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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 21, 2008 on GL
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Monday, July 21, 2008

On the set of the movie wedding, Josh and Reva stood by the lake, commenting on how beautiful actress bride Jolene looked as she floated in a row boat toward the pier. Josh said she wasn't as beautiful as the original, but Reva joked that in old age, the eyes were the first to go. Beholding Reva, Josh said his eyes were 20/20. After helping the minister with his lines, Reva and Josh later became emotionally affected when they met the actors who played H.B. and Sarah. They shared a surreal toast with their movie parents, and Josh said they needed a drink. Reva spit out her champagne when she realized it was just ginger ale.

Meanwhile Jeffrey and Cassie arrived on set. Jeffrey was reluctant to join the party; however, he encouraged Cassie to go in without him. Cassie felt as if she were crashing the party, but Jeffrey reminded her that filming was taking place on Beacon property. When Cassie realized that Jeffrey had notarized the contacts for it, she hinted that he should do something to stop the event. Jeffrey said he didn't want to stop it. Rather, he wanted Reva to confront her past and then choose him in the end. He felt that Reva and Josh's lives were heavily intertwined with family and memories. The two needed to sort out their past so that they could move on with their futures. Jeffrey admitted that watching it was painful, but he said he'd endure that pain to have Reva in the end. Cassie, on the other hand, said she wouldn't sit helplessly by as she had when Tammy had died. She felt she needed to take action.

Cassie found Josh by a trailer, telephoning her. Surprised to see her, he mumbled that he hadn't been sure he'd attend himself. "I was," Cassie replied. He asked her what she thought of the set, and Cassie said it was a theme park called "Reva World." Growing serious, Cassie told him that they needed to talk. Josh agreed, saying that they'd been trying too hard at their marriage. He thought they needed to be patient with each other as they had been before. Cassie said they couldn't be like they were before because they'd become different people. They expressed their love for each other and agreed that their marriage should be about the present, not the past. "Living in the past isn't healthy and you know it," Cassie said and then went to get a beer.

Meanwhile Reva greeted Jeffrey at the beer cooler. She thanked him for supporting her and asked him to stay. After Reva walked away, Movie Dylan approached Jeffrey and asked him if he knew the bride well. Jeffrey stared after Reva and said that he hoped so.

As Reva stood beneath a tree gathering her thoughts, Jolene approached, wondering if Reva were leaving. Reva said she wasn't, but admitted that everything was overwhelming. Jolene was relieved that Reva also had cold feet. Reva felt Jolene needed a reality check. Reva said Jolene wasn't the real bride, but an actress in a movie. For the record, Reva said she hadn't had cold feet on her wedding day. Reva explained that she hadn't been nervous or had any doubts. Referring to Movie Marah sitting in the grass, Reva said the child reminded her of how blessed and happy she'd been that day. Reva advised Jolene that if she loved a man enough to marry him, she should profess that love every single day. Reva urgently said words mattered. Jolene giggled, saying those words should have been in the script.

Meanwhile Josh and Billy argued under a tent about whether or not Josh had stolen Reva from Billy all those years ago. When Movie H.B. intervened, Josh and Billy said they could handle it. "Fist to cuffs? Six guns? Is that what I taught you?" Movie H.B. grumbled. Billy and Josh chuckled, deciding that the actor was good. They offered to buy him a drink. In unison, the three men said, "Bourbon and Branch." Josh and Billy both added, "We know."

Some time later, Billy sat with Jules, the actor playing him in the movie. Billy tried to give Jules a little instruction on how to be Billy; however, Jules resented Billy's help, saying that he was Julliard trained. Billy asked Jules if that were supposed to mean something to him, and Jules retorted, "Don't make me have you kicked off set."

Meanwhile when the director called for Reva and Josh to commence the first dance, the real Reva and Josh approached him. Jolene and Mark also came down, and Reva realized that the director had called for the actors, not real Josh and Reva. Jolene said Josh and Reva were still needed as extra dancers. Cassie looked on, seeming out of place. The director motioned for Josh and Reva to join the movie newlyweds in the dance and Cassie stalked off.

Cassie bumped into Movie Sarah and hugged her. Cassie seemed to confuse the actress with her real mother, whom she'd never met. Since Cassie hadn't ever known her real mother, Movie Sarah thought Cassie should give her a try. Cassie thought that was weird, but she decided to talk about her problems with Josh. Cassie felt that she couldn't let Reva swoop in and take Josh from her. Movie Sarah wondered if Cassie experienced sibling rivalry. Cassie replied that Reva had gotten to know Sarah but Cassie hadn't. Reva had also been with Josh first and she'd had his children. Movie Sarah had once thought she could control parts of her life acting the parts, but the actress said she'd realized that some roles had never been hers to play. Cassie pouted that she wanted Josh.

