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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 5, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, December 5, 2005

Jennifer rushes downstairs and tells Frankie that she had a dream that Jack was alive and states that she feels this in her heart. Abby is troubled by her mother's insistence that Jack is alive and will be home any minute. Max and Chelsea try to help Abby deal with her troubles. Later, Chelsea admits to Max she's impressed with his kindness and though he wants to move their relationship forward, Chelsea doesn't know if she's ready. Stopping by the hospital again, Shawn tells Mimi he just learned Claire's been transferred to the pediatric ICU which isn't a good sign. After Shawn runs off to see his parents, Kate again pushes Mimi to get closer to Shawn but Mimi's curious about her concern for her love life. When Mimi guesses it may be due to Rex coming to town, Kate explains that she's pushing her and Shawn because she knows that Belle and Shawn still have feelings for each other. Hearing Mimi admit finances are part of the reason they're a long way from being close, Kate offers her Belle's job at Basic Black. Bo reports to Hope that they have yet to find Jack's body. Shawn stops by for a visit and learns the tragic news about Jack. He counters with his own news about little Claire which leads Hope and Bo to talk about J.T. and Chelsea. When Shawn returns, Mimi mentions the job offer from Kate and though she guesses it has to do with Kate's fear that Shawn will reunite with Belle, she thinks there's something else involved. Philip and Belle are kicked out of the ICU after Claire starts having trouble breathing.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Bo, Hope, Billie, and Roman arrive at Jennifer's. Together with Frankie, Abby, Max, they finally get Jennifer to accept that Jack is dead. The clan comes together with bonding, support and love in this time of grief. Hope fills Billie in about Philip and Belle's baby's illness and they talk about the potential horror of losing a child. Billie and Hope know what that's like from Billie believing Georgia was dead and Hope being forced to give up JT. Chelsea, empathizing with what Abby's going through, grows closer to Bo. Frankie promises to be there for Jennifer as long as she needs him.

Philip and Belle's baby is stabilized after the code blue. Lexie determines that she needs a transfusion. Kate is terrified that they'll discover Philip's blood is not compatible and that Shawn is the baby's father. To Kate's horror, Lexie determines that they can't use Philip's blood... but because he's still taking medication for his leg/amputation. Shawn and Mimi volunteer to be tested and Kate is worried. Shawn's blood, of course, is compatible, but Lexie isn't surprised. Matching Claire's type isn't that unusual. Belle goes to give a blood transfusion. Shawn is grateful that he might be able to do something to help if they need him. Kate fears the truth about Shawn and the baby could come out at any time.

Lucas continues to visit with Carrie at the High Style office, promising not to tell anyone he's seen her. Carrie remembers happy times with Austin and Carrie agrees to have dinner with Lucas.

Sami is still fuming over finding Austin's File-o-fax entry revealing that he's still in love with Carrie. Lucas calls Sami to look after Will and Sami remembers all her machinations to keep Carrie and Austin apart. Sami doesn't know why she's worrying about Carrie and Austin since, as far as Sami knows, Carrie is still deliriously happy with Mike and thousands of miles away in Israel.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Eugenia brings Lucas breakfast and a headline regarding Jack's death. Lucas chokes up as he asks Julie what he can do. Eugenia is sorry about Jack. She suggests a day off, but Lucas declines. He says High Style isn't a good investment. Eugenia gets mad when he won't explain why. Lucas doesn't share her concern that Austin will snap up High Style. Carrie's assistant, Becky, finds a picture of her with "hunk" Austin. The divorcee tells her love-life story and Becky encourages her to go back to Austin. Carrie calls Lucas to cancel dinner. He tells her about Jack. She loves Jack and will email Mike about him. Kate calls to ask Lucas to join Philip at the hospital. He's angry she hasn't already told him about Claire. Perking up, he tells a picture of Carrie she's nothing like Sami. He goes to the hospital and calls Carrie. She's upset about her niece, whom she hasn't even seen. He talks her into dinner. Becky's excited until Carrie explains it wasn't Austin, but his brother.

