All My Children Recaps: The week of September 15, 2003 on AMC

Bianca decided to get an abortion. Kendall removed Erica as the CEO of Enchantment. Kendall and Boyd panicked when they learned that an old building was about to be razed. Greenlee bonded with Jack. Lena ingested rat poison. Mary invited herself to stay at the Chandler mansion.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 15, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, September 15, 2003

Tad finished breaking up Jamie's party when Jamie came down the stairs to see the mess. Carrie followed shortly after and asked Jamie why his "boss" was there. Tad gave Jamie the choice of telling her the truth or letting Tad tell her. Jamie admitted that Tad was his father, and Carrie was surprised. He explained that it was Tad's house, and he didn't live there. When she suggested they go to his place, he had to admit that he lived with his mother. Tad told her Jamie was in high school, and Carrie bailed, adding that he could call her when he turned 18. Before Tad could begin a lecture, Jamie told him he was just following in his footsteps, by being a skirt-chaser. Joe arrived with a vacuum cleaner to help Tad clean up, and Jamie left. Tad asked his father how he stopped himself from killing him when he was a teen, and Joe joked that it was against the law. As Joe helped him tidy, Tad told him about finding Jamie in the bedroom. Joe sympathized, but changed the subject to him and Liza. He wanted to know why their trip to Tahiti had been cancelled. Tad would only say that plans had changed. Joe suggested Dixie had something to do with it. Tad remembered that Dixie did not like Liza and he said that Dixie would not want him and Liza together. Joe replied that Dixie wanted Tad to be happy and he should not use her as an excuse not to live his life.

Kendall pondered the possibility of merging Fusion and Enchantment. She seemed interested in the idea, as Greenlee explained the finer points. Greenlee said they could market Enchantment to older consumers and Fusion to the younger. The plan called for Greenlee to be the CEO, though Kendall would still get final say in everything. Greenlee had printed up her plan and presented it to Kendall, but Kendall noticed Erica was not a part of the plan. Greenlee explained that Erica was getting what she deserved--nothing. This angered Kendall, and she threw the plan in Greenlee's face. She didn't think she should be so willing to discard Erica. Greenlee said they both had evil mothers, but Kendall refused to turn her back on her mother's vast experience in the cosmetic industry. Greenlee accused Kendall of still trying to win her mommy's love, but Kendall assured her it was only business. Greenlee and the others tried to get Kendall to tell them what was going on. Kendall would only say that Erica would forgive her when she knew the whole story. Liza urged Kendall to tell them the whole story and promised they'd stand by her for a good reason. Kendall decided not to tell, and a heated exchange prompted Greenlee to physically attack her, but the others pulled them apart, and Kendall left. Greenlee summoned the new employees and fired them, paying them severance. She told the others they needed dirt on Kendall to blackmail her, and Mia said she knew something, but couldn't say. After only a bit of urging, she revealed that Aidan suspects Kendall of murdering Michael.

At BJ's, Jack and Reggie celebrate the adoption. Reggie assured Jack he wanted to help he and Erica reconcile, but Jack refused any help. A police officer delivered a letter from Anna's office, and after reading it, Jack left. He went to David's to ask what he'd done to Anna. David told him Anna was gone, and that Jack should be happy about it, since Anna suspected he'd had something to do with Michael's disappearance. Jack saw Erica's date book and asked David if he was with her the night Michael disappeared. David admitted he was, but refused to say anything more.

