Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 15, 2003 on PC

Jamal tracked Imani to Alabama, where Imani saved Jamal from Madea. Casey returned to tell Ricky to let go of the past. Ian left Lucy so he could try to learn how to control his cravings. Jack and Livvie planned a date, but she went home with Caleb instead. Alison struggled with lying to Rafe about her night with Caleb.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 15, 2003 on PC
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 15, 2003

At Jack's Place, Jack pulls away from Livvie's kiss and declares that he can NOT allow himself to get involved with Livvie again. Livvie insists that she only wanted a little comfort and then blurts out an admission that, when she had possession of the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring, Livvie had wished that Jack would stop hating her. Jack declares at first that it is obvious that Livvie's wish is NOT working! However, Livvie persists in trying to remind Jack of happier times they enjoyed together. Jack suddenly declares that he can NOT hate Livvie any more and accuses Livvie of having stripped Jack of his only defense against her. Then Jack shocks Livvie when he begins to declare his undying love for Livvie and pleads with Livvie to marry him. Jack promises Livvie that he will be able to protect her from Caleb. As Jack insists that Livvie is his soul mate ~ a stunned Livvie pulls away and tries to convince Jack that he is mistaken about what is going on between them. As a panic-stricken Livvie heads for the door, Jack begins to laugh and announces that he was only putting her on. Livvie angrily slams out of the door, leaving an amused Jack chuckling in her wake.

Alison arrives at Caleb's apartment and begs Caleb to use his ring to erase the night they spent together in the barn. But Caleb announces that the ring does NOT have the power to change the past. Caleb confides that he is fascinated by the fact that Alison has NOT yet leveled with Rafe about Alison's night with Caleb at the barn. Alison confides that, when she went to the barn later with Rafe, the ONLY thing that Alison could think about was the night she spent in the barn with Caleb. Caleb explains that Alison is unfortunately paying the price of getting caught in the middle of Livvie and Rafe's obsessions to gain possession of Caleb's ring. Caleb confides that the night with Alison led Caleb to kick Livvie out of the house, fire his band and get his life started in an all new direction. Alison surprisingly argues that Livvie was trying, with her wish on Caleb's ring, to do something FOR Caleb ~ but the ring used something like dark magic that twisted the wish into something hurtful. Alison is appalled when Caleb suggests that perhaps Alison is upset because she did NOT fight the magic of the ring a little harder and that the ring merely fueled the attraction that already existed between Caleb and Alison. Alison slaps Caleb, but Caleb again declares that the ring can NOT change the past. Caleb confides that he is using the experience of one night with Alison in the barn to make changes in his life and move on in all new directions in his life. Caleb advises Alison to quit torturing herself about the past and move on. When Alison declares that she WILL be able to move on from that unfortunate experience ~ Caleb declares that he believes that Alison will NOT be able to enjoy the happily ever after with Rafe that Alison always talks about. After Alison declares that Caleb is wrong and then leaves, Caleb told himself: "You go ahead. You try to ignore that ache. Try to ignore the knot in your stomach. The longer the pain went on, the sweeter it is! I warned you! Like everyone else, you were given a chance to save yourself, but you would NOT listen! So, now, you ARE going to get what you deserve!"

When Caleb hears a knock at the door, he expects Alison ~ but Caleb is surprised to find Livvie on his doorstep. Livvie Asks: "So ~ Alison was here?"

Rafe returns home and looks in vain for Alison. Rafe's search is interrupted by Elizabeth's arrival. Elizabeth immediately senses that something is wrong and demands to know what is going on with Alison. Rafe admits that he does NOT know what has made Alison so upset. Rafe describes for Elizabeth how he took Alison to the barn because that was where they fell in love. But, as Elizabeth and Rafe talk, Rafe suddenly admits that he now remembers that not ALL of the memories of the barn would be happy memories for Alison ~ because Rafe had married Livvie at that barn and because Rafe and Alison had been at the barn together when Livvie shot Rafe. But Elizabeth surprisingly argues that she believes that Rafe and Alison share a mutual love that is true and lasting and assures Rafe that she believes that Rafe and Alison will be able to overcome all obstacles. As Elizabeth suggests that Rafe and Elizabeth go together to search for Alison, Rafe thanks Elizabeth for her unexpected vote of confidence. At that moment, Alison returns home. Before leaving, Elizabeth advises her daughter to NOT let anybody or anything stop Alison from enjoying the happiness she deserves. After Elizabeth leaves, Rafe admits to Alison that he had unfortunately blocked out all of the bad memories of some of the events that took place at the barn. However, when Rafe kisses Alison, she flashes back to her night with Caleb ~ and Alison pulls away from Rafe's embrace.

