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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 11, 2005 on GH
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Monday, April 11, 2005

Rachel tries to tell the truth about AJ being alive to a disbelieving Courtney and Jax. She does her best to convince them that the reason she was at Metro Court that day was because she had decided to come clean about AJ but Jax and Courtney find her admissions all rather convenient. Just then Mac and Justus walk into the hospital room. Justus informs Courtney that after reviewing countless hours of footage, they just found a tape showing Courtney in the lounge of the Miami airport at the time of AJ's death as well as two witnesses who remember seeing her. Effectively cleared of the murder charges, Mac turns his attention to Rachel. She insists that AJ is alive but no one believes her. Courtney suggests that Rachel murdered AJ in a jealous rage after she found out that AJ wanted to reconcile with Courtney. Again, Rachel insists that AJ is very much alive and that no one murdered him, much less her.

Out in the corridor, Courtney is relieved that the charges are dropped and that Rachel will be going to jail. Later, Jax surprises her with a romantic candlelight dinner in the park complete with musicians to serenade them. They discuss setting a wedding date.

AJ is relieved that Michael didn't try to return home when he had the chance. Instead Michael tells AJ that he finally realizes that Sonny and Carly no longer want him in their lives and that he has nowhere else to go. It's music to AJ's ears. AJ assures him that Michael will always have a place in his life and the two share their first hug.

At the church, Durant finds Reese in one of the pews. He confronts her, demanding to know why she is following him. She tells him she's there because of Sonny. He mistakenly believes it's to finally give him the evidence that he needs to prosecute Sonny but Reese quickly corrects him on that score. She tells him that she has doubts about Sonny's involvement in the Sandoval massacre which doesn't really matter anyway since there is no evidence linking Sonny to it. Durant is disgusted with her and they exchange words. Afterwards Reese is walking through the park and stops to call Ric. She leaves him a message that she needs to speak with him about Durant. Lurking behind some nearby trees, Durant overhears what she says.

Sonny warns Jason that Reese has evidence against them but it sitting on it in an effort to gain his trust. He orders Jason to leave town immediately. Jason initially is resistant to the idea but Sonny gives him little choice in the matter. After Jason leaves, Ric enters. He informs Sonny about Alexis's decision to back off for the time being and seek therapy. When Sonny makes a snide remark about it being about time she does so, Ric reminds him that he's not really in a position to talk. Sonny admits Ric has a point and goes to pour himself a drink. Ric asks Sonny to please not antagonize Alexis while she's taking steps to better deal with Sonny's role in Kristina's life. Sonny tells Ric that he would like to make peace with his brother and his brother's wife but he doesn't think it's possible. Just then Ric receives a call from Mac. After he hangs up, he tells Sonny that Courtney has been cleared of the murder charges. Sonny's grief over Michael's death overshadows his happiness for Courtney. After Ric leaves, Sonny steps out onto the veranda. Within moments, Reese walks up. They go inside where Sonny apologizes to her for his earlier ill treatment of her. Reese accepts the apology before she starts talking about her role as an FBI agent who specializes in finding children. She explains to him that a good agent would have fast tracked him to Pentenville but she felt compassion for him when he lost Michael and got to know him as a person not the amoral criminal Rich and Durant described him as. She admits that she has become emotionally involved with him as she pulls out the tape of Maria's confession and then hands it to him as she tells him that she's letting him go. She makes a point of telling Sonny that the witness was coerced into making her confession and that she has since left town and it's doubtful that she'll return. She goes on to tell him that she trusts that he will not go after her. When Sonny asks her why she's doing all of this, Reese informs him that she's contacted her superiors and asked them to transfer her because she can no longer remain objective because of her emotional involvement. After she lets him know that she's leaving town, Reese admits that maybe things might have turned out differently had they met under different circumstances. She lays a kiss in the palm of her hand then tenderly touches Sonny's face before leaving through the veranda doors.

