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Monday, July 28, 2008

The demon elf continued to overpower Endora's force field. Tabitha was afraid that since Tabitha had lost her powers, Endora was not able to battle the demon elf on her own. The demon elf managed to break through Endora's force field and zapped Tabitha in the process. Endora cried for Tabitha. The demon elf made it clear to Endora that there was nothing that Endora could do to help Tabitha, so her best choice was to join the demon elf on the dark side. Endora refused, stating that she wanted to be a good witch.

Pilar was extremely excited to see Antonio, very much alive. Luis could not believe it because he saw the plane blow up. It was a trick. The plane blew up without Antonio on it. When Alistair was alive, he was holding Antonio captive, but after Alistair died, the men who were guarding Antonio stopped showing up for work due to lack of pay. Ivy thought it would be a great idea to record Antonio's coming home for Pilar, so Ivy sent Sam for the video camera. Sam accidentally left it in the rectory, the same room where Rebecca and Gwen confessed to blaming Ethan's paternity outing on Theresa, among other things. Antonio learned that Theresa passed away.

Gwen was impatient, so she asked Rebecca to go to find Ethan to ensure that Ethan was going to marry Gwen. Rebecca mentioned to Gwen that they could write a bestseller and publish what they did to Theresa, but Gwen thought that it was a horrible idea because Ethan could not find out their secret. Rebecca discovered that she and Gwen were accidentally taped on Sam's camera. Rebecca did not get a chance to destroy what was on the camera ahead of time. When Sam asked for the camera, Rebecca froze. Afterwards, Rebecca learned that Sam did not view what was on the camera, so Rebecca took the camera and ran off. Sam chased after Rebecca. Shortly afterwards, Ivy went looking for Sam. Rebecca tried to erase what was on the camera, but Ivy tried to wrestle the camera away from Rebecca. The camera fell out of Rebecca's hand, and Rebecca was excited because she thought that the camera was damaged.

As Ethan walked towards Gertrude, Gertrude told herself that it was fate that led Ethan to her and that Pilar was worried for nothing because Juanita would not figure out Theresa's identity. Theresa thought about putting her family in danger if she revealed herself to Ethan, so she ran away so that Ethan would not find her.

Juanita's henchman tried to convince Juanita to get as far away from the bomb as possible, but Juanita wanted to stick around to make sure her victims died as planned. Juanita could not stop staring at Gertrude (Theresa). Juanita thought that there was something familiar about Gertrude. Juanita noticed that Gertrude was hiding from Ethan, and Juanita thought that it was odd.

Ethan walked up to the restaurant but did not see Gertrude. Ethan then asked the nun (Juanita) regarding Gertrude's whereabouts. Juanita questioned Ethan regarding looking for another woman when he was about to marry someone else. Ethan seemed lost, so he asked the nun for her advice. Ethan told the nun about Theresa and said that Gertrude, the nanny, reminded him of Theresa. The nun advised Ethan to go back to the church and ask God's forgiveness and not to think of leaving Gwen for another woman. Ethan agreed with the nun and then walked away.

Gertrude was eavesdropping on Ethan and Juanita's conversation, so as soon as Ethan left, Gertrude resurfaced. Juanita mentioned to Gertrude that Ethan was looking for her. Gertrude decided to sit and chat with Juanita, who she didn't recognize because of the nun disguise. As Gertrude told the nun about her past, Juanita had flashbacks of her meeting with Theresa. Juanita gasped when she realized that she was talking to Theresa. Gertrude noticed Juanita's reaction and questioned Juanita about it. Juanita realized that she had the opportunity to murder Theresa, so Juanita advised Gertrude to go to the church and pray, but Gertrude did not want to go to the church. Juanita coaxed Gertrude into going back to the church by telling Gertrude that she should not turn her back on God. After Gertrude left, Juanita took out the detonator to the bomb and laughed about the destruction she was about to cause.

