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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 28, 2008 on GH
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Lucky and Nikolas met with Scott in his office. They tried to persuade him to take back his reward offer, but Scott refused. When Nikolas and Lucky shared their fears for Lulu's life, Scott was unmoved. He blamed Lulu for Logan's death and said she was as guilty as Johnny and might as well have stuck the knife in Logan herself. When Lucky pointed out that Logan had been behaving violently in front of witnesses in the days before his death, Scott retorted that Logan's behavior was no different from that of Luke when he was courting Laura. Both Lucky and Nikolas accused Scott of getting revenge on Luke and Laura by going after Lulu. Scott was again unmoved and remained determined to see both Johnny and Lulu punished for Logan's death.

Lourdes was in Sal's apartment and saw the reward offer for Lulu and Johnny on TV. She called Sal, but before he came to see what she wanted, she heard that Johnny's last name was Zacchara. She turned off the TV and kept the information she had just heard to herself instead of telling Sal what she had learned.

Johnny and Lulu were in the professor's apartment kissing, but Lulu had a flashback of killing Logan and pulled away. When Johnny wanted to know what was wrong, she said that being on the run was not as glamorous as her parents had led her to believe it would be. Johnny distracted Lulu by trying to teach her to play the piano.

Johnny and Lulu were laughing when Lourdes interrupted them. She said she wanted another piano lesson. Lulu was a little jealous and tried to send her away, but Johnny said it was okay. Lourdes started asking questions about Johnny's past and his activities while he lived in Chicago.

Sal heard the piano and entered the apartment. He told Lourdes that he could only afford one lesson a week. Lourdes said that was because the Zaccharas had killed her father. Johnny and Lulu were stunned when Sal said that Lourdes's father had owned a diner and was killed in a car accident when he refused to knuckle under to the Zaccharas. Johnny offered his sympathies to Sal and Lourdes, but Sal was upset and spilled out his desire to see the Zaccharas get what was coming to them. He said that he hoped that all the Zaccharas would be wiped off the face of the earth. Johnny and Lulu were dumbfounded.

Sonny visited Jason at the police station. He was not happy and criticized the way Jason was handling the business. When Jason asked if Sonny wanted to take the business back, Sonny said no, but reiterated that he thought Jason was losing control. Jason said that he had spent more than one night in the lockup before without harming the business. He told Sonny that Bernie was keeping him informed and he was on top of things.

Even though Jason said that the Zaccharas had been neutralized, Sonny continued to express his worries about business rivals. Sonny vented his anger and accused Jason of teaming up with Carly to take his children away because Jason and Carly wanted revenge and blamed him for Michael's shooting. Sonny told Jason that if he suffered half as many losses as Sonny had, Jason would understand Sonny's pain. Before Jason could respond, Sonny stormed out.

Diane got a court order for Jason's release. Mac was not pleased, but went away to process the order while Diane talked to Jason. Jason wanted to know if Sonny had said anything about rivals other than the Zaccharas at the meeting Diane had attended with Sonny earlier. Diane claimed client confidentiality and remained mum.

Ric and Claudia met in her apartment to discuss Johnny's case. Ric was convinced that he could put Logan's past violent behavior on trial and get Johnny off on a self-defense plea. Claudia wanted guarantees, but Ric could not give her any. Claudia threatened to tell her father that Ric knew of Logan's violent past but hired him as Anthony's caregiver anyway. She said that her father would kill Ric and that would take the heat off her. Ric said that she could tell Anthony, but if anything happened to Ric she was giving up her one chance to see Johnny go free.

Ric succeeded in convincing Claudia that he could help Johnny. He told her he wanted an ally within Anthony's circle. Claudia said that she didn't have much leverage with Anthony but she was willing to be his ally. She offered a handshake, but Ric wanted more. Claudia was incredulous to find out that Ric wanted to bed her, but she agreed on the condition that Ric get all charges against Johnny dismissed. She told Ric that on the day Johnny was freed from all charges, she would sleep with him. Before more could be said, Jason knocked on the door. When Jason saw Ric, he was ready to leave. He told Claudia that she could not trust Ric. He told her that Ric knew nothing about loyalty. In response, Ric taunted Jason with the news that Sonny was working with rival Karpov.

Carly stowed away on Jax's plane. She tried to seduce him as a way to repair their marriage. He was tempted, but rebuffed her initial advances. He told her that sex with her would not solve the problems in their marriage. He told her that he had separated from her because he needed some time to think. Carly continued her seductive ways and reminded Jax of how happy they were together and how much they loved each other. He told her that she was only putting him first because he had moved out.

