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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 5, 2005 on GH
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Monday, December 5, 2005

Sonny visits Sam and Jason in Hawaii and does his best to convince Jason to have the surgery. Sam is yelling at Jason, telling him he risks his life every day so why should a little surgery stop him. He explains that he has no control over the surgery, but the risks he takes in his work is all under his control. Sam can't stand listening anymore and rushes out. Sonny tells Jason he's told him goodbye many times before, but this time it just doesn't feel right. Jason asks him to let him make his own decision and leave him to die. He wants Sonny to take care of Sam, not just emotionally but from the threat of Manny who is still running loose. Sonny comes agrees to take care of Sam and seems to come to terms with leaving Jason alone. There's nothing more he can do. Jason retreats to the bedroom and Sam comes in to say goodbye to Sonny. He hugs her in an effort to comfort her, but she's still obviously distressed. Before he leaves, she tells him she will call him when the time comes. Meanwhile, inside the bedroom, Jason eyes his gun. He lays down on the bed instead. Sam comes in and sees him sleeping on the bed with the gun on the nightstand. Jason wakes up, so Sam starts talking while trying to cover up the gun. Jason comes over and tells her she doesn't have to take the gun away. As she stands there, she puts her hand to her neck and notices that her necklace has broken. She worries the necklace won't be able to be fixed, but Jason can't understand the importance or symbolism of the necklace. Crying, Sam goes outside. Jason follows her and tells her the necklace can be fixed because he's decided to have the surgery, for her.

Robin goes to see Dr. Drake at his apartment. It appears he is drinking his life away. Robin shows him an x-ray of Jason's brain anyway. Noah is surprised the scan is that of a living person. He doesn't think it's hopeless, though. Surgery can be done, but it will be difficult. Robin is hopeful that he will perform the surgery, but he says he can't return to Port Charles. Robin asks him if he remembers the oath he took as a doctor to help those in need. He reminds her of the oath to do no harm. He tells her she's never known what it feels like to lose a patient, a patient she loves. Robin counters back and says she will experience that if he doesn't help her. Dr. Drake agrees to help her and perform Jason's surgery. Robin takes him back to General Hospital where Alan, Monica, and Bobbie greet him. Robin happily tells them all that Dr. Drake has agreed to be Jason's surgeon.

Alcazar sees right through Skye's scheme and knows that Luke is behind it. Luke's plan to get Alcazar's shares from Carly isn't going to work. He tells her to stop being pimped out by Luke. Skye tries to relate her relationship with Luke to Alcazar holding a torch for Carly. Alcazar says there's no relation anymore, because he's through with Carly. He's not going to win her affection by being the last one on the bench. Before he leaves, he wraps her coat around her in an effort to hide her fleshy top. Skye goes back to the Quartermaine mansion and finds Luke drinking in the foyer. Luke has just found out that Tracy is onto his scheme, thanks to his sweet daughter's spying abilities. Skye confirms his fears and tells him that Alcazar is not going to relinquish his shares to Carly. Luke doesn't seem to care and asks Skye to keep him company since everyone else is asleep. Surprisingly, Skye turns him down.

Carly apologizes to Emily for everything she's ever done to her. Emily is hesitant to believe her apology, but Carly tells her she doesn't really care. She has a list of people to apologize to, and that's her only agenda. Before Emily leaves, Carly asks if she's still living with Sonny. Emily tells her she's living in the guest house, but Carly just asks if she will tell her boys hello. When Emily leaves, Alcazar comes in with the divorce papers. Unfortunately, he's not going to give in that easily. He wants to try again with Carly. He kisses her, but she tells him he has his work cut out for him because she felt nothing.

