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Deacon and police officers followed Amber and Eric III to a cliff near Furnace Creek where Amber released Eric III and then suffered a tragic fall. Amber later bit Macy when she threatened to keep Eric III from her. Brooke and Ridge made love, made plans to elope, and announced their intentions at a press conference that was later crashed by Stephanie. Brooke informed Macy about Logan Designs while Nick brooded about losing her. Samantha accepted Ridge's offer of designing her own home line, much to Brooke's dismay. Massimo was annoyed when his troublesome cousin Oscar came crashing back into his life.
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A drunken Sally gave an equally drunk Stephanie a haircut
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Monday, September 15, 2003

Ridge took Stephanie by the arm and ushered her out of the showroom as everyone reacted to her outburst. He told Stephanie that was the last straw. He didn't ever want to hear another negative word about Brooke from her. Ridge threatened to cut Stephanie out of his life if she forced his hand. He would rather lose Stephanie than see her hurt Brooke again.

Eric tried to comfort Brooke. When Brooke joined them, Ridge asked Stephanie if she had anything to say to Brooke. He coaxed an apology out of her. Stephanie balked when Ridge insisted that she put the engagement ring on Brooke's finger. He made Stephanie promise to respect their marriage and not to interfere. Ridge proclaimed the war between Stephanie and Brooke over.

Bridget dealt with Oscar's attitude and was helping him check on his friend when Massimo arrived. Massimo informed Oscar that Paolo had died at the scene and that the detectives would want to talk to him. As Oscar rested, a thug entered his room, dressed as a doctor, holding a syringe of clear liquid. Bridget walked in as the thug was about to empty the syringe into Oscar's I.V. The thug grabbed Bridget.

Clarke asked Sally what she'd had to do with Stephanie's arrival, and Sally was pleased with herself.

Sally gives Stephanie a drunken makeover

Sally gives Stephanie a drunken makeover

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

by Mike

At Spectra, Stephanie reminded Ridge that she had put the ring on Brooke's finger. Ridge asked if he and Brooke would have Stephanie's blessing. Brooke felt that would be a lovely gesture. Ridge warned his mother that the gesture had better be sincere, because it was Stephanie's last chance to get it right. As Ridge left, he told Stephanie that he and Brooke were having a private ceremony and that the next time Stephanie saw Brooke, Brooke would be Ridge's wife. Ridge suggested that Stephanie accept Brooke if Stephanie wanted to hold onto her family. Grinning, Brooke asked Stephanie to make her day.

In Oscar's hospital room, a scarred man had Bridget in a hold, taunting that Oscar couldn't do anything to stop him. Oscar painfully struggled to reach for his call button, while "Scarface" yelled for the screaming Bridget to shut up. When Oscar finally summoned a nurse, Bridget managed to elbow her assailant and knock him out with a metal hospital tray. Oscar was impressed, and Bridget stood there in disbelief.

Brooke told Stephanie she was waiting, prompting Stephanie to say it would be a "cold day in hell" before Brooke got her blessing. Brooke said Ridge would be disappointed, but Stephanie was sure that, at the end of the day, Ridge would side with his mother, as Ridge had when he'd voted Brooke out of Forrester. Brooke maintained that Ridge had done that so they could build a future together. Stephanie sniffed that Logan Designs was meant to placate Brooke, not be a sign of Ridge's loyalty.

Brooke thought Stephanie was just upset because Brooke had won. Stephanie countered that Brooke had won a shadow of the company Brooke had once run. Brooke declared that she and Ridge were going to build a preeminent design house, like Eric and Stephanie had once had.

Stephanie said that she and Eric had had commitment, respect, and real love. Brooke asked Stephanie when she'd realize that Brooke and Ridge had that, as well. Stephanie accused Brooke of not being capable of real love. Brooke replied that she would be the best wife to Ridge, the best mother to his children, and a friend to Stephanie -- then asked if she and Stephanie could end the war between them. Stephanie shook her head.

Stephanie was sure that Ridge would start comparing Brooke to Taylor once Brooke started living at the house Ridge and Taylor had shared. Brooke pooh-poohed the notion, saying that Ridge's ring would be on her finger forever and that Stephanie had put it there. Stephanie told Brooke not to gloat and gave fair warning that she'd promised Taylor that her children would be raised the way Taylor had wanted. Brooke refused to be baited and said she was going to make Ridge proud by being nice to Stephanie. On her way out, Brooke picked a flower from an arrangement and tossed it over her shoulder to Stephanie like a wedding bouquet, calling Stephanie "Mom" and teasing that she would miss Stephanie at her and Ridge's ceremony.

