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David narrowly avoided heart surgery. Amanda feared that she might be responsible for the attacks on Kendall and David. Ryan questioned Greg about Kendall's insemination. Zach and Kendall kept their feelings to themselves.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 5, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, December 5, 2005

Lily finds Jonathan hiding out at the boathouse. When she expresses curiosity at his apparent sadness, Jonathan tells her what happened earlier at Fusion. He also shares with her, his frustration over his slow recovery. He had hoped he would recuperate faster and with less difficulty. Lily is sympathetic and offers advice after he tells her how being yelled at earlier had affected him. She tells him that she has learned several different methods to deal with stressful situations in her "Life Skills" classes. Jonathan is envious. When he tells her that he wishes he had a few strategies for dealing with difficult times, Lily has an idea.

Dr. Martin asks Julia to meet him at the hospital where he offers her a job he feels is perfectly suited for her. Julia accepts and within a short time is running a "Life Skills" group session. Lily walks in and starts to ask Julia a question when she realizes that Julia may be reluctant because of her relationship with Edmond. Before Lily can leave the room, Jonathan walks in and asks Lily if she received approval for him joining the session. Julia realizes that Lily wants Jonathan to sit in and after a moment's hesitation offers Jonathan a seat.

Del stops by Babe's room at the Pine Cone to invite her out. He claims to be suffering from writers' block and wanted to relax by going bowling. Just then JR walks in and after a few malicious words, Del leaves. Alone with Babe, JR notices that she's packing. His surprised turns to apparent concern, when he learns that Babe intends to move into the Chandler mansion. JR warns her that it's not a good idea for her to move in. He goes on to tell Babe that he now realizes that Babe was being completely honest when she told him that she was falling in love with him again. JR then tells Babe that he is no longer focused on extracting revenge for what she has done to him. He admits that he wants Babe, very much but that he's not in love with her. He has moved past her in that regard but it would not stop him from trying to seduce her. JR tells Babe that he feels that she deserves better than what he could give her and then he quietly leaves. Outside of Babe's room, JR smiles when he sees Del approach. He tells Del that Babe is ripe for the picking and ready to for Del to get her between the sheets. Del has his doubts. He doesn't think Babe will be so quick to jump into bed with him as JR believes. After JR leaves, Del knocks on Babe's door and offers her a supportive ear. Initially Babe declines his company but as Del walks away, Babe changes her mind and calls him back. They end up going to the boathouse where Babe is somewhat distracted until Del mentions JR. Nearby, JR listens as Del talks down about JR and poses a hypothetical question to Babe. What would she do if she could take JR down? Babe shrugs off the idea and tells him that she wants to get along with JR. Del persists and adds that he happens to have something that could take JR down. Is she interested in hearing what he has to say?

Ryan and Zach trade harsh words. Ryan warns Zach to stay away from Jonathan while Zach warns Ryan to stay away from Kendall. Erica walks into the room and upon hearing Zach's words tells him that she was just about to say the very same thing to him. Zach ignores Erica's warning and leaves. After Zach's departure, Erica turns to Ryan and suggests that they work together to get Zach out of Kendall's life. Ryan isn't interested. He tells Erica that he can't forgive Kendall for her lie and how it hurt Greenlee. He goes on to suggest that the baby she is carrying is nothing more than a mistake and he wants no part of either Kendall or the child. Erica does her best to convince Ryan to reconsider, defending Kendall's actions and reminding Ryan that there is a child's welfare at stake. She asks him to at least talk to Kendall before making any final decisions.

