One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 15, 2003 on OLTL

Kelly was upset to find out that she wasn't pregnant. Walker told Blair that he loved her. R.J. blamed Antonio for killing Keri. Gabrielle donated a liver to Al. Bo proposed to Gabrielle. Dorian learned that her sister Melinda had given birth to a son.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 15, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, September 15

Marcie blames herself for Al's illness. Gabrielle convinces Al to allow her to be the donor for his liver transplant.

Antonio and Keri have a vicious argument in her hotel room, which Renee and Rex overhear. Keri accuses Antonio of wanting her dead. Later, an upset Antonio arrives at Crossroads as Renee makes a horrifying discovery at The Palace.

Blair and Walker grow closer. Rex gets the videotape of Dawes' tryst with the prostitute and hands it over to Asa. Kelly is disappointed by Kevin's actions when she learns about the videotape. Kevin encounters Blair and warns her that Walker will end up hurting her. Dorian insists that David get closer to Kelly in order to break up her and Kevin's marriage. Kelly later agrees to meet with David.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Renee enters Keri's room, which is in disarray and sees her lifeless body on the ground below. R.J. is devastated by Keri's death and is certain that Antonio killed her. Renee tells Bo about Keri and Antonio's argument. Antonio refuses to talk to Cristian as sits drinking at Crossroads. Antonio's gold chain and cross are found underneath Keri's body. Bo stops R.J. from attacking Antonio at Crossroads.

Dawes appears to back down when Asa shows him the videotape but is clearly planning another attack against Kevin. Kevin fires Asa as his political advisor. Kelly is disappointed to learn she isn't pregnant. Joey speaks with Kelly and learns she is trying to become pregnant despite the risks to her health. Kevin isn't pleased when he finds Kelly enjoying herself with David.

Bo proposes to Gabrielle. Al, Marcie, Max and Gabrielle are nervous about Al and Gabrielle's upcoming surgeries.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Antonio is taken to the police station, a suspect in the possible murder of Keri. He gives his statement to Daniel, who decides to release him for lack of evidence, though cautions him not to leave town. Antonio admits to blaming himself for her diminished emotional and mental states, which may have led to her death. Cris is waiting for his brother and tells him he's arranged for the attorney who was involved in the custody suit to help him out.

A heartbroken R.J. returns to the scene of Keri's death. When Antonio shows up minutes later and denies his involvement in Keri's demise, R.J. advises him that he will stop him from having custody of his granddaughter. "I know you killed my daughter...I will make it my personal mission..." Antonio receives a call from his lawyer who advises him that there have been no formal charges lodged against him; therefore, he will have his custody of Jamie. Bo arrives with backup in the nick of time as the men begin to argue. He orders Antonio out while R.J. yells out that he'll see him in hell. R.J. needs to be gone too, Bo states quietly. He praises Keri and changes his mind on allowing R.J. to take anything from the room, after the man finds a framed photo recently given to his daughter. R.J. pleads with Bo to make sure that Antonio pays. When Evangeline shows up, Bo requests that she get the distraught father to leave while he himself leaves the room for a short time. R.J. tells the lawyer that he wants Antonio stopped, that he doesn't want him with the baby. Evangeline has news of her own. A note from Keri was delivered to the office. R.J. opens it slowly and reads in part: "If anything happens to me...sole custody to my father, R.J. Gannon..." With something to spur him on, R.J. is able to slowly leave the room.

Dorian returns from visiting Melinda in California where she's learned that her sister did indeed, give birth to a baby boy named Paul. He was turned over to his father immediately and she never saw him again. Unfortunately, Melinda suffered a breakdown and entered a catatonic state after Dorian visited with the news that this supposed son contacted Kelly. As she fills Blair in, Walker calls the house to hear Blair's voice. David answers, gives him a difficult time and hangs up. Blair manages to catch the call the second time as Dorian warns David to stay away from Blair. She'd prefer he work on Kelly as she's already heard her arguing with Kevin. David wants some payment but Dorian declines his request. David later informs Blair that she should stay away from Walker. She informs him that his opinion is worthless and turns the tables on him. What is he up to with Dorian? It must involve the diamond, she suggests. He claims there's a connection between them, same as Blair and Todd. She takes offense to this and tells him she's happier now, with Walker. David insists that there's only one man in her universe and that's Todd.

