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Passions Recaps: The week of July 21, 2008 on PS
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Tabitha was eager to get out of Harmony, but Endora wanted to see Kay walk down the aisle. Tabitha heard an unexpected crash at the door of the church, so she went to investigate. It was Edna dressed in a wedding gown with her walker decorated to match. Norma was not too far behind, and she was wearing a red tux. It was the first time in Harmony's history that Father Lonigan would perform a gay marriage. Unfortunately, Norma planned to trick Father Lonigan into believing that she was male because Father Lonigan was blind.

Kay and Miguel recited their own vows, and Father Lonigan married them without any interruptions.

Gertrude (Theresa) told Pilar that she wished she were marrying Ethan. During Kay and Miguel's ceremony, Theresa started crying, and Ethan was concerned that Gertrude was crying. Gertrude mentioned to Ethan that weddings always made her cry. Ethan stated that Gertrude reminded him of Theresa, and that they were very similar.

Fancy was very excited and could not wait to marry Luis. Fancy could not believe what she had to endure before walking down the aisle with Luis.

While Luis was at the altar waiting to marry Fancy, Sheridan walked in the church and gave Luis a displeasing look. Luis told Sheridan that she should not have showed up at the church. Sheridan begged Luis not to marry Fancy because of their history. Sheridan admitted to Luis that she knew that Vincent and Viki had poisoned the food but decided not to tell anyone about it. Luis was shocked because Sheridan was willing to let everyone die since she could not be with Luis. In addition, Luis told Sheridan that he was still going to marry Fancy. Sheridan begged Luis to promise her that if they could not be together in this lifetime that they would be together in the next lifetime. Luis said that it was beyond his control, so he could not promise Sheridan such a thing. Sheridan asked Luis to dance the tango one last time with her, and Luis agreed. During the dance, Sheridan spotted a shearing scissor and asked Luis if he had heard of a tragic story regarding a couple who got so intense while dancing the tango that they ended up dying together. Luis refused to believe such a story.

Meanwhile, Ivy was convincing Fancy that Sheridan would not cause any trouble for her and Luis. Sam wished Fancy luck and walked out of the room with Ivy and Fancy. Sam accidentally left his video camera behind in the dressing room. Fancy panicked after Sam informed her that Luis was not at the altar. Fancy thought that Sheridan had something to do with Luis' absence.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gwen mentioned to Rebecca that Juanita called her earlier in the day, so Gwen wanted to hurry and marry Ethan and then get out of Harmony. Gwen admitted that she just wanted Theresa out of the way, but she did not want Pilar and her family killed. While Gwen and Rebecca were having their conversation concerning their plans to get Theresa out of the way, Sam's video camera was recording everything. Rebecca decided bring up the past and gleefully mentioned that she and Gwen leaked Ethan's paternity to the tabloid and got away with it. In addition, Rebecca said that if Ivy were to find out what they did, Ivy would prevent Gwen from renewing her vows with Ethan.

Sam went into the dressing room to get Gwen and Rebecca. After Gwen and Rebecca left, Sam realized that he had left his video camera in the dressing room, and it was set on record. Outside of the dressing room, Gwen wondered if Sam had overhead her and Rebecca discussing their secrets. Sam stated that he had to rewind and erase what had recorded on the camera.

Juanita checked the bomb to see if it was counting down on schedule. Juanita expressed dislike for Gwen and her mother even though Gwen was the one who sold Pilar out to Juanita. Gwen would be punished in the explosion along with everyone else.

Fancy, Sam, and Ivy frantically searched for Luis. Fancy was convinced that Sheridan had something to do with Luis' absence. Pilar was worried that Juanita was behind Luis' disappearance, so Pilar and Gertrude went to look for Luis. Ivy revealed to Fancy that Sheridan knew that Vincent and Viki had poisoned the food but kept it to herself. Fancy urged Ivy and Julian to continue searching for Luis since Sheridan was not in the right frame of mind.

Outside the church, Sheridan and Luis were dancing the tango. Sheridan reminded Luis of the couple who became so intense in their tango that they died at the end. Sheridan steered Luis near the shearing scissor, but Luis was unaware. Sheridan paused and contemplated whether she should kill Luis. Moreover, Sheridan fantasized that she pushed Luis on the shearing scissor and killed him. She then drank some weed killer and said that she and Luis would be together in another lifetime. Sheridan awoke from the fantasy and the dance ended, but Sheridan could not move on without Luis.

A mysterious man was lurking in the shadows with pictures of Pilar and her family.