Carly succeeded in seducing Jax, but after their passionate interlude, Jax said that making love together was not going to settle all their problems. He wanted to go to his business meeting, but Carly told him he would miss the meeting because she had asked the pilot to keep the plane circling instead of landing. That did not deter Jax who told Carly to buckle up. He grabbed a parachute and jumped out of the plane.

At the nurse's station, Patrick had words with Matt over the care of a patient, while Epiphany looked on. Matt wanted to operate, but Patrick wanted to wait. Patrick prevailed because he had treated the patient in the first place and had seniority.

Robin tried to convince Anna to go to the Eli Love concert, but Anna was still upset over the way Eli had shunned her with the press, and refused. She said that she would rather stick needles in her eyes than go to Eli's concert. Robin was convinced that Anna needed to go to the concert to show Eli what he was missing, but Anna refused and left the area. Robin shared her concerns with Noah and Patrick. She begged Noah to convince Anna to go to the concert.

Noah paged Anna and when she arrived on the scene, she told him that she would rather share a dinner with him and catch up than go to Eli's concert. Noah said he would love to do that, but he did not want Anna to use him as a way to hide from Eli Love.

Epiphany gave Matt a report that showed that the patient that he and Patrick had been discussing was responding to treatment and would not need surgery. This backed up what Patrick had told Matt earlier. When Matt made a sarcastic response about the all-knowing Dr. Drake, Epiphany responded that Matt might want to work with the members of the staff instead of working against them, because some of them had been patching up people at a time when Matt was still skinning his knees. Matt was left speechless.

Sam went to the clinic to meet Lucky. She pretended to have an arm injury and Nadine sent her to a treatment room where Lucky was waiting for her. She told Lucky that she had a lead and a potential job with a man named Karpov. Lucky wanted Sam to discontinue her attempt to get a piloting job while he investigated Karpov through police channels. Sam argued that she had an in and that getting her on the inside of the operation was the only way to stop the counterfeit drugs.

Nikolas walked in while they were discussing the situation. He, too, preferred that Sam not put herself in danger, but left the decision to Sam. Lucky was not happy, but Sam felt that she was the only one who could get the evidence necessary to stop the counterfeit drugs that were being distributed in Port Charles and she insisted on continuing her undercover work.

After Nikolas left, Sam told Lucky that for the first time in a long time she felt she had a purpose and a reason to get up in the morning. She begged him to trust her to get the job done without putting herself in a situation she could not handle.

Back at home, Sonny received a gift of vodka from Karpov. He gave two bottles to Max and told him it was a bribe. He told Max not to tell Jason about Karpov. Sonny went on to say that Jason blamed Sonny for Michael's shooting. He told Max that it would be better for everyone if Jason did not know about Sonny's involvement with Karpov.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In Claudia's apartment, Ric told Jason about Sonny dealing with Andre Karpov. Jason didn't believe Ric and pointed out how common his lies had been in the past. Before he stormed off, Jason warned Claudia to be careful of whom she allowed into her apartment. After Jason was gone, Claudia yelled at Ric for telling Jason about Sonny's business. Claudia realized Ric was only trying to goad Jason because Ric had issues with his brother. Ric tried to point out what a good deal it would be if Jason and Sonny would kill each other. Claudia acted as if she still didn't care, but she did agree to give Ric whatever he wanted if Johnny was returned unharmed and acquitted of all charges.

Jason immediately went back to his penthouse where Spinelli was thrilled to see him finally out of jail. Spinelli was put right to work, though, as Jason needed absolute proof as to whether Sonny was dealing with Andre Karpov or not. Spinelli could not find any information leading Karpov to Port Charles, until they stumbled across proof that Sasha, Andre's lead counsel, was staying at the Metro Court. Claudia knocked on the door, and Jason asked Spinelli to leave them so they could discuss business. Claudia knew Spinelli had been looking for proof about Sonny's possible business dealings. She was there to save Jason time and trouble. She had been at the restaurant when Karpov and Sonny first met. He basically blackmailed her into not saying anything to Jason. If Jason was grateful for the information, he didn't show any gratitude towards Claudia. Before Claudia left, she warned Jason he would have to make a decision to be a friend to Sonny or be a mob boss.

