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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 28, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Greenlee demanded to know why Kendall claimed that Ryan loved her. Kendall looked nervous and pretended that she was only joking. Greenlee could tell that Kendall was not telling her the whole truth, so she persisted. Greenlee asked if Ryan said anything to Kendall about loving her. Kendall tried to take the heat of herself and asked Greenlee if she wished Ryan loved her. Greenlee protested that she loved Aidan, but she still wanted to know why Kendall thought that Ryan loved her. Kendall made up an excuse as to why she made the comment. Kendall explained that, because Ryan and Greenlee had a true love story, they would always love each other. Greenlee was surprised that Kendall thought they had a great love story. Kendall stated that they had "fireworks." Greenlee wondered if their love story was better than Kendall and Zach's. Kendall felt that Ryan and Greenlee were a more amazing love story than she and Zach. Greenlee laughed and said that Kendall was very good at "spinning" the past. Greenlee told Kendall to stop her antics because Ryan made a choice to be with Annie. Kendall was upset that Ryan was with Annie. Greenlee felt that Kendall should let up on Annie.

Zach and Aidan were at ConFusion, waiting for Kendall and Greenlee to get off from work. Aidan noted that Ryan should be happy because he retrieved his memory and got his wife pregnant, but said that instead he seemed displeased. Aidan wondered what Zach thought about Ryan's peculiar behavior. Zach quipped that Aidan sounded obsessed with Ryan, like Kendall and Greenlee. Meanwhile, the two men did not realize that Kendall and Greenlee were listening to their conversation. Kendall and Greenlee approached the men. Greenlee said that she had a confession to make. Greenlee stated that she and Kendall were in love with Ryan. Kendall assured the men that Greenlee was kidding since she overheard them saying that they had an "obsession" with Ryan.

Greenlee told Aidan that she loved him. He kissed her and swept her off of her feet. He brought her home from the bar to their penthouse. They made love.

Zach brought Kendall to a beach house as a surprise getaway. Zach poured them each a glass of wine to relax, but he could tell that Kendall's mind was elsewhere. Kendall confessed that she was preoccupied with thoughts of Greenlee and Ryan. She explained that she almost slipped to Greenlee that Ryan was still in love with Greenlee. Zach urged Kendall to mind her own business. Then, Zach began kissing Kendall and she became focused on him. They made love.

Ryan destroyed the tape that Annie recorded of Colby and Cassandra. Annie freaked out and asked why Ryan would do such a thing. He said that the tape did not prove that the teenagers were guilty. She disagreed and reminded him that she overheard the teenagers admit to killing Richie. Ryan did not believe that Annie heard this. She was distraught that he did not trust her. He explained that she was dishonest in the past, so he could not believe her fully. She insisted that she was telling the truth. Ryan was skeptical and demanded to know the whole story. With tears in her eyes, she stated that she wanted to keep the tape to protect herself. He inquired what that meant. She explained that everyone in Pine Valley looked at her as if she was "Richie's psycho sister." She believed that everyone thought she was responsible for Richie's death. She claimed that she did not want to incriminate the teenagers, but instead prove that she was innocent.

Ryan consoled his wife by holding her in his arms. Just then, she became faint. He sat her on the couch and gave her a glass of water. She felt better and put his hand on her stomach. She asked if he wanted the baby. He said that he loved Spike and Emma more than anything else and professed that he would love their baby just as much.

As Annie slept on the couch, Ryan daydreamed and called out, "Greenlee."

Angie was livid with Jesse for assigning a cop to follow Cassandra. Jesse revealed that he did it because he suspected Cassandra and Colby of being involved in Richie's murder. Angie could not imagine Cassandra committing murder. Jesse replied that he was not positive that Cassandra was guilty, but he had to find out. She wondered why he would suspect her daughter in the first place. He divulged that the tire tracks found on Richie's body were from Colby's car. He added that when he saw Colby, Cassandra, Dre, and Pete, they acted very nervous. Angie demanded to know why he did not tell her about the situation. He felt that she was too stressed with Frankie to deal with Cassandra's issues. She reminded him that Frankie assumed Fletcher, Randi's pimp, was the man following their family. She urged Jesse to tell their son that it was a cop, and not Fletcher, that was tailing them. Jesse promised to straighten everything out, but Angie was still irate.