Sam tells Carly about Jason and her belief that Michael is alive. Carly asks her what has led them to believe he's alive. Sam explains that in the picture that everyone believed confirmed Michael's death, his pupils were dilated which indicates not that he's dead but that he's drugged. Carly rushes over to the penthouse. She throws herself in Jason's arms when he opens the door, thrilled that Jason has proven that Michael is alive. Carly is convinced that they both came to the same conclusion at the same time because of their close connection to Michael. Jason cautions Carly, explaining to her that one wrong move could prove fatal for Michael if it alerts whoever has him that they are on to him. He brings her up to speed on where they are in their search for Michael and concludes that the most important clue is that the person behind all of this is a rich man from Port Charles. Jason believes this is an indication that Lorenzo Alcazar is behind it but Carly is resistant to the idea. She can't believe that he would do such a thing. Jason asks her if she has yet shared with Lorenzo her belief that Michael is still alive. When Carly tells him that she has, Jason asks her what his reaction was. Carly tells him that Lorenzo offered to help her locate him which doesn't surprise Jason. Jason points out that finding Michael would make him a hero in Carly's eyes and that alone would be a motivation for abducting Michael. Carly remains doubtful. She decides that she will question Lorenzo much to Jason's dismay. She assures him that she will be discrete because she knows that Michael's life is on the line. Carly then makes Jason promise that he will not tell Sonny about Michael. She's worried that Sonny will jump to the conclusion that Lorenzo is behind the kidnapping and take action which may tip off the kidnappers that they know Michael is alive. Jason agrees to remain silent for the time being.

Carly talks to Lorenzo at the hospital. She tells him that Courtney recommended that she see a grief counselor after she told her that she believes Michael is alive. Carly then asks Lorenzo if he thinks Michael is still alive. He assures her that he knows Michael is alive.

Sam enters the apartment after Carly leaves and immediately apologizes to Jason for telling Carly about Michael. Jason reassures her that he understands and isn't mad. He then tells Sam about Agent Marshall and Sonny's order to leave town. Sam wants to go with Jason but he insists that she stay in Port Charles to keep an eye on Carly. Sam reluctantly agrees but promises that she will join him as soon as possible. Just then Jason receives a call from Sonny telling him that he's free to unpack because Agent Marshall has given him the evidence that would have led to Jason's arrest.

Ric goes in to talk to Rachel after Mac tells him that Rachel is insisting that AJ is alive. When he questions her, Rachel tells him how things unfolded. She tells him that AJ was the one who orchestrated everything from Rachel sitting next to Courtney on the plane so that she could get the glass of champagne with Courtney's fingerprints to framing her for his murder. Rachel goes on to tell Ric that she drew AJ's blood from him and planted it on the letter opener which she brought back to Port Charles with her. Ric listens to her without interruption then tells her that there is one problem with her story. AJ's motive. He points out that there is no motive that he can see. Furthermore the crime scene, the autopsy and Alan's identification of his son at the morgue does not support her claims that AJ is alive. He leaves the room and orders Mac to place her under arrest.

Sonny throws the tape that Reese gave to him into the fireplace then walks out through the veranda doors. He follows a tearful Reese who makes it as far as her car. She looks back at Sonny who is standing by his front gates then begins to open her car doors. Just then, her car explodes, knocking Sonny back against the gates.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sonny follows a tearful Reese as she makes her way to her car. She looks back at him for a moment as he is standing by his front gates before turning toward her car and opening the car door. Just then the car explodes knocking Sonny back. When he recovers from the blast, he makes his way to Reese and pulls her unconscious body to safety while help is called. Sonny asks Reese to show the same strength that she exhibited during the kidnapping and fight for her life. Help arrives to take Reese to the hospital while Sonny is question. Still somewhat dazed, he gives his statement before following Reese. At the hospital, Monica treats a still unconscious Reese while Sonny awaits news in the waiting area.

