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Ashley learned that she most likely could not have more children. John punched Victor. Sharon found Alice and Cassie discussing Frank. Kevin pressured Lily into having sex. Frederick was shocked to see Brittany stripping at Marsino's. Raul kissed Lauren.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 15, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, September 15, 2003

Sharon and Nick discussed telling Cassie who Frank really was. Nick told her he believed she could handle it, but Sharon didn't agree. She felt the whole situation had damaged all of the hard work she did earning Cassie's trust back. She went on to say how Frank had stared at Cassie, and how it creeped both of them out. Nick asked why she felt Frank was in Genoa City, and if she felt he was stalking her. She told him she felt he planned the whole thing—why, after all, would he be in a boutique in an office building 100 miles from home? Nick asked what she felt he wanted, and if he knew she was a Newman. He also pointed out Frank may have read stories about Cassie in the newspaper after her accident, which could have brought him into their lives. Sharon, starting to panic, suggested they pay him off, but Nick disagreed. Telling Cassie, he thought, would end the threat, but she didn't agree. He told her it wasn't a horrible secret—after all, Cassie was aware she had a biological father out there. Sharon reminded him of the really bad year they had just experienced and was worried Cassie wasn't going to get beyond this.

Meanwhile at Crimson Lights, Cassie was questioning Frank. She flat-out asked him if he was with Sharon when she left town. When he heard Sharon had left, he began asking a lot of questions about it, but Cassie wouldn't answer him. In fact, she told him it was none of his business. He told her he was not with Sharon, and furthermore, he hadn't seen her in years up until the previous day. Cassie asked why they were arguing at the boutique, and he to.ld her they weren't. Cassie told him she didn't believe him and turned on her heel and walked away from him to a computer. He followed her, sat down and made small talk with her, all the while staring at her. She told him she didn't like the way he was staring at her and got up and left. Once she got home, she interrupted her parents' conversation about her. She announced she had just come from Crimson Lights and had run into Frank there. She sarcastically asked Sharon if Nick knew he was in town and then told them she had a long conversation with Frank.

At the ranch, Nikki was surprised to find Victor at home in the middle of the day, sitting on the couch and playing with his jaw. She asked what was the matter and he told her John Abbott had come by enraged and had punched him in the jaw. Nikki was shocked and said she hoped he hadn't hit him back. Victor replied he would never hit John, and that he understood why he was upset. He went on to break the news that Ashley and Brad's baby had passed away, and Nikki was saddened to hear the news. Victor pointed out that at least they still had Abby, but Nikki told him she didn't think that was much of a consolation at a time like this—they couldn't make up for the child they lost. Victor expressed regret at going to visit her, but told Nikki he had the best of intentions. He asked if she blamed him as well, and she assured him she did not. She told him not to worry, the Abbotts were grieving and upset and needed a scapegoat. Victor looked sad when he told her that every time he tried to help someone he cared about, he ended up hurting them. Nikki gently told him not to be so hard on himself, and that she didn't believe that Ashley held him responsible for the accident.

At the hospital, Olivia broke the news to Ashley that because of the extensive internal damage, she wasn't likely to be able to conceive again. She gently explained what had happened to Ashley medically, and how sorry she was. Ashley cried and said how much she and Brad wanted the child and had not idea how to tell him. Olivia encouraged her to just concentrate on the future, and held her while she cried.

Over at Jabot, Brad delivered sales numbers to Jack. Jack asked how Ashley was holding up and Brad told him she was a basket case; that losing the baby was the worst thing that had ever happened to them as a couple. Jack reminded him how strong she was and told Brad he had gone through the same thing years before. Brad asked if the pain ever went away, and Jack told him that it didn't go away, just that he found a place for it. The conversation turned to Victor, and Jack vowed that as soon as Ashley was all right, they were going to even the score. Brad thanked Jack for all of his support and understanding, and Jack hugged him and told him he was family.

Dru and Neil had a conversation about being worried about Lily being on the Internet too much. Neil told her he was happy the boyfriend she met online didn't last, but still was worried about her. Dru told him she believed the Internet was how kids nowadays communicated with one another, but agreed she was worried about Lily as well. They agreed they needed to do something, and decided to just try to be supportive of her in a non-invasive way.

