One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 28, 2008 on OLTL

David gained a new companion, David Vickers, the dog. Antonio was stabbed. Talia married Jonas. Blair and John made love. Cain and Tina were accused of treason. Cristian revealed that Sarah had gone over the waterfall. Cole signed papers giving up his rights to his baby and told Starr it was over between them. Carlotta's diner burned down. Viki decided to promote organ donation.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 28, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Storm

The storm interrupted John and Blair's passionate moment. The two responded by relocating from the rooftop to John's empty apartment. Once inside, John and Blair began to feel the effects of the wine and flirted with one another. Feeling a bit uncomfortable, Blair stated that it might be a good idea if she drove home. John reminded her that she had consumed a large amount of alcohol, and suggested that she spend the night. Without much convincing, Blair agreed to stay overnight. After several playful exchanges, John and Blair shared a passionate kiss on John's bed.

Inside Marty's bedroom, Todd was relieved after learning that Marty didn't have any memory of the rape. He appeared tormented after giving her vivid details of the rape. Although she remained calm, Marty asked Todd what had happened to the men who raped her. Without giving any names, Todd told her that they had all suffered dearly for the vicious act that they had perpetrated against her. Upon learning that the ringleader had been released from prison on a pardon, Marty questioned why. Todd assured Marty that the "bastard" had lost everything and was totally alone. Racked with guilt, Todd apologized for not helping Marty on that fateful night. Believing Todd was a true friend, Marty didn't blame him and felt terrible for making him relive that night.

As the storm raged, Marty insisted that she didn't want to be alone and asked Todd to spend the night in her room. Todd hesitated and asked if his presence would make Marty feel uncomfortable. After Marty assured him that it wouldn't, Todd took a seat next to her bed. Todd vowed to never let anyone hurt Marty again.

In Viki's hospital room, Charlie was elated to learn that Viki would make a full recovery. While Viki was surprised to learn that Dorian had told Charlie that she was in the hospital, Charlie was shocked to find out that Dorian had saved Viki's life. Charlie questioned whether he had misjudged Dorian, but Viki assured him that one act of kindness didn't make Dorian a changed woman. Viki was certain that something had motivated Dorian to do the right thing.

Charlie apologized for disturbing Viki and stated that he only wanted to make sure that she was all right. He understood that her feelings for him had changed and didn't want to upset her. Viki said that her feelings for Charlie hadn't changed. Viki told Charlie about her conversation with Dorian. She informed Charlie that Dorian revealed that she didn't have sex with him the night he was in her bed. Surprised that Dorian would tell such a lie, Charlie wondered if Viki had believed Dorian. Admitting that she wasn't certain, Viki reminded Charlie that no matter how drunk he was that night-Viki was the woman that had been on his mind.

A frustrated Charlie began blaming himself for taking a drink that night. He was determined to learn what events had led him to hit the bottle again. Viki begged Charlie to stop tormenting himself, but Charlie stated that his actions had caused him to lose the woman that he loved. When a nurse commented that Viki had been considered clinically dead for several minutes, Charlie became emotional. Realizing that he could have lost Viki forever, Charlie said that he would do whatever it took to win Viki back. Charlie promised to win back Viki's love and trust. He said that he couldn't imagine his life without her. Viki told Charlie that she believed that she had lived for a reason. A tearful Viki told Charlie that she missed him. She said that she wasn't in any condition to make a decision concerning their relationship, but expressed her pleasure that he had come to see her. Viki asked Charlie to stay with her for a while. Charlie announced that he would stay with Viki for as long as she wanted.

At the diner, Addie was oblivious to what was going on between David and Dorian. David demanded that Dorian give him the papers, but Dorian reminded David that they had made a deal. Fed up with the arguing, Addie snatched the papers from Dorian and ripped them into pieces. As a triumphant David gloated and attempted to escort Addie back to LaBoulaie for a night of passion, Dorian informed him that she wasn't an idiot-her lawyer had a duplicate copy of the forms.