Luis materialized and both Julian and Sam wondered to where he had disappeared. Julian and Sam went to tell Fancy the good news. Fancy asked why Luis had disappeared, and Julian told her to focus on the wedding. Ivy stated that Fancy had nothing to worry about while Sheridan devilishly lurked in the background. Julian walked Fancy down the aisle while Sheridan lamented that she could not watch Fancy marry Luis. Sheridan walked away. Someone walked up behind Sheridan, and she thought that it was Luis. Sheridan looked up and said that it could not be and then fainted.

Pilar and Gertrude went to the basement to look for Luis, and they saw Juanita dressed as a nun. Juanita tried to walk away, but Pilar stopped Juanita and asked her for Luis' whereabouts. Juanita said that she did not know anything. After Pilar left, Juanita wondered who Gertrude was and why Pilar would tell Gertrude about Juanita.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tabitha asked Endora to zap her up a drink of sodium bicarbonate because her stomach was doing flip-flops after marrying Edna and Norma. Endora was glad she made it to Edna and Norma's ceremony in time to catch the bouquet. Endora was impressed by how sensitive Norma was to Edna's incontinence problem, so impressed in fact, that she decided to zap Edna's bladder control problem away. Then all of a sudden, the house started to shake, and Tabitha wondered if the disaster had finally come to Harmony. When the shaking ceased, the demon elf appeared before them. Tabitha guessed that the dark side knew she lost her powers and they were still angry that Tabitha kept Endora from them. The demon elf said Tabitha embraced the power of good. Tabitha said she didn't do it on purpose, but the demon elf recounted all the times she used her powers for good, including the night before when she used her powers to save everyone's lives. Just when the demon elf was ready to zap Tabitha, Endora stood up for her and told the demon elf to leave Tabitha alone. Tabitha must pay with her life, the demon elf said.

Tabitha wondered why the demon elf was coming after her, because she didn't have any more powers to hurt him. He said she hurt the dark side by using goodness and making them vulnerable. Tabitha said the head demon already battled for Endora and lost, so the demons couldn't hurt Tabitha and Endora. The demon elf said things had changed since Tabitha defeated the demon. Endora was able to draw from Tabitha's powers to defeat the dark side, the demon elf said. Without Tabitha's residual powers, Endora was no match for the powers of hell, he said, and then he zapped Tabitha. Endora stepped in front of Tabitha and zapped the demon elf back. She challenged the demon elf to a magical showdown.

Tabitha asked Endora to zap them out of the house, but when Endora tried, it didn't work. The demon elf said it was because the dark side had cast a spell over the entire house, preventing them from leaving, so they both would die. The demon elf tried in vain to zap Tabitha, but Endora kept deflecting his powers. The demon elf said it was just a matter of time before he killed Endora and Tabitha, and Tabitha told Endora to create a force field around them. Endora did as Tabitha suggested, but the demon elf kept attacking. However, his magic couldn't penetrate Endora's force field. Endora was getting tired, and the demon elf appeared to be breaking through the force field. Endora said she could protect them, but if the force field broke, they would both be doomed.

On the docks, Juanita's henchman went on and on to Juanita about a seafood restaurant he'd found, which angered Juanita. She'd wondered where he was when she was at the church earlier getting the bomb ready.

While Fancy and Luis were getting married, Pilar told Theresa to try not to think about Ethan, but Theresa couldn't help it. Pilar said she wished Theresa could be happy like the rest of her children. Then Pilar thought about Antonio and how he died in a plane crash. Theresa felt bad for Sheridan, because she knew it was probably too hard for Sheridan to watch Luis and Fancy get married. Theresa also felt bad for herself, because she was watching lovers get married and she could never be with Ethan. Pilar said maybe one day when Juanita was captured, Theresa could call Ethan and tell him she was alive. During the exchange of vows, Fancy told Luis she decided to speak from the heart. She told him she loved him and she didn't know the exact moment when she knew it, probably when he was yelling at her. She said it wouldn't be easy being married to her but he should remember that no matter what she did, she loved him so much that she could barely stand it. Fancy said she would always be true to Luis, because without their love, she would be nothing.

When Sheridan woke up, she found Antonio standing over her, and she thought she was dreaming. Antonio told Sheridan she wasn't dreaming and if he had to fight Luis to the death to be with her, that's what he was willing to do. Antonio kissed Sheridan and asked her if she still thought he was dead. Sheridan couldn't understand how Antonio was alive when she saw the plane that he was on blow up. Antonio said it was just one of Alistair's tricks, because Antonio wasn't even on that plane-he was on another plane, and he was held prisoner by Alistair for all those years. Alistair kept Antonio in the basement of an apartment in Boston where all Antonio's needs were provided for. Antonio kept tabs on what was going on in Harmony by reading the newspaper and watching television. Then eventually, the guards' checks stopped coming, and the guards took off, Antonio said. Sheridan explained that Alistair was dead and whoever authorized the payroll for the guards must have stopped doing it. Antonio said it took him hours to get out of the locks, but once he did, he came straight back to Harmony, where he heard about all the weddings. Sheridan told Antonio about Fancy marrying Luis and encouraged him to go inside the church and tell his loved ones he was alive. Antonio said that's what he was doing. Antonio told Sheridan he loved her.