Cassandra was at home drawing a sketch of a man dead in the middle of a road. Cassandra heard someone opening the front door and quickly hid the picture behind the couch pillows. Angie entered and said that Cassandra broke her heart.

Frankie went to see Randi at her hotel room. Randi was alarmed to see Frankie's knuckles bloody and bruised. He stated that he took care of Fletcher and that it was "done." She frantically inquired if he killed Fletcher. He avoided the question by going into the bathroom to wash his hands. When he returned to the room, she asked again if Fletcher was dead. He said that Fletcher had to be stopped because he was following Frankie's sister and his mother. Randi was horrified that Fletcher went that far.

Randi received a call from one of her friends. The friend revealed that, although Fletcher was badly beaten, he was going to survive. Randi relayed the news to Frankie. He could sense that she was relieved and yelled that she should not care whether or not the pimp lived or died. She screamed back that she cared because she did not want Frankie to get in trouble for murder. She further noted that he never should have gotten involved with her, since she was nothing more than a charity case to him. He divulged that she was much more than a charity case. He explained that he felt a "pull" to her from the moment he first laid his eyes on her. She then bandaged his hand. After she was done, she began to take off her shirt and said that she wanted to "thank" him. He stopped her and affirmed that she did not have to "thank" him because she felt indebted to him. He continued that, even though he wanted her, he did not want to take advantage of her. He left the hotel room and she seemed surprised.

Jesse received word from an officer that Fletcher was being brought to the hospital because he was assaulted. Jesse asked for the description of the assailant. The officer gave Frankie's description and Jesse looked concerned.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jesse found Frankie in the hospital and immediately looked at Frankie's injured hand. Jesse said he knew Frankie beat up Fletcher, but Frankie thought Fletcher was after Cassie. Jesse said he hired a guard to look after Cassie, but Fletcher was not after her. Jesse erupted at Frankie for putting his job on the line for no reason, but Frankie said he went after Fletcher to protect Randi. Jesse said Frankie's actions might have only made Fletcher angrier. If he got angrier, he would likely take it out on Randi, Jesse reminded his son.

Angie asked Cassie what she had been up to, in hopes that Cassie would confess any involvement with Richie's murder. Cassie only talked briefly about her friendship with Colby, her new romance with Dre, and the indecisive nature of her picking a major in college. Angie told Cassie that Jesse hired a cop to follow her around for protection. Angie said she knew Cassie was keeping something from her. She took Cassie's sketchbook and saw a page filled with twisted roads, swaying trees, and a man lying in the road. Cassie said she was upset Jesse did not trust her. It made her want to move back to Paris, she said. Cassie said she would move if her mother did not start trusting her again, and went into her bedroom. She threw her sketch board on the bed and cried.

Krystal found Colby listening to the waves at the beach. She sipped Colby's soda and found the unpleasant taste of alcohol in her mouth. Krystal asked Colby why she was drinking. Colby brushed it off as just stress from college and boys, but Krystal said she knew about the car accident with Richie. Colby said she did not mean to hit Richie, but Colby said Dre was the one driving the car. Krystal said she did not blame Colby for keeping quiet, but Colby needed to explain everything to Jesse before it weighed too heavy on her heart. Colby worried how the truth would affect Cassie, Jesse, Dre, and herself for their crimes. Krystal said she would support Colby's decision-to keep quiet or to tell the truth. Colby asked Krystal to keep Richie's death a secret. Krystal promised to keep her mouth shut for Colby's sake. Cassie called Colby to tell her that Jesse had a cop following her. Colby said Adam told Krystal the truth, and Krystal agreed to keep silent.

