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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 5, 2005 on GL
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Monday, December 5, 2005

Jonathan tries to keep Cassie from discovering that Tammy is packing to run away with him. But it turns out Tammy is nowhere to be found. Cassie tells Jonathan that Tammy is with Sandy. Jonathan is crushed, taking off for Outskirts and refusing to take Tammy's call or even listen to her message before turning off the machine. His anger keeps Jonathan from hearing Tammy only went to Sandy so she could return some of his things.

Earlier, Sandy pleaded with Tammy to forgive him, but she said it wasn't that simple. He accused her of being in love with Jonathan. Tammy admitted that she loves both men, and doesn't know what to do.

Earlier, Reva lectured Jonathan about his selfishness in wanting to spirit Tammy away, while Josh walked into a seduction trap set by Olivia. Josh, learning she'd just received her divorce papers from Bill, offered his ex-wife a friendly shoulder to cry on - but nothing more. After, Reva and her estranged husband wrap up the day platonically in each other's arms, watching the sunset. Olivia ends the day sharing wine and baklava with Buzz while describing her idea of the perfect man...while Buzz privately thinks he might know of a widowed, Greek diner owner who would fit the bill beautifully.

Alan-Michael whisks a starry-eyed Marina off to Paris, only to abandon her with just a guidebook for company so he can go on a date with a supermodel. However, when Marina is unable to get into her dream museum, Alan-Michael returns to pull some strings and get her a private, behind the scenes tour. Back on his plane, a grateful Marina opens her heart just a bit, only to see that Alan-Michael has fallen asleep without hearing a word.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Gus and Harley struggle to keep up their charade of discord. Gus hears a knock on his bedroom door and leaps up in anticipation of Harley. But it's only Beth, there to tell Gus her and Alan's brilliant plan for driving Harley from Spaulding Enterprises. They want Gus to offer his wife an ultimatum: It's me or the company.

Meanwhile, a frustrated Harley has snuck outside and accidentally ended up on the wrong end of Mallet's puckered lips. She thought she was sneaking up on Frank, he thought he was kissing Dinah. Harley heads for home where she has another hot dream about Mallet. Dinah commiserates with Mallet about the pain of loving someone who doesn't love you back.

Alan-Michael and Marina come back from France playing a hand of poker to decide which of them the winner is and which is the loser. Marina comes up with a good hand and thinks she's won - until Alan-Michael does her one better. Back in Springfield, he covers for her when Frank and Buzz want to know with whom she went to Paris. Alan-Michael tells Marina he knows what he wants for winning their bet. She can be his back-up date for New Year's Eve, in case his real one cancels at the last minute.

Buzz and Olivia keep drinking in her room until Olivia summons enough courage to go across the hall in her sexiest outfit and throw herself - subtly - at Josh. She ends up interrupting an emotional moment between Josh and Billy. Josh admits he feels his whole life is falling apart and he doesn't blame Billy for stumbling off the wagon. Billy reminds his baby brother that he also had an addiction: wild women. This is right where Olivia comes in. Billy leaves and Olivia begins her seduction of Josh, which ends with a kiss.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Josh pulls away from his kiss with Olivia and stammers out a series of reasons why this isn't a good idea. A sentiment that Reva echoes when she unexpectedly drops by. Reva tries to scare Olivia off the notion of pursuing Josh after breaking up with his nephew. They have an ugly encounter bashing each other's past mistakes. Olivia ends up fighting tears alone in her room, while Reva walks through a Christmas tree lot full of happy families, only to end up staring at a lonely, Charlie Brown tree. At the same Christmas tree lot, Cassie, Jeffrey and RJ experience the start of their first holiday as a family. Jeffrey doesn't even panic when RJ accidentally calls him "Dad." Later, Josh watches the happy group through a window, while remembering an earlier phone call promising him all sorts of dirt on his sister-in-law's new man. Tammy runs all over town looking for Jonathan so that she can admit that it's him she wants, not Sandy. Sandy, on the other hand, is drowning his sorrows back home, and even Ava's sweet support can't keep him from murmuring Tammy's name as he sleeps. Meanwhile, Jonathan, convinced he's lost Tammy, breaks into her empty dream-house and prepares to set it on fire. Only Tammy's arrival and confession that she can't imagine spending her life with anyone but him, keeps Jonathan from doing something drastic. Unfortunately, their reconciliation can't stop the torch Jonathan dropped from catching the curtains and quickly incinerating the house. Tammy stands outside what would have been her home, watching an entire potential future go up in flames.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Quinn presents Lizzie with flowers and takes her on a romantic date. She wonders what more he will want her to do to repay the money he gave her. They share dinner and a dance. He invites her to go skiing in the Alps. She says that that is not her lifestyle anymore. He surprises her with a thousand dollar gift and a passionate kiss.

Coop offers Ava a job at C02 and Company. She thanks him with a sexy hug. He presents her with a uniform that is very tight and low-cut. Their escapades continue as they try to lift a huge Christmas tree and it falls on them. Coop discovers that it is Ava's birthday and sings her Happy Birthday. As they share a piece of cake, Ava tells him that her birthday wish is for true love.