Ethan returned to the church only to find that he was the only one there, apart from Father Lonigan, the blind priest. Ethan did not seem enthusiastic about the wedding, and Father Lonigan sensed it. Shortly afterwards, everyone returned to the church, and Gwen started to walk down the aisle.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Paloma accidentally saw Noah and Miguel getting dressed for the wedding. Paloma suddenly realized that Noah had seen her before the wedding and declared that their lives were ruined. Noah reassured Paloma that it was a silly superstition and that they would be happy together as man and wife. Father Lonigan successfully married Noah and Paloma without any interruptions.

Ivy and Rebecca fought over the video camera, and it accidentally fell to the ground. Rebecca was excited that the camera was useless. Sam was upset that he had lost the footage of Kay and Miguel's wedding. Rebecca remarked that Sam could use Fox's wedding with Kay to photoshop Miguel's head on to Fox's body. Sam was reeling and wanted to hit Rebecca, but Ivy held him back. Ivy and Sam questioned Rebecca about the tape and the fact that Rebecca was hiding something. Rebecca denied it.

As Gwen prepared to walk down the aisle, Ethan tried to focus on Gwen instead of the sudden urge to talk to Gertrude. Ethan started smiling glowingly, and Gwen wondered what was causing it, so she turned around and saw Gertrude (Theresa). Gwen mumbled to herself that if Gertrude did anything to prevent her and Ethan from being married, she would kill Gertrude. Ethan then told Father Lonigan that he was briefly halting the wedding. Gwen got worried and could not understand why Theresa could do such a thing after she had warned Theresa, except that Theresa was wearing earplugs, unbeknownst to Gwen. Everyone in the audience speculated that Ethan could not go through with the wedding due to his feelings for a supposedly dead Theresa. Ethan revealed that he could not get married without Sam and Ivy's presence and offered to switch places with Noah and Paloma because Father Lonigan could not delay the ceremony any longer.

Gwen went to look for Rebecca, while Ethan went to look for Ivy. Ethan tried to figure out why he was harboring thoughts of Gertrude. Gwen found Rebecca, and Rebecca filled Gwen in on the fact that their secret was on candid camera. Rebecca told Gwen that she broke the camera, so they were safe.

Ethan finally caught up with Sam and Ivy. He mentioned to Sam that he halted the wedding because they were missing. Sam became curious about why Ethan would stop his wedding to Gwen. Ethan admitted that he halted the ceremony because he was drawn to Gertrude since Gertrude reminded him of Theresa. Ivy asked Ethan if he was in love with Gertrude. Ethan said that he did not know, but he was drawn to Gertrude. It had nothing to do with her looks. It had more to do with Gertrude's personality resembling Theresa's. Ivy and Sam tried to convince Ethan that he was looking to find Theresa in everyone and that he had an obligation to his son. In addition, Ivy tried to convince Ethan to let Gertrude go and to stop mourning Theresa. Sam asked Ethan if he loved Gwen, and he said that he would never love Gwen the way he loved Theresa. Ethan agreed that he would not go back on his word, and would recommit with Gwen.

Rebecca reassured Gwen that no one would discover their secret, so Gwen should stop worrying.

Pilar questioned Gertrude regarding her decision to show up at the church, and Gertrude informed Pilar that the nun (Juanita) advised Gertrude to return to the church and pray. Theresa saw Antonio, and Pilar confirmed that Antonio was back from the dead. Theresa wished that there was a miracle that would bring her and Ethan back together.

As soon as Paloma and Noah's wedding was over, the church started to shake. It was an earthquake.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tabitha and Endora were trying to find Fluffy so they could leave Harmony and escape to Precious' place when the house started shaking. At first, Endora thought it might be Fluffy running downstairs. Then Tabitha assumed it was the boys in the basement coming back, but then she realized it was the beginning of the disaster that was predicted to kill the citizens of the town.

Juanita was outside at the seafood restaurant at the wharf when the ground started shaking. She assumed it was the bomb she had set exploding. Juanita figured Pilar and her family and friends were being blown to bits, or at least being crushed by the building falling down around them. Juanita was delighted that she had finally had her revenge.