Carly questions Lorenzo about his belief that Michael may still be alive. He explains to her that he believes it to be true because Carly herself feels so strongly that Michael is alive. Carly isn't satisfied with his answer, convinced that he may be behind Michael's kidnapping. She continues to question him until Lorenzo realizes that she is doing so because she suspects that he was behind the kidnapping. Lorenzo is deeply offended. He is adamant that while he is willing to go to great lengths to win Carly's affection he would never go so far as to harm a child. He is hurt by her lack of faith in him, believing that he would kidnap Michael in order to play hero for her. Disgusted, he makes his way to the elevator. He tells her that he is finished with her. Carly tries to stop him from leaving but Lorenzo ignores her attempts to stall him and departs.

Carly finds Sonny in the hospital. Concerned that he's there because of Morgan she rushes up to him asking him what happened to their son. Sonny tells her that as far as he knew Morgan is safe and sound at her home with Leticia. He explains that he's there because of Reese. Carly makes a quick call home to check on Morgan and is assured that Morgan is fine. She stays with Sonny while he awaits word on Reese and tries to keep his spirits up, reminding him that he pulled Reese to safety before she was burned. Steven Webber soon joins them and informs them that Reese is a lucky lady. Her only injury seems to be a concussion which accounts for her still being unconscious. Sonny is greatly relieved. Carly offers to stay with him but Sonny tells her that he's fine and doesn't need to stay on his account. As soon as Carly leaves, John Durant approaches Sonny and bodily throws him up against the reception desk, holding onto his lapels. He accuses of him of being responsible for his grandson's murder and now his daughter's murder. Sonny realizes that John is under the mistaken impression that Carly had been injured and quickly corrects him, telling him that it was Reese who had been injured. John is not appeased. He's convinced Sonny arranged the car bomb because he knew that Reese had evidence against him. He begins threatening Sonny but Ric intercedes and pulls him away from Sonny. Ric reminds John that his actions could result in Sonny being able to press assault charges against him. He also informs John that he isn't exactly in a position to make insinuations, letting him know that Reese had left him a message about Durant just before her car exploded. He asks John where he was during the time of the explosion which greatly offends John. He warns Ric to make certain he has evidence before he starts accusing him of attempted murder then storms off. Ric joins Sonny who quickly tells Ric that he had nothing to do with the explosion. Ric assures him that he knows Sonny had nothing to do with it. He suggests that it's possible it could be related to one of Reese's other cases. Just then Monica comes out to give them an update on Reese. She is reluctant to let Sonny go see her until Ric relieves her worries that Sonny had nothing to do with the explosion. Sonny visits with Reese. He tells her that he realized that as she walked away from his home earlier he was seeing her for the last time. He followed her because he wanted to tell her something but he never had the chance to. He then tells a still unconscious Reese that he doesn't want her to leave.

AJ asks Michael to pick any destination in the world he'd like to visit. Michael is curious as to why so AJ explains that he would like to take Michael around the world. Michael tells him that he'd like to go to Spain. They discuss other places including Italy which has Michael reminiscing about a particularly nice day between him and Jason when Jason had told him all about Italy. Michael becomes sad and then frustrated with the memories. AJ tries to help him by telling him to concentrate on the good times ahead and remind himself that he still has AJ who very much wants Michael in his life. Michael is still sad and leaves the room to be alone. While AJ remembers a discussion between him and Alan a long time ago when they were discussing Jason and AJ's self destructive ways, he overhears Michael crying softly in the other room. AJ goes to check on him and seems deeply affected to see Michael like that.

Lucky tries to get Liz to go out with him for a romantic evening but Liz doesn't have a sitter for Cameron as her grandmother, Audrey, is out of town. She asks Brooke-Lynn who is unable to help out. She has plans to go to a concert with Diego. Emily overhears the exchange and offers to watch Cameron for Liz. At first Liz is reluctant, worried that it might be too much for Emily after everything that she's been through lately, but Emily is insistent. Later, after Liz leaves to get ready for her date, Emily is talking to Cameron who is in his stroller before leaving the hospital. Skye spots them and joins Emily for a few minutes. She assures Emily that Luke will soon find Helena and bring her back so that Nikolas can be released from jail and the two of them can start the family that they've always dreamed of. Emily tells her that it's no longer possible because too much has changed. Knowing she is referring to the rape, which Skye still isn't suppose to know about, she tells her not to let Helena succeed in destroying Emily and Nik's happiness. Feeling uncomfortable with the direction of the discussion, Emily quickly makes her excuses and leaves with Cameron.