Security guards dragged "Scarface" out, and Oscar told them to have the police check the syringe the goon had tried to inject into Oscar's I.V. A nurse told Oscar he was very lucky, and the nurse informed Bridget that Oscar's vitals were normal. She left to summon a Dr. Cooper, anyway. Bridget nervously joked that they'd have to start teaching self-defense in pre-med. Oscar was surprised to hear Bridget was a student, as he had judged from her fight skills that she was a full doctor. Oscar repeatedly deflected when Bridget asked what had just happened and if Oscar was in trouble.

Stephanie walked into her office and found Sally waiting for her. Sally wanted to know if Ridge had agreed not to hand Sally's company over to Brooke. Stephanie apologized and said she hadn't been able to convince Ridge not to. Sally sighed and confessed she'd half expected that outcome, while Stephanie reiterated that Ridge had blinders on when it came to Brooke. Sally said she needed a drink, which sent Stephanie on a search for a bottle of Irish whiskey that Eric had once stashed in the office. Stephanie found what Sally termed "sacred liquid" and poured drinks for herself and Sally; they toasted then gulped the liquor down and declared it "smooooooth," quoting a 1940s Red Skelton comedy sketch.

Later, Stephanie and Sally had their bare feet up on Stephanie's desk. Stephanie slurred that Brooke had simply turned and left on her high horse. Equally inebriated, Sally was appalled Brooke had allowed a horse in the building. Stephanie sloppily poured Sally another drink and drank from the bottle herself as Sally garbled that Brooke was a "cut-rate Vampira" who had stolen her company. Sally prattled on about how nice it was that she and Stephanie were on the same side for once and that they should always have been friends, while Stephanie slid down in her office chair and passed out on the floor.

Sally crawled to Stephanie and woke her. When Stephanie started crying that she wanted Eric, Sally proclaimed that Stephanie needed a makeover from "tead" to "hoe." Stephanie crawled to a chair, and Sally clumsily helped her into it. Stephanie tiredly ordered Sally to stop yapping and start working. Sally whipped out a pair of scissors and said her Irish father had always told her it was best to start from the top.

In her bedroom, as Brooke stared at a photo of her and Ridge in Italy, Nick stopped by, commenting that Brooke's engagement ring was a "nice rock." Nick asked when the big day was; Brooke replied she didn't know because Ridge was planning everything. Nick figured Ridge didn't want family or men from Brooke's past interfering. When Brooke inquired whether Nick had any particular man in mind, Nick said no and that he just wanted to wish Brooke and "Forrester" luck.

Sally drunkenly combed through the nearly unconscious Stephanie's hair with her fingers, then decided to pick up a large flower pot from a table. After some configuring, Sally dumped the pot out over Stephanie's head, drenching her. Sally mumbled that good head-dressers always cut hair when it was wet; Stephanie agreed. As Sally chopped away at Stephanie's hair, Stephanie thought Sally had a flair for barbering. Sally opined that if she couldn't get another gig in the rag trade, she could be a mortician.

Stephanie giggled and invited Sally to work for Forrester. Sally erupted in laughter, and Stephanie said Forrester could use someone who did whatever it was Sally did. Sally changed her mind and asserted that Stephanie owed her. Stephanie's hair fell to the floor as Sally demanded her own office, a hunky male secretary, and a Jaguar for a company car. Stephanie granted all of it.

Sally finished and handed Stephanie a mirror, saying that "Sally Scissorhands" had created magic. Stephanie took the mirror and appraised her uneven, spiky locks. "You know," Stephanie slurred, "it looks a little hip-hop, don't you think?"

Brooke asked if Nick were all right with her marrying Ridge. Nick didn't want to talk about his feelings; he wanted to know what Brooke's were. Brooke avowed she was happy, and that was all Nick had needed to hear. After Brooke thanked Nick, he pulled a small box out of his pocket. Brooke wondered if it was a wedding present. Nick smirked that "Forrester" could wear it, but it would look better on Brooke, who opened the box and pulled out a bracelet with a compass on it. Nick said he was giving it to her in case she ever lost her way. Brooke deemed Nick an amazing man as he put the bracelet on her arm.