Outside, Justice interrupts a discussion between Dr. Winters and another doctor. He says it is urgent that he speak with Dr. Winters. His client's trial depends on it. The other doctor leaves, and Dr. Winters wonders what Justice is up to. Justice surprises her by taking her to an opera. Neither one of them truly enjoy the opera, and end up getting shushed at by the other guests.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Robin sees Dr. Drake attempting to spike his morning coffee and asks him if this is how he prepares for surgery. He doesn't think he's capable of performing the surgery, though. Robin tells him she is confident in his abilities, as are Monica and Alan. Just then a patient comes in convulsing. The nurses are talking about how they don't have another surgeon to work on the patient. Dr. Drake interjects and looks at the brain scan. He immediately takes the patient into surgery. Robin looks on as Dr. Drake performs the surgery and saves the patient's life. When he is through, she tells him how impressed she is with his performance.

Just as Sonny is telling Emily that Jason has opted not to have the surgery, Jason and Sam walk in and tell them that Jason has decided to go ahead with surgery. Emily is thrilled but filled with mixed emotions. As she leaves the room, Sonny gives a gift to Jason. It's an old charm the priest at his old church gave him as a boy. It stands for hope, love, and faith. All of those things he will need to get him through the surgery. Jason and Sam leave to go to the hospital where they meet Dr. Drake. Robin tells them she just witnessed him saving a man's life and she has all the confidence in the world that he will do the same for Jason. Jason goes to his room, while Sam goes back to find Dr. Drake and question him. She finds him spiking his coffee and tells him she won't allow him to operate on Jason. Dr. Drake tells her the surgery isn't until tomorrow, but Sam doesn't care. He explain how Robin found him in a bar in New York. Just as Sam says she won't allow him to come anywhere near Jason, Robin interjects and says that Dr. Drake is their last hope. Dr. Drake says there is another surgeon, though. He is younger and more capable.

Emily helps Michael with his English report. She finds out it is about her and how she has helped Michael and Morgan while Carly was away. As Michael is reading off all of Emily's wonderful traits, Sonny walks in and agrees with Michael's comments that they wouldn't be able to survive without her.

As equipment is delivered to Carly's room, Dr. Winters comes in for their session. Carly says they will have to cancel, though, because she's too busy. Carly goes downstairs to meet with Quartermaine family. She tells them that Alcazar has given her his 30% share in the company. They can buy her out by giving her one of the subsidiaries, though. Luke has prepared a list of which ones are the most profitable in the hopes that she will cut him in. Carly has other plans, though. When everyone leaves, Carly calls Jax. Carly is interested in the land the Quartermaines' own on which the Metro Court is situated. Jax doesn't want to sell the hotel, though. He tells her he can't forget that she is the reason why Liz miscarried his child. Carly is visibly upset and therefore doesn't have much to say to Jax except that she is sorry. Luke witnesses the exchange and tells Carly he will help her get the hotel if she cuts him into the deal. She agrees, so Luke goes to deal with Jax. Meanwhile, Dr. Winters goes to visit Sonny. She tells him what Carly has been doing and Sonny seems to think that this means Carly is doing much better. Dr. Winters isn't convinced, though.

Nikolas and Courtney go to drop off a stroller as a gift to Alexis and Ric. As they are visiting, Jax comes to drop off a gift as well. They take that as their cue to leave. Once they are gone, Alexis takes this opportunity to talk to Jax. He thinks he and Courtney will be back together by the time the baby is born, but Alexis isn't so sure of that. She doesn't want to hurt her friend but she's being realistic. Once everyone is gone, Alexis and Ric go back to arguing over Christmas trees. Ric does not want to go out in the snow to cut one down. Alexis tells him that was the first time they made love though, and she wants to make that a tradition.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

by JD

In her hospital room via telephone, Carly speaks to Michael (who's unseen). He mentions Jason's upcoming surgery and all related events, which of course was a mystery to Carly. Trying to keep her fear and anger (over not knowing) hidden from her son, she reassures him and makes a beeline for the door but Lainey stands in her way. Mrs. Alcazar tears into her shrink for keeping her in the dark, and when Justus arrives he gets some, too. Carly VOWS to be there for her friend, and seeing she means business, Justus and Lainey offer up the transportation.