Meanwhile the director called for the actors to come down for another dance number. Josh and Reva danced together as extras. Josh told Reva that he remembered the song to which they danced. He said he remembered everything. Recalling dancing with Josh at the real wedding, Reva said it all seemed like a dream. Intently gazing at Reva, Josh uttered that it was as real as they were. When a new dance number cranked up, Cassie interrupted. She leapt onto a table, saying that she wouldn't let things go any further. When everyone looked at her, she said that she wouldn't let it continue without the Beacon welcoming everyone. She thanked them all and then stepped down. Josh hurriedly pursued Cassie. Billy approached Reva and asked her if she wanted it all back again. Reva said, "I'd be a fool not to."

Meanwhile Movie Sarah comforted Cassie. She hugged Cassie, saying that she'd been a younger sister, too. Cassie cried that she was living in Reva's shadow. Movie Sarah advised her to get out of Reva's shadow and find a place to stand on her own. Josh interrupted and Movie Sarah left them to talk. Josh said, "Tomorrow the circus leaves town." After which, he said they could go back to working on their marriage. Cassie understood that marriages were work, but she thought their marriage required too much work. Josh said he wanted them to be together and Cassie told him to stop lying to her. Cassie thought Josh felt obligated to his wedding vows. Vows didn't mean anything to Cassie if there were no feelings behind them. "Let's face it," Cassie said. "You're still not over her and you never will be."

Josh decided Cassie needed to go home because the movie was upsetting her. She retorted that Josh was upsetting her. She was tired of living a lie. Josh said he loved her and that wasn't a lie. Cassie loved him as well, but she said that just made it harder. She'd always known that Reva would be there, but Cassie had wanted to believe that she and Josh could make their own life. Josh replied that they would make their own life. Though Josh was supposed to be Cassie's rock; Cassie felt lost when she was with him. She didn't think a baby would help them because they weren't solid. She asked Josh if he really wanted her for the rest of his life. In the middle of Josh saying that his commitment was deeper than vows, Movie Dylan interrupted to say that Billy needed Josh. Cassie encouraged Josh to go. Josh found Billy in a confrontation with Movie Billy, who had just said, "If you've seen one drunken hillbilly, you've seen them all!" Before it could go further, Josh yelled at them both that it was just a movie.

Meanwhile Jolene found Reva later and asked for her help in bringing emotion to her script vows. At the same time, Mark posed the same problem to Josh. Josh looked at the script and noted that it contained the exact vows that he'd said to Reva on the real wedding day. Reva and Josh both said that they'd just said what had been in their hearts. As Reva and Josh spoke the vows to life, the montage of real wedding clips played. The montage ended with present-day Reva and Josh on a split screen. Josh said, "Always, Reva," and Reva replied, "Always, Joshua."

Later, Reva thoughtfully dipped her feet in the lake and then she stood up. Josh rushed to the pier to stop her from falling in. Reva objected, saying the water was only four feet deep. Josh apologized, saying that he was nervous whenever she was around water. He feared she'd disappear and resurface on an island somewhere. Reva said swimming away was tempting. It was easier than facing a life that was gone forever. Josh hesitated and replied that perhaps it wasn't gone. Josh suddenly confessed that he'd made a mistake and said he never should have walked away from Reva. Reva wearily said she knew what was happening. People fell in love on set all the time and then returned to their spouses when the movie was over. Josh said he couldn't go back to Cassie; something had broken there that couldn't be fixed. In fact, he felt his marriage to Cassie had probably been wrong from the beginning. Reva said, "Ever since you took up with Cassie, I have been waiting and wishing for you to say these things to me." Josh wondered, "Then why fight it?" Pointing at the wedding set, he continued, "Reva, that is not make-believe right there. It's not. It's a reminder of what we once had together and what we could have again. Tell me you'll take me back."

Just then, a set hand asked Reva and Josh to go and stand in the same place that they had twenty years earlier to take a publicity shot. The two complied. They stood in that place and stared into each other's eyes. The crowd cheered. Cassie and Jeffrey looked on and seemingly perceived a change in Reva and Josh. After some filming, the director said Reva and Josh could stop, but the two continued gazing at each other as if no one else was around.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On the movie set, Jolene and Mark prepared to reenact the wedding ceremony. Overcome with emotion, Reva interrupted. Looking to Josh as she tearfully spoke, Reva advised Jolene to recite the wedding vows as if she'd been put on earth to say those words to that man at that exact moment. If Jolene did that, then Reva said Jolene would have some idea of how Reva had felt on her wedding day. Cassie rolled her eyes and walked away. Jolene hugged Reva and thanked her, saying it'd been the role of a lifetime. Reva said it'd been quite a lifetime and it wasn't over yet.