JR told Babe he was taking action to get Adam kicked off the board at Chandler. He even admitted that he planted a story about Adam being crazy to the tabloids several months earlier. Babe said she wanted to stand behind JR, but did not agree with his methods of getting what he wanted. JR told Babe he wanted to take over Fusion and make her the boss. When the lights went out briefly, Babe screamed in terror as memories of Richie kidnapping her came flooding back. JR hugged Babe and assured her that she was safe.

Adam hunted down the Chandler board members to see if they would vote for him. The board members claimed to have Adam's back. Adam could not wait to stick it to JR. Stuart interrupted the meeting and the board members left. Stuart immediately asked his brother what trouble he was brewing. Adam pretended not to know what his brother meant. Stuart said he knew Adam was helping Colby get out of trouble with the law. Adam said Colby's life was in danger if she stood on trial.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Randi was in her hotel room picking out an outfit to wear. She seemed nervous and could not decide what to put on.

Frankie met Jake at BJ's for lunch. Jake immediately saw Frankie's bruised hand and inquired about what happened. Frankie did not want to talk about it, but Jake demanded to know the truth. Frankie explained that he got into a fight with Randi's pimp. Jake called Frankie "stupid." Frankie assumed that Jake did not want him to get involved with Randi because she was a prostitute. Jake said that was not the case. Jake revealed that his former mother-in-law was a prostitute and that he did not pass judgment on her. Jake then reminded Frankie that he was a doctor and needed to protect his hands.

Randi entered BJ's and asked for the manager; she was there for an interview. The manager began to interview Randi for a position as a waitress. After he learned that Randi had no prior experience, he denied her. Frankie saw this and wanted to talk to the manager, but Jake stopped him. After Randi left, Jake encouraged Frankie to ask Randi out on a date. Frankie was happy that someone was supportive of his feelings for Randi.

Aidan went to the former office of the doctor that performed Ryan's fake vasectomy. Aidan pretended to be Ryan' lawyer and interrogated the receptionist as to why Ryan was not informed that his vasectomy was never completed. The receptionist was new and did not know about the scandal that occurred prior to her hiring. The receptionist promised to find out why Ryan was not contacted.

Annie told Emma that she was pregnant. Emma was happy and asked if it was a boy or a girl. Annie explained that she did not know. The little girl asked if Ryan loved the baby. Annie looked startled by the inquiry, but assured Emma that Ryan was going to love the baby very much.

Aidan went to the penthouse to see Ryan. Annie explained that Ryan was not home. Aidan asked Annie how she was feeling. She said that she was tired, but excited for the baby. He commented that it must be hard for Annie to handle everything herself. She wondered what Aidan meant by the comment. He explained that Annie was a busy woman and he was curious if she had a nanny. She said no, but planned on getting a nanny once the new baby arrived. She felt like he was questioning her, so he apologized. He claimed that his special ops training made his attempts at small talk seem like an interrogation. She smiled and accepted the apology. After Aidan left the penthouse, he had a suspicious look on his face.

Ryan met Greenlee at ConFusion. Greenlee joked that she was going to make Ryan a drink called "unconscious girl on the beach." He laughed. She proceeded to thank him immensely for saving her life when she had her boating accident. Then, she revealed that the accident was a blessing in disguise since Ryan got his memory back and she realized that she wanted to be with Aidan. Ryan could tell that Greenlee was very pleased with her life. He noted the she appeared "Zen-like." She laughed and told him that she even urged Jack to get back together with Erica. Ryan was shocked, but he was glad that Greenlee was at peace. She asked him if he was happy with Annie. He pretended that his relationship with Annie was going well. Greenlee commented that Ryan belonged with Annie. Ryan just smiled and continued to act like he was in love with Annie instead of Greenlee. Just as Greenlee touched Ryan's hand, Annie walked in and saw it.

