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Scotty gave Lauren the first ten chapters of his book on her wedding day. 'Terrible Tom' warned Michael about 'Jennifer.' 'Jennifer' warned Lauren that Tom might try something at the wedding. Michael and Lauren got married.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 5, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, December 5, 2005

Yolanda and Devon were together alone at the Winters' apartment. They discussed how great the Winters are, and Devon informed Yolanda that Drucilla had once been a street person, although she wasn't involved with drugs. Neil came in and told Devon that he would drop him off at school. Devon told Neil that he was free until third period and would like to go to Crimson Lights and hang out for a while. Neil agreed. Yolanda and Devon wished each other a good day and they left.

Later at the Winters' apartment Yolanda looked at herself in one of Drucilla's dresses. Neil unexpectedly came in and Yolanda became nervous that Neil would be angry but Neil reassured her it would be okay, that Drucilla wouldn't mind and besides which he wasn't going to tell her. Yolanda felt guilty that after all the wonderful things Drucilla had done for her she repaid her by wearing her clothes. Neil reiterated that Drucilla wouldn't mind and told Yolanda that she looked amazing in the dress. He told her to put it back and that her wearing it would be between the two of them. Yolanda told Neil how different he was than other people in her life who would have killed for the shirt off your back. Neil told her that he and Drucilla were blessed and could afford to be generous. Neil told Yolanda to put those other people from her past out of her life. Yolanda agreed as Neil left to make some phone calls.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis received a phone call from Jack, who told her that because of an important business meeting he wouldn't be able to attend Michael and Lauren's wedding. John is in the background listening to Jack's part of the conversation. Phyllis was upset and asked Jack to admit that he didn't want to go with her. When Jack told her that it was an important client, Phyllis hung up on him.

John asked Jack if the meeting was really all that important. When Jack intimated that things weren't going well with Phyllis, John told Jack that he thought Lauren and Michael should perhaps not marry now that some very strange things were going on with Tom Fisher and Jennifer Mitchell. John told Jack that Gloria couldn't convince Jennifer to revoke Tom's bail because Jennifer was scared of Tom, but John doubted that since Tom was hiding in Jennifer's bathroom and didn't look frightened when Tom appeared. John was convinced that Jennifer and Tom were working together. When Jack asked John what he was going to do, John unlocked a drawer and showed Jack the gun he got from Paul. Jack didn't like the idea of a gun in the house but John said that he would do anything to protect his family. John admitted that he might be overreaching with the gun, but he would rather be wrong than dead and wanted to be prepared in case Tom did something crazy. Jack asked John if he thought Tom would do something at the wedding. As John said he didn't know, Jack suddenly left, saying he had someone to had to see.

Michael saw that Phyllis was upset and joined her at Crimson Lights. Phyllis told Michael that he seemed awfully cheery for someone who was going to lose their freedom in a marriage. Michael told Phyllis he was marrying his beautiful and sexy best friend. Paul came in and asked to speak to Michael alone. Phyllis left to get some more coffee as Paul informed Michael that he had given John Abbott a gun for protection against Tom Fisher. Michael was unhappy with Paul for having done that, but Paul reminded Michael of partially causing the situation with Tom by setting him up on the phony drug charges and by involving Ashley. John felt that his family was in danger. Paul told Michael that he was worried about Lauren. Michael told Paul not to worry that there would be security all over the place. Paul left and Phyllis rejoined Michael. Phyllis wondered how Michael could snag someone like Lauren and she answered her own question by saying that Michael had come a long way. Michael told Phyllis that sometimes he thought he would wake up and the situation with Lauren would turn out to be a dream. Phyllis told Michael that Lauren was his and they would have a good future together. Phyllis and Michael then started reminiscing about some of the crazy things they had been through together in the past. They were laughing, but then Phyllis burst into tears and told Michael she was going to miss him. Michael reminded Phyllis that he was just getting married and Michael suspected the tears had something to do with Jack. Phyllis can't believe that Jack still gets to her that way. She knew that Jack was a good man with a good heart but she couldn't take the feud between him and the Newmans any more. Jack is standing in the background noticing them speaking.

In another corner of Crimson Lights Devon talked to some friends when Isaac the drug dealer showed up. Devon's friends quickly cleared out and Isaac told Devon he was looking for Yolanda. Devon told Isaac that he had no business with his mother and told him to get the hell out of there. Isaac smirked and then left.