Kendall slowly awakens and realizes that she's in a hammock hanging high above the city street. She immediately panics and starts screaming for help but after a period of time realizes that no one can hear her. She attempts to rescue herself but quickly changes her mind when the hammock swings wildly. Left with no other recourse, Kendall begins to pray. Eventually she starts praying for Zach to find her. Meanwhile, inside the Fusion offices, Zach stops by to find Kendall. He finds the offices empty but notes that Kendall's clutch is on the desk. He decides to leave an envelope with Kendall's name written on it. As he walks to the elevator, prepared to leave, Zach pauses. Moments later he is on the roof, cautioning Kendall to stay quiet and very still. He makes quick work of rescuing Kendall from the hammock which by now was fraying and within moments of breaking loose from one of the hooks holding it. Zach carries a badly shaken Kendall downstairs to the Fusion offices. While Zach fetches Kendall a bottle of water, Kendall tells him that she's certain that fate had sent him to her. Zach tells her that fate had nothing to do with it, and it was just coincidence. Kendall vehemently disagrees. Zach returns her side and begins to question her about what had happened. Kendall doesn't remember much except that she was planning a holiday party with Simone and Dani one moment and the next she woke up in the hammock. After a few more questions, Kendall remembers suddenly that Jonathan had been at the office. Zach is concerned when he hears that bit of news. He begins to tell her something but is interrupted at the last moment when Ethan walks in. He asks Ethan to keep an eye on Kendall for him and then quickly leaves Fusion.

Zach walks into the session Julia is leading and demands to talk to Jonathan. He claims to have a message from Ryan and suggests that Jonathan step out for a moment so that they can talk privately. Julia appears uncomfortable but reluctantly allows Jonathan to walk out with Zach. Once alone, Zach tells Jonathan how furious he is just before he takes a swing and punches Jonathan with enough force to knock him to the ground.

At Fusion, Kendall and Ethan talk. Kendall apologizes to Ethan over the way she behaved toward him when their relationship ended. Ethan dismisses it, assuring Kendall that he's moved past that stage of his life and is quite happy with Simone. As Kendall talks about Zach and how he recently rescued her, Kendall finds the envelope that Zach left her. She opens it and stops short when she realizes that Zach didn't come to the offices because of fate but to end their marriage. Feeling foolish and calling herself all kinds of an idiot, Kendall resumes talking about Zach but in fewer glowing terms. She looks up to find Ryan standing in the doorway.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Ryan went to Fusion and found Kendall and Ethan there. She asked him who she had to thank for hanging her from the roof, his soon to be ex-wife or his crazy brother. Ryan told Kendall that there was no way Greenlee would play games with her life not to mention that she couldn't physically get Kendall to the roof. He then told Kendall that all Jonathan wanted was to play nice. She told him that Zach saved her and Ryan said that it was very convenient he was there just in time to get her out of the hammock and be the hero. Ryan said that Zach fired shots at Jonathan outside the courthouse. Kendall said it was too bad that he missed and Ryan told her that Zach missed on purpose and that they were warning shots. Ryan then said that Zach wanted Jonathan to have a near death experience and he probably did the same thing to her. Ryan explained that this was the perfect way for Zach to play hero. Ryan asked Kendall if Zach knew that Jonathan was at Fusion earlier and she said that she told him. Before Ethan left he told them they were both blithering idiots and the only thing they needed to talk about was the baby Kendall was carrying. Kendall told Ryan that Greenlee was not supposed to leave her but that she was supposed to stay and help her. Ryan blamed Kendall for losing Greenlee and she told him that she didn't even know if she wanted this baby. Kendall told Ryan that she wasn't really asleep when he visited Greenlee in the hospital and she heard Greenlee say how much she looked forward to being a mom. Kendall said she didn't know if she was in that same place and asked Ryan if he wanted the baby. Ryan said he didn't know what he thought. He told Kendall that it was her right to decide what to do about the baby. She said when she figured it out, she would let him know.

Zach continued to beat the fire out of Jonathan in the parking garage when Julia and Aidan stepped off the elevator. Julia tried to stop Zach, but he kept attacking Jonathan. Lily came to the garage and told Zach that this was the same thing as the cave and that he made red. She put on her sunglasses and was crying. Jonathan covered up the blood and told her it was all alright. Ryan called Jonathan to tell him that Zach was looking for him and to be careful. Jonathan told Ryan that he was at the hospital learning life skills and that he was alright. Ryan asked if he had hurt Kendall earlier and he said no. Julia asked Jonathan why he didn't tell Ryan about Zach. Jonathan said that he didn't tell because then more people would hit each other and he didn't want that. Julia took Jonathan and Lily upstairs to the hospital. Zach apologized to Lily and promised that there would be no more fighting. Back at the hospital, Julia asked Jonathan and Lily to make a simple drawing how to get from the hospital to their homes. As they sat, Lily told Jonathan that she could teach him lots of stuff.

