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Monday, July 21, 2008

After several unsuccessful attempts to rouse Eric, Donna dialed 9-1-1. The paramedics arrived and asked Donna a series of questions, such as what medications Eric had taken. Donna admitted that Eric had taken a "performance enhancement" pill. When the ambulance arrived at the hospital and wheeled Eric in, Bridget was on duty and immediately ordered a battery of tests for him. Bridget suspected that Eric possibly had a cardiac-related condition.

Ridge and Brooke celebrated their victory and daydreamed about taking over Forester. Rick entered the room to get Eric's signature on some documents. When he saw Eric was not in, he attempted to leave. Brooke stopped him and said she and Ridge had some news. She proceeded to tell him they were finally going to get married. Rick congratulated them. Ridge was surprised as he expected Rick to fight them, but Rick said he had learned from his experience with Taylor that no one should stand in the way of true love.

Ridge let Rick know that on top of the wedding, they had more news to share-he and Brooke would be taking over control of Forrester Creations. Rick said he didn't believe Eric would have turned over the company without having discussed it with him. Ridge reminded Rick about the hit the company took when Eric married Donna, and said that Eric agreed to hand the company over in order to save it.

Ridge assumed that Rick's hesitance had to do with how funds would be divvied up, so he assured Rick that everyone would get a fair share, although Eric and Stephanie's children would inherit a bigger piece of the pie, as they were the two founders of the company. Rick wondered aloud what ammunition Ridge might have used to get Eric to turn over the company. He said that Ridge was using Donna as a scapegoat even though Forrester had started to lose money before Donna entered the picture.

Before their debate was settled, the phone rang. Donna called Brooke and let her know about Eric. She asked Brooke to notify the family about Eric's hospitalization. Brooke asked her what happened, and Donna said she didn't know yet. Brooke, Ridge, and Rick rushed over to University Hospital. When they arrived, Donna was distraught. Brooke hugged her and assured her that Eric would be okay. Donna asked Brooke to pray really hard for Eric's recovery. Felicia and Thorne arrived at the hospital and asked Donna how Eric's collapse happened. Donna started by saying "Well, we had just made love..." and Felicia was disgusted and asked her to stop.

Bridget went to the waiting room and informed the family that Eric had experienced a serious heart attack. Donna asked if she could go into his room, as she wanted to make sure Eric knew she was there by his side.

Donna sat by Eric's bedside and told him she was right there holding his hand, that the doctors would take good care of him, and that he would be okay. She reminded him of their plans and dreams and begged him not to leave her. Donna expressed to Eric that when they first met, she had not known what true love was, but that he had taught her, and even when his kids rejected her, he had stuck by her side. She vowed she would do the same thing for him; she would take care of him until he was well, and she promised him things would return to normal.

All of Eric's kids came in to wish him well. Thorne said he should focus on getting better. Rick said Eric sure had a hell of a way of getting all his kids into one room. Bridget told Eric she was there for him, and that he would have to lean on her for a change. Felicia sobbed and sniffled leaving snotty tears all over Eric's chest and said that he was her Daddy and that he had better not think about checking out. Ridge implored him to fight and not give up.

Bridget called the family together and let them know the test results were worse than she expected. When Eric had a heart attack, he lost blood flow to his brain as well. Eric not only had a heart attack, he was in a coma, too. Bridget said it could take days or weeks for Eric to come out of the coma, and in the worst-case scenario he might never come out of it.

Felicia cried, and Donna cried, but left the room to find a private place. No such luck, as Ridge followed her, and hurled accusations her way. He blamed her for his dad's heart attack, and said she added to his stress. Donna corrected him and said the only stress Eric had been under before his heart attack was the stress Ridge put on him by trying to take away Forrester Creations-she said that Ridge was the one who broke Eric's heart.