While the movie crew continued to set up the scene, Reva and Josh strolled to the pier. Reva told Josh that she hadn't realized that being on the set would have been so powerful. To see their first wedding recreated had made the past almost palpable. She hadn't known it'd be so strong. Josh wished he'd known in the past the things he knew now. Thoughtfully, Josh asked if she'd meant what she'd said to Jolene. Reva had meant every word. She said the inertia of the whole experience had somehow transfixed her between the present and the past, as if they'd never left that place. Josh replied, "Maybe we haven't."

They sat on a bench and Josh wondered how things had gone so wrong. He said he'd been hurt when he'd learned that Cassie had cheated, but he shouldn't have been, because he and Cassie had already been falling apart. Reva said she didn't want to hear it and it was none of her business, but Josh continued. He'd tried his best to love Cassie, but things hadn't been right since he'd found out about Reva's cancer. He blamed himself for running from his feelings for Reva and said he should have fought for Reva the moment she'd told him that she still loved him. Instead he'd hurt people by ignoring what everyone else already knew. Reva held back tears and jerked her hand when he reached for it. He held it anyway and told her, "Reva, Reva, it's you and me. We belong together. We always have. Look around us. They're making a movie about it. How many people are lucky enough to live a real, live love story?"

Reva replied that she loved, "This...the, the memory." However, Reva felt that the love they'd shared had changed. They couldn't go back to it because too much had happened. She said they couldn't go through it again because they'd just be setting themselves up for more disappointment. The cancer had taught her that it was time to move on. Josh insisted that she still loved him. Gingerly touching his face, Reva agreed, "I do and I will always. It's just not our time anymore." Josh and Reva kissed each other.

Meanwhile Jeffrey and Cassie strolled down by the lake. They spotted Reva and Josh on the bench kissing. Cassie angrily trudged away and Jeffrey grimaced before following her. Later Cassie approached Josh as he leaned on a tree. She said that was some kiss and cynically wondered if it were part of the script. Josh murmured that the kiss was simply he and Reva. He started to say that the day had shown him something, but Cassie cut him off, telling him that she'd known all along about Josh's feelings for Reva. She'd mistakenly thought his love for Reva would somehow diminish as Josh and Cassie's love grew. Tearfully, Cassie said that loving Josh was one of the best things she'd ever done. She lamented that perhaps letting him go would be as well. Before Josh could say anything, Cassie strode off.

Josh and Cassie went home where Josh apologized to Cassie. He said that before they'd married, she'd asked him several times about his feelings for Reva and he'd denied them. Crying, Cassie replied that she'd wanted to be sure. Josh decided that he could move out that night if Cassie wanted him to. She said okay but quickly added, "This isn't you leaving me, Josh. This is me letting you go." She said his past had been between them every day and it just became too much. It wasn't good for them or for RJ. As Josh packed some things, he looked in a top drawer and found the original plans for the Veteran's Memorial Hospital. After he and Cassie recalled a meeting about the project, Josh asked her if he could keep the plans. She agreed and said they'd talk later about what to tell RJ about their situation. Josh said he'd call her. They hugged and Josh left.

Meanwhile Reva found Jeffrey on a blanket and he guessed that she'd made her choice. Reva said it'd been difficult but she'd gone with her heart. Noble Jeffrey didn't want to drag it out, saying they were practically broken up anyway. He touched her cheek and said he wanted her to be happy. As he got up to leave, Reva asked him where he was going. "I choose you, you dummy!" Reva said. Jeffrey was confused, saying he'd been bracing for the big "kiss-off" scene before Reva rode into the sunset with Josh. Reva pronounced Josh and her over. Referring to the romantic movie set, Jeffrey said he couldn't give her all of "this." Reva replied that she'd already had it. She wanted Josh and Reva to remain a perfect memory and she asked Jeffrey to take her back. He kissed her and said, "What the hell?" Jeffrey wondered when she'd known her decision. Reva said it was when he'd said he loved her laugh. No one had ever loved her laugh before. Jeffrey thought it was perfect. He took a fake ring off a bouquet prop and asked Reva to marry him. She giggled when he slid it on and replied, "What the hell? Let's get married!"

Jeffrey and Reva sat facing one another on a unique bench swing, holding hands. Reva promised Jeffrey that she'd never leave him. She loved him because he defended her and stood up to her when others were afraid to. They leaned in to kiss each other and in the background, the movie director said, "That's a wrap."