At GH, Jason is about to leave in the wake of the Drake fiasco, but Samantha stops him saying they have one more chance. As this happens, an anguished Monica all but begs Noah to try to save her last surviving son, since AJ died this year (twice, actually). Noah still balks. Sam thinks it's her fault Jason isn't in surgery right then, since she told Noah to stay away from him. Jason won't hear it and promises to stay, and the young couple embraces. Just like old times at the penthouse, Carly barges in on the embrace, full of fire. She snaps at Samantha and orders Jason to have the operation before being asked to leave.

In another room, Robin barges in on a doctor giving a young blonde a WHOLE DIFFERENT kind of physical. Once the girl leaves, Robin introduces herself. Her reputation precedes her--the cocky young doc (whose name is later revealed as Patrick) refers to her clinicals as "garbage." Undaunted, Robin shows him Jason's head scan, and all Patrick can say is he's a "lost cause." Later, as Robin and Pat talk, Noah overhears them and offers his medical opinion, which Patrick clearly isn't interested in. Turns out he's Noah's son, and in addition to trashing his own career Noah nearly did in Patrick's as well. Patrick, in turn, refuses to operate on Jason! But Carly stops him in the elevator, demanding he reconsider. She seems fully prepared to offer herself in exchange.

At the Q mansion, Luke fishes for dirt on Jax from Skye, who is not only surprised that he's after Jax but even MORE stunned when she learns he's doing it to help Carly—it makes more sense once Luke explains the payday at stake. "For our future, for us, tell me where Jax is vulnerable," he pleads to his on-and-off-again lover. Skye, however, wants no part of the scheme—Luke has jerked her around too much with empty promises in the past.

Meanwhile, Alexis brings baby Molly and new-talking Kristina to the Metro Court, where they are met by Jax for a tea date. Mama Lansing engages in some playful banter with her old friend, then learns Carly wanted to buy the Metro Court from him. The discussion turns to the hotel's namesake, whom Jax admits he's not at all giving up on. Luke suddenly begins eavesdropping on them. When Jax is called away Luke reveals himself to Alexis, who figures out his role in the Carly/hotel matter and refuses to help. Luke then comically scares off Alexis and her children.

Liz and Lucky return home, together again at last. Upon entry they see their home fresh with Christmas decorations courtesy of (temporarily-recast) Nikolas...and Courtney, whom neither of them seemed too pleased to see. Soon, though, they all sit down and relive fond memories of Nikolas' early days in PC, and Emily's name is mentioned more than once. Sensing Courtney is uncomfortable, Nik makes up a lunch date and the two hastily retreat. Heading to the Metro Court, they are intercepted by Jax, who gets a phone call from Dr. Meadows. He assumes it's for Courtney and hands her the phone; Dr. Meadows says she called to confirm their next appointment but is clearly confused over what just took place when she hangs up, as if she DID mean to speak to Jax.

Lesley Lu rummages through Tracy's purse, citing late allowance when she's caught. Eventually she snags Tracy's PDA (complete with bank account info), which she quickly rushes over to Lucky's just as he and his wife are finally getting intimate. Tracy is right on her heels, however, and demands it back. Lesley Lu explains she only did it to help Lucky, and apologizes. But once outside, she writes down what looked like the account number from the PDA.

At Kelly's, a bummed-out Lucas (at Bobbie's insistence) needs a female date for Bobbie's upcoming party and asks Georgie for help. She prods her cousin to just come clean about his homosexuality, but all Lucas wants is that date. Georgie says she'll help but only if Lucas seriously considers confessing to his parents.

Alexis then meets Ric at Kelly's, and assuages her worry by explaining he no longer works for Sonny, and while he won't X out his brother from his life completely, his wife and kid(s) take priority. The two seem genuinely happy for the first time in a while.

