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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 28, 2008 on GL
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Monday, July 28, 2008

At Cedars, Billy and Vanessa greeted Bill in the lobby. Billy was anxious to see Max, but Bill stammered to find a reason that Billy couldn't. Finally Vanessa whispered, "He's not a Lewis," and Bill proceeded to explain that Max could possibly be Remy's son. Bill told his parents that the governor's seat was important but what meant most in the world was Bill's family. Billy asked him whether Ava and Remy had feelings for one another. Bill said it'd been a one-night stand, but Vanessa disagreed. She'd seen Ava and Remy together and they appeared to have feelings for each other. Bill insisted Remy wasn't a factor. After an awkward silence, Vanessa said she and Billy were proud of Bill for wanting to raise Max. Bill said everything was fine, and walked away. Billy worriedly wondered if Vanessa had bought what Bill had said. Vanessa replied, "Oh, not for a minute."

In Ava's room, Jeffrey sat down with his distraught daughter and apologized because his phone hadn't been receiving a signal. Ava murmured that she had to tell him something about the baby. When Ava said the baby looked a lot like Remy, Jeffrey was slow to understand what she meant. Once he did, Ava explained that Bill wanted to raise Max without Remy's interference. Grimacing, Jeffrey said Ava really needed her mother. With Olivia still delayed in Canada, Jeffrey decided to do his best for Ava. Jeffrey tried to cheer Ava up, telling her that he was engaged to Reva again. He said marrying Reva just felt right. When he asked Ava how she felt, she whimpered that she was really confused.

Meanwhile Remy tried to slip into pre-natal care to see Max; however, Lillian and the attending physician informed him that he had been barred from the area by court order. Remy later discovered that he'd been suspended from his job as well. Remy saw Jeffrey exit Ava's room. When Jeffrey tried to congratulate him on fatherhood, Remy was too frustrated by Bill's alleged sabotage to accept. Remy was angry because he'd thought his job would give him a way to offer Ava something. Remy asked Jeffrey if he had seen Max and if Max were okay. Jeffrey said the baby was undergoing tests. He asked Remy what exactly he'd offer Ava. Remy replied that he loved her and she loved him. Remy rhetorically asked if that were enough and then left.

Remy met Mel at Company to tell her that Bill had gotten him suspended and barred from the hospital. Mel said she would do anything she could for Remy. Mel expressed concern, though, because Bill was listed on the birth certificate as Max's father. Remy left and hid in the backseat of Bill's SUV. When Bill got inside the car, Remy accused Bill of having him suspended from his EMT job. Bill said Remy had gotten himself suspended. Bill told Remy that Ava was his wife and that Max was his son. Bill wondered what it would take to make Remy leave them alone. "My son," Remy replied, and then exited the car.

Meanwhile Vanessa watched Max through the visitor window. Mel came out of the room where Max was to warn Vanessa that if Bill got in Remy's way, he'd be sorry. Mel said she'd allowed someone else to ruin her family with Rick, but she wouldn't let Bill ruin her brother Remy's chance to be a father. Vanessa said Mel didn't know her very well. If Mel messed with Bill, that meant she messed with Vanessa as well. Vanessa vowed to protect her son, Bill, and advised Mel not to cross her.

Bill went to the mansion to gather some things for Ava. Billy came into the parlor and Bill said he was picking Ava up later. Billy wondered if Bill had really thought things through. Billy pointed out that Ava had gone for an anonymous donor. Remy, however, was not anonymous, and Remy knew he was Max's father. Bill still insisted that Remy would not interfere and no one would take Max from Bill. Billy gave Bill some baby shoes and other items that Bill had worn when he was an infant and Billy suggested Max wear those things home. Billy said he'd seen Max and, "He's a fighter, just like his dad."

Over at Cross Creek, Josh tried to make himself at home, but a frustrated Reva kept telling him that he needed to leave. Looking at their "Always and forever" carving on the mantle, Josh proclaimed that he and Reva always wound up back together. When Reva insisted that she was marrying Jeffrey before the end of the month, Josh swept her into his arms, replying, "Say it again, Reva, but this time make me believe it." He then passionately kissed her.

