One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 21, 2008 on OLTL

One Life to Live celebrated its 40th anniversary. Bo and Rex traveled back in time, to 1968. Viki died and found Ben and Megan. David agreed to annul his marriage to Addie in order for Dorian to save Viki's life. Todd lied by omission when he told Marty about her rape. Starr recorded a message for her baby.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 21, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, July 21, 2008

A Little Bit Of History Repeating

In Heaven, Viki's granddaughter, Megan, and a female heavenly being watched Viki's death on a television screen. As Viki's motionless body appeared on the screen, the heavenly being froze the channel and advised Megan to locate her grandmother. Megan, a young adult, did as she was told. After Megan left the room, the heavenly being unfroze the channel and continued to watch the scene involving Viki and Dorian.

As Dorian exclaimed that Viki was dead, Mel appeared and stated, "All the best people are!" A surprised Dorian reminded herself that Mel was dead, but Mel replied that she would still have to answer to him. Mel chastised Dorian for plotting against Charlie and reminded her of her devious stunt. Dorian defended her actions, but an angered Mel suggested that Dorian stop living under Viki's shadow. The heavenly being changed the channel. As she reached for her cup of coffee, she watched the action taking place in Mendorra.

In Mendorra, Carlo informed Cristian that the post-hypnotic suggestion that he planted in Cris's brain still had an effect on his behavior. Carlo ordered Cris to kill Sarah. Sarah, Tina, and Cain all watched as Cris responded by striking Carlo. The heavenly being turned her attention back to Viki.

Unaware of her surroundings, Viki walked through the gates of heaven and was greeted by Megan. A smile crossed Viki's face and she exclaimed, "I know you, don't I?" Megan smiled and told Viki that she was her granddaughter. Finding the news impossible to believe, Viki argued that Megan should only be ten years old. Megan related that it was best that she met Viki in her current form. Viki wondered if she was dead, but Megan stated that Viki was in a state of transitioning from one life to another. Megan announced that Viki needed to make a few stops before she actually arrived on the top floor of heaven. Megan took Viki's hand and led her to an elevator. As they rode up, Megan was certain that there were a few people she needed to see.

When the elevator door opened on the first floor, Viki could hear the voice of Asa Buchanan. Asa was complaining about being placed on hold, and demanded to be moved to a higher floor. Viki smiled lovingly as she came face-to-face with Asa. Upon learning that Viki was in a car accident with Dorian, he suggested that there was no justice in the world because Dorian was still alive. The two joked that perhaps Dorian had ended up somewhere a little warmer. When Viki suggested that Clint was out of control, Asa insisted that Clint's actions were a result of him trying to take care of the family. He demanded that she not speak ill of Clint. Asa mentioned how much he missed Viki, and promised her that everything would be all right. Viki told Asa that she loved him, and Megan appeared to take her to the next stop. Viki asked Megan if her life on earth was really over. Megan told Viki that where she went from that point on was completely up to her.

As the elevator doors opened again, Viki was puzzled to be in the same room with Elvis. To Viki's horror, Niki appeared and demanded that Viki keep her hands off the King. When Viki questioned why Niki was in heaven, Niki stated that wherever Viki went, so did she. Viki began to rehash the terrible things that had happened to Jessica in the past weeks, and wondered how on earth Jess would cope with her loss. Niki was certain that Jess would call on Tess to help her get through the hard times. Viki told Niki that Tess was dead. Niki laughed and mentioned that she didn't see Tess anywhere in heaven. Viki demanded answers, but Niki refused to give her any and turned her attention back to the King. The elevator door opened and Niki reminded her that she was on a schedule. Viki joined Megan on the elevator. Sensing that Viki was troubled, Megan asked what was wrong. Viki was bothered by Niki's statement that Tess was still around.

When the doors opened, Viki was in the old Banner office. She became excited when she saw Mel's desk and was anxious to see him again. Mel's chair was empty. Megan told Viki that Mel must have stepped out to get a scoop on a big story. She apologized and told Viki that she couldn't wait because she had another stop. Viki was disappointed that she had missed Mel. They headed toward the elevator.

Megan escorted Viki to another room. Viki was surprised to be inside a television studio. Megan stated that she was an actress and worked there along with her Aunt Megan, Viki's daughter. Believing she would be reunited with her child, she became excited. With regret, her granddaughter informed Viki that Aunt Megan was the executive producer of the show and was in a network meeting, but had left a message for her. Megan told Viki to have a look around and perhaps she would encounter the "Big Cheese,"-the creator of the show. Viki pulled back the curtains and was face-to-face with the heavenly being. When she saw Viki, a smile crossed the woman's face. The woman exclaimed, "Hi, Victoria! I'm Agnes!" The woman told Viki that she had been watching over Viki for forty years, well technically thirty-eight. Viki was delighted to meet Agnes. Agnes told Viki that Megan spoke about her all the time and had left a tape for her to watch. Agnes wished Viki luck and promised her that she would be watching. Agnes left Viki alone to watch the tape. When Viki turned to the television screen, she observed a past scene that involved her and her daughter, Megan. In the scene, Viki begged Megan to forgive her but Megan refused and demanded that Viki get out of her life.