Yolanda walked into Crimson Lights and asked Devon if he was going to be late for class. Devon said he'd be okay if he left right away and wanted to know why Yolanda looked so happy. Yolanda said that things were going well and that the Winters were great people who cared about others. Devon told Yolanda that meeting the Winters was the second greatest thing that happened in his life that finding Yolanda again was the first. Isaac followed Yolanda and Devon onto the patio. Devon freaked out and told Isaac to get the hell out of there. Isaac tried to entice Yolanda to go back to the park with him to have "good times." Devon told Isaac to shut the hell up. When Isaac informed Devon that Yolanda could take care of herself, Devon threw Isaac to the ground and started beating on him. Jack pulled Isaac off of Devon.

Jack was with Michael and Phyllis who were reacting to the fight on the patio. After exchanging snide remarks, and being informed by Phyllis that Jack wasn't going to the wedding, Michael left. Jack told Phyllis that he decided to take her to the wedding after all. Phyllis refused his offer, saying that since the Newmans would be there that she would be taking a back seat to their blood feud. Phyllis told Jack that she would go without him, although she would save a dance for him, and left.

At the Colonnade Room everyone searched for the seating chart. Gloria and JoAnna are clearly getting on each other's' nerves, and Jennifer/Sheila is watching it all. When JoAnna insisted on calling Lauren, Gloria told her not to disturb Lauren. As JoAnna and Gloria continue to bicker, Jennifer/Sheila comes in with the seating chart. When Gloria asked Jennifer/Sheila where she found it, she said she found it outside on the sidewalk. When Richard said that was impossible, Jennifer/Sheila offered to put it back out on the sidewalk. JoAnna noticed the tension between Gloria and Jennifer/Sheila, and asked if they knew each other. Jennifer/Sheila said they were old family friends but Gloria refuted that. Jennifer/Sheila began to flatter JoAnna, who ate it up. Gloria cut the conversation off by telling JoAnna they needed to go. When Jennifer/Sheila pointed out that a floral arrangement is too small, Gloria disagreed, but JoAnna thought Jennifer/Sheila has a point.

At Michael and Lauren's condo, Tom poured chloroform on a towel. Lauren was talking about her honeymoon (on her cellphone) on the private yacht as Tom started walking towards her. The doorbell rang and Tom ducked out of sight. Ashley was at the door to give Gloria her day planner, which she had forgotten. Ashley helped Lauren pick out a bracelet to wear at the wedding and told Lauren how excited Abby was about going to the wedding. Tom continued to lurk in the background. As Ashley was about to leave to pick up Abby, Gloria and JoAnna return from the Colonnade Room, still bickering. When Lauren reintroduces Ashley to JoAnna, JoAnna and Ashley are warm to each other. Ashley left to pick up Abby. Gloria found it strange that Jennifer/Sheila found the seating chart, and JoAnna told Gloria that she was rude to Jennifer/Sheila. When JoAnna made the observation that obviously Gloria and Jennifer/Sheila don't get along, Lauren asks JoAnna to drop it. JoAnna told Lauren that she didn't like the bracelet that Ashley picked out, and Lauren became more upset with JoAnna, who left to get some tea. Lauren apologized to Gloria for JoAnna's rude behavior and told Gloria how happy she'll be to have her as a mother-in-law and forget about Jennifer Mitchell. JoAnna returned from the kitchen and overheard that remark.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria was working at her desk when Brad entered and started kissing her neck. When Victoria asked Brad how he expected her to get any work done, Brad started to back away but Victoria kissed him. When Victoria talked about how she would hate for anyone to compete with them, Brad asked if she was referring to Nick. Victoria told Brad that she wanted to kick her brother's butt in business to show Victor her business prowess. Victoria admitted feeling guilty because of the problems Nick was having with his marriage and because of Cassie's death. Victoria pumps Brad to see if Sharon has talked to him about Nick. Brad told Victoria that his conversations with Sharon were confidential, and that he would like it if she and Sharon could be friends. Victoria told him that they have been running hot and cold for years. They discuss Abby and Brad asks her if she cares whether Abby likes her or not. Victoria said she was going to desperately attempt to win Abby over. Brad told her that that would be difficult that children have a sixth sense and can't be won over with teddy bears and ice cream cones. Victoria doesn't think it will be all that difficult. Ashley and Abby come in to show Brad the dress Abby will be wearing to the wedding. Abby started talking about how happy she is that they (she, Ashley, and Brad) will be together as a family at the wedding. Abby was reminded that Ashley and Brad weren't going to the wedding together. Abby became upset when Brad told her that he was going to the wedding with Victoria, but they could still have fun. Abby said they couldn't because she wasn't going to the wedding.