Reva grabbed Josh and his flowers and tried to toss out both. Josh wouldn't go, saying the movie had made him realize his mistakes. Reva decided Josh was wearing his collar a little too tightly and said Josh needed to leave so that she could go see her future stepdaughter, Ava. When Reva insisted that she loved Jeffrey, Josh reminded her that she'd driven off a bridge for Josh and afterward, Josh had searched the whole world to find Reva. Reva rolled her eyes, saying that she'd been sick back then. He said that wherever Reva registered her wedding, she'd better make sure they accepted returns. Josh smugly told her that each time she said she loved Jeffrey, he was going to prove to her that she really loved Josh. Reva threw him out and he peeked into the windows, saying he'd prove that they had a future.

Reva went to the hospital to visit Ava and found her sobbing in bed. Reva offered to take Ava to see Max, but Ava replied that she didn't want to. Taking Ava into her arms, Reva asked her how she felt. Ava hopelessly said she didn't know. Reva cradled Ava as Ava cried. Ava loved the baby and she loved his father; however, she sobbed that she wished the baby was gone and she could disappear. Later Reva found Jeffrey outside trying to reach Olivia. Reva told Jeffrey that she thought Ava had postpartum depression. Jeffrey didn't seem to understand the seriousness of that condition and Reva explained that Ava could hurt herself or Max. She urged Jeffrey to send Ava to a clinic in Chicago that could help her with the condition. Reva said it was the perfect time for Ava to go, since the baby had to remain under medical care at Cedars. She felt Ava could get the help she needed before the baby was released.

Jeffrey was unsure of what to do. He talked on the phone briefly with Olivia while he was at Company. He told her about Ava's depression and Max's paternity. He urged Olivia to hurry back because they needed her. When Jeffrey looked up, he saw Ava dragging herself through the restaurant in her hospital gown. He promptly got off the phone and followed her. Stopping Ava on the boardinghouse steps, he asked her what she was doing out of the hospital. Ava uttered that she didn't know. Jeffrey led her away, saying that she needed help and he was going to get it for her.

Back at the hospital, Ava was unsure about leaving Max so she could go to the clinic, wondering what kind of mother she'd be to leave her child. Jeffrey said she'd be the kind that wanted to make sure her child was in good hands when he was released. He said he'd take her to Chicago and that Max had Bill, Billy, Vanessa, Olivia, and Reva to take care of him. "And Remy," Ava added. Jeffrey agreed and then left while Ava got dressed. Reva awaited him in the hallway and told him that he was brave and heroic to take those steps for his daughter.

Remy was outside in the hallway watching the baby in neo-natal care when Ava walked up with a blank look in her eyes. Remy hugged her. She laid her head on his shoulder without hugging him back. Ava told Remy about the clinic. He said they had a child and neither of them could leave. Ava uttered that she couldn't stay. Remy wondered if he could visit her and then he asked her not to go. Ava said, "I need you to be the father. Take care of the baby." Remy sobbed that he couldn't. Ava wordlessly walked away with Jeffrey. She glanced one last time at Max in the incubator and then Jeffrey led her away. Remy sank to the floor crying. A few moments later Mel presented Remy with the hospital visitation list for Max. It showed Remy's name at the bottom. Remy hugged Mel and then dressed in hospital garb. Mel watched through the window as Remy went into neo-natal and looked into Max's chamber.

Vanessa called Bill to tell him that Jeffrey had taken Ava to Chicago to treat her depression. Bill wanted to stop Jeffrey, but Vanessa warned him not to. She said Ava really needed the help; however, Max needed Bill. Bill arrived in the hospital parking lot in time to see Jeffrey driving off with Ava.

Meanwhile Reva found solace on a bench near the lake. A hand touched her and she seemed grateful to feel it. She opened her eyes and got upset to see Josh standing near her. She said she didn't want any more stories about him winning her back. Josh said okay and sat beside her. Reva asked him to tell her some stories about Shayne when he'd been little. Josh asked, "What's this all about?" Reva burst into tears, saying that she missed her little boy. Josh hugged her. Reva laid her head in Josh's lap and he made her laugh with funny stories about their son.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jeffrey seemed worn when he pulled up to Cedars that afternoon. He visited Max in the neo-natal care center to tell him that Ava would come home soon and take good care of him. In the meantime, he said Max was stuck with him. Afterward, Jeffrey went home to Cross Creek to tell Reva how things had gone at the clinic. He sighed that parenting was tough. Reva thought "grandparenting" wasn't a picnic either. She kissed his hand and assured him that everything would be fine. Later Reva presented him with a "to do" list that was devised to shape Cross Creek up for their wedding. Reva wondered if they should invite Cassie, and Jeffrey, in turn, asked if she planned to invite Josh. Reva said no way and then Jeffrey wondered about Hawk. Just then Hawk showed up. Right in front of Jeffrey, Hawk said Reva needed to put a hold on those wedding plans because Josh wanted her back. Reva apologized to Jeffrey for Hawk's behavior. Jeffrey said it was okay because Hawk was, "About as subtle as a category five hurricane." Reva asked her father to take a walk with her to talk. Jeffrey handed Reva a hammer, saying, "Just in case."