David tried to convince Dorian how happy he made Addie feel, but Dorian refused to listen to his plea and demanded that he tell Addie about the annulment or else she would. David reminded Dorian that he signed the papers only because Dorian would have allowed Viki to die if he hadn't. Dorian denied that she would have allowed any harm to come to Viki. Cornered, David told Addie how much he enjoyed being with her and then broke the news that he was leaving her. A stunned Addie asked David to explain. Interjecting, Dorian revealed to Addie that David had signed annulment papers. Dorian admitted to convincing David to give Addie back her freedom. Addie stated that she wasn't delusional and resented Dorian for interfering in her life. Lashing out at Dorian, Addie told Dorian to get out of her life. Dorian pleaded with Addie to understand that David was simply using her. Turning to David, Addie said that it wasn't over and promised him that Dorian wouldn't win in the end. Before exiting the diner, Addie gave David a kiss.

Dorian demanded to know why David had changed his mind about the annulment, but he refused to give her any information. David reminded Dorian that he was suffering because he wanted to save Viki's life. Stating that she couldn't care less about David's suffering, a gleeful Dorian told David that his ride on the gravy train was over. Once Dorian left, David pulled out the check that he had received from Clint. As he placed a flame to the check, David moaned, "Viki, I hope your ten million dollar lease on life was worth it!" Leaving the burning check behind, David exited the diner.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day Of Future Past

Blair woke up in bed after her passionate night with John, and even in the new light of morning, the former Mrs. Manning agreed with McBain that there would be no regrets. Blair told John that she'd needed "this" and that she appreciated his friendship, but both of them agreed they weren't ready for a new relationship. Blair reminded him that he still wasn't over Marty, and John assented, but said that he valued Blair's kindness and strength. Blair told John that he gave her one thing Todd never had: honesty. They agreed to keep their night together to themselves, and then decided to go get pancakes at Carlotta's diner.

Unfortunately, over at the diner, pancakes were off the menu, as Gigi discovered when she arrived at work that the restaurant had burned to the ground overnight! As Carlotta and a team of firemen trawled through the wreckage in search of what could have caused the blaze, Gigi ran into Brody, who had arrived with something of Gigi's that she'd left at the cottage. Brody was dismayed to realize Gigi was unemployed, but pressured her to find some time to talk with him, insisting that they needed to come together as parents for Shane and discuss their relationship. Gigi said they didn't have a "relationship," but Brody reminded her that they were roommates and co-parents, and he felt they should be more. Frustrated, he finally blurted out, "I'm asking you out on a date, woman!" Gigi said all she could think about was finding a new job, and feared that they would not be able to provide for Shane's future. Brody promised to help become a breadwinner and said that he'd taken on the responsibility of caring for Shane long before the boy was born. Brody left to find a listing for the want ads, and Gigi gave Carlotta her condolences on the loss of the diner. Putting on a brave front, Carlotta said she was just glad no one was hurt, and that things were replaceable, but people were what mattered.

At Todd's house, Marty awoke to find Todd asleep in the chair beside her. As he woke, Marty thanked him for making her feel safe and relatively well for the first time in ages; she touched his hand, but Todd shied away. Marty said she'd get past the shock of the history Todd had related to her the night before, and the story of her rape, while Todd expressed regret that she'd had to relive it at all. Todd bashfully admitted that it had been wonderful having her in his life again, sounding surprised to hear himself say it. He told Marty that having her to talk to when everything else in his life was falling apart meant a lot to him. When Marty asked him if she'd ever put her life back together with another man, before John McBain, Todd hedged and said they could talk about it later. Marty gushed that she couldn't understand how Todd's wife could've passed up a man like Todd for someone like John. Todd promised to get her anything she wanted for breakfast, and Marty asked for blueberry pancakes. Todd promised to rush over to the diner and get some, leaving Marty alone to daydream about her close moments with Todd.

In Mendorra, Jonas arrived in Talia's bridal suite, where Talia was shooing away various tailors and bridesmaids. Talia swore she wouldn't marry him, but Jonas reminded her she had no choice. Down in the dungeons, Carlo brought Tina back to the cells, where Cain and Antonio waited. Seeing that Tina was hysterical, Antonio asked her where Sarah and Cristian were. As Carlo left, Tina tearfully told Antonio that the young lovers were "gone." She explained what had happened, and how Carlo had forced Sarah and Cristian over the falls; she said she was positive they had drowned. Horrified, Antonio refused to believe it, reminding Tina that she herself had survived the same falls. Tina explained that she had been rescued before she could drown, whereas she was sure there was no hope for Cris or her daughter. Cain focused on the present, trying to think of a way out of their predicament, but when pressed, he admitted they no longer had any allies in Mendorra that could save them. Antonio realized that Carlo's only weakness was his daughter-Talia.