Meanwhile Bill prepared Ava for a press interview with the governor. He told Ava that after the interview, the governor could possibly endorse him as his successor at a press conference later. Bill went to Company and saw his father. He told Billy that he'd gotten the governor's endorsement and he believed it had been because of his father's help the other day. Billy said Bill didn't have to run for office to impress anyone, certainly not him. Billy said he'd been up to run for office once, so it didn't surprise him that Bill would throw his hat in the ring. Bill wondered what had stopped Billy's candidacy. Billy told him it had been skeletons and just one skeleton could ruin everything. Billy didn't regret not running for office, but he wished he'd spent more time with Bill and Vanessa. Billy wondered if perhaps it could be enough for Bill to just build his family without political pressure. Bill said he wanted the best for Max and he could handle the pressure.

Meanwhile Ava decided to go to Lizzie's house to warn Lizzie to stay out of Bill's life. Lizzie retorted that she couldn't help it if Ava's husband was in love with her, and she called Ava's entire existence a lie. Ava reminded Lizzie that Bill's image meant everything to him and if Lizzie kept chasing him, she'd destroy his business and his chances at the governorship. Lizzie said she didn't plan on shouting Bill's love for her from the rooftops because she could see it in his eyes whenever she looked at him. Upon leaving, Ava said that if Lizzie loved Bill, she wouldn't keep baiting him.

Later, Lizzie saw Bill before his meeting with the governor. She said that her presence in town would make it hard for him in light of his new political aspirations. She also felt that it would be too hard for her watching Bill try to make a family with Ava. She decided she needed to leave town. Bill said Lizzie's leaving town wouldn't change how he felt about her. Lizzie asked him for a job at Maximus. Bill agreed but became saddened when Lizzie said she wanted a position in the Los Angeles office. To Bill's disappointment, Lizzie said she needed a separation from him as she rebuilt her family. She decided that she wanted to leave the next day so she could look for a place for her family. Bill told her that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him since he'd returned to town. He wished he'd told her that before. Tearfully, Lizzie said he needed to go to his meeting and said she'd get the job details later.

Later, Bill and Ava met with the governor at an interview with Tonya Ansel. The governor said he'd officially endorse Bill at his press conference later. The governor thought that the public was enamored with Bill's family-man image and said he'd be a cinch to win. After the governor left, Ansel had one more question for Bill about his blond mistress. Brow creased, Ava expressed her anger at Ansel's audacity to ask that question with Bill's wife sitting there. Bill abruptly said Lizzie and he had dated, but they hadn't been involved since his wedding. If Ansel's paper printed anything other than that, Bill said he'd sue.

Meanwhile Lizzie encountered Billy at Company and sadly told him that she'd accepted a job at Maximus in L.A. She said she couldn't live in Springfield knowing what she knew. Billy wondered what Lizzie knew, but Lizzie was evasive. Billy told her that she didn't have to leave town just because his son was a butthead. Lizzie laughed and said she needed to start over. Lizzie and Billy both felt they were each other's best friends, and Lizzie asked Billy to look out for Bill in her absence.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Alan opened his door prepared to decline a pitch for Girl Scout cookies; however, he discovered some of his fans on his doorstep handing him ten thousand dollars. They said the money was to pay for his legal fees and a place where their group could meet. Alan said they'd come at a bad time, but the women still introduced a new group member to him and then asked him if he were having visitations from Gus. When Alan replied that he was having them more than ever, the ladies decided they'd come at the perfect time.

Upstairs Lizzie tried to sell Beth on a wonderful home in Beverly Hills. "Beverly Hills 90210?" Beth quipped and then said there was no way the family could pick up and move at that time. Alan was facing criminal charges and James had school. Lizzie pleaded with Beth, saying she couldn't move on from Bill while living in the same town with him. Lizzie said she needed her family and begged Beth to come with her to L.A. Just then, they heard voices in the house. Lizzie and Beth went downstairs to find Alan's group in session. Lizzie told the ladies to get jobs and then shooed them out of the house.

As Lizzie went to pack, Alan wondered why Lizzie was going to L.A. Beth said she'd explain it later. Beth worried about Alan's impending murder indictment, but Alan trusted Gus to take care of them. She didn't think Alan understood that if he were convicted, he'd be leaving her alone to raise Peyton and James. Beth yelled that she didn't leave Rick to be with a man who was intent on signing his own death warrant. As Beth spoke, Alan seemed to zone out and then he said, "Gus? Gus?" Beth looked at him as if he were crazy.

Meanwhile, when obnoxious Tonya Ansel hinted that Bill and Lizzie had been seen at a secluded cabin, Bill hustled her out of the mansion parlor. Bill and Ava frantically strategized damage control before the governor caught wind of the rumor. Ava wanted to know if it were true, but Bill only told her to take care of Max. Leaving, he hurriedly stuck his blue tooth in his ear and got on the phone with the governor's office.