Bianca told Erica she had not made a decision concerning the pregnancy yet. She told her she'd visited the hospital and received some brochures from a doctor that answered all of her questions. Erica asked if Bianca would consider raising Michael's baby, and Bianca said it was her child too. She said the child would be it's own person, not only a reminder of that stormy night when Michael raped her. Erica disagreed. Bianca intimated that Erica's experience was different, because she had not sought any help, and Bianca had a lot of support. She said she could not be sure the baby would grow up to be as evil as Michael, and she didn't believe good or evil was determined by DNA. She also argued that she might never be pregnant again. Erica again disagreed, and said it looked like Bianca was leaning toward a decision. No, Bianca replied, and listed reasons not to keep the child: the connection to Michael that would always be there and the possibility Michael might return to take the baby. Erica insisted Michael would never return, and Bianca asked how she knew. Erica said she would not allow it, and exclaimed that she would shoot him if he ever tried to hurt her again. Bianca became upset and ran into her bedroom, with Erica following behind. Erica explained to Bianca that adoption had been Erica's only option she had had, and reminded Bianca of her health. She said most women of rape would terminate the pregnancy. Kendall walked into the penthouse just in time to overhear Erica telling Bianca she should end the ordeal by having an abortion.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Mary went to see Juan Pablo in his hotel room. She was quite angry about being used and manipulated by him and threatened to hurt his reputation. He was not intimidated and Mary kept insisting that she was not the type to disappear quietly. He accused her of being lonely and wanting him to buy her silence. She said she didn't want his money and had only chased him to help Greenlee, so she wouldn't have to take care of her mother. Juan told her Greenlee needed her, not her trust fund. He also said Greenlee is strong and not weak and insecure like her mother. Mary slapped him and as she ran out, Juan told her she's lost what matters most in her life. Mary lurked around the corner and watched with interest as Carlos went into Juan's room. Juan wanted to talk to him about Greenlee, telling him that they are becoming involved and she could be the one. Carlos wished them the best and the brothers hugged.

Kendall continued listening to Erica and Bianca's conversation about the pregnancy. Erica advocated abortion, which wasn't a legal option in her case and reminded Bianca of all the pain that could have been spared had it been, for her and Kendall both. Bianca was frustrated about her situation and wondered what it would be like if Kendall had never existed. Erica expressed her opinion that Kendall is filled with self-doubt and fear of being like her father and it's taken a long time to get as far as they had, until Kendall married Michael. Bianca expressed her fear that this could be her only chance to be a mother, but Erica cautioned against having a child by the monster who'd raped her. Kendall sprung out of the background, stating that as her mother's daughter, Bianca could not possibly want the child of her rapist. Erica wondered how she'd gotten in and Kendall reminded her she'd been given keys the night before the wedding, for help with wedding plans and in return for her silence about the secret about Greenlee's paternity. They argued about Kendall betraying them by marrying Michael. Erica told her she'd like to believe in her, but since she married Michael all she's done is proven she can't be trusted to be part of the family. Kendall insisted that Erica only wanted Bianca to get rid of her child the same way Erica wished she'd gotten rid of her. Erica apologized for Kendall having overheard something she shouldn't have, but Kendall said she was not sorry she was here. Erica insisted she was not sorry Kendall had been born. Kendall shouted to Bianca to get rid of the baby or it would grow up wanting and needing her to be a mother. Erica yelled at Kendall for her behavior in trying to be part of the family, spitting in her sister's face and marrying her rapist. Kendall cried out that Erica would understand if she only knew what really happened with Erica begged her to tell her why she married Michael. Kendall cried that she'd done it all for Erica, so that she would love her. She accused Erica of lying about wanting Kendall to be part of her family. Erica stopped her and asked her to leave. Kendall took a phone call from Michael and Erica said that was impossible and grabbed her cell phone, hung up, and told her to take those calls someplace else. Kendall stormed out, saying that if Erica thought she was sorry for having her, she hadn't seen anything yet. Bianca was still wondering about her baby and Erica reminded her that Kendall knew about Richard Fields and couldn't handle having a criminal father. Erica asked Bianca to think about how she could prevent this from becoming her life and not asking her child to bear such a burden. Bianca went to lie down and Erica left

Marian was at BJ's and Mary joined her, looking for Adam. She started asking about Carlos and Marian suggested she leave him alone, being an expert in going after daughter's boyfriends. She did not know about any connection between Juan Pablo and Carlos. She also urged Mary to not try to get involved with Adam.

