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Monday, July 28, 2008

Donna announced to the press that she would run Forrester in Eric's absence. She said that Eric left her his power of attorney and she would do what her husband wanted. One of the reporters asked her why she was unwilling to keep Ridge on to run the company, as he had the most experience. Donna corrected him and said no, her sister Brooke was the one with the most experience, and she would be staying on to assist Donna. Donna insisted that she would do what Eric would have wanted. Thorne interrupted and asked if that meant firing Eric's kids. Donna said yes, until Eric's children were willing to act in his best interests and not their own, she had no choice but to let them go.

She continued speaking to the reporters and said she had not made the decision to fire the Forrester kids lightly. She said she was unable to give the press detailed reasons for her decision, but assured them if they knew the circumstances that led to her choice, they would understand that she was justified. Donna said she would not attempt to run Forrester alone and noted she would be working with Brooke and Rick. She thanked everyone for their best wishes where Eric was concerned. One reporter asked Ridge if he and his siblings planned to fight Donna. Before he had a chance to answer, Owen ushered the reporters out and informed them the press conference was over.

After the reporters were out of the room, Ridge lashed out at Donna and said she had no idea what she was doing. Felicia added she fully expected that Donna would run Forrester into the ground. Donna replied that Eric had trusted her enough that he left her with his power of attorney. Thorne said that was only because he didn't think Donna would fire his children from the family company. Donna replied that Eric probably also didn't think his own kids would try to betray him.

Brooke tried to reason with her sister and reminded her that Forrester was failing and needed stability. Donna said she had become the one who made all the calls, and she didn't want his three kids working for her until Eric heard about what they had done. Ridge said if Donna thought Eric would be mad at his kids, she was wrong. He said she had shown her true colors and Eric would finally see who she really was. Ridge predicted that Eric would be much angrier at Donna than at his kids if his company were destroyed. Ridge said that if Eric came out of the coma to find a company he didn't recognize, he would kick Donna out for good-out of his company, out of his house, and out of his life.

Rick walked into the reception area and was bombarded by questions from Aunt Pam. Rick said he couldn't explain, but that she should tell anyone who called the office that she had no comment. Pam insisted that Rick let her know what happened in the press conference. Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia came out and filled Aunt Pam in on the news that Donna had taken over the company and fired them all. They suggested she pack up her things as they expected Donna would fire her next.

Brooke agreed with Donna that what Felicia had done to her was awful, but that no matter how angry she was at Felicia, Brooke cautioned Donna that she was definitely not prepared to run Forrester. Pam barged into the office and barked at Donna that Eric's kids had been in enough pain and that she had no right to fire them. Donna said that Pam could stay or go, she didn't care, and she knew Eric wouldn't want her to fire Pam. She told Pam if she decided to stay, she would have to move her desk downstairs to work as a general receptionist, as her assistance would no longer be required at the executive level. Donna said from that point on, Owen would meet all her needs. Pam replied that Donna would never get away with what she was doing, and left the room.

Brooke asked Owen to leave, as well, so she could speak with her sister privately. Brooke again reiterated that she agreed that what Felicia had done to Donna was wrong, but that Ridge had no part in it and Donna should not punish him because of Felicia's blackmail scheme. Brooke said she wanted Donna to do the right thing for the company and to let Ridge run it. She said that if she and Ridge ran Forrester, Donna would have more time to spend with Eric at the hospital, which was where she ought to be in the first place. She continued by saying that it was not the time or place for Donna to wage war with Eric's children. Donna said "What war? They are gone. Now we just have to run the company."

Owen encountered Pam in the reception area and she tried to befriend him by offering him one of her creepy lemon bars. Owen noticed her lemon bars had a kick to them and asked her if her secret ingredient was nutmeg. She beamed excitedly and said it was indeed. Pam tried to further their moment of bonding and warned Owen that Donna could be a devious monster. Owen defended Donna and warned Pam that she had best not make an enemy of Donna.