Once alone, Hawk said he was old and felt the movie had been his last chance to fix things for Reva and Josh. Reva said the movie had affected her and she'd been confused about Josh. However, surviving cancer had made her a different person. Even though she and Jeffrey hadn't been serious at first, she realized that Jeffrey provided her with what she needed. Still Hawk said he had a feeling in his bones. Reva called it osteoporosis and told him to leave.

Reva returned to the house to find Jeffrey on his way out. He said he planned to work on Grady's case. Daisy was a crucial link and he needed her testimony. Though Reva thought Daisy might lie on the stand to protect G, she said she'd help convince Daisy to cooperate. She apologized for Hawk again and said she was happy with Jeffrey.

At Towers, Jeffrey encountered Cyrus and informed him that he planned to do everything within his power to put G behind bars. Cyrus vowed to do all he could to keep G free. Jeffrey said he'd tell the lead detective on the case about Cyrus' plans. When Cyrus guessed that the detective was Marina, Jeffrey said, "You know what they say about a woman scorned." Afterward, Cyrus went to Company and told Buzz that he was concerned about Marina getting hurt. Cyrus asked Buzz to convince Marina to take herself off Grady's case, reasoning that it'd be hard for Marina to have to deal with Cyrus and with Tammy's death while on the case. Buzz retorted that Cyrus was only worried that Marina wouldn't stop working until Grady was behind bars. He declined to help Cyrus and told him to get out of his restaurant.

Meanwhile Jeffrey paid Hawk a visit at the Beacon to settle the matter about Reva. Hawk rolled up his sleeves, saying, "This is the way we settle things in Oklahoma." Jeffrey creased his brows and said he wasn't going to fight Hawk. He'd come to ask Hawk for Reva's hand in marriage. Hawk promptly slammed the door in his face. Jeffrey left but soon returned with a vintage bottle of bourbon. He staged a sit-in outside Hawk's door. Jeffrey yelled inside to Hawk that Reva meant a lot to him and he'd stay there until Hawk was convinced. Hawk yelled back that Reva would return to Josh; however, when Jeffrey said he'd had his own daughter troubles and he'd hate to waste the vintage bottle of bourbon he'd brought, Hawk promptly opened the door and handed Jeffrey an ice bucket. Hawk said he was a father, too, and perhaps he could give Jeffrey advice over a drink. Jeffrey and Hawk got drunk while exchanging Reva stories. Hawk finally said that Jeffrey really did love Reva. Jeffrey nodded, saying, "I do. I really do." Meanwhile Reva called Jeffrey and was astonished to hear Hawk in the background when Jeffrey answered. She wondered if they were drunk and then she heard Hawk say, "Come on, son. I just poured you another." Jeffrey hurried off the line, but Reva held the phone, dumbfounded that Hawk had referred to Jeffrey as "son."

Meanwhile Frank had returned home. At Company, he informed Buzz that he hadn't been able to locate Harley or Rafe. When Buzz asked about Daisy, Frank said he'd had to bring her home but he'd hired a cop to watch over her. Inside Company, the cop seemed determined to follow Daisy everywhere. Daisy asked the cop not to follow her into the bathroom and then went inside. She sneaked out the bathroom window. Later, G found Daisy on a bench outside and kissed her. He welcomed her back to town and said Cyrus was nearby. He planned to get ditch Cyrus and said he'd meet Daisy later at the gazebo in the park. When Daisy went to Olivia's gazebo in the park, Reva walked up, wondering where the guard Frank had assigned Daisy was. Daisy said she ditched him after he'd tried to hit on her. Reva didn't buy that and decided to take Daisy to Tammy's grave for a reality check.