Viki wondered why her daughter would want her to witness such a sad scene from their past. Her granddaughter told her that Aunt Megan thought Viki needed to see it. Viki remembered how hurtful that time in her life was, but remarked how they had gotten past those rough times and had built a great life together before Megan died. Her granddaughter assured Viki that Aunt Megan loved Viki at the time of her death and still did. Megan informed Viki that her daughter wanted her to see the tape so that she could remember what it felt like to love someone and have them turn you down. Megan suggested that Viki forgive Charlie, despite his lies. She reminded Viki how much she loved Charlie and urged her grandmother to give him another chance. With great sadness, Viki asked Megan how she could forgive Charlie if she were dead. Megan smiled and asked Viki to trust her. Viki lovingly looked at Megan and replied, "Of course I can, you're my granddaughter!" They headed off to Viki's next stop.

When Viki exited the elevator she found herself at Crossroads. As she basked in memories of Ben, he popped up from behind a piano and called out, "Hiya, Blondie!" Viki stared lovingly at him.

Again, the heavenly being turned the channel. On the screen, a maid watched a soap opera on television. A young girl on the soap listened as her father exclaimed, "Victoria, you are the heir to the Lord fortune! One day you will take over the Banner and run it all by yourself." The maid was startled when Chuck Wilson and a ranch hand burst into the room carrying an unconscious Bo and Rex. When Bo and Rex came to, Chuck asked them if they knew what year it was. Bo replied that it was the year 2008. Bo and Rex stared in disbelief when Chuck informed them that they were struck by lightning and it was actually the year 1968. On the television screen, a soap opera called One Life To Live premiered.

Believing that he was the object of a ruse, Bo demanded that Chuck put an end to the joke. A serious Chuck insisted that it was indeed 1968 and Johnson was president. When Rex blamed Bo for their dilemma, Chuck chastised him for back talking his Pa. Bo and Rex were horrified when they learned that Bo was actually Asa and Rex was a younger Bo. Chuck informed them that he was actually Chuck Jr., not Chuck III. Realizing that something was terribly wrong, Bo sent Chuck on an errand so that he could be alone with Rex. Bo and Rex tried to figure out what had happened to them. Bo suggested that Rex turn on the television to obtain some answers. Without the use of a remote, Rex had a difficult time but eventually turned the ancient television on. As One Life To Live ended, Bo and Rex panicked when a news report came on referring to the recent assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The mystery continued as a man with long sideburns and bearing a strong resemblance to Jared burst into the room. He said that he was Clint and referred to Bo as Pa and Rex as his little brother Bo. Upon asking "Clint" a question that only his brother would know and receiving the correct answer, Bo realized that they had definitely been transported back in time. Clint called out to Chuck Junior and Chuck Senior to bring his Pa and brother a drink. A drunken man resembling Nigel appeared and stated he was Chuck Wilson Senior. Bo and Rex stared in disbelief.

Chuck Senior said he knew what would make the men feel better. He opened the door and screamed, "Girls!" A woman with long black hair, dressed as a maid, and resembling Natalie entered the room with liquor. Clint appeared attracted to her and called her Maria. A confused Rex wondered why Jared would refer to Natalie by the name Maria. Bo told Rex that Jared was Clint and the Natalie look-alike was actually Maria Roberts, Cord's mother and Sarah's grandmother. In the background, Clint and Maria cozied up to one another. Noticing the close interaction, Chuck Senior ushered Maria out of the room. Clint followed close behind. Chuck Senior warned Bo/Asa that Clint was getting too comfortable with the hired help.

When Chuck left them alone, Bo and Rex recounted what had taken place before they were struck by lightning. While Rex was frightened by the circumstances, Bo appeared calm and reasoned that they were either dreaming or hallucinating. Rex was convinced that they were in trouble. Rex left to compose himself and opened the front door. There stood a woman and child, resembling Gigi and Shane. A relieved Rex expressed his delight to see familiar faces. He called out Gigi's name and tried to explain his recent experiences. The Gigi look-alike gave Rex a disgusted look and stated that she had no idea who he was. Brushing past him, she said that she and her son had business to take care of and demanded that Rex get out of her way. She approached a bewildered Bo and announced, "Asa Buchanan, I have a bone to pick with you!"