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 16, 2003

In Silver Hill, Alabama, Jamal calls Jack to let Jack know where Jamal has gone in his search for Imani. However, Jamal discovers that his phone has suddenly quit working! Jamal spots Imani's grandmother and recognizes Madea from the picture Imani had shown him earlier. Jamal tries to get chummy with Madea and soon becomes convinced that Imani's grandmother is eating out of his hand. Jamal claims that he is in Silver Hill, researching his family history, but gives his names as Jack Ramsey. Unbeknownst to Jamal, he has failed to convince Madea of his story. As Jamal sits, having what he believes is an amiable chat with Madea over dinner, Jamal suddenly becomes sleepy and realizes that Madea must have slipped some kind of sleeping powder into his food. After Jamal falls asleep in his chair, Madea takes Jamal's phone, then calls someone and orders them to come pick Jamal up.

At the Hospital, Elizabeth tries to get cozy with CHRIS, but Chris brushes Elizabeth off by curtly reminding her that he has a REAL job in a REAL Hospital, taking care of patients who seriously DO need his attention. Then Chris rushes off to tend to Ian. Lucy blasts Chris for Ian's condition, but Chris reminds Lucy that Ian stole the serum from Chris and took a double dose because Ian was desperate to try to have a normal life with Lucy. Ian wakes up angry when he realizes that he is held down by restraints. Ian becomes more angry when he advises Chris that they need to move forward even more urgently with their research and Chris announces that he got rid of every last drop of the secret formula they had been working on and destroyed all of the research notes as well! Later, when Chris returns to the Nurses' Station, Chris overhears Elizabeth cancelling dinner reservations for them at the grill and tries to apologize to Elizabeth for his rude behavior earlier. However, Elizabeth frostily explains that she was just trying to do something nice for Chris because she realized that he WAS stressed out by the situation developing with Ian's health. Meanwhile, Lucy is shocked when Ian admits that he ENJOYED the rush of power he felt when he took the double dose of Chris's antidote. Lucy attempts to convince Ian that he is wrong about himself, but Ian persists in claiming that the possibility that Ian will turn into a dangerous animal is ALWAYS at the forefront of Ian's thoughts. At the same time, Chris finally convinces Elizabeth to accept his apology and they agree to meet later for dinner. In the meantime, Ian begs Lucy to allow him to go away by himself to learn how to control the beast within himself. Lucy reluctantly agrees to stand aside while Ian deals with his problem in his own way.

Caleb is annoyed when he discovers Livvie on his doorstep and even more annoyed when Livvie whips off her coat and reveals that she is wearing NOTHING underneath the coat. Although Livvie tries her most seductive moves to cuddle up to Caleb, Caleb hands Livvie's coat back to her and coldly informs Livvie that he has NO intention of EVER taking her back because he knows that every other word out of her mouth is a lie. Livvie warns Caleb that she has NO intention of giving up her quest to be reunited with Caleb and predicts that Caleb will ALWAYS be haunted by memories of Livvie. However, after Livvie leaves, Caleb told himself: "You are deceiving yourself, Olivia! We will see who haunts who in this world!"

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 17, 2003

When Jamal regains consciousness at the Silver Hill Cafe in Alabama, he finds himself tied to a chair and alone with Madea and Madea's friend ~ Junior! Madea angrily sifts through Jamal's wallet. When Madea discovers that his name is really Jamal Woods, Madea accuses Jamal of lying about everything he told her because he was "sent" by "them!" Jamal protests that he has been looking for Imani but was afraid that mentioning Imani's name would be dangerous. Madea points out that IF Jamal found Madea, then someone else might be able to find her as well. Jamal explains that Imani told him about the corrupt sheriff who framed Imani and is chasing Imani. But Madea remains unconvinced that Jamal is a friend ~ and orders Junior to get rid of Jamal! But, at that moment, Imani arrives and told Madea and Junior that Jamal really IS her friend! Jamal informs Imani that Madea drugged him and left him tied up overnight. Imani scolds her grandmother and unties Jamal. When Jamal admits that he found Imani by locating the Cafe in the picture that Imani had showed to him, Imani worries that she should have burned that picture! As Imani and Jamal hug, Madea looks on disapprovingly! Imani informs Jamal that she left Port Charles to protect Jamal's life and begs Jamal to go home and forget about her. But Jamal insists that he can NOT leave Imani and her grandmother to face their enemies alone. Madea instructs Imani to inform Jamal that he MUST leave! However, Imani argues that it will be OK if Jamal stays. Madea warns Imani that, IF Jamal sticks around, he MIGHT learn too much ~ but Imani assures Madea that Imani will be able to keep Jamal in the dark! Madea warns Imani that she will probably end up regretting her decision! As Imani assures Jamal that it will be OK for Jamal to stay, and they hold hands, Madea looks on, disapprovingly.