Max showed up at Eli Love's concert and Robin made sure all the final plans were complete. Eli Love was to be kidnapped at gunpoint in front of Anna. Robin was worried Anna wouldn't show up, but thankfully Anna came to the concert. Eli was thrilled to see her, and the concert started without a hitch. Everyone enjoyed the music, but at the end, a strange girl ran up on stage and leapt into Eli's arms. Anna was furious, but Robin managed to get her mother to wait with her by Eli's limousine for Patrick's arrival. When Eli appeared, a masked gunman tried to grab Eli. Anna thwarted the would-be attacker and impressed Eli with her moves.

Sal explained to Johnny and Lulu that the Zacchara family had killed his father. Johnny and Lulu were still unaware that Sal's sister knew their true identities, and she kept trying to bait them. Sal's sister showed them a picture of Johnny when he was young and said the professor had taught one of the Zacchara children how to play piano. Sal thought perhaps the professor had been threatened to teach piano to the child of the mob boss. After Sal and his sister left, Johnny told Lulu he had never seen first-hand the effects of the mob business. He had always sat by and allowed things to happen, but he wanted to change things. Johnny promised Lulu they would change their lives. As they hugged, Lulu heard Logan's voice tell her she would never get over him.

Jax was surprised when he came back to his hotel room to find Carly already there. Carly explained she knew her husband well and knew where he would be staying. She told the staff who she was and they allowed her into his room. Carly had pulled out all the stops, ordered a vintage wine and room service. When there was a knock at the door, Carly thought it was the strawberries and cream she had ordered. Giselle from Couture was there instead, though. Giselle made some ugly comments about Carly, and Carly left so Jax could continue his meeting. Later, Carly, wearing a short, tight red dress, came back to Jax's hotel room just as Giselle was leaving. Giselle told Jax that Carly had won this round and he should enjoy Carly's legs.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Robin met Anna at the Metro Court restaurant. Robin apologized for setting Anna up to foil the phony kidnapping of Eli Love. Anna said Robin she was her daughter and she loved her, but she also admitted that she felt humiliated when she found out the kidnapping attempt was a fake. Robin told her the main reason that she had staged it was to show Anna that she was Robin's hero. Anna was touched and told Robin that as long as she had Robin's love, nothing else mattered and she was not going to lose her self-confidence because of Eli Love.

Claudia and Ric also had a meeting at the Metro Court. Claudia wanted to know if Ric was going to tell Sonny that Jason knew about Sonny's involvement with Karpov. Ric wanted to know why she cared. Claudia said it was Karpov she was concerned about. She wanted to know if the reason that Ric had told Jason about Sonny and Karpov was so that Jason would kill Sonny. Ric asked if that would bother Claudia. Claudia said her only interest was Johnny. She told Ric that if he could get all the charges dropped against Johnny, she would go along with anything that Ric wanted.

Diane arrived at Sonny's and jumped to conclusions about the cause of Max's black eye. She thought Karpov or Jason had assaulted him. Sonny told Max to tell Diane the truth about what happened. He was humiliated when he told her that he got his butt kicked by a grandma. Once Diane got the full story, she sympathized with Max and offered to give him a massage. While Max went out to retrieve the massage table she carried in her car, Sonny wanted to know if Diane had told Jason about his involvement with Karpov. Diane cited client confidentiality and told Sonny that Jason had not heard about Karpov from her. Sonny told Diane that he wanted to stay behind the scenes and his only reason for meeting with Karpov was to protect Jason. Diane encouraged Sonny to tell Jason the truth, but Sonny said no.

Before more could be said, Karpov arrived. Max showed him in, but when Karpov was introduced to Diane and started giving her questionable compliments, Max jumped in and defended her honor. Max and Diane left Sonny and Karpov alone. Outside in the hall, Diane told Max how much she appreciated his spirited defense of her honor, but she feared for Max if he angered Karpov. Max scoffed. Diane worried that Sonny's involvement with Karpov could be viewed as disloyal and touch off a war between Jason and Sonny. Inside the study, Sonny continued to insist that Karpov not do anything to interfere with Jason's business.

Eli Love went to the hospital looking for Anna and refused to leave, even when his managers insisted. When he asked Epiphany about Robin, she was very short with him. She asked if he was ill. When he said no, she told him to stop wasting her time. Eli insisted that Robin was the only one who could convince Anna. Epiphany said that Anna was already convinced that Eli was "an ass." Eli did not understand her animosity. He thought that it was understandable that he was freaked out by Anna's grandmotherly status, but he wanted to set the record straight. He told Epiphany how impressed he had been by Anna's actions in his defense on the previous evening and he wanted to talk to her. He told his managers that he was not going anywhere without seeing Anna.