Back in Mendorra, Carlo was infuriated that he no longer had Cris under his control. He ordered the guards to take Cain to the dungeon and announced that he would escort Sarah, Cris, and Tina to an undisclosed location. As he led them away at gunpoint, they followed Carlo's instructions.

The guards dragged Sarah and Cris to the river. Carlo followed close behind holding a gun to Tina's head. As they walked towards the river, Carlo reminded Tina how she had seduced and murdered his son, Johnny Dee. Tina recalled that Niki Smith had killed Johnny, but Carlo was out for revenge. Carlo directed Tina's attention to a waterfall. He reminded her of the time she went over the Iguazo Falls. Tina panicked as she relived the nightmare of Carlo throwing her over the Iguazo Falls. She begged him not to do it again. With a devious smile, Carlo said that he had no intention of tossing Tina over the falls. A relieved Tina thanked him. Sarah, Tina, and Cris were horrified when Carlo informed them that Sarah would be tossed over the falls instead. Tina pleaded with Carlo to reconsider and Cris attempted to attack one of the guards. Cris backed off when Carlo threatened to shoot Sarah and Tina if Cris interfered. Tina asked Carlo to send her over the falls and spare Sarah. Carlo ordered the guards to strap Sarah to the boat and stated, "The sins of the mother shall be visited upon the daughter!" A panicked Sarah screamed, "I love you Mom!" A grief stricken Tina told Sarah that she loved her, too. Cris and Tina watched in horror as Sarah drifted towards the waterfall. Carlo said, "Touching isn't it... history repeating itself!"

Dorian and Mel shared a few laughs and Dorian expressed her delight to be reunited with Mel again. She told him that she missed him dearly and he responded affectionately towards her. Although Dorian was pleased to see him, Mel reminded her that he had come to deal with her concerning the awful things she had done to Charlie and Viki. Dorian denied living in Viki's shadow, but Mel pointed out that she had dated Clint as a way to hurt Viki and had sought vengeance against Charlie because Viki loved him. Mel urged Dorian to face her feelings and live her own life. Mel told Dorian that she had done much damage and needed to atone for her sins before it was too late. He warned her that she had one last chance. After much convincing, Dorian finally agreed to make amends with Charlie and Viki. She turned and caught a glimpse of Viki's dead body. In horror, Dorian screamed that she would never be able to make amends because the entire Buchanan family would blame her for Viki's death. Mel insisted that Dorian would have to bring Viki back. Dorian stared at him in disbelief.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Everything Old Is New Again

"Behind the scenes" in Heaven, Agnes Nixon as "Agnes" the angel was watching over the people of Llanview, reviewing the episode's script and commenting aloud about the progression of the characters' trials and tribulations in the past hour. She clicked her remote control, and the scene on her divine television screen showed Bo and Rex in 1968, being confronted by the Gigi look-alike and her scowling child.

In 1968, Bo and Rex struggled to recover from the shock of seeing more doppelgangers in the past looking exactly like people they knew in the present. Bo made the mistake of calling the fiery young woman "Gigi" and she lost her temper, disgusted that "Asa" had slept with her but couldn't even remember her name. Rex was apoplectic at the idea that "Bo" had bedded a woman who looked exactly like Gigi Morasco. "I never laid a hand on her!" Bo sputtered, but the woman begged to differ, complaining that she was humiliated when Asa ditched her, and that all of "Renee's other girls" were talking about it at the whorehouse (she had covered her son's scandalized ears before finishing the sentence). The young woman reminded "Asa" that he'd made promises to her, and then ran out, but "no one runs out on Emma Bradley!"

Bo was shocked to realize that the Gigi look-alike really was Emma, David Vickers' mother, and that her seething young son, the Shane look-alike, was Spencer Truman as a child. Emma introduced herself to Rex as "your daddy's true love," and reminded "Asa" that he said he'd leave "[your] crazy wife" Olympia, demanding that he propose on the spot. "So, 'Pa,' you gonna marry her?" Rex sniped, and an exasperated Bo accidentally called him "Balsom" as though it were his first name, covering to Emma by saying "it's...from the Bible." Rex told Emma she could call him Bo, and Emma visibly took a shine to the young man, saying "Balsom" looked like it suited him somehow. "Asa" tried to apologize to Emma and Spencer for his forgetfulness, saying he and "Bo" had been struck by lightning. "Cool," Spencer growled. "Did it hurt?" Emma excoriated "Asa" for his "love-'em-and-leave-'em" ways, and said she was sure "Bo" would never leave a girl "high and dry." She wanted "Asa" to make things official, and told "father and son" that she and Spencer would be staying at a "crappy little hotel" in Paris, Texas waiting for his word.