Shirtless Austin sympathizes with Sami, who cries over Jack. She steels herself by looking at Carrie's picture. Austin catches her and she lies. Sami later rants at the picture. Eugenia pauses on her way out and cautions Sami to stop chasing Austin before she makes a fool of herself. Austin finds his file-o-fax open. Sami confesses, but accuses him of purposely leading her and Nicole on. She tearfully asks whether, while engaged to her, he still loved her sister. Austin thought only of Sami then. She vows not to let Carrie interfere.

In the hospital, Mimi wakes Shawn with coffee. They go to the chapel and she offers a heartfelt prayer. Shawn has enjoyed being with her. Kate tells Victor about the transfusion. Belle wakes Philip because Claire's cyanotic. She freaks out over the prospect of a ventilator. She refuses to leave her baby, but sends Philip for coffee. He cries as he tells Kate. She insists nothing will destroy his family. Crying, Belle hugs an unmoved Kate. She's angry when Lexie wants to do another spinal tap. Philip tells his wife to trust Lexie, as they've no choice. Lexie can't give Kate odds on Claire, and is upset when she doesn't improve. Belle asks Shawn what they'll do if she loses her baby. She hugs him. Kate prompts Philip to interrupt, which he does. She then says if Mimi doesn't act, Shawn will keep gravitating toward Belle.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Sami asks Austin about his feelings for Carrie. Angry, Austin says it's none of Sami's business. Sami is stung and she decides to call Carrie to check on her. Carrie doesn't tell Sami that she's in the States or that she has left Mike. We see that the two sisters still push each other's buttons.

Lucas calls Carrie and says he is looking forward to their dinner date tonight. Carrie clarifies that it is not a real "date." Lucas tells Carrie he just wants to catch up with her as friends but secretly he wants more. After overhearing Austin might have feelings for Carrie, Lucas puts Austin on notice not to underestimate him. Lucas mentions to his mother that there's another woman he's interested in and Kate tells her son to go for it and to not let anyone stand in the way of his happiness. Lucas says another man is interested (doesn't mention it is Austin) and Kate tells him to destroy the opposition. Lucas arrives to pick up Carrie and overhears that she still has feelings for Austin. Undeterred, Lucas takes Carrie out, promising her night she'll never forget!

Austin confides in Kate that he's in love with a woman who's with another man... (he doesn't tell her it's Carrie). Kate advises Austin to go for it and destroy the competition... not knowing she's set her sons on collision course.

Philip and Belle pray for their sick child. The antibiotics don't seem to be working and Belle fears she will lose her baby. John and Marlena enter to support their daughter (Alex is not pleased that Marlena is drawing closer to John in this crisis). Belle thinks the baby's color doesn't look good. They wait for the latest test results and the numbers are bad. Belle is worried and Philip reassures her, saying they can't lose hope.

Shawn runs into his mother in the hospital cafeteria. Hope has brought Zack in for his checkup. She feels so lucky that her family is healthy and together whereas Jennifer just lost Jack and Belle and Philip could lose their baby. Shawn vows he's going to be there for Belle and her baby even though he has no future now with Belle. Hope accepts that Shawn's future is with Mimi. She's proud of how Shawn has grown into a mature young man and hopes he finds as much happiness in his life as Bo and Hope have.

Friday, December 9, 2005

Jennifer and Abby talk about Jack and how important it is to keep their memories alive, for the family's sake and especially Jack Jr. who will grow up never knowing his father. Despite knowing the pain of losing someone that they loved so much will last forever, both Jen & Abby are determined to stay strong. Jen then tells Frankie that she thinks it would be best if he left Salem and returned to his life and business in Washington DC after Jack's memorial service, scheduled for the next day. According to Jennifer, it is time for everyone to move on.

Recalling the plan that Jack had formulated and he had agreed to many months ago, and the promise he made to Jack that he would always be there for Jennifer, Frankie tries to explain that Jen and the kids really do need the love and support of friends and family around them right now and how he wants to be there for her. Jennifer feels guilty, as though she is depending on Frankie too much when it is most important for her and the children to learn to depend on each other.