Steffy and Marcus stopped by Eric's office at the same time and seemed surprised to run into one another. Marcus asked Steffy about her opinion of Owen. She asked if Marcus wanted to know what she thought about Owen as a person, or about Donna hiring him. Marcus replied he wanted to know both. Steffy said she thought Owen was smooth. Marcus looked dejected, and Steffy told him not to worry, smooth was not her type. He asked her what type of a guy she did like, and she said she liked a "what you see is what you get" kind of guy, the honest type. Marcus smiled and said, "Score one for me." Steffy said on the job front, she didn't believe someone could be judged on the basis of a job interview, as everyone tried to put their best foot forward under those circumstances. Marcus agreed and said he hoped Donna would be careful when it came to Owen.

Steffy asked Marcus if he knew anything about his real dad. He said he did not, and that he was curious, but that he would wait until the time was right to bring it up to Donna. He reminded Steffy he had just found his mother and had only just started getting to know her. He said the one thing he knew for sure was that Donna had found a good man in Eric, and that he knew Eric would always be around to stick up for his mom.

Marcus and Steffy decided they would leave work early to go out together. Marcus looked on Eric's desk for a piece of paper to leave Eric a note, but instead found the papers that said Ridge and Brooke would take over Forrester. Just as they began to read them, a security guard came in and informed them that Eric was hospitalized with a heart attack.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

At the hospital, Ridge spoke to Eric, who lay in a coma. Ridge expressed his affection for his father and told him that he planned to take care of business at Forrester Creations until Eric got better.

After Ridge left Eric's room, Bridget spent time by Eric's bedside and recounted to Eric how happy he had made her when he walked her down the aisle on her wedding day. Steffy and Marcus also spent time with Eric. They both spoke separately to Eric and expressed their wish for him to recover. Outside of Eric's room, Marcus told Steffy that she could lean on him. Marcus and Steffy then kissed.

Meanwhile at Forrester Creations, Donna gathered some personal items of Eric's to place in his hospital room. Ridge confronted Donna and remarked that Eric had earlier agreed to step down as CEO at Forrester Creations. Ridge tried to justify why he should take over. Donna advised Ridge that Eric had changed his mind about stepping down. Donna pointed out that Eric did not sign the papers. Ridge accused Donna of lying since Eric could not speak for himself.

Thorne and Stephanie went to Eric's hospital room. Stephanie expressed her love to Eric. Stephanie told Thorne that Eric went to visit her the day of Bridget's party because Felicia told him that she was not doing well. Stephanie recalled to Thorne that she said something that made Eric laugh that day, and she was proud and happy she had made him laugh.

Back at Forrester Creations, Donna and Ridge's confrontation did not end. Ridge continued to sing his own praises to Donna indicating that he was capable of taking care of the company while Eric was in a coma. He bragged that he could take care of clients and she could not. Donna asked how she could aid the company. Ridge's rude reply was that she should be with Eric at the hospital. Donna begged Ridge to not take over while Eric was in a coma. Donna suggested that he take day-to-day care of the company, but not take over as CEO. Donna tried to explain that if Ridge took over, he would really hurt Eric. Ridge told Donna she was too late with her request. Ridge signed the paper in front of Donna and made himself CEO of Forrester Creations.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Steffy visited Eric and said that she had gotten to know Marcus and found him to be an amazing guy. She expressed to Eric that her dad wanted her to stay away from Marcus, but she could not do it. She told Eric that she wished he were able to hear her and to convince Ridge that he should give Marcus a chance. Steffy was certain that if her Grandpa Eric was awake, he could make things better, like he had always done in the past.

Ridge entered the room and said to Steffy that he believed Eric could feel their presence. Steffy said she thought so, too, and left the room. Ridge took Eric's hand and assured him that things at Forrester Creations were fine, but noted that Eric's were big shoes to fill. Ridge reminded Eric he had trained him to take over the company since he was a kid, and he was getting the chance to put that training to use and make Eric proud.

Marcus and Steffy met at the rooftop gym. They were nervous and shy with one another, but Marcus awkwardly reached out and took Steffy's hand. Steffy filled Marcus in on her visit to her grandpa, and Marcus said he might go see Eric, too. Steffy asked what he would say to Eric, and Marcus replied "I would tell him I just kissed Steffy and now I can't get her off my mind." Steffy laughingly said she didn't want to distract him anymore, and started to walk away. He caught her arm and pulled her back into his embrace.