As Reva put flowers on Tammy's grave, Daisy's phone rang. Reva told her not to answer it considering where they were. Upset, Daisy said it was G, and G felt remorse for Tammy's death. According to Daisy, G came to Tammy's grave often to put flowers on it. She said Reva didn't want to hear good things about G. Reva asked Daisy what G's allure was. Reva understood that he was attractive, but G had taken Daisy on the ride that killed Tammy and then he'd left Daisy at the scene. Reva wondered if that were the type of man Daisy wanted to love. Reva urged Daisy to testify against G in court, but Daisy said she didn't have any information to testify about. Reva told her that she did and insisted Daisy would be protecting herself by testifying.

Reva dropped Daisy off at the station, but Daisy didn't stay there long. Frank told his guard to watch Daisy the following day, but Daisy told Frank that she was eighteen and knew the law. She wouldn't live with family anymore. Instead she decided she'd move in with Ashlee. Daisy left and then found Ashlee on a blanket in the park. When she pitched the idea of them living together, Ashlee had her reservations, the biggest being that Daisy didn't have rent money; however, Daisy easily persuaded Ashlee to let her move into Ashlee's apartment.

As they talked, Daisy wondered how many text messages one could ignore before the texter got upset. Ashlee asked who was text messaging Daisy. When Daisy said G was, Ashlee seemed disturbed that Daisy was still seeing G. Daisy wasn't sure if she'd continue dating G, but she said her family wouldn't make that choice for her. Ashlee figured that Daisy only wanted to live with her because of G. Daisy denied it but said G wouldn't get in Ashlee's way if he happened to visit. Ashlee felt used, saying Daisy only wanted a place to shack up with G. Daisy replied that she didn't have anywhere to stay and Frank was having her stalked by the police. Ashlee told Daisy that Daisy knew those things were happening because G was bad for Daisy. Ashlee felt she had enough problems in her own life that she didn't have the energy to deal with Daisy's. Daisy decided she'd find someone else to live with and a new best friend as well. Ashlee agreed that Daisy did need to find a new best friend and she stalked off.

Meanwhile Reva returned home and found G awaiting her inside. He opened her front door and stood on the threshold as she walked up. G accused Reva of being the reason that Daisy wasn't returning his messages. Reva said Daisy did what she wanted to do, and G replied, "So long as it's what you tell her to do." Reva admitted having a talk with Daisy at Tammy's grave and hoped what she'd said to Daisy was finally sinking in. By the time G's trial came around, Reva predicted that Daisy would see him as a bad memory. G thought Reva just had a personal vendetta against him. Reva suggested he tell the jury about the reason for the vendetta. She told him to explain to the jury how it wasn't his fault that he'd killed her niece on a dark road when he'd been aiming for Reva's son and then left her granddaughter stoned in the wrecked car. G wondered if Reva thought she could actually get away with setting him up and causing Daisy to turn against him. He said it was bad karma and what went around came back around. Reva retorted that she hoped it did come back around. G said, "Me, too, Granny. Me, too." Reva skirted by him into her house and slammed the door in his face.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

G called Daisy while she was in her school's locker room after taking a shower. She told him that she'd moved in with a friend named Lauren and they were about to go to the pool. G said Reva was trying to turn Daisy against him. Daisy said that wasn't going happen; however, she abruptly ended the call with G, leaving him confused on the other end. After Daisy put her phone away, a teacher entered the locker room and wondered why Daisy was in there. Daisy lied and said she'd missed P.E. class. Later Daisy was at her car when Marina approached. Marina figured out that Daisy was living in her car and said doing so was dangerous. Daisy replied that she couldn't live with their family because she didn't trust them. Marina offered to let Daisy stay at her place, but Daisy didn't want to live with Marina unless Marina treated her as an adult. Marina agreed but said she was still going to watch out for Daisy. Smiling, Daisy said she'd see Marina at her place later that night. Marina went to the station where she found that Mallet had left flowers on her desk. She told him that she'd taken Daisy in after finding her living in her car.

Throughout the day, Cyrus pursued Marina with an agenda. Unbeknownst to Marina, he purposely bumped into her and her sandwich fell on the ground. He offered to get her another one. She told him to go away, but he showed up outside the station with her favorite sandwich. Marina bitterly gave him kudos for remembering. Cyrus claimed to remember everything about their relationship, including the Springfield cop show song she used to sing in the shower. Marina replied that she wasn't dropping G's case. Cyrus continued to use his charms on her and she giggled, telling him to just give her the sandwich. He said he would if she agreed to eat it in his company. Marina told him it wasn't a coincidence that he'd bumped into her earlier. Cyrus agreed and said they'd had a good thing once but he'd ruined it by being with Harley. Marina added that he'd also had a good thing with Harley. Cyrus believed that had made Marina hate him. He asked her not to take her scorned feelings for Cyrus out on G. Marina said she'd loved Cyrus but she'd discovered that she couldn't hate him. Cyrus said he had no right to wonder about their relationship, but he sometimes thought of what could have developed between them.