Over at Walnut Grove, Sierra encouraged Colleen to make up with Lily. Colleen told her she had tried over and over, but that Lily was still really angry with her. Sierra asked if she had told Lily about the incident with Kevin in the part, and Colleen told her she hadn't yet. They found Lily in a lounge online, and asked her to talk with them. Sierra convinced her to make amends with Colleen and she agreed, under one condition—that conversation about Kevin was off limits. Colleen agreed and suggested they go to the coffee house to celebrate. Lily told them no, she had plans—she was meeting Kevin—and it was the first time she was going to see him since they broke up. With that, he walked in, picked up her backpack and told her to come with him. Colleen tried to stop her, telling her there was something she needed to tell her (the park incident), but Lily happily left with Kevin.

Lily and Kevin went to his apartment and she told him how much she had missed him and how important he was to her. He asked if she knew he and Colleen had run into each other and she told him she didn't and asked if she had given him a hard time. He told her he didn't want to upset her, but that Colleen had come on to him. She laughed and said that she would never do that, and he asked if she was calling him a liar. She told him he must have misunderstood the situation, but he insisted he didn't. He urged her to dump Colleen as her friend, because she was jealous of their relationship. He went on to ask her to prove her love for him—there is only one way to do it. He began kissing her passionately and had her on the couch almost immediately.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Victor stops by Ashley's room. He doesn't know what to say to her. She tells him there is nothing to say. He asks if she was going to see her. She says she was hoping to convince him to undo what he had done. What a fool she was. He feels bad. She wonders why. "Business is business isn't it Victor?." She tells him to leave. If someone from her family saw him it would be ugly. He already felt their wrath. She asks if the bruise came from her brother or her husband. When he tells her it was her father she asks if he hurt her father. She understands why they all blame him but tells him it was her own fault. He expresses that he only had good intentions for visiting her. "The road to Hell..." she reminds him. She begs him to leave and even offers to accept whatever apology he makes if he will leave. He reminds her that she still has a beautiful girl. Ashley reveals that she can't have kids anymore. He apologizes for what he's done and walks out.

Crimson Lights:

Colleen and Sierra worry about Lily. She hopes her date with Kevin is a bust and she realizes what a freak he is. Lily shows up unexpectedly. She had a great time with Kevin. Colleen wonders if Lily slept with Kevin. Lily doesn't want to talk about Kevin. She knows all about Colleen's run-in with him in the park. She mentions Kevin's "theory" that Colleen is in to him. Lily doesn't buy that Colleen is afraid of Kevin. Lily refuses to answer C's question as to whether she slept with him. Cody sees they are upset and asks if he can help somehow. They thank him for his offer but can't figure out what to do. Telling her parents won't work at this point. They need a plan. The girls do a web-search on Kevin in the chat room. They speculate that he uses different screen names. They think they find him and Colleen instigates a chat. She arranges a meeting with him.

Nick shows up and meets Frank.

Chancellor House:

Jill is pleased when she sees that she has the house to herself. She is startled when she bumps into a frisky Larry but isn't interested in "playing." She's tired and frustrated by the Katherine situation. Kay's desire to be her mother is making her sick. Jill admits that she doesn't hate Kay as much as she used to but doesn't expect it to grow much more than that. He thinks that if she just let herself she could love Katherine easily. He thinks Jill is stuck in the past. Jill tries to change the subject by coming on to Larry. They are interrupted by Kay's call. Kay invites her to dinner. Jill resists but eventually relents and agrees to meet her for lunch. Larry is amused Jill didn't outright refuse.


Kay and Esther are visiting with Nikki. Nikki would have killed to have been there when Jill realized Kay could talk. Katherine is trying to give Jill the benefit of the doubt. She doesn't want to hear anything negative about Jill anymore. Nikki is wary too but they need to let K deal with this on her own. Kay doesn't want to test Jill. She has to trust her. She has to know if there is a future for them as mother/daughter and now. They will spend time together.

Nick & Sharon's:

Cassie grills her mom about her whereabouts last winter. She also wants to know who Frank is to her. Nick says that Frank hurt Sharon many years ago. Cassie is skeptical. She thinks Frank is still interested in Sharon. A furious Sharon speculates as to Frank's motives for stirring things up. Nick calls Cody at CL and wants to know if the guy Cassie was talking to is still there. Cody confirms that he is. Nick tells Cody not to let him leave and heads out.