Ryan went to see Edmund in his office, still trying to hide and not let anyone know he's back in town. Edmund surprised him by saying he'd had a message from Michael Cambias. He showed Ryan a newly posted video of Michael on the Cambia Industries homepage, discussing his father's death and his new bride. They discussed the possibility it was a fake. They discussed Kendall and her recent marriage and Edmund told him about tracing Michael's cell phone calls, the latest one to Kendall. Ryan explained he was planning something and needs Michael there to see it. Edmund called Kendall to ask for an interview right away to get in the next issue. They made plans to meet. Ryan and Edmund went to Erica's Enchantment Office and listened outside the door as Val and Kendall fought as she reminded Val that she is now the owner of Enchantment. Kendall put her feet on the desk and promised Edmund an exciting interview with the new CEO of Enchantment, Mrs. Kendall Hart Cambias.

Greenlee paced outside Jack's apartment, practicing an apology and finally knocked. Reggie was not happy to see her and suggested she leave. Greenlee was adamant that she is family and staying to wait for Jack. Greenlee flipped through magazines and was annoyed at Reggie's animated playing of video games. She blew up when he started blasting the stereo. Reggie finally played the adoption card and said he had more right to be there than she did. He grabbed her and asked for a hug for her new brother when Jack walked in. Greenlee said she needed to talk and Jack asked Reggie to leave them alone. Greenlee tried to apologize for the way she behaved last time they met and Reggie interrupted. Greenlee finally explained to Jack about Mary's latest lie about Jack knowing all along Mary was pregnant. Jack was furious and Greenlee felt foolish for wanting to believe in her, but told him about Juan Pablo helping her get Mary to admit the lie. Greenlee said she would have given Mary some of the money, if only she had one parent she could count on. Jack said she could count on him. After Reggie's umpteenth interruption, Greenlee started counting, telling Jack she'd read somewhere it helps to suppress the urge to kill a younger brother. Jack told her about Lily, her new younger sister. They discussed Kendall, and Greenlee's theory that something else happened besides a wedding and Jack was quite adamant telling Greenlee to leave it alone and to not search for Michael. He asked her to concentrate on Fusion and promised that he'd take care of anything else. They agreed to get together again soon. Erica was stunned to find them hugging at the door.

An envelope with a letter was delivered by special messenger to Bianca, home alone. It was from Cambias Industries. She opened it and was absolutely horrified by what she saw.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

David sat at a bar alone. Aidan grabbed him and snarled "You bastard!." David told him he wasn't in the mood. Aidan told David he just got back from Vegas and went to the police station, where he was told that Anna had quit and left town. David said yes, she had gone to Robin and wasn't coming back and he admitted it was his fault. David said he couldn't be the man Anna needed him to be. David told Aidan that he had thought that their marriage wouldn't survive the loss of Leora but instead "it couldn't survive me." But he said Anna also left because of the Michael Cambias case, she felt it was hitting too close to home. Aidan said Anna will be better off without David and David agreed. David said now that Anna was gone their paths wouldn't have to cross again but Aidan stood up to leave and said "I'm not done with you yet."