Owen interrupted Brooke and Donna to deliver Donna's phone messages. Donna worked to prepare a formal statement. Brooke said she didn't want to have to choose sides between Ridge and her sister. She explained to Donna that she knew how it felt to have all the Forresters gunning for her, and admitted she, too, had felt weak and exposed when she was the one they hated. But Brooke explained that getting even was not what this was about-it was about saving Forrester, and Ridge had always been a huge asset to the company. Brooke said she was certain if Donna went to Ridge and said she was sorry and she had made a mistake, Ridge would forgive her outburst and agree to step in and run the company. They hugged and Donna said she would think about what Brooke had asked of her.

Word of the Forrester shakeup reached the Internet and Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia read the things that were posted about their family. Felicia said to her brothers that Donna was crazy, but Ridge said Donna reacted that way because Felicia had provoked her by offering Owen money to get compromising photos of her. Thorne said he couldn't believe how foolish Felicia had been; he was stunned she had offered $200,000.00 to a total stranger. Felicia said Owen seemed sleazy and greedy, and she had only asked him to get one photo that would make Donna look bad to Eric. Thorne replied that Donna was not dumb enough to cheat on Eric because he was Donna's meal ticket.

Felicia asked them not to be angry with her. She explained that she was only fighting for their mom and dad. Ridge replied that thanks to her antics, their family legacy was in Donna's hands and asked God to help them all. Felicia said she was still suspicious of the relationship between Owen and Donna. She was stunned that he backed out of their deal. She said that either she totally read Owen wrong, or he had another agenda that she hadn't picked up on.

Felicia wondered why Brooke hadn't called yet. Ridge said she should stop worrying; Brooke would call them when she had good news to report. Ridge expressed a belief that Donna would do what was right for Forrester, but only so she wouldn't have to explain to Eric later how she had run his company into the ground.

Donna said to Owen that the Forresters saw her as a thief, but she was acting in Eric's best interests. Owen cautioned Donna that Brooke was on the Forrester's side, and that she stood to gain if Ridge were to run the company. He assured her that she did not have to carry the company on her shoulders like Atlas. He reminded her that Forrester possessed a crack team filled with experience, and that if she spoke to the staff and told them she was doing everything to protect Eric, he believed they would rally around to help her.

Brooke called Ridge to tell him she believed she had changed Donna's mind, but Ridge had already left and had forgotten his cell phone. Brooke went back into the office and asked her sister if she was prepared to do the right thing and apologize. Donna replied that she was not-she declared her decision was final and that Thorne, Felicia, and Ridge would not be welcome at Forrester. She pleaded with Brooke to stay and help her run things and said she could not run the company without Brooke's help. Brooke stormed out of the room.

Owen asked Donna how much Brooke had known about running the company when she took it over from Eric. Donna seemed surprised that Owen knew about her sister's history. He told Donna she was a warrior, and that he was proud of her for protecting her husband's company for him. He said she was unlike anyone he had ever known, and got carried away and kissed her. Donna pushed him away and ran out of the room.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

At Forrester Creations, Owen apologized to Donna for the kiss. Owen acknowledged that his behavior was out of bounds. Donna wanted a guarantee that it would not happen again. Owen ensured Donna it would not happen again. Owen left for Donna's house to work on the computer system.

Marcus went to talk to Donna after he saw the chaos when he arrived back at Forrester Creations. Donna informed Marcus that she had fired Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia. Marcus questioned Donna about who would run the company. Donna revealed her plan that Marcus, Owen, Rick, Brooke, and she would run Forrester Creations. Donna explained to Marcus about Felicia's plan to ruin her marriage to Eric. Donna made it clear that she only wanted people she could trust working with her. Marcus did not understand why Donna trusted Owen after she learned that he agreed to obtain photos of her in a compromising position for Felicia. Donna explained that Felicia misjudged Owen the way everyone misjudged her.

At Donna's house, Owen went into her bedroom after hearing a noise coming from that direction. When Donna arrived home, he notified her that someone had broken in. He explained he had found her underwear scattered across the floor. Owen offered to spend the night, but Donna told him that it was not a good idea.