Tad went to his dad to find out information on Greg Madden. Joe said that he knew of nothing, but unless he got help from someone inside Dr. Madden's office, he would never find anything.

Di convinced Dr. Madden that she would be the best candidate for the position at his clinic. She told him that she went to jail for contempt of court for not revealing her sources and that as her past had shown, she was a strong believer in privacy. Di went to Tad's and told him that she got the job. She asked what Dr. Madden had against him and he said that she deserved to know. Tad told Di that Madden had a complete dossier on the Martin family. Di told him that she would scour the files to find any information she could. Di put a throw on her legs and by the way Tad looked at her she could tell that the blanket was Dixie's. Di took it off her legs but Tad said that Dixie would probably want her to have it. Tad told Di that he would appreciate it if she would stop acting like Dixie. Di assured Tad that she would find something at Dr. Madden's office.

Amanda went to New Beginnings to see Josh. She told him that she had another blackout and ended up at his office. She asked if anything unexplained happened in the last few hours and he said no. Josh offered Amanda a job and she asked why he was being so nice to her. He told her he needed someone who could keep strict confidentiality about Erica and her show. Amanda said she was perfect for the job and Josh hired her, but not before he told her to tone down her dress.

While J.R. listened in secretly, Del continued to feed Babe tidbits about J.R. He said that he saw the way the Chandler's treated her and he didn't like it. She asked what the real reason was he wanted her to have this information and he said he wanted to see a pretty girl smile. Del asked Babe wouldn't she like to never be afraid of J.R. again. He fed her information about some illegal offshore drilling and hidden money. Del asked what their next move was and then invited Babe to dinner but she said no. J.R. came out of the shadows and Del told him to watch his back. Babe text messaged J.R. to meet her in twenty minutes. When Babe met J.R. she told him about the information she had just received from Del. He asked why she didn't just take it to the judge to get custody of Little Adam. She told him that lately he had been sweet and J.R. told Babe that he didn't understand anything, but he especially didn't understand her. Babe said that if he didn't understand that she just saved his backside, then to hell with him and he could leave. Knowing that J.R. was trying to set her up, when J.R. did leave, Babe stood there with "a cat that ate the canary" look and said to herself, "Gotcha."

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Worried that Kendall won't make it to the party, Simone calls her. Kendall ignores the ringing phone as she battles a very bad bout of nausea due to her pregnancy. The ringing phone is followed by a pounding on the door as JR tries to get Kendall to open up to him. She just wants to be left alone to her misery but JR is insistant. He barges into Kendall's townhouse just as she runs for the bathroom. Once her stomach settles, Kendall returns to her living room and asks JR to leave. JR ignores her plea. He tells her that he needs for her to talk him out of falling for Babe. Kendall has her own problems which make his pale in comparison. She brings him up to date on her pregnancy, including the fact that the baby is biologically hers and that Greenlee has severed all ties with her. JR's complete lack of understanding and empathy prompts Kendall to throw him out of her condo. JR doesn't leave but instead talks about his own experience at being a father. Kendall fires back, reminding him how, once he found out Bess wasn't his daughter, he never gave her another thought. Kendall goes on to tell JR that if he's foolish enough to fall for Babe again, after all the awful things that she has done to him, then he deserves what he gets and she doesn't want him to come crying to her when things fall apart. JR is furious and warns Kendall that she has gone too far. They trade angry words before JR walks out the door, leaving their friendship in tatters.

Julia is not pleased when Brooke arrives on her doorstep with Sam who is visibly drunk. Brooke explains to Julia that Sam has been spiraling out of control for several weeks. He's been staying out late and she has found empty beer cans under his bed. Concerned, Julia and Brooke talk to him about his behavior. Initially, Sam shrugs his behavior off as nothing more than harmless teenage rebellion but Julia and Brooke refuse to accept his explanation. They are concerned that he is beginning a self-destructive pattern. Sam becomes furious, admitting that he regrets not killing Jonathan when he had the opportunity and fully intends to rectify that wrong. Julia tries to caution him about the emotional ramifications he will face if he takes Jonathan's life. Sam counters, asking her why Noah was wroth avenging but his own father isn't. Desperate, Julia decides that it's time Sam went to live with his mother, convinced that she will be able to help him. Sam doesn't agree with Julia's decision and walks out before anyone can stop him.