In Erica's office Kendall sat behind the desk as Edmund began to interview her. Ryan listened from outside the door. Edmund asked if she was one of Michael's business conquests and Kendall said he made her an offer she couldn't refuse. But she said she didn't marry Michael just for the cash and clout, the real reason was Erica Kane. She said she was drawn to Michael Cambias because she knew that every time Erica looked at her she was a walking reminder of the worst night of her life. "This is my way of moving on," Kendall told Edmund. "I finally got the message. I don't deserve my mother's love or anyone else's with a heart or conscience, so I turned to Michael Cambias." Kendall started to cry and Edmund handed her a tissue. She claimed the tears were due to the rejection she received from Erica, and then said that Edmund would know how that felt since Hugo Merrick wouldn't acknowledge him as his son. She asked Edmund when the story would be printed and he said it wasn't quite finished. He asked if she'd seen Michael since she married him in Vegas. Kendall claimed that Michael calls her several times a day and Edmund wondered where from. Kendall said Michael was where no one will ever find him. She then accused Edmund of trying to get her to rat on her husband and she said she wouldn't do that because Michael was the only person who ever believed in her. Edmund said the interview was over because Kendall was just feeding him lies. He told her she was no victim and reminded her of all the rotten things she'd done to Erica. Edmund said Kendall married Michael to stick it to Erica where it would hurt her the most. Kendall was taken back for a moment then tried to laugh it off. Edmund picked up his things and started to leave. Kendall followed him into the hall, and threw a vase at him as he walked away. Ryan just watched from the doorway. Kendall walked away for a moment and Ryan came out into the hall. But when he heard a man's voice calling out for Kendall he ran back into the office. Aidan came around the corner and Kendall met him. He told her that Anna left town and then said he just got back from Vegas. Aidan said he'd gone to the hotel she supposedly honeymooned at and had talked with maids, bellhops, desk clerks, ect. Kendall said then at least he knew she hadn't "offed her husband." Aidan said he cared about her and knew that she cared about him. He said he just wanted to help her. Kendall said "This is me, this is who I am. I warned you. All the friends and lives I've trashed, it's all been a means to an end." Aidan asked if it was all worth it. Kendall smiled and told him to look around, it was all hers. Then she told him he was right, she had sold her soul to the devil but she'd do it again in a heartbeat. "So give up on me, there's nothing here you want." Aidan looked devastated when he told her she won, then he walked away. Kendall started into the office and Ryan ran to hide in a closet. Val marched in with security guards and told them to arrest Kendall. Kendall argued with them and then told Val he needed a serious spa day because she owned this operation. Val told her he only took orders from Miss Kane. Kendall told him that Miss Kane could bail him out of jail then. Val got nervous and backed up, then turned to the large painting of Erica and said he was taking it with him. He turned to Kendall and told her she could never replace Erica and stomped out the door. Kendall slammed the door and said "I'm Mrs. Cambias, I have it all. I won." Tears poured down her cheeks and she sunk to the floor in sobs. Ryan watched from the closet.

Erica interrupted Jack and Greenlee's hug at Jack's loft. Greenlee started to ask Erica to tell Bianca how sorry she was about what had happened to her but Erica rudely cut her off and berated her, accusing her of acting in front of Jack. Greenlee tried to explain that she really did feel bad for Bianca but Erica continued to be nasty so they both started to argue. Finally Jack broke up the fight and Greenlee stepped back and said "Sorry Daddy." Erica was horrified and demanded to know if Jack actually allowed Greenlee to call him that. Greenlee told her that they were doing some serious bonding and then walked away. Jack turned to Erica, who started to go out the door. She told him it appeared he didn't have time to deal with Bianca since Greenlee had velcroed herself to him. Jack quickly asked what was going on with Bianca and Erica told him she had gone to the doctor about her pregnancy options. Erica said she tried to make Bianca understand that she has to terminate the pregnancy. Her phone rang and it was Val, telling her what had just happened with Kendall. Erica told him she couldn't deal with it right then and to do whatever he felt necessary. She hung up and told Jack that Kendall had stormed Enchantment and taken over. Jack said to forget about her and get back to Bianca. Erica said she wanted him to get through to Bianca, that she'd listen to him. Erica told Jack to back her up and tell Bianca to terminate the pregnancy. Jack refused. Erica was disgusted to think that Jack thought Bianca should carry the baby to term. Jack explained that no, he didn't think she should but that whatever choice Bianca makes she will have to live with it so it should be her decision alone. Jack said he'd be there to love and support Bianca no matter what she decided but he wasn't going to make the decision harder for her. Erica asked if she was wrong to counsel Bianca to abort and Jack said yes. Erica said she can't allow Bianca to suffer. Jack told her if she pressured Bianca then she'd shut down and try to please everyone but herself and then she'd quit eating. Erica said they couldn't let that happen and Jack said they had to let Bianca feel what she needs to feel and to trust her. Erica tried to argue that Bianca would make the wrong decision but Jack said they had to stand by her and let her decide.