Eli was still at GH when Anna and Robin got there. Robin tried to shield Anna from Eli, but he insisted that he had things to say to her. Anna said that she had heard everything that he had to say, but Eli persisted. He told her that he wanted her in his life. He thanked her for saving him, and then he told her that he could handle her being a grandmother, but he could not handle her walking out of his life. Before Anna could answer, a woman appeared with a young boy and told Eli that she had brought his son to see him.

Anna looked on as Eli's manager told the young woman, whose name was Trish, to leave. He told her that she knew the deal, that if she came anywhere near Eli, she would forfeit child support. Trish sent her son, Elijah, to the waiting area to play with his toy cars, while she spoke with Eli. Robin joined Elijah and tried to make conversation, but he was withdrawn. Patrick came over to assist. Patrick was very helpful and demonstrated his parenting skills as he and Robin talked to Elijah about the cars. Robin was very impressed with Patrick's ability to have a conversation with Elijah without talking down to him.

While Anna and various hospital staff members looked on, Trish told Eli that she was not there because she wanted more money, but because her son, Elijah, wanted to meet his father. Eli told her that a half hour in a tour bus did not make him a father. He told her that he gave her plenty of money to take care of the boy. Eli asked Trish what it would take to get her and her son out of his life.

Jax and Carly woke up in his Montreal hotel room together. Carly was determined to fix what was wrong in their marriage, but Jax wanted time to think. Jax prepared to leave for a business meeting, but before he could go, Carly handcuffed them together so that he could not leave the room without her. Jax was not amused. He accused Carly of not taking his business seriously. She said she did, but when he asked her to release him from the handcuffs, she could not locate the key. Jax called a locksmith. Carly gloated when the locksmith told Jax how lucky he was to have an adventurous wife.

After the locksmith left, Jax was very displeased with Carly because her stunt had kept him from an important meeting. Jax was adamant that he did not want Carly interfering with his business. He told her that he had several meetings scheduled around the globe during the next few days and if she continued to show up it would make their situation worse. He told her that he had separated from her because he had to think. Carly insisted that she loved Jax and would do whatever it took to keep their marriage together. Jax was not so sure that it could be salvaged. He said that love might not be enough to keep them together. A tearful Carly kissed Jax lovingly and told him that she would wait for him at home, and that if he decided to come back early she would welcome him with open arms. Carly left the hotel room as Jax stood by with a resigned expression on his face.

In the professor's apartment, Johnny and Lulu, neither of whom had any experience cooking a meal, decided to make their own dinner from a magazine recipe instead of getting take-out. While they prepared the meal, Johnny told Lulu that until he had heard what Sal and Lourdes had to say, he had never thought about the awful things that his family did in the name of "business." They were having a good time talking and taking care of the vegetables until Lulu picked up a knife to cut carrots. She had a flashback to stabbing Logan and became frenzied. She wanted to go to the police and admit to killing Logan. Johnny again repeated all the reasons that it would be a bad idea. He told Lulu that she had done what she had to do to save her life. Johnny told her that they should enjoy the moments they had together instead of worrying about a future they could not control. Lulu was momentarily convinced but lost interest in cooking. Later, Johnny whipped up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for her and they shared a happy moment.

Karpov showed up at Jerry's hotel room. He wanted to know if Jerry could be trusted to do business with him if the business conflicted with Jerry's relationship to Jax or Alexis. Jerry told Karpov that his in with Alexis put him in a perfect position to know what the police were doing. He also told Karpov that they would need all the help they could get moving product through Jason's territory. A smug Karpov told Jerry that having Sonny in his pocket was all the insurance he needed because Jason would not lift a hand against him as long as Sonny was on his payroll.

At the clinic, Nadine told Sam that she was doing some undercover work of her own because she suspected that Matt was involved with the drug ring, but Nikolas interrupted and told her that she was not to try to get information out of Matt. Nadine responded that Nikolas had no control over her and she could do what she wanted. Lucky arrived to see Sam, so Nikolas and Nadine went back to work. Sam and Lucky talked about the case. Lucky wanted Sam to back off, but Sam would not. She got a phone call about the piloting job and left to meet her potential boss.