After Emma dragged Spencer out, Bo and Rex collapsed onto the furniture, freaking out about their bizarre predicament and the people of 1968's resemblances to all the people from the future. Bo lamely encouraged Rex to "try to get into the spirit of things," but Rex was repulsed by the idea that Bo was standing in for a man who had slept with "Gigi." Bo broke the news to Rex that Emma's second son, David, was the Buchanan heir, but had yet to be born in 1968. Suddenly, both men deduced that if Asa (or rather, Bo) didn't get further involved with Emma Bradley, David Vickers, the bane of the Buchanan clan's existence in 2008, would never be born.

In 2008, Clint was at the Buchanan mansion calling Bo but still getting no answer. Disappointed, he took another call, from his son Cord Roberts, Tina's ex-husband and Sarah's father. Cord was calling from London, anxious to speak to Sarah, who he said he hadn't heard from since Nash's funeral. Clint said he didn't know where Sarah was, but assumed she was off with Cristian. He told Cord he was trying to track down Bo, and Cord expressed relief that Bo had not married Lindsay, given their twisted history. Clint told Cord that Bo was in a bad way, and that he feared that sending Rex, who had had similar marital problems, to find him might have exacerbated the problem.

Cord assured Clint that Bo and Rex would be fine, and Clint admitted that Bo and Rex had established their own father and son bond, and that Rex reminded Bo of his late son, Drew. Clint and Cord reflected on their own complicated history, and reminisced about Cord's mother, the late Maria Roberts, who they both missed and loved despite her evil deeds near the end of her life. Cord urged his "Pa" to beat Dorian at her own game and get Buchanan Enterprises back, and Clint was touched to hear his son finally call him by an honorific usually reserved for Asa. Cord said that with Asa gone, Clint was head of the Buchanan family, and Clint considered his words as he stared at Asa's picture on his desk.

In 1968, the young Clint (a doppelganger for Jared) shared a romantic interlude with the young Maria (a doppelganger for Natalie) behind closed doors. Fearful of the consequences, Maria warned Clint that "Mister Asa" would find out and send her away, but Clint said he didn't care what his father thought; he loved her and that was all that mattered. Another maid, "Rosa," a dead ringer for Noelle from Paris, Texas, discovered the forbidden lovers together and warned Clint to leave Maria alone, lest she be banished back to Mexico. Clint said nothing could keep them apart and asked Maria to meet him in his room that night. Once Rosa and Maria were alone, Maria confessed to the older woman that she was pregnant by Clint Buchanan, and intended to have his child; if it was a boy, she said she would name it "Cordero."

Back in 2008, the spirit of Mel Hayes urged Dorian to bring Viki back, saying there was still time. Dorian worked furiously to revive Viki, but after multiple attempts, relented, saying Viki had no pulse and there was nothing she could do. Just then, Mel disappeared and a disheveled David wandered in to find Dorian standing over Viki's broken body. He asked what had happened to Viki, and immediately blamed Dorian.

Up in the afterlife, Ben and Viki shared a romantic reunion in an ethereal recreation of "Crossroads." Viki said she'd prayed to see him again. She was impressed to see he'd found another pool table even in the hereafter, and Ben said he enjoyed it when Niki Smith and Elvis weren't hogging it. "I can handle Niki Smith," he cracked. "I just steer clear of open windows." "Not funny," Viki shot back. Ben asked if she didn't miss his jokes, but Viki sighed that she missed everything about him. Viki and Ben reminisced about their first meetings at Crossroads; how she'd come there just after Mel's death, and been so out of place next to the rest of the clientele, then won the karaoke contest and a pair of fuzzy dice. "I won you," Viki added. Viki was delighted to be back with her beloved, but Ben said she couldn't stay; "you gotta go back."

Ben told Viki she'd given up on life too soon, and on Charlie Banks. Viki said Charlie had lied to her about who he was, but Ben reminded her that he had done the same when they first met. Viki lamented that she was tired of the constant fighting, and the hardship and struggle of life. Ben countered that the struggle and the fight was what made life great, and worth living. He reminded her of the anthem she had sung to win the karaoke contest at Crossroads: "I Will Survive." He told Viki that was what she had to do. He asked her to "search your heart" and ask herself if Dorian really slept with Charlie, and Viki found that she didn't believe Dorian's allegations. Ben urged her to work things out with Charlie, and said that though she had her time with Ben, she still had plenty of living to do-with Charlie. He pushed her to give life another chance, and promised that he'd be there waiting for her when it really was Viki's time. "I'll always be here," Ben said, putting his hand over Viki's heart.