In the meantime, Remy was at work when he read about Bill's governor's nod in the paper. He called Ava and left her a message, wondering if their poker nights were over. He told her to call him if she needed him. Later he went by the mansion and saw Ava, saying that Dinah had permitted him to pick up some belongings he'd left there. After another disagreement about Bill's devotion to Ava and Max, Remy took Ava to Towers. Once seated, they spotted Tonya Ansel and tried to sneak past the reporter unnoticed. As they boarded the elevator and the doors closed, Tonya screamed, "It's her! Bill Lewis' wife!"

Meanwhile Dinah met up with Ashlee, who was flabbergasted that she'd gotten the governor's entire schedule without showing credentials. Dinah commented that she'd make sure Bill had tighter security when he took office. Since Dinah felt it was her job to stay one step ahead of the press, she asked Ashlee to monitor Internet blogs for gossip. After a crawl of the web, Ashlee only discovered gossip about Ava's wedding attire and makeup. Dinah asked her to focus on Lizzie and then report her findings. Ashlee uncovered a blog about "Lizzie Spaulding's secret rendezvous" in which the writer pondered Bill and Lizzie's visit to the secluded cabin.

Bill met Dinah at Company to say that rumors about Lizzie and him could jeopardize his chances for the governor's endorsement. He asked Dinah if she'd said something to the realtor. Dinah said she'd been trying to help, but maybe she'd been misinterpreted. When Bill tried to pin the scandal on Dinah's "loose lips," Dinah berated him for taking a mistress. Bill denied that Lizzie was his mistress or that anything improper had happened between them since he'd married. Dinah offered to go to the governor to explain things. Bill told her that she'd done enough and he'd take care of it himself. Bill went outside and Ashlee overheard him talking on the phone about the scandal. Ashlee and Dinah met up again and Ashlee revealed that the Internet was suddenly buzzing with the gossip about the cabin. Ashlee mentioned seeing Bill and said he looked as if he could strangle whoever instigated the gossip.

Bill went to Harley's old house and anxiously told Lizzie that they'd been seen at the cabin. Since Lizzie was leaving town, she assured him that the whole scandal would blow over. She asked him to leave before anyone saw him, but Bill lingered, because he worried about Lizzie. Dinah apparently followed Bill and arrived in Lizzie's yard to tell Bill that he was creating even more scandal by being at Lizzie's house. Dinah pulled him aside and asked him what would have happened if she had been a photographer trailing him. As Dinah lectured him on losing the governorship, Alan rushed outside and announced, "The baby's coming. They need you at the hospital. The baby's coming now!"

Dinah, Lizzie, and Bill rushed to the hospital but Ava wasn't even there as Alan had said. Dinah rolled her eyes, wondering why they'd listened to one of Alan's visions. Meanwhile Ava and Remy were in the Tower's elevator giggling about escaping the press. She told Remy that she trusted him and then they began kissing. Just then, Ava felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. Ava panicked, but Remy kept her focused until she felt her water break.

Back at the hospital, Lizzie suggested they leave because she had a flight to reschedule. A nurse interrupted to say that Ava was on her way in. A short time later, Remy wheeled Ava into the ER. Frightened, Ava said it hurt, and Lizzie instructed her to breathe through the pain. Ava said Max was too small and grew upset when she didn't see her own doctor. Remy told the attending physician that Ava's BP was high and the contractions were five minutes apart. After Ava received a private room, Bill told her that he was locating Jeffrey and also Olivia, who was seeing a physician in Canada. Ava prayed that nothing bad would happen to Max because it was too early. The doctor said the baby's heartbeat was fine, the BP was high, and he had a delivery room prepped. Ava cried, telling Bill that if anything happened to her, she wanted him to know how sorry she was for lying. However, she wasn't sorry that they had Max. Bill kissed her and said he wasn't sorry either.

In the waiting room, Dinah told Remy to go home. Remy didn't want to leave until he heard news about the baby. Dinah said that Ava wouldn't pick him over Bill. Because Remy was Dinah's friend, she didn't want him hurt. Just then, Ava was wheeled through the waiting room. He tried to follow behind Ava but a door was shut in his face. Dinah ordered him to go home and let Bill and Ava have their baby. Remy left the building to pace in the parking lot. As Dinah waited for word about the delivery, she spotted a computer behind the nurses' station. On the monitor was a news story about Bill and Lizzie at the cabin. Dinah grew disgusted as she gawked at it. Inside the private room, Ava continued to worry that Max was coming too soon. Bill kept telling her that everything would be just fine.