Amanda watches Jamie as he sits, surrounded by several young women who are hanging on his every word. Disgusted, Amanda walks up and accuses him of being obsessed with her and using the women in a feeble attempt to replace her. Embarrassed at the scene Amanda is creating, Jamie pulls her aside. He is convinced that Amanda is out of touch with reality and accuses her of poisoning the soup at the Chandler Mansion on Thanksgiving. Amanda denies that she's insane or poisoned the soup. After telling him that she has a job at New Beginnings, she informs him that she is over him and walks out.

Janet flips through a scrapbook which she has dedicated to Jamie.

Babe tells Krystal about JR and specifically the trap he set up with Del for her. She brags how she was able to see right through his scheme and managed to use the situation to her advantage. Krystal has strong reservations when Babe confides that JR is very close to giving in to his feelings for Babe and that a wedding is imminent.

Adam plots to end his marriage to Krystal by threatening to scare her into giving him the divorce he desperately seeks. His plan is to convince her that he's in love with her, certain she will be repelled at the idea. He invites her to his room on the pretense of updating her on some stock that netted them a small fortune. Using the discussion of stock and how he pursues a lucrative investment, Adam slowly seduces Krystal until he is able to kiss her. Adam pulls away from the kiss before things progress further, claiming that he wants to be honest with her. He declares his love for Krystal and vows that when they make love, he wants her to feel the same passion for him that he feels for her. Krystal surprises Adam when she throws her arms around him and begs him to take her now.

Babe browses through a magazine as she hums the wedding march to herself when a knock at her door interrupts her. It's Livia Frye. She warns Babe that she's up to her neck with trouble from Amanda as she hands her a legal document. Babe reads the document and is shocked. Later, as she's signing papers for Livia, JR stops by. Babe, smiles and hands him the document she just finished signing. JR is shocked at what he reads. He asks her who else is privy to the information. Babe assures him that no one except Babe, Livia, JR and the person responsible for the documents knows about it.

Simone begins to panic as guests arrive for the party and Kendall is still a no show. Luckily, Kendall makes a grand entrance a short while later. Things go well at the Fusion party until JR and Babe walk in. Kendall doesn't mince words as she throws both Babe and JR out of the party. They refuse to leave and then drop the bombshell that Greenlee has signed over her shares of Fusion to Babe, making Babe Kendall's new business partner.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Adams plan to scare Krystal out of the marriage backfires when she tells him that his sweet talk and confessions convinced her that they need to make love. She rips his shirt open and demands that he do something before she explodes. Immediately, Adam gets cold feet and reminds Krystal that a short time ago she didn't want to be anywhere near him. She tells him that his words changed her mind, and she throws him back on the bed. She starts to open her blouse but Adam panics and fairly throws her off the side. He tells her that he has an important conference call with business people in Tokyo and London. At first she thinks he is playing, and tries to take on her role as secretary. When she realizes that he means to desert her, she breaks down and starts to cry. She sullenly notes that he made up everything just to get her to admit to how she really feels. Adam is stunned at her revelation, and tries to backpedal. He tells her that he wasn't exactly lying, but he was caught off guard by her response. He tells her that her reference to having feelings for him are ridiculous, and she responds that perhaps things are better this way - she can get out before she really embarrasses herself. She tries to walk out of the room but flummoxed, Adam grabs her arm so that she is forced to stay. Adam tells her that he didn't think she would let her feelings go that far, but Krystal expounds on the fact that their time in Crow Hollow left her burning for more one on one time with her husband. Finally, Adam caves in and sweeps her up with a kiss and an embrace. She lets him kiss on her for a while, and then threatens him bodily harm if he doesn't let her go. She asks if he feels as duped as he looks but Adam is at a loss as to what to say. She tells him that she thought he deserved a taste of his own medicine, and then reveals that she knows about the merger with Chandler Enterprises. She says that not even the threat of him falling in love with her could keep her away from that deal. Adam demands to know who gave her the information about the merger and she tells him it was Palmer's doing. Adam notes how much he hates Palmer, and she tells him that Palmer just likes sticking it to Adam. She then admits that it's becoming a new favorite past time of hers. Adam wryly suggests that she marry Palmer instead, but Krystal's demeanor says that she is having way too much fun with Adam. She tells him that she is going to open an online brokerage account so that she can get familiar with everything she will need to know once the merger goes through. As she heads downstairs, closing the door after her, Adam can't keep a smile from creeping on to his face.