Lily returns home in a mood. Dru tries to cheer her up but it isn't working. Lily thinks Colleen doesn't want anyone else to be happy. Lily doesn't want to discuss this with her mother. Dru tells her she can help her with any boyfriend problems. Internet romance is NOT the way to go. she warns Lily that men can take advantage of young, naive girls. Dru tells Colleen that when she was younger (Lily's age) she made a very bad choice. She ran away from. It was the worst mistake she ever made. She reveals that she was illiterate too. This led people to take advantage of her. She's worried about Lily. All the time she spends on the internet is not good for her. Boys Kevin's age are mostly concerned with sex. For them sex does not equal commitment.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

At Crimson Lights, Nick tried to determine why Frank Barrett was in town. After hearing Nick's questions, Frank said he felt bad about the way he'd left Sharon high and dry all those years ago. He'd just wanted to see his little girl and make sure that her life hadn't been negatively impacted by the way he'd abandoned her. Nick wasn't sure that was the whole story and he reminded Frank that Cassie was not "his little girl." Nick suspected Frank wanted money. When Frank insisted he had no bad motives, Nick warned him to leave town and leave his wife and daughter alone. Cassie had a good family and didn't need her life disrupted. But Frank remained curious about what Cassie had told him about Sharon being gone for a while.

Cassie was on a mission to get information about Frank. First she confronted Nikki, who appeared to know nothing but was curious about Sharon and Nick's reactions to Cassie's mystery man. After Nikki left Cassie alone at the Newman residence, Cassie called her adoptive mother, Alice. Alice's happiness to hear from Cassie turned to concern when Cassie asked her if she knew who Frank was. Alice managed to evade her questions, but she did say she was going to drive to Genoa City. Cassie told her that Miguel was taking her into town. She'd be happy to meet Alice at Crimson Lights.

Her curiosity piqued, Nikki headed for Sharon's house. Sharon was in no mood for another of their confrontations, but Nikki demanded to know who Frank was and accused Sharon of having yet another fling from her past show up to disrupt the Newmans' lives. When Sharon told her that Frank was Cassie's biological father and they didn't know why he was in town, Nikki warned her to tell Cassie the truth. Sharon said she and Nick had decided it wasn't the right time. Nikki wondered if Sharon was hiding something and suspected maybe Nick didn't know. Sharon told her to call him and ask him if she doubted the story. Nikki reluctantly agreed not to get involved and let Nick and Sharon handle things their own way. But she thought they were making a mistake by not leveling with Cassie, who already knew that Nick wasn't her biological father.

Colleen and Sierra hid in Hyde Park after issuing an anonymous Internet invitation to someone they suspected was Kevin. Sure enough, Kevin showed up at the park but didn't spot them. They hightailed it back to Crimson Lights and agreed that they needed to tell Lily that Kevin was meeting other girls. Lily was horrified at their story, considering it further proof that Colleen was either flirting with Kevin or just wanted to see Lily miserable. Sierra and Colleen protested that they were her friends. They wanted to protect her from Kevin, who they didn't trust. Lily stormed out of the coffee shop and went to Kevin's apartment. When she explained the whole story to him, Kevin again turned it around to make it look like Colleen and Sierra were just jealous of her happiness. However, he'd had enough. She needed to choose between him and her friends, because he was tired of having to justify himself over and over. Lily tearfully declared that she wasn't going to give him up and threw her arms around him while Kevin smirked that his scheme was working so well.

Jill arrived at Gina's to meet Katherine for lunch and was dismayed to find Esther there. She pointed out that if Katherine wanted some mother and daughter bonding time, Esther needed to leave. Jill could take Katherine home later. Katherine gently asked Esther to let them have their time alone. After Esther left, Gina hurt Jill's feelings by gushing over Katherine, letting her taste a new dish, while snubbing Jill. Alone again, Jill pointed out that Katherine's supporters made it impossible for her to feel comfortable with Katherine. She didn't see how they could make this work with all these people treating her so badly. When Gina returned to the table, Katherine tactfully reminded her that Jill was her daughter. She hoped Gina would show her the same respect she showed Katherine, starting with letting her taste the new entree. Gina agreed and left to get Jill a sample, and Jill thanked Katherine for sticking up for her. But she didn't think it was going to be so easy with Esther.

Esther swept into the Chancellor house loudly complaining about Jill to Larry. Larry told her that it was right for her to leave Katherine and Jill alone so they could have some time together. Furthermore, she and Jill needed to make peace for Katherine's sake. If Esther forced Katherine to choose, she might not like how it turned out. After he left, Esther appeared to be thinking over what he'd said.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Nick returns home after talking to Frank at Crimson Lights. Sharon wants to know if he found out anything new. She tells Nick she is glad that they haven't told Cassie about her father. She says seeing Frank reminds her of a horrible time in her life and she doesn't want to be reminded of that right now. Nick tells her that Cassie will need to know about Frank someday. Sharon insists that they don't tell Cassie for now. After Nick has left for work, Sharon gets a phone call from the bartender Cody at Crimson Lights. He tells her that Cassie is talking to some strange woman that he knows he has seen somewhere before, but he can't remember from where.