Meanwhile Reva visited Buzz at Company to ask him to cater her wedding. In light of Josh and Cassie's break-up, Buzz seemed surprised that Reva still planned to marry Jeffrey. Reva replied that Josh was perfect for the girl she used to be, but Jeffrey was more suitable for the woman she'd become. The conversation turned to G, and Reva said she expected Jeffrey to handle the criminal. Buzz reminded Reva that G was dangerous and warned her to stay out of his trial. Reva gave him a cutesy smile and promised to stay out of it. After talking to Buzz, Reva went home and worked on her guest list. Suddenly she heard a loud racket outside. When she saw G through the window, she grabbed her phone and went outside to find that her trashcans had been kicked over. "Grady Foley!" Reva yelled when she saw him retreat into the woods. "You get back here, you chicken!" Reva pursued G through the woods until she suddenly winced and reached down to rub her ankle.

Grady ran onto a playground where Daisy was swinging on a swing set. Apparently she'd called him to meet her there, but she said she didn't know if he'd show up since he didn't return her message. G responded that she hadn't returned his messages and so they were even. After hugging her, G noted that she smelled like industrial soap. Daisy replied that she'd showered at school. G assumed Reva refused to let Daisy live with her and said that Reva wasn't going to be a problem anymore. When Daisy asked what he meant, G said he was working on a plan to make Reva see that he and Daisy belonged together. Daisy sarcastically said, "That'll work."

G left to work on his plan and Daisy received a phone call from Reva. Panting, Reva said she was at the hospital and she needed Daisy. As Daisy rushed to the hospital, Reva hung up the phone and grinned mischievously from her hospital bed. When Daisy arrived at Reva's bedside, Reva dramatically acted weak, but she said she'd be okay. Daisy called her evil for putting on such a performance, saying she'd thought Reva was dying. Reva dropped her act but suspected that Daisy had feared that G had done something to Reva. Reva added that the ankle injury actually had happened because of him. Reva accused G of stalking her, telling Daisy that he'd kicked the trashcans over and she'd hurt herself chasing him through the woods. Daisy rolled her eyes, figuring out that G hadn't even touched Reva. Reva retorted that he hadn't touched her that time but wondered if G had to slip into the house and murder Reva before Daisy woke up.

Meanwhile Mallet found G to question him about Reva's fall. G denied he was anywhere near Reva. Both G and Mallet spotted Cyrus and Marina laughing together as they strolled into the station. G commented that beautiful women were everywhere and walked off. Mallet went inside the station and mentioned Marina's lunch with Cyrus to her. Marina acted as if it were no big deal, saying Cyrus was out of options and was trying to get her to go easy on G.

Cyrus met up with G. They called G's lawyer and learned that Lizzie had stopped paying him. When Cyrus said he'd get G another lawyer, G retorted that he didn't trust people who chowed down with cops. Cyrus replied that he was merely playing Marina so that she'd help G's case. Cyrus said he felt terrible about using Marina, but he'd learned from Harley that family came first. G asked Cyrus if he were sorry that G had found him. Cyrus said he was sorry G had taken so long. After G said he'd let Cyrus find him a lawyer, Cyrus went back to the station and watched Marina eating the sandwich he'd given her.

Mallet went to Reva's to find out if she planned to press charges against G. Reva was working on her wedding and said she wasn't bothering pressing charges because she couldn't let G consume her life. Mallet worried that G was angry and would go after anyone who'd ever caused him trouble. "To hell with Grady Foley. I'm not afraid of him. I'm getting married. Jeffrey will protect me and we will live happily ever after."

In the meantime, G met Daisy at the gazebo and said he didn't hurt Reva. Daisy replied that he didn't tell her that he'd gone to Reva's house. G laughed, saying he was just trying to scare Reva. He found it funny that Reva had been freaked out. G asked Daisy for Reva's schedule and Daisy wanted to know why he wanted it. He asked Daisy if she trusted him. Daisy wondered if he wanted to hurt Reva. Indignant, G decided that Daisy was letting Reva get to her. G said Daisy was just like the others and probably thought he was a murderer. Upset, Daisy cried that she knew Tammy's death was an accident, but G walked off angry.

