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Passions Recaps: The week of December 5, 2005 on PS
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Monday, December 5, 2005

Disappointed when her father misses yet another of her therapy sessions, Jessica proves an irresistible target for the hovering Spike. As they share a lingering kiss, Chris reminds Sheridan he'll be there for her whenever she needs him. Wearing nothing but a steely smile, Liz demands that Julian make love to her or she'll kill his precious Eve. Hearing the mourners from the memorial service heading back to the ICU, Noah and Theresa hastily wheel Ethan out the back way. Spike works to convince Jessica that Sam doesn't care whether she lives or dies. Gwen and the others are alarmed to discover Ethan gone. Liz reminds a sickened Julian how she has no problem using her body as a weapon, then pulls a knife and threatens to slice him up if he doesn't take her to bed. Theresa talks fast when a security guard catches her and Noah loading the comatose Ethan into their ambulance. Holding her knife to Julian's throat, Liz forces him to disrobe. Eve regretfully informs Ethan's family and friends that a woman answering Theresa's description was spotted fleeing with a patient on a respirator. Riddled with guilt, Noah decides to phone Fancy.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Sam confronted Jessica in the park about being high and in "hoochie clothes." She hollered at him for caring more about his dead son than her and then Spike confronted them both and insisted that Sam take his hands off Jessica. Jessica denied being high since she didn't know that Spike spiked her cocoa, but Sam could tell. Spike told him that Jessica was upset because he was never there for her when she needed him. Jessica ran to Spike and blamed Sam for not going to therapy with her. She told him that he was all talk and no action and that Spike loves her because he keeps his promises. Sam told him to get away from Jess and Spike pulled her close to him and asked about "all those other times" that Sam let her down. Spike started badmouthing Ivy. He told Sam that Sam would sacrifice Jessica just to have sex with Ivy and he should begrudge Jessica a little honestly earned money doing the same thing. Sam couldn't take any more and swung on Spike. Jessica screamed as the two men began to battle.

In the ambulance Noah talked to Fancy on his cell phone as a police car chased them. He told Theresa that they'd done their best, but he needed to pull over. Theresa kept making him lie to Fancy and Noah was upset that Fancy would be angry. Unbelievably, the police drove right past them because Noah switched GPS units with another ambulance. Fancy called him back and he wanted to tell her everything. Theresa begged him not to tell, but he wanted to be honest with Fancy so he said that he was Theresa's accomplice. His cell phone had cut out and she didn't hear a word he said. Theresa kept stroking Ethan and telling him that she loved him. When they got to the cabin, they found crates of medical supplies that she'd ordered for Ethan. Noah noted that there weren't any groceries there for her and he felt like he needed to get back to Harmony. Theresa thought he meant to tell the police, but instead he intended to ditch the ambulance where it wouldn't be seen and get back to Fancy before she found his car in the hospital parking lot.

At the hospital Liz had Julian at the point of the letter opener when Eve walked in and found them naked on the floor. Liz's cat-eating cream grin curdled Eve's blood. Liz hid the letter opener and lied that it was all Julian's idea. Julian tried to explain and Liz kept inserting her crazy digs while Eve just stood there taking it all in. Liz told Eve that it wasn't the first time they slept together and then told her that he had remembered the other time. Julian confirmed that he had memories and the Liz spewed out the ugliness of Julian's rape. Julian said that he'd changed and Liz wanted to know how he'd changed if he'd cheated on Eve with her twice. Julian begged Eve to forgive him and Eve raced out tearfully because she had an emergency to deal with in the E.R. Liz laughed manically as she claimed she'd done it finally. She told Julian that when Eve gets back Eve will break it off with him and her mission will be complete and Eve's life will be destroyed. Back at Ethan's room, Gwen dithered to the police that when they found Theresa they should shoot first and ask questions later. Gwen got all worked up about having to take Ethan off the respirator when they got him back. Rebecca crassly recommended that they go out for cocktails afterwards for a girls' night out. The police informed them that they'd been following the wrong ambulance and Fancy swore she'd tear Theresa's accomplice limb for limb when they caught them. Fancy tried to call Fox, but he wouldn't answer and Ivy was sure he'd drag Kay in with him when he did show up. After talking to Fox, Ivy called Valerie to tell her to stick close to Fox. Fancy went to comfort Gwen, but fell apart when she talked about Noah. Fancy then went to check on her mother. Rebecca and Ivy rejoined Gwen and they were all frustrated that the police hadn't found Theresa yet. Gwen was afraid that Ethan would die before she got another chance to say good-bye to him. Fancy was still upset when she walked out of the hospital and found Noah's car in the parking lot. She started putting pieces together and then under her breath said, "Oh Noah, no."

