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Passions Recaps: The week of September 15, 2003 on PS
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Monday, September 15, 2003

Out in Hot L.A., Gwen sees something shocking on TV that upsets her. The doctor lets Gwen call Ethan, but he doesn't answer. Gwen tries to leave the hospital without telling the nurses or the doctor. Fox tells Whitney to look in his eyes, and see the love in them. Ethan tells Theresa it is because of her that he and Gwen would have been together if it wasn't for her lies. Ethan tells Theresa that he still wants to be with Gwen. Ethan agrees to help her with the custody of Little Ethan but nothing more. He leaves Theresa standing alone. Whitney tells Ethan to leave Theresa alone. Fox tells Theresa to let Ethan be with Gwen.

Back in Harmony, Julian tells Rebecca he is in love with the woman singer on the tape; and he can't have her because she's married. Rebecca tries to blackmail Julian to marry her. Rebecca told Julian to use the money for their wedding and not for charity. Liz tells TC that she thought he had feelings for her. She feels like a fool falling for him. Liz makes her moves on TC. Eve leaves the baby shower and head to the Youth Center to talk to TC. Eve catches TC and Liz kissing. Antonio confronts Luis about having Sheridan's ring. Luis tells him about the DVD and the audiotape to let him know she doesn't want to be found. Sheridan tells Charlie the people that love her will find her, but Charlie says they will not find her because she is going to die. Beth tells Antonio that Sheridan probably was kidnapped. She was force to make the DVD and the audiotape. Beth wants them to continue the search for Sheridan. Antonio let Luis know he wants to continue the house to house search. Luis called for volunteers at the station. Beth convinces Luis to help with the house search and she will call him if she goes into labor.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Whitney urges Ethan to let go of Theresa, who is more convinced than ever she will win him back. Fox and Whitney turn up the heat when they share a sensual dance on the beach.

Eve is horrified when she spies TC and Liz kissing, and she later attacks her evil sister.

Charlie cruelly snatches the baby from Sheridan's loving arms and decides it's time to kill the new mom.

Beth finally gets rid of Luis and holds "her" baby for the first time.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Liz tempts TC by joining him in the shower. Convinced her marriage is over, Eve finds comfort in Julian's arms.

Over the phone, Rebecca gives Gwen her own brand of motherly advice. Gwen decides to surprise her husband by showing up at the apartment, but she may be the one who is surprised!

Antonio, Hank and Luis are stunned to realize Sheridan truly has been kidnapped and begin the search for her again.

Beth informs her mother she will kill Charlie as soon as the lunatic offs Sheridan.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

In Hot L.A., Whitney continues to apologize to Fox for the kiss they shared. Whitney tells Fox that her life is dedicated to Chad, and becoming a singer to Chad. Fox convinces Whitney into dancing with him again, so she continues to practice for Chad. Chad enemy from the past Puff Dogg comes to visit. Puff Dogg wants Syd to sing for his record label. Syd tells Puff Dogg she will never sing for his label. Puff Dogg threatens Chad. Ethan wants to stay at hotel, but Gwen wants to stay at the Crane's apartment. Gwen sees something shocking on the balcony. Ethan rushes to Gwen before she sees Theresa. Theresa tries to leave before Gwen sees her. Theresa suit case gets stuck under the bed, and Gwen is on her way back from the bathroom.

Back in Harmony, Beth tells Ms. Wallace that Luis and their baby will live happily ever after. Luis feels that Sheridan is still alive. Hank tells Luis he knows who kidnapped Sheridan. Beth is convinced that she has a baby. Charlie pulls the trigger. Hank remembers a woman who said she wanted to kill Blondie. Antonio hears a gunshot at Ms. Wallace's house. Ms. Wallace invites Antonio inside, but the door is lock. Ms. Wallace tells Antonio to break the door down. Sheridan pulls Charlie off the ladder and holds her down. Ms. Wallace tells Antonio the monster have Sheridan. Charlie tells Sheridan won't miss the second time. Sheridan points the gun at Charlie, but she catches a pain and drops the gun.

Friday, September 19, 2003

Theresa gives up on getting her suitcase from under the bed, and dives back in the closet before Gwen re-enters the room. Gwen opens the closet door, despite Ethan's protests. He fears the worst when she gasps, but Theresa is hidden behind a large suitcase, and all Gwen saw was a pile of toys Ethan bought for the baby. When Gwen leaves the room again, Theresa begs Ethan to tell Gwen that he still loves Theresa, but once again, Ethan tells her that he plans to uphold his marriage vows. The two try to figure out how to get Theresa out of the room without Gwen seeing her. When Puff Dog threatens Sydney, he and Chad begin to fight. Inside the club, Fox is discouraged when Whitney says she wants some time alone with Chad. While looking for Chad, Whitney finds him and Puff Dog fighting. Eve confides to Julian that she fears her marriage may be over. He encourages her to tell TC the truth about their past before Liz does, but she refuses. He suggests the two take a walk together to help calm her down, and Eve agrees. Meanwhile, Liz gets in the shower with TC and tries to seduce him. TC rejects her, and tells her is going home to try to save his marriage. Liz hints that Eve may be having an affair with Julian, but TC dismisses the idea until he catches Eve and Julian together on his way home. Charlie missed Sheridan when she attempted to shoot her, and waits for Beth to give her the signal to try again. Mrs. Wallace nearly rats out Beth to Antonio, but he writes it off as senile babbling. Hank and Luis have a sketch made of the woman who tried to kill Sheridan on the wharf in hopes the woman may have a connection to Sheridan's kidnapping. When Luis sees the finished sketch, he immediately wants to go talk to Beth. He calls her and tells her he is coming over, and not to go anywhere. Before she has time to hide the baby, Antonio sees it. Thinking quick, Beth tells him it is a doll to help Precious practice for the real baby. Luis comes over, and Beth is nervous when Luis asks her if she knows the woman in the sketch. She tells him she doesn't know her, and he says he thought she might have been in the book cafe at one point. Hank and Luis decide to show the sketch to others, and begin to leave. On the way out, Luis shows the sketch to Precious, and asks her if she has seen the woman. Precious nods and points to the other room.

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