Liz goes to Kelly's where Lucky has a romantic candlelight dinner ready for them. They slow dance and discuss their feelings for each other especially recently since their first kiss a few weeks back. Both are ready to take their relationship further and believe they are blessed to be given another chance at love. As they slow dance, they share a tender kiss.

Tracy blasts Dillon for telling Emily about Alan's hit and run. Georgie overhears the exchange and accuses Tracy of being the mother from hell. She tries to make Tracy understand that Dillon loves her but that what she's doing to him is tearing him apart. Tracy is unaffected. She informs Dillon that she will not pay for his film school education and leaves. Georgie apologizes to Dillon, fearing that she made things worse with Tracy but Dillon assures her that it's no big deal. He is no longer interested in film school. When Georgie questions him about his sudden change of heart, Dillon reveals that he's still harboring tremendous guilt for his role in Michael's death and feels he does deserve happiness or for his dreams to come true. Georgie tries to tell him that he's wrong to blame himself but Dillon refuses to listen and storms out of Kelly's.

Lorenzo arrives home to find Diego waiting for him. Diego hands Lorenzo a note that he received from his mother explaining that she has left town. Diego is devastated that his mother has left him once again. He asks Lorenzo if he knows anything about it. Lorenzo admits that he does. He explains to Diego that Maria was a witness to the shooting at Metro Court and that she had been forced to give a statement about what she had seen in order to keep Diego out of jail. He reassures Diego that Maria is under his protection and that he will do everything in his power to bring her back to Port Charles and Diego as soon as it is safe for her to return. After Diego leaves, Carly arrives. At first Lorenzo's bodyguard refuses to admit her but Lorenzo, overhearing the exchange, gives his permission for her to enter. Carly immediately begins to apologize for earlier behavior but Lorenzo isn't receptive. He's tired of trying to prove himself to Carly. Carly makes an emotional plea for him to give her another chance because she cares about him and wants him in her life. The moment is interrupted by a call on her cell phone. Carly answers it, concerned it could have something to do with Michael.

On the other end of the call a seemingly upset and confused AJ listens as Carly says "hello" repeated but says nothing. He checks on Michael and realizes he has cried himself to sleep. He disconnects the call before saying anything to Carly. Carly notes that the call was blocked and is worried that maybe it was Michael trying to get through to her but couldn't say anything because he was interrupted by his kidnappers. Lorenzo offers to help her find him which touches Carly deeply considering that just a few moments ago he wanted nothing to do with her. She throws herself into Lorenzo's arm and over his shoulder has a vision of Michael.

AJ makes a call to arrange for an immediate trip for both himself and Michael.

Durant meets with the mystery man in the confessional. The mystery man asks Durant if he had any knowledge of the car bomb that nearly killed Reese. Durant is adamant that he knows nothing about it and was completely shocked by the news. The mystery man reminds him that their goal is to get Sonny not to kill any innocent victims.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

When Ric meets Alexis and Kristina at Kelly's for breakfast, Alexis informs Ric that she has already heard about the B-O-M-B at Sonny's mansion. Ric is pleasantly surprised when he learns that Alexis scheduled a meeting with her therapist instead of her custody attorney. Later, Alexis pours her heart out to her therapist about her fear for Kristina's life and then admits that she would be willing to do almost anything to see to it that Sonny was sent to prison for a long, long time. When Alexis leaves her therapist's office, she is pleased to find Ric waiting outside for her. Alexis is surprised when Ric confides that he believes that someone ELSE, other than Sonny, was responsible for rigging the F.B.I. agent's car to blow up.