Donna explained to Marcus that she had to play it tough; she could not afford to look weak. She reminded him that she had always been a target with Eric's family, and more so since Eric was incapacitated and unable to defend her. Marcus said, "Mom, you can lean on me." Donna cried and hugged him; she gushed that he had never called her Mom before. She was clearly moved.

Owen entered and let Donna know he had just gotten the news about Eric's heart attack. Donna updated Owen that Ridge had taken control of the company, and that she was helpless to do anything about it. She lamented that Ridge had pushed Eric into agreeing to retirement and that he had turned control of Forrester to Ridge and Brooke. She told Owen that Ridge had signed the papers, but mentioned that Eric had changed his mind just before his collapse. Eric never signed his portion of the document. Owen asked if he could see the papers because if Eric had not yet signed, he might be able to help Donna find a way out of the deal.

Owen asked Donna if she knew where Eric kept his important papers, and she showed him the in-office safe. She opened it and they searched the contents. Owen discovered a document that named Donna as the person who held Eric's power of attorney. Owen informed Donna that meant she was the only person who could legally make decisions for her husband while he was unconscious. Donna said she wanted to do what was best for Eric, but also wanted to make sure she did the best thing for Forrester Creations. Owen stressed that Donna had the upper hand in the matter and that Eric's family could not refuse her input. He asked her to take the documents and place them in her safe deposit box. Donna said she was going to go visit Eric and, as she left the room, Owen beamed like the cat that ate the canary.

Rick visited Eric and told Eric that he must get better because Rick needed him. He asked Eric if he really wanted Ridge to run Forrester Creations. He asked the sky for a sign, and just as he finished the question, Donna walked into the room. Rick hugged her and asked how she was holding up. She thanked Rick for his support to her and Eric. She mentioned how much it meant to her that he had been Eric's best man at their wedding when the rest of the family was waiting for them to fail. Rick said he knew what it was like to be in love with someone while everyone else disapproved of your relationship.

Donna visited with Eric and said she hated to be away from him. She wondered aloud if he was in any pain. She thanked him for surprising her yet again with the discovery that he had drawn up papers that had given her power of attorney. She said it proved how much he really believed in her. She said she wanted to do the right thing, and that she believed the right thing was the last thing he said when they were alone, that he had changed his mind and did not want to lose ownership of his beloved company.

Ridge entered the room and Donna said the two of them needed to talk. Ridge said he had nothing else to say to Donna, what was done was done. Donna said she knew Ridge wanted her to fall in line like a good little soldier, but that she would fight him every step of the way; she vowed to protect her husbands' interests.

Ridge informed Donna that he knew what Eric wanted, which was for him to take over Forrester. Donna let Ridge know that she held Eric's power of attorney and that the change of ownership transfer would not go through. Donna promised she would not allow Ridge to take control of the company while Eric was incapacitated. Donna said she knew Ridge loved Eric and loved the company, she didn't doubt his loyalty. She was making the hard choice simply to protect Eric. Ridge stormed out of the room. Donna asked her "Honey Bear" to give her the strength to stand up to his family and to do the right thing. She said she knew Eric had poured his heart and soul into Forrester and she would make sure he didn't lose it; it would be there for him to run when he recovered.

Ridge was eavesdropping in the hallway, and we overheard his inner dialogue-"She calls him Honey Bear? How sickening!" and Ridge vowed he would take Donna down.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge met with the company attorney, and she gave him the bad news that Donna was truly in charge of Forrester with Eric's power of attorney. Brooke met with Ridge and they discussed that Donna really did love Eric. Ridge worried that Donna was trying to block Ridge and Brooke from taking over the company, and Ridge was frustrated that Donna held the power of attorney that would keep them from taking over the company. Brooke offered to speak to Donna alone.