At the Motor Arms Motel, Brenda/Sheila called to find out what is going on with Tom. Tom answered the phone, but he is just outside Brenda/Sheila's room and comes in. At first Brenda/Sheila thought that Tom had brought Lauren back there, but Tom told her that she had lied by saying the coast was going to be clear far from it with Ashley then Gloria and JoAnna showing up, and that he was lucky to get out of there at all. When Brenda/Sheila started saying that all of her plans were going down the tubes, Tom doesn't understand why she's whining after all it was him who almost got caught. Brenda/Sheila starts beating up on Tom saying that he's ruined everything. Tom fended her off. Brenda/Sheila can't believe this is happening if Lauren and Michael wed then Scott will have a new family. A depressed Tom told Brenda/Sheila that she got him all excited about living the good life, and now his drug hearing was only a couple of days away. He told Brenda/Sheila that he would rather be on the run than be in jail, and mentions that Lauren and Michael obviously felt that way too, as they were honeymooning on a private yacht. When Brenda/Sheila asked him if he were sure Tom told her about the phone conversation he overheard when he was about to chloroform Lauren. Tom said that they would be cruising off the coast of south Florida for a couple of weeks. Brenda/Sheila's mind started to work and Tom asked if she was listening to him. She said that she was and that desperate situations require desperate acts.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Joanna continues to nit-pick every detail of Lauren's wedding, until finally Lauren tells her to stay out of it. Michael meets Christine for coffee, and thanks her for breaking his heart. He says that he has learned so much about life from her, and says that no matter what, he'll always love her. Next Michael goes to visit Scott, and promises him that he won't come in between Scott's relationship with Lauren. Daniel volunteers to fill in for Mac if she wanted to go to the wedding. A policeman brings Devon and Yolanda home, and Neil is furious when Devon doesn't show any remorse for punching a man. He sends Devon to his room to think about his actions, and Yolanda tells Neil to not treat her son like a criminal. Brad tells Victoria that Abby isn't happy that he isn't going to the wedding with Ashley, but that he's not going to give in to Abby's demands. Lauren asks Abby if she will be her flower girl. Abby is so excited that she forgets about all of her other worries with her parents. After their long day, Dru and Sharon relax in the St. Louis hotel room. Dru asks Sharon if she wishes that Brad were here. "Brenda"/Sheila hands Tom his fake passport, and Tom asks why she hates Lauren enough to pull off a big stunt like this. Sheila cryptically says that Lauren stole her family away from her, and now it's time to get revenge. She tells Tom a story about how she needs to get Scott back, and Tom falls for it completely, promising to help her get him back. Paul, J.T, and Jack all decide to go check out Jennifer Mitchell's motel room, to see if they can find out any information that would help them connect her to being in cahoots with Tom.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Brad and Victoria were happy to hear that things were going well for Sharon and Drucilla in St. Louis. Victoria was also excited to be going to Michael and Lauren's wedding with Brad later. As Brad was kissing Victoria goodbye until they met later for their date, Nick came in. Brad left, and Nick warned his sister that making her relationship with Brad public at the wedding could cause a lot of unpleasant speculation. Victoria was angry at Nick's implication that anyone would think Brad was using her. She told him that if she ever had to choose between what was best for Newman and Brad, she'd choose work. She was surprised that Nick hadn't asked about Sharon's trip and told him how well things were going. Nick was glad to hear it, but admitted that he and Sharon hadn't parted on the best of terms.

In St. Louis, Drucilla was stressing out about the news that Devon was in trouble again. She felt like it was the worst possible time because she was out of town. Sharon told Dru that she should go back to Genoa City; Sharon could handle her promotional events by herself. But Drucilla also had meetings scheduled that required a Newman executive, so she called Victoria, who was now alone at the office, to tell her that someone needed to fill in for her because of a family emergency.