Rack Em Ross pays a visit to Natalie and tries to entice her into signing up for a pool tournament in Las Vegas. She turns him down reluctantly, but she'll be too busy with her wedding to participate. She finally agrees to accept the application to pacify him.

Kelly and Kevin discuss cheating; he'd never cheat on her, he swears. He wants her to stay away from David though. They're interrupted by Cris who has news of Keri. He requests Kevin's help for Antonio who has a request of his own. He wants Cris to keep an eye on Kelly while he's out of town. When Cris refuses, Kevin reminds him of the cash advance. When Dorian arrives later and asks to see Kelly, Kevin refuses, telling her that his wife went to bed. They argue back and forth and their voices become quite loud. Kevin insures Dorian that he knows everything about his wife though Dorian in return isn't too sure about that. Kevin has ruined the lives of all of the women in her family, Dorian snaps, and now he'll kill Kelly if she becomes pregnant. Unbeknownst to the pair, Kelly is standing there and has heard every word. Taking her aunt to task, she accuses Dorian of meddling in her marriage and orders her out. Furthermore, she's not interested in what her aunt has to say about her mother or alleged brother. She reassures her husband that her aunt is only causing trouble for them, that she is not telling the truth.

As Cris heads back to Crossroads, he runs into Arthur Ross who suggests that Cris talk Nat into going to the tournament. Calling Walker Flynn and admitting he's run into difficulty with Nat, causes the boss to anger. He demands that Ross "make it happen." Inside the bar, Cris suggests that Nat participate and he agrees that he'll go with her. With things going on with Antonio, their wedding plans may be affected anyway.

Antonio gets home to find Carlotta with several baby items that she's obtained in preparation for Jamie's arrival. He confides that he's a suspect in Keri's death. An officer arrives with the baby and tells Antonio that the judge has given him sole custody. He turns down his mother's offer to stay and help out and vows to his daughter that he will protect her always.

Walker and Starr plot on the phone. He's been arranging all kinds of special things for Blair because he's changing.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Renee is questioned about Keri's death. Telling Daniel that there had been complaints about Keri's fight with Antonio, Renee went back to Keri's room and found her body over the balcony. Later, Rex is questioned and states that he overheard Antonio threatening Keri. Jessica comes home to Antonio to find out that Keri is dead. After Antonio tells Jessica about his fight with Keri, she questions his innocence. When Antonio swears he didn't kill her, Jessica vows to stand by him and Jamie.

Kevin continues his search for the real Walker. Asa again warns Kevin to stay away from Blair. When Kevin insists that Asa stay out of his business, Asa states that he won't be around to clean up after Kevin's mistakes. Later, Rex informs Asa that someone knows about Dawes and requests payoff to tell him.

Jen and Joey finally get some time together as husband and wife, but it is interrupted when they get the call that Al is going into surgery. Refusing to say goodbye to each other, Gabrielle and Al prepare for surgery. Ron tries to comfort Marcie, while Bo and Max attempt to hide their fears. Flash arrives to offer Marcie support, along with Jen and Joey.

After eavesdropping on Blair and Todd's conversation, Rex offers a scoop to the Sun. When Todd pays him, Rex tells him that Asa and Kevin set up Dawes. When Todd shows up to question the escort, he finds Asa there instead. Making a deal, Todd agrees not to print the story if Asa keeps Kevin from Blair.

Friday, September 19, 2003

Gabrielle faces an unexpected complication after the surgery and is near death. Al appears to have survived the surgery with flying colors. Marcie agrees to move in with Al. Marcie leaves Al to check on Gabrielle. While unconscious, Gabrielle finds herself drawn to a bright white light where she encounters a loving Al. Larry tells Max and Bo that Gabrielle's condition has improved and she is no longer in crisis. Marcie returns to Al's room and is horrified to discover that he has flat-lined. Rex informs R.J. about the threats he heard Antonio making against Keri. R.J. demands that Bo arrest Antonio and is thrown out of the hospital. Daniel arrests Antonio for Keri's murder. Blair and Kevin encounter each other in Harrisburg. Kelly berates Asa for trying to corrupt Kevin. Kelly and Walker learn that Kevin and Blair are both in Harrisburg and Walker heads there. Jen is intrigued when she sees Rex with Karen and learns that Karen is a call girl.

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