As Ricky glumly downs drinks at Club Elixir, he is annoyed when a bubbly Reese suddenly appears. As Ricky complains to Reese that their lives are going to limp along in the slow lane now that they have all been fired by Caleb, Reese cheerfully suggests that being fired could ALSO turn out to be a blessing in disguise that will lead them in exciting new directions! Reese whips out a couple of tickets to London and told Ricky that she has a lead on where her mother might be and suggests that Ricky accompany Reese to London to find her mother ~ and maybe pick up some new jobs over there as well. When Reese leaves to answer her cell phone, Casey shows up and told Ricky that, IF Ricky chooses to go with Reese to England, Casey will NOT be going along! Ricky points out that, at least, Reese is a REAL person ~ and Ricky DOES like Reese! As Ricky and Casey go outside the Club, Casey informs a stunned Ricky that the girl he has been talking to for weeks has NOT been Casey! Casey gives Ricky an ultimatum ~ tell Reese to go to England by herself ~ or give up Casey forever! Reese suddenly arrives and, finding Ricky talking to himself, guesses that Ricky is talking to Casey again! Reese ALSO demands that Ricky make a choice ~ between Reese ~ who is real ~ and Casey ~ who is a figment of Ricky's imagination! When Reese realizes that Ricky actually has to THINK about his choice, Reese accuses Ricky of wasting his life, pining away after a dead woman who does NOT even have as much substance as a Blow-Up Doll! Reese warns Ricky that he COULD end up in a padded room if he hangs on to his obsession for his fantasy ~ then Reese storms away. When Casey returns, she asks Ricky if he realizes what he has done! As Ricky and Casey talk, a stranger passes by, bumps in to Casey, and asks her to excuse him! Ricky is shocked that the stranger could SEE Casey when he bumped into her! Casey informs Ricky that she IS really there and that the girl Ricky has been seeing has been a figment of Ricky's imagination. Casey kisses Ricky to prove that she IS "the real thing!"

At the Loft she shares with Rafe, Alison dreams that she confesses to Rafe that she jumped in bed with Caleb the last time Rafe disappeared into the Great Unknown! In her dream, Alison tries to explain that she went to Caleb to get Caleb's help to return Rafe to the Land of the Living, but Livvie got hold of the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring and wished for a night of passion for Caleb while Caleb was with Alison instead of with Livvie. Although Alison protests that neither she NOR Caleb could help themselves, because of the power of the ring, Rafe angrily declares that he is going to put an end to Caleb forever! As Rafe grabs his bag of weapons and rushes out of the door, Alison begs Rafe to stay with her and warns Rafe that he MIGHT be killed if he confronts Caleb this time! As Alison mutters: "I should NEVER have told you about Caleb!" in her sleep, Rafe overhears Alison and, realizing that Alison is having a nightmare, Rafe gently wakes her! When Alison is awake, Rafe suggests that Alison will feel better if she shares the details of her nightmare with Rafe. However, Alison insists that she does NOT want to recall her nightmare and has already forgotten all about it! As Alison tries to brush off the effects of the nightmare by busying herself with starting breakfast, Rafe shocks Alison by assuring her that he can guess what caused the nightmare! Rafe went on to explain that he believes Alison's nightmare was caused by Alison's worry that Rafe has NOT really ended his war with Caleb! Rafe explains that the Fleur~de~Lis pendant that Rafe gave to Alison was given to Rafe to symbolize his destiny in the battle against evil forces. Rafe told Alison that he gave the pendant to Alison because giving up the pendant symbolized Rafe's decision to choose his own destiny ~ which is his life with Alison! However, as Rafe and Alison kiss, Alison flashes back to the night she spent with Caleb in the barn. When Alison declares that she is afraid that she has let Rafe down, Rafe reassures Alison that she has NOT let him down ~ then Rafe dashes off to shave. After Rafe leaves, Alison again flashes back to her night with Caleb and breaks down in tears, sobbing into her pillow!