Meanwhile, in 1968, Bo and Rex paced ceaselessly. They had hoped that they would snap out of the "dream" or "fantasy" they believed they had become lost in when the lightning struck, but a glance at the newspaper Chuck Wilson II brought them made them realize they were still stuck in the past. Bo tried to use the phone to dial someone in the future, but the operator informed him that the area code he was using did not yet exist. Giving up, Bo suggested they "bide their time," while Rex needled him about the possibility of his sleeping with Emma Bradley just as the true Asa had. As the two castaways fretted about the resemblances between the people in the past and present, a woman suddenly wandered into the drawing room who looked exactly like Lindsay. The dazed, unstable woman demanded to know who "Lindsay" was, and asked "Asa" if she was another one of his extramarital affairs. As the two Chuck Wilsons arrived on the scene, Bo realized that the "Lindsay" of the past was actually his unbalanced mother, Olympia Buchanan, Asa's first wife.

The "Chucks" apologized for Olympia escaping her confinement and tried to usher her away, but Olympia demanded a look at her son, "Bo" (actually Rex). Chuck I tried to get Bo to agree to send Olympia to a private sanitarium, while Olympia fawned over Rex, babbling that no one would take "[her] boy" away from her. Rex and Bo didn't understand what she meant, until Olympia blurted out that "Asa" wanted to send her son away to fight in "that terrible Vietnam War!" In fact, Bo and Chuck II were shipping out at the end of the week. Chuck I promised that Bo and Chuck II would be fine in Vietnam and be back before she knew it, but Olympia wouldn't be calmed down-and neither would Rex, who was horrified at the thought that he might have to take part in a war that would continue for another five years.

Meanwhile, in 2008, Todd arrived in Angel Square to find the site where Carlotta's diner had been blocked off due to the fire. Looking down the police cordon, he saw Blair and John talking about the disaster, and overhead them discussing spending the night together. Todd approached them and demanded to know if they were sleeping with each other.

In Mendorra, Carlo arrived at the bridal suite, and privately asked Jonas to execute Antonio, but leave Cain and Tina alive to witness the royal wedding. As Jonas left, Carlo took a few moments to speak to his daughter alone. Talia tried to articulate to her domineering father how miserable she was, but Carlo promised Talia that she would come to enjoy her life as princess consort of Mendorra, and said that she would forget Antonio before long. Having been fitted with tiara and gown with her hair pinned up, Talia said she would only marry Jonas if Carlo agreed not to harm Antonio. Carlo slyly replied that he wouldn't lay a hand on her beloved.

In the dungeon, Cain said that the only way to survive was to let Talia marry Jonas, to which an infuriated Antonio shot back, "over my dead body!" Just then, Jonas entered the dungeon, holding a knife.

In 1968, Bo quietly warned Rex that he (as "Bo") had no choice but to be drafted, and that if Rex died in Vietnam, the "real" Bo would not live to see 2008. After Chuck I dragged Olympia away, Chuck II arrived with a "strange gadget:" Rex's cellphone, which he found on the property where Rex and Bo had been struck by lightning. Rex snatched up the phone and immediately tried to call Gigi in 2008, and to his delight, she answered.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Make Love, Not War:

Brody and Charlie stood across the street from the burnt-out diner. Both men were stunned by the devastating fire. As the two men talked, each mentioned knowing Gigi, who worked there. Brody realized that he recognized Charlie. When it dawned on Brody that he had seen Charlie at an AA meeting, Brody became nervous. Brody defended his relationship with Shane and Gigi, then justified his lie that he was Shane's father. Brody also pointed out that Charlie wasn't in a position to judge Brody, given Charlie's recent claim that he was Rex's father. Gigi soon joined them. She was a bit frazzled as she told Charlie and Brody that she had heard from Rex. She went on to tell them that the connection had been spotty and she had only understood a few words that Rex had said: Route 68 and Vietnam.

In 1968, Rex was frustrated when his cell phone dropped the call, severing the weak connection that Rex had with Gigi. Bo didn't appear too concerned about Rex's dilemma, until Rex reminded him that Rex, as Bo, could be killed if he were shipped off to Vietnam. If Rex, as Bo, died, Drew and Matthew would never exist. Bo was galvanized into action. He realized that the answer to their problem might be Emma and Truman. Bo explained that Madame Delphina had advised Rex to 'follow the pie.' Since Emma said that she and Truman were staying at a hotel across the street from the café in Paris, TX, Rex and Bo headed to Paris. When they walked into the diner, they were in for two surprises: it was a hippie hangout and Mo called himself Jeremiah. Unfortunately, Emma and Truman were not at the diner, but Jeremiah did tell them that she and her son had been there the night before.

