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Janelle ''Nelle'' Benson Archer
Actor History
Chloe Lanier
July 12, 2016 to August 7, 2018; October 12, 2018 to October 15, 2018; November 8, 2018; December 26, 2018; June 13, 2019 to present (recurring)
Other Names

Claimed her name was Nelle Hayes until March 2, 2017


Former assistant to Ava Jerome at the Jerome Gallery

Former nanny to Charlotte Cassadine

Former personal assistant to Carly Corinthos

Former college student

Former part-time teacher's aide


The Quartermaine mansion (66 Harbor View Road, Port Charles, New York)

Formerly Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones' apartment, Port Charles, New York

Formerly Pentonville Prison (628 Fairfax Rd, Pentonville, New York 16543)

Port Charles, New York

Formerly 597 West Conley Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30337

Marital Status

Singled/Widowed; David Henry "Shiloh" Archer (deceased) [Sep 2019]

Past Marriages



Frank Benson (biological father)

Caroline "Carly" Corinthos (sister; via adoption)

Michael Corinthos (nephew; via adoption)

Morgan Corinthos (deceased; nephew; via adoption)

Josslyn Jacks (niece; via adoption)

Donna Corinthos (niece; via adoption)


Jonah Michael Corinthos (previously known as Jonah Quartermaine, and for a time as Wiley Cooper Jones)

Flings & Affairs

Zachary Grant (deceased) [engaged; prior to 2016]

Harrison Chase (lovers; prior to 2016)

Michael Corinthos [engaged; 2018]

Crimes Committed

Murder; sabotaged Zachary Grant's kayak and didn't render aid when it capsized, which led to Zach's death from drowning (prior to 2016) [revealed on Jul 27, 2018]

Framed Avery Corinthos' nanny for theft [Aug 22, 2016]

Theft; stole money [Nov 17, 2016]

Drugged Sonny and pretended to have sex with him [Nov 28, 2016]

Recorded Sonny admitting he'd had sex with her [Nov 29, 2016]

Detained by the Marrakesh police as the prime suspect in the theft of a valuable sapphire necklace; Valentin Cassadine recovered it, but he refused to explain where he had found it [Sep 5, 2017]

Falsely claimed the family heirloom engagement ring that she'd been given had been lost when Zachary Grants' family demanded its return [Sep 28, 2017]

Broke into Carly Corinthos' home to terrorize Carly with a haunting of Morgan Corinthos [Apr 6, 2018]

Obstruction of justice; falsely accused Carly of pushing her down a flight of stairs when Nelle was heavily pregnant [May 14, 2018]

Blackmail; threatened to reveal that Ava Jerome had taken photo of Peter August's medical record [May 2018 to Aug 7, 2018]

Solicitation of murder; asked Chase to help her murder Michael Corinthos [Jul 26, 2018 to Aug 3, 2018]

Left Michael trapped in a car that had caught fire [Jul 30, 2018]

Switched her newborn son with Brad Cooper's dead son to keep Michael from taking custody of the baby [Jul 31, 2018]

Escape; left the hospital while in police custody [Aug 2, 2018]

Assaulted a minor; had an altercation with Josslyn Jacks [Aug 3, 2018]

Resisting arrest [Aug 3, 2018]

Conspired with Ryan Chamberlain to get out of Pentonville [Dec 11, 2019]

Health and Vitals

Had her kidney removed and sold when she was a minor [Mar 2012; revealed Aug 9, 2016]

Spent a year in a mental institution following the death of her fiancé Zachary Grant [revealed on Feb 1, 2018]

Blood type: B- [revealed Aug 15, 2016]

Spent a year in the hospital with health issues related to having one kidney [revealed Oct 24, 2017]

Bruised kidney from being mugged [May 12, 2017]

Fainted as a result of low blood pressure Dec 22, 2017]

Fainted as a result of low blood pressure [Dec 28, 2017]

Braxton-Hicks contractions [Mar 6, 2018]