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 18, 2003

At the Hospital, Nurse Lisa congratulates Kevin on the amazing progress he is making in recovering his ability to move his left arm. At the same time, at Lucy's Place, Ian packs to leave and says a sad farewell to his son, Danny, and to Lucy. As Ian kisses Lucy goodbye, Ian promises that he WILL find a way out of their current unhappy situation. At that moment, Kevin arrives, announcing that Christina had called him and finds Lucy and Ian in the midst of their tearful farewell. Kevin announces that he will just go on inside to see Christina. Before Kevin goes, Ian tries to apologize for his recent attack on Kevin, but Kevin told Ian to forget about it. As Kevin went inside to see Christina, Ian gives Lucy one last goodbye kiss and leaves. When Kevin returns and finds Lucy alone and in tears, Kevin suggests that he could call Mario and have Mario send a spaghetti dinner over for the kids in an effort to try to lift Lucy's spirits. But Lucy declares that having Mario send something over will NOT help and announces that , instead, Lucy will take the kids and GO to Mario's:

KEVIN: "Well, this has been a hell of a day. Lucy, is there anything I can do? I could call Mario's ~ have them send some food ~ Spaghetti for the kids ~ it might make you feel better ..."

LUCY tearfully replies: "That is NOT going to make me feel better! I am going to GO to Mario's, and THAT will make me feel better! "

KEVIN: "Are you sure?"

LUCY: "I'm sure! I am going to take Christina and Danny and me ~ and we're going to Mario's! "


LUCY: "You know - - this is NOT OK! It is NOT OK! Because I'm fine with you being Christina's father,. And I'm fine with you being in her life ~ and my life. But you are NOT my family any more ~ that is not what you can call this! IAN is my family now ~ and I don't know if I am ever going to see him again!" Lucy hurries away.

Outside Club Elixir, Ricky is stunned when Casey reveals that she made a special trip back from the Here After to set Ricky straight about the fantasy girl Ricky has dreamed up. Casey explains that Ricky HAS been speaking to a figment of his own imagination ever since Casey left the Earthly Realm the last time ~ and that Casey has now returned to urge Ricky to let the memory of Casey go for good. Casey told Ricky that getting bounced out of Caleb's band is Ricky's golden opportunity to realize his life-long dream of being the star of his OWN show! Casey advises Ricky to quit tying himself up in the past. However, Ricky reminds Casey that letting go of their past together is easier said than done! Casey advises Ricky that there are MANY kind souls ~ right under Ricky's nose ~ just waiting to cross his path and lead him toward some happiness. Casey assures Ricky that he WILL find love again! Ricky hugs Casey and promises that he WILL make a serious effort to let go of the past. As Ricky told Casey how much he will miss being able to see her and gives her a final kiss, Casey slowly fades out of sight. Ricky sadly wishes Casey goodbye, then is pleasantly surprised when a passing girl asks for his autograph. When Ricky returns to Club Elixir, he is again pleased when one of the waitresses begins trying to flirt with him.

Inside Club Elixir, Jack spots Livvie, sitting alone, and relishes teasing her about the wish she made on the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring to end the animosity between Jack and Livvie. Jack guesses that, after Livvie stormed away from Jack's Place, Livvie went rushing back to Caleb's apartment to try to seduce Caleb. AND that Caleb gave Livvie the gate! Jack advises a disbelieving Livvie that the NEXT time Caleb gives her the brush off, Livvie should just be grateful. Jack points out that, so long as Caleb has his ring, CALEB has the power to control the show. Jack urges Livvie to take charge of her OWN show for a change. Jack told Livvie that a photo art gallery is opening down by the river and that he plans to attend the opening. Jack invites Livvie to "tag" along with him instead of hanging around Club Elixir, waiting for Caleb to snap his fingers and show a little interest in Livvie again. Livvie finally agrees to go with Jack to the gallery opening.

At Caleb's apartment, Caleb auditions a potential new female singer for the band, who has little talent but a LOT of enthusiasm! However, when the "musician" decides to try to cozy up to Caleb, Caleb finds himself remembering Livvie's promise to haunt Caleb forever, and Caleb gives the nubile cutey the brush off. After Caleb hustles the musician wannabe out the door, Caleb flashes back to some of his favorite memories of Livvie. Then Caleb remembers Livvie's promise that Caleb will NEVER be able to get rid of her! Caleb says to himself: "Oh, we will see, Olivia! We will see! I WILL get rid of you!" And Caleb slams out of his apartment. Caleb arrives at Club Elixir, just as Jack promises that he will be back to pick Livvie up in an hour, AFTER Jack runs some errands. After Jack leaves, Livvie decides to run home and change for her night out with Jack. However, when Livvie turns around and spots Caleb, Caleb says: "Olivia ~ Just the girl I was looking for!"

