One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 5, 2005 on OLTL

John and Cristian managed to overpower Carlo. R.J. used Jessica's personality disorder to his benefit. Niki admitted that she had taken a young Jessica to bars. Hugh confided to Marcie that he was adopted and didn't want any children of his own. Antonio had an emotional reunion with Cristian. Carlotta thought that Natalie should return to Cristian. Kelly's surgery was successful.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 5, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, December 5, 2005

R.J. comes to Llanfair and is surprised to find Nash standing guard. As Michael and Evangeline keep an anxious vigil outside the walls of the prison, Agent Arlen plots his next move. Meanwhile, Carlo orders Natalie to select the suitor who will survive. Embarrassed to realize she mumbled Nash's name in her sleep, Jessica reassures Antonio that he's the only man she wants. Unwilling to choose life or death for John and Cristian, Natalie tells Carlo to shoot her instead. Nash accidentally lets Tess' name slip to an intrigued R.J. Jessica and Antonio daydream about building a life together with Jamie and the new baby. Marcie explains to an agitated Rex how his sister has been taken hostage during the riot at Statesville. Layla faces tough questions from Nash after R.J. reveals how Antonio found a new flame while Jessica was in Napa. Hugh brings Marcie the news of Hayes' death. Cris and John manage to overpower Haskell and Carlo and bring the impasse to an end at last. Layla fumes when R.J. suggests to Nash that they may be able to help one another. Michael and Evangeline are relieved to see John and the others finally emerge from the cellblock. Afterwards, Natalie bitterly informs Cristian and John she hates them both.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

R.J. puts Antonio on notice that he knows about Jessica's problem, then warns Jamie's father he now has enough ammunition to regain custody of the girl by Christmas. Meanwhile, Nash makes it crystal clear to Jessica how much he loves Tess and needs her in his life. At the hospital, Natalie bemoans to Michael the mess that John and Cristian's terrible lie has left behind. Matthew thanks Spencer for saving his dad's life. Hugh warns Blair that the prosecution's case against Todd is airtight. Jessica tells a sympathetic Nash how she lost baby Megan some years ago. Later, Jessica allows Nash to feel the child moving inside her. Bo finally awakens and reassures his relieved young son. Dorian learns she's to be called as a witness against Todd. Spencer issues an ominous warning to a shuddering Paige. R.J. orders Antonio to give him a written statement guaranteeing that Jessica will never again be left alone with Jamie. Rex has an emotional reaction upon realizing that Bo has recovered. Spencer encourages a wary Blair to place her full trust in him.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

R.J. gives Lindsay the good news. Antonio and Layla are a scam and he almost has Antonio where he wants him. He stops Lindsay from calling his lawyer though, advising her that Jamie needs to stay put for now. He needs to stay out of prison first in order to get Jamie back. Asking if she would be happy with just him, Lindsay says that she'd like to try to get the little girl back first.

Antonio breaks up a kiss between Jessica and Nash (who is trying to make Tess come out) and orders his rival out of the room. Jess stops him immediately because she understands that Nash is in love with Tess. She does ask him not to do anything like that again. He also advises them that he's not leaving as requested, that he intends to stick around for his baby. In another bedroom, Niki invites Clint to share her bed which he quickly declines. He's concerned that Niki has secrets about Jess and pleads with her to remember the past. He suggests that Niki is still around because Jess has issues, namely Tess. She swears she doesn't know anything however upon questioning from Clint, she recalls taking Jess to bars with her when she was a little girl. Clint advises her that he won't tolerate his daughter being hurt and is quite adamant that she is his daughter in every way. He further states that Dr. Jamison will be by in the morning so she has the evening to come up with answers to his questions. Jess visits Niki after Clint departs and begs her for help. Downstairs, Clint admits to Nash that he's getting nowhere with Niki and that Jess cannot be destroyed. Nash replies that he's more concerned about Tess.

Hugh and Marcie enjoy drinks at Capricorn despite the waitress who flirts with Hugh. She learns that his parents were hippies who adopted him and his siblings because they didn't believe in overpopulating the world when children were left without families. He became a lawyer to rebel, he tells her. He also does not enjoy his sudden power and all of the attention he's getting from various women. They are interrupted by Evangeline who asks to speak to Hugh in private but he has no problems with Marcie hearing anything that is said. Carlotta and Antonio need to be told about Cristian and she'd like them to hear it along with the fact that his conviction has been overturned. She has a copy of the taped confession from Carlo that John was able to obtain while being held hostage at the prison. Even Marcie is skeptical and keeps adding her two cents. He promises to see what he can do with a judge. He also promises to nail Todd. He wonders why Marcie tells the waitress that they're not on a date. When he hears that Marcie wants to eventually marry and have children, he abruptly informs her that he is turned off to kids and there are too many in the world. He has obviously been affected by his past, Marcie says.

