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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 15, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, September 15, 2003

At Susan Stewart's house, Alison reluctantly leaves Susan alone to go on a date with Chris. Susan, after insisting that she will be fine, pulls a pint of vodka from her purse. Alison has trouble relaxing because she is so worried about Susan, but the attraction between Alison and Chris distracts her from thoughts of Susan. At home, Susan pours herself a glass of vodka. Chris and Alison run into Henry and Chris offers Henry $100 for three hours at his house, and the two young lovers excitedly leave for Henry's. However, Alison begs Chris to let her stop and check on Susan first. Back at home, Susan catches herself in time - she pours the contents of the glass into a potted plant, then stashes the vodka bottle, half full, back in her purse. When Alison and Chris arrive at Susan's, they call for Susan, but she doesn't answer. Alison decides to leave a note for Susan, but she can't find a pen, so she opens Susan's purse! She finds the half-empty bottle, and cries to Chris, "My mother is in trouble."

Although Jessica swears to Bonnie that she is on her side, she asks Bonnie to move out of her house because the two disagree so strongly about Sara. Bonnie declares that if she moves out she won't come back. Bonnie sobs to Jessica that not only has she lost Sara, but now she has lost her mother too. Jessica leaves, and Bonnie packs her things to go stay with Lisa for a few days. As she is about to leave, Isaac comes to the door and informs Bonnie that he is leaving for Florida to go into a business with a friend who owns a few clubs there. Bonnie tearfully wishes him good luck. Jessica runs directly to Ben, who is bare-chested and ready for bed. Ben holds Jessica against his muscular chest and comforts her, and Jessica tells him that she is ready to make love to him.

Molly gives Craig a check to keep Java Underground afloat, and her only condition is that no one ask her why she chose to make the investment. In return, Craig asks Molly to keep the fact that the money came from her a secret from Rosanna until he has time to tell Rosanna. Molly agrees to keep quiet about her investment, although she tells Craig that she will not lie if someone asks her a direct question. Craig gives Molly a key to Java, since she is now a part owner. While Molly and Craig are meeting, Carly visits Rosanna in her garden and tells her that she heard Craig ask Molly to replace the money Rosanna withdrew. Rosanna, shaken, tells Carly that by tonight, everything will be resolved one way or the other. She explains to Carly how she intends to confront Craig, and Carly promises to support her. Just as Carly leaves Rosanna, Craig calls Rosanna to tell her that he has some news. When Craig arrives in the garden, he tells Rosanna that Dusty has found financing, but that Craig doesn't know the details. Rosanna turns away from Craig, then gently cries to him that he is losing her because of his lies. She begs him to tell her the truth, because she cannot stay married to a man who lies and manipulates.

After Dusty and Jennifer share a passionate kiss at Java Underground, she tells him that she wants to be with him that night. Dusty protests that he is still emotionally attached to Rose, and further, he is a little suspicious of Jennifer's motives, since she is Paul's sister. Jennifer tearfully confesses to Dusty that Paul betrayed her, and tells Dusty that she doesn't want to be a liar like her mother and her brother. Dusty gives in and the two share a tender kiss, when Molly bursts in saying, "This certainly is an interesting return on my investment."

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Chris and Alison are at Susan's and discuss how they found an almost empty vodka bottle in Susan's purse. Chris suggests Alison goes upstairs to check on her and when she returns she tells Chris she didn't smell any alcohol. Susan then comes down and Alison questions her since Susan was complaining of a head ache. Susan swore she hadn't been drinking but Alison tells her she isn't sure she can trust her. Susan explained what had happened with the bottle and Alison understood. Susan went up to bed and Alison explained to Chris why she needed to stay home with her mom. Later when Alison went to walk Chris outside to his car, Susan came downstairs and saw the vodka bottle in the trash.

Rosanna and Craig have it out over the club and Rosanna point blank asks Craig who fronted the money for it. Craig said he didn't know but Rosanna knew from Carly he had talked to Molly about getting the money up to partner with Dusty. Rosanna decided to leave Craig and says goodbye to Lucy. She ends up staying with Carly and Jack after she tells them she left Craig.

Carly and Jack discuss how they need to find a nanny since they do not have anytime alone since Sage was born and all they do is run around for everyone else.

Jen and Dusty are caught by his new partner kissing. Molly tells Jen he is too old for her and Dusty asks Jen to leave. Jen goes home to Paul who had a visit from Barbara offering to help her to try to get Jen to trust him again, to which he declines. Jen returns to Paul's telling him this is probably the last night she will be there.

Dusty gets a visit from Rose who wants to try to men their relationship against Lucinda and Mitzi's wishes. She asks him about Jen and he said there is nothing there and he wants to be with her. Rose accepts his answer and they kiss.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Jennifer gives Paul the silent treatment but then she finally tells him how humiliated and used she feels. Paul says he did it because he wanted to keep her safe and make sure she didn't return to Europe. Jennifer says if she stays in Oakdale, she'll make her own rules, including spending time with Dusty. After Jen leaves, Paul calls Henry and tells him to come over. Paul asks Henry how he feels about Dusty. Henry says, "He could stand to be knocked down a peg." Paul tells Henry to bug Java Underground.