Over at the church, Gwen and Rebecca worried that the shaking was God's wrath coming down on them for all the horrible things they'd done, or a sign of things to come. Meanwhile, the rest of the Harmony couples inside the church worried about what was happening. Pilar wondered if the shaking was the result of something Juanita did. When Gertrude fell to the floor, Ethan went to check on her. Gwen noticed and fumed that the whole world could be coming to an end and Theresa would still end up with Ethan instead of her.

The lights went out, and Father Lonigan told everyone to trust in the Lord and not be afraid, and right after he said it, the shaking stopped and the lights came back on. Noah assumed the earthquake had disrupted the power supply and that was why the lights went out in the first place. Ethan explained to Gertrude that Harmony had earthquakes before, and Theresa almost gave away her true identity by saying she remembered, but she quickly covered. Since the earthquake was over, Rebecca pushed for Ethan to hurry up and renew his vows with Gwen before anything else happened. Theresa realized she was about to lose Ethan forever.

Over at the docks, Juanita wondered why no ambulances were rushing to the scene of the church. When she heard the church bells ringing, she realized that her detonator did not work and the rumbling was just a coincidence. She decided to go to the church and set the timer herself before the weddings ended.

Rebecca tried to assuage Gwen's fears that she would lose Ethan by telling her she was about to walk down the aisle and recommit to Ethan-and Theresa would lose Ethan forever. While they were waiting for Gwen, Father Lonigan asked Ethan if he was able to talk to the person he was tempted to leave Gwen for, and Ethan said he didn't have to, because he realized he was searching for something that was lost forever. As Gwen walked down the aisle, she gloated to herself that she finally won Ethan over Theresa, and Ethan would be Gwen's forever. Theresa thought to herself without Ethan in her life, she was dead. She felt like she was watching her own funeral.

While watching the ceremony, Sam realized that Rebecca would be an in-law and he would have to wear a cup to every family get-together. Ivy was excited that Gwen would finally reclaim Ethan before he got any ideas about getting with Gertrude. Sheridan said Gwen was finally going have Ethan to herself, and Antonio said he'd always thought Ethan would end up with Theresa. Theresa felt like she was being tortured watching Gwen and Ethan renew their vows. Theresa couldn't stand to watch the ceremony, so she ran out of the chapel to pray for a way to win Ethan back. While she was praying, Juanita slipped into the church and headed to the basement to reset the bomb so it would detonate before the last wedding was over. Theresa spotted her and assumed her prayers had been answered and Juanita-who was disguised as a nun-would be able to help her get Ethan back.

At Tabitha's house, Endora noticed the rumbling stopped, too, and guessed that the disaster that was set to hit Harmony was averted and it wasn't the end after all. Tabitha said that the earthquake was a prelude to the end and, although she wasn't a witch anymore, she could sense when the end was near because she'd seen many disasters in her long life. Fluffy ran downstairs and got into his travel cage. Once Tabitha locked the door behind him, she rushed to the front door to leave, only to find it locked shut, along with the windows. They were trapped. Endora though the door and windows jammed from when the house shook before, but Tabitha said it was the result of a lock-down spell. Endora said her powers still worked, and she asked Tabitha to tell her what to do to get them out of there. Tabitha went over to the bowl for a local news update. Then, she realized that since she wasn't a witch, she couldn't access the bowl, so she asked Endora to do it. They saw hot lava spewing from the bowl, and Tabitha grabbed the fire extinguisher to put the flames out. When they looked in the bowl, Endora wondered where the hot lava came from. Tabitha said it came from hell.

Gertrude chased after Juanita to ask her to help her pray. Meanwhile, upstairs as Ethan was taking his vows, he thought to himself how he'd give anything to be standing there saying his vows to Theresa. Ivy told Sam not to worry because Ethan was doing the right thing. Little Ethan thought to himself how he'd give anything to have Ethan marry Theresa. Little Ethan asked Sam about the video camera, and Sam told him that the camera was broken, so Little Ethan tried to fix it. Rebecca gloated to herself over all that she and Rebecca were getting away with. Theresa followed Juanita into the basement and entered a room where the bomb was. She looked in the closet and saw it right away and screamed that it was a bomb.