Bianca opened the letter and saw it was from Cambias Enterprises. She started to panic and Maggie came to see what was going on. Bianca told her Michael was going to find her, that he was coming after her. Maggie sat her down and then took the letter. She read it and said it was a check. Bianca said it was blood money and that he was after her. Maggie told her it wasn't from Michael, it was from his father Alexander. Alexander wrote that writing this letter was the last act of a dying man. He wanted her to have the money to help with her future and that he sent an equal amount to a crisis center. He apologized for what his son did and he prayed that Bianca finds the faith to face her future without fear. Bianca was stunned to realize he was ashamed of his own son. She told Maggie that Kendall had been there earlier and seemed so angry. She also said that her mother wanted her to end her pregnancy and seemed to be fighting for her life. Bianca looked at Maggie and wondered "When did this stop being my life? When Michael raped me." Maggie told her he'd never hurt her again and Bianca said everyone keeps telling her that but how does anyone know? She was afraid that when he finds out she's pregnant he will come after her. Bianca began to get upset again and then doubled over in pain, clutching her stomach. Maggie rushed to her side and got her to the sofa. She called David, who rushed over. He checked Bianca over and told her it was a combination of stress and not eating. He had Maggie go to the kitchen and get some food. Bianca asked if she was going to miscarry and David told her no. He asked how she felt about that and Bianca told him her mother wanted her to terminate the pregnancy. David asked if she was hoping that decision had been made for her and took her hand. He saw the letter from Alexander Cambias and Bianca told him about it. Maggie brought in the food and David told Bianca to dig in. Bianca stared at it and said "I can't, I can't do this anymore!." She said she needed to make a decision and that the more time she took the more confused and scared she got. David and Maggie looked at her as she shook her head and said she knew what she had to do.

Greenlee called Juan Pablo and took him to BJ's for some "good ol' American comfort food" as a way of saying thank you for helping her with her mother. She told him about visiting Jack and that he said everything a dad should say. She said it felt right to call Jackson "Dad." Then she told Juan Pablo that she had a proposition. She said Fusion was in crisis and she would do anything to get it back. She asked if he was still interested in being an investor and would he help her buy Kendall out. She said she needed alot of money to get Fusion back and he asked how much. Greenlee gave him a run down of all her assets and told him his investment would be protected. Juan Pablo smiled and said he loved seeing this side of her and kissed her hand. "You have a deal!" he told her.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Bianca told David and Maggie that she made her decision. That the information in the brochures stated that a high percentage of women her situation make the same decision. Bianca told them that she wanted to terminate her pregnancy. David thought it would be a good idea if Bianca took a couple of days to make sure that is what she really wanted. She told David that she made up her mind and wanted to have it done the next day. David said he respected her decision and would call the clinic to set it up. Bianca insisted that he do it. He told her that she'd probably be more comfortable with someone else but she didn't agree. She told David he was there for her from the beginning and she needed him to be there for her when she ended it. David told her not to eat after midnight and he could see her tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. David told Bianca she needed to have someone with her to drive her home, Maggie volunteered to be there for Bianca. After David left Maggie and Bianca went to the boathouse to get fresh air. They talked about how nice the temperature was and the how nice the breeze from the water felt. Maggie talked Bianca into jumping into the lake. Bianca didn't want to but eventually agreed. Lena watched the two and enjoyed seeing Bianca laughing. Afterwards the two were freezing and Bianca sat down and looked sad. Maggie asked if she was okay. Bianca said that she was scared. Maggie told her that it was normal to be scared. Bianca started to talk about the "what if's" and Maggie told her not too because she couldn't change anything. But Bianca continued saying "What if it didn't storm that night? What if she didn't go back to Myrtle's? What if Lena didn't leave with Adam? What if she and Lena just left for Brussels that night? What if any of those things happened then she wouldn't have been raped and she wouldn't be pregnant." Lena was shocked and started crying but still hid from Bianca and Maggie. Maggie said to Bianca "What if Lena and Michael never came to town? What if Lena and Michael went to another town? Then it wouldn't have mattered about the storm because you would have been safe." Bianca told Maggie not to blame Lena it wasn't her fault and Lena had suffered enough. Maggie said that Lena deserved to suffer a little for bringing Michael into Bianca's life. Lena left not hearing Bianca tell Maggie again that none of this was Lena's fault. Bianca and Maggie left the lake and returned to the penthouse. Bianca read a note Erica left for telling her that she was tired and couldn't wait up for her any longer but if she needed her to please wake her up. Bianca finished reading the note telling Maggie how her mother would be relieved with her decision. Maggie asked Bianca if she was sure she was making the decision for herself or for everyone else, to make it easier on them. Bianca raised her voice saying that it was her decision. They both apologized to each other. Bianca told Maggie that she was glad that they didn't start seeing each other. Maggie said "thanks you're not my type either." Bianca said that wasn't what she meant it was that if they had started seeing each other it might have ruined their friendship and she didn't think she would have survived everything if Maggie hadn't been there for her. They told each other "I love you" and hugged.