Friday, SEPTEMBER 19, 2003

At the Silver Hill Cafe in Alabama, Imani's grandmother, Madea, cracks the whip over Jamal and keeps him hopping, keeping the Cafe ship-shape. However, Jamal and Imani take advantage of the time they spend working together to grow even closer, in spite of Madea's obvious disapproval of Jamal. As Madea watches Jamal and Imani flirting with each other, Madea pulls Imani aside for a warning:

MADEA: "And you I noticed something just now - -"

IMANI: "Yes, Madea?"

MADEA: "Now, I know you're liking his company I ain't THAT old but I still think "

IMANI: [interrupting]: "You still think it's a bad idea letting him stay here! See? I know, too."

MADEA: "Yeah you KNOW. But you're still wanting to pretend you are not who you are and forget you have secrets to keep... and if you don't stay sharp and keep this boy from turning your head around you are going to get burned!"

IMANI: "You still don't' think he's one of the bad guys, do you?"

MADEA: "I think any distraction is bad."

IMANI: "But it feels so right me and Jamal - -this is the real thing."

MADEA: "What's real is I love you, baby you're all I have! Now, I know you like this young man but listen to your Grandma I'm looking out for you and I need to know that you're safe."

IMANI: "You know that I love you too but right now I couldn't feel any safer!"

MADEA: "You can never feel too safe not until this nightmare is over! Now, you make mistakes there will be no second chances! They are still after you, baby and if Jamal is not one of them "

IMANI: " He is not!"

MADEA: "Well, then now ~ maybe they're after him too, now and you're bringing trouble on him. You think about that if you care the way you say you do!"

After Madea returns to the kitchen, Jamal urges Imani to ignore whatever it was that her grandmother was telling her. But Imani reminds Jamal that her grandmother has a GOOD reason for her constant caution. Imani tries to explain to Jamal that she has a Sixth Sense that is warning her to be afraid FOR Jamal. But Jamal kisses Imani and told her that it is too late for Jamal to walk away now. Jamal then reminds Imani that none of his friends even know where he is. However, even as Jamal speaks, the Sheriff who has been following Imani arrives at Club Elixir, in Port Charles!

Alison returns to the Loft that she shares with Rafe and whisks Raff off to a meeting with a minister at a local church. In separate interviews, Rafe and Alison each confess to the minister that they believe they have made serious, seemingly unforgivable, mistakes in their relationship with each other. But the minister advises Rafe and Alison jointly to quit beating themselves up over past mistakes and, instead, realize that there WILL be many more obstacles and challenges in their future, and, as long as they face those challenges together, they WILL be able to overcome ALL of the obstacles! Then the minister leaves Rafe and Alison alone together to discuss what they think is most important. As Rafe and Alison once again declare their love for one another, Alison thanks Rafe for being willing to go with her for counseling with a pastor, and they leave the church. When Rafe and Alison return home, Rafe reminds Alison that they will ALWAYS be able to forgive each other ~ and they hit the sheets.

When Livvie runs in to Caleb at Club Elixir, she informs Caleb that, since he threw her out of his apartment, she has moved on ~ and is rushing to meet Jack for a date. Caleb hesitantly apologizes for his recent extreme reaction to Livvie's attempt to steal the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring and Caleb further admits that Livvie was right ~ because Caleb can NOT forget Livvie! As Caleb begins to kiss Livvie, Livvie agrees that what she wants MORE than anything else in the world is to patch up their relationship. Livvie soon forgets all about meeting Jack and went home with Caleb. However, as Caleb and Livvie eagerly hit the sheets again, Caleb keeps remembering Livvie's vow to haunt him forever and NEVER let him go. After Livvie falls asleep, Caleb vows to make every one who has ever stood in his way sorry that they ever made the attempt:

CALEB: "Never say never I'm well on my way to doing just what you're so sure I couldn't do but don't worry, sweetheart! You won't be going alone I am going to get everyone that deceived or challenged me. I'm going to remind you all one last final time how the game is played and best of all ..... None of you know what is coming ...."

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