Cassie meets Alice at Crimson Lights. Alice says she has really missed Cassie, and although she knows she wasn't a very good adoptive mother to her, she thinks of her all the time. Cassie wants to know if Alice knows who Frank is. Alice says Cassie should talk to her mother about him. Cassie thinks her mom won't tell her anything about him and further, she can't trust anything Sharon says anyway after everything she did. Cassie says she still doesn't even know where her mom was when she left but she thinks that she was probably staying somewhere with Frank. Alice says there is no way that Sharon was with Frank and that Cassie is being too hard on Sharon. Cassie says she is tired of her parents telling her lies. She begs Alice to tell her who Frank is. "You're not going to let this go, are you?" Alice says to Cassie. Just as it looks like Alice is going to tell her, Sharon shows up.

At Gina's, Katherine cannot believe Jill wants her to fire Esther to make amends with her daughter. Katherine tells Jill that Esther has done so much for her over the years, how could she dare say something like that. Jill tells Katherine she needs to calm down. She could have another stroke. Katherine calms down and listens, and tells Jill that she really regrets abandoning her as a baby. Jill takes advantage of Katherine's guilt and says if Katherine really wants to make amends with her, she will get rid of Esther. Jill says Esther will never see Jill as a caring person, that she will always be in the way, thinking that Jill is trying to poison Katherine. Katherine wants to go home, she is tired, and she wants to think about Esther. Jill says she wants to bury the hatchet, but she just can't if Esther is around.

When Jill returns she sees Larry and tells him she has a little plan. If she can get Esther out of the picture, Katherine will realize how much she misses Esther and go to live with her, thus, leaving Jill with the house all to herself. Surprisingly, Larry agrees with her that Esther is a pain and should leave. Jill is happy about this and says she loves being in control with all the power. She says she is the queen bee and Larry can be her drone. Larry likes the kinky conversation and the two go buzzing upstairs towards the bedroom.

At the loft Colleen tells J.T. that Lily slept with Kevin. She also tells him that Kevin uses the chat names Fisherman as well as Fishin for love to find different girls on the net. Colleen can't believe Lily would be so lonely and desperate not to realize that Kevin only cares about sex. She tells J.T. that she is so happy with him and is really glad they worked things out. J.T. says what he did to her was pretty bad, but Colleen says that people can learn from their mistakes. J.T. tells Colleen he wished Brittany would learn from her mistakes. Colleen asks if he really thinks that the guy Brittany works for wrecked their place. J.T. says he thinks so, but he's not sure. He knows Bobby is grooming Brittany for something, but he doesn't know what it is. Abruptly without knocking, Anita walks in. She wants to know where Brittany is. Is she with Raul? J.T. and Colleen tell her they don't know where Brittany is. Colleen and Anita exchange dirty looks. Raul comes home and wonders why Anita is there. He tells her Brittany and him broke up. Anita wants to know why they broke up and Raul says he doesn't know, Brittany is an adult now and Anita needs to mind her own business. "If you thought you had problems now," Raul says, "just wait," as he leaves. When Anita asks J.T. and Colleen what he meant by that, they just shrug.

Brittany goes to visit Bobby and asks when he is going to help her start her singing career. Bobby tells her that he has helped her already. But Brittany wants more. Bobby tried so hard to get her to come back to Marsino's and he promised he had connections. Bobby says he tried to get her back because he likes her, but he's still not sure he can trust her. What if he calls his connections and then Brittany doesn't show up? Brittany says that she will, she'll do anything to start her singing career. Bobby says Brittany doesn't seem like she's been trying as hard anymore, she's not as into it like she was before. Brittany says she has been trying very hard with her singing, and isn't that why people are going to see her? "It's not just about singing," Bobby says, "it's the singing, the dancing, the choreography, everything. You have to do it all." Brittany says she will do her best tonight and show him she's into it for the long haul.

Frederick is at the office, meeting with some of possible investment partners. They ask him how his wife and daughter are doing. Frederick says fine, Anita is the queen of the country club and Brittany is going to college and working part-time at a restaurant. They all talk about going out later, having some fun. One of the guys suggests they go to a Gentleman's club. Frederick says he doesn't really go to places like that, but he did see an ad for a place the other day-Marsino's. The guys say they better get to work so they can be free for the nightlife.