Meanwhile Buzz contemplated Reva's wedding reception menu with Frank. Natalia strolled into Company and asked Frank if everything was okay. Frank didn't want to load his problems onto Natalia, but she insisted that she cared. Frank took a piece of paper and wrote something on it. Natalia read the paper. Frank had written a "one hundred percent off dinner with Frank" coupon. Grinning, Frank said it didn't have to be a date or anything. Natalia smiled back, saying one hundred percent off was a good deal.

Buzz wandered back in their direction, murmuring about Reva's reception menu. He walked off again and Natalia commented that Reva and Jeffrey were getting married. Frank said they might marry on Fifth Street, where he'd married Eleni. Frank recounted how Uncle Stavros had arranged his marriage to Eleni, and they'd fallen in love after hating each other. Natalia wondered what had happened to the marriage. Frank sadly said they'd grown apart. The next thing he knew, Eleni had taken Marina to L.A. He then decided to tell Natalia that he'd gone to Greece but hadn't had any luck locating Harley and Rafe. Natalia grew anxious, wondering if the police had taken them into custody. Frank hadn't heard from Harley, but he promised Natalia that Harley would take care of Rafe. Natalia said that waiting around for Rafe had made her crazy enough to consult Alan for a word from Gus. Frank wanted her to promise she'd stay away from Alan. Natalia didn't answer but said she needed to change for work.

Natalia changed into her maid's uniform and received a call from Alan before she left for the Beacon. He said he'd received a message from Gus. Natalia wanted to know what Gus had said because she'd been praying for a sign. After Natalia listened to whatever Alan said on the other end, she told him that she'd been saving her money and would take the first plane out.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jeffrey visited Max in neonatal care. He introduced himself to Max as "Grandpa" but said Max could call him Jeffrey. While Ava was away, Jeffrey said he'd been given power of attorney and legal guardianship over Max. He told Max how lucky he was that so many people wanted him, but that it had become a problem. Jeffrey planned to ensure that Max received the best medical care and no one took him out of the hospital. Jeffrey assured Max that he had his back.

While Jeffrey was talking to Max, he heard a racket outside the door. He went into the hallway and discovered Bill and Remy arguing about being barred from seeing Max. Mel and Dinah were with them, trying to mediate. Jeffrey told the men that he'd barred them from seeing Max and he wouldn't allow them back on the visitors' list until they proved they could stop fighting. Jeffrey explained that Ava had given him power of attorney over the baby and he would make decisions for Max in Ava's stead. As the visitation orderly told them all to leave, Jeffrey turned to see Olivia in the hallway. She was worn and still carrying her suitcases. Remy, Mel, Dinah, and Bill left.

Relieved to see Olivia, Jeffrey said he didn't think he could manage Ava, Bill, Remy, and Max without her. Olivia huffed that Jeffrey couldn't manage anything if his idea of management was to ship Ava off to some clinic. Frustrated after being delayed in an airport for fifty-seven hours, Olivia decided she'd fix it and then she stomped off. Jeffrey sighed because Olivia hadn't even visited Max before she'd gone. Jeffrey followed Olivia outside and found her more upset because she'd realized she didn't even know what clinic Ava was in. As Olivia ranted, it seemed that she secretly blamed herself because Ava's dreams with Bill hadn't come true. Jeffrey told her that it wasn't her fault, but Olivia seemed determined that she wouldn't abandon Ava just because things were tough. Walking off, she vowed to take care of Ava.

Jeffrey followed Olivia to the mansion and tried to explain Ava's state of mind at the time he'd sent Ava to get help. He told Olivia about the severity of Ava's postpartum depression and said not sending her away would have been like refusing to help her at all. Jeffrey continued to say that Olivia had been too busy with Bill's governor's race to notice Ava's feelings. Olivia's brow softened after she'd heard all Jeffrey had been through, and Jeffrey left. Later Olivia saw Emma upstairs. Emma had been away at camp and excitedly asked Olivia if she'd seen Max. Emma wondered what Max looked like, but Olivia remorsefully said she didn't know.