Suddenly, the television over the bar flickered to life, and the adult ghost of Megan Victoria appeared onscreen, asking if Viki's decision was made. Ben confirmed that Viki had chosen life, and Megan Victoria said she would meet Viki "downstairs," but that she and "Aunt Megan" had "put something together in the editing room" just for Ben and Viki. The television then played a touching montage of memories from Ben and Viki's life together. After the remembrance ended, Ben and Viki pledged to see each other "next time," and embraced passionately.

As she held Ben, Viki opened her eyes and found herself back with Megan Victoria, descending in the "elevator." Megan told her grandmother that she was pleased Viki had chosen to go back to life, but suddenly the elevator shook, and Megan realized they were stuck.

Back in real life, David and Dorian bickered over Viki in the woods. Dorian explained the situation and said that Viki was already dead. David begged Dorian to use her medical skills to try to save her nemesis, and said that he needed Viki. Dorian bristled at his sentiments, but when David swore he would divorce Addie if Dorian complied, she reconsidered. Dorian didn't know if she could trust David's word, but David spoke from the heart, telling Dorian he still cared for her and had an unbreakable bond with his ex, and that he married Addie to drive her crazy; he said she had nothing to be jealous of in his friendship with Viki. Dorian finally agreed to try again; rummaging through her medical bag, she found a mysteriously placed syringe full of adrenaline, unaware that Mel, looming behind her, had placed it there. Dorian raised the syringe over her head, then plunged it into Viki's heart.

In the afterlife, the elevator began to move again, and Viki and Megan Victoria continued their rapid descent "back to life." They said their goodbyes, and Viki marveled at her beautiful granddaughter (as played by Erin Torpey), saying that she didn't just remind her of Jessica, but that it was "something more." As the women embraced, everything faded to white.

Back in the woods, Viki roused and woke in David's arms. David thanked Dorian for her efforts, while beside her, Mel held his beloved wife. "You did good, kid," Mel said. "I'm proud of you." The ghostly Mel stole away into the mists, but not before Dorian tearfully blew him a kiss.

In Mendorra, Sarah was set adrift on the falls as Cristian and Tina could only stand by and watch. Cristian and Sarah declared their undying love while Carlo gloated about his triumph, ignoring Tina's pleas for mercy. When Cristian broke free from Carlo's henchmen, Carlo trained a gun on him, but Tina clobbered Carlo and Cris dove into the raging waters, swimming to Sarah's rescue. Unfortunately, by the time he got to Sarah and joined her on the raft, the currents were too strong; they were both going to go over the falls! Carlo rejoiced, while Tina watched in horror. On the raft, Cristian and Sarah kissed passionately, and then the raft was sent careening over the deadly falls, history repeating itself.

Back in "Agnes'" office in Heaven, Agnes watched the proceedings and examined the script, gravely concerned about Cristian and Sarah's survival. She was sure they couldn't make it-or could they? A familiar voice asked who her "boss" was talking to, and Agnes looked up to come face to face with Erika Slezak, complete with monogrammed robe and bunny slippers. Agnes said she was just talking to "them," without whom, "there would be no Llanview." Erika said they were both so grateful to "them" (the audience) for giving them "all this." Then, Erika Slezak and Agnes Nixon broke character and turned to the camera to address the audience, proclaiming, "Happy 40th anniversary, One Life to Live!" With that, Agnes clicked her remote control off, ending the show.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Divorce, Llanview Style:

Paramedics rushed Viki to the hospital. Dorian and David were with Viki when she was brought in. Before Michael went into the exam room, to assess Viki's condition, Dorian told him what steps she had taken to restart Viki's heart. While Michael was with Viki, Dorian reminded David of their bargain. David had agreed to divorce Addie in exchange for Dorian saving Viki's life. To Dorian's delight, they were soon joined by an associate from the law firm she that had on a retainer. He had annulment papers with him, which he handed to Dorian. David was reluctant to sign the papers because he was worried about Addie's reaction. Dorian wasn't swayed and insisted that David sign the papers and keep her name out of it when David told Addie about the end of their marriage. As soon as David finished signing the papers, his cell phone rang. It was Clint, asking to see David.

Michael told Viki that her heart had stopped and that she had been clinically dead for a short period of time. When Viki credited Ben with saving her life, Michael agreed. Ben's heart had been strong enough to respond to the lifesaving shot of epinephrine.