Back at Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Cassie to go home right away. Cassie struggles, but Sharon points her out the door. Sharon sits down with Alice and asks her what she's doing there. Alice says Cassie called her and wanted to see her. Sharon tells Alice to mind her own business, that her and Nick will take care of Cassie themselves, that Alice has no right to be there. Alice says she should tell Cassie the truth about Frank, that Cassie is determined to find out who he is. Sharon tells her to keep her opinion's to herself, and to leave them alone.

Friday, September 19, 2003

Anita went by Frederick's office to share the good news---Brittany and Raul broke up! Brit's parents hoped this meant she'd give up her job as a singing waitress and come home, perhaps even decide to go to NYU after all. Although Anita had hoped to share dinner with Frederick, he reminded her that they were still separated, and he'd promised to take some businessmen out for a night on the town. Anita said maybe another time.

Angelo reminded Bobby that the reason they did so well at the club was because they ran a clean business and didn't get involved with the girls. He hoped Bobby wasn't going to mess things up for them, or they'd have to answer to "you know who." He was worried that Bobby's interest in Brittany was going to be his downfall. Bobby reminded him that he'd always known not to cross the line.

After another argument with Raul in which he scoffed at Bobby's intentions and the idea that stripping was going to lead to a career in the music business, Brittany went to the club. She went onstage dressed in a man's suit and tie, her hair under a hat, black glasses, and a little mustache. Thus her father didn't recognize her from the audience. As her song finished and she let down her hair and removed the glasses and mustache, Frederick's colleagues encouraged him to turn around and check out "Marilyn." Frederick's enjoyment turned to shock as he saw his daughter taking off her clothes.

Lauren went by the loft to see how things were going for the teens. She was surprised to find Raul drinking a glass of wine and cautioned him to go easy on it. He assured her that he constantly monitored his blood sugar levels; he wasn't going to go overboard. Besides, he needed it. Lauren surmised that Brittany was still stripping. She, too, found it dubious that Bobby's club would lead to anything bigger for Brittany. Raul said he wasn't sure why he even cared; he and Brit were so different. Lauren reminded him that sometimes, opposites attract. Raul's eyes fell to her mouth, then he leaned over to kiss her, surprising Lauren.

Nikki went to see Nick at his house. Nick told her about seeing Frank. Nikki still thought the best option was telling Cassie the truth. Nick said even if Cassie was ready for that, maybe he wasn't. In any case, he wanted his mother to stay out of it. He and Sharon would handle things as they thought best. Nikki then expressed her regret for the way the Abbotts were treating Victor. It was wrong to blame him for Ashley's tragedy. Nick let his mother know he was on the Abbotts' side. He was sure that Victor had set the tragic chain of events in motion by doing something underhanded with the cosmetics launch. Nikki couldn't believe Nick was being so cold, and Nick reminded her that he was, after all, Victor's son.

Sharon ran into Victor at the gym and brought him up to speed about Frank Barrett. She also let him know that Nikki had already expressed her opinion on the subject, disagreeing with Sharon's decision not to tell Cassie the truth about her biological father at this time. Victor said he'd try to talk to Nikki and get her to back off. Sharon then wondered if he was going to see Ashley. Victor said he already had. Sharon thought it was wrong for the Abbotts to blame him for what had happened. It was just a terrible accident. She was tired of people always seeing the worst in Victor. Victor thanked her for her support. He told her the Abbotts were even more emotional about the situation now that Ashley's injuries would prevent her from getting pregnant again.

Ashley told Olivia that she hadn't had a chance to tell Brad the bad news yet, but she was going to that night. She vowed that she wanted to get well as soon as she could. Brad overheard her as he came in. When Olivia left them alone, he told Ashley that he'd been thinking things over. He didn't intend to push her, but he really felt that they should try again to have another baby as soon as she was ready. Ashley had to leave to go to physical therapy and made Brad promise to stay until she got back. While she was gone, the phone rang. It was Connie, wondering if Victor was still at the hospital visiting Ashley. Brad was angry to hear that Victor had been there, but when Ashley came back, he didn't say anything. Then Ashley gave him the bad news. There would be no more pregnancies. Enraged by all the ways Victor had tainted his life, Brad couldn't even hear Ashley's reminder that Abby was his in all the ways that mattered. Brad stormed out of the hospital, vowing to make Victor pay for all he'd done. Ashley called Victor on his cell phone and warned him that Brad was angry and might come after him.

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