After talking to Emma, Olivia returned to the hospital to see Max. The doctor said that Max's health was touch-and-go since he'd been premature. Olivia took one look at Max and whipped out her phone to call Ava. She told her daughter that Max was breathtaking. Apparently deciding that Jeffrey had been right, Olivia told Ava to stay in the clinic until she was better, and then said she'd be visiting Ava the next day.

Meanwhile Dinah tried to ready Bill for a meeting with the governor, but all Bill could think about was that Jeffrey had no legal right to take him off the visitors' list. Dinah said Bill couldn't do much since Ava had made Jeffrey the legal guardian. Just then the governor entered. Bill put on his political prowess and Dinah served drinks, but the governor withdrew his endorsement of Bill. Dinah and Bill seemed shocked, saying that they felt the public would still support Bill in a governor's race, despite the paternity scandal and news of Ava's postpartum depression. No matter what Dinah and Bill said, the governor was adamant in his decision.

After the governor left, Dinah tried to encourage Bill that other opportunities would come along. Depressed, Bill told Dinah to take his calls and said he was returning to the hospital to see Max. Once Bill left, his cell phone rang. When Dinah answered it, she was surprised to hear Ava on the other end. She asked Ava to hold and hurried to catch up to Bill. Dinah went to the hospital and saw Remy leaving a message for Ava. She asked Remy to cut her brother a break, and Remy said that all he wanted was Ava and Max. They meant the world to Remy. After talking to Remy, Dinah found Bill and told him that Ava had called. She said Ava told her that Ava had left because she couldn't take Bill and Remy's fighting. When Dinah added that Ava wanted Bill to include Remy in Max's life, Bill denied that Ava would want him to do that. Dinah told Bill that Ava loved Remy and Bill needed to face it. Bill became angry with Dinah, saying that Dinah didn't even know whose side she was on.

Bill left and Dinah went into the hospital where she saw Vanessa. She told Vanessa that she was upset that Bill was taking her for granted and had no appreciation for her whatsoever. Vanessa reminded Dinah of a time shortly after she'd first learned that Ross was her father and Dinah had attended Bill's Little League game. Even though Dinah had been most encouraging to Bill during that game, Vanessa recalled that after the game, Dinah had tried to hug Bill in front of his friends. He'd pushed Dinah away because he'd been embarrassed. Vanessa told her that she and Bill really did make a good sister-brother team despite Bill's prideful moments.

After talking to Dinah, Vanessa visited Bill at the mansion to say that Dinah was worried about him. Bill told Vanessa that Ava had gone behind his back, telling Remy that she wanted Remy to be the father. Vanessa didn't think Max having two fathers was a bad thing. She tried to tell Bill a sibling story about Dinah and him, but Bill cut her off, saying that Max was his child and he was going to raise him. After Vanessa left, Bill went upstairs and looked sadly at all the baby furniture.

Later, Olivia returned to the mansion to find Dinah in the parlor standing near a pile of Olivia and Ava's things. Bill was on the overlook, throwing Ava and Olivia's belongings over the railing. Dinah was just as shocked as Olivia when Bill said he was throwing Olivia and Ava out of the house. Olivia told Bill that Ava wasn't herself at that time. Bill thought Ava was indeed her same manipulative self. He told Olivia that Ava had called the house but her only concern had been that Remy take over as Max's father. Bill said he wouldn't let Remy get within 50 feet of Max. He ordered Olivia to have her stuff out within an hour.

While Olivia and Bill argued, Dinah slipped into the hallway and called Lizzie, who was still in L.A. She told Lizzie how irrational Bill was behaving and said that Lizzie was the only person she could think of to call. She asked Lizzie to come home to help her brother. Lizzie listened to Dinah with a tried expression on her face.

Meanwhile Remy returned to the hospital to met Mel. She took a sample of Remy's blood for a DNA test, saying that once they established paternity, then he could fight for his rights to Max. Afterward, Remy went to see Jeffrey at his office. Remy professed his love and devotion to Ava and Max. He told Jeffrey he planned to stand by Ava until she came home and then they could raise their son together. Jeffrey offered Remy a drink, saying that for years, Jeffrey had avoided children out of fear of changing diapers. Remy responded that he had a truckload of diapers at his place. Remy asked Jeffrey how it had felt when he'd learned that Ava was his child. Jeffrey said Ava had been much older than Max when he'd learned she was his daughter, but he'd been filled with the same emotions as Remy: happy, hopeful, and afraid. Jeffrey decided that it was time Remy saw his son, but he wanted Remy to remember whom he was dealing with. Remy said he was dealing with the D.A. "No," Jeffrey said. Remy was dealing with "Grandpa."