Before leaving the hospital, David took a moment to visit Viki. Viki smiled when she saw her friend walk into her room. David appeared just as happy to see Viki. He told her how much she meant to him and how afraid he had been when she had been "dead." Viki was touched by David's sweet words and thanked him for saving her life. To Viki's surprise, David told her that Dorian had saved her life, not him. Shortly after David left, Michael returned to update Viki on her condition. Before he left, Viki asked Michael if Dorian was still at the hospital.

Starr and Langston were in Starr's bedroom, hanging out. Starr told Langston about Marcie's decision to adopt Starr's baby after it was born. Langston seemed genuinely happy that her friend had found a home for her baby. Unfortunately the news wasn't all good as Starr filled Langston in on the court's ruling and the complication that Todd posed. The subject then switched to Langston. Langston and Starr shared laughs as they watched Markko's video of Langston's attempt to seduce David Vickers. Starr couldn't believe that Langston had gone to such lengths to help Dorian. Langston shrugged it off and then noticed that Starr's baby bump.

Their conversation came full-circle as Starr began talking about the baby. Starr believed that she was going to have a boy. As she talked, Starr expressed her desire to have an opportunity to explain her side of things to the baby. Langston looked at the camera and suggested that Starr record her message to the baby. They quickly set the camera up and Starr began talking to her baby. Starr explained that she intended to have his adoptive mother show him the tape when he was 16 and old enough to understand.

Cole and Markko were at the diner. They discussed Cole's decision to fight for custody of his unborn child. Markko understood Cole's reasons for telling Todd about the baby but he didn't think Todd would be eager to see Cole raise the baby himself. Cole agreed and told his friend that his missed his mother's counsel and support. Cole was confident that Marty would know what to do about Todd. Markko briefly changed the subject and told Cole about the incident in Dorian's bedroom, when Langston tried to seduce David. Markko was a bit concerned about something that Langston had said about younger men and sex. Markko quickly realized that it might be insensitive, given Cole's situation with Starr, and apologized. Cole dismissed Markko's concerns but admitted that he missed the way things were between him and Starr, before the baby. Markko suggested that they could be that way again, if Cole agreed to the adoption. Cole didn't agree. He told Markko that there would always be a baby and he couldn't forget that.

Marcie stopped by John's apartment to drop some clothes off for Michael. She was disappointed when John told her that Michael had already left for work. John seemed to take pity on Marcie and invited her inside. Marcie entered and started talking about Michael. She told John that she wanted Michael back. She said that it might seem that she was choosing adoption over her marriage but insisted that she wasn't. Michael was making it an issue when it didn't need to be. John gently told Marcie that he didn't think that the adoption would be a problem for Michael if the baby weren't Todd's grandchild. Marcie agreed but insisted that she desperately wanted to be a mother. Marcie tried to explain how much being a mother meant to her as John quietly listened. He was understanding and sympathetic, but gently told her that he supported Michael's decision. Marcie was teary-eyed as she asked John to take care of Michael and then left.

In Marty's room, Marty sensed that Todd was brooding and asked him what was troubling him. Todd grumbled about Starr's pregnancy and told Marty that he only wanted to protect his daughter but no one saw that. While they talked, Todd accidentally revealed that Marty had been a psychiatrist. Marty was annoyed that Todd had not told her sooner. Todd defended himself, insisting it wasn't important because she couldn't do anything about it.

Sparked by the desire to learn more about herself, Marty began asking Todd questions about her college life. Todd said little as he had flashbacks to the night that Marty was raped, when she was dancing and having a good time. Eventually, Todd did tell Marty that she had been his tutor and then claimed that they had been lovers once. Marty was surprised but recovered quickly. Todd went on to tell her that she had once told him that he was not good in bed. Marty felt bad and apologized for hurting him. She continued to question him about the past until Todd revealed to Marty that she had been raped.

Clint was in his den, nursing a drink, when Nora walked in. Clint was distracted with thoughts of business. He was trying to figure out a way to oust Dorian from Buchanan Enterprises. Clint was flirting with the idea of telling David that he was Asa's son. As he and Nora talked, Clint came up with the idea to have David force Dorian to sign the company back over to the Buchanans. In return, David would agree to divorce Addie. With the Buchanans back in control of the company, Clint could pay David off.

Later, when David arrived at the Buchanan mansion, Clint offered David $10,000,000.00 to divorce Addie.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are You There Mel? It's Me, Dorian.

In her bedroom, Starr videotaped a touching message to her baby. She explained why she had made the decision to give her baby up for adoption. When Starr finished recording her message, Langston urged Starr to call Cole and make peace with him. Starr refused to make the call and became angry at her friend. She ordered Langston to leave her room, but Langston stood her ground. Eventually, Starr admitted that the Cole she had seen in court, teamed up with her dad, was not someone she recognized.

