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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 15, 2003 on GL
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Monday, September 15, 2003

Tony is on the verge of telling Bill about sleeping with Eden. Eden panics, as Bill calls Marah. Later, a concerned Marah starts to clean up Tony's wound and he doesn't pull away. Eden stammers when Bill asks her why she didn't want him calling Marah. Meanwhile, Marah tries to convince Tony not to give up on them. They kiss. Marah learns about Shayne's accident, and she and Tony race to the hospital. The realization hits Beth that she and Jeffrey made love in a restaurant. Beth demands that Jeffrey drive her home, but as they struggle for his car keys, they plop right into the poisonous fish tank. Jeffrey feels Beth is being too rigid: she has every right to have a good time without feeling guilty. Jeffrey becomes agitated with Beth, and urges her not to apologize for the way she feels. Jeffrey insists that life is full of risks, sometimes she's just got to suck it up and take a chance. Without waiting for her reply, he steers her out. In the aftermath of the accident, Marina can't rouse an unconscious Shayne. Shaken, she goes for help to the car who hit them and is shocked to see that Josh is the driver. A horrified Josh tries to pull Shayne from the wreckage. Meanwhile, Reva can't shake the feeling that something bad has happened to Shayne. Marina answers Shayne's phone, and confirms Reva's fears about Shayne. Shayne is brought into the ER and Reva arrives and sees Josh. The horrible truth that Josh was involved in the accident begins to dawn on Reva. A distraught Reva walks away from Josh after she realizes that she was responsible for Shayne's accident.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

At the Beacon, Alan shows up to see Olivia. He tells her that he owes her an apology and a thanks. He explains that his granddaughter is a very disturbed young lady, and he feels that Olivia was the only person to see it. He apologizes for punishing her for her clarity. Alan feels that it is hard to see the flaws in the ones you adore and claims that he probably doesn't even see them all now. Even so, he knows she needs help. Olivia tells Alan that she thinks it's great that he realizes that Lizzie needs help, but she hopes that he doesn't forget about Phillip.

At the hospital, Josh is pulled aside to fill out some paperwork. In the meantime, a police officer shows up and tells Frank and Gus that he needs a statement from Josh. Gus volunteers to get the statement due to the sensitivity of the situation. Cassie, Edmund, Marah, and Tony arrive at the hospital. Marah questions the whereabouts of her dad, Josh. Reva explains that he is filling out papers, and prepares her in regards to her father's cuts and bruises. Marah and Cassie don't seem to understand. Reva explains that Josh was the one who hit Shayne's car. Marah goes to check in on the CAT Scan that Shayne is having. Reva apologizes to Christopher for being so closed minded, and tells him that she understands his wanting to prevent accidents like the one his wife had, and now the one her son had.

Gus tries to get a statement from Josh, but he doesn't seem to remember much. Just the fact that it was foggy, and the roads were wet. Unable to answer much more, Josh gets short with Gus. Gus tells him that he understands, and the questioning can wait until after Shayne is stable. In anger Marina approaches Josh, and tells him that they were coming home so that Shayne could go to that stupid meeting. She explains that there was no way Shayne would let his dad down. She tells him that if he would have just waited, Shayne would not be in this situation. Marina tells Josh that Shayne thought his dad was proud of him, but she tells him that he should have had faith in him as well. Marina walks away, and Josh faints. The nurses and doctors rush to his assistance. Josh regains consciousness after a few moments. Rick puts him in a room and insists that he lay still for a while. After Rick leaves the room, Josh remembers a conversation with Shayne regarding his career/college choice. Cassie tells Reva that Josh is in the emergency room because he just collapsed. Reva doesn't want to see him. She insists on staying right where she is to wait for Shayne's results. Cassie reminds her of the time when Richard was in the hospital and how hard is was to just wait especially when your confused and conflicted. She tells Reva that Josh didn't want the accident to happen and tells her to go see him. Cassie promises to get her if the results from the CAT Scan come back. Reva heads down to the ER. Just before she enters Josh' s room, Ed stops her and tells her that some of the test results are back. Josh comes out, and is anxious for the results. Ed tells them that the injuries they are concerned with are Shayne's brain and his spine. He feels that Shayne's speech might also be impaired and explains that the next step is up to Shayne. He needs to come out of the coma as soon as possible. He continues to say that the swelling may be related to spinal shock which might leave Shayne temporarily paralyzed. Marah finds her parents and tells them that Shayne is back in ICU. Reva heads to his room. Marah stops her father, and tells him that she knows about the accident. She gives him a hug, and tells him that she is sorry. Reva and Josh look in Shayne's room through the window as Marina is visiting with him. Reva tells Josh that they need to give Marina some time alone with Shayne. Reva remembers the time when Shayne was in the hospital a couple years ago. Shayne's heart had stopped when he was hit in the chest while playing Lacrosse. Reva remembers feeling that all she could do is just wait and watch, and feels that's all she can do now as well.