Elsewhere in the clinic, Nadine was busy convincing Matt that she needed money, but Nikolas overheard and told her in front of Matt that he was giving her a $2,000 a week raise. That effectively ended her efforts to convince Matt that she would do anything to earn money.

Sonny responded to Ric's call and met him at the Metro Court. Ric wanted to know how Sonny was dealing with his separation from his boys. Sonny told him he was trying to focus on the positive. Ric wanted to know if Sonny was tempted to get back in the mob. Sonny asked if Ric was fishing for information or offering him a job. Ric said he would be happy to offer Sonny a job with the Zaccharas, but that it was not up to him. He added that he did not think Sonny would like working with Anthony. Sonny agreed and said that he had stepped aside for a reason and that Jason did not need his help.

When Ric asked how that made Sonny feel, Sonny wanted to know what it was that Ric really wanted to know. Ric said that Sonny had brought Jason along and had given the business to Jason. Ric said that kind of power caused people to change. He asked Sonny if Jason was still loyal to him or if Jason would eventually see Sonny as a threat. Before Sonny could answer, Claudia joined them. She said that she was glad that they were both together because it was time to get everything out in the open. Ric looked uncomfortable and Sonny looked warily at both Ric and Claudia.

Nikolas was in the stables at Wyndemere when Nadine confronted him. She was angry because he had spoiled her plan to spy on Matt. She told him he had no right to tell her what to do. He disagreed and said that he would not stand by and see another person he cared about get hurt. Nadine was pleased and wanted to know if, in fact, Nikolas cared about her.

Sam returned to the clinic to report on the meeting with her prospective employer. She told Lucky that she had secured the job to pilot the goods. Lucky told Sam to call him as soon as she knew where the landing would be made, so he could stake it out and get the police involved, but Sam insisted that the cops stay away from the delivery site.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

At General Hospital, Eli was having a bitter argument with a woman who claimed that Eli was the father of her son. Anna, annoyed by Eli's callous treatment of the woman in front of the child, asked Epiphany to take Elijah away. Once the young boy was out of sight, Anna delivered a vicious kick to Eli's jaw. Eli collapsed to the ground. He soon found that there was little sympathy for his plight. No one went to his aid. Patrick bent down and admonished Eli for his behavior. He accused Eli, and men like him, for giving women a false impression of men who want to be fathers to their children. Noah, who had joined the onlookers, was impressed by what his son had said. After Eli was carted away by his handlers, Noah took a moment to let his son know that he was proud of him.

Later, at the hospital, Robin was preoccupied with the idea of her mother spending time with Noah. She asked Patrick to call his father to find out where Noah had taken Anna for dinner. Patrick refused the request and suggested that he and Robin spend time alone together. Robin couldn't stop worrying about her mother, so she excused herself and walked away.

At the park, Anna and Noah talked. Anna realized that perhaps her attraction to Eli stemmed from the fact that he looked like Noah. Noah decided to test the theory by leaning down and kissing Anna.

At Wyndemere's stables, Nadine was thrilled with Nikolas' admission that he cared for her. That was until Nikolas clarified that he viewed Nadine as a sister. Nadine was offended and let Nikolas know it. She felt that Nikolas, saying that he cared for her as a sister, implied that he did not view Nadine as an equal. She ranted a bit, warned him not to call her cute next and then stormed off. Nikolas looked perplexed by the entire exchange.

A short time later, Lucky caught up to his brother at the stables. Lucky was worried about Lulu and feared that he would never see Lulu alive again. Nikolas said he was confident that Lulu would be fine. Nikolas reminded Lucky that Johnny's family prepared for emergencies and that Lulu was not actually a hostage. Nikolas' words managed to calm Lucky down. Nikolas then began talking about Nadine. He told Lucky that Nadine reminded him of all of them, the four musketeers, when they were younger. Nikolas went on to admit that Nadine's behavior made him miss Emily. Lucky seemed to understand and confessed that he missed Liz at times, too.

Jason paid Monica a visit in rehab. When he walked into her room, he noticed that her suitcase was on the bed and opened. Monica explained that she was about to be released. Jason was happy for her. He told her that he had stopped by to see Monica because he wanted to let her know that he wouldn't see much of her once she was back home. Monica realized that he had made the decision to protect her from his lifestyle. Monica let Jason know that he had other options, but Jason didn't want to discuss them. Monica refused to give up. She told Jason that Sonny was not a loyal or honorable man. Monica felt that Sonny didn't deserve Jason's loyalty.