Meanwhile Alan and Beth went to eat at Company and his groupies followed them there to hear any word from Gus. Alan told them that Gus had shown him that a baby would be born that day. Angry, Beth told the ladies that Alan was no more talking to Gus than she was talking to the baked potato on her plate. She told Alan she was going to call their lawyer so Peyton wouldn't grow up without a father. Later Alan and Beth were at home when Lizzie came in astonished that Alan had correctly predicted that Ava would go into premature labor. Beth thought Lizzie was making it up. When Lizzie said she wasn't, Beth called it a sick and crazy scam Alan had for dealing with his grief. "It may be sick, it may be crazy, but it's real," Alan assured her.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Marina met Mallet in the park because they'd each taken the day off work to spend time together. Mallet wore a long face, troubled at receiving a phone call from Dinah. He'd heard Ava was in delivery and thought perhaps Dinah had called because of that. Remy jogged up, anxious about Ava. Marina suggested Remy go to the hospital, but he said Bill didn't want him anywhere near Ava. After Remy left, Marina seemed sullen that Dinah had reached out to Mallet. Mallet said Dinah didn't have a lot of friends and the birth of her nephew was important to her. She probably just wanted to share the news with someone. Marina dubiously agreed and then suggested Mallet go see her. Mallet declined, saying that Dinah could take care of herself. Marina contemplated going to the hospital later to see the baby. Mallet told Marina she'd make a good mother one day. Marina said she had other goals in line ahead of motherhood-such as balancing her checkbook.

Remy helplessly paced around Company where he ran into Lizzie. He expressed his concern that Ava wasn't safe with Bill. He anguished because Olivia was out of town, leaving Ava all alone. Lizzie replied that if Bill had planned to abandon Ava, he would have done it already. Lizzie shared her decision to end her fight for Bill, saying she knew she'd never win. She revealed that she'd taken drastic measures to close the door on Bill forever. While they conversed, Beth called to tell Lizzie about the scandalous photos of Lizzie and Bill on the Internet. Lizzie, in turn, told Remy and cited the press as a reason for her move to L.A. She felt that the press hounded her even though she'd done nothing wrong. She said Bill hadn't done anything wrong either. Remy suggested Lizzie go public with her feelings. Lizzie considered the fallout if she did that and Remy said that if Bill lost the candidacy, he'd find something else to do. Lizzie asked Remy if Max would be okay, and Remy said he would.

At Towers, Lizzie spotted one of the governor's assistants and asked him for a meeting with the governor. The assistant wasn't interested until she said she was Lizzie Spaulding and she had information on the governor's proposed successor, Bill Lewis. The governor met Lizzie at Towers later. He said he had been set to back Bill as his successor until he discovered the sex scandal. Lizzie asserted that there was no sex scandal, just a woman who couldn't let go. Lizzie said Bill had jilted her a long time ago, but she'd followed him to the cabin. Though Lizzie assured him that she'd pursued Bill against his wishes, the governor thought Lizzie's revelations came too late to help Bill. Lizzie said the citizens would lose out because Bill had done no wrong. She assured him that she wouldn't be a problem for Bill because she was leaving for L.A. In a week's time, she said no one would even remember her.

Meanwhile in the hospital waiting room, Vanessa met up with Dinah and wondered where everyone else was. Dinah replied that she'd left messages for Jeffrey and Billy, and Olivia was stuck in an airport in Canada. Vanessa appeared as anxious to be a grandmother as Dinah was to be an aunt. Dinah excitedly said she and Bill were creating a whole new world. She believed the baby would bring the family closer. Dinah observed nurses discussing the gossip page on the Internet, and she scathingly told them to get back to work.

Ava continued her labor, and the doctor asked Bill to leave the delivery room so they could perform an emergency c-section. Some time later, the doctor informed a nervous Bill that his son had been born. When Bill entered the delivery room, he saw Max in an incubator. When the nurses took the baby away, groggy Ava asked for her child. A nurse said Max would be hooked up to a respirator in neo-natal care to help him breathe. Bill wondered why he wasn't breathing on his own and the doctor answered that Max's lungs weren't well developed. Bill comforted a frightened Ava and said he loved her and their child. "You love me?" Ava replied. Bill answered that he loved his family more than anything.

Out in the hallway later, Bill seemed distracted as Dinah approached him. Dinah explained that while Bill had been out getting Ava flowers, the doctor told Dinah that Bill and Ava could see Max, who'd since been stabilized in an incubator. She mentioned a meeting with "the Brits" scheduled for that day and advised Bill to cancel it. Bill wondered where Vanessa was and then told Dinah to cancel the meeting. He abruptly left and Dinah stared awkwardly behind him. When Dinah left the hospital, she discovered Remy outside. He said he'd just brought a patient into ER and then asked her about Ava. Dinah said the baby had come early and she hadn't seen him yet. She warned Remy that no one would let him into ICU to see the baby, either. Remy mumbled that he just wanted the baby and Ava to be okay.