At Crane industries Fox continued to work at a feverish pace on his project with Valerie while Kay demanded they go be with Ethan at the hospital. Valerie was very pleased with this turn of events and smiled fiendishly. Fox tried to make up for snapping at Kay and as he thought about leaving, Valerie reeled him back in with another crisis. He told Kay that they'd leave soon and she worried that Tabby's spell was working. Kay got a call from a frantic Fancy telling her about the abduction and asking for help so Kay strode back into Fox's office and turned off his computer. She told him that they needed to go search for Theresa who'd kidnapped Ethan. He decided that because Ethan wasn't being removed from life support then he didn't need to leave yet. Fox and Valerie headed for a meeting and Fox sent her on by herself. He called Ivy and she insisted that he stay there at work. Fox decided to make up with Kay so just as she started to go search for Theresa herself, Fox brought her a bouquet of yellow flowers and apologized. Kay chastised him because the flowers were from Jenny's husband for their anniversary. Fox told her that he was trying to save the jobs of hundreds of Crane employees by keeping the project on track. He asked if she forgave him and she said on one condition-he put the flowers back on Jenny's desk. He decided that since his mom said they couldn't do anything about Ethan, they should go home and eat dinner with Maria and then he'd have her for dessert. Valerie tried to stop him, but he blew her off and they swept out of there for home. Valerie was sure that Ivy wouldn't like this development.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Sam and Spike fight. Jessica comes to Spike's rescue, and he milks the situation.

Ivy calls Valerie and is highly upset to learn that Kay and Fox are still together. Fox has dinner with Kay, Tabitha and the children.

Sheridan enjoys an evening in with Chris and James.

Gwen, Rebecca and Ivy seethe as the authorities search for a comatose Ethan. As Theresa tends to Ethan, Noah worries that Fancy will not understand his reasons for assisting with the kidnapping. When Fancy sees Noah's car in the hospital parking structure, she suspects he is cheating on her. On his way to return the ambulance, Noah blows a tire, attracting the attention of a local policeman.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

At Harmony Hospital, Liz kept Julian trapped in Eve's office until Eve returned. When Eve got back, Liz started taunting her again and so she hauled off and smacked Liz in the face. She told Liz she wasn't going to feel guilty anymore for the things that had happened to her and told her to stop trying to hurt her. (The mystery woman lurked outside Eve's office.) Julian and Eve told her that they wouldn't take her abuse anymore and Julian got rough with her physically. They told her that they couldn't go back and right past wrongs, they are in love with each other and she needs to get over it, find someone to love and move on with her life. She said that it's too late now that Antonio is dead and she's going to get her thrills by making sure the two of them never have a moment of peace. After Liz left, Eve and Julian swore that she couldn't hurt them and outside Eve's office, Liz said that they were being na´ve.

At Crane Industries, Valerie worried about not being able to get together with Fox to solve a problem with the Singapore project as well as trying to break them up for Ivy. She tried to help by communicating with the Hong Kong investors, but they needed figures in a file on Fox's computer that was password protected. Since she needed the information in less than a half hour Valerie decided to head to Tabitha's house to get him in person.

At Tabitha's house, she and Endora discussed the fate of Kay and Fox's relationship while they made love upstairs. She told Endora the story about when she and Timmy put Charity on the railroad tracks when a train was almost there. Her cell phone rang and her two favorite psychos (Edna and Norma) called to warn her they were coming to "sleigh" her. (At the psych hospital, Edna and Norma made their plans to break out. There was a man with tattoos on his chest a la Prison Break that showed the route out of the facility.) Tabby wondered what she should do. She told Endora the whole story of Norma and Endora suggested that they go away. Tabitha suggested Rome, GReese, and Egypt. Fox was oblivious to all the phones that Valerie was trying to reach him on because Kay had turned them off or covered them up. She wasn't very involved in their lovemaking because she was dithering about Valerie trying to pull them apart. Afterwards, they laid in bed enjoying the quiet and talking about using Crane to do good for the world with the Singapore project. The doorbell rang and Tabitha thought it might be the psychos, but it was Valerie wanting to speak with Fox. Fox heard Valerie, so he got up to let her in. Tabitha opened the door and Valerie burst in and ran upstairs. Valerie explained the problems and he asked her why she hadn't just called. She told him about getting cut off and he uncovered the disconnected phone. He blamed himself and his being active in bed, not knowing Kay did it on purpose. Valerie yelled at him to give her the code and then when he got angry for missing the deadline, Kay confessed that he hadn't done anything wrong.