Back at Forrester Creations, Steffy told Marcus she was upset that Donna had fired her father, Thorne, and Felicia. Marcus kissed Steffy to calm her down. Marcus asked Steffy to promise that her father and his mother's hostility would not interfere with their relationship. Marcus suspected that Owen was not trustworthy and asked Steffy to assist him in finding information to prove it.

At Brooke's house, Ridge revealed to Brooke how upset he was that Donna was in control of the company. Brooke made a call to Donna while Ridge was in the shower. Brooke asked Donna, on Ridge's behalf, to allow him to run the company. Donna explained that she could not grant Brooke's request. Donna explained that Eric had expressed that he did not want Ridge to take over the company.

Later at Donna's house, Donna prepared a Martini to calm her nerves. Owen stopped her from drinking it. Donna realized that drinking was not the answer. Owen told Donna that she could call him any time of the night if she needed help. Owen pretended to leave. Instead, he grabbed a pillow and camped outside of Donna's bedroom door. Owen recalled the first time he saw Donna and how beautiful he believed she was. Owen made the decision to remain in Los Angeles.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Donna went to see Eric in the hospital and found Bridget in his room. Bridget informed Donna that she knew Donna had fired the Forresters. Donna changed the subject and asked if Bridget had an update on Eric's condition. Bridget said Eric was stable, and there were no other changes to report. Donna said she believed Eric would wake up soon.

Donna hovered over the bed and told Eric she missed him. She even used his actual name rather than Honey Bear. She reminded him that he had made her promise to move on with her life if anything happened to him, but said that would not happen because she knew he would come back to her and that no one else could take his place.

Brooke woke up and realized she and Ridge had overslept. Ridge corrected her and said he had purposely turned off the alarm-since he no longer had a job, he decided he could act like a man of leisure and sleep late. He said he could either sit around the house and stew, or look for the silver lining in the situation. He realized that he would have more time to spend with Brooke and the kids.

Ridge got up and dressed to go to the hospital, but he suggested that Brooke go to Forrester instead. He told her she might need to run the office so they could possibly salvage something from Forrester Creations. Ridge assured Brooke that he didn't hate Donna for what she had done; in fact he understood why she was so upset about what Felicia had attempted to do to her. He said he even admired Donna for the lengths she had gone to in order to protect Eric. He said he was only trying to protect his family. He thanked Brooke for staying around to keep him sane.

Ridge went in to see Eric, and Bridget was still milling around in Eric's room. She let him know there was no change in Eric's condition. Bridget said she heard what Donna had done, and while she thought what Felicia pulled on Donna was very underhanded, she didn't understand why Donna punished Ridge by firing him, too.

When Eric and Ridge were alone, Ridge expressed to his comatose dad that he wished he knew how to make Donna understand. Ridge said he needed Eric and didn't want to lose him. Ridge begged Eric to fight and reminded him he had too much to lose and that he should not let go.

When Brooke arrived at the hospital, she and Bridget hugged. Bridget said after consulting with a plethora of doctors on Eric's condition, she regretfully had not gotten any firm answers. She said that all she had to offer Eric in the way of help was her prayers.

Pam walked in on Owen in Donna's new office as he put out flowers and straightened her papers. She snidely remarked that he certainly was a "Cracker Jack assistant." Owen explained that it was Donna's first day as CEO and he wanted everything to be perfect for her. Pam reminded him that even though Eric was in a coma, he was still the official CEO. Owen said that Donna would be in control until Eric got better and that Pam would be wise to cooperate with her. Pam added an "or else?" to his blunt statement.

Donna was pleasantly surprised to see all the special preparation that Owen had done in her office, especially the framed photo of Eric on her desk. Donna asked Owen if he thought she had gone too far in firing Eric's children. Owen said Eric's kids had tried to blackmail her and intimidate her and she owed them nothing. Donna beamed and asked Owen how he always knew the right thing to say.