Donna was meeting with Owen, and she told him that she wanted to spend every hour with Eric. She added that Owen had been very helpful to her. Brooke entered, and Donna introduced Brooke to Owen. Brooke hugged her sister but proved she was there for more than comfort when Brooke reminded Donna that Eric was lying in the hospital in a coma, and he would not return to work or be able to work when he did return. Brooke said the company needed to protect its image and its finances. Donna stopped Brooke by saying that Eric had changed his mind when he talked to Donna. Eric wanted to retain ownership of the company-not give it to Brooke and Ridge. Donna refused to let her husband down.

Brooke argued that Eric wanted Ridge and Brooke to run the company. She told Donna that Brooke and Ridge were confident they could get the company back on track. Brooke said Ridge realized that Donna really did love Eric. Brooke kept telling Donna that she could trust the Forresters, and Donna had to allow them to protect the company. Brooke persisted that Donna should sign the legal papers so that Brooke and Ridge would have control. While Owen listened at the door, Donna caved and said she would sign the papers.

Felicia, wearing a stylish, modest outfit ran into Owen and insulted him by saying he clearly wasn't the right man for the job when she offered to pay him $200,000 to seduce Donna. Owen vouched for Donna and that made Felicia angrier. She stopped in at Ridge's office where Ridge told her there was no change in Eric's condition. He added fuel to the fire when he told Felicia that Donna had power of attorney.

Brooke raced to tell Ridge the good news she got from Donna, and the two of them agreed that Eric would awaken from the coma and come back stronger than ever to a successful company that they would be running. They celebrated by pawing each other and undressing and then falling onto the couch.

Privately, Donna shared with Owen that she was going to sign the papers. Owen told her not to trust the Forresters. She asked why he would say that, and Owen finally came clean. He dished that Felicia offered him a lot of money to seduce Donna and break up her marriage. Owen admitted that he was supposed to get pictures of them in a compromising position. Donna was furious, but Owen told her that he refused to help Felicia. He added that Felicia would do whatever it took to get Donna out of the company. He told Donna not to sign the papers. Owen then prepared to quit, but Donna stopped him, convinced that he would not betray her. Owen promised that no matter what she needed, he would be there for her. "I'm your man," he said. Donna realized that Brooke and Ridge would be furious when she gave them the news.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Rick asked the family why they were in such a hurry to take Forrester from Eric. Ridge assured him that was not what they wanted to do. The changes were made simply for the good of the business. He said Rick didn't need to worry; everyone would eventually get their fair share.

Donna sat at Eric's bedside and said although she knew he could not tell her what to do, she wished that he could. She said she knew Eric loved his kids, but felt what they were doing; trying to take over his company while he was in a coma was wrong. She said the only thing she needed was Eric's love. Donna proclaimed that she would gladly give up the company, the house and all the money, but she didn't think Eric wanted to give it all up. She had a flashback to Eric expressing that Forrester was his company and he should be the only one to decide when it was time for him to retire.

Donna left the hospital and went to Forrester for the meeting with Eric's kids. As soon as she walked in, Ridge asked her to produce Eric's power of attorney and to sign the document that would give control to him and Brooke. The press people arrived, but Donna asked that they wait before the press entered as she had some concerns to address before she signed over Eric's company.

Thorne stated that he had concerns of his own and asked Ridge what he was going to give the rest of the family to do since he had appointed himself CEO. Thorne appeared bitter and asked what was left for him. All of Eric's kids told Donna they appreciated her willingness to sign over Forrester to do what was best for the company and admitted they may have misjudged her. Donna admitted to them that she realized she was the least qualified person to run Forrester, but right now, with Eric's power of attorney, she was in charge and would not be signing anything.

Thorne accused Donna of waiting until the press arrived to make that announcement as she thrived on public humiliation. Donna turned to Felicia and asked her if she loved her Dad. Felicia said yes, of course she did. Donna continued by asking Felicia if Eric's happiness was important to her. She said it was. Then Donna dropped her bomb..."Then explain why you offered Owen $200,000.00 to ruin his life?" and proceeded to have Owen to tell Eric's other kids that Felicia offered him $200,000.00 to try to seduce their Dad's wife. Felicia slapped Owen in the face and asked him if Donna had made him a better offer. He said no, that he had tried to seduce Donna and she was not interested because she truly loved Eric. Donna remarked that she was tired of Eric's kids dismissing her and treating her like trash, and that from now on, she would be making the decisions.