Self-inflicted cut to the hand [Mar 16, 2018]

Knocked unconscious when she fell down a flight of stairs during an altercation with Carly; diagnosed with a concussion and bruises [May 11, 2018 to May 14, 2018]

Knocked unconscious during car crash [Jul 30, 2018]

Went into labor and gave birth in the woods [Jul 30 and 31, 2018]

Hospitalized while she recovered from emergency delivery [Aug 1 and 2, 2018]

Minor cuts and bruises from an altercation with Josslyn [Aug 3, 2018]

Stabbed by Ryan Chamberlain [Dec 11 and 12, 2018]

Brief Character History

Nelle Hayes arrived in Port Charles after Nina Reeves contacted Nelle to advise her that she might be Josslyn Jack's kidney donor.

Nelle went to Greystone Manor during Bobbie Spencer's birthday party, thinking that Josslyn's family wanted to meet her, but Josslyn's father, Jasper "Jax" Jacks, interceded and insisted that she respect Josslyn's privacy. He tried to send Nelle on her way, but Josslyn's older brother became involved, and Michael Corinthos ultimately persuaded Nelle to undergo tests to confirm that she was indeed Josslyn's donor.

According to Nelle, she'd had a kidney removed when she'd been a young girl, and her memories about the surgery were hazy because she'd been heavily medicated. She recalled her parents telling her that she needed the surgery to make her healthy, despite feeling well. She remembered that the facility where her parents had taken her hadn't been like a hospital. Nelle revealed that since the surgery, she easily became ill and had suffered periodic bouts of pain. Nelle added that her parents had had financial difficulties and had been facing eviction, but that had changed following Nelle's surgery.

Nelle went on to reveal that her parents had both passed away, and she had been working as a part-time teacher's aide to help pay for her community college courses. Nelle hoped one day to earn her teaching degree. When Josslyn's stepfather Sonny Corinthos asked what Nelle had hoped to gain from meeting Josslyn, Nelle explained that she'd been angry with her parents because they hadn't given her a choice about the surgery. Whenever she felt sick, the anger always returned. However, after reading Josslyn's story, Nelle had realized that she'd made a difference in someone's life, and if Josslyn was the recipient, then her sacrifice had been worth it. She'd be able to put the past behind her and move on with her life.

Preliminary blood tests confirmed that Nelle was a match to Josslyn, but to be certain, Dr. Monica Quartermaine recommended a kidney biopsy. Sonny explained that it wasn't necessary because Sonny had located the clinic where Nelle had had her surgery, and the timeline worked out. Sonny believed Nelle was Josslyn's donor.

Josslyn was upset when she realized that her mother had ignored her wishes about finding the kidney donor, but Josslyn took an instant liking to Nelle and thanked her for the gift of life. Nelle promised that she had no regrets, but she had to get back to her job in Atlanta. Josslyn's mother Carly Corinthos begged Nelle to stay because she wanted a chance to get to know the young woman who had saved Josslyn's life. Nelle agreed and was on hand when Carly caught Avery Corinthos' nanny with a pair of Carly's earrings that had mysteriously vanished. Carly fired her stepdaughter's nanny then asked if Nelle would be interested in the job.

Nelle had lost her job in Atlanta, but Carly's mother Bobbie had stepped in because Bobbie had wanted a chance to bond with Avery. Carly felt bad that Nelle had lost her job, so she offered Nelle a job as her personal assistant. Nelle worried that Carly had created the position for her since Nelle didn't have any experience in the hotel business, but Carly assured Nelle that her previous assistant had been very real. Carly assured Nelle that she wouldn't hesitate to fire Nelle if she didn't measure up. Nelle accepted the position.

Alone with Carly's youngest son, Morgan Corinthos, Nelle asked him about Carly's previous assistant. Morgan reported that the assistant had been very organized and confirmed what Carly had told her. Nelle's goal was to become a teacher, and she wasn't certain if her college credits would transfer to New York. However, the position would provide her with the money that she needed to finish college.