In Shayne's room, Marina begs him to come back to her. She tells him to fight like this is the toughest game he's ever been in because he has too much to do - things they have to do together. Marina rests her head on Shayne's chest.

At the Spaulding home, Phillip questions Beth about her date with Jeffrey. Beth explains that he's not like anyone she's ever dated before. Jeffrey acts in the moment as the spirit moves him. Phillip tells her that he usually thinks things to death first. Beth excuses herself, as it's getting late, and heads off to bed. Phillip starts to dictate a letter into his Dictaphone, but is unable to complete it. He starts the recording again, and begins to talk to his unborn child about how much he loves the child and promises to never fail her or let her down. He continues make promises and apologizes for the possible mistakes he'll make as a father. He requests that the child give him a chance to make up for any mistakes he'll make. Alan was standing in the background and overheard a great deal of the recording.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

In the Cedars chapel, Reva was praying aloud. She recalled the last time she was there when she helped Richard to die. She was angry and forceful. She demanded that God wake Shayne and give him back his speech and legs. She insisted that he not make her son pay for her mistakes. Later Reva admitted that she could feel the accident before it happened. She worried that she couldn't feel Shayne coming back to her.

At Company, Beth tried to phone Jeffrey, but he was unavailable in court. Edmund overheard her and questioned her about Jeffrey. Edmund asked about Lizzie and wondered how this happened to her. Edmund invited Beth to Olivia's baby shower. Edmund asked again about her relationship with Jeffrey. Beth responded that her sex life was none of his business. Surprised by her candid comment, Edmund said sex, already? Beth was flabbergasted at what slipped out of her mouth and tried to deny it. Beth amazed Edmund with Jeffrey's multi-lingual ability and other talents. They bantered innuendos back and forth. Edmund encouraged her to pursue Jeffrey and Beth wondered about his actual motivations (keep Jeff away from Cassie). A woman entered and served Beth with an unexpected package that she initially thought contained legal papers. The package was actually from Jeffrey. It contained a book about Japanese Tea Ceremonies with a written note: "Tonight 6pm. Dress to kill."

Outside of Company, Harley and Blake are handing out flyers for the blood donation drive. Mel approached them about the Lori Jenson case. She was having an affair with her boss at Spaulding, Brad Green. Phillip donated $50,000 to Harley's Angels. Harley was concerned about Phillip's wound up behavior. Phillip dismissed her concerns and rushed off. Then they told Mel the story of Lori Jenson. The last time Mrs. Jenson saw her daughter was before she went to break up with Brad, a married man. They tracked down a lead at the Old Mill Inn, where they had previously been seen dining. Blake suspected one scenario: Brad took Lori to Old Mill Inn to break up with and/or fire her. Lori was emotional and he got scared and got rid of her. Black suspected scenario two: Brad took Lori to Old Mill Inn to break up, but Lori goes ballistic, threatened to reveal all to his wife and stormed out. Brad panicked and must get rid of her. Or scenario three: Lori was laying low, allowing everyone to think she's dead to punish Brad. They agreed that the Spauldings were involved somehow. Harley began to recount another possibility, but Rick arrived to steal away "Angel" Mel armed with a medical report. Harley told Blake that there had been no activity on Lori's credit cards. They planned to begin interviewing Lori's friends and associates. They were interrupted by shouts of glee from Mel and Rick. They announced they are pregnant! The foursome hug and congratulations abound. Later, Harley hoped that Spaulding wasn't involved in the case, for Gus' sake.

At Cedars Hospital, Gus and Alan donated blood. Alan told Gus that he was worried about Phillip and asked Gus to help. Gus was surprised that Alan wanted to help without manipulation. Gus agreed to speak with Phillip. Later, while Phillip gave blood, Gus tried to get Phillip to open up about Lizzie. They discussed Phillip's control issue. Phillip was clearly angry and frustrated, yet still determined to do everything to help Lizzie. Gus urged him to remember that he's human and can't control everything. A disillusioned Phillip was unrelenting that he could. Gus suggested that Phillip take a break, undeterred Phillip answered his cell phone and began yelling orders.