Jason returned to his office where Spinelli was attending to a plant. When Jason came in, Spinelli sensed that his friend was troubled. Jason told Spinelli about his decision to stay away from Monica. Spinelli was reluctant to share some troubling information that he had discovered, but realized that he didn't have a choice. Jason was quiet as Spinelli told him that he had found a money link between Karpov and Sonny. Spinelli worried that Sonny had betrayed Jason.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Claudia interrupted a talk between Sonny and Ric. Ric didn't seem pleased by Claudia's untimely visit and tried to shoo her away. Claudia refused to be dismissed. She reminded Ric that he worked for her family and that her interest lay solely in protecting her brother. Claudia found it disconcerting to see Ric talking to Sonny, given Sonny's history. Claudia then began talking about trust. She felt that the three of them couldn't trust each other very much. Ric walked away after they all engaged in some verbal sparing and veiled threats. Once Ric was gone, Sonny warned Claudia that he did not appreciate her dangling threats about his business with Karpov. He then stepped away to take a call. When Sonny returned to the table, Claudia was still seated. She correctly guessed that Sonny had been on the phone with Karpov. Sonny insisted that he was protecting Jason, but Claudia didn't believe him. She accused him of being out for revenge because Jason had helped Carly take Sonny's sons away.

At the safe house, Johnny and Lulu encountered a problem with Lourdes. First Lourdes asked Lulu leading questions that worried Lulu. She felt that Lourdes's crush on Johnny could pose a problem. Johnny disagreed and was confident that he had matters well in hand. He changed his mind when Lourdes returned to the apartment and asked for a piano lesson. With Lulu out of the room, Lourdes called Johnny by his real name instead of Joe. Johnny tried to deny it but Lourdes told him about the news conference that she had seen on television. She also revealed that his father had murdered her father. If her brother learned that Joe was really Johnny, Sal would kill Johnny, but Lourdes promised to keep the secret. Lulu overheard the entire exchange.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward prepared for Monica's return home. As he ordered Alice to remind Cook to prepare all of Monica's favorite foods, Scott Baldwin barged in and began making threats. He demanded to know where Lulu was and warned everyone that they would be charged with aiding and abetting if they did not cooperate. Tracy found the threats ludicrous and accused Scott of not caring about his son when he was alive. Alice suggested that Scott's determination to hunt Lulu down was an excuse to carry on his grudge with Luke. Before Scott could respond, Monica walked in and everyone fell silent. It didn't last long. Scott soon picked up where he left off, until Monica ordered Alice to throw Scott out. Monica warned Scott not to return unless he had a warrant. After Scott left, Tracy asked Monica how it felt to be home. Monica responded, "Like I walked into a house of morons."

At the clinic, Matt caught Nadine checking meds and behaving suspiciously. Nadine tried to work Matt. She told him about her sister's sordid past and then began talking about money. When Matt reminded Nadine that Nikolas had just given her a hefty raise, Nadine said that it hadn't compared to what her sister had been offered. Nadine seemed on the verge of convincing Matt that she would be willing to engage in shady dealings for money when Nikolas walked in and broke up the meeting. He sent Matt away while Nadine remained behind with Nikolas. She was clearly furious. Nikolas didn't seem bothered by her anger. He told her, in no uncertain terms, to stop her investigation, and then walked off.

Friday, August 1, 2008

While Maxie was busy at work, Dr. Hunter came in and demanded his garage door opener back. Maxie denied having it and asked where her tofu was. Dr. Hunter admitted he had thrown out the gelatinous glob and eaten Mac's bologna. Maxie wanted Dr. Hunter out of the house, but the new doctor said the house was too perfect to leave. It was close to work and it bothered Maxie. "What could be more perfect?" he asked.

Spinelli discovered another wire transfer from Andre Karpov to Sonny. When Jason found out, he asked Diane how long she had known about Sonny's involvement with Andre Karpov. Diane reminded Jason her relationships with both men were strictly confidential. Now that he knew the truth, though, Diane admitted she begged Sonny to tell Jason the truth. Sonny felt everything he was doing was in Jason's best interest. When Jason and Diane left, Spinelli went back to work looking for information on Andre and Sonny. Maxie soon came in and vented her frustrations about Dr. Hunter living in Georgie's old room. She wanted Spinelli's help to blackmail the doctor into leaving the house. When Maxie saw the name Andre Karpov on Spinelli's computer, she asked her friend if the man he was researching was dangerous. Maxie realized something about Mr. Karpov deeply disturbed Spinelli, so she begged him to confide in her. Spinelli did reveal Andre's dealings with Sonny and suddenly understood Jason's reasons for having left Liz. Spinelli realized the only way to keep Maxie safe was to stay away from her.