When Dinah arrived at Maximus to postpone the meeting, she saw Alexandra there. Alex said she'd been hired as a consultant for the foreign businessmen who'd flown in for the meeting. Alex felt her clients would understand the postponement but insinuated that Bill had put off the meeting because he didn't think anyone could handle the business but himself. When Dinah said Alex wasn't subtle, Alex commiserated with Dinah about being the sister of a powerful man. Alex offered to help Dinah with the meeting, but Dinah refused. Prideful, Dinah decided to hold the acquisitions meeting herself instead of postponing it. During the meeting, Dinah successfully convinced the company heads that Maximus would preserve their company's culture post merger. The executives agreed to the merger as long as Dinah was their liaison. Alex and Dinah shared triumphant glances.

Upon leaving, Alex saw Lizzie working in a Maximus office. Lizzie told her Aunt Alex about her plan to vacate Springfield to escape Bill, but Alex wondered if working for Maximus would give Bill reason to communicate with her in L.A. If Bill did that, Lizzie said she'd try something else. Lizzie invited Alex to L.A., saying that she was encouraging Beth and Alan to go as well. Alex giggled, saying L.A. was not her kind of town. Alex wondered if Lizzie would find Sarah, and Lizzie said that first on her agenda was tracking down Jonathan. Alex was glad that at least one Spaulding woman had a shot at raising her own child.

Meanwhile Bill pushed Ava in a wheel chair down to neo-natal care to see the baby. Upon looking into the baby's chamber, Bill seemed confused and Ava looked devastated. Puzzled, Bill told the nurse that the baby they were viewing wasn't the Lewis baby. The nurse assured him that it was. Looking again, Bill wondered about the baby's skin, asking if the baby was getting enough oxygen. The nurse said that as the melatonin developed, Max would probably get darker. The camera panned to the incubator to reveal a biracial baby inside.

Still confused, Bill questioned whether the nurse meant that Max would get lighter instead of darker. The nurse decided to give him and Ava a few minutes alone. Studying the biracial baby, Ava said she'd picked a donor that was as close to Bill as she could get. Puzzled, Bill told her that she needed to call the clinic. Later Bill called the clinic himself to report a mistake during his wife's procedure. While he spoke, Vanessa approached him, heard his conversation, and assumed that the baby wasn't Bill's. When Bill told Vanessa what Ava had done, Vanessa was shocked that Bill had married Ava anyway. Bill further explained that he'd told everyone Max was his child. Since Max was biracial, Bill said people would know that he wasn't Max's father. Bill was confused because he wanted Max to feel protected and safe. Vanessa wondered if Bill loved the baby. Bill sincerely replied that he did. After talking to his mother, Bill returned to view Baby Max and smiled sadly to himself.

Meanwhile Remy brought Ava's favorite flowers to her hospital room. Ava told Remy that her baby was beautiful. Remy wanted to know details about the baby like length and weight. Ava fearfully said she didn't know and then asked Remy if everything would be okay. Vanessa entered and Remy said he'd better go. Once alone with Ava, Vanessa told her that the baby was beautiful but she and Ava needed to talk. Vanessa relayed that Bill loved the baby very much. Vanessa offered to help them in any way that she could, but she needed Ava to promise to never take the baby from Bill.

Later Bill and Ava stood together watching the baby. Bill encouraged Ava to bond with the baby, but Ava wearily said she was tired. Bill decided it didn't matter that Max didn't look like him. He let her know the clinic was checking into his medical background. Ava wondered what Bill wanted to do at that point, and Bill said Max's biology didn't change anything. He still loved Max. Bill planned to tell everyone that Ava had been artificially inseminated because they couldn't conceive. Ava cried as Bill said they'd be a happy family.

Meanwhile Remy asked a nurse for directions to the neonatal care unit. He said his wife had had a baby and he wanted to see him. When Remy got a look at Ava's baby, he asked a nurse if she were absolutely sure he beheld the Lewis child. The nurse confirmed that the bi-racial child was indeed the Lewis baby. Remy then charged into Ava's room and looked expectantly at her. "I saw the baby," he uttered. Bill huffed, saying there was a mix-up at the clinic, but everything was okay. "There's no mix-up, man," Remy said. "That's my baby."

Friday, July 25, 2008

Lizzie, Alan, and Beth waited for the limo to take them to the airport. When Lizzie went on about finding a home for them in Los Angeles, Beth interrupted and told Lizzie that she and Alan only agreed to get her settled in. They had not made any decision about moving to L.A. Lizzie tried to convince Beth that the family needed a change-a new place to plant their flag. As Lizzie continued to talk up L.A., Alan stated that he liked what they had in Springfield. Lizzie told Alan that she did not believe that. Beth asked Lizzie what was so great about L.A. and Lizzie responded that it was the last place Sarah was. Lizzie stated that she wanted her daughter back and warned Alan not to make trouble for Sarah and Jonathan. Alan gave his word that he would no longer cause any trouble. Lizzie asked Alan where Sarah was and Alan admitted that he lost track of her whereabouts. Lizzie asked him to ask Gus.