Jack, Paul, and J.T. went to the motel to see what information they could get on Jennifer Mitchell. They spotted Jennifer and Tom leaving, and J.T. followed them. Later, J.T. reported to Paul that the two had just driven into a rural area outside Genoa City and were back at the athletic club. Paul told J.T. to keep an eye on them.

After driving to the place in the countryside where they were to meet after Tom kidnapped Lauren, Jennifer and Tom had champagne at the athletic club. Once Jennifer was satisfied that Tom knew exactly how things were supposed to go down, they separated. As Tom left the athletic club, his expression seemed to indicate that just like Jennifer, he might have a private scheme of his own.

Paul and Jack searched Jennifer's motel room for any clues about her identity. Paul found a laptop, but he wasn't able to break through the password to see what was in her computer files. Jack found a bag of disguises in a closet, including a wig, fake noses, chin, and teeth, as well as a CD on how to speak with a British accent. Before the two could investigate further, J.T. called to warn them that Jennifer Mitchell was on her way there. As they hurriedly put everything back where they'd found it, Paul found an appointment book that had notations about writing sessions with Scott. Jack said he only knew of one Scott who was writing a book. Paul quickly returned the book to the drawer just as Sheila, in her Jennifer disguise, walked into the room. She started freaking out, but Paul pretended that they were at the motel to meet someone and had ended up in the wrong room. After they left, Sheila was relieved to find her laptop hidden where she'd left it, but then she realized that they'd seen her appointment book.

Kevin surprised Mac by bringing her a dress for Michael and Lauren's wedding and telling her that Daniel would be filling in for her at the coffee house. Although Mac was at first reluctant to accept the dress, she finally agreed to go. Later, J.T. came to the coffee house and was happy to hear that Mac would be at the wedding, but she could tell something was bothering him. J.T. told her it was a case he was working on with Paul. So far, his investigation hadn't turned up anything, but he was afraid they were missing something. Paul was working another angle of the case though, so J.T. was hopeful that everything was okay and he'd get a dance with Mac at the wedding reception.

Kevin went to his apartment, where Michael was waiting for him. Michael had just hung up after talking to Lauren, who was once again in the company of her mother, his mother, and Ashley. Kevin gave Michael a photo of the two of them together when they were young and reminisced about how his only happy memories were of times with Michael. He'd kept the picture with him to give him hope that one day they'd be together and happy again. Michael felt guilty for having left him as a child, but Kevin told Michael that he'd saved his life. Without Michael's help, Kevin wouldn't have any of the good things he now had. He was honored to be standing up for Michael at his wedding, and he wished Michael and Lauren a lifetime of happiness. As the two brothers hugged, Tom arrived. Kevin told him to leave, but Tom forced his way in to talk to Michael.

At Lauren's apartment, Joanna, Gloria, and Ashley brought gifts for Lauren to open. Ashley had given her something new: a great fragrance from Jabot that wouldn't be on the market until next year. Gloria gave her something borrowed and blue: a sapphire and diamond bracelet that was a gift to her from John. And Joanna gave Lauren something old: a delicate handkerchief that Lauren's father had given Joanna on their wedding day. After the three women left Lauren alone, Scott arrived. The two of them shared an emotional conversation about how much this day meant to each of them, then Scott also had a gift for his mother. She might want something to read on her honeymoon, so he was giving her the first ten chapters of the novel he was writing. Lauren was thrilled and moved by his present.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Tom tells Michael to call off his wedding, because he's not going to be happy with Lauren forever. He tries to wear down Michael, then leaves, but Kevin tells Michael not to listen to Tom. Meanwhile, Lauren is thrilled at the gift Scott gave her. "Brenda" calls Scott, and Scott reveals that he just gave Lauren the first ten pages of their novel. Phyllis wants to know what Paul and Jack are discussing. Jack says he can't talk about it, but will meet her at the wedding later. Jack and Paul meet with Scott, but Scott says he's never heard of Jennifer. He admits that Brenda just called him to have him send her day planner to Toronto. When Scott leaves, Paul asks Jack if its possible that Jennifer and Brenda could be the same person. John tells Ashley that he's worried about her safety tonight, and asks if she should really be going. Ashley refuses not to go, and says that she will be careful. Nikki tells Victor that Victoria is bringing Brad to the wedding as her date, and Victor is appalled. Victoria asks Nick to go to St. Louis to be with Sharon tomorrow, but Nick states that the only reason she is asking him is because she doesn't want to sacrifice her date with Brad tonight. When Victor enters and overhears this, Victoria immediately changes her tune, saying that she will do what is best for the company and send Brad to the meeting tomorrow. Victor praises her for her smart decision. Victoria tells Brad that he has to go to St. Louis to be with Sharon, and she is a little put off by the fact that he doesn't seem too upset to be missing the wedding. Tom catches Ashley in the Jabot lab, saying that they should make alternate plans for tonight since she won't take him to the wedding. Lauren is in the bride's room at the Colonnade, getting ready, when Jennifer comes up behind her.