Dusty and Rose reconcile but Rose is still suspicious of Jennifer and doesn't want her model friends to have any part of the club. She suggests calling her friends from Atlantic City instead. Later, when Rose is at the beauty parlor, Jennifer goes to see her telling her not to get the wrong idea about what Molly saw last night. Rose doesn't know anything about it and is surprised to learn that Jen was with Dusty. Jennifer adds that the kiss was only to comfort her and it didn't mean anything.

Rosanna goes to see Craig and embraces him immediately. Craig tells Rosanna the truth about his new investor. She tells him that he should not be involved with Dusty. She tells him to give up the club for her or else she won't be able to live with him anymore. Craig tries to fight for himself and the club so Rosanna decides to walk out again.

Carly and Jack interview several nannies but can't find a suitable match. When Rosanna comes over she picks up Sage and announces that she can be the new nanny. Carly and Jack agree it is a perfect match.

Mike is frustrated and depressed until he has a vision of Katie who tells him "You have all the answers. Think like a builder." She says he can still save her. Mike looks around the room and finds an old dumbwaiter that eventually brings him into the kitchen. He is relieved to escape and runs out the door to find Katie.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Marshall and Sarah were having breakfast when Sarah started complaining about going to school and how stupid she looked in her uniform. Sarah wanted to call Bonnie for moral support but Marshall said no. He told Sarah that she would be fine and, once she started to meet other kids, she would enjoy school. He kissed Sarah good-bye and she left. Bonnie came up and said that she could help but Marshall said, "Over my dead body!" He told Bonnie that it would take some time and that he had everything under control. Later, Sarah showed up having run away from school because the kids were making fun of her. Marshall tried to reassure her that everything was going to be fine but Sarah ran away. Bonnie, who was listening in the hall, approached Marshall and asked him, "So, you have everything under control?" Marshall gave her a dirty look and went after Sarah.

Ben and Jessica were having coffee when Isaac came and announced he was leaving. Isaac said that it was over between him and Bonnie and he was okay with it. They try to convince him to stay but he said he had to go and will keep in touch. Ben, Jessica, and Isaac exchange hugs and Isaac left. Before he left, Isaac asked them why they weren't married yet so Ben and Jessica set a wedding date.

Rose and Mitzy were talking about Jennifer, who had just left. Rose told Mitzy that she and Dusty made up. Mitzy doesn't like the idea that Rose is with Dusty but said she would mind her own business. Paul showed up to clear up a few things and proceeded to try to find out why Dusty was spending so much time with Jennifer. He thought Rose and Dusty were supposed to be so happy together. Rose couldn't find the answer and told Paul that she and Dusty were just fine. Paul kept after her until Rose finally broke down and cried. When she looked at Paul again, she slapped him. Paul said he didn't come there to fight with her but was concerned about her. He told Rose that she deserved better and that Dusty doesn't know her like he does. Paul said, as he looked her straight in the eye, that Rose needed someone to look her in the eye and tell her "I Love You", not just today but everyday. He then put his hand on her face and, as Rose reached for it, they fell into a passionate kiss.

Paul offered Henry loads of money to bug Java so Paul could keep tabs on Dusty because he wanted to protect Jennifer. Over at Java, Dusty was on the phone with Jennifer when Molly came in. Dusty had made a date to meet Jennifer at the Lakeview and told Molly to be there when the building inspector came. After Dusty left, Henry arrived at Java and tried to convince Molly to hire him as a bartender. Molly said thanks, but no thanks. The building inspector arrived just in time for Molly to get away. Henry installed the bugging device and left. At the Lakeview, Dusty tried to tell Jennifer that he couldn't have her anywhere near Java because of Rose. Jennifer tried to convince Dusty that he needed her but he told her to leave.

Margo was frantic about Katie especially when she heard that the constable's body was found behind the ranch in a shallow grave. Hal tried to stop her but she said she would quit first. Margo started to make the arrangements when Tom came in and said that he would go with her. Meanwhile, in Australia, Mordecai took Katie to a place where he had electronic surveillance equipment set up. Katie was trying to talk him out of his plan to trap Simon when Mordecai thought he saw something and left to investigate. Katie was able to free herself from being tied to the desk and was trying to get out when Mordecai came back. He had enough of Katie so he took her downstairs and tried her up with a bomb placed under her chair. Mordecai came back into the room and was on the phone with Simon when Mike came in and placed a knife to Mordecai's throat.

Friday, September 19, 2003

by Andy

Mike takes Mordacai by surprise at the remote warehouse in Australia, but he unknowingly activates an unstoppable timer connected to the bomb Katie is sitting on. Mike demands to know where Katie is. In a nearby room, Katie hears the timer begin to count down. She also hears Simon's voice calling out for her. She pleads with Simon to stay away. Mike finds Katie and sets her free. He wants to get away from the bomb, but now that Katie is free she wants to find Simon to warn him about the bomb. Mike doesn't let her. Time is almost up. He tosses her over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes and carries her to safety as the building explodes.

