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Jordan Ashford
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Actor History
September 13, 2018 to September 13, 2021
Tiffany Daniels
2021; Temporary recast
Tanisha Harper
March 2, 2022 to Present

Commissioner of the Port Charles Police Department (appointed June 2, 2015)

Formerly employed by the Corinthos organization (while working undercover for Anna Devane)

Former undercover agent for the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (fired Dec, 2014)

Former head of distribution for the Jerome drug operation (while working undercover)

Former gallery manager at the Jerome Gallery

Former drug dealer

Formerly employed at a dentist office


Formerly prison

Formerly Maryland

Marital Status

Single/Widowed (Thomas Ashford, Sr.)

Past Marriages

Thomas Ashford, Sr. (deceased)




Thomas "T.J." Ashford, Jr. (son, with Shawn Butler)*

*Allowed everyone to believe that Thomas Ashford, Sr. was the father

Flings & Affairs

Shawn Butler (affair; prior to 2014)

Mickey Diamond (kissed, while working undercover)

Shawn Butler (lovers)

Curtis Ashford [dated; Spring 2017]

Crimes Committed

Served two years in prison for dealing drugs [revealed Apr 16, 2014]

Arrested for drug trafficking (while working undercover) [May 21, 2014]

Claimed to have shot Mickey Diamond to protect Julian Jerome (while working undercover) [Jul 29, 2014]

Claimed to have run over a man (Jason Morgan) to protect Ava Jerome (while working undercover) [Sep 24, 2014]

Held an employee of Sonny Corinthos at gunpoint and rendered him unconscious [Oct 30, 2014]

Tampered with an election - under the orders of Duke Lavery, disposed of a ballot box that Lucy Coe had stolen (while working undercover) [revealed Jan 13, 2015]

Dug up Bill Eckert's grave (while working undercover) [Jan 23, 2015]

Shot and killed Duke Lavery's associate Bruce (while working undercover) [May 8, 2015 (Apr 29, 2015 on the show)]

Participated in election tampering in mayoral election under Duke Lavery's orders [Jan 13, 2015]

Shot and killed Duke's sniper in self-defense [May 6, 2015]

Participated in election tampering in mayoral election under Duke Lavery's orders [Jan 13, 2015]

Shot and killed Duke's sniper in self-defense [May 8, 2015]

Confirmed that Shawn was T.J.'s father [May 22, 2015]

Appointed police commissioner of the Port Charles Police Department [Jun 2, 2015]

Health and Vitals

Held at gunpoint and shot at by a sniper sent by Duke Lavery [Apr 22, 2015]

Twisted an ankle after being shot at [Apr 27, 2015]

Almost killed by a sniper [May 6, 2015]

Knocked unconscious by Rudge [Mar 8, 2017]

Sprained her ankle [Apr 24, 2015]


Majored in art history [revealed Apr 2, 2014]

Badge number is 3663518

Brief Character History

Jordan Ashford's son T.J. preceded her in Port Charles when she sent her teenaged son to live with Shawn Butler. Shawn and Jordan's husband Thomas had been close friends until Shawn accidentally killed Thomas when they served in the Marines together. Jordan struggled to raise T.J. and she asked Shawn to care for him. A couple years later, Jordan arrived in town to check on her son's safety after T.J. had been caught in an organized crime dispute between Shawn's employer Sonny Corinthos and the Jerome organization.

Shawn and T.J. both assured Jordan that T.J. was safe from Julian Jerome but Jordan still planned to leave town with her son. When he refused, she remained in Port Charles and took a position at the Jerome art gallery. Shawn warned Jordan to stay away from the Jerome family and threatened that it may be time to tell T.J. about her past. Jordan insisted that she had changed and began work with the Jerome family. On her first day, she offered to sell the drugs the Julian shipped into town and revealed that she had experience as a dealer. Julian took Jordan up on her offer and she took over as the head of distribution for the Jerome family.

Jordan quickly settled into her new position but made sure that T.J. remained in the dark about her real job within the Jerome organization. Despite her efforts, T.J. learned the truth after she was arrested for drug trafficking. He was disappointed in his mother and swore that he wanted nothing to do with her. Meanwhile, Jordan secretly revealed that she was an undercover agent working for the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency and teamed up with Police Commissioner Anna Devane to bring down the man at the top of the Jerome organization.

In an attempt to gain information, Jordan feigned a romantic interest in mobster Mickey Diamond. When Julian shot Mickey in Jordan's presence, she protected Julian and claimed that she had shot Mickey. She also covered for Ava Jerome after she ran over a man with her car. As Jordan continued to pose as a drug dealer within the Jerome organization, she and Shawn became lovers. Their loyalties to opposite crime syndicates strained their relationship but they placed their differences aside for T.J. after they were both held captive by Heather Webber. Jordan and Shawn confessed to T.J. that they had engaged in an affair several years ago and that Shawn had killed Jordan's husband in self-defense after he had learned about the affair.