Brody was annoyed when Gigi seemed preoccupied with concern for Rex. When he nearly walked off with her cell phone, after setting up a job interview with a gym, Gigi stopped him and asked for the phone. Brody grumbled but gave it to her. After Brody walked off, Gigi called Rex's cell phone and was surprised when Chuck answered. He explained that he had found Rex's cell phone the night before but hadn't seen Rex or Bo. Gigi was puzzled because her phone showed that Rex had called a short time earlier from the phone that Chuck insisted had been in his possession for nearly a day.

In Mendorra, Jonas had Tina and Cain taken from the dungeons to attend Talia's wedding. Jonas lingered to taunt Antonio. Things escalated between them until Antonio went to attack Jonas. Tragically, Jonas plunged a knife into Antonio's abdomen and then walked away, leaving Antonio to bleed to death from his injury.

Talia demanded to see Antonio before her wedding to Jonas, but Carlo refused. Carlo told Talia that she needed to marry Jonas first and then he would allow her to see Antonio. Talia capitulated but warned Carlo that if anything happened to Antonio, she would kill Carlo herself.

Natalie was in the kitchen with her sister, worried about Viki. Tess assured Natalie that Viki was fine, even as Tess thought back to when she tampered with the brakes of Natalie's car. Tess was shocked when Viki walked in and announced that she had nearly been killed. Natalie was relieved to see that their mother appeared fit and had been given a clean bill of health by the doctors. After Viki filled them in on her harrowing experience, she told the girls about an opportunity to go on a talk circuit to discuss organ donation. Viki was reluctant to accept the offer because it meant that she had to leave Llanview for weeks, possibly months. Tess lit up at the news and urged Viki to accept the offer.

Viki ran into Charlie at Angel Square. She was dismayed when she saw the ruins of the diner. They spoke for a few brief moments before Viki told him that she was glad that she ran into him. Charlie appeared crestfallen when Viki said that she needed to say goodbye to him.

Tess was in the bedroom, plotting Natalie's demise. She wanted Natalie to suffer a fate worse than death.

Todd and Blair had an ugly confrontation at Angel Square after he found Blair and John together. To hurt Blair, Todd implied that he had spent the night in another woman's arms. Blair tried to convince Todd that she couldn't care less. Things took a nasty turn when Todd suggested to John that Blair be tested for diseases. John, who had remained mostly silent as Blair and Todd went at it, was finally spurred into action when Todd told Blair that John had used Blair as a substitute for Marty. John punched Todd squarely in his jaw for the vile comment. Todd chuckled and realized that he had struck a nerve. Todd walked off, warning Blair to stay away from him. With Todd gone, Blair turned to John. She told him that as much as she enjoyed the night with him, she didn't think it would be a good idea to continue what they had started. John didn't seem worried. He assured Blair that he could handle Todd. They soon parted, each asking the other not to be a stranger. Unbeknownst to either, Todd stood nearby and listened.

A robed figure found Antonio crumpled on the floor, bleeding. He pulled the knife from Antonio and lifted him up.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Two Weddings And A Beheading:

Carlo introduced Jonas as the new future ruler to the people of Mendorra. The crowd cheered as Carlo went on to announce that Talia Hesser would be the country's new queen. Tina pleaded with Cain to find a way to save them. Cain decided to appeal to the people of Mendorra by exposing Carlo's crimes. The angry citizens refused to believe the imposter. Carlo seized the opportunity to point out that Tina and Cain were traitors to the country. The punishment for treason, Carlo reminded all, was death. The people, once again, broke out in cheers.

Deep in the bowels of the castle, the robed figure who came to Antonio's aid was revealed to be Cris. He helped his brother, but Antonio was more concerned about Talia's fate. He asked Cris to stop the wedding. Cris ignored the request and tried to figure out a way to free his brother from prison. They came up with a plan for Cris to pretend to be a friar who had the task of burying Antonio. The guards nixed the escape when they announced that Antonio was to be cremated that very night. Afterwards, his ashes were to be brought to the royal suite. Cris stuck to his role of a friar, which kept the element of surprise on his side. When the moment was right, he and Antonio managed to overpower the guards and disarm them.