Abby interrupts this discussion to let her mother know that it is snowing outside, and Jack's rose bushes haven't yet been covered for the winter. Frankie offers to take care of it but Jen insists she do it. Once outside, she covers the roses and takes a moment to speak to Jack. She tells him how much she loves and misses him, but stops when she hears his voice and he is suddenly standing behind her.

At the hospital Kate has slipped into the records room and taken a seat at the computer. She realizes the potential consequences of changing medical records, but the unbearable thought of Philip losing his wife and the daughter he loves so much wins out and she quickly alters Shawn's records. Just as she finishes this task and is sure she is in the clear, a hospital security guard opens the door and asks Kate what the Hell she is doing in there. She tells the security guard that she is supposed to be joined momentarily by a doctor but the guard isn't buying it. He knows that the records have been altered. Kate then attempts to buy her way out and offers the security guard the hundred dollars she has in her purse and the promise of more to come. When that tactic fails to be effective, an exasperated Kate asks if he has any idea who she is. The stubborn security guard assures her that he does. She is the former wife of both Victor Kiriakis and Commander Roman Brady, and either way she isn't going to be getting out of this.

Kate is furious and obviously a bit worried. While awaiting her fate alone in the security office, she fumes about being caught when it has always been so easy for Sami to get away with altering paternity tests and pulling off fantastic schemes to get what she wants. When the security officer returns he has someone with him. It is someone Kate is very surprised to see.

Lucas arrives back in Los Angeles for his dinner date with Carrie, only to find that she has an important meeting that she can't put off. Carrie explains that there is a representative that is coming to take orders for High Style's employee Christmas gifts and if they aren't ordered right now, they won't be delivered in time for the Holidays. There are also gifts scattered around the office that she needs to have wrapped as soon as possible. Lucas is impressed with the caring and respect that Carrie has for her staff and is eager to help volunteer his professional gift wrapping skills. He takes the opportunity to give his business card to the gift salesman on behalf of Titan Industries for Holidays to come, and scores Carrie a twenty percent discount on her purchases. Carrie is impressed with Lucas all grown up and agrees to join him for dinner.

Once they are at the restaurant, Carrie politely declines Lucas' offer of a glass of wine. He assures her that even though he is a recovering alcoholic it is perfectly alright for her to enjoy a well deserved drink. When the waiter offers the wine list Carrie still refuses and instead orders their best bottle of sparking water, which the staff has put in a bucket of crushed ice and served in wine glasses.

At Sami's apartment Nicole is preparing for her trip to Los Angeles and High Style headquarters. She asks Sami to call her a cab to the airport but naturally Sami refuses, pointing out that it is not her job to call Nicole taxis. Nicole however points out that it is in fact Sami's job as she is the company receptionist and if she ever hopes to move up the corporate ladder to secretary level it would be in her best interest to start by doing her job now. Austin joins them and is ready to go but not before Sami protests that as a part of the team they can't go to LA without her. After all, how is she supposed to learn anything about the business world if she is constantly being left out of things? Austin agrees and tells Sami she can go. He also tells Nicole that he has no intention of acquiring High Style in any way that will hurt it's employees and warns her that he wants nothing underhanded or illegal to happen in the process of the take over.

At High Style headquarters Nicole arrives in disguise and introduces herself to Carrie's assistant Becky as Mary Smith and explains she found a job listing for an executive assistant position, online and would like to fill out an application for the job. Becky is quick to tell Nicole that the job has been filled, by her and even if it wasn't, it is pretty late for job hunting. Nicole then asks to meet the company CEO but gets a simple no from Becky.

Austin and Sami arrive at the restaurant for their dinner meeting with an investor and Sami is excited. They have no idea that Lucas and Carrie are dining just a few tables away from them. Austin reminds Sami that this is business and not a date. She is there to learn. Sami points out that if she were Carrie, Austin would never say such a thing. He tells Sami that it will do her good to be single and on her own for awhile, but Sami's only reaction to this is to pout, and vow to herself that Austin will be hers.

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