercation with Carly. Sonny said that she should not fight with Carly because Carly could have a stroke. Claudia said that Carly was very possessive of Sonny, like the two of them were still married. Sonny said that he and Carly were connected.

Sonny asked if Claudia had told Carly about their attempt to get pregnant. He said that he hoped she had not and stated that it was a private matter. Claudia said that they had not agreed not tell anyone. Claudia could see that Sonny was upset, so she seductively suggested that she could make it up to him.

Sonny said that she could make it up to him if she got the house ready for Dominic to move in. Claudia was thrown off by his statement and could not believe that Sonny would have Dominic move in with them. Sonny asked her why she had a problem with it.

Claudia said that she did not like Dominic because he used to work for her dad. Sonny said that he owed Dominic because Dominic had saved Morgan. Sonny felt he needed to keep an eye on Dominic, anyway. Claudia said she would make Dominic feel welcome. Sonny looked at her suspiciously. She said that marriage was all about compromise.

Claudia said that she would give him something that he wanted and he could give her something that she wanted. Claudia whispered into Sonny's ear what she wanted and then walked away. Later, Claudia was in the living room when Dominic arrived. She told him that she wanted him gone.

Dominic asked if Claudia was still afraid that he would tell Sonny that she ordered him to kill Jason. Claudia told him that if he threatened her, then she might feel the need to defend herself. Just then, Sonny walked in. He could see the tension between Claudia and Dominic, but she smiled and said that she had welcomed Dominic to their home.

Maxie told Robin that she was still petrified about the marriage. Robin suggested that Maxie should not be more concerned about Spinelli than Maxie was about her own self. Maxie said that she would not do anything to mess the situation up. Robin told her to be honest with Spinelli about how Maxie felt about marriage.

Maxie said that she had done bad things in the past, but that she had a good job and a man that loved her. Maxie insisted that if she had to force herself to get married to keep the good things in her life, then she would. Robin told Maxie that she needed to be honest with herself.

Patrick told Spinelli that Mac would never approve of Spinelli. Patrick said that Spinelli should not approach Mac, but assured Spinelli that Patrick and Robin would handle Mac.

Maxie told Robin that nothing between her and Spinelli had to change after marriage. She also told Robin that she and Spinelli would live with Jason because that was what Spinelli wanted. Robin questioned that choice at first and then agreed that it would be okay.

Maxie said that she wished that Mac would not hate Spinelli. Robin responded that Mac would never think that the guys they were with were good enough for either one of them. Spinelli and Patrick arrived at Robin and Patrick's house. Spinelli and Maxie left to go to their rehearsal dinner.

Robin told Patrick that things did not look good. Patrick asked if Maxie would go through with the wedding and Robin said they would have to wait and see. Later, Patrick and Robin arrived at the hall for the rehearsal dinner. Mac ranted about how Maxie could do so much better than a thug/computer hacker.

Robin said that Maxie really needed Mac's support at that time. Patrick told Mac that Maxie needed his blessing. Mac said that he would never give his blessing. Just then Spinelli and Maxie ran in. Patrick grabbed Spinelli to stop him as he approached Mac, and Mac pulled Maxie into a tight hug.

Lulu arrived with a bouquet for Maxie. Mac asked Lulu to try to stop the wedding, but Lulu said she could not stand in the way of true love. Sam arrived with Molly and Kristina. Mac continued to protest, and Robin took him aside. Robin asked him not to go off in front of Molly and Kristina.

Mac became upset again when Jason arrived. Robin and Patrick again tried to convince Mac that it was Maxie's decision not his. Mac said he agreed, and then asked where the priest was. Just then, a Buddhist monk walked in. Mac got fed up and told Spinelli that he was under arrest.

The monk explained that he needed to find the garden room. Spinelli and Maxie told him where it was and alluded to the fact that they had sex in that room the previous night. Mac asked Jason to do something to stop the wedding. Jason said that he was sure that the priest was on his way. Maxie wishfully stated that maybe they would have to postpone since the priest had not arrived.

Mac took the opportunity tell everyone to leave. He said that they could not have a rehearsal or wedding, since the priest had not arrived. Mac tried to get everyone to leave, but the priest ran in and said that he had been in the wrong part of the building. The priest said that he had run into the monk, who stated that some chanting was needed in the room with Mac.

Mac said he did not want any chanting. The priest said that the monk had offered to chant on Mac's behalf. The priest continued that the monk also reminded him that love was the most powerful thing in the universe and that it could bring everyone together, no matter how far apart they seemed.

Sam saw that Kristina was upset about something and asked her what was wrong. Kristina said that Michael had left school and she was not sure if she could help him. Molly ran up and told her two sisters that the rehearsal was about to begin. The priest ran through what would take place the next day. Spinelli and Maxie practiced their kiss.

Mac yelled at them to stop as they continued to kiss. After the priest was done, Maxie grabbed Jason and said that she needed to talk to him. Later, Maxie met Jason alone and told him that she did not want to marry Spinelli. Jason told her that she needed to tell Spinelli the truth and that Spinelli would understand.