After Nelle returned from packing her few belongings in Atlanta, she was eager to start her new job. Nina arrived, and Carly introduced Nelle as Josslyn's kidney donor. Nelle was excited to meet Nina and thanked Nina for putting Nelle in touch with Josslyn's family, and for providing closure for them. When Nina learned that Nelle was working for Carly, she dragged Nelle to Crimson for a fashion makeover.

Meanwhile, Carly's eldest son was reeling from the death of his fiancée, Sabrina Santiago. Nelle watched as Carly apologized for the things she'd said about Sabrina. Nelle saw how angry Michael was, and she heard him tell Carly to stay away from him. Nelle found Michael at the park with Sabrina's young son Teddy. She assured Michael that Carly had truly regretted the harsh words about Sabrina, even before learning about Sabrina's death. Michael asked for some time alone, and Nelle left.

Nelle continued to help Michael through his grief. She shared that her best friend in high school had died in an accident involving a drunk driver, and when Nelle had been ready to look at the photos of her friend, she discovered that her friend's parents had taken down their daughter's social media page. Nelle offered to create a memorial page with photos of Sabrina for Michael, so he invited Nelle to select pictures of Sabrina and Teddy in the child's nursery.

Nelle also noticed the closeness between Sonny and Michael, and she was impressed with Sonny as a father. Nelle's experience with her gambling father had been vastly different. In a letter that Frank had written Nelle, he had insisted that his daughter had owed him. Nelle was careful to hide the letter from Michael.

When Morgan was killed in a car explosion, Nelle was on hand to help Michael. Sonny and Carly's relationship fractured, and Carly moved out. Before Morgan's memorial, Nelle went to Sonny's on the pretext of fetching a couple of dresses for Carly. Nelle was worried about Sonny and asked if she could help him, but Sonny snapped at her. She apologized for overstepping. Sonny asked about Carly, and Nelle revealed that Carly wasn't doing great but Jax was in town to help Carly. Later, Jax asked Nelle what she recalled about her kidney operation. Nelle admitted her parents had always been broke because her dad had never been able to hold a job. Nelle remembered little of the clinic beyond the smells and sounds of the clinic and how scared she'd been. She admitted that her dad hadn't been a great dad like Jax was to Josslyn.

After Morgan's memorial, Bobbie caught Nelle stealing money from Carly's wallet. Nelle showed Carly the bundle of money, and Carly told Bobbie that she'd instructed Nelle to deposit the cash receipts. Bobbie conceded that she'd misunderstood the situation, but it was clear that Bobbie didn't trust Nelle. When Nelle overheard Jax and Carly discuss a kiss that he and Carly had shared, Nelle used the information to her advantage.

On November 28, Nelle arrived at Sonny's, and when he asked about Carly, Nelle shared that Jax had been staying at Carly's. Nelle pretended to be surprised at Sonny's anger and assured him that she might have misinterpreted the situation between Carly and Jax. Sonny demanded to know if Carly had slept with Jax, but Nelle carefully claimed that she wasn't sure. Next, Nelle took an opportunity to spike Sonny's drink while his back was turned. After Sonny succumbed to the effects of the powerful tranquilizer, Nelle put Sonny to bed, undressed herself, and then climbed into bed with a sleeping Sonny.

The following morning, Sonny awoke and saw Nelle in bed with him. He was mortified because he assumed that he had had sex with her. Nelle pretended to get upset as the reality of their situation dawned on her. Confused, Sonny admitted that he'd never blacked out from drinking prior to waking up in bed with Nelle, but he promised Nelle that Carly would never find out that they had slept together.

That vow was tested almost immediately when Carly arrived to talk to Sonny. Nelle hid in the shadows at the top of the stairs and eavesdropped as Carly confessed to her husband that she had kissed Jax. However, Carly was adamant that things had not gone any further. When Carly noticed a glass with lipstick on the coffee table, Sonny claimed that his good friend Laura Spencer had stopped by.