Owen checked Donna's schedule and informed her he had set up meetings for her to interview new designers. Marcus entered and said that he had gotten in late because the gate was locked. Owen explained that he had the alarm codes changed due to the break-in at Donna's house. Marcus looked shocked when he heard about the incident. He asked Donna what the police had said, and she informed him that she and Owen had decided not to involve the police; they believed it was just a prank from the Forresters designed to rattle her.

Donna left the office and Marcus pulled Owen aside and asked him why he didn't report the break-in. Marcus made it clear that he did not trust Owen. He questioned Owen's character, as Owen was involved in the blackmail deal with Felicia. Marcus questioned if Owen was as straight up as he claimed.

Owen explained he had come to L.A. just to check out the family that he had helped to reunite, but that Donna had offered him an amazing opportunity and he had taken it. Marcus said that was what he assumed, that Owen was an opportunist out to take whatever he could get from Donna. Owen confessed it was more than that and said, "I'm freaking nuts about your mom." Marcus said Owen had merely taken advantage of Donna during a difficult time so he would be able to get an inside track on the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Meanwhile, Donna went up to the rooftop lounge area and tried to befriend the employees, but she was met with the cold shoulder. She assured them that the change was merely a temporary reorganization, and they responded that they were in shock and didn't know what to think about what she had done. Brooke arrived just as the employees walked away from Donna, and Brooke asked how Donna was doing, and then noted she didn't really have to ask, as she could see for herself that it was not going well.

Donna explained that she had just been trying to help people adjust to the changes, but Brooke said Donna could not blame the employees for being upset; the entire backbone had just dropped out of their company overnight and they were afraid. Donna pleaded with Brooke not to abandon her and said she could not manage without Brooke's help. Brooke agreed not to leave Donna alone, but pointed out it would be a hard road ahead.

When Donna arrived back in her office, she overheard Marcus and Owen bickering. She asked what was going on, and Marcus demanded that Owen repeat what he had said to him earlier. Owen said no problem and confessed to Donna that he was nuts about her.

Marcus reminded Owen that his mom was a married woman and demanded that Owen get his things together and leave because Donna was not interested in him. Owen made an impassioned speech to Donna about how amazing she was and said firmly that he didn't want to go.

Marcus applauded at the end and told him the show was over and it was time that he drove back to San Diego. Owen said it was not Marcus' decision to make on whether he should stay or go. He said that choice should be left up to Donna. Marcus implored Donna to tell Owen to go, but she said nothing.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

by Pam

At Forrester, Marcus informed his mom that Owen was up to no good, and she needed to send him packing, but Donna stuck up for Owen. She told Marcus that although Felicia had tried to buy Owen off, Owen told Donna the truth and was an ally. Marcus disagreed, and Donna said she needed time to talk to Owen alone. Meanwhile, Marcus clued Brooke in that Owen was more or less stalking his mom. Brooke was surprised, but as Marcus laid the cards on the table, Owen started to look much guiltier. Marcus called attention to the fact that Owen showed up unexpectedly at Bridget and Nick's engagement party, and he just happened to have a bottle of Eric's favorite gin. He added that Owen admitted he was nuts about Donna. Brooke said she was confident that Donna would be strong. Marcus added that someone had broken into Donna's bedroom the night before, and Marcus believed it was Owen.

At the Forrester mansion, Donna told Owen that he had saved her so much trouble and believed in her, but she had to think of the company and the company's image. Since the news of Felicia's $200,000 offer to Owen had hit the fashion news, she was going to have to let him go with pay and severance. She apologized, but Owen said he had enjoyed his time amid the wealth in Los Angeles, and he discovered what a sweet woman she was and how much she loved her husband. He added that he wanted to do everything for her, although he didn't get to do everything he wanted.

Owen said goodbye and agreed it was best for him to leave. As he walked out the door, Donna again apologized and Owen nuzzled against her and gave her a quick smooch on the lips. After he left, Donna wandered the house alone carrying a picture of Eric and crying as she walked from room to room and finally settled on the steps.