At Olivia's bar, Alan arrived to meet Brad Green. Brad reminded him of his loyal service to Spaulding. Alan reprimanded him for sleeping with Lori, a woman half his age. Brad insisted that Lori was shrewd and used sex as a weapon. He admitted to having dinner with Lori the night she disappeared to break off the affair. He claimed she stormed out but he had nothing to do with her disappearance. Alan urged Brad to tell him the truth or he'd be on his own. Brad insisted that Lori left on her own steam. Alan encouraged Brad to go back to Europe and he balked. He countered with blackmail; help him make this go away or things could get dicey for Spaulding Enterprises.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

At the Beacon, Alexandra and Eden have a meeting. Eden explains that she is new at the business, but assumes that Alexandra has an office. Eden wonders why they have to meet in a bar. Alexandra tells her that there are people there, and they gossip. Eden wonders whether Alexandra is having second thoughts on having her represent the product. Alexandra explains that she is not having second thoughts, she just doesn't want bad publicity. Alexandra tells Eden that if she signs on to this new job, she'll have to sign away the kind of life she used to have which means no escort service. Eden explains that the escort service is over. Alexandra wants her to be a good girl which means no run-ins with the law - not even a traffic ticket, and no hanging out with mobsters.

Shayne remains unconscious at the hospital while Josh sits outside his room in a corner on the floor. Sandy is taking care of things at Lewis Construction. He brought over some things for Josh to sign. Reva and Marah are comforting each other in the waiting room. Marina is still at the hospital and is watching Robbie while Danny is giving blood at the blood drive. Marina bursts into tears when Robbie hands her a toy baseball. Nico is in the background looking in on Marina and Robbie. Nico was unaware of what had happened. He tells Marina that if she continues to cry, Robbie will start crying too. Nico tells her that it looks like she lost her best friend. She explains the accident. Nico tries to comfort her and tells her that Shayne will be okay. Shayne's an athlete, and athlete's are tough. Nico jokes about Shayne being tough taking on a girl like Marina. Nico starts to leave to look for Danny, but gets distracted by Robbie knocking over his toys. Nico picks him up and tells Marina that he and Robbie have an understanding. Marina tells him that he's better with children than adults. Nico responds (just as Danny is entering the room) by telling her that kids can't hurt you like parents can. Danny thanks Nico for helping Marina out with Robbie. Nico jumps on Danny for asking Marina to watch Robbie while her boyfriend is injured. Danny thought that it would be a good distraction. Nico wants to leave and mentions that he hates hospitals. Danny explains that he called him over to the hospital so that they can leave from there to do some work. Danny is going to have Buzz watch Robbie for the day, and he wants to take Nico down to Fifth Street to take a look around. Nico assumes that Danny wants him to be a rat. Danny tells him that he wants to see what's working over there and what is not working. He wants Nico to show him around. Nico agrees but tells him that they can not pull up in his fancy ride. They need to walk. While walking through Fifth Street, a woman from an upstairs apartment yells down to Nico. She called Nico her little angel bird and wonders why he missed her birthday. Nico explains that he got into a little trouble, but everything is okay now. He apologizes for missing her birthday and promises to make up for it. The lady tells Nico that he owes her. Danny wonders what Nico owes her. She tells Danny that Nico owes her a song, and she wants to hear a song now. Nico claims that he can't do it now because he doesn't have his guitar. Danny tells Nico not to disappoint the lady. Nico begins to sing a beautiful song about forgiveness. Danny tells Nico that the song was good. He wonders where he learned the song. Nico tells him that his mom taught it to him. It is was her favorite.

In the waiting room, Reva and Marah have a discussion about Josh's feelings toward the accident with Shayne. Reva tells Marah that her dad needs her right now. Marah thinks that her dad needs Reva as well. Marah wants Reva to tell her that she's not blaming her dad. She tells Marah that she and Josh want the same for Shayne to open his eyes, get up out of the bed and come back to them. But, she believes that she needs to be here and Josh needs to be there. Marah tells her that Shayne would not want her and Josh fighting over this. In anger, Reva tells her that Shayne can't tell them what he wants because of ...! Cassie arrives and wants to know how Shayne is. Reva starts heading into another direction, and tells Cassie that she can find out from Marah. With tears in Marah's eyes, Cassie assumes that she is upset about Shayne's condition. Cassie begins to tell Marah that Shayne is a tough kid. Marah knows that Shayne is tough, she is worried about what Shayne will wake up to. Marah feels that her family is falling apart. Cassie tells her not to put too much stock into what they are saying and doing right now. Emotions are crazy right now. Marah starts to cry just as Sandy walks in. Cassie gives them some space as Sandy tries to comfort her. Sandy tells her that he noticed Tony was there. Marah explains that he was there to hold her hand, but he really wasn't there. Marah feels that he is holding back because of the way she hurt him. Marah begins to talk about the good times when her parents were getting along, her and Tony were a couple, and Shayne was pitching. Marah wonders whether Shayne realizes what a good man she thinks he is and how much she loves him. Sandy tells her that he knows.