After Carly left, Nelle expressed deep remorse for sleeping with Sonny. She tearfully suggested that they tell Carly the truth, but Sonny was adamant that Carly be kept in the dark. Nelle secretly recorded their conversation. Outside, Nelle pulled her phone out of her pocket and listened to the recording of Sonny admitting that he'd slept with Nelle. Nelle smiled with satisfaction. Next, Nelle took steps to make it appear that she had been carrying on an affair with a secret lover. Over the months she sent herself flowers and even took an opportunity to plant her bra in Sonny's bed.

Nelle had also developed a close relationship with Michael. As Michael's feelings for Nelle grew, he began to defend her more and more against those who saw through Nelle's manipulative tactics. When Nelle found an apartment, Michael helped her move in, and the relationship heated up.

On March 3, 2017, things reached a head when Bobbie confronted Nelle about sleeping with Sonny. Nelle's feelings for Michael were real, and she began to have second thoughts about her plan. She had deleted the recording of Sonny's confession, but it was too late. Fearing that she might lose Michael, Nelle tricked him into agreeing to fly to Atlanta for a few days. She was confident that she could make Michael see her in a sympathetic light before anyone could turn him against her with the truth.

Carly had stumbled across the recording of Sonny and Nelle talking about their one-night stand when Carly had stopped by Nelle's apartment. When Nelle and Michael arrived to pick up a few things for their trip, Carly and Sonny were waiting for Nelle. Michael was stunned when his parents told him about Sonny's one-night stand with Nelle, and Nelle's efforts to set Sonny up by recording their conversation, sending herself flowers, and planting a bra in his bed for Carly to find. Nelle tearfully admitted that it was true, but she insisted that she had changed her mind because she grown to care for Michael.

Disgusted, Carly expressed her regret that Nelle's blood flowed through Josslyn's veins. Nelle's temper flared, and she revealed that Carly was the reason that Nelle's kidney had been donated to Josslyn. Nelle revealed that her father was Frank Benson -- Carly's adoptive father. According to Nelle, Carly had gotten everything that Nelle had deserved. Nelle explained that life had been difficult after her mother had died because Frank hadn't been able to manage the money. Nelle knew that Frank had turned to Carly for help, but Carly had always turned Frank down even though Carly was wealthy.

Nelle accused Carly of only being interested in Frank when Carly had been in need of a kidney for Josslyn, but Carly insisted that she'd had no idea that Frank's daughter had been the kidney donor. Michael defended his mother because they had believed for years that Jake Webber had been Josslyn's kidney donor. Nelle didn't believe that Carly had been innocent, so Nelle had taken a page out of Carly's book by destroying Carly's marriage. Carly warned Nelle that she had made an enemy then walked out. Michael gently suggested that Nelle consider the possibility that Frank had lied to her then followed his parents out the door.

Nelle was forced to take a job working as Charlotte Cassadine's nanny to support herself. A few weeks later, it was revealed that Jax had gone behind Carly's back, and he had been the one who had paid Frank a small fortune to find a kidney for Josslyn. However, Jax had never imagined that Frank would use his own daughter as the donor. Jax showed Nelle the check for one million dollars that Frank had cashed. When Sonny tried to use the illegal transaction against Jax to have him deported, Nelle refused to testify against Jax.

In May, Nelle was mugged, and she suffered a bruised kidney and collapsed. Michael found her and quickly rushed her to the hospital. The incident sparked the beginning of Michael's forgiveness. Within weeks, Michael and Nelle began to date and they became intimate. Horrified, Bobbie and Carly hired private investigator Felicia Scorpio to dig up dirt on Nelle. By this time, Nelle had started working as Nina Reeve's assistant, and she had accompanied her new boss on a photo shoot in Marrakesh. When a valuable sapphire necklace vanished, Nelle was accused of stealing the item because she had been the last person seen with the item.