Tabitha was shocked to see that Harmony would be hit by lava from a volcano. Endora didn't know the town had a volcano, and Tabitha told her how the witch Hecuba discovered the volcano after they arrived in Harmony on the boat. Tabitha explained to Endora that the prophecy was going to be fulfilled and everything and everyone in town would be destroyed for no good reason. Endora said there was always a reason. Tabitha told Endora to look into the magic bowl for the reason, and Endora saw a man at desk wearing cufflinks monogrammed with the initials J.Z. and he was pulling the feathers off a dead peacock. Endora told Tabitha to make the man stop, but Tabitha said it was too late even for direct intervention and it was the end for everyone.

Theresa ran out of the closet to warn everyone that Juanita planted a bomb in the basement, but she ran into Juanita. Upstairs, Rebecca was satisfied with herself, thinking how nothing could stop Gwen from being with Ethan. Sheridan told Antonio she remembered that they were so happy on St. Lisa's. Antonio said he made it through all those years he was held prisoner by holding his memories of Sheridan. Sheridan wondered if he would regret coming back to her when he heard all the bad things she did to try to hold onto Luis, and Antonio said he would forgive her. Paloma couldn't believe that Antonio was still alive, and Miguel said if only Theresa were alive. Paloma-who knew that Theresa was really Gertrude-said that if Antonio could come back from the dead, Theresa could, too.

Gertrude told Juanita about the bomb and urged her to go upstairs and tell everyone about it. Juanita revealed that she knew Gertrude was really Theresa. Juanita said she realized it was her at the seafood restaurant, and she removed her disguise and revealed herself, saying she would have the pleasure of killing Theresa twice. Juanita said Theresa wore the costume so Juanita couldn't recognize her, but Theresa said she wore the Gertrude disguise so she could be near her children and Ethan. Juanita said Theresa's family and friends were stupid for not recognizing Theresa. She said even Father Lonigan should have sensed that Gertrude was Theresa. Juanita didn't care that innocent people would die along with Pilar's family. Juanita was more interested in getting her revenge on Pilar, and afterwards Juanita planned to go back to Mexico to reclaim her role as head of the mob. Theresa told Juanita she wouldn't get away with it, because if she blew up the church, Juanita would be killed along with everyone else. Juanita said she would escape harm because she planned to leave before the bomb went off, but she planned to kill Theresa immediately to prevent her from warning the others.

Tabitha told Endora they had to leave Harmony before the volcano struck, but Endora was more worried about the rest of the people of Harmony. Tabitha said they still had to get out of the house, and since she lost her powers, it was up to Endora to get them out. Endora worried that her powers weren't strong enough since she still couldn't revert back from a teenager. After the first try, nothing happened, so she tried again, and still nothing. Then Tabitha realized they couldn't get out. Tabitha couldn't figure out a way for them to get out of the house.

Little Ethan was certain he could fix Sam's camera. Rebecca said Gwen owed her for saving their butts and she planned to come up with something special for payback. If Gwen didn't like it, Rebecca planned to blackmail Gwen instead. Luis tried to stop Pilar from worrying about Juanita. He said as soon as Gwen and Ethan renewed their vows, the family would leave Harmony immediately. After Father Lonigan asked the congregation if there was anyone who had reason believe Gwen and Ethan should not be reunited in marriage, Little Ethan fixed Sam's video camera. Pilar thought of many reasons why Gwen shouldn't marry Ethan, but she decided to stay silent, because she couldn't say anything without putting her family in danger.

Pilar was ready to accept that Gwen and Rebecca won, and she was glad that Theresa wasn't there to witness it. Downstairs, Juanita held a gun on Theresa, telling her that she would die in the basement next to the bomb, but Theresa had other plans. Theresa told Juanita that she'd survived being stabbed, shot, attacked by sharks, electrocuted, and even lethal injection, and she wasn't about to let some "bitch with a grudge" take her out. Juanita told Theresa that she was no match for Juanita.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, August 1, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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