Friday, December 9, 2005

As Ashley was about to leave the lab to get ready for Michael and Lauren's wedding, Tom Fisher showed up. Ashley politely tried to get away, but Tom stood between her and the door. He told her that he'd known since the night he dropped the flowers off at her house that she'd been lying to him. He didn't expect her to admit that she'd helped Michael set him up, but at least she could have told him what everyone had warned him about--that she was only pretending to care about him. Ashley told him that he had threatened her family. She'd only been trying to protect them. Although Tom appeared to be menacing her with a pair of scissors, he tossed them aside and walked out of the lab without harming Ashley.

Paul wanted to tell Scott when he came to the Colonnade Room that he and Jack had made some discoveries after searching Jennifer Mitchell's motel room. But Scott asked him to put all that on hold until after the wedding. Scott then walked up to his grandmother, Joanna Manning, and she admitted that Lauren had banished her from the bride's room. Scott urged her to go to Lauren and make amends before the wedding.

Alone in the bride's room, Lauren was putting on lipstick when she spotted Jennifer's reflection in the mirror. Unaware that the woman was really Sheila in disguise, she asked what she was doing there. Jennifer said that she'd come to warn her about Tom Fisher. He was vowing to get revenge against Michael and Lauren because he thought Michael had set up his drug bust. Lauren sensed that Jennifer was threatening her and asked her to leave. Jennifer assured her that this was going to be a special day that Lauren would remember all of her life, then she walked out.

J.T. was being vigilant as he, Paul, and a group of security men watched the wedding guests for any appearance of Tom or Jennifer. He was momentarily distracted by Mac's arrival in the dress that Kevin had given her. As he embraced her, he thought he saw Jennifer walking past the room and rushed off to find her. A few minutes later, he thought he spotted her again, but when he turned the woman around, it wasn't Jennifer, who was actually hiding from everyone as she watched the guests mingle.

When Kevin arrived, he was thrilled to see Mac there wearing her dress. He made note of the fact that J.T. seemed to be very busy, and Mac said that J.T. was trying hard to make sure the wedding took place without any problems. She said that her grandmother hadn't been able to get back in time from a business trip and sent her regrets. Kevin then went to deliver a letter to Lauren from Michael.

When Kevin went into the bride's room, Lauren was happy to see him. She took the letter and asked him if he could find Paul for her. When Paul arrived, she told him about Jennifer's visit. Paul wanted to tell her something about Jennifer and Brenda, but Lauren asked him to wait until after the wedding. She just wanted to be happy as she walked down the aisle. She also begged him not to tell Michael anything. There was nothing he could do, and she didn't want him to be stressed out during their ceremony. After Paul left, Joanna came in and helped Lauren finish getting ready. She apologized for anything she'd done to spoil Lauren's special day. She just wanted to be part of her daughter's life. Lauren forgivingly embraced her mother.

Ashley arrived with Abby. While Abby went to see where Brad was, Ashley and Paul talked. She told him about Tom's visit to the lab, which alarmed Paul. But Ashley pointed out that if Tom had wanted to hurt her, he could have done it when they were alone. She was more worried about what he might be planning against Lauren and Michael. Unaware that Jennifer was hiding behind a column and watching them, Paul told Ashley about searching Jennifer's room with Jack and finding a lot of disguises and some other interesting items.