At Wyndemere, Emily awakens from a nightmare about Connor's attack and lashes out at Lucky. However, when Lucky worries about Emily's state of mind, Emily fibs that she has just been stressed out by all of the recent events, including Michael's death. After Emily leaves, Liz arrives and, as Lucky and Liz begin to talk over their romantic night, they accidentally knock over Emily's backpack and discover the paperwork for Emily's divorce from Nikolas. Meanwhile, at Jason's penthouse, as Jason and Samantha make more plans to continue the search for Michael, they are interrupted by Carly's sudden arrival. After Carly coldly informs Sam that Carly MUST speak to Jason alone, Carly reports to Jason that Carly is positive that Lorenzo had NOTHING to do with the kidnappings. Jason refuses to accept Carly's endorsement and suggests that they need to bring Sonny up to speed on their suspicions so that Sonny would be able to help with the search. However, Carly refuses to go to Sonny with the facts, fearing that Sonny might attack Lorenzo in the same way that Sonny wiped out the Sandoval family. After Carly leaves, Jason also leaves with plans to go to the Hospital. Emily arrives later and, when Emily learns that Carly has been monopolizing Jason's time, Emily warns Sam that the ONLY approach that ever really works with Carly is to take a firm line with Carly and demand that Carly learn how to solve some of her own problems WITHOUT constantly depending on Jason. Meanwhile, Carly returns to Lorenzo's apartment. As Carly and Lorenzo brainstorm about Michael's possible kidnapper, Lorenzo suddenly suggests that Faith's secret partner COULD have been John Durant! After Carly rejects Lorenzo's supposition, Lorenzo reassures Carly that he will always be there for her, no matter what. After Carly leaves, Lorenzo tracks Durant down and tells the Federal Prosecutor that Lrenzo KNOWS what Durant did! Later, when Emily returns to Wyndemere, Lucky and Liz try to talk Emily out of filing for a divorce, but Emily angrily refuses to listen to her two friends.,

At the Hospital, an incredulous Courtney quizzes Rachel about Rachel's claim that AJ faked his own death. When Rachel admits that she does NOT know AJ's current address in the Bahamas, Jax and Courtney continue to refuse to believe anything Rachel tries to tell them. Rachel then confides that she has AJ's private cell phone number and offers to dial AJ directly, so that Courtney can hear AJ's voice for herself and verify that AJ is, indeed, still alive. However, when Courtney tries the phone, Courtney learns that the number that Rachel dialed has been disconnected. After Jax hustles Courtney away from Rachel's room, Courtney cautions Jax that Rachel COULD be telling the truth. However, a perplexed Jax only wonders WHY Courtney is still harboring the hope that A,.J. COULD still be alive! While Jax and Courtney are discussing Rachel's claims, Jason arrives at the Hospital, looking for Sonny. Courtney informs Jason that Rachel is the woman who murdered A.,J. While Jax and Courtney are speaking to Jason, Durant suddenly arrives. After Jax and Courtney leave, Durant informs Jason that Sonny's enforcer is the chief suspect in the bombing of Agent Marshall's car. Meanwhile, when Courtney and Jax return home, they begin making wedding plans. At the same time, John reminds Jason that there IS going to eventually be enough proof to tie Jason and Sonny to the Sandoval massacre. John then offers to give Jason a free pass -- when and IF Jason ever decides to tell the truth about Sonny's criminal activities. After John leaves, Jason heads to Reese's room but runs into Ric and Alexis in the hall. When Ric begins to question Jason about the enforcer's whereabouts when Agent Marshall's car was bombed, Jason snaps that Durant has ALREADY quizzed him. Ric is surprised when he learns that John has PERSONALLY quizzed Jason. Then Ric confides to Jason that Reese left a voice mail with Ric, informing Ric that Reese needed to speak to Ric about JOHN DURANT -- just thirty minutes BEFORE Reese stepped into a car rigged to explode! Ric confides that, rather than considering Jason a suspect in the bombing, Ric views Jason more as a potential witness. After Ric leaves, Sam appears and admits that she overheard Jason's conversation with Ric. When Jason reports that Carly is convinced that Lorenzo was NOT involved with the kidnappings. Jason and Sam begin again to puzzle over the possible identity of Faith's secret partner.