As Julia prepares to leave the house, Ryan shows up at her door. She asks if he's all right, and he simply states that they both know who is responsible for the attack on Jonathan. Ryan admits that he knows someone punched Jonathan while he was taking his life skills class. All he wants is confirmation that it was Zach. Julia doesn't say anything, so Ryan assumes that he is correct. He starts to storm out but Julia begs him not to go after Zach. Ryan is appalled that Julia would protect Zach, but she swears that she is really trying to protect Ryan. Ryan doesn't believe her, saying that his attack on Zach would be justified. Julia tells him that she saw the look on Zach's face, and thinks that he actually cares about Kendall. She thinks that he punched Jonathan because he actually felt like he was protecting his wife. Ryan isn't prepared to let Zach get away with it, until Julia tells him that if he continues down the path of vengeance, soon the whole town will be involved and everyone will hate Jonathan even more. She tells him that it isn't worth it. He tells Julia that everything she said makes sense - for her. The problem, he tells her, is that Jonathan won't fight back for himself so Ryan feels he needs to step into that role. Julia reminds him that she is a nurse, and therefore understands the medical side of what happened to Jonathan. However, she also notes that watching him in class and seeing him struggle to get back to solid ground...even she couldn't forget that he was the person that killed Edmund. She tells him that the only thing that will help people forget who Jonathan was is time. Ryan lets it all sink in, and then tells her that it is becoming evident that the sooner they leave Pine Valley, the better. He starts to head out the door again, and again she stops him. He tells her that no one wants them there, so they should pack up and leave, saying that Greenlee was the real reason they came back. With her gone, there is nothing to hold them in Pine Valley. Julia asks about the baby, and Ryan reveals that Kendall isn't sure if she will be carrying the baby to term. Julia then tries to convince him to stay by noting that Jonathan responded really well to the life skills class. She offers to talk to Zach in hopes that he will back off. Ryan admits that he is worried about what will happen the next time someone decides that Jonathan shouldn't be walking down the street. Julia promises that she will protect him while he is at the hospital, and then suggests that he wait and see how things go before making a hasty exit out of town. Ryan accepts her proposal, and after taking his leave, she hurries back indoors.

At the park, Erin laces up the ice skates on Jonathan's feet. She assures him that he will be successful relearning this task, and goes off to procure her own pair. As Jonathan gets used to the unstable feel of the skates, Sam arrives nearby and greets some friends. He spots Jonathan and tells his friends how Jonathan killed his father. They approach Jonathan and Sam says that his friends just wanted to see a real live killer up close. He continues to get more intimidating as Jonathan cowers in fear. Erin returns and demands that Sam stand down. Sam is caustically amused that Jonathan's little sister is fighting his battles. He jabs Jonathan in the chest with the hockey stick he had been carrying, attempting to provoke him into taking a swing. Before the situation can break down any further, Aidan shows up and informs Sam that he needs to take his friends and move the party elsewhere. After he strips the trio of their illegally obtained beer, and tells Sam that he's already on to Jonathan's game, they leave. Once gone, Erin rips into Aidan for stalking Jonathan, saying that his actions can be considered harassment. She also accuses him of being the one that punched Jonathan. Aidan denies the claim, and notes that Jonathan probably didn't tell Erin the truth because he didn't want her in his business. Jonathan tries to deny that truth but it did little good. Erin continues to rip Aidan apart, telling him that he needs to tell the person responsible for harming Jonathan that next time, they will have to go through her. She continues to rant, summing up that the worst part about all that has happened - that they probably wouldn't be in town for much longer. Aidan takes the opportunity to tell her that he suggested as much weeks ago, but that's the last thing she wants to hear. He also says that if she believes in her brother's reformation so much, it shouldn't matter if he checks up on Jonathan. Erin clarifies that Aidan is stalking her brother, and then says that she is tired of people staring at Jonathan, acting like he's an alien. Jonathan breaks in then, saying that he is okay with Aidan following him, because then he might be able to see that Jonathan is a good person now. Jonathan then invites Aidan to join them in skating, but Aidan politely declines. After he leaves, Jonathan tells his sister that he thinks Aidan is nice, and that Ryan will be happy to know that he is watching out for Jonathan. Erin disagrees, thinking that Ryan will be upset that people still don't trust Jonathan. She tells him that Ryan has too much to worry about and not to let him in on what just happened. Jonathan struggles with this for a moment, and then Erin distracts him by challenging him to an ice skating race. That childlike quality taking over completely once again, Jonathan forgets his worries and jumps in the game. After racing for a while, they head back to the benches for a break. Ryan shows up just then, much to his little brother's delight. They fill him in on their afternoon thus far, minus their run-in with Aidan. After Jonathan takes off to get Ryan some hot chocolate, Erin assures him that everything had gone just fine that day.