Lena went back to her room at the Pine Cone. She was crying and very upset about what Bianca was going through. She started a letter apologizing to Bianca for the grief she had caused telling her in the letter that she loved her and wish that she could take the pain away. Lena tore up the letter and walked over to the picture she had of Bianca. She picked up the frame and said that she was sorry kissed the picture sat it back down and went back to the desk. She opened up the drawer and pulled out rat poisoning.

Kendall was crying and feeling really lonely. Ryan walked out of hiding and was about to touch her when Boyd knocked on the office door at Enchantment. Ryan ran quietly back to his hiding place before Kendall looked in the same direction. She sensed something and walked to the door of the room where Ryan was hiding. Boyd knocked on the door and said it was urgent so she went over to unlock it and let him in. He said they had trouble but notice she had been crying and asked if she was okay. She told him that Erica didn't give her a chance to explain what was really going on with Michael that Erica made it clear she wished that Kendall hadn't been born. Boyd apologized and said that Erica would come around. Kendall asked what was so urgent. Boyd said he almost forgot, but he saw a billboard saying that there was going to be a demolition of a building. Kendall asked what that had to do with Michael. He told her she had three guesses as to which building and she could skip the first two and go straight to three. Kendall started to panic yelling No this can't be happening! Not that building it will ruin everything! Ryan listened very carefully to everything they were saying. Kendall told Boyd that they had to get to that building and stop the demolition. They left the office with Kendall locking the door from the outside.

Ryan came out of hiding and listened through the door that they had actually left. He tried opening the door but found that he was locked in. He went to Erica's desk and found a letter opener he used to let himself out.

Kendall and Boyd arrived outside the building that was fenced in and guarded by dogs on the other side. Boyd pointed the dogs out and said that even if they could get through the gate the dogs would be a problem. Kendall called Mr. Spinelli who was in charge of the demolition telling him that she was Mrs. Michael Cambias and that she needed him to stop the demolition of the building. At first Mr. Spinelli said he'd meet with her next week but she told him no the building was set to be demolished the next day so she got a 10 a.m. meeting the next day. Boyd asked if Spinelli was stopping the demolition. Kendall said no but she had the meeting to try to get him to stop it. Boyd asked "what if he doesn't stop it"? She replied "then I lose everything."

Edmund was watching the video stream of Michael Cambias again when Maria walked in shut the monitor of the computer off and told Edmund she had a picnic for them. Maria asked Edmund if he thought the video was the real Michael. He told her that the quality was too grainy and the voice tracks don't seem right but he couldn't say for sure. Maria told Edmund that she hoped for Bianca's sake that Michael was found so he could pay for what he did to her. Maria also said Michael better hope he didn't find himself in her emergency room because one little slip of the scalpel then it was over. Edmund asked Maria if she was talked to Bianca. Maria said she did and she felt very bad for what Bianca was going through. Ryan walked in, Maria saw him and said "if I didn't know better I'd think you were following me"? Edmund then introduced Ryan to Maria telling her that Ryan was married to Gillian. Ryan apologized for not saying who he was the first time but he was trying to keep it quiet that he was back in town. Maria excused herself. Edmund asked if Ryan found out anything new. Ryan said that he had overheard Kendall and Boyd talking about a building that was being demolished and was overly concerned about it. Edmund asked Ryan why he wanted to find Michael. Ryan told him that he wouldn't believe it. Ryan filled Edmund in on what he was up to and asked that he not print anything. Ryan said he wanted to find Michael and he wanted to tell him point blank in his face what he promised Alexander that he would do. Edmund was impressed.