Meanwhile, Alexis phones her broker about transferring some large amounts of cash out of some of her accounts. However, Carly walks in and, after overhearing Alexis's orders to her broker to sell off a substantial amount of Alexis's stock, Carly demands to know WHY Alexis would suddenly need large amounts of cash! At the same time, Rachel receives a cell phone call from AJ and informs AJ that Courtney HAS been arrested for AJ's murder!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Carly overhears Alexis talking on her cell-phone about some wire transfer of money. She confronts Alexis when she gets off the phone. Alexis remains very calm while Carly accuses her of trying to use her money to buy off some judge to keep Kristina away from Sonny. Carly also tells her off for accusing her of being a bad mother the other day. Alexis calmly apologizes for saying that and tells her she didn't mean it. She also tells Carly she is seeing a therapist right now to help her with her issues. Carly doesn't believe her and thinks she is up to something. Ric overhears Carly badgering Alexis and steps in. He tells Carly to back off and leave them alone to deal with their own family. Ric tells Alexis he is pleased with how well Alexis handled Carly just now and hopes she will continue to stay calm and go to therapy. Alexis tells him that her check-up with Dr. Meadows went well and she will try to continue to stay calm but that she will need to feel that she has some control over what is going on with her life.

Alcazar confronts Durant in front of Sonny's estate. Durant asks Alcazar what he is doing at Sonny and accuses him of being there to have a meeting with Sonny. Alcazar tells him he came to see him. He tells Durant that he thinks he was behind Michael's kidnapping and asks him where he is hiding Michael. Durant denies he had any involvement with the kidnapping and that Michael is dead. Meanwhile, Carly finds Jason and Sam at the hospital. She tells them she needs to make Michael a priority in their lives and that Sonny is too involved right now with what happened with Reese and thinks they should tell Sonny what is going on. Jason doesn't agree with her. Sam tries to calm her down and tell her they are doing all they can to find Michael. Sonny overhears them and tells Carly she needs to let go of Michael and move on with her life. Carly gets a call from Alcazar asking her to meet him at Kelly's and tells her he may have a lead on Michael. Carly rushes to Kelly's to see him. He tells her that he thinks Durant may have been the one behind Michael's kidnapping. Carly doesn't see her father going that far just to play hero and bring Michael back to her. She decides to meet with Durant to talk to him about it. She asks Durant if he had anything to do with Michael's kidnapping. Durant can't believe she thinks he did that. Later, Sonny goes back to Reese's room. She wakes up. She asks what happened to her. Sonny tells her that her car was rigged with an explosive and that she fell from the blast. Reese wants to know why he was there since she just said goodbye to him. Steven walks in before Sonny can answer her. He checks her pupils and tells her he wants her to stay one more night for observation. Steven leaves them to talk. Sonny tells Reese that he came after her because he realized he didn't want her to go like that. She tells him that she thinks Durant is on the take from someone who wants Sonny prosecuted too. She tells him that she followed Durant to his meeting place at some church and that he saw her there and may have suspected she was on to him. Sonny agrees that she isn't safe at the hospital and that the person who tried to kill her may try again while she is at the hospital. Durant comes in to see her. He tells her the investigation into her attempted murder is still in its early stages and that she should watch her back and looks at Sonny when he says it. He leaves the room. Sonny tells her he will take care of her release from the hospital himself. Sonny tells Jason about his suspicions regarding Durant and what Reese found out about him. Durant goes to see Reese and finds that her bed is covered with pillows to make it look like she is sleeping in it when she isn't. Jason walks in and asks Durant if his attempt on Reese failed again. Durant denies being behind her attempted murder. Jason denies knowing where Reese is right now. Mac tells Ric that Reese disappeared from her room. He tells him that someone helped her hide somewhere or she was abducted from her room. Later, Reese ends up at Sonny's mansion. Max makes her some orange juice and she is pampered by him and Sonny. Reese asks Sonny why he is doing all this for her. He tells her he owes her one for giving the evidence that ties him to the shootings so he can destroy it and now he can spend time with his kids without worrying about going to prison. Reese tells him that there is another reason for why he went after her when she was heading to her car and wants to know why. He tries to change the subject and evade her questions. He finally admits that he didn't want her to leave from his life for good. They share a passionate kiss on the couch. Meanwhile, Sam plans a romantic dinner for her and Jason and then runs into a woman at the hospital that she knows casually. The woman recognizes her from when they both were seeing Dr. Meadows. The woman is carrying her baby girl in her arms waiting for her checkup. She asks Sam how her baby girl is doing. Sam tells her that her baby was born stillborn. The woman feels awful about it and starts to feel uncomfortable holding her baby girl in front of Sam. Sam tries to put her at ease by talking to the baby and telling her she is beautiful. The woman thanks her but makes an excuse to walk away. Jason watches the exchange between the women. He approaches Sam and puts his arms around her. He tells her she was great with that mother just now. Sam tells him she misses her baby girl very much and learned how to love from having her. Jason suggests that they could have that again. Sam tells him that she hopes they can have that family but they should wait until they get Michael back with them first.