At the hospital, Jeffrey and Remy donned hospital garb. Remy thanked Jeffrey for the visit and went inside. He touched Max's hand through the round openings in the incubator and announced himself to Max as his father.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Remy was at home telling Mel about his plans for the baby. When Remy was optimistic that Max and Ava would wind up with him and made it clear how excited he was about fatherhood. Talk turned to the facility where Ava was and Mel said that she checked it out and that it was an excellent facility. Mel told Remy that Ava's condition was serious and Jeffrey did the right thing sending her away. Remy wanted assurance that Ava would get over it eventually but Mel could not commit to anything.

Dinah called Lizzie, and pleaded with her to return to Springfield for Bill. Dinah told Lizzie that Bill had lost everything and needed her. Dinah said that she knew Lizzie loved Bill enough to save him. Dinah maintained that Bill was hurting and that if Lizzie did not help him, she would regret it for the rest of her life. Later, as Lizzie was trying to talk herself out of returning to Springfield, she saw Natalia who was looking for Alan. Lizzie stated that Alan had already flown back to Springfield and was surprised when Natalia stated that she came because Alan had a message from Gus about Rafe. Lizzie scoffed that the visions were fake but Natalia was not so sure. Lizzie told Natalia about the wild goose chase Alan led her on when she tried to find her daughter but Natalia insisted that she still had to try to help her son. Natalia told Lizzie that if she did not, she could never live with herself.

Mallet came across a hung over Bill sleeping in the park and took him to Cedars when he noticed a cut on Bill's head. At Cedars, Mallet told Bill that since Bill was a father, he should get his act together. Bill visited Max and told the baby about his plans for him. Bill assured Max that he would always be there for him. Afterwards, Bill spotted Remy who was finally able to hold his son. Bill and Remy later met in the hall and Bill commented that Remy was allowed to hold him first. Later, Bill saw Olivia at Cedars and she told Bill that he was not allowed near Max. Bill snidely stated that his name was on the birth certificate and Olivia replied that Jeffrey was taking care of that. Olivia stated that her job was to make sure that Bill never hurt Ava or Max again and she declared that Bill would not walk out of the hospital with the baby.

Mallet called Dinah and told her about finding Bill in the park. Dinah thanked Mallet but he shrugged it off by saying that was his job—handling non-crimes. Dinah asked if he was happy with that and he replied that he was. Later, Remy spoke with Mallet to ask if he had any connections in Chicago—he was thinking about becoming a cop again. Mallet wondered about the change in Remy's attitude and Remy told him that he was the father of Ava's baby. Remy told Mallet that he wanted to do right by his son.

Remy had his parents meet him at Cedars and told them about his son. Though shocked, the Boudreaus were supportive. Felecia asked what the baby's name was and Remy stated that Bill named him Max but Remy was going to talk to Ava about changing it to Clayton. Later, Remy discussed Ava with Olivia. Olivia stated that she wanted the best for her daughter. That included love and respect which was something Ava did not get from Bill.

Dinah overheard Bill speaking to his lawyer regarding custody of Max. When Dinah asked Bill how he was doing, Bill sarcastically asked to be spared the lecture. Dinah tried to convince Bill that Remy was Max's father and he loved Ava and the baby. Dinah suggested that Bill let it go. Bill blasted Dinah for not realizing what the baby meant to him and stated that he loved the baby and could not just let it go. Bill asked if he was supposed to start living as if this was some stunt and accused Dinah of not knowing what love was. Dinah shot back that she did know what love was since she loved him. Afterwards, Mallet came upon an upset Dinah and she told him what Bill said about her not knowing what real love was. When Dinah commented that he could be right, Mallet replied that that was ridiculous. Mallet stated that Dinah's problem was that she felt love too deeply and that was why she was so passionate and loyal. Mallet told Dinah that she was the one who got Spaulding Enterprises for Bill and put him in the mansion and he suggested that she remind Bill of that or he would.

Later, Mallet left a note on Dinah's car telling her to call him if she ever wanted to talk again.

Remy made another attempt at calling Ava. Afterwards, Dinah visited him and handed him an envelope full of cash telling him hat Remy was her friend and that the baby was almost her nephew.

Bill came face to face with Lizzie who told him that she came back for him.

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