Talia's marriage to Jonas went off with a hitch. When asked if she would take Jonas as her husband, Talia answered, "Hell no!" Her rebellion was short-lived. Carlo pulled Talia aside and warned her that if she did not continue with the wedding, Tina and Cain would end up on the chopping block. Talia returned to Jonas' side and the ceremony continued. After they were pronounced man and wife, Carlos triumphantly introduced Mendorra to its new royal family. Nearby, a hooded executioner tested the sharpness of a heavy-bladed axe.

At La Boulaie, Dorian nearly hit the roof when she and Addie walked into the living room and found David, wearing a black tux. While a violinist played a romantic ballad, David went down on bended knee and proposed to Addie. Nearby stood a preacher ready to perform the wedding if Addie accepted. To David's surprise, Addie turned him down. David was baffled, given that Addie had been upset when she had learned that their marriage had been annulled. Addie explained that the proposal wasn't made out of love. Besides, Addie intended to dump David. David didn't believe her, so Addie went to get her list of things to do. Among the things listed was 'divorce David' followed by 'go on a nudist cruise around the world.' David was upset that Addie wanted to divorce him before she went on the cruise. He said that he would have enjoyed cruising with nudists. Addie was sympathetic but told David that her list also included love. Addie reminded David that they did not love each other and said that her decision was made. Dorian was delighted and tossed David out. David refused to leave. Addie left the two to bicker it out.

In the foyer of La Boulaie, Starr happened to catch Blair coming home from John's. Starr knew instantly that her mother had spent the night somewhere else and commented on it. She suggested that the next time Blair spent the night out, Blair use the back door, rather than the front, to sneak in. Starr went on to say that she hoped Blair had used protection. Blair didn't appreciate the comment and reached out to stop Starr from walking away. Starr backed down and started talking about the baby. Starr wondered if she had made the right decision to give her baby up for adoption. She asked Blair for her opinion on the matter but Blair declined to answer. Blair didn't want her opinion to influence Starr's decision. Things took a surprising turn when Blair started singing a special song to the baby and Starr joined in. Both felt the baby kick for the first time. The sweet moment was ruined when David and Dorian walked out of the living room, still bickering. Addie soon walked up with the pooch, David Vickers, in her arms. She handed the little dog to David and told him that Madame Delphina had insisted that the dog belonged with David.

Nora and Clint were enjoying a late lunch at the Buchanan Mansion. Nora sensed that Clint was eager to learn how things were fairing with David and Addie. Clint tried to deny it but Nora didn't believe him. When the doorbell rang, Clint jumped up to answer it. Clint passed Cole, who had walked into the room to talk to Nora. When Cole asked Nora about his chances of keeping his child, Nora couldn't hold back. She ordered Cole to stop indulging in self-pity and look around. Nora went on to tell Cole that it was killing her to watch him try to create a family with the baby while losing Starr in the process. Nora told Cole that if he opened his eyes, he would see that he already had people like Nora, Clint, Renee and Matthew, who were eager to be a part of Cole's family.

Clint was surprised to open the front door and find his ex-lover from London, Dallas, on the doorstep. He invited her in and ushered Dallas into the living room. The two began chatting and catching up. Dallas found it interesting that Clint was dating his brother's ex-wife, Nora. Clint brushed it off and invited Dallas into the kitchen for something to eat. Later, they returned to the living room just as Nora walked in from another entrance. Clint introduced Dallas to Nora. Dallas made a point of letting Nora know that she and Clint had once been more than mere friends.

Later, Cole showed up on Starr's doorstep just as Addie ushered out David Vickers. While Addie and David shared a sweet kiss goodbye, Blair shooed Dorian into another room so that Cole and Starr could talk. Cole handed Starr signed papers, renouncing his rights to the baby. Starr was happy until Cole told her that along with giving up his baby, he was giving up Starr.

In another room, Addie joined Blair and Dorian. Each admitted that they had hoped Starr would keep the baby.

Back in 1968, at the diner in Paris, Texas, Bo encountered an angry redhead who turned out to be Renee Divine. She was irate over Asa's treatment of one of her girls, Emma. Renee wanted to know Asa's intentions toward Emma. When Bo said next to nothing, Renee warned Bo that she wouldn't be able to stop Emma from doing what Emma was prepared to do in order to keep Asa. Renee ordered Asa to do right by Emma just as Emma walked into the diner.