Reva and Josh wait together outside Shayne's room. Reva told Josh that Ed should be up in a few minutes to check on Shayne. Marina enters the room and apologizes to Josh for the way she reacted when Shayne was first brought in. Josh tells her not to apologize for anything because she didn't do anything. Josh tells Marina to go in and talk to Shayne for a while. Ed told them that hearing voices would be good for him. In Shayne's room, Marina tells him to wake up. She understands that he is tired, but he needs to wake up and make everything better. Shayne opens his eyes. Marina runs out of the room and tells Josh and Reva that he is awake. Reva and Josh rush in to see him. Reva begins to tell him that he was in an accident, but everything is going to be okay. They are waiting for him to speak, but he can't say anything. Reva wonders whether he can understand her, and Shayne responds by blinking his eyes at her. Ed asks for everyone to clear the room so that he can examine Shayne. Ed starts by testing Shayne's reflexes, but Shayne can't feel anything. Shayne can't even squeeze Ed's fingers. Ed tells him not to worry about this. Because of the accident, there is some swelling in the spine and brain. The swelling stops the rest of his body from waking up. When the swelling goes down, everything will be different. Ed wants to order another CAT Scan and X-Rays. Ed steps out to talk to the family. Ed begins to explain to the family that when the swelling goes down, Shayne's speech will return. At the moment, Ed tells them that Shayne appears to be paralyzed from the chest down. Reva runs out of the room, and tells her family that she needs some air. Josh follows her, but Reva doesn't want to talk to him. She turns away, so Josh begins to say it for her the "if I hadn't" speech. Reva calls him a "son-of-a-bitch," and tells him that he did this. Marina goes in to see Shayne, and assures him that everything is going to be okay. Marina explains that Shayne is always taking care of her and protecting her, and now it's her turn to take care of him.

Friday, September 19, 2003

At Company, Buzz babysat Robbie. Alexandra arrived but didn't take kindly to childcare duties. Alex asked Buzz for advice regarding attending Olivia's baby shower. Buzz accused her of having a soft side and offered to help purchase the baby gift.

At the Spaulding mansion, Phillip appeared edgy. Beth modeled her sexy and fancy red dress for her date with Jeffrey. Phillip was grateful that Beth agreed to attend Olivia's baby shower to support him. Lizzie walked in and wondered where her mom is going. Beth & Phillip explained to Lizzie about the baby shower. Lizzie complimented her mom and reminisced about her parents being together. Beth admitted she is dating Jeffrey. Christopher walked in and Lizzie immediately attempted to get rid of him. Then she exclaimed her happiness at Beth's dating and Jeffrey walked in right on cue. Rick phoned and beckoned Phillip to the hospital.

They all left Lizzie alone with Christopher for her therapy session. When Christopher asked about her reaction to Shayne's accident, she claimed it wasn't really upsetting her. Lizzie attempted the silent treatment. After Christopher explained to Lizzie that nothing she could say or do would surprise him, she kissed him! When he responded with no surprise, she told him she hated him. She exclaimed that hating him made her happy. He assessed that the only time she is happy is when she's hating and asked if she really knows what it means to be happy. Then Lizzie told him that he was fired but Christopher refused to quit. Lizzie continued to stonewall his efforts of getting her to open up.

Jeffrey took Beth to the docks for a picnic, much to the surprise of Beth. Jeffrey seductively removed her four-inch heels. They kissed passionately. They joked about Grandma Irene's secret recipe for tuna salad sandwiches, which turned out to be mayonnaise. Beth admitted her fear that he wouldn't call her again after her guilty mother routine that ended their first date. Jeffrey replied that he was just giving her some time and he has tremendous confidence in her ability to take life as it comes. Jeffrey began seducing her out of the fancy red dress.

At Cedar's hospital, Reva accused Josh of causing Shayne's accident and manipulating his life. Reva would not accept Josh's apology and stormed off crying. Josh received a phone call from the Cub's executive, Mr. Walker. Mr. Walker called to ask for an apology from Shayne. Josh angrily told him about the accident and hung up in tears. Reva and Josh stood outside of Shayne's hospital room. Josh attempted again to explain himself. Reva taunted him with anger and sarcasm. They cried and Josh held her close to him. Josh urged her to be strong for Shayne. Reva struggled to find the words to help Shayne. Reva and Josh embraced and shared their pain. Josh sat by Shayne's bedside and professed his love for his son. Shayne lay still unable to move or speak. Josh confessed that the accident was his fault and admitted that he doesn't think he'll ever forgive himself. Josh promised to be by Shayne's side every step of the way and will help to make him whole again. Outside the room, Reva's heart ached as she eavesdropped.

At Cedar's, Rick greeted Phillip with a cigar and the announcement that Mel is pregnant. Phillip's reaction was excited, but also frantic; then admitted that he is not okay. Phillip went on a rant about Olivia, Lizzie and his failure as a father. Phillip apologized for ruining Rick's moment, congratulated him and quickly exited. An already anxious Phillip became trapped in an elevator and immediately began to panic.

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