Markko and Cole were at the diner, discussing Starr, the baby, and the adoption. Cole told Markko that he intended to find a job so that he could start making his own way in life. Markko didn't think that Todd would appreciate the effort. Markko remained convinced that Cole's alliance with Todd was a mistake and tried to get his friend to call Starr and work things out with her. Cole stubbornly rejected that idea.

Brody walked into the cottage while Gigi and Shane were counting money that they had saved. After Gigi sent Shane to bed, she asked Brody where he had been. When Brody said that he had gone to an AA meeting, Gigi seemed pleasantly surprised. However, Brody went on to tell her that he didn't think he would be returning because he felt that he wasn't an alcoholic. Brody promised that he would find another way to deal with his drinking issues. Gigi was relieved to hear it and told Brody that until he did, she would not be able to trust him with Shane. Their conversation then drifted to the past and how they felt about each other. Brody had looked forward to a future with Gigi while Gigi had admired Brody for taking responsibility for another man's child. As they opened up about their feelings, their talk led to a gentle kiss.

In Marty's bedroom, Marty pushed Todd for details about her rape but Todd was reluctant to discuss it. He tried to get Marty to drop the subject by offering her a new life, away from Llanview, but Marty would have none of it. Marty continued to prod Todd until he finally revealed that she had known her rapist.

When Blair showed up on John's doorstep, John invited her in. They decided to take their conversation to the rooftop, along with a bottle of whiskey. John offered Blair a friendly ear as she unburdened herself and admitted that she had no idea who she was anymore.

Clint and Nora were surprised when David initially turned down the offer of $10,000,000.00 that Clint had made. David kept the annulment to himself as Nora and Clint did their best to convince David to accept the deal.

Dorian went to the hospital's chapel and began talking to Mel. To Dorian's surprise, a nurse named Mel walked into the chapel and made some cryptic comments that had Dorian suspecting that the nurse was more than she seemed. After Nurse Mel left, Dorian resumed talking to her husband, Mel. Dorian was forced to admit that she was wrestling with a guilty conscience.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Up On The Roof

Dorian visited Viki in her hospital room, and was shocked that Viki was pleased to see her. They exchanged pleasantries and expressed relief that they had both survived the car accident. When Viki mentioned that she remembered their discussion about Charlie, Dorian immediately took the defensive and attempted to deflect any questioning concerning Charlie. Having no desire to argue with Dorian, Viki thanked her for saving her life. Overwhelmed with guilt, Dorian blurted out that she needed to make a confession.

Concerned by Dorian's need for a heart-to-heart, a cautious Viki wondered if Dorian's confession was self-serving rather than in Viki's best interest. Viki reminded Dorian that her last desire to express the truth sent Viki packing her bags and headed to Paris, Texas. Dorian admitted that she hadn't shared a drink with Charlie and never slept with him. She went on to tell Viki that Charlie had never spoken negatively of her. Nearly choking on her own words, Dorian revealed that Charlie always spoke lovingly in regards to Viki. Expressing little surprise by Dorian's confession, Viki asked what really happened the night Charlie took a drink. Refusing to answer Viki's question directly, Dorian stated that everyone had done something at some point in their life that they were ashamed of. She argued that Charlie shouldn't be judged for making a mistake. Viki wondered if Dorian was referring to Charlie or herself.

Dorian exploded and compared Viki's words to Mel's. Surprised by the revelation that Dorian sought comfort by speaking to Mel, Viki admitted to talking to Ben, as well. Viki reminded Dorian that they weren't always enemies, and they remembered past times when they were civil toward one another. Dorian stated that during the moments that Viki was clinically dead, Dorian felt as though she had lost her best friend. Dorian believed that it proved that there was some good in their relationship. Dorian admitted that Mel suggested that she attempt to find some common ground in her relationship with Viki. In honor of Mel, the two shook hands and formed a truce. Excusing herself, Dorian left the room and placed a call to Addie.

At the Angel Square Diner, Addie greeted Charlie. Sensing that Charlie was troubled, Addie offered her ear. Having a flashback of Brody's confession, Charlie admitted that he had heard a startling revelation at his AA meeting. He explained the extreme level of privacy that existed among AA members, and stated that he couldn't divulge the secret that was bothering him-not even to the person who needed to hear it the most. Addie received a call from Dorian. Dorian told her that she would meet her at the diner to discuss an important matter.