Valentin Cassadine produced the missing necklace and claimed that he had found it in the make-up artist's bag, and it appeared to have been an inadvertent mistake during the rush to clean up. It was a lie because Nina didn't have a make-up artist named "Rochelle," but Nina played along because she didn't want to be detained in Turkey with her small crew. Valentin refused to elaborate where he had recovered the necklace, and Nina didn't pursue it.

When Carly and Bobbie learned of the incident, they were troubled because Felicia had reported that Nelle had been the prime suspect in Nelle's fiancé's murder. According to Felicia, "Janelle Benson" had been engaged to a wealthy young man named Zachary Grant who had died just a month before his wedding to Nelle. During a romantic getaway that Nelle had arranged, the couple had gone kayaking, but a winter storm had kicked up and Zach's kayak had tipped over into the sea. Nelle had claimed that she had tried to reach Zach, but he hadn't been wearing a life vest, and he'd quickly succumbed to hypothermia and drowned within minutes.

However, the death had been suspicious because the plug had been removed from Zach's kayak, which had caused it to take on water and capsize. Additionally, the kayak had been a top-of-the line model, and Zach had been experienced boater. Felicia also uncovered that Zach had changed his will before the trip naming his fiancée the beneficiary of his estate worth millions. Nelle had tried to collect her inheritance, but the family had tied the estate up in probate to keep Nelle from taking a penny.

Carly told her son about Nelle's past, but Michael assured his mother that he'd been aware of the tragedy. Carly advised Michael to talk to the police rather than taking Nelle's word for anything, but Michael was adamant that he knew Nelle. A few weeks later, Michael bought the apartment building that Nelle lived in because she'd been served with an eviction notice. Carly's concern for her eldest child mounted when Zach's sister, Sharon visited Carly, and she shared with Carly how Nelle had managed to isolate Zach from his family prior to his death.

Later, Sharon went to Nelle's apartment to demand that Nelle return the engagement ring that Zach had given to Nelle. Sharon wanted it back because the precious ring had been a family heirloom that had belonged to Sharon's grandmother. Nelle claimed that the ring had been lost. However, Michael found the ring hidden in a secret compartment in one of Nelle's books. When Michael confronted Nelle with the ring, she tearfully insisted that Zach had wanted her to have it, and the Grants had owed her for falsely accusing her of murdering the man she had loved. Michael wanted to give Nelle the benefit of the doubt, so he hired detective Curtis Ashford to help clear Nelle's name in Zach's death.

Nelle sensed that Michael had doubts about her, prompting her to sell the engagement ring then donate the $50,000 to Morgan's foundation. Touched, Michael confessed that he had hired Curtis, but Nelle was deeply hurt that Michael didn't trust her. However, Curtis' investigation uncovered some striking similarities between Zach and Michael's situations. "Janelle" had initially been hired as Zach's mother's personal assistant when a teacher at Lakes High School in Florida had recommended "Janelle" for the position. After Zach's mother passed away, "Janelle" had comforted Zach, which had sparked the romance.

Shortly afterwards, Zach and "Janelle" had announced their engagement. "Janelle" had also claimed that she'd been unable to save her fiancé from drowning because she'd been a poor swimmer, but Curtis uncovered a newspaper clipping of "Janelle" winning medals for her high school swim team. While Curtis gave Michael an update, Valentin warned Nelle that she had better tread with caution because he saw her for who she truly was. Later, when Nelle spotted Valentin with a mystery woman, she snapped a picture of the woman kissing Valentin as insurance.

Nelle's relationship with Michael fell apart when he continued to catch her in one manipulative lie after another. Unfortunately for Michael, walking away from Nelle proved to be difficult because she announced that she was pregnant with his child. A paternity test in January confirmed that Michael was the father. Nelle used the pregnancy to her advantage because Michael was determined to do what was best for their unborn child. Michael's loved ones worried that Michael was blind to Nelle's true nature until Michael made it clear that he was trying to bide his time until the baby was born, and he could secure custody of the child.