As the feelings deepened between Jordan and Shawn, she was ordered to infiltrate the Corinthos organization. Jordan went to work alongside Shawn for Duke Lavery, the current head of the Corinthos business. Duke was suspicious of Jordan and ordered her to prove her loyalty and Jordan suspected that Duke knew she was undercover. She continued to hide the truth from Shawn after they declared their love for one another and allowed him to believe that it was Julian instead of Duke that had made attempts on her life.

Jordan's undercover work was revealed after Duke was killed and Sonny ordered a hit as retaliation. She was the first officer present on the scene when Shawn fired a bullet at a Jerome family associate. It was believed that Shawn's bullet struck a bystander in the head. Shawn was disappointed by Jordan's betrayal and he remained loyal to Sonny even after Jordan confessed that Shawn was T.J.'s biological father. Shawn pled guilty and was sentenced to prison. T.J. blamed Jordan for Shawn's imprisonment and he refused to have anything to do with his mother.

The rift between mother and son grew after Jordan was named Police Commissioner and T.J. was arrested. Jordan refused to use her position in T.J.'s favor while Sonny supported T.J. on Shawn's behalf. The charges against T.J. were dropped and he chose to move in with Sonny. Jordan was furious and she vowed to bring Sonny down.

Jordan was instrumental in tracking down Avery Corinthos when Nina kidnapped the newborn and went on the run with Franco. The baby was recovered safely in Canada and returned to her parents. Nina and Franco were shipped off to a sanitarium for treatment.

Jordan's personal life remained complicated as T.J. had trouble reconciling himself to the fact that his mother had spent years lying to him. As a result, T.J. rebelled and moved in with Sonny for a short time, but being in Sonny's orbit put the teen in the path of danger. When Sonny suspected the Jerome organization of hijacking his shipments, T.J. was kidnapped and held at a warehouse as bait for Sonny. Sonny managed to save the teen, but Sonny was shot in the process.

Jordan feared that T.J. would remain a target while he lived under Sonny's roof. T.J. pointed out that he'd been equally frightened for her safety when she'd worked undercover as a drug dealer for the mob. T.J. insisted that Sonny had risked his life to save T.J., and T.J. refused to turn his back on Sonny when he might never walk again because of T.J. To Jordan's relief, T.J. moved into campus housing when he was accepted into college and began his studies in the medical field.

In 2016, Jordan's friend and colleague began to suspect that reports of Carlos Rivera's murder were false. Anna turned to Jordan for help when the body reported to be Carlos vanished from the morgue. Records indicated that newly appointed district attorney Paul Hornsby had signed off on having the body cremated. Paul claimed it had been necessary due to budget constraints. Jordan insisted that Carlos' murder was still an open investigation, and his body might have provided vital clues. Paul assured Jordan that the medical examiner had done a thorough autopsy and handed her the report.

Jordan also took young cadet Valerie Spencer under her wing. Jordan tried to be both mentor and friend when Valerie became involved with married detective Dante Falconeri. Unfortunately, Valerie didn't heed Jordan's advice to stay away from Dante. The brief affair ended badly when Lulu enlisted escaped prisoner Johnny Zacchara to help discredit Valerie. After Johnny made Valerie look like a crooked cop, he kidnapped her then left her bound in a remote cabin. Lulu found her cousin before a fire claimed Valerie's life.

Johnny was captured and sent back to prison. Valerie walked away from the affair and focused on graduating from the police academy. Jordan was proud of her friend and celebrated Valerie's graduation, but Jordan's mood quickly soured when Valerie showed up with Curtis Ashford.

Jordan's ex-brother-in-law had arrived in town weeks earlier. Jordan was not happy to see him because Curtis had been her partner when they had both worked for the Drug Enforcement Agency, but Curtis' drug addiction had nearly gotten Jordan killed. Curtis insisted he was clean, and he wanted a second chance to work for the police. However, Jordan didn't believe him and refused to give him a job.

Jordan's personal life picked up when she met handsome psychiatrist Andre Maddox. Sparks flew as the couple began to date. However, Curtis remained a presence in her life. One day, Jordan found herself in Kelly's during a robbery. Jordan and Curtis exchanged a subtle signal before Jordan stood up and feigned being frightened by the robber. The gunman ordered Jordan to sit down, but Curtis took advantage of the man's distraction and grabbed him from behind, providing Jordan with an opportunity to disarm the gunman. Jordan was grateful for Curtis' help.

Meanwhile, Carlos Rivera was revealed to be alive and on the run with the mother of his child, Sabrina Santiago. Carlos had faked his death by wearing a bulletproof vest and taunting Anna about Duke's murder until she'd opened fire on him. Carlos had also been blackmailing newly appointed district attorney Paul Hornsby because Carlos had witnessed Paul killing Kyle Sloane. Paul had helped Carlos evade capture until Sonny and Anna had caught up with Carlos in Puerto Rico.