At the carriage house, Gigi pulled away after Brody kissed her. Surprised by Gigi's reaction, Brody stated that he thought she wanted the kiss as much as he did and insisted that they shared a physical connection. Gigi apologized for sending Brody mixed signals and informed him that she didn't share his feelings. Brody said that he would do anything for her and expressed his desire to raise their son together. After reminding Brody that Shane wasn't his son, Gigi expressed regret over lying to Shane about his paternity. She told Brody that she needed time to figure out how to handle the situation. Realizing that Gigi was still in love with Rex, Brody promised that he wouldn't do anything to complicate her life any further.

As Gigi headed upstairs, Brody looked at a sonogram of Shane and read the last letter that he had received from Gigi after leaving for Iraq. In the letter, Gigi thanked him for promising to marry her and help raise Shane once he returned. Gigi mentioned that she hadn't heard from Rex and realized that she probably never would.

When Gigi returned, Brody showed her the letter and sonogram. Although she was touched that he had kept the items, Gigi didn't appear to have a change of heart concerning her feelings for him.

At the Buchanan mansion, Nora listened as Clint offered David $10,000,000 to divorce Addie and help him regain control of Buchanan Enterprises from Dorian. David attempted to con Clint by stating that his only concern was for sweet Addie. Clint and Nora tried to convince David that he could break things off with Addie gently. Because he had signed the annulment papers, David asked Clint to come up with another plan. Insisting that David cooperate, Clint presented him with a check. Clint advised David that he had placed a hold on the check and David would receive the funds as soon as he made good on the promise. After wrestling with his conscience, David snatched the check and bolted out the door. Out in the foyer, David held the check with a firm grip and exclaimed, "Ten million reasons to get those annulment papers away from Dorian!"

Clint and Nora wondered whether David had the ability to scam Dorian. They discussed devising an alternate plan.

Back at the diner, Charlie congratulated Addie on her marriage to David. An elated Addie told Charlie that she had nearly accomplished everything on her list. As Addie bragged about David's good qualities, David burst into Viki's hospital room looking for Dorian. When Viki told David that she overheard Dorian making plans to meet up with Addie, a panicked David begged Viki for information concerning their whereabouts. Viki had no idea.

Dorian interrupted Charlie and Addie's conversation at the diner. Upon seeing Dorian, Charlie immediately excused himself. Before he left, Dorian informed Charlie that Viki was involved in a car accident and had been taken to the hospital. Charlie bolted out the door and headed for Llanview Hospital.

As David continued to question a clueless Viki about Addie and Dorian's location, Charlie entered and informed David that Addie and Dorian were at the diner.

Dorian told Addie that she had managed to save her life, and presented Addie with the annulment papers bearing David's signature. As a confused Addie asked Dorian for answers, David stormed into the diner and demanded that Dorian step away from his wife. With a smug look, Dorian held the papers close to her.

On the roof of the Angel Square Hotel, Blair and John shared cocktails and discussed Blair's relationship with Todd. Blair told John that Todd had never forgiven himself for raping Marty years earlier. As a result of his guilt, Blair claimed that Todd had become a controlling and hateful person. Blair admitted that it had always been easier to blame Marty, rather than herself, for allowing Todd to hurt her and the children. John stated that the blame should be placed on Todd-not Blair or Marty.

As they consumed more alcohol, Blair continued to vent about her life with Todd. Blair compared her relationship with Todd to that of an abused wife. Blair stated that she thought Todd would change, but realized that she stayed with him because she had been afraid of being alone. Expressing her need to belong to a family, Blair said that Todd represented the family she never had. John understood Blair's reasoning and encouraged her to move on. John expressed his hurt over losing Marty. Vowing to put an end to Todd's hold on her, a tipsy Blair screamed from the rooftop, "Llanview, take a look at the new and improved Blair Cramer!" Attempting to pull John to his feet, Blair begged him to shout his new declaration from the rooftop. Unwilling to make a spectacle of himself, John refused. As Blair continued to pull on John's arm, he lost his balance and Blair fell on top of him. They stared into one another's eyes and began to kiss. Feeling uncomfortable, Blair pulled away but John pulled her towards him. As the storm approached, John and Blair shared a passionate kiss on the rooftop.

At Todd's house, Todd looked distressed after telling Marty she was raped in college. Marty misinterpreted Todd's reaction. She believed that he was her friend back in college and felt terrible reliving the rape all over again. When Marty asked who the rapist was and why he had hurt her, Todd revealed that he was a student who hated her. Todd told Marty that she was unable to fight off the attack because she had been drinking. Marty wondered if she had a bad reputation back in college, but Todd said she was simply misunderstood. Marty begged Todd to tell her how the rape occurred. Without revealing he was the offender, Todd vividly described that fateful night. As he remembered the night of the Spring Fling, Todd appeared guilt-ridden. Upon learning that she was gang raped, Marty became emotional. The two held hands and comforted one another.

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