Felicia, under the scornful eye of her siblings, defended her actions. She refused to apologize for her scheme to try to blackmail Donna. Brooke appealed to Donna and asked her not to make a decision emotionally, and Donna said she definitely would be using her emotions and that no one would be taking Eric's company away as long as she had breath.

Donna invited the press in and expressed thanks to all their friends around the world for their prayers and best wishes concerning Eric. She then announced that Rick Forrester who headed up their international division would be taking on a bigger role now, as would her son Marcus who would now oversee the shipping department.

She continued to say that Thorne and Felicia had become so distraught by their Dad's heart attack that they would be stepping down for the time being, as would Ridge. She finished by saying that for the time being, she would be the one running Forrester Creations.

Katie and Beth were taste testing one of Beth's old recipes as Katie decided to cook a meal for Bridget and Nick since they had been at the hospital with Eric. Nick unexpectedly dropped by and Katie said she was glad, as Nick had saved her a trip. Beth noticed that Katie lit up as soon as Nick walked in the room and suspected that saving a trip across town wasn't the only reason Katie was happy that Nick dropped by.

Katie produced a dinner for Nick to take home and gave him instructions on how to heat it up. She said she wanted him and Bridget to have a decent meal, as man cannot live by take out alone. They both laughed and got a gleam in their eyes. Beth watched them interact with great interest. Nick noticed the Nerf basketball on the coffee table and asked Katie if she had been practicing. She explained that Hope had discovered the ball and when Hope found out it had come from Nick; she confiscated it and took it away from Katie. Nick said he would take it home if Katie wasn't going to practice, and the two of them wrestled over the ball and giggled a lot in a very sweet and playful manner.

Beth mentioned to Katie that Nick had seemed very much at home there- Katie said he used to live there, and was very close to Hope. Beth said that perhaps Katie hadn't noticed, but Nick didn't ask to see Hope when he came, he had stopped in to se her. Katie explained that Nick was used to seeing her every day and was merely keeping up with her health. Beth disagreed, and said that Nick had flown all the way to Paris to get her to come back to L.A., and that he had done that for Katie. Katie finally caved and admitted to Beth that she was kind of in love with Nick, and that she believed for a time, he was kind of in love with her, too.

Katie filled Beth in on what had happened- that her anti-rejection drugs had failed and that everyone believed she would die because her body was rejecting Storm's heart. She said that Bridget had done an amazing thing and "given" Nick to her as they all believed she only had a few weeks to live. Katie shared with Beth about the perfect day she and Nick had in Catalina and how she had been ready to just ay down there on the sand and die, and that Nick had convinced her to keep fighting and to value what life she had left. She said that was the happiest day she has ever spent, and it's like secret photographs locked away, but sometimes when no one else was around, she would look at them. She asked Beth if that was wrong, and Beth assured her it was fine for her to cherish her memories.

Bridget visited Eric in the hospital and confided in him that Jackie has been driving her nuts wanting to dress her up in designer outfits. Bridget let Eric know he was not just any patient to her, not just a chart - he was the man in her life would could fix everything, he was her hero.

Bridget told Eric that the jacaranda tree was blooming in their yard, out of season as always. She recalled having asked Eric why their tree bloomed so much later than others, and she said Eric said that the tree bloomed late because he planted it late. Bridget said that she had not been born brilliant and beautiful like Eric's other kids and that Eric assured her that she was like the jacaranda tree. She would bloom late, but when she finally blossomed there wouldn't be anything like her for miles around.

Eric's eyes opened briefly and Bridget explained to Nick he was merely sleeping with his eyes open. Nick remarked that he thinks he has whole conversations with Bridget in that state. They discussed the last time they were in the hospital on pins and needles over Katie, and Bridget said she learned a lot from Katie during that time.

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