Ava Jerome took pity on Nelle because Ava knew what it was like to be the town pariah and an outcast. She offered Nelle friendship and a job at the Jerome Gallery. Nelle had also befriended Brad Cooper, another outcast who always made self-destructive choices. Meanwhile, Nelle embarked on a diabolical plan to "haunt" Carly with Morgan's ghost and make it appear that Carly had snapped. Nelle paid someone to call Carly several times from a pay phone near where Angel's Bluffs where Morgan had died. Things continued to escalate between Carly and Nelle when Carly confronted Nelle about being institutionalized for a year after Zach's death.

Ava advised Nelle to make Michael an ally. Nelle felt encouraged when Michael's wealthy grandmother Monica Quartermaine took Nelle under her wing. Monica supported Michael and Nelle raising their child together. When Nelle lost her home in an earthquake, Monica invited Nelle to move in. Nelle happily accepted, and she stepped up her campaign against Carly. Nelle broke into Carly's home and used a device to control the lights, while Carly was home. Next, Nelle knocked over a photograph of Morgan in his bedroom and she sprayed the area with Morgan's cologne then ducked out of sight as Carly entered the room to investigate the eerie noises.

Later, Nelle was careful to remove all traces of her presence, including the device that she had used to control the lights. As Nelle's pregnancy progressed, she became jealous of Michael's friendship with Maxie Jones, a young window who was pregnant and attended the same birthing classes as Nelle.

On May 11, Monica hosted a baby shower for Nelle at the Quartermaine mansion. Nelle had managed to get her hands on a replica of Morgan's baby blanket, and she lured Carly to the nursery to make certain that Carly saw the baby blanket. As anticipated, Carly became agitated and confronted Nelle. Nelle made her way to the top of staircase as the argument escalated. Suddenly, Nelle lost her footing and fell down the flight of stairs before Carly could reach out to catch Nelle. Guests spilled out of the living room when they heard Nelle cry out, and they were horrified when they saw Nelle's still form at the bottom of the stairs. Carly insisted that it had been an accident, but Nelle regained consciousness and falsely accused Carly of pushing her.

Later, Nelle blackmailed Ava into helping her hide the replica of Morgan's baby blanket. Nelle was pleased when Carly was arrested for attempted murder. Carly was forced to plead temporary insanity and sentenced to Ferncliff for treatment. After Carly was taken away, Nelle was stunned to see a familiar face at the courthouse -- an ex-lover named Harrison Chase.

Detective Chase was as shocked to see Nelle as she was him. He had nearly destroyed his career for "Janelle" when he'd become involved with her during the investigation into Zachary Grant's death. Nelle accused Chase of stalking her, but Michael found proof that Nelle had set Chase up to taint the investigation. As Nelle's due date neared, she grew desperate. She arranged to run into Chase on several occasions and began to cry on his shoulder by painting Michael in a bad light. Nelle claimed that she had always loved Chase, and she wanted nothing more than to run away with him and raise her child with him. Before long, Nelle persuaded Chase to help her kill Michael.

Meanwhile, Michael proposed marriage to Nelle. Nelle happily accepted then made a point of going to Ferncliff to share the news with Carly. Nelle knew that it would drive Carly over the edge to be trapped in Ferncliff, while Nelle married Michael. As the wedding day approached, Michael persuaded Nelle to sign a prenuptial agreement. However, Carly had managed to break out of Ferncliff and crash the wedding before Michael and Nelle exchanged wedding vows. Carly's efforts were in vain. After she was taken back to Ferncliff, Michael and Nelle were married.

Nelle's happiness died an instant death when she overheard Michael assure Jason Morgan that he intended to divorce Nelle and secure custody of the baby once the child was born. Chase warned Nelle that Michael needed to die before he could file a revised will. Nelle met with Chase on the piers and cried to him that Sonny intended to take her out, so Michael needed to die before Sonny could make a move against her. Nelle explained that a divorce wouldn't do because she would be left with nothing.