"I teach my daughter not to accept candy from strangers, and you, my friend, are very, very strange." – Alexis to Luke, who is trying to give Kristina a chocolate.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Sonny finds Emily sleeping on the couch in the living room with a book on her lap. He doesn't realize she is having a dream about him and her having a romantic evening. In the dream, Nikolas walks in to find her kissing Sonny and asks her to come back to him and that he made a mistake. Emily tells him that she is with Sonny now and that she won't let him break her heart again. Emily wakes up from the dream and Sonny comes over to see if she is o.k. Sonny starts talking to her about Jason but she thinks he is talking about how he has feelings for her. Emily tells him she feels the same way but feels embarrassed when he mentions Jason's condition and realizes he wasn't talking about having romantic feelings toward her. Emily pretends to go along with what he is saying as if she knew all along what he was talking about. Meanwhile, Nikolas meets with Alexis at the hotel. Alexis tells him not to rush through getting a divorce from Emily just because he feels like he should stay with Courtney. He tells her he and Courtney are in love and that his marriage is over. Meanwhile, Courtney runs into Luke at the hospital on her way to a meeting. Luke corners her and tells her that he is going to help Carly buy the hotel from Jax, even if he doesn't want to sell. Courtney doesn't believe he has Carly's best interests at heart and doesn't agree to help him convince Jax to sell the hotel. Luke catches up with Dr. Meadows and gets some secret information about Jax. Alexis runs into Jax at the hotel and warns him that Luke is up to something concerning him and will probably try to blackmail him concerning the hotel. Sure enough, Luke shows up to find Jax at the hotel. Jax tells him he has nothing to hide and that he can't blackmail him into selling the hotel to Carly. Luke passes an envelope across the table and tells Jax he thinks he will be able to convince him after all. Courtney goes to Sonny's mansion to bring presents over for Michael and Morgan. Sonny had told Emily she had mail that came in. Emily opened it to find divorce papers inside for her to sign. Courtney doesn't see the papers. Emily isn't too pleased to see her but is civil to her for awhile. Courtney upsets her when she suggests that Emily allow Carly to take care of her children and move out and live her life again. Emily gets defensive and insists she and Sonny aren't romantically involved and that she can take care of the children just fine. Courtney tells her she still feels bad for her when she sees her and doesn't know what to say to her. Emily takes out the divorce papers and signs them and tells Courtney to take them back to Nikolas and leave her alone. Nikolas walks into the room and sees what she is doing.

Carly tries to seduce the young Dr. (Patrick) Drake in the elevator in exchange for him to agree to do Jason's surgery. Sam pries open the elevator and drags Carly out of the elevator before she does something foolish. Sam dares Patrick to do the surgery by insinuating that he is afraid to do it because he can't measure up to his father Noah. Patrick tells her that Jason's condition has deteriorated too much and the surgery is too risky to try. Carly gets Patrick to do the surgery eventually. Sam goes back to find Jason ready to leave the hospital. She tells him that Patrick has agreed to do the surgery. Jason reluctantly agrees to have the surgery after Robin talks to him about how all of them want him to have the surgery so he has the chance to live. Carly comes to see Jason to talk to him. Jason asks Sam to leave them alone to talk. Sam leaves the room. Jason asks Carly to go to Jake's bar and have a drink and play pool for him so she isn't hanging around the hospital and driving everyone crazy. Carly agrees to do that for him. She runs into her psychiatrist Lainey and Justus on her way to the elevators. Lainey wants her to return to Rose Lawn with her. Carly tells her she is going to Jake's and she can watch her there but she isn't going back to Rose Lawn right now. Justus lets Carly go and asks Lainey to give Carly space right now. Carly goes to Jake's and orders a beer and plays pool by herself while Coleman tries to hit on her. She rejects his advances and reminisces about when she first met Jason at Jake's when they didn't know each other and only had sex with each other without being friends. Carly plays her game of pool and leaves the bar. Sonny shows up at the hospital to see Jason. Jason asks him to promise to take care of Carly if he doesn't make it through the surgery. Sam has some moments alone with him before the orderlies come to prep Jason for surgery. Meanwhile, Robin argues with Patrick after he accuses her of incompetence in front of Jason and everyone and treats Jason like a specimen. She suggests he work on his bedside manner. She also scolds him after Noah tries to give him medical advice and Patrick dismisses him coldly by telling him that surgical techniques have advanced since he was a surgeon last. Robin tells Patrick off when he dismisses her as a doctor and makes remarks about how young she looks. She insists on observing the surgery from inside the O.R. which he objects to but she gets her way. Sam walks alongside Jason's gurney and tells him she loves him as he is brought into surgery. Sam watches from the doorway as the surgery is about to start. Suddenly a masked man in scrubs appears near the doorway holding some papers to disguise his face. The man turns out to be a disguised Manny Ruiz, Sonny and Jason's arch enemy. Sonny runs into Carly outside of General Hospital. She tells him she is so afraid Jason is going to die. Sonny holds her in comfort and tells her he feels the same way.