Carlos was extradited to the United States and faced a slew of charges. Jordan arranged for Carlos to be transferred to Pentonville, but Paul gave Carlos the means to overpower the driver and force the transfer van off the side of the road. Carlos escaped, but he met his end when Julian stabbed him.

Jordan and Paul set their sights on Julian, but Julian had killed Carlos with the dagger Helena had used to murder Alexis' mother. Jordan was forced to arrest Alexis when DNA evidence pointed to her as the killer. Alexis agreed to cooperate with the police when she realized Julian intended to let his wife take the fall. Jordan and Anna devised an elaborate ruse with Alexis to get Julian to confess while Alexis was wearing a wire. However, the plan backfired when Julian caught on and took Alexis hostage.

Jordan and Anna raced to save Alexis, but Sonny got to Julian first. Julian was taken into custody and faced a slew of charges. Jordan was confident that she finally had enough to send Julian away for life, but Ava had secretly blackmailed Paul to free Julian. Paul arranged for Alexis to tank her testimony by spiking her drink then altered the warrant for a wiretap to get Julian acquitted of all the charges.

During this time, a serial killer stalked the halls of General Hospital, injecting seemingly random people with a deadly drug known as Derisifol. Jordan worked closely with Paul, trying to catch the killer, but the killer always remained a step ahead of them. By the close of 2016, it was revealed that Paul Hornsby was the killer. He had targeted the people he blamed for failing his daughter when Kyle Sloane had brutally raped Susan.

Jordan and Andre grew closer as Andre provided his expertise to several cases. There were some problems, though. Jordan noticed the closeness between Andre and Anna, but he insisted Anna was just a friend. However, Andre was concerned about the chemistry between Jordan and Curtis, despite their constant bickering. Jordan promised that she was committed to Andre.

Jordan and Andre's relationship was tested shortly after Morgan Corinthos was killed in a car explosion. Morgan had struggled with bipolar disorder and had stolen Julian Jerome's car, which had been wired with a bomb. Jason Morgan and Curtis had teamed up to investigate the explosion, so Curtis shared what they uncovered with Jordan. Andre noticed the chemistry between Jordan and Curtis, but Jordan insisted that she was in love with Andre.

Another case landed on Jordan's desk when Elizabeth Webber's rapist was paroled from jail after serving twenty years for blackmailing Emily Quartermaine. Tom Baker claimed that he had turned over a new leaf, but Franco didn't believe him. When Tom Baker turned up dead, Franco was the prime suspect. However, Franco had mysteriously vanished.

At Maxie and Nathan's surprise wedding, Curtis received a promising lead in the investigation into Morgan's tragic death. He insisted that he and Jordan had to leave town immediately. Andre objected, but Jordan couldn't ignore the opportunity to talk to a witness who'd gone into hiding. She went to Baltimore with Curtis.

In Jordan's hotel room, Jordan was confident that the eyewitness -- a homeless man named Buzz -- could cut a deal in exchange for testimony that a man named Winston Rudge had paid Buzz to plant what Buzz believed to be a tracking device in Julian's car. Curtis was skeptical because the district attorney was determined to put Sonny behind bars and seemed eager to pursue the theory that Sonny's hit man had planted the bomb in Julian's car. The conversation eventually turned to their hometown of Baltimore as they reminisced about their past.

The mood shifted, and Curtis and Jordan ended up in a passionate kiss. Before it could go further, Jordan put a stop to things because she insisted her heart belonged to Andre. Curtis didn't believe her, but he respected her wishes and left. After Jordan returned from Baltimore, she decided to tell Andre about the kiss she and Curtis had shared. Andre ended their relationship.

A few weeks later, it was revealed that Julian Jerome's sister, Olivia, was alive and had arranged for the bomb in her brother's car. Olivia Jerome kidnapped Alexis Davis to lure her brother to a footbridge, where she shot Julian point-blank. Julian fell into the water as Alexis seized the opportunity to flee. Olivia was quickly apprehended and deemed mentally unfit to stand trial. Olivia was delighted that she'd escaped life behind bars at Pentonville until she learned that she would be sent to D'Archam.

Tom Baker's brother, Seth, was exposed as his brother's killer when he confessed to the crime during a tense encounter with Elizabeth.

After Olivia's arrest, Jordan offered Curtis a job with the police department, but he declined because he preferred working as a private investigator with Jason Morgan. However, Curtis made it clear that he wanted to pursue a relationship with Jordan. Jordan was tired of fighting her attraction to Curtis and agreed. Jordan worried about T.J.'s reaction, since she and T.J. had slowly worked through their issues and had grown closer. She was relieved when T.J. assured both Jordan and Curtis that he supported their relationship because he loved them both and wanted each to be happy.

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