On July 26, Chase arranged to meet Nelle. He explained that Michael's car had been rigged to crash once Michael's odometer had passed fifteen miles of travel. Pleased, Nelle assured Chase that she would get into the car, but have Michael drop her off prior to fifteen-mile mark, which would create a perfect alibi. Chase gave her an opportunity to back out of the plans, but Nelle insisted that it was the only way forward for her and the baby.

Everything went according to plan -- except Nelle had no idea that Michael and Chase had been in cahoots since before Michael's wedding to Nelle. The wedding had been a ruse to make Nelle believe that she and Michael were legally married, and the car had been rigged with recording devices. When Nelle tried to get Michael to drop her off at the hospital before he headed to a shop twenty miles away to fetch glycerin lollipops for the imminent birth of their child, Michael told her that they wouldn't have time to stop off at the hospital because the drug store would be closed. Nelle began to panic, and her temper flared. Michael feigned innocence as he kept on driving and assured Nelle that they would make it the hospital in time for her appointment. Desperate, Nelle blurted out that the car had been rigged to crash.

Michael pretended to be outraged, but he refused to pull over until Nelle had told him everything. Nelle's anger got the best of her, and she confessed to him that she had plotted with Chase to kill Michael because she had overheard Michael's plans. Michael accused Nelle of murdering Zach, and Nelle admitted that it had been necessary. Michael demanded details, but Nelle refused to say another word until Michael pulled over. Michael took his eyes off the road for a moment to look at Nelle, but he lost control of the car and crashed.

Nelle was briefly knocked unconscious. When she woke up, she was relieved to feel the baby kick. Next, she looked at Michael. He appeared still and when she shook him, he didn't rouse. Nelle breathed a sigh of relief because she assumed that he was dead. She got out of the car, but her spirits sank when she heard Michael moan. However, she quickly realized that he was trapped in the car, which had been leaking gas and plumes of smoke. Nelle claimed that she would get help, but Michael knew it was a lie because Nelle hoped that he would die in a fiery explosion when the sparks ignited the gasoline.

Michael warned Nelle that Chase had rigged the car with video and listening devices, so her confession had been captured, but Nelle blamed Michael for putting her in a desperate situation by plotting to take her child from her. Nelle slipped into the woods, but she didn't get far because she suddenly experienced a painful contraction. As fate would have it, Dr. Liesl Obrecht had escaped police custody and had been fleeing through the woods.

Unable to turn her back on the mother in need, Liesl helped Nelle deliver a healthy baby boy. The two women went their separate ways, and Nelle bundled her newborn up then continued to trek through the woods. A short time later, Nelle approached a parked car on the side of the road. She was stunned when she saw her friend Brad Cooper weeping in the front seat of the car. Brad was equally surprised to see Nelle, especially when he noticed that she'd had her baby.

Brad tearfully revealed that he and Lucas Jones had finally gotten the baby that they had been waiting to adopt. Lucas had been stuck at work, so Brad had taken the baby home to wait for Lucas and surprise his husband with the wonderful news. However, the baby had died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, while Brad had been warming a bottle for his newborn son. Nelle glanced in the backseat of the car where the dead infant had been nestled. To Brad's surprise, Nelle proposed that they switch babies.

Nelle would take Brad's newborn and claim that her child had been stillborn, while Brad would take Nelle's son home and raise him with Lucas. Nelle implored Brad to agree because she didn't want Michael or his family to get their hands on her son. Heartbroken and desperate, Brad agreed to Nelle's proposal. After Brad left, Nelle wandered along the road with the dead baby until sirens began to draw close.

Later, Nelle played the grieving mother when she arrived at the hospital with a dead baby cradled in her arms. Michael had been saved at the last minute when Sonny had cut Michael out of the burning car. Michael was devastated when he was handed the dead infant, and Nelle made a point of blaming Michael for the circumstances that led to their son's stillbirth. Nelle was arrested and charged with a slew of crimes including murder and attempted murder. However, she remained in the hospital as she recovered from the birth and car accident.