In the middle of the Fusion party, Kendall is irate over the announcement that Babe now has stock in Fusion and is hard pressed to believe it. Babe tells her that she felt similarly when Livia first brought the papers over, but they can all be assured that she is presenting nothing but the truth. JR tries to stoke the fire, making it known to all of the employees that they should be nice if they want to keep their jobs. Babe holds him back, saying that she wants to keep the transition as painless as possible. Kendall, however, isn't having any of it, and demands that Babe get out of her office and keep her hands off of Fusion. JR sarcastically urges Kendall to calm down, and then tells her that Greenlee left her a letter...for Babe to read. Before Babe can take it from him, Simone, who is nonplussed as to why she was passed over, snatches it and starts to read. The contents within reveal that Greenlee picked Babe because one lowlife baby stealer deserves another. She believes that Babe will help run Fusion into the ground, and Greenlee notes that this transfer can be considered her baby shower gift. Kendall declares that she will run Fusion into the ground on her own before she shares it with Babe. Simone steps in, warning Kendall off on announcements like that when people with money are still present. She then takes the lead and announces that there will be some movement with regard to staffing at Fusion but that it will in no way affect the quality of the product. She asks Dani to guide everyone to the samples table, with directives to be generous. As they move away, Kendall examines the legal paperwork she was presented with, and Babe tells her that they need to talk. Kendall refuses, reiterating that Babe has no place in the company. Babe succinctly tells her that she would be stupid to walk away from an opportunity like this, and that Kendall had better start getting used to her presence.

A short time later, Simone and Dani bid some of the party attendees goodbye. As they return to the inner sanctum and Simone flits off to do some more damage control. Dani and Ethan watch her in action, amazed that she so deftly hides the panic raging inside. On the other side of the room, Kendall swears that she will overturn Greenlee's decree somehow. JR once again tells her that what's done is done and that she needs to get used to it. Kendall asks him if this is his month to get back at her, or if he's really trying to win Babe back. At that, JR tries to escort Babe out but she is finally interested in something that Kendall has to say. Kendall is taken aback that Babe is still in the dark about his intentions. She reveals the test that JR put her through with Del, and that his reasons were because he was afraid of falling back in love with Babe. Babe pretends to act surprised and waits for the rest. Kendall says that if JR wants to be tied to someone as useless as Babe for all time, he is free to do so - but she will not settle for the same fate. Babe admits that she knows Kendall will say or do anything to freak her out. She follows by saying that Kendall should stop wasting her time trying to goad either she or JR on, because Babe isn't buying this latest morsel about JR's true feelings. Further, she notes that although she is leaving, she will be back. She won't let the opportunity she has been given fall through her fingers. After taking her leave, JR asks Kendall how it feels to be pregnant with a baby she didn't want, and living in a town where no one cares about her. He tells her that he would have stuck it out with her, but she doesn't believe him - considering the way he came into the party. He notes that the way things are must not bother her since she is doing everything she can to make sure she remains alone. He walks out on her too, and after a moment, Kendall needs to get away. Before Simone can intervene, Kendall announces to the party that everything is free, and walks out.