Nick said that, since meeting Brooke, he had learned that one couldn't go through life alone. It was nice to have a friend, he added. If Brooke ever needed one, she knew where to look. Brooke became mystified by a metallic clunk, then heard Ridge calling for her to "get [her] butt down here." Brooke followed his voice and saw that Ridge had put a ladder up to their second-story balcony. Ridge shouted that since he and Brooke had wanted to elope, they should just do it. Brooke looked back at Nick, who told her to use her compass if she ever got lost. "Aye, aye, Captain," Brooke replied.

Brooke tentatively climbed up on the terrace and made her way down Ridge's ladder, giggling as she said that it was scary and hard to do in high heels. Brooke couldn't believe she was doing it and labeled Ridge crazy. Ridge said she was right and that he'd told Brooke he was going to keep her on her toes. Ridge began to lead Brooke away, announcing that people were waiting for them on the runway. When Brooke wanted to know where they were going, Ridge said they were going to begin the rest of their lives together. Brooke and Ridge kissed lovingly and ran off.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003


Sally woke up in Stephanie's office with scissors in her hand. She looked over and saw Stephanie lying on the coach, asleep. Stephanie woke up, just as Thorne walked in and noticed Stephanie's hair.

As Massimo's jet prepared to take off, Brooke tried to guess where Ridge was taking her. Brooke told Ridge how romantic he'd been when he'd suggested they elope. As the plane was flying to a tropical destination, they made love. Brooke and Ridge looked forward to many years ahead, promising not to take any of it for granted.

Stephanie tried to sneak into her house, but Samantha was waiting for her. She told Stephanie of Brooke and Ridge's elopement. Stephanie took off her baseball cap and said, "I didn't think the day could get any worse." Samantha asked what had happened, and Stephanie told her what Sally had done. She warned Samantha to be careful what she wished for; Brooke had won -- "for now."

Rick stopped by Amber's hospital room. Amber tried to apologize, but Rick was angry. He accused Amber of being the problem by jeopardizing herself and Eric. Amber said she wouldn't let it happen again, but Rick said she couldn't make it up to him that time. He informed her that their visitation was revoked because of her actions. He told her their marriage was over, and he walked out.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

At the hospital, Bridget consoled Amber over losing custody of Eric. Bridget was not on Amber's side over Rick's announcement that he was divorcing Amber.

At Marone Industries, the captain informed Nick that the Marone symbol had been defaced in South America. Nick informed a very unhappy Massimo that Ridge and Brooke had eloped.

Bridget transferred Oscar from ICU to Amber's room. Deacon and Macy took Eric to visit with Amber -- for a moment only. When Macy and Eric left the room, Amber accused Deacon of stealing Eric. Deacon reminded Amber that she was the one who had kidnapped Eric. As they argued, Oscar eavesdropped. Oscar recognized Deacon's voice and pulled the curtain back to speak with him. Oscar alluded to the fact that Deacon and Oscar shared a shady past. Amber was curious how Oscar was acquainted with Deacon.

In preparation for their elopement Ridge and Brooke vacationed at a resort on a tropical island. Ridge showered Brooke with bikinis, negligees, and a wedding dress. He gave her a crown that symbolized that he would be treating her like a queen. When Ridge presented Brooke with photos of his children and Hope, he asked Brooke if she wanted to have a child together with him -- their child.

Friday, September 19, 2003

Ridge, dressed in the traditional dress of the South American island where he and Brooke were eloping, greeted the priest who was to marry him and Brooke, who arrived for the ceremony also dressed in island garb, complete with crown headdress. Ridge and Brooke exchanged vows and sealed their commitment with rings. They were finally married.

Back in the states, Nick received information that confirmed the presence of a guerilla faction that has displayed hostilities against Marone Shipping. He ordered all personnel and anyone associated with his company to be evacuated from the island where the group was headquartered. Unbeknownst to him, it was the same island where Ridge and Brooke had gone.

Deacon had a history with Amber's hospital roommate. They'd known each other in Las Vegas. There was no love lost between the two men. Deacon left after arguing with the guy about whether Deacon had or hadn't stolen money from a casino when Deacon had been in Las Vegas. Deacon tried to tell the man that he had changed and again denied taking any money from the casino. Angrily, he left the hospital, refusing to listen to any more of Amber's tirade against him for taking her son, revoking her and Rick's visitation with Little Eric, and ruining her marriage to Rick.

After Deacon left, Amber chatted with her roommate, who commented that, in his opinion, Deacon hadn't changed and that he was and always would be a thief. That gave Amber the idea that the man she had been so annoyed by just might be the person who would help her get her son back from Deacon.

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