Jonathan and Tammy break into the mall and play in the "snow" at the holiday display. She promises that his terrible past with Alfred is behind them and that they will make their own special Christmas memories together. They giddily confess their love for one another. Later, Tammy runs into Lizzie who tries to fix Tammy up with Quinn. Tammy says that she's happier than ever. Jonathan is disappointed when he overhears Tammy say that she's not ready to date yet.

Mallet and Gus bicker as they investigate the fire Jonathan started at Tammy's perfect little house. Mallet saves Gus from a falling beam. Gus is shaken by his near-death experience and heads straight for Harley.

Harley continues to be plagued by her dreams of Mallet. Beth offers an apology for underestimating Harley's toughness and intelligence. Gus arrives, kicks Beth out, and takes Harley in his arms. Gus and Harley vow to stop pretending that they are on the outs.

Friday, December 9, 2005

Gus and Harley enter the Towers ballroom for the Spaulding Christmas party. Before going in, Gus tells Harley that he has a surprise for her. At the same time, Marina sees Alan-Michael and tells him that she wants her New Year's Eve back. She says she has a life and doesn't want to hang around to be someone's back-up. He refuses to drop the deal. Alan-Michael further ingratiates himself with the Coopers when, after hearing Marina and Buzz try to set up Frank, he suggests a girl in Accounting who would be perfect for him.

Meanwhile, Beth goes into another room with Gus alone and tells him it might be a good idea to go with their plan tonight. The plan is for Gus to deliver an ultimatum to Harley: him or the company. Gus seems reluctant and Beth tries to convince him that Harley doesn't have with it takes to run Spaulding. She does think she has what it takes. Gus reminds her that the board elected Harley. But Beth states it's only because she and Alan weren't able to work them. Unfortunately for Beth, their entire exchange was broadcast via a microphone on Gus. When Beth opens the door and all eyes are on her, she realizes he set her up. Harley approaches Beth and tells her she's fired. Beth storms out and Alan-Michael applauds Harley since she won; Beth is no longer a threat. Harley is surprised that he's on her side, but grateful for his support. Marina is also impressed and after learning the Coopers are having a party at CO2 on New Year's Eve, she tells them she might have plans that night.

Fresh from her ordeal at Towers, a furious Beth goes to visit Alan and rants about how she was humiliated. She bemoans it's all over, but Alan's not so sure about that. When she's gone, Alan gets another visitor - Alan-Michael. Alan-Michael tells him the plan is working perfectly. The Coopers got rid of one traitor, only to have another placed in their midst.

Reva sees Jonathan and asks how it went with Tammy. A furious Jonathan tells her that Tammy chose him but is too ashamed to admit it. He tells her that overheard her tell Lizzie she wasn't seeing anyone. Reva tries to make him understand that Tammy has a lot to lose from their relationship, but he's still upset. He goes to the farm and leaves Tammy a note to meet him. Tammy meets with Jonathan at the docks. He tells her what he overheard. She maintains she only did it because Lizzie is a blabbermouth. He asks if she would have mentioned him if it was anyone else. Tammy doesn't answer. Jonathan thinks that means she's ashamed, but Tammy denies it. She's afraid. Despite herself, she's afraid of how people will react. She starts talking about her mother's plans for her - marriage and family. She's not sure if those are what she wants, but she doesn't want to disappoint her mother. Jonathan says her life can be whatever she wants it to be. Tammy asks him to give her more time since she's scared. He tells her he'll show her scared and he dives into the icy water. Tammy quickly pulls him out. He says he did it to prove a point - you have to face your fears, not run away from them. Tammy tells Jonathan she wants to be with him and they start to make love.

Sandy arrives at the Beacon to ask Jeffrey if he's seen Tammy. He tells Jeffrey that he needs to find her so he can explain himself. Josh enters and Sandy asks him if he's seen Tammy. Josh isn't very accommodating. When Sandy tells him he intends to go back to work when this is straightened out, Josh reminds him that his job at Lewis is gone. Sandy storms out and Jeffrey tries to tell Josh to cut him some slack. Josh asks him why he's on Sandy's side. Soon the conversation turns to Tammy and Cassie. Jeffrey assures Josh he'll take care of Cassie and walks off.

Sandy goes to the farm to find Tammy, but by this point she's gone. Cassie tells Sandy that Tammy doesn't want to see him anymore and he needs to let it go. Sandy angrily snaps and tells her he can't. Cassie shows Sandy the door. Still looking for Tammy, Sandy goes to the docks and fumes when he sees her and Jonathan making love.

After telling Cassie he needs half an hour before he can move into the farm, Jeffrey sees Reva and asks her if she think he's one of those men who can't be domesticated. Does she think he'll screw things up with Cassie? Reva doesn't think so. Jeffrey turns the conversation to Jonathan. He mentions the fire at Tammy's house was ruled arson and a man matching Jonathan's description was seen fleeing the scene. Reva asks Jeffrey not to question Jonathan about this right away. Josh sneaks into Jeffrey's room to look into Jeffrey's past. He stumbles upon a box marked "Shred." The first file contains pictures of him and of Richard. At that moment, Cassie, who decided to surprise Jeffrey, approaches.

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