Ashley also spoke to her father. John had been impressed with Gloria for all her hard work on the wedding, but he was still worried about Tom's threats. Ashley didn't tell him about seeing Tom and encouraged him to relax and enjoy the day. She had no idea that John had a gun tucked into his pants.

Phyllis and Nick were talking when he spotted his sister coming in. He went to speak to her, calling her out on the way she'd pretended that sending Brad to St. Louis had been her idea, when in fact, she'd been willing to send Nick so that Brad could be at the wedding with her. Victoria told Nick that he should be happy. She'd done what he wanted; Brad wasn't at the wedding with her. But he and the rest of the family were going to have to get used to it; Victoria and Brad were a couple.

Later, when Abby asked Victoria where her father was, Victoria told her that he'd had to go out of town unexpectedly on business. Ashley came up as Victoria was trying to explain things. After Victoria walked away, Ashley tried to soothe her daughter's disappointment about her father's absence. Nikki overheard as Abby said that if Victoria was his boss, then it was her fault Brad wasn't at the wedding. Ashley told her that wasn't fair. Brad would be there if he could. Nikki stepped up to them and suggested that Abby go show Victor her dress. After Abby left, Nikki warned Ashley not to poison her daughter's mind against Victoria. After all, both of them knew from experience how that turned out. When Ashley asked what she meant, Nikki said that all those years ago, she'd said some bad things about Ashley to Victoria that had left lifelong scars. Even though Ashley's mistakes had been terrible, she shouldn't make Abby suffer for them.

Victor was all smiles as Abby came to show off her dress to him. Nikki gave Ashley a smug look, and Ashley just looked exasperated, as she hadn't done anything to poison Abby's mind against any of the Newmans, including Victoria. Later, Eric Forrester approached Victor to say hello, and Gloria, who'd been getting her photograph taken for the society pages with all the more prominent guests, joined them for a picture. After she left, Victor spotted Nick and asked him to come over. He introduced Nick to Eric as his son, the CEO of Newman Enterprises. Victoria overheard her father's introduction and walked away with a sour, hurt expression.

When Jack came in and talked to Phyllis, she wanted to know what he and Paul had been so engrossed by earlier. Jack told her that Tom Fisher had been making threats against his family, and he thought Tom might be conspiring with Jennifer Mitchell. Phyllis was upset and wondered if there was anything she could do. Jack, who could barely take his eyes off of his enemy Victor, said that they were just all being very vigilant during the wedding. After Jack walked away, Nick joined Phyllis. She said that his conversation with Victoria had seemed very intense, and he said brothers and sisters argued. Nick had seen her with Jack and asked if they'd worked things out. Phyllis said that they had--for now.

As Jack circulated among the guests, Jill came in. She told him that her business trip had been full of meetings. She also warned him to play nice with the Newman family. The wedding was no time to cause trouble. Jack didn't make any promises. Another new arrival was Christine, who told Paul that it was a little surprising how devoted he was to protecting Michael on his wedding day. Paul admitted that the three of them had come a long way over the years.

When Michael arrived, he was surprised to hear from Kevin that Lauren had asked to see Paul. Michael found Paul to ask him what Lauren had wanted. Paul didn't tell him about Jennifer's visit. He said that Lauren had just wanted to see an old friend before her wedding. He told Michael to relax and enjoy his day. Later, Gloria came up to Michael and Kevin and asked Michael what he thought of the decorations. Michael admitted that he loved it all. Gloria told her two sons how proud she was of them. They'd come a long way since they were in that apartment in Detroit. None of them was aware of a figure dressed in black who put a package on the table with the other wedding gifts.

The moment of the ceremony finally arrived. Gloria and Joanna appeared to make peace just before they walked to their seats, then everyone watched with affection as Abby dropped flower petals while she walked down the aisle, with her proud grandfather snapping pictures of her. Nikki noticed the way Victor was beaming as he watched his little girl. Then Lauren appeared and was escorted down the aisle by Scott. She paused for a moment to exchange an affectionate look full of memories with Paul. Then she and Michael shared vows they'd written for each other. Michael told Lauren everything her love meant to him and how she made him want to be better than he was. Lauren called Michael her rock and said that his letter was a reminder that he always knew what she needed before she did. Finally the minister pronounced them husband and wife, and Michael kissed her as the wedding guests applauded.

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