In Los Angeles, Alan received a message from Gus who gave him a number-4139. Later, they arrived at a house with that number. Lizzie knocked on the door expecting to find Sarah and was disappointed to discover that Sarah did not live there. A frustrated Lizzie told Alan that he was wrong and he explained that the visions were not an exact science. Lizzie was angry at herself for believing in the visions and complained that she just needed something to believe in. Alan apologized for failing Lizzie and told her that he did not want to do anything to hurt her. Alan told Lizzie that he needed to return to Springfield. He stated that not only was he facing charges, he belonged there. While they were talking, Beth was on the phone and told Lizzie about the news of Ava's baby. Upon hearing that Remy was the baby's father, Lizzie burst out laughing.

Bill tried to kick Remy out of Ava's room. Remy informed Bill that he and Ava slept together, thus the baby was his. Ava muttered that she was sorry and Remy replied, "You're sorry?" Bill insisted that the baby was his in every way since he was the one who went to Ava's doctor appointments and his was the voice that Max heard every day. Remy asked Ava if she believed that it was a mix-up. An upset Ava admitted that she slept with Remy but stated that she thought she was already pregnant at the time. Remy asked for a DNA test, but Bill refused and told Remy that his name was on the birth certificate. Later, Bill visited the governor and told him that Ava had been artificially inseminated and the child was not biologically his. Bill warned that someone could potentially create a fuss about that but assured the governor that he could handle it. He also assured him that this development would not affect his ability to run the state.

After his meeting, Bill walked right past Josh who called out to him. Josh asked about Ava and the baby, and commented that the baby was a fighter since Bill was, also. Bill confessed that the baby was not his, that Remy was the father. Bill assured Josh that everything was still on track and that he would be fine.

Remy went back to Ava's room and asked if she wanted them to be a family. Clearly distressed, Ava admitted that she did not know what she wanted. Ava told Remy that she was upset and did not understand what was happening to her. Remy argued that there was a reason that it happened and stated that it meant they were supposed to be together. Later, Mel arrived at Remy's request. Remy asked an upset Ava how she was and she told him that it felt as if she was missing something, but she had no idea what it could be. Remy told Ava that he would not push her into making a decision and told her that she could lean on him. At that point, Bill returned and muttered to Remy that he worked too hard to quit now. Bill assured Ava that they could get through it and that they would pull together for the sake of their marriage. Bill told Ava that she owed him that much, and Remy told Ava that she owed Bill nothing. Remy suggested to Ava that she get a quick annulment. As Bill tried to hustle Remy and Mel out, Mel told Bill that as the biological father, Remy did have rights. Later, Bill and Ava visited Max. Ava asked Bill if he loved Max. Bill replied that he loved him more and more every second.

Mel took Remy to lunch. Remy told Mel that he knew that it took him a while to get his life together but he wanted the baby. Remy told Mel he knew that Ava loved him.

After finding a bouquet of flowers outside her house, Reva called Marah and left her a message telling her of her and Jeffrey's engagement. Reva tried calling Shayne, as well, but his number was mysteriously disconnected.

Josh arrived at Cassie's and they discussed picking up RJ and telling him about their divorce. After some discussion about whether or not Josh should pack up his belongings before or after they picked up RJ, the pair left for the camp in separate cars. When they arrived at the camp, RJ asked about the cars and picked up on the fact that something was wrong. Afterwards, Cassie assured a sad RJ that Josh would still be a part of his life. At that point, Reva arrived. Cassie told Reva about her and Josh splitting up and Reva commented that she knew. Cassie blasted Reva for ruining her marriage and Reva maintained that it was not her fault. Cassie began ranting about how the Reva and Josh love story was bigger than all of them. Reva insisted to Cassie that there was nothing between her and Josh; she was marrying Jeffrey. Cassie expressed her doubts that the wedding would happen and predicted that Jeffrey would be another casualty in the Josh and Reva story. After accusing Reva of wrecking any chance she and Josh had for happiness, Cassie informed Reva that she won.

Reva returned home and found Josh peeking through her windows. Reva became uncomfortable when she realized that the mysterious flowers were from him. Reva told Josh that it was inappropriate because she lived there with Jeffrey. Josh told Reva that he came to tell her that Always meant always. Josh's words and demeanor unsettled Reva and she responded that, for them, Always meant sometimes. Josh commented that he would wait. A nervous Reva stated that the movie was fun but it was over and, when the dust settled, all that was left were her feelings for Jeffrey. Josh told Reva that he wanted her back and confidently declared that he was going to win her back.

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