Babe returns to her room at the Pine Cone and is only there for a moment before JR comes barreling in after her. She tells him that he should leave, but he refuses until they talk about what Kendall said. He starts to try to explain, but she hurls a lamp at him. He falls to the floor, causing the lamp to smash against the door. She looks for other things to throw at him, even though he begs her to talk things over with him. She blasts him for making her look like an idiot in front of Kendall, and asks what else he could possibly want from her. JR tells her that given all of the things she had done to him, he had to be sure that she was on the level. Unenthusiastically, she pretends to celebrate because Del gave her a passing grade in his test. She then opens the door to her room and demands that he leave her - for good. JR closes the door and tells her that he had to make sure that she wasn't playing him for a fool, but Babe thinks she did it to herself. She admits that she may have pushed too hard to get them to a space where they could be better than okay. She also said that she had been living in this fantasy world where she thought he might love her again. She them promises that she won't hang on to that dream anymore. She is just hoping that he can get past all that she had done, and would give her back her three hours of visitation. Fixated on her, JR confesses that things had changed and that he cared about her a lot more than she realized. He moves closer, brushes the hair away from her face, and then kisses her.

Kendall shows up at the casinos, reminding Zach's assistant that as his wife, and as the person listed on the gambling licenses, she has the right to any and all documentation that she requests. The assistant starts to argue, but she ignores his protests, instead adding on a request for a hamburger and a mimosa. She sends him away without another word and then glumly takes a seat behind her desk. Shortly thereafter, the assistant returns with everything Kendall asked for and asks if she needs anything else. Needing nothing, he leaves her alone to review the paperwork. She focuses on the meal in front of her, and starts to bring her drink to her lips. Julia enters uninvited and, upon taking in the scene, smacks the glass out of Kendall's hands and asks how she could be so stupid.

Finally, the last of the guests leave the party, and both Simone and Dani assure them that everything will remain on track with the company. When the elevator doors close, Dani begs off as well, having been completely beaten by the day. Simone completely understands, hugs her and sends her on her way. She and Ethan then go back inside and Simone immediately starts venting again about how unfair everything is. Ethan takes a seat at the computer and asks her to be more specific. As she talks about the wrong that Greenlee did to her, and the instability of her two remaining bosses, Ethan types away. She tells him that if it weren't for the fact that he is a major shareholder in Fusion, she would take her talents elsewhere. Ethan then hands her a paper, saying that it's an early Christmas present. She reads it and, in shock, states that she hadn't been good enough for that kind of gift. He reveals that he gave her enough shares of his stock to make her equal partners in the company with Babe and Kendall. He apologizes for not doing so a long time ago. She is stunned and can't thank him enough. He sweeps her into his arms, her kiss being the only thanks he needs.

Friday, December 9, 2005

David pays a visit to Kendall at the Chandler mansion to talk about Babe trying to win JR's heart again. David does not seem confident Babe will pull it off, but Krystal reminds him he told Babe he would stop interfering in her life. She adds that no one can stop Babe, but David persists that Krystal is not doing enough to change Babe's mind. Krystal suggests that if David wants to play superdaddy, he should go after Amanda. She updates him on what Amanda might have done to kill Babe. David immediately rushes off.

Josh introduces his new assistant to Erica, Amanda. Erica informs him that the meeting with the ABC Daytime president went sour when the president was told to meet her at the wrong place. Erica fires Amanda and tells Josh that he can't hire anymore people without her permission. Amanda apologizes for the mistake and identifies herself. Josh defends Amanda and allows her to stay, especially since she knew Janet. Josh and Amanda walk out of the office. Amanda tells Josh she was positive she knew the name right, but he disagrees. Amanda buys that she got the name of the restaurant wrong so she tries to rush to the hospital. Josh says if Erica finds out about Amanda's trip, she could lose her job. Amanda thinks it is unfair, but tells Josh she needs to get medical treatment. When she arrives at the hospital, Jamie asks Amanda why she is back. She explains what happened at Erica's work with Jamie. He goes to check with the neurologists, then David walks up. He offers to help Amanda, then accuses her of pretending to be forgetful and poisoning the soup. Of course, she denies hurting Babe and Jamie comes back, warning David to stay away from her. Amanda goes to the neurology department, giving David the chance to harp on Amanda. Jamie tells him he will stay close to Amanda to protect Babe. Amanda comes back to see Jamie to tell him everything is fine, but looks distressed.