Rosanna rocks Sage to sleep as Carly observes her sister in the background. She asks Ro if she can watch Sage for the afternoon while she runs a few errands. Rosanna agrees.

Craig stumbles into the new Java looking for his wife, but he finds Molly instead. Molly tells him to quit chasing Rosanna, "Stop crawling. It's not attractive." He starts to bite back, but Molly cuts him off, "Don't you have a bridge to sell somewhere?" Meanwhile, Henry is giggling with glee as he listens to all the action via closed circuit audio. His bugs seem to be working perfectly. Carly arrives complete with attitude and snaps. She berates Craig for his refusal to give up the club and for denying Rosanna a child. Molly chimes in with thoughts of Craig living his life how he sees fit. Carly asks Molly to buy Craig out and send him home to Rosanna. Molly wonders, "To do what? Help Rosanna? Why in the world would I wanna do that?" Carly retreats from Molly and returns to Craig warning him that no matter how strong their love is, "it can be lost." Seeing that she is having no effect on the man, she gives up and heads home. After Carly is gone, Craig decides to give up the bar, but Molly has some advice of her own. "Women don't want a guy they can push around. Do what she wants. Give her a baby." She offers him the name of a baby broker. All of a sudden, Craig decides he wants a baby and rushes off to meet his wife. Henry can't believe what he's hearing. "Cutting corners to speed up an adoption? And they accuse me of being sleazy? (sigh)"

Rose and Paul conclude their hot and heavy kiss at the Roller Palace. Paul leans in for another, but Rose comes to her senses and says, "That didn't happen. That kiss? That never happened." Paul starts to walk toward the door just as Dusty arrives. Rose's eyes bulge out of her head as she sees her boyfriend. Paul walks by Dusty, and Dusty knows something big just happened. He asks Rose if she is hurt, but she won't divulge any info so he walks off in a huff after Paul for some answers.

Chris and Alison talk about Susan over a cup of joe at Al's. Chris tells her Susan must deal with her alcoholism on her own. Alison cannot become the parent and keep watch over her mother every minute of every day. He thinks it's time for her to move out, "as soon as possible." Alison thinks this is an invitation to move in together with Chris. He dances around the issue until Alison takes the offer off the table. She says she needs to be at home for her mother no matter what he says. Chris changes the subject and tells her how much he wants to have sex with her again. Alison feels the same way. He holds up a set of keys and Alison guesses they belong to Margo and Tom. They plan a rendezvous at the Hughes' home later if Emily can watch Susan.

Mike returns from searching the wreckage looking for Simon. He tried to get as close to the ongoing fire as he could, but he didn't see any sign of her husband. Katie collapses to the ground under the guilt of knowing she may have caused her husband's death. Her tears of guilt quickly turn to anger. She thrashes Mike for not allowing her the chance to see her husband one more time. Mike tries to tell her that she should be happy because she's alive. None of that matters to her, "You kept me from having one last moment with Simon, and for that I HATE you! I will never forgive you for what you did! You kept me alive because you wanted me for yourself!"

When Paul gets home, he is greeted by another appearance from his father (in subconscious form). James is excited his son has moved in on Rose. Paul appears to be unaffected, and says he doesn't care anymore about Rose. Just then, Dusty knocks at his door. Paul opens the door and Dusty sucker punches him to the floor demanding to know what he did to Rose. Paul gives him a lame answer, so Dusty takes off his watch for another round with his ex-best friend. Just then, Rose knocks on the door. He again asks his girl for the truth. As she struggles for an answer, Paul rubs his jaw and says, "We were kissing." Dusty doesn't believe him until Rose reluctantly confirms the story. Dusty makes another move to fight with Paul, but Rose stops him saying he needs to have a clean record if he wants to get his club up and running. Dusty calmly points his finger at Paul and says he doesn't know when, but, "you and me...we're gonna go."

She gets Dusty to leave the apartment, and then she turns to Paul for some answers. She wants to know why they fight and fight and fight, then all of a sudden, he kisses her. Paul sees things in a different way, "No Rose...You kissed me!" She admits she may have started it, but he turned it into something special. In a tender moment, Paul admits he doesn't think he's as over Rose as he hoped. Rose tries to squash that hope and tells him that the kiss meant nothing. "Kissing you is like kissing a flat can of fizz left." Paul calls her out. He says she would have left with Dusty if she were over him. He worms his way into her heart again, but all he finds there is Rose in pain. She is torn, and tells him to find somebody else to be his friend and confessor. She finally leaves his apartment, and doubles over in tears and heartache just outside his door.

Dusty returns to Java angry with Rose and Paul. He pours himself a drink, and then another. After explaining to Molly what happened, she gets really close to him and says, "Don't get drunk. Get even." She closes her eyes and purses her lips waiting for her ex-lover to make a move. Dusty, however, gets a "what the?" look on his face. He laughs and pulls away.

Carly returns home, and Craig isn't far behind. Craig tells his wife he has a lawyer lined up who can help them find a baby to adopt. Rosanna is speechless and demands that he leave. Outside, Craig thinks he has Rosanna right where he wants her.


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