Maxie responded that she only told Jason so that if she freaked out at the altar, Jason could grab her and remind her that she loved Spinelli. She said that she could not imagine her life without Spinelli, and that she wanted to be with him, but she did not want to get married right then.

Maxie told Jason that she would just lie and that he had to grab her if she looked like she was going to run away from the altar. Maxie made Jason promise that he would not let her hurt Spinelli. She said that she did not want to break Spinelli's heart. Spinelli stood outside the door and listened as Maxie talked to Jason.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Maxie's wedding day started off with a nightmare as Maxie dreamed of her future with Spinelli. In the dream, a serious, self-assured Spinelli checked his weapons while he and Jason prepared to embark on mob-related business. A pregnant Maxie entered the living room, carrying a daughter in one arm while her son ran around playing with a toy machine gun. Maxie was dressed in unflattering maternity clothes while her limp hair was pulled with an ugly barrette.

Lulu arrived moments later, looking fabulous. Lulu was the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine and about to jet off to Paris. Lulu had stopped by to see her godchildren, one of whom was crying inconsolably. Minutes later, Robin and Patrick arrived with Mac in tow. Apparently, Mac had lost his mind when Maxie had married Spinelli. As Mac babbled incoherently, Spinelli announced that he'd had an epiphany. According to Spinelli, he was in love with Lulu.

Maxie woke up from her horrible dream to find Robin and Lulu smiling down at her. Robin and Lulu ordered Maxie to rise and shine; it was her wedding day. Maxie confessed that she'd seen her future and it consisted of granny panties and crying children. Lulu and Robin appeared confused, but Maxie didn't elaborate about her dream. Instead, Maxie stood up and then dashed out of the room.

Robin and Lulu tried to reassure each other that Maxie would be fine. However, it was clear that they had their doubts. Later, as Robin fussed with Maxie's hair, Maxie confided that she had thought about inviting Felicia to the wedding. In the end, Maxie had decided not to extend the invitation to her mother. Maxie feared that Felicia would attend, which would open old wounds. Maxie didn't want a repeat of the scene during Georgie's funeral to mar her wedding day.

Robin and Lulu talked while they waited for Maxie to return from the bathroom. Lulu worried that Maxie was on the brink of freaking out, while Robin admitted that she had expected Maxie to be a nervous wreck. Robin and Lulu were about to hunt down Maxie when Maxie entered the bedroom. Maxie was eager to receive her gifts from her bridesmaids.

Robin gave Maxie a handkerchief that Filomena, Robin's grandmother, had carried on her wedding day. Lulu's present was a small clutch purse that had once belonged to famed fashion designer, Coco Chanel. Lulu hoped that one day, when Maxie was famous in the fashion world, she would pay it forward by giving the purse to another bride who would feel equally honored to own something that had once belonged to Maxie. Maxie was deeply touched by the thoughtful presents; she thanked Robin and Lulu for keeping her grounded.

At the penthouse, Jason entered the living room to find Spinelli diligently working on his wedding vows. It was clear that Spinelli was frazzled. Spinelli explained that he had accidentally deleted the vows that he had written. The new vows were proving to be quite difficult to compose. Jason suspected that something else was bothering Spinelli. Spinelli confessed that he was uncertain about marrying Maxie. He feared that the deleted vows and his grandmother's decision not to attend the wedding were bad omens.

Spinelli wondered if he should call off the wedding. Jason couldn't answer that question, but he did advise Spinelli to focus on what was in his heart. Jason then offered Spinelli words of encouragement. According to Jason, Maxie was the lucky one, because there wasn't anyone better than Spinelli. Spinelli appeared to appreciate Jason's praise.

At the Drake residence, Patrick helped Mac prepare for Maxie's wedding. Mac was a wreck; he wasn't happy that Maxie was about to marry a man who worked for a mobster. Patrick reminded Mac that he wasn't happy about Robin marrying Patrick, either. Mac argued that at least Patrick was a doctor. Patrick corrected Mac; he was a neurosurgeon. Mac grunted and then confessed that he had looked in on Maxie before he had left the house that morning. Mac revealed that Maxie's life had flashed before his eyes as he watched her sleeping. Mac insisted that Maxie was too young to get married.

At the Davis residence, Sam primped while she waited for her sisters to get ready. Molly ran into the living room with Kristina hot on her heels. Kristina was furious because Molly had taken a necklace that Kiefer had given to Kristina. Molly argued that Kristina hadn't planned on wearing the necklace, so she didn't understand why Kristina was angry. Sam asked Kristina to be the bigger person by lending the necklace to her sister.

After Kristina stomped out of the room, Sam scolded Molly for taking the necklace without asking Kristina's permission. As Molly sat down on the sofa, Sam decided to question her youngest sister about Kiefer. Sam was curious what Molly thought of Kristina's boyfriend. Molly admitted that she thought Kiefer was awesome. According to Molly, Kiefer had the potential to be a real romantic hero, but she doubted that Kristina's love for him would last forever.