AJ talks to Michael about going around the world on a trip. Michael tells AJ that he misses Jason. AJ tries to downplay what Jason did for Michael and tells him that Jason took him away from him. Michael suggests that Jason would let him live with him if Sonny and Carly don't want him anymore. AJ brings up school to change the subject. He tells Michael he can go to any school he wants to attend. Michael starts to fill out some school application and asks AJ who he should write down for his father's name. AJ acts like it is Michael's choice who he wants to write down. Michael asks him if it would be o.k. if he wrote his name down as his father's name. He also pleases AJ when he tells him that Sonny and Carly probably wouldn't mind sending his records to them since they don't want him anyway. AJ calls Rachel on her cell-phone. She answers from her hospital bed. She lies to him and tells him that Courtney has been arrested for his murder. AJ tells her it is good news. Rachel tries to get AJ to tell her where he is right now but he senses something is up and hangs up on her before she can get his new phone number from him. Rachel tells Mac that AJ just called her. Mac doesn't believe her and tells her AJ is dead and that his own father identified his body and he had an autopsy as well. Rachel tells Mac that there are drugs that can make someone seem dead because it lowers the heart rate enough that you can't detect it. Mac thinks Rachel is trying to con him and he tells her she is going to be placed in jail as soon as she is released from the hospital. Meanwhile, Courtney tells Jax that they will abstain from having sex until their wedding night. Jax tells her that she is being unreasonable and that there is no reason to abstain from sex just to make their wedding night more special. He playfully jokes that she can stop having sex with him but that doesn't mean he can't meet his needs with someone else. Courtney pretends that she changed her mind about not having sex and that they will have sex just this once to hold them over until their wedding. She starts to kiss around his neck and tells him he should use their memories of lovemaking to hold him until then. She then surprises him by pouring champagne over his head to cool him off. Jax tackles her to the couch and tickles her in retaliation. His cell-phone starts to ring and he thinks it is their wedding planner calling them and goes to answer it. Rachel is on the other line and pleads with him not to hang up. She insists that she is telling the truth about AJ calling her and that she tried to find out where he is staying but he hung up before she could get anything from him. Jax tells her that he doesn't buy her story and hangs up on her. He tells Courtney what Rachel told him. Courtney starts to wonder if maybe Rachel is telling the truth but that like the boy who cried wolf, no one believes her now. Courtney and Jax show up at the hospital to see Rachel. Courtney confronts Rachel about AJ calling her. Rachel insists she is telling the truth. Suddenly, Rachel's cell-phone rings. Jax suggests that Rachel let Courtney answer it this time. Courtney answers the phone pretending to be Rachel. AJ asks if this Rachel. Courtney recognizes AJ's voice and is in shock.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Courtney gives Jason and Sam some astounding news. Jason and Sam get a step closer to finding Michael. Durant tries to play on Carly's emotions. Ric and Durant confront Sonny about Reese. Carly sees Sonny and Reese in a compromising position. Monica has surprising news for the Quartermaines. Alan is contemplating his options when Jax and Courtney arrive.

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