Sheridan thanked Antonio, and Antonio was hurt that that was all she could say in return. Sheridan explained that she just lost the love of her life, because Luis was marrying Fancy. Antonio said he knew what it was like to lose the love of his life, because it was hard enough knowing Sheridan was in love with another man, and it hurt more knowing that man was Antonio's brother. Sheridan said she and Luis shared a past history, and Antonio's theory was that Luis and Sheridan weren't meant to be together and maybe God was giving Sheridan and Antonio that chance so she could see that she and Antonio were meant to be. Sheridan told Antonio she loved him when she had amnesia and they were married, but then she remembered Luis. Antonio said Sheridan must have been dead wrong and urged her to put faith in the context of her situation-Luis was marrying someone else, and Sheridan was there with Antonio. That meant faith was telling them that she and Antonio were meant to be together.

Luis told Fancy that his mother, Pilar, taught him what was most important in life-hard work, family, values, and the importance of a good woman. Luis said he and Fancy had been through their own struggles, but he knew they could get through anything as long as Fancy was there waiting for him on the other side. He said if Fancy agreed to spend the rest of her life with him, Luis would be the happiest man in the world. Ethan was impressed with Luis and Fancy's vows, and Theresa wondered if Ethan had written his vows to Gwen. Ethan said he hadn't and they would do the standard vows. Pilar wondered what was wrong with Ethan, and Gertrude (Theresa) guessed that he missed Theresa. Ethan admitted that he couldn't stop thinking about Theresa, and he apologized for hurting Pilar by bringing up Theresa's name again, saying he couldn't help it, because he loved Theresa and always would. Gertrude (Theresa) got upset and ran out of the church, and Pilar covered for her. Ethan said Gertrude took great care of the kids, and Pilar said Theresa had always been good with the kids. Before Pilar realized what she'd said, Ethan caught on and asked Pilar if she'd just said Theresa. Ethan guessed that Pilar called Gertrude Theresa because Gertrude reminded her of Theresa. Ethan said Pilar was right, because every time he was around Gertrude, he thought about Theresa.

Father Lonigan asked if there was anyone who objected to Luis and Fancy getting married, and Fancy looked back to see if Sheridan would show up and ruin her wedding. Outside, Antonio told Sheridan even though she lost Luis, she would never lose Antonio, because she was the only woman for him. Antonio asked Sheridan to give him another chance to make her forget about Luis, but Sheridan didn't think that was possible. Antonio told her he knew he was her one true love. Then they kissed.

Theresa (Gertrude) walked the docks after running out of the church and bumped into Juanita, but neither one of them recognized the other in their costumes. Juanita was dressed as a nun and asked Gertrude who she was, saying Gertrude's eyes were so familiar. Gertrude said it was because they'd met at the church when Juanita was helping everyone who had been poisoned. Juanita apologized, and Theresa took off. Ethan wanted to go after Gertrude, but Pilar tried to stop him, saying Gwen would freak out if she thought Ethan had left her at the altar. Ethan said he wasn't going to leave Gwen at the altar-he just had to talk to Gertrude. When Ethan left, Pilar called Theresa to warn her. Pilar told Theresa no one, including Ethan, could know that Theresa was alive or Juanita would kill Theresa. Theresa wanted to know how Juanita would know she was alive. Theresa said she couldn't imagine Juanita going to the Wharf Café for something to eat. Theresa conceded that Pilar was right and it was too dangerous to reveal herself to Ethan. Then after she hung up with Pilar, Theresa thought if Ethan found her that meant they were meant to be together. Meanwhile, Ethan showed up at the wharf looking for Gertrude. When Theresa looked up, she saw Ethan.

Juanita's henchman wondered why Juanita was staring at Gertrude, and Juanita didn't know either, but she said she trusted her instincts and they were never wrong. Juanita told someone on the phone to get her fake passports ready for when she was ready to leave the country.

No one interrupted Luis and Fancy's wedding, so they were pronounced husband and wife. Pilar congratulated Luis and Fancy and welcomed Fancy into the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Then Sheridan appeared and said she had a wedding gift for Luis and Fancy and the whole Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Antonio walked in, and everyone was shocked. Pilar hugged him, amazed that her son was back from the dead.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, July 25, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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