Friday, December 9, 2005

A raging snowstorm hits Port Charles.

As Samantha and Monica talk about Jason outside the OR, a disguised Manny continues to lurk. Inside the OR, Drake Sr. enters with unsolicited, unwanted surgical advice for Drake Jr., which Robin agrees with. Patrick's testosterone rages but when Robin dresses him down in front of the crew, he takes in Noah's words. Also at GH, Carly and Sonny peacefully chat. Carly assures Sonny he didn't fail her by having her committed—rather, his non-discreet conversation with Jason (you know, the one she overheard) ended up doing her more good than anything else. There was also a Bobbie sighting in this scene.

Jason begins to dream of the people in his life, as the lights begin to flicker...and flicker...and flicker. Alan goes around barking orders, while Manny grabs an axe and takes out the backup generator, leaving GH completely without power! Carly becomes unglued, and Manny takes center stage first in Jason's dream, then in his room!!

As Emily fights back tears, temporary-Nik signs the divorce papers, and he and Courtney leave. As Courtney presses her man to go back inside and soften the blow to Emily, a small tree in Sonny's yard falls on her! "NO!" shouts the Cassadine prince. Using his good arm, Nik and a passerby get the tree off the bleeding young woman and carry her inside. When asked by her now-ex-hubby to aid his new love, Emily freezes SOLID. Fortunately, though she flutters in and out of consciousness, Court is OK; Em attributes her behavior to her failure in saving Reese—nothing personal against Courtney. Nikolas urges her to not give up on her dream.

At the Metro Court, Luke EASILY blackmails Jax with a small envelope—half of the hotel is now Carly's! Pulsating with fury, Jax warns Luke, in so many words, that payback is imminent. Skye sees the tail end of this discussion and learns of the "deal" that transpired. Luke swears his hands are clean but Skye sees right through him. A visibly shaken Jax is no more successful in fooling his ex-wife. A short time later, he runs into Dr. Meadows and asks her point-blank if she'd spoken with Luke.

At the Q asylum, Edward demands he be kept posted of any news concerning his ailing grandson. Just then Tracy storms in, $15,000 poorer and positive Lesley Lu stole the money from her account—her total lack of concern for Jason infuriates Edward. Seconds later, Lesley Lu confirms Tracy's belief when she crashes her brand new snowmobile in the Q backyard! Spouting venom, and certain the cops will do little, Tracy forces her to face her father—with that very snowmobile acting as transportation! Luke is not at all happy when he hears the news about his daughter's escapades, and agrees with Skye's suggestion of having Lesley Lu work off the $15 grand at the hotel! She naturally balks, but Luke is adamant about this, even when she gives away free drinks on her father's behalf.

Jesse and Maxie spring a surprise pizza on Lucky and Liz at their home. When the girls leave to make salad, Lucky orders Jesse—who is HIS superior, mind you—to keep him up-to-speed with any and all developments on Manny, as Lucky wants to go after him personally. Jesse promises to give his partner files on Manny before taking his girlfriend off for a night of dancing.

QUOTE(S) OF THE DAY: "Give the girl scout a merit badge." - a sarcastic Patrick, after Robin's declaration of "There's an emergency box!" during the power outage.

"Most people don't park in a wall." - Skye, after Tracy insists she did not crash the snowmobile; rather, she parked it.

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