At the clinic, Nadine was still upset Nikolas was not allowing her to help investigate Dr. Hunter. Liz came in to speak with Nikolas, so Nadine gave them some privacy. Liz and Nikolas didn't realize Lucky and Sam were in a nearby exam room and were able to hear their conversation. Liz told Nikolas she was worried about Lucky. She knew both Nikolas and Lucky were worried about finding Lulu, but Lucky was at the police station all day long listening to Scott Baldwin throwing out accusations against Lulu. Liz realized Lucky would not vent his frustrations to Nikolas, but Liz felt Sam was the best person for Lucky during the stress of Lulu's kidnapping. Although Liz didn't trust Sam, she knew the other woman was good for Lucky. Both Lucky and Sam were surprised to hear Liz's confession. Once everyone was gone, Nadine received a call from Leyla that Dr. Hunter would be in surgery for at least four hours. Nadine immediately asked for Leyla's help and she soon arrived at the clinic. Nikolas interrupted the two women when he heard Nadine talking about breaking into the Scorpio house. He told them that breaking and entering the police commissioner's house was not a good idea.

Later, Liz and her boys prepared a picnic for Lucky. Jason approached them in the park and Liz offered Jake for Jason to hold. Jason refused the chance to hold his child. Monica saw them and commented what a perfect picture they all made together. Jason quickly left but not before Monica noticed the way he looked at Liz. Monica told Liz she had always envied Audrey for having two great-grandchildren. Monica and Alan had hoped for the best for Michael, but realized she would never see him grow up. Liz apologized for Monica's loss and the older woman soon left. When Lucky showed up to the picnic, he was surprised at the nice gesture from Liz. He told her she didn't need to worry about him, but she said she just wanted him to have some time with the boys. Lucky realized he was a lucky man to have such a wonderful family.

Sonny and Andre were in the middle of a meeting at Sonny's house when Kate came home from Paris. She burst into the living room and a very nervous Sonny introduced his fiancée to Andre. Kate didn't realize Andre was a mobster, so she thought Sonny was involved in legitimate business dealings. As soon as Andre left, Sonny and Kate started to kiss and talk about the wedding. Sonny felt Kate was more interested in planning the wedding of the century than marrying him, but Kate quickly corrected him. Before they could get too passionate, Kate's cell phone buzzed and she rushed off to work.

While Kate was gone, Mike showed up to thank Kate for the new cuff links and tuxedo. Sonny asked his father to be the best man at his wedding, and Mike agreed. Sonny mentioned how much he missed being in power, and Mike related Sonny's addiction to the mob with his own addiction to gambling. Mike was proud of his son for finally being able to walk away-something Mike had never been able to do. Once Mike was gone, Sonny realized he couldn't wait any longer for Kate to come home. He went to Crimson to convince Kate to come home and he did so effortlessly. When Kate and Sonny arrived home, they walked into the living room and saw Jason. He needed to speak with Sonny.

Andre Karpov left his meeting with Sonny and went back to the warehouse. Jerry was waiting for him and said the shipment went off without a hitch. Andre said that shipment was nothing. They could all be rich if Jerry wanted to help with the big stuff. Jerry was concerned about Jason Morgan, but Andre said he had been taken care of. Later, Sam showed up at the warehouse and Jerry caught her.

Lulu was freaked out about Lourdes knowing the truth about her and Johnny's identity. Johnny felt the girl's crush could work in their favor. Lulu pointed out that Lourdes could reveal their secret to Sal if Johnny didn't return her advances. When Lourdes showed up early for a lesson, Johnny asked Lulu to go run some errands. Lourdes wanted to know about Johnny's childhood, so he talked a bit about being a spoiled brat. He never realized the hurt his family had caused for other families, like Lourdes and Sal. Johnny's goal was to find proof that he had killed Logan in self-defense so he and Lulu could go back to their normal lives. Lourdes offered to teach him Spanish in case he needed to go to Mexico. Later, when Lulu came back she hugged Johnny and thought she saw a dead Logan standing behind Johnny.

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