Erica got ready for her dinner date with Samuel. As she looked in the mirror, she wondered why she was very nervous, since it was only dinner. Then, there was a knock at her door. She was surprised to see Kendall and Zach, instead of Samuel. They had stopped by to bring Erica to dinner to celebrate her release from prison. Erica stated that she already had dinner plans. Kendall assumed that Erica was meeting Jack, but was shocked when Samuel came to pick up Erica. Erica suggested that they all have dinner together. Kendall pulled Erica aside and asked why her mother was going on a date with a man that had put her in jail. Erica assured her daughter that she and Samuel worked out their issues. Erica added that it was her way of moving on from Jack.

Carmen met Jack at the Yacht Club for dinner. Jack tried to discuss Carmen's case, but she only wanted to talk about his relationship with Erica. Jack stated that he was satisfied with his relationship with Erica because there was no more drama. Just then, Erica, Samuel, Kendall, and Zach arrived at the restaurant. The paparazzi swarmed Erica and began to take many pictures. Carmen saw Erica and got very excited. Carmen yelled to all of the restaurant patrons that Erica was free form jail.

Carmen urged Jack to talk to Erica, but Jack was hesitant. Carmen warned Jack that he might lose Erica to Samuel if he did not act fast. Jack went to greet Erica. Erica asked Jack if he and Carmen would like to join their dinner party. Jack said yes.

During dinner, Carmen continually mentioned Erica and Jack's past. Carmen discussed their fairy tale wedding and how in love they were. The atmosphere at the table was intense. Finally, Samuel told Erica that he was leaving, so she could spend time with her friends and family. Samuel said that he wished to have dinner with her again, but just the two of them.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Samuel told Erica he was not upset that their date was spoiled by crowds of photographers and reporters. Samuel invited the media for an informal press conference to announce his budding relationship with Erica. After the announcement, Erica and Samuel left to continue their date at another restaurant. Erica said Samuel should invite Dre to their next date to get back at her for the media frenzy. Samuel said he was not sure if Dre would be open to that idea because they did not have a good relationship. Dre was hard to read and understand sometimes, Samuel added.

Babe brought JR a present to wish him luck at the board meeting where he hoped to be be voted the next chief executive officer at Chandler. JR was thrilled when he opened the package and found a picture of himself, Little Adam, and Babe. JR said he deserved the role as CEO after he kept the company alive. Babe said she wanted to support JR, but he needed to be sure he really wanted the job. JR said he was positive about his decision. He even asked Babe to marry him again. Babe gave JR a good luck kiss before leaving the office.

Krystal went to the Chandler mansion to find Colby, but instead she ran into Adam. Krystal asked Adam how he would protect Colby, but Adam said he had all the bases covered to make sure his daughter stayed out of jail. Krystal said Colby was not taking the guilt well, but Adam insisted his daughter was fine. Adam was shocked when Krystal told him that she found Colby drinking rum on a beach alone. Krystal pleaded with Adam to convince Colby to tell the truth. Adam said Krystal would not be giving the same advice if the situation applied to Babe. Krystal said Colby was just as much a daughter to her as Babe or Jenny. Adam told Krystal that he had a board meeting to attend. Krystal could not believe Adam was more concerned about work than Colby, but Adam said the outcome of the meeting would affect his entire family.

Pete followed Colby, Dre, and Cassie to Dre and Cassie's home. Dre invited Pete in as Cassie explained that she hated lying to her mother about Richie. Cassie said Jesse suspected that she knew something about Richie's murder and hired a cop to follow her around. Colby announced that Adam told Krystal about the teens involved in Richie's murder. Dre said too many people knew what happened to Richie. He said it was best if they went to the police, but Colby disagreed. Pete suggested they take a road trip to get their minds off the murder. Colby got annoyed with Pete and told him he should leave because no one wanted him around. Cassie said Pete hung around with them because he liked Colby, and secretly, Colby enjoyed the attention. Colby pulled Cassie aside and said she was not interested in Pete. Dre told Pete that Pete had no idea how to impress Colby, which is why she was so mean to him. Colby said she had a plan to keep them safe without Pete's help. Dre and Cassie agreed to go with Colby's plan.