Friday, September 19, 2003

When Jackson hops in his car, he is startled to find Mary in the backseat, refreshed from sleeping in there all night. He tells her that he doesn't want her near him, but she ignores his requests and follows him inside the local Pine Valley café where a Habitat for Humanity celebration is about to begin. She trades insults back and forth with Reggie, until he walks away. Mary asks Jackson to show her some compassion, since she is broke, homeless, and now without Greenlee. Jackson is insulted at her request for compassion. He points out that she didn't show him any compassion when he lied to her about Greenlee being his daughter and her most recent scheme, telling Greenlee that he really did know she was his daughter. In an attempt to win Jackson over, she then tells him that she has saved him thousands of dollars over the years in child support. Jackson is beyond disgusted at her behavior and tells her to go to Brooke's shelter. Mary begs him for money and finally Jackson gives in, but only on one condition. Jackson informs Mary that he will give her a monthly allowance (just enough to get by on) if she leaves Pine Valley and never returns. He adds that if Greenlee ever actually does want to see her, she can come back. Mary is outraged and assumes that Jackson's proposal is part of some type of plan him and Greenlee have put together to get rid of her. She tells Jackson that she is not that desperate and will not leave town. Before walking out, she huffs that Greenlee may be on his good side now, but it won't last long.

Bianca dreams she is in the clinic and hears Kendall's voice in the background. Kendall is telling her not to abort the baby and to give her a chance. Bianca wakes up, frazzled and scared.

Greenlee is at the docks, thinking of Leo and twisting her wedding band on her finger. She tries to take it off, but isn't able to let go of Leo yet. She smiles and says, "I'm not ready to let you go. Not completely." Bianca stumbles in, and immediately turns around to leave when she sees Greenlee. Greenlee tells her not to go and offers to leave instead. Greenlee tells Bianca that she sorry for what Michael did to her and apologizes for ruining Erica and Jackson's wedding. Bianca isn't sure if she should believe Greenlee. Seeing Bianca's pain about the rape, she tries to talk about Kendall instead. But Bianca does not want to talk about Kendall either. Greenlee chooses to talk about Leo-a person they both loved. Greenlee points out that Leo should be there right now to support Bianca. She offers to help Bianca, but knows it would not the same. Bianca stumbles on the wood some and breaks her nail. Greenlee walks her over to the bench, pulls out her nail file, and starts manicuring away! After a moment of silence, Greenlee tells Bianca that her testimony was the bravest thing she'd ever seen anyone do. Bianca begins to cry and reassures Greenlee that it wasn't her fault she was crying. Greenlee tells her that sometime she gets emotional too and tries to brighten up the moment by talking about cereal commercials. Bianca laughs and lets Greenlee finish her nail. They reminisce about Leo and Greenlee says that if Erica and Jackson do remarry, she would deal with it because it would make Jackson happy.