At the Crane cabin, Theresa cared for Ethan, moving his muscles, giving him a sponge bath, talking to him about everything going on. She told him about the upcoming snowfall and how romantic their cabin hideaway was. As she talked, she fantasized that Ethan was awake and talking to her. In her fantasy, he thanked her for saving him and told her he loved her. He said that since he'd heard everything while he was in the coma, he now knew that Gwen was a selfish prima dona. Theresa woke up because the lights were flickering. When the power went out, Ethan's respirator stopped and she panicked. The back up generator came on and the respirator turned back on, but then Ethan's monitor showed that his heart had stopped.

Noah talked to himself while he drove and Fancy followed him in her car thinking he was cheating on her with another woman. He worried about how Fancy would feel when she found out he'd helped Theresa. She thought about the old love note she'd found in Noah's wallet and worried about the secret he was keeping from her. He stopped at a convenience store to get food and supplies for Theresa. Fancy got out and watched him. The clerk marveled at all the food he was buying and asked him if he was feeding an army. He distractedly told her it was just a woman and Fancy moaned when she heard this, because now she was sure he was cheating on her. She decided to give him a piece of her mind, but missed him getting back in his car and taking off. As he drove Noah worried more about Fancy understanding why he helped Theresa save Ethan. While Fancy followed him, she listened to the news bulletin about Ethan being kidnapped and wished Theresa and her accomplice spent the rest of their lives in jail.

Friday, December 9, 2005

Fancy arrives at the Crane cabin after Noah. Inside, Theresa is panicking over Ethan, who doesn't have a pulse. Noah runs into the bedroom and he and Theresa work frantically on starting his heart again, while Fancy rants outside, mistakenly thinking that Noah is inside cheating on her. Fancy peers inside and sees a woman's purse on the couch, which further confirms her suspicions. Inside the bedroom, Ethan's heart finally starts beating again. Theresa exclaims that Noah just saved Ethan's life. In the other room, Fancy looks devastated as she goes through Theresa's purse. Noah tells Theresa he's not sure if Ethan can pull through the next crisis. Theresa says there won't be a next time and hugs him. Fancy opens the door and sees Theresa in Noah's arms. Her eyes fill with tears, and when Noah comes out into the room where Fancy is, she lets him have it. She won't let him explain what was going on, and she doesn't believe him when he offers a horrible lie. She screams at him to tell her who the other woman is. Noah says she has it all wrong, and when Fancy again demands her name, Noah refuses to tell her. He says he needs her to believe that he is not cheating on her. She tells him to go to hell and take his tramp with him. She is about to storm out when she hears the monitors in Ethan's room start beeping and asks what the noise is. Noah doesn't answer, but instead runs into the room and starts working on Ethan, who apparently has gone into cardiac arrest again. Fancy comes into the room and realizes that Noah helped Theresa kidnap Ethan. She says she's calling the hospital.

Kay admits to causing Fox's work emergency by turning off his phones. Fox is extremely upset at her and he and Valerie rush downstairs to work on the project. They get connected to the internet and survey the damage. Valerie says it's worse than she though. Fox looks at it and agrees. He says his career is over. He says this is his fault; the project was his baby, but Kay interrupts him and says that this is all her fault and they all know it. Fox suggest something to Valerie and she says that might work. Kay wants to help, but Fox basically tells her to back off. Kay sincerely apologizes, but Fox can't wrap his head around what happened. He says he will probably be fired. He says the problem is he was concentrating on Kay when he should have been concentrating on his work, and it blew up in his face. Kay tearfully tells him she'd do anything to make it up to him but Fox says there's nothing that can be done. He says he can't have this conversation right now, and he and Valerie leave for the office.

Sheridan tries to enjoy her evening with Noah and James but is distracted by thoughts of Ethan. Chris tries to comfort her and she thanks him, saying she doesn't know what she would do without him. Chris tells James that this weekend they can go and cut their own Christmas tree, and Sheridan loves this idea since she has never done anything like it with her family before. Chris takes James to Sheridan's room to watch TV. Sheridan comes up later and finds Chris and James asleep together on her bed, and she joins the two new men in her life.

Ivy is also distracted by thoughts of her son, but the activity at Tabitha's house catches her eyes. She sees Fox with Valerie and is pleased, and her delight grows when she learns the full story from Valerie. She goes back to the Bennett house and soon Sam comes home with nothing but bad news: he didn't find Ethan, and Jessica was out on the street with Spike, high on drugs again. Ivy tells him he will not have to deal with this alone.

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