Viki told Charlie about her decision to be an ambassador, of sorts, to promote heart health in Africa. Charlie tried his best to be supportive. When Viki revealed that Jessica had pushed her to accept the offer because Jessica needed some space, Charlie suggested that it might not be a bad idea for Viki either. The last time Viki went off, she had landed in Paris, which had been exactly what Viki had needed at the time. Viki wasn't certain that she really needed distance from Llanview. Charlie assured Viki that if she were worried that distance would cause her to lose something in Llanview, she needn't be. Charlie let her know that he would be waiting for her when Viki returned from her trip. Viki seemed to take comfort in that knowledge. Before Viki walked away, Charlie gave Viki his 30-day chip for sobriety. He asked her to hold onto it until she came back and he could give her a 60-day chip. Viki accepted the gift.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Yahmajesti, Yahiness

At the Mendorran Palace, the people of Mendorra applauded as Carlo introduced them to their new king and queen. From a distance, Antonio and Cris watched the ceremony unfold. Jonas attempted to kiss his new bride, but Talia turned away in disgust. After Carlo gave Talia a subtle threat, she complied with his request and cringed as Jonas planted a kiss on her. Antonio suggested that Cris search for Sarah and he would take care of Carlo and Jonas. Convinced that Sarah couldn't have survived the fall, Cris expressed his desire to help Antonio save Talia.

The applause grew louder when Carlo announced that Tina and Cain would be executed for committing treason. Carlo stated that the king and queen wouldn't be allowed to enjoy the festivities because they would be busy-consummating their marriage. Enraged, Antonio wanted to attack Carlo and Jonas, but Cris advised his brother to consider his plan instead. After their discussion, Cris apologized for staying behind. He said that he owed it to Sarah to save Tina. Antonio understood and the brothers made a pact to meet at the strip-with both Talia and Tina. Antonio headed off to locate Talia.

As he listened to Carlo announce that the execution would take place immediately, Cris stood silent.

With guards positioned outside their bedroom suite, Jonas took great pleasure in trying to seduce Talia. Talia refused to allow Jonas to touch her and demanded to see Antonio. Wanting to consummate their marriage, Jonas had no desire to discuss Antonio. When Talia suggested that Antonio would harm Jonas, Jonas smugly announced to a startled Talia that Antonio was dead.

A few feet from the bridal suite, Antonio watched the armed guards.

Back in 1968, at The Good Day Café, Rex/Bo looked smitten as he watched Emma enter the diner, with little Spencer. However, Emma only had eyes for Bo, believed to be Asa. A few feet away, Renee advised Bo to set things right with Emma. Annoyed that Renee had interfered in her relationship with Asa, Emma urged Renee to give her a moment alone with him. To everyone's surprise, little Spencer shouted that his mother had promised him a baby brother and was adamant that Renee needed to mind her own business. Nervous by Spencer's outburst, Emma attempted to calm the child.

In an effort to distract Spencer and give the adults time to discuss matters, Rex offered to buy the child a milkshake. Spencer accepted, but was in a terrible mood. A nervous Rex watched as he observed young Spencer's psychotic behavior. While continuing to insult Rex, Spencer tried to strike a match and then asked Rex to help him find a small animal to torture. As he argued with Spencer, Rex tried to phone Gigi from his cell phone, but was unable to get reception.

Meanwhile, Emma was annoyed that Renee sat in on her discussion with Bo. After Renee urged Bo to be honest with Emma, Bo told Emma that he wasn't in love with her and suggested that she find someone her own age. Renee suggested that Emma rekindle her romance with Ned Truman, Spencer's dad. With her eyes focused on Rex, and in a sarcastic tone, Emma asked Bo if he thought she should date his son. After ditching Spencer, Rex approached the table and interrupted the discussion. Hoping to focus Emma's attention toward someone else, Renee and Bo gave Emma and Rex some privacy.

Emma thanked Rex for occupying Spencer's time and told Rex that Asa/Bo had ended their relationship. After Rex commented on Spencer's weird behavior, Emma defended her son and stated that he needed a decent male role model in his life. When she told Rex of her many past relationships that ended badly, Rex urged her not to get involved with Ned Truman again. Emma insisted that she would change her lifestyle, and Rex encouraged her to do so. Emma appeared surprised when Rex told her that he felt as though he already knew her. Emma asked Rex if he knew what it felt like to love one person and be obligated to another. Rex told her that she had no idea.