Jesse was not pleased when he got new information about Richie's murder. Angie stopped by to try to work out the tension with Jesse. Angie told Jesse that Cassie was withholding information from her. Jesse said his task force checked all of the security cameras at the gas stations within 30 miles of Richie's body. Jesse showed Angie a picture of Cassie and Dre at a gas station five miles from the accident on the night of Richie's murder. Jesse said Colby, Dre, and Cassie were in the car that killed Richie. Jesse said they needed to get the truth out of Cassie.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Aidan surprised Greenlee after her hard day at work with the news that instead of house-hunting, they would build their own. He showed her a computer program that would allow them to design it, and said after they were done, they would deliver the plans to an architect. Greenlee noted that they needed to find a property, but realized with a mere glance that he'd already taken care of that as well. Her belief was confirmed when he told her about ten acres of land near the Yacht Club that he'd purchased. He then explained the layout of their land and that he'd picked out a model home for them to base their designs on. When he showed her the picture, she could only barely contain her joy at the sight. They continued to design their dream home and then Greenlee rewarded Aidan's good behavior with champagne and some intimate time.

As Kendall attempted to catch up on work that Annie had left behind, she found a promotional poster with Greenlee's head ripped off. Although Zach found it amusing, Kendall was disturbed because she believed it to be deliberate. Zach thought that his wife still wanted to control other people's love lives, but Kendall promised him that wasn't the case. She told him about her younger years where she was so angry at anyone who had it better than her that she felt they needed to pay. She then confessed that she could sense that rage in other women. She asserted that she saw it in Annie and that Annie was perhaps more like her brother, Richie, than she would like others to believe. Zach abruptly decided to leave at that point, but said that they could talk about it another time.

Annie returned home with a large wrench in her hand and flashed back to the sight of her husband holding hands with Greenlee. Ryan joined her in the living room and interrupted her reverie when he asked what had happened. She immediately spun a tail about a leak that needed to be fixed and tried to convince Ryan she could take care of it. He told her that she needed to rest, and said that he would handle it when he got back from his meeting. Before she could stop herself, she asked if his meeting was with Greenlee and he was slightly taken aback. She was forced to admit that she'd seen them at ConFusion the day before, and that she was jealous. He assured her that his meeting had nothing to do with Greenlee, and left. Once alone, Annie made a beeline for the oversized tool and put it in her bag. When she turned to leave, she was shocked to see her dead brother had taken a seat in her living room. He twirled a tire iron and told her that he knew what she was up to.

Annie tried to convince herself that the apparition of her brother wasn't real, but failed as he taunted her. He told her that although she thought she wasn't crazy, the fact that she'd conjured him up said otherwise. His taunts were cut short when there was a knock at the door. She sat her bag down and crossed the room to find Zach on the other side of her door. She told him that she was about to leave, but he persuaded her to let him in for a moment. As she walked back across the room, she asked if Kendall had convinced Zach that Annie had gone crazy and if he had come to do Kendall's bidding. He assured her that no such thing had been said and that he just wanted to check on her. At that moment, Richie appeared again, only to Annie's eyes, and encouraged her to admit that her plans for the day included bringing harm to Zach's good friend, Greenlee.

Zach snapped her out of her trancelike state and she admitted that she'd been off her game because of all that had happened. She apologized again for the suspicion she threw his way when Richie died, and Zach told her to forget about it because he had. Moments later, she told him that all she wanted to do was pack up her family and move away from Pine Valley. She then clarified that she just wanted to take a family vacation before their family got bigger. Zach told her that all she had to do was say the word and he would set her up with primo accommodations in Vegas. Annie loved the idea and suggested that he try to convince Kendall to go as well, as she'd missed having Kendall as a friend. Zach agreed to talk to his wife and then took his leave. Once Annie shut the door, Richie reappeared and told her that, like Zach, he would be around if she ever needed him for anything. He then took the tire iron he'd held and slammed it repeatedly into the bag where she'd stashed the wrench. She listened to the sound for a few moments before she grabbed her things and hurried out of the house.