At the Marone mansion, Nick and Bridget entertained Katie with their new wedding china. They all played with Baby Jack, and talked about how special the wedding was. Talk turned to the fact that Eric was not doing well, but Katie encouraged Bridget not to give up. After they ate, Bridget said she had a gift for Katie. It was a picture of Katie and Nick on Katie's "prom night." They all discussed what a special evening it was for Katie, and Nick joked that he looked really good in the picture, and wondered if Bridget had a copy for him. She gave him his own wallet size photo. They bantered about setting up a picnic at Catalina again, and Katie agreed to the picnic, but said they could go to another island. Nick suggested that Bridget needed to take time off for a picnic, and they hugged. Katie told Nick and Bridget how happy she was that they were together. She added that it seemed like they had been married for years.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Nick and Bridget lounged in bed and kissed until a phone call came in and interrupted them. The call was from Katie, who wanted to thank them again for the evening they shared, and for the gift. She said it had been great spending time with them.

She mentioned she was calling from the hospital and was waiting on test results from a routine check-up. Bridget said she would be right there and Katie said it was unnecessary, but Bridget insisted.

As Bridget and Nick lingered in bed, she expressed her love for Jack and said that he made her heart melt when he held out his chubby little arms to hug her at the end of a long day. Nick said Jack loved her, too, and that he and his son were blessed to have her. Bridget floated the idea that Jack might need a little brother or sister. Nick was momentarily speechless.

He eventually responded and said although he would love to have a baby with Bridget, he was concerned about her health. He reminded her that after she lost Nicole the doctors said it would be difficult for her to carry a baby to term again.

Bridget pointed out that 'difficult' was not the same as 'impossible' and that they would not know until they tried. Nick agreed, and said he would be willing to try to have a baby with Bridget. She was elated.

After Bridget left for the hospital, Nick dropped something and looked under the bed, only to find the Laker's cap that Katie had given him, and he got lost in a memory.

At the hospital, Katie's doctor asked her how she had been feeling. She said overall she was doing well, but had been exceptionally tired and had been experiencing nausea for about two weeks. The doctor looked puzzled and mentioned that none of the medications Katie was on caused queasiness. He said he wanted the lab to run another test and left the room. While he was away, Katie took out the photo of her and Nick that Bridget had given her. When the doctor came back in, Katie could tell something was wrong. She asked him and he replied that nothing was wrong, but something was unexpected-Katie was pregnant! Just as he announced her condition, Bridget walked in and asked what was wrong. Katie said nothing and remained in stunned silence.

Marcus met Steffy on the rooftop gym and informed her of his promotion. She was happy for him, and said she knew he had earned it, and that Eric would have agreed. However, she was still upset that Donna had fired her family. She said if she decided to stay, Marcus would be her boss, but she didn't know if she could stay on, considering the war between their parents. Marcus agreed with Steffy that Donna might have gone too far, but he defended her. Marcus mentioned Felicia's blackmail plot and Ridge having pressured Donna to give ownership of Forrester to him as reasons why things happened as they did. Steffy said Ridge and Donna were both good people who handled a stressful situation in a bad way. She was convinced that if they could get them to sit down and talk it out, they would arrive at a better solution.

Marcus agreed, but said his first order of business was to make sure Owen was out of the way. He told Steffy that he had given Owen the boot and wanted to confirm he had left town. He called Donna and she confirmed that Owen was headed back to San Diego. Marcus was thrilled.

He admitted to Steffy that he wanted to take out a billboard and inform the whole city that she was his girlfriend. She said that now that he was her boss, he could make her do things. He said her first assignment would be to play hooky and join him at the beach, as he had never been in the ocean before.

Marcus and Steffy drove to the beach and-remarkably in L.A. in the summer-there were no other people on the beach. They flew a kite, lay in the sun, rode boogie boards, and climbed on a lifeguard tower, which was inexplicably unmanned. They frolicked on the beach the rest of the afternoon, and carved their initials into a giant heart they drew in the sand.

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