Kendall wakes up in Erica's Enchantment office, with Adam offering her a glass of orange juice and freshly prepared breakfast. Kendall is very surprised to see Adam at the office and handling himself so well, considering he just lost his company to her. Adam begins to butter Kendall up by pointing out their similarities. Kendall figures that Adam is only being kind to her because he wants his company back. Adam admits that he does want his company back and it would only benefit them both. Kendall turns him down and Adam tells her that he can be a very "resourceful" man. He tells her that since she has Enchantment and Fusion, she doesn't need Chandler Enterprises. He threatens Kendall and scoffs at her for turning him down. Kendall fires back by bragging about JR and the many times he told her all about Adam's ways for dealing with people. Adam becomes angry and tells Kendall to never speak of JR again. With an evil smirk, he tells Kendall he will enjoy bringing her down and walks out right as Boyd walks in. Kendall tells Boyd that Adam has inspired her to make a plan to help out Bianca and Erica. Boyd is worried this plan will only hurt them, but she assures him that it won't. Boyd points out that she should only be concerned about the destruction of the building. Kendall says she has done what she can do for now, but, in the meantime, Adam has made her realize she needs help running these companies. She wants to recruit Lena to head up Chandler Enterprises! Boyd can not believe what he is hearing and openly disapproves. Kendall thinks that with Lena working at Chandler Enterprises, it will bring her and Bianca back together. Boyd says it may be true, but it would also hurt Erica. Kendall doesn't seem concerned about what he thinks and they leave to find Lena. They knock on her hotel room door and get no response. The door is unlocked so Kendall pushes it open. They see Lena passed out on her bed, with a box of insect poison next to her!

Liza barges in Edmund's office, forcing Ryan to run and hide. She walks in immediately wanting to talk about the article Edmund is running about Kendall's new marriage to Michael. She stops in mid-sentence and tells him that she "smells Ryan." Edmund tries to cover it up by explaining that he got the cologne last year. Liza seems skeptical that the cologne would still be fresh after a year. Edmund changes the subject and informs her that he isn't going to publish the article because Kendall's story has many holes in it. Liza is relieved and leaves. Edmund tells Ryan he should lay off the cologne. He finds out that the building being torn down is actually the stables in the park. Ryan leaves to figure out what Kendall is up to.

Jackson gives a speech to all the volunteers at the restaurant and presents a new homeowner who her house keys. Adam barges in and demands that Jackson throw Kendall is jail. He says if Jackson won't do it, he will find someone who will. Jackson tells Adam that he can't do anything with Kendall until they find proof that she is really married to Michael. Adam scoffs at Jackson and points out that she stole his company. Jackson demands proof that she stole Chandler Enterprises. Adam sees Jackson's behavior as a way to protect Michael and blurts it out to everyone. Jackson yells that he doesn't want Michael protected, he wants him dead! Adam looks happy that Jackson has blurted that out to everyone and tells him anyone who is associated with Michael will be brought down. He storms out and goes to the docks to find Greenlee and Bianca talking and laughing. He looks pleased and surprised. Jackson asks to speak to Bianca alone and before Greenlee goes, Bianca says, "You know?" Jackson says yes and Greenlee asks, "Is this about your doctor's appointment?" Bianca tells Greenlee that the matter is about her mother, not her appointment. Before Jackson and Bianca leave, Bianca tells Greenlee, "things aren't so bad once you give them a shot." Once Greenlee is alone, Ryan sneaks up behind her and then rushes off once he sees Greenlee. Greenlee sees him and goes after him.

Adam storms back home, angry and annoyed. He calls for his maid, Winifred who is eager to see him. She tells him about a houseguest who has been quite a fuss. When Adam inquires who the houseguest is, Mary walks in with a smile.

Mia awakes from her drunken slumber and is shocked to find herself in bed with Aidan. Aidan tells her that nothing went on between him that night and he was a perfect gentleman. She asks Aidan if he has anything to cure her headache and Aidan says yes, but she won't like it. Mia doesn't care and asks him to give her the remedy. He throws on his shoulder and hoists her into a cold shower. She starts screaming at first, and then they both laugh. They get close to each other and almost kiss-until the water shuts off. Aidan hands her a towel and leaves her to change clothes. After Mia is dressed, she asks Aidan why he lets Kendall get to him. He says that he doesn't like to see Kendall hurt herself. Mia tells Aidan that Kendall is crazy to treat him so poorly and thanks him for taking care of her. After she leaves, Aidan gets a phone call from Clive. He tells Clive that he looking for a job as far from Pine Valley as possible.



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