Molly then prattled on about various romantic couples, including Spinelli and Maxie, whom she likened to Cyrano de Bergerac and Roxanne. Sam had no idea what Molly was talking about, so Molly clarified that gorgeous people tended to fall in love with other gorgeous people. Spinelli and Maxie gave hope to all nerds because the "babe" had picked the "genius." Molly then began talking about Sam and Jason being star-crossed lovers.

Again, Sam was forced to admit that she had no idea what Molly meant by "star-crossed," but she insisted that she and Jason were just friends. Molly didn't believe her; she was confident that Sam and Jason were lovers, not friends. Sam smiled, but didn't have an opportunity to comment further because Kiefer had arrived.

Kiefer immediately recognized the necklace that he had given to Kristina. Kristina emerged from her bedroom to explain that Molly had taken it without asking. Kiefer was stunned by Kristina's appearance. He was anxious to show her off to his friends. Kristina reminded Kiefer that she was expected to do a reading at a wedding, so she couldn't go anywhere with him. Kiefer seemed slightly annoyed, but he didn't say anything.

Wedding guests began arriving at Rice Manor. As Carly and Jax entered the drawing room, they were reminded of their own wedding. Jax admitted that he'd marry Carly all over again. Meanwhile, Coleman took Morgan out to the patio to see a nest that he had found.

Elsewhere, Patrick asked Mac if he needed anything like a stiff drink or perhaps an antidepressant. Mac preferred that Patrick simply shoot him in the head to put him out of his misery. Moments later, Spinelli and Jason arrived. Spinelli wanted a word alone with his future father-in-law. Mac bristled at the reminder; he preferred to remain in denial for as long as possible. Spinelli forged ahead as he promised to always love and take care of Maxie. Mac suggested that if Spinelli had meant what he had said then he would call off the wedding.

Morgan ran up to Dominic when he spotted him. Dominic revealed that he had decided to recuperate at Sonny's house. Morgan was disappointed, but he understood Dominic's decision. After Morgan walked away, Jax confessed that Dominic had made a wise move. By staying at Sonny's house, Dominic would be in a position to gather evidence to take down Sonny. Dominic asked Jax to keep his voice down; he didn't want anyone to overhear their conversation.

Moments later, Olivia and Johnny arrived. As they sat down with Carly and Jax, Carly gave the couple her approval. Johnny appreciated the support. Nearby, Dominic overheard the exchange. He decided to step out onto the patio for fresh air.

Lulu was surprised to discover that Dominic was at the wedding, since he barely knew the bride or groom. Dominic claimed that he had wrangled an invitation after he had learned that Lulu was a maid of honor. Lulu smiled as she walked away.

Spinelli was rattled when he noted the number of the guests milling around. Spinelli wondered if he and Maxie should have just eloped. Sam, Kristina, and Molly's arrival helped calm Spinelli's nerves. Spinelli admitted that he looked forward to Molly's poetry reading.

Robin entered the drawing room a few minutes later to let Spinelli know that Maxie had arrived. After Robin returned to Maxie's side, Jason announced that it was time to get the wedding underway. Spinelli experienced a bout of cold feet, but when Jason suggested that Spinelli talk to Maxie, Spinelli declined. Jason advised Spinelli to focus on Maxie by looking into her eyes and then speaking from the heart.

Mac confessed to Patrick that he didn't know how he would manage to get through the ceremony. Patrick suggested that Mac do exactly what he had done on the day that Patrick and Robin had married.

Robin returned to the limo to let Maxie know that Spinelli needed a few minutes to gather himself. Maxie admitted that she had been thinking profound thoughts. Maxie was certain that if Georgie had lived, she would have been the one meeting Spinelli at the top of the aisle, not Maxie. Maxie revealed that when Georgie had died, it had left an empty place in Maxie's heart. Maxie was certain that Georgie had sent Spinelli to her. Spinelli was the best thing that had ever happened to Maxie; she thought that it would be ungrateful and arrogant of her turn him away.

Mac arrived to escort Maxie down the aisle. Robin and Lulu offered a few final words of encouragement before they left to give Mac and Maxie a few minutes alone. Mac and Maxie spoke from the heart. Maxie realized that Mac didn't approve of Spinelli, but Mac insisted that it didn't matter. Mac understood that Maxie loved Spinelli and that Spinelli made her happy. To Mac, that was all that mattered.

Spinelli welled up with tears when he saw Maxie enter the drawing room on Mac's arm. She looked radiant as Mac walked her down the aisle. When they reached Spinelli, Mac shook the young man's hand. He made it clear that he was entrusting Spinelli to take care of Maxie.

As Father Coates began the ceremony, Maxie and Spinelli gazed deeply into each other's eyes. When it was time to recite their vows, Spinelli spoke first. He told Maxie that he had lost the vows that he had written, so he was left with nothing but the words in his heart. The guests chuckled when Spinelli admitted that he was not like others and that he never had been.

Spinelli admitted that he was okay with being different. According to Spinelli, Maxie had understood Spinelli from the moment they had met. Spinelli was profoundly grateful and shocked that she loved him. To Spinelli, that was the most precious gift and one that he never intended to betray. For that reason, Spinelli couldn't marry Maxie.

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