Carrying David Vickers, the dog, David entered Rodi's and was somewhat bothered to see John and Mike at a table. Avoiding the McBain brothers, David slid over to the bar and convinced the bartender to give him a free drink. When the bartender mentioned the recent fire at the Angel Square Diner, David immediately had a flashback of striking a match to Clint's check and leaving it to burn on one of the tables at the diner. David held an intense conversation with David Vickers, the dog. For a few moments, he contemplated whether he were responsible for the fire, but soon began to focus on his own troubles-how to scam Clint into believing that he was still married to Addie.

At a nearby table, Mike mentioned that he saw Blair leave John's room and wondered if he were interfering in John's love life by staying with him. John assured Mike that he wasn't involved with Blair. John mentioned that Marcie had dropped by the apartment and wondered if Mike was still willing to give her up. As Mike admitted to still being in love with Marcie, she approached the table. John left the couple alone. Mike asked Marcie if she still intended to adopt Starr's baby. When Marcie announced that she hadn't changed her mind concerning the adoption, Mike appeared frustrated. After reminding Marcie of the hell that Todd would cause if she followed through with the adoption, the couple realized that they both wanted different things in life. Feeling defeated, Mike walked away.

John joined David at the bar. When David mentioned how awkward he felt to be in John's presence, considering that his brother had killed John's father. John didn't want to discuss Spencer, but David insisted. David said that he had been thinking a lot about fatherhood recently. David believed his life might have turned out differently if he had grown up with a good father. He recounted the terrible life he had growing up with Ned Truman. David said that growing up with a terrible male influence led him down a terrible path. If he had grown up with a decent father, he might have been a better person and perhaps Spenser wouldn't have grown up to be a sociopath.

Disgusted by David's rambling, John walked away. Realizing he was alone again, David turned his attention to scamming Clint into giving him another check. As he tried to come up with a plan, David looked into the mirror that faced him. He was startled to see everyone else's reflection in the mirror, but not his. A few seconds later, David's reflection did appear. David headed off to find Clint.

Back in 1968, Renee complimented Bo about being honest with Emma. She was delighted that he had ended his relationship with Emma. As Bo stared at Rex and Emma, he had a thought-because he broke things off with Emma, David would never exist.

When Todd entered Marty's bedroom, she noticed the bruise on his face and hand. Todd told her that he had discovered that John was sleeping with Blair. Todd stated that he had asked John not to hurt Blair, and John responded by hitting him. Todd vented about John and blamed him for the destruction of his family. As Marty listened to Todd's story, she felt bad for him and her impression of John grew worse. Marty asked Todd if he had attempted to fight back. Todd told her that he never believed in violence. Todd's statements made Marty feel compassion for him, and Todd enjoyed her attention. Marty tended to Todd's wounds, and he continued to speak ill of John. Todd thanked Marty for being concerned about him and wished he could help her. Marty said that he already had because he told her the truth about the rape. When Marty told Todd that she cared about him, Todd appeared touched.

At LaBoulaie, Starr was surprised to receive a visit from Cole. Announcing that he had signed over his parental rights, Cole presented Starr with legal papers. Cole told Starr that she could give their baby to Marcie, but they were finished. Starr begged Cole to reconsider and told him how much she loved him. Admitting he loved her as well, Cole stated that it was not enough and he could never forgive Starr for wanting to give their child away. Starr suggested that Cole's decision to give up his rights proved that he knew she had made the right decision. Cole said that he didn't want to place his child in the middle of a legal battle. Cole related that he could never forgive Starr and the sight of her would only remind him of the child he had lost. Starr pleaded with Cole to give their relationship another chance and pulled him into an embrace. Pulling away, Cole walked out, leaving a bawling Starr behind. As Cole closed the door behind him, he broke down in tears.

A distraught Starr called Marcie and told her that Cole had given up his rights to their child. Starr said that nothing could prevent her from giving her baby to Marcie.

As Todd enjoyed Marty's company, he received a call from Cole. Cole informed Todd that he had signed away his rights and that there was nothing that Todd could do about it. An enraged Todd demanded answers from Cole.

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