Erica leaves a message on Kendall's voicemail as Josh walks in. He tells Erica she is incredible for caring about Kendall, while still running a television show that helps people. Josh offers to uncover the dirt on his father for Erica because he thinks Greg's actions were not about helping Greenlee, but sticking it to her. Erica leaves and Josh makes a call, saying Erica's revisions on their way. Instead, he throws the paperwork in the trash.

Janet calls for Trevor at home to remind him that "New Beginnings" is on. Janet tells him she has found a way to protect her ice cream from his midnight visits, then puts the ice cream in a cooler.

Zach goes to see Ryan, as Jonathan and Erin skate on the ice. He tells Ryan that he wants justice served to Jonathan for almost killing Kendall twice. Ryan tells Zach that Julia thinks Zach may be human, so he has declined for hurting him. Ryan warns Zach to leave his brother alone and he will find a way to do it. Zach agrees to back off once Jonathan leaves Kendall alone. Jonathan rushes up to make sure everything is OK. Ryan promises to come skate soon and goes back to be with Erin. Ryan reminds Zach that Jonathan just lied to him to protect Zach to prove he has changed. Zach calls Ryan a sucker for still believing his brother has turned over a new leaf. Ryan tells him he watches his brother carefully and no longer sees rage or hate in his eyes. Zach promises to look after Kendall, making one last threat toward Jonathan, and heads off. Ryan asks Jonathan to replay what he did the night of the barn fire, but Erin get upset, as though Ryan is accusing Jonathan of the crime. Jonathan says he went to a restroom that was outside, but could not turn the knob on the door. He started to cry and could not figure out what the key was for to unlock the knob. He did not want Lily to know because he was embarrassed and ashamed so he tried to make it better. Jonathan tells them he wants to leave and starts walking off. Erin tells Ryan is he treating Jonathan like everyone else in the town and siding with Zach. Ryan goes to the hospital to find David, but no one can find him.

Julia starts picking up the pieces of broken glass and tells Kendall that a pregnant woman should not be drinking alcohol, unless she wants to harm the baby. Julia apologizes for overreacting, but blames her nursing instincts for it. Kendall asks why she is there and Julia tells her she spoke to Ryan, so knows Kendall may be debating having the child. Kendall thinks Julia is fawning over Ryan, but she brings the alcohol issue back up. Kendall tells her she wasn't thinking clearly when she ordered the drink. Julia tries to console Kendall and inform here they are no longer enemies. Julia tells Kendall she aborted a pregnancy after she was raped and when she wanted a child with Noah, they decided to wait until they were safe. Now, she wishes they did have a child to have a piece of Noah with her, Julia adds. Kendall tells her she does not want to be a mother and has no idea what to do about the pregnancy. When Julia pushes her to make a choice, Kendall gets upset. Zach walks in and asks Julia why his wife is upset. Zach asks Kendall to wait for her while he and Julia talk. She does and hands Zach the divorce papers, which are signed. She hands them to Zach and begins to walk out, but he insists she stay. Kendall informs him that he should be prepared because everyone is bombarding her with what she should do. Zach offers to make all of that go away and offers to take her on a romantic vacation.

JR kisses Babe deeply and she tells him it was the way he used to kiss her when they first fell in love. JR says he didn't mean for his feelings to resurface, but still does not love her. Babe tells him she not interested in a one-night stand if he does not love her. She tells him that the kiss they shared felt like true love, not lust. JR claims he just made up the sex only thing to make her mad, to prove if she really loved him. But now, he really cares about her and hugs her, JR says. He tells her that she knows he can feel whatever is between them, then kisses her again. They begin take it further, but Babe stops JR. She admits she wants him, but is scared they will regret it later down the road. Plus, she does not want to love and lose him again, Babe adds. JR tells Babe they could have had a real chance to be together, but she is not sure, so he leaves.

David is unconscious on a hospital bed but little does he know, two doctors believe that he is a patient scheduled for bypass surgery.



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