After she eyed it for a moment or two, Kendall picked up the framed photo of Ryan and Annie. The elevator doors opened but she didn't move until she heard Ryan's voice. She explained that the picture had fallen and that she had tried to fix it, but that was the least of his concerns. He asked her why she had decided to tell Greenlee that he was in love with her. Kendall tried to justify her betrayal but it did little to temper his feelings. Ryan needlessly reminded her that Greenlee was happy with Aidan, as he was with Annie. Kendall shot back that she knew the score, but noted that Ryan got the bum end of the deal. She said that as long as Ryan stayed with Annie, he would never be happy. Ryan demanded that she cease berating Annie, and listed the reasons why Annie's behavior made sense. Kendall didn't buy it completely and warned him about the scary things that Annie had done. She also noted that Annie somehow sensed how Ryan really felt and hated Greenlee for it.

Ryan held up the framed picture again and used it to remind Kendall of when he and Annie got married and how Greenlee had filed charges of bigamy. He told her that Annie had forgiven Greenlee for that and many other things. Kendall insisted that Annie was not the princess bride she once was, and Ryan banged the picture on the table, in an attempt to end the conversation. As he did, a key that had been hidden fell to the floor. Ryan asked about the key and Kendall said that while she didn't know what it was for, its existence must mean that Annie had hidden something from all of them.

JR arrived in the boardroom at Chandler Enterprises and was surprised to find only his father inside. Enraged, he immediately got on the phone but found that the members had obeyed Adam and failed to show up. Adam then threw a curveball and admitted defeat to his son, and admitted that he'd gone over all of the data sheets and realized that JR had raised Chandler's profit margin by millions. He said that there was no way that he could ignore that, and agreed that JR could run the company on his own. He offered to clean out his office so that his son could take over immediately, but JR stopped him. They chatted good-naturedly and JR soaked up the compliments until he admitted that he was behind getting the photo of Adam at Oak Haven published. Once the confession was out, Adam immediately attacked his son for his libelous actions.

Colby showed up outside the boardroom and spilled her drink when she ran into Babe. Babe quickly realized that the drink was not water, and attempted to convince the young woman not to burst into the meeting in her condition. Colby was in no mood to deal with Babe's lectures but Babe wouldn't back down. She sat Colby down and begged her to open up so that she could help with whatever situation had led her to drink. Colby looked at her somberly and said that there was no way out of what she'd gotten herself into. Then, not feeling so well, she dashed off to the bathroom.

On the other side of the doors, JR tried to maintain his composure when Adam showed him that he had recorded his confession. He told the elder Chandler that it only proved was that he'd let the Board in on Adam's mental state, and that they'd been glad for it. JR then pointed out that the Board backed him, not his father, which caused Adam to let out a great laugh. He told his son that the Board had put up with JR as long as they needed to but fell in line once Adam returned. JR was prepared to go into battle when Babe burst into the room. They tried to dismiss her but she told them that the cops had shown up and they wanted to take Colby down to the station. The Chandler men stormed out into the hall and while JR tried to find out what his sister had done, Adam, as always, tried to pull his youngest out of hot water. Colby asked if others were being questioned, but when the officer said he couldn't tell her, she agreed and went downtown, despite Adam's demands to the contrary.