Todd is deep in thought when he receives a visit from Spencer who offers to refute the prosecution's claims regarding the circumstances surrounding Margaret's death. He's a friend to Blair and she believes in Todd's innocence so he does too. Immediately, Todd is on to Spencer and refuses his offer. He knows that Spencer just wants to impress Blair while pretending to want to help him. He demands that Spencer stay away from Blair as the doctor is quick to flaunt and exaggerate his comforting of Blair during Todd's imprisonment. Todd places a call to Evangeline and requests that he get out to see Blair before he loses her. Evangeline is happy to hear about Spencer's offer though not the fact that Todd refused it. Todd recalls the last night with Margaret.

Marcie and Hugh are interrupted by Evangeline again who requests that Todd be set free for 24 hours in order to see his family. When she further states that someone is trying to steal Blair, who should appear but Spencer, who admits that he's the someone. Of course he denies it so Hugh sees no reason for Todd's temporary release. He will still testify for Todd if he's wanted. Hugh receives a phone call that Margaret's body will be released and she will be buried near Ginger. When Antonio arrives at his club, Evangeline stops him dead in his tracks when he hears what she has to say. His brother is alive.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Antonio is stunned to learn that his brother is alive. Clint consoles an unhappy Natalie. Jessica informs Niki that she's pregnant, then presses her mother's alter to open up about the reason Tess emerged in the first place. Rex gives Adriana more insight into his unorthodox upbringing. Jessica is startled when Niki declares that she hates Tess too. Evangeline explains to Antonio how she hopes to have Cristian released from prison now that they can prove he was brainwashed into killing Tico. Michael gives his big brother some unsolicited advice about Natalie. Rex tells Adriana about Cristian's "resurrection." Natalie fills her father in on the danger she faced at Statesville and the dilemma she now faces. During their emotional reunion, Antonio tearfully embraces his brother and then proceeds to punch him out. Niki unnerves Jessica by suggesting that her unborn child is doomed to suffer from DID just like its mother and grandmother. Later, Niki secretly lifts Jessica's cell phone from her pocket. After reading Cristian the riot act, Antonio promises his sibling he'll help him regain the life he lost.

Friday, December 9, 2005

Dorian pays a visit to Todd in his jail cell. He wants her assistance in bringing down Spencer, but Dorian is reluctant to help. She admits that she finds Spencer loathsome, but makes it clear that this in no way means that she supports Todd. Dorian also reveals that she witnessed an argument between Spencer and Ginger just before Ginger was killed. Todd doesn't show much emotion over Ginger's death, but he seems to think there is ammunition to be used against Spencer. Reluctantly, Dorian and Todd agree to work together to bring down Truman.

Meanwhile, Truman prepares for Kelly's surgery. He reminds David to get Kevin out of the picture, then proceeds to assure Kevin that the surgery will go off without a hitch. David wants to stand up to Spencer, but he is still worried about the secret from his past that Spencer is holding over him. David almost tells Kevin to stop Kelly from going through with the surgery, but at the last minute, he caves and follows Spencer's orders. He breaks into Kevin's car in the parking lot and then sends Kevin to assess the damage. With Kevin out of the picture, David places a call to Duke and gets him to come to the hospital. Duke is in the middle of a business lunch with Asa, who is determined to bring down Spencer in spite of the fact that the doctor saved Bo's life. Duke leaves Asa to go to the hospital, where Spencer sends him in to see Kelly. Kelly is groggy from the anesthesia, and she tells Duke she wants to have a son like him. She then says that she hopes Duke knows how much she loves him, and he tells her that he loves her too. Although this is an innocent exchange, it doesn't look that way when Kevin walks into the room, just as Spencer had planned.

Natalie seeks comfort from Rex at the diner. They talk about their old lives and wonder when they started to develop consciences. Rex warns Natalie that she can't let John and Cristian's behavior cause her to fall into the arms of a loser.

Meanwhile, Cristian receives a visit in his hospital room from Carlotta. She tells him that she is so grateful to have another chance with her son, and that she is not mad at him for keeping his identity a secret. She also reminds him that now he has a second chance with Natalie. Carlotta then takes off for the diner, where she runs into her daughter-in-law. She can't hold back her enthusiasm about Cristian, and she is somewhat stunned to see that Natalie is not so excited. Natalie tells Carlotta that it's going to take some time for she and Cristian to heal and that she's not even sure she can ever forgive him. Carlotta crumbles against the diner counter, shocked at Natalie's words.

Evangeline and Hugh head to the court house to present the judge with Carlo Hesser's taped confession. Van is optimistic about Cris's chances to get out of jail. She is shaken when she runs into John at the station, but John apologizes to her for not letting her in on the truth about Cristian earlier. Van is grateful for John's words, but chagrined when the judge does not agree to release Cristian. Van heads back to the hospital to give her client the bad news, and she is shocked when Cristian has a violent outburst, throwing things around the room and vowing that he will not waste the rest of his life in prison.

John receives the sobering news that Natalie has resigned from the station. Fresh from her confrontation with Carlotta, Natalie stops by the station. She and John stare into each other's eyes, and Natalie's pain is evident. Will she let John know just how she feels about his betrayal?

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