Within hours, Nelle managed to slip out of the hospital, but her escape was foiled by Josslyn when Josslyn encountered Nelle on the piers. After Nelle was shipped off to Pentonville to await trial, Lucas Jones asked his nephew to be Wiley Cooper Jones' godfather. Nelle liked the idea of Michael being close to his son without knowing it. However, her legal woes were far from behind her. Nelle took an Alford plea conceding the that evidence against her would likely lead to a conviction.

After Nelle was convicted and sentenced to a lengthy prison term, she continued to stir up trouble by periodically sending Michael letters designed to torment him about the death of their baby, and she would occasionally reach out to Brad to remind him that Wiley was her son.

In June 2019, Nelle befriended serial killer Ryan Chamberlain in jail. They had something in common; both had had their kidney taken from them against their will. A few months later, Nelle reached out to defense attorney Martin Gray because she needed help with her with an upcoming parole hearing. Nelle explained that she had been a model prisoner, and she had tremendous remorse for the wrongs that she had done. Martin warned Nelle that she likely wouldn't secure a parole after only serving a small fraction of her sentence, but Nelle was determined to win over the parole board.

As Nelle's parole hearing approached, she contacted Brad to make it clear that she expected to see him at her hearing in support of her early release. Brad was reluctant to comply because his husband despised Nelle. However, Brad knew that he had to do whatever Nelle asked because she had the power to rip Wiley out of his and Lucas' lives. Nelle's efforts to paint herself as enlightened and reformed failed to impress the parole board, who denied her request for early release.

On September 6, Nelle met a fellow inmate named David Henry "Shiloh" Archer. In a fortuitous twist of fate, Nelle's cellmate had been one of the cult leader's followers, and Nelle had learned from Harmony that Shiloh believed that Brad and Lucas had adopted his son with Willow Tait. Nelle knew that child had died, but she kept the information to herself. Instead, she offered to help Shiloh reunite with his son.

Later, Nelle reached out to Martin once again, but he made it clear that he was no longer interested in helping Nelle. He also warned her that she would not be granted parole for at least two more years, but Nelle informed Martin that her financial situation had changed, and she would need his help to get her hands on a considerable fortune. Shortly afterwards, Nelle paid Ryan a visit in the infirmary to ask for his help to get out of jail. Nelle promised to stalk his obsession, Ava Jerome, in exchange for his assistance. Together, Ryan and Nelle made it appear that Nelle had foiled Ryan's attempt to escape. Ryan was careful to stab Nelle without hitting any vital organs.

On January 13, 2020, mourners gathered to bid a final farewell to their cult leader, Shiloh. Shiloh had been killed by Sam McCall when he had escaped police custody and taken hostages aboard a ship during his getaway attempt. Michael, Jason Morgan, Willow, and her mother Harmony attended the service to find out who had organized the memorial for the disgraced cult leader. During the service a woman wearing black and who's identity had been concealed behind a black veil stood up to welcome her guests.

Nelle removed the veil then announced that she was "Mrs. David Henry Archer." Stunned, Michael demanded to know how Nelle had gotten out of jail. Nelle was deliberately vague, so Harmony inquired after Nelle's marriage to Shiloh. Nelle insisted that she and her husband had loved each other when they had decided to get married in jail. Daisy Kwan, one of Shiloh's most ardent followers informed everyone that she had witnessed the wedding. Later, Chase revealed that Nelle had been granted early parole due to prison overcrowding and her efforts to stop Ryan's escape.

Later that evening, Nelle and Martin showed up at the Quartermaine mansion during a shareholders' meeting. Oscar Nero had allegedly bequeathed his shares of ELQ to Shiloh, so Nelle had inherited the shares upon her husband's death. Michael reminded Nelle that the shares were in probate because Oscar had left conflicting wills prior to his death from cancer. The following day, Michael and Chase learned that Nelle had moved in with Brad to help him take care of Wiley, while Lucas lingered in a coma. Michael vowed to keep Nelle far away from his godson, so he invited Nelle to move into the Quartermaine mansion where he could keep a close eye on her.

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