At the Hubbard residence, Dre comforted Cassie again after both admitted that although they never saw his body, Richie Novak still haunted them. They agreed that Colby's plan was their only choice, and started to leave. Angie and Jesse came into the room and blocked their way as they noted that they wanted to talk about the night the teens drove back from the lodge. Cass tried to maintain that Dre hadn't been there but angry, Angie demanded that he daughter stop lying. Cass insisted that they didn't need to answer any questions-her mother had previously said that she trusted her and that should have been enough. Angie insisted that they needed to talk and even though Cass tried to get Dre to leave, he refused. Cass angrily sat at the table and, irate at the inquisition, went so far as to say that Jesse had nothing on them. This forced the chief's hand and he showed them the surveillance photo of the two of them as they paid for gas, and a shot of the only car at the pump-Colby's, which the Chandlers had previously said was stolen.

Cass and Dre stepped to the side and Dre offered to end the tension between mother and daughter and admit that he was the driver. Cass refused to accept that he would get in trouble for Richie's death and demanded that he keep his silence. Angie and Jesse beckoned them over and said that instead of covert conversations, they needed to start being open and honest. Cass continued to stonewall them and attempted to call her father so that she could return to France. Angie took the phone away and told her daughter that she would not run away from this. Cass insisted that she couldn't be made to stay, and Jesse interjected that, although he didn't want to, he could detain her. He walked off, unendingly saddened that it had come to that, and left Angie to plead one more time for their trust. When Cass said that she wouldn't trust either of them again and stalked off, Angie painfully gave Jesse permission to do whatever he felt needed to be done.

Jesse brought Cassandra and Dre to the station with Angie in tow. He asked Dre if he wanted to call his father or a lawyer, but Dre declined both. Jesse sent him over to a detective's desk to be questioned and then asked Cass if she wanted to go somewhere private. Still incensed, she demanded that she not receive special treatment. He obliged, sat her down at the nearest desk, brought out a recorder and started to interview her. Colby arrived a short time later and, after the teens briefly checked in with each other, Adam, who arrived moments later, reminded Jesse that Colby's car had been stolen before she drove it. Jesse admitted that they had evidence that suggested otherwise and prepared to have someone question Colby. Adam said that they were not allowed to do so without a lawyer present, but Colby overrode that decision. Adam tried to pull the legal guardian card but Colby reminded him that she had turned 18, and could therefore make her own decisions. Adam then insisted that he would accompany his daughter into the interrogation room, but she again denied him and walked off.

In the hallway near the interrogation room, after Adam left a voice mail for Barry, JR berated his father for keeping the fact that Colby was in trouble to himself, and getting rid of any evidence that could incriminate her. He tried to dismiss his father and said that he would take care of Colby but this only stoked Adam's fire. He shot back at his son that he was not someone to ever be brushed aside. Just then, Adam's phone rang again and he stalked away from his son to give specifics to his lawyer.

Questioning resumed and, at the same time, all three teens admitted to being the driver of the car. It wasn't long before all of the officers realized they would get nowhere fast if they stayed on that course. Jesse gathered them, along with Angie and Adam, in the interrogation room. He pointed out that all three teens had tried to take responsibility with their claims, and told them that they were not doing themselves any favors by lying. When the three refused to say anything other than what they had confessed to, Jesse told them that he would have to arrest them all. Angie immediately started to cry and Adam tried to throw his power and influence around to protect his daughter, all to no avail.

Babe and JR sat on a bench in the middle of the police station and JR was apologetic that he'd assumed the worst about Colby, without a thought that she might have gotten into real trouble. He then said that Richie had done enough damage to JR's family, and Richie would not be the catalyst that made JR's sister do hard time.

Annie took her car to a remote area and after she got out and shifted the gear to neutral, she rolled it toward a tree to make it look like she'd been in an accident. She pulled the wrench out of the car and broke the headlights on one side and hit the hood until the car started to smoke. She then made her breathing shallow and left a panicked-sounding message in Ryan's voice mail. After she ended the call, she told her husband in absentia that he'd better call her back, and that he'd better not be with Greenlee.

As Greenlee and Aidan made love, they were unaware that the gas line in